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“A gunman went on a drive-by shooting rampage in a Santa Barbara student enclave and at least seven people were killed [and seven wounded], including the attacker,” reports. “Investigators believe a gunman driving a black BMW acted alone in the shootings late Friday night near the University of California, Santa Barbara . . . The shootings occurred at several sites in the town, resulting in nine crime scenes, including a deli where the glass window was shattered. Santa Barbara County sheriff’s spokeswoman Kelly Hoover told KEYT-TV the gunfire broke out around 9:30 p.m. Friday in the Isla Vista neighborhood . . .

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said written and videotaped preliminary evidence indicates that this was a “premeditated mass murder” . . .

Brown said the suspect exchanged gunfire with deputies and then drove off and crashed into a park car Deputies found the suspect inside the BMW dead from a gunshot wound to the head. The sheriff said he did not know if the suspect was shot and killed by deputies or if the wound was self-inflected. A semiautomatic handgun was recovered from the scene. reports that

Brown said that a YouTube video titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” [above] appeared to be linked to the shooting.

In the video, a young man, who identified himself as Elliot Rodger, sits in the driver’s seat of a car as he promises “retribution” and discusses his “loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires.”

“Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men but never to me,” he says. He adds that it’ll be his last video.

Police haven’t confirmed whether the person who posted the video or man in it is the suspect.

“We’re investigating that as evidence that we believe is connected to this crime,” said Brown.

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    • He’s a lot of things and should be judged on his actions, to be sure; but what’s with the racist “white” kid remark?

        • No, It’s racist to associate whites with being rich and spoiled, just like it’s racist to associate blacks or hispanics with being criminals or underprivileged. People like you are the reason that racial stereotypes are still so prevalent nowadays.

      • That’s not racist at all. With the exception of the DC Sniper, and the Navy Yard shooter, the profile is a young, maladjusted white male.

        The same way that the profile for a shooter in Chicago is a young black male. TTAG will tell you that, and they’ll have no problem making jokes, replete with making fun of their names, etc.

        • You forgot Colin Ferguson. However, your overall analysis is correct. Serial killers also tend to be white males.

        • And let’s not forget that the profile is a young, maladjusted white male who is a registered Democrat.

          I’m going to go ahead and profile this loser by saying I bet he voted for Obama and other Democrats in 2012.

        • Serial killers also tend to be white males.

          Nope. Statistically, serial killers reflect the population as a whole. If they tend to be white, it’s because there are more whites than blacks or Hispanics. The list of black and Hispanic serial killers is extensive.

        • Davis Thompson: “Serial killers also tend to be white males.”

          False. Whites are not over represented in either serial killings or mass shootings.

          This was a mass shooting, and In fact African American males are over represented as perpetrators of mass shootings in the US.

        • Don’t be daft. Paul cited his race and said “Figues”, as though being white implies being a spree killer. Perhaps it’s true that most spree killers are white (but proportional to their population? I don’t know). What’s definitely false is that just because someone is a spree killer, that they automatically must be white. That kind of a posteriori reasoning smacks of throwing a dart at the wall, then drawing a bull’s eye around it. It’s stupid. Besides, wasn’t California’s last big killer, Dorner, black? Wasn’t the Naval shipyard shooter black?

          I’m not saying anything in particular about any race’s propensity for lethal violence. What I am saying is that taking a given individual killer and automatically equating that violence with his race, as Paul has done, is racist. But hey, let’s prove it with a game. Suppose this killer was black and Paul made the EXACT same observation, but substituted black before his little “Figures” comment. What then? ALL of you would call it racist and RF would probably pull the comment. It’s not about me being hypersensitive. It’s about people’s lackadaisical acceptance of flagrant racism, so long as it’s directed at whites.

        • Being white in US does imply a certain degree of self-entitlement stemming from the “I’m that special snowflake” mentality.

        • Me neither. But….what valuable purpose does his “Figures” remark serve, exactly?

        • Since there is no such thing as “Race”, there is no such thing as being “racist”.
          People can be “Classist” or use unfair stereotypes.

          It is absolutely true that mass shooters tend to be white. It is also absolutely true that when there are guns everywhere, they get used.

      • You people who think that more guns could have prevented this are completely delusional. GUNS are the problem.

        In the simpleton Gun-Nut world, this kid was one of the “Good Guys” – that is until he started his shooting rampage.

        • “In the simpleton Gun-Nut world, this kid was one of the “Good Guys” – that is until he started his shooting rampage.”

          Okay, so what do you propose should have happened in Elliot Rodger’s case to prevent this from happening?

        • There’s two problems with your statement.

          The first is that he stabbed three people to death before he went shooting. Of the people he shot, four died, including himself.

          The second is that a kid with that level of hatred would have resorted to other means to get his casualty count. Gasoline bombs come to mind.

    • “22 year old spoiled rich white kid ….”

      Nailed it.

      He likely never wanted for anything, so when didn’t get something he wanted he threw a tantrum.

      Too bad he wasn’t like all the other self entitled brats out there who just pout and whine.

    • The frightening thing is that he could perhaps be one of Shannon’s kids in the future. He certainly fits the profile.

    • Mass shootings only came about after the widespread use of psychiatric medication on the public — they even list “violent psychotic behavior” as a side effect and warn you on TV. Nearly every mass shooter to date has been on them or under withdrawal from them. It is incredible that doctors keep prescribing them under heavy marketing from Big Pharma when there are much safer and more effective solutions to Mental Illness.

      • Ahh, no.

        First off, lets get one thing clear: Correlation is not causation. Even if the introduction of pharmacological treatments for mental illness correlated with mass shootings (which is doesn’t), there’s no causal link.

        Second, the statement that there were no mass shooting prior to the use of pharmacological treatments for mental illness is demonstrably false.

        Before you go on an anti-anything screed (big pharma, big food, big tobacco, big gun, big anything), a 5 minute Google search will likely tell you if you’re on to something or if you’re actually just a quack.

        • 17 of the past 21 large scale mass murder shooters were on SSRI.

          “multiple shootings” are not on the rise, the threshold has been lowered for them making it seem so. they are slightly down the past 30 years per capita. Almost all are gang related.

          But this non-gang-related type of mass murder shooting IS in fact incredibly well correlated with psychotropic drugs

        • The pharmaceutical companies themselves have proven the drugs to cause psychotic behavior. that is why they are on the black box warning label for such drugs and why they are recited in TV advertising.

        • >> 17 of the past 21 large scale mass murder shooters were on SSRI.

          That doesn’t mean that it’s the cause. A far more likely explanation is that we’ve learned to diagnose the symptoms of mental illness much earlier, and that people who become spree killers tend to be the mentally ill ones (hence why they are also taking antidepressants or some such).

        • And Big Pharma isn’t concerned with PROFITS only???
          How naive are you???
          Correlation doesn’t prove Causation, but it does INDICATE Causation – and in this case. it is TRUE.

        • I wasn’t being absolute. These current, regular, US shootings are either connected to psychotropic drugs or the data was withheld. Of course there are exceptions but in the vast majority, this is what we are looking at. The pharmaceutical companies themselves have proven the drugs to cause psychotic behavior. This is why they are on the black box warning label for such drugs and why they are recited in TV advertising.

    • What is wrong?

      Raised in a culture that celebrates revenge, “getting back” and retribution. In a culture where young people are immersed constantly in a sea of violent video games, where they are spoiled beyond belief, but not parented in a way that instills them in a strong sense of duty, honor and morality.

      And the list goes on…

      • And yet, for every one of him, there are countless others raised in the same culture who go on to live lives of honor and respect. Try again. Let’s not blame inanimate video games and alleged culture for an individual’s depraved actions. Otherwise, we might as well blame the gun.

        • Indeed. Remember these are VERY RARE events in our culture, and are considered anathema. That is why they get coverage.

        • Well; J/H; when Paul says a culture of revenge, retribution and “getting back” he is actually describing both the gangster culture and the culture of the liberal/progressive. They are both based on victimhood, entitlement, and the “right” to what other people have.

          And then feeling justified in using force and violence to get what they feel they deserve or to punish those they feel are responsible. The liberal/progressive uses the force of government and it’s laws to attack, exact revenge and for “social justice”. The gangster just uses a more direct route and shoots, steals and kills for all of these things but on a more personal level.

          This is why the Liberal/progressive is so “understanding and supportive” of the common criminal; they are as one in their root belief systems.

          Both the Gangster Culture and the Liberal/progressive culture are destructive to a culture based on personal responsibility, personal freedom, respect for the law and more importantly, respect for oneself. Or in other words; the basis for a healthy American culture.

        • We SHOULD blame the gun. Guns are everywhere – so they get used to kill people. Now we have GUNS AND DRUGS – a certain deadly mix.

          Furthermore, a culture of violence CERTAINLY encourages this behavior.

        • “a culture of violence CERTAINLY encourages this behavior”

          Since it seems that Elliot Rodger was channeling Hellscream from World of Warcraft who hates his own race, do you propose that violent video games be banned?

      • “young people … video games”
        Amen! And don’t get me started on pornography, comic books, or motion pictures.

        Seriously, show me one piece of *credible* evidence that video games cause violence.

        And while we’re at it, let’s blame forest fires on matches.

        • You left out rap music. Everybody knows that’s the real cause of violence. All that loud thumpin’ and jumpin’, it’s gotta’ get inside your head and make you crazy. Besides, I never much liked it anyway.

          If we could just get people to surround themselves with good things, read good books, listen to good music, look at good pictures, then everybody would think good thoughts. That’s just gotta’ be right.

      • I’ve played violent video games my whole life. I hate that society pawns off violence in real life by saying it is caused by video games. In my opinion, the thing that makes the biggest difference is parenting and the discipline dished out by the parents. My parents let me play almost any game I wanted, however, it was clear to me that if I acted like a complete jackass, I would be disciplined (and not with “You are grounded”).

        In addition to this tool growing a set and going get a woman, his parents needed to grow a set and whip his ass from time to time (excuse the language)

      • I agree with most of what you said. But if you look at how many times he says “it isn’t fair” in this video and several of his other short videos I just watched, the premise of exacting revenge for some ill conceived wronging fits into the “logic of violence” that Billy Johnson talked about in his video.

        Also, just going through his youtube history, there are several comments and other videos that point to his loneliness and anger toward people that “get girls” and the girls themselves for not wanting “the perfect gentleman.” Then he had a period where someone (maybe more) in his family must have picked up on this anger as he had a comment on one of his videos that follows: “I temporarily took all of my Vlog’s down due to the alarm it caused with some people in my family. I will post more updates in the future.”

        People are always asking the “why” question when this happens, this guy’s youtube channel is probably a model for those like him. If you can stand his matter of fact, socially awkward speech pattern and his incessant whining, his other videos give a good look into why he thought it was logical to kill people that wronged him.

        • I find it interesting that you post that video. I haven’t come across it before, but last week I sent an email in to the TTAG editors about that very subject. I never hear anyone talk about the causes of violence when they talk about solutions to violence. I wish that more people would bring the causes of violence up when ever they want to discuss solutions to violence.

        • I have said for years that “girls” is the reason behind almost all these shootings.
          What his parents needed to teach him is, life is not fair and never will be.
          They also needed to teach him about girls and how they think and why they act the way they do. I am guessing he didn’t have a sister.

      • Violent video games have nothing to do with it. If so, then one could argue that meerly introducing children to guns runs the risk of creating psycho killers.

      • Right, because the segregation and violent crime rate from the 70-90’s was all violent video games and Satan’s entertainment. Not to mention 9000 years of violence since the agrarian revolution is all due to modern entertainment.

        If you’re willing to blame music and everything else then logically you should blame his access to guns.
        I don’t blame anyone’s freedoms or anything else, except the individual.

        Them games are DEMONS!!!!!

        Save us the 1950’s speech, no one wants to hear about how great it was during segregation because like any other point in time in history….. it wasn’t all that great.

    • He thinks he’s entitled to sex and affection because he’s a “gentleman” (and really, what gentleman *doesn’t* murder six total strangers because he’s sexually frustrated) and because he’s the “real alpha male” (who has apparently only ever done one notable thing in his life, and it’s completely despicable).

      The video alone reveals this kid’s problems. He’s creepy and *obviously* angry. Women have learned to sense that from a mile away. (They have to — it’s a matter of survival, after all.) He doesn’t bother to get to know women before making sexual advances on them. It’s no wonder he died a 22 year old virgin. He was doing the whole dating and sex thing wrong. All of it.

      And then he has the temerity to think that getting a gun makes him an alpha male. He’s got it backwards. A gun is a tool that anyone, even the weakest person, can use to feed themselves and defend themselves.

      There’s a LOT to be unpacked here.

  1. Another maladjust who blames society for his shortcomings. If that is him in the vid, he was not a bad looking guy, he would have had no problem picking up girls if he just grew a pair. Instead his head was full of bad liberal poetry about “alpha males” and look where it lead. Yes, I just blamed liberals for the shootings. You know they are going to blame us for it, so why not throw the first punch?

  2. I checked Santa Barbara’s local newspaper. They’re reporting that there were two gunman in the BMW doing the shooting. First reports are almost always wrong on these things, though.

    As for the video, pretty pathetic stuff. Don’t see what this guy’s problem was. Young, in college, in California, drives a BMW. Decent enough looking, I suppose, with clear skin. A bit scrawny, but still, he should be able to get some action going with what he has. Seems to me like an entitled little punk who’s gotten everything he’s ever wanted, that his parents could give him. The things they couldn’t, like girlfriends, which he’d have to achieve on his own, he didn’t have the stones to get out there and earn.

    Good riddance to a loser. Too bad he didn’t just end his own life and leave other people in peace.

  3. There are healthy ways to deal with rejection. Killing others and suicide by cop is not it. My thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families.

    • I have always wondered about this. If I ever get to the point that I don’t think I can go on or terminal cancer or something, I’m gonna go out like a hero. Like hit a gang hq taxi driver style or run into a burning building to save someone or something like that. If you are just unhappy, go volunteer at an orphanage or something. You never see that though, people always waste it and od on pills or suicide by cop. They never seem to notice all the crap they could do with their life.

      • Not to take away from the timbre of this subject, but you just came up with what could be an amazing book/movie plot.

  4. Just me, but I would not post the video, or name the individual on a national stage, referring to him only as “suspect” or “murderer” or something similar.

    • We really need to stop glorifying the people who carry out these horrible acts. I’m willing to bet that more people can name the perpetrators than they could the victims, or the person who stopped the attack.

    • You do realize that these people are being treated as case studies by the vast majority of us. AND that they’re all over the InterWebz by the time they hit here anyway.

  5. Be interesting to have a discussion RF on the possible role of an armed citizen in such a situation. Drive bys by nature are quick poorly targeted incidents. So if the CCW person suddenly is target then not target, I would suspect legally they should not return fire or try to pursue once gunman has moved past good guy. Right? Even the po-po get in trouble for shooting at fleeing cars. Not knowing who is in the car or where rounds may end up.

    • Once the gunman has passed you by, you’re probably not in imminent danger anymore. So you should probably take a defensive position and let the police handle it. As for a car chase, and presumably a roaming gun battle at high speeds through the streets, absolutely not. That has recklessness written all over it and you could easily kill someone yourself, for which you would be responsible and fully prosecuted.

    • In a drive by shooting all you should care about is where to take cover. You should be aware of your surroundings. Get behind a table, counter, wheel of a car, run in the opposite direction the car is pointed or simply find the best defensive position available to you.

      Your not returning fire like in the movies

    • This is all a pointless discussion, its illegal to have a loaded gun in your car in Cali anyways. So is discharge of a firearm in the city. I assume murder and assault are both illegal too. Maybe there should be a law against pointing a gun out of the window of a moving vehicle. That would cover up that dangerous drive by loophole.

  6. “I don’t know what you don’t see in me. I’m the perfect guy”

    Sure, everyone who has trouble getting women goes driving in their BMW and shoots a bunch of people.

  7. Once you move past the adolescent inadequacy thing sex is fairly easy to come by. The kid was wealthy and more attractive than most slobs who can get some.

    This guy was broken beyond repair and the whole sex/intimacy thing was just his excuse.

    You slap Corky into a BMW in LA and he’ll get action all day long.

    • Actually, I wonder if the sex/intimacy aspect is an indicator of the larger underlying problem. There’s so much of our psyche wrapped up in this and our country is so insanely bifurcated on the notion of sexuality that it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a significant contributing factor to a great number of “high-functioning” mental illnesses.

    • I would propose a few “code names” we could use to reference this evil twerp, but I am sure they would get censored.

    • To use the parlance from the times I was a creepy maladjusted teenager, ‘duh’

      Take a wild guess.

      I have family that work at UCSB. If they need to be on the look out for spoiled, self absorbed, white males under 25 that drive their liberal parents BMWs while taking SSRI’s they would never do anything else.

      That’s a lot of assumptions, but I’ll put money down that I’m right.

    • Typically, for the first few days, the media will claim he is some sort of right-wing conservative. Heck, Reid may get in on that accusation, assuming he isn’t scouting out more land to seize in Nevada. Then, when the hysteria dies down a bit, it will come out that this kid is a committed Progressive loyal to the Democrat Party who could not wait any longer for the socialist utopia the liberals so desperately want. Yep, call me clairvoyant if you want, but really, this is what happens nearly every time.

  8. Another young man who feels angry because he feels entitled to everything, including women and sex. Where are the parents?

  9. “Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men but never to me,” he says. He adds that it’ll be his last video.”

    Have mercy… What a self righteous, entitled twit. I guess girls were supposed to throw their legs up in the air simply because he willed it.

    If you can’t pick up a single woman, it’s not women, it’s you. Hit the weights, get some new clothes, and oh, I don’t know, stop acting like a spoiled chump.

    • “… stop acting like a spoiled chump.”

      That was the key. Physique and clothes were not the problem.

      • Agreed.

        But, it’s easier to pick up women when you’re dressed sharp and looking fit.

        Especially in a superficial place like SoCal.

        • Depends on the women you go for. The farm girls laugh at the guys in suits; they prefer the guys in dirty blue jeans that just came off a hard day.

        • You don’t have to tell me, I’m a country boy.

          But, this guy was a rich boy living in SoCal.

          It’s like bait hunting, you gotta know where you are and what you’re hunting. So, you can put down the right bait.

    • “If you can’t pick up a single woman, it’s not women, it’s you. Hit the weights, get some new clothes, and oh, I don’t know, stop acting like a spoiled chump.”

      Or – at the risk of offending the tender sensibilities of the TTAG readership – just go out and pay cash on the barrel head if you’re that hard up.

      Heck, drive half a day to Nevada where it’s even legal.

      Oh, and here’s a clue .. If you really are a gentleman and a nice guy, you WILL have lots of women friends. It can be frustrating that a lot of girls want to date “bad boys”; but then you realize that no pussy really does beat crazy pussy.

      • “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.”
        — many wise men

        More to the point here,
        “Don’t let crazy stick his dick in you.”
        — many wise women

      • In his “manifesto” this kid takes the attitude that hiring a prostitute is basically admitting that he can’t get girls to like him. Quoting his “manifesto”:

        The second counsellor (sic) that was assigned to me to help me was a girl named Sasha. She was only a year older than me. Sasha was the first young girl I had interacted with in the time I stayed in Santa Barbara, and she was only hired to talk to me. How pathetic is that? … Eventually, Sasha had to move out of Santa Barbara, and I decided not to have any more female counsellors. It has the same effect as hiring a prostitute, I imagine. It temporarily feels good for the moment, but afterward it makes one feel like a pathetic loser for having to hire a girl when other men could get the same experience for free.

        Some more comments on this:

        – I think his parents should have doubled down and hired another female counselor. It’s obvious that he needed a lot of work interacting with women his age.
        – I also think, quite honestly, they should have committed him. They knew he was dangerous to other people. Unfortunately I’m not sure what they could have committed him *for*.
        – Sweet Jesus his writing is atrocious.

    • He’s not alone in this. Unfortunately, one of the worse sides of the Internet is that it enables morons like him to find each other, and once they do it they can circle jerk about how they’re “alpha males” whom no-one understands and how all women are obviously evil because they don’t want to sleep with them. When they’re on their own, they either pull themselves out of the shithole they dug themselves into, or suicide, but in a “club” it just perpetuates until it spills into something like this.

      Google for “incel” (“involuntary celibate”) and read through some of the forums that come up if you want to see the entire creepy underside of this. There’s plenty more kids like him there, and they might have just gotten a role model.

  10. Saw this comment on an article about the shooter…I’d say it’s spot on:

    The irony…
    A metro-sexual, raised in a liberal utopia… Bred and indoctrinated to deny any aspect of maleness or personal exceptionalism, and hate his whiteness, has 0 self confidence and cannot get laid…
    And has no outlet left for his underlying male hormones but to break down and kill people in a gun free zone in an anti gun state.
    I don’t really have a lot of sympathy for self-inflicted wounds.
    Liberals and California bred this guy, indoctrinated this guy, and manufactured this event just as surely as if they had used a blue print.

    • “Bred and indoctrinated to deny … personal exceptionalism …”

      Oh, this guy had a huge sense of personal exceptionalism — to the point that he ended up calling himself a god in his video. Unfortunately, that huge sense of personal exceptionalism made it easy to look down on everyone else as mere “animals” that were morally (in his mind) okay to slaughter.

      Otherwise, I would say the comment was spot on.

    • Women like men, you want women to like you, be a man.

      My wife has a lot of liberal, hipster girlfriends who date limped wrist dudes just like what you’re taking about…

      When we first started dating her girlfriends would, and still do to some extent, fall all over me, right in front of her no less. It annoyed her then and still does now that we are married…

      I explained it to her, I’m not Brad Pitt, I’m just the only man they’ve seen in 6 months.

      All the dudes in their circles are overly sensitive, effeminate, shinny jeans wearing whiners.

      • Could you possibly educate us? What would you define as being a man? Being responsible? Funny? Comforting yet without many emotions?

        I am genuinely curious.

        • There is no clear cut definition. Being a man is like porn, it can be many things, but you know exactly what it is when you see it.

        • RockOn has it right. There’s a clear, unequivocal reaction by women around actual men… and a similar non-reaction or annoyance by women at being surrounded by squishy wanna-be’s.

          Define it? It starts with how a man carries himself, his posture, how he walks, how he takes up room, how he talks, etc.

          The scum who is the subject of this posting had lots of non-man behaviors… which he made quite public. He might as well have hung a dead cat around his neck as a way to attract women.

        • Another one of those non-answer answers, figures. Posture, I would guess would be standing straight? Probably need to be confident too.

          Not that I have a problem with these things, just never see myself as particularly manly. That and that I am always in the shadow of my much more succesful brothers.

        • It all has to do with confidence and a comportment of same.

          Look, I’m going to boil down 30+ years of observing women in social situations to a bare minimum here: There’s a reason why so many women are hanging off of jerks: jerks have confidence in spades. “Nice guys” don’t.

          This little twerp apparently was furious at “PUA’s” (pick up artists), a cohort of men who have figured out how to conduct themselves around women to maximize their chances of getting sexual responses from women. “PUA’s” might be cynical, ruthless assholes in the pursuit to sexual rewards from women, but the #1 meta-message coming off PUA’s is that confidence wins, being a “nice guy” means you’re getting no action from women.

          When I lived in California, I personally observed that a majority of single women in LA and SF (and subsequently, I noticed it in most large American urban areas) prefer jerks. Women will protest, mewl and whine that “No, that’s not true!” and start giving men who make this observation all manner of strident and prissy nonsense about what women are looking for.

          When numbers are counted and tallies are made, however, the hard truth emerges: A majority (perhaps as much as 60%) of American women will put out for jerks and sociopaths, most of whom treat women like a disposable commodity. Women like, indeed prefer, the confidence that these men radiate, regardless of the larger downsides of dating them.

          A lack of confidence is a deal-killer with most women, and “nice guys” indeed do finish last because they lack confidence that women prefer.

          The minority of women for whom this doesn’t hold true usually (almost invariably) come from intact households with two functioning parents, especially a father. Women who come from broken homes or who had few, if any functional adult males in their lives growing up, are easy pickings for the PUA community.

        • Thanks for the information, always suspected it was something like that.

          Also, I found out what dyspeptic means.

  11. Holy cow, I think that guy was a sociopath. I just watched the video. So. Much. Fail.

    A couple “highlights”:
    He believed he was entitled to female companionship and intimacy.
    He believed it was horrible to be 22 years old and a virgin.

    Let’s cut to the chase. He was creepy and disturbed and apparently had zero social skills based on his comments that both men and women had no interest in being friends. Is it any wonder he never developed a relationship with a woman?

    • Posting self-pitying videos on the worldwide web is a surefire people repellent. In those same videos he boasted of his magnificence and his possessions. No one finds that sort of behavior attractive.

      • Exactly.

        He could have done much better by saying nothing, keeping his thoughts to himself and merely driving up to social events in his BMW. If a woman asked him “Is that your BMW?” the proper response would be to say “Yes, it is” and walk away.

  12. His dad is a famous British photographer and director, famous for his Hunger Games. The kid certainly grew up wanting for nothing. Sad story all around.

  13. Somebody had to know how troubled he was before it got to this point. Obviously he had serious impulse control issues along with no regard for the lives of others. Far as not getting sex, this will get some people angry with me, but he could have paid for a escort. This guy`s pot was in a slow boil for a very long time.

    • About the escort thing, I have always thought this. There was a killer that picked his victims from internet escorts on craigslist. His excuse, IIRC, was similar to this kids. Here he had every chance to actually make love (dirty love?) to a real life woman and he couldn’t do it. Makes me think that it was never about the sex, really, but more about resenting his own inadequacies as a male ( “I can’t get a REAL woman to love me,” etc.)

  14. I’m willing to bet this pos had years of mental health history and years of warning signs this was coming. His parents, medical professionals, school officials and police all knew this was coming and just ignored it. Just another nutjob that should have already been locked away, but that’s cruel…until he kills your daughter. Start lacking these guys away BEFORE they do this!

  15. I have no desire to listen to this psychopath’s rant but I do have some comments that a number of people will take offense at.

    The guy is a posterboy for the faux Libertarian/Progressive personal autonomy based society. What was his gripe? Essentially his right to get laid was violated. Why all those cool guys got all the attention from the girls! Not only did nobody tell him that he had no intrinsic right to get laid, everybody around him made him think he had that right. It’s time to stop confusing personal autonomy with political liberty. We need to stop granting rights based on sex and drugs.

    • I don’t find what you are saying the least bit “offensive”. I think your comment is a good analysis.

    • “Not only did nobody tell him that he had no intrinsic right to get laid, everybody around him made him think he had that right.”

      Hugely important point … and I highlighted the most important aspect of that point.

      • When my sister was deflowerable the people who called themselves Libertarians would be considered statists today. They followed Hayek and von Mises not Ayn Rand and Murry Rothbard.

        There is a reason that the faux is in front of Libertarian. You guys aren’t Libertarians. You are anarchists.

        • Actually I’m one of the Friedman/Hayek/von Mises libertarians, a minarchist. Rothbard and Rand got a few things right but for the most part were pretty nutbar. So save the finger pointing, I’m not some granola-munching anarcho-syndicalist in libertarian drag by any means.

        • Then you should understand why I bad mouth the current crop of folk who call themselves Libertarian.

    • What does the right to personal autonomy has with the “right” to get laid? Do you understand the meaning of the word “autonomy”?

  16. DAMN IT. Another troubled kid, and on who knows the list of drugs they had him on. Feeling sorry for himself, and hating everyone else, why, because he had never been laid? Come on, 1 thing every male knows is, every dog has it’s day. From his pic, his chances were a lot better then a lot of others, he was a good looking kid.
    Tell me mommy and daddy, where were you when this kid needed you? I bet I know, buying him off with rich expensive toys, thinking they will suffice in calming him and covering up the problem. Tell me, did he have problems when he was younger? what did you do? Did he hurt other kids in a tantrum? So, was it easy to buy people off after a violent incident? At least easier than to think he needed a lot more out of you. It would be interesting to find out..
    My heart and prayers go out to the victims and families.

  17. Are we sure the kid in the video is the shooter? It feels more like a high school drama project than a manifesto.

  18. According to his blog the summabitch was British!!!

    My name is Elliot Rodger. I was born in the UK, but moved to the United States at the age of 5.

    This ones on you Elizabeth.

  19. How could this be? California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in America. Also, what is the difference between a drive-by shooting by gangbangers versus a troubled kid in a BMW? Why is one more newsworthy than the other? Could it be that the usual intended targets of gangbanger’s often have the means to fight back?

    • Close but no cigar. The victims were middle class generally white or Asian. They count for something unlike the expendable black or Latino kid.

  20. That selfie video of young Mr. Rodger is the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And who knows how many other Elliot Rodgers there are out there, with festering disaffection in their souls, plotting similar acts of “retribution,” even as I post this comment.

  21. It’s easy to call this guy a “spoiled rich kid”, which he may well be. But he also has some signs of mental illness which can effect someone in any class of society. Let’s not be so quick to blame society for his upbringing being the cause of this crime.

  22. How can this happen in the only state that is given “4 Stars” and 81/100 points for their anti-gun laws by the Brady Campaign to Disarm Americans?

  23. About halfway through his video I realized why he had all these “issues” and why “girls” found him creepy and rejected him. This guy was one sick puppy. Arrogant, megalomaniacal, possibly a sociopath and a deeply disturbed misogynist with a twisted sense of “entitlement” to women and sex.

    This guy’s entire life probably was the lead-up to his incredible act of egotistical violence. I am guessing his parents fundamentally denied their son had any problems. They may have gotten him psychological/psychiatric “help”, but without ever admitting to themselves how broken their kid was, nor ever understanding how much of his issues were their fault;. To my perception, he represents the extreme end of what today’s “pop” culture instills in young people, but I won’t go on and on about it (You’re welcome!).

    Violent video games, television shows and motion pictures are, to my mind, just highly enhanced graphical representations of what most of us fantasize about. The vast majority of us are perfectly capable of recognizing that, so we can play those games, watch those movies and television shows, read graphic novels, or whatever, then step out of those flights of extreme fantasy and deal with our lives as rational, moral beings, ( even the utterly boring and mundane crap we all have to deal with everyday). I think we NEED those fantasies throughout our lives to enable us to deal with our daily realities.

    However, some small percentage of people lose the capacity to make that shift between fantasy and reality and get lost trying to distinguish the two. I cannot blame those fantasy medias for violence in the real world. The REAL world is far more violent and horrible. This is a case where the “boogeyman” crossed that fantasy/reality divide and brought death, violence and terror into the real world once again. It happens every so often and you just have to deal with it.

    My sympathies go to the victims and their heart-broken, traumatized Families.

    • “I am guessing his parents fundamentally denied their son had any problems.”

      Actually, probably just the opposite. His parents told him to take down all of his vlogs because they were disturbing.

      • Or potentially damaging to their careers…the “disturbing” part not reflecting their grasp of their son’s imbalance, but of their concern his rants would affect their income stream.

        However, your speculation on this is as valid as mine…so, I’m not disputing your interpretation.

  24. I think we all need to frame this shooting in terms of his psychological profile. I’m guessing, but from his video I’m seeing very histrionic narcissism. And I mean clinical narcissism here. External stimulus can vary significantly, but he probably would have developed serious feelings of persecution and self importance anyway without some kind of intervention. The name calling “he’s not a man”, “he’s spoiled”, “drugs”, “liberal” are great for you as a bystander to try and understand the motives, but in all likelihood his psychological state was fragile and he needed very serious help. I’m afraid this can be applied to far to many mass murderers. America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a psychological problem. Essentially, our children are losing their grip and we’re not understanding or stopping it.

  25. As a society, we over analyze. We look for answers because we are smarter than all other animals, so there MUST be an answer.

    Sometimes, not knowing the answer we make one that fits what we think.

    We don’t know why he snapped, there will always be outliers from the norm and it is what it is.

  26. Let’s see, spoiled rich kid, Daddy is a Hollywood director (read: liberal), probably an Obama supporter –
    nope, doesn’t fit the narrative, this killing will be out of the news in a week.

  27. This is a tragedy. The kid was obviously deeply troubled, showing clear symptoms of sociopathic reasoning in the video. We don’t know the family history, nor do I want to pry in their time of grief, but the obvious answer to what to do in future is not about the tool, for he could have as easily rammed his car thru the party crowd, as other nuts have done.

    The answer here is mental health help, just as it was for Loghner in Tucson;,8599,2041733,00.html

    Lanza in Newtown;

    Holmes in Aurora;

    What will the blood dancers at Everytown and MDA have to say about this, instead?

    • Watch for the paid trolls and spambots…in the tweets and retweets:

      It will be instructive to see what Obamas Most Attractive State AG has to say on this.

      Or UCSBs campus cops, whose response to the Isla Vista rapes a few months ago was to opine that maybe the rising reports were due to more women feeling empowered to report them…

      Or the Democratic Legislators…how will they dance in these victims blood, to grandstand with more useless regulations?

  28. People on here shouldn’t try to diagnose sociopathy based on one YouTube video when they have no training in mental health. Let the facts come out.

    • If you watch that video and do NOT think he is a sociopath, you are living in Condition White.

      Hey, I’m going to go ahead and be judgmental about someone who spends that much time spewing hate and promising to kill people. Sociopathic creep. Do NOT turn your back on someone like this.

    • Absolutely Marty. I am not diagnosing. I am observing that his behavior showed typical signs.
      That would be the difference between facts, ie the behavior shown in the video, vs simply calling names.

      The point being, this is what we should expect, that the truth will be soon lost, in the rush to capitalize on this, by the paid blood dancers at MDA, and Everytown, and the sycophantic mass media, and their own canp-followers in their self inflated importance on their own war on American’s 2A civil rights to self defense.

      Which is exactly the key attribute we see in anti-gun propagandists, who seize upon every tragedy to smear all gun owners, rather than consider the facts. Rules for Radicals is the PR manual for Progressives, that lays out those tactics, the author of which, interstingly enough was the subject of Hillary Rodhams senior’s thesis at Wellesley.

  29. I have to admit that in college, I too had issues like this kid especially socially. I even drove a nice car and was never really deprived of much growing up. Instead of going on a rampage though blaming everyone else, I realized the problem was ME. So I worked on fixing it, and even though it took a while I did start making friends, and because I was already attractive like this kid was it wasn’t too long before girls started noticing me, and I did get laid. Sure it didn’t happen at the same time it “seemed to happen”(society and the media make everyone think everybody else has to lose it by their 18th birthday, or they will be a social outcast) for everybody else, but it happened when it happened.

    I know this isn’t a gun related comment, but I can empathize with this kids frustration a bit, but not his solution AT ALL or his creepy entitlement complex. He solved nothing, and now he’s dead, he’s shamed his family, and he’s still a virgin. Maybe I’m passing on valuable insight to another socially awkward highschool or college kid. Take it for what it’s worth.

    • You succeeded because you realized the problem was YOU and figured out how to resolve it. This guy figured-out the the problem was everyone ELSE failing to recognize he was a “God’ among them and his resolution to that problem was an utter failure. Kind of failed the “God-test”, didn’t he?

      I like your comment and Thank-you for your insight.

  30. Stop the race baiting! These trolls do this to hijack the comments… it only keeps the less than 1% in power…Divide and Conquer is what they do!!

  31. I couldn’t take more than 30 seconds of this lowlife loser. Maybe he was mentally ill or maybe he was just EVIL. I feel sorry for the people of California. No one understands he could have run over a similar number of folks with his BMW. Greatest sympathy for the victims and their families.

  32. At 22 you’re NOT a child Morgan. When I was 22 I had a wife and young son. It wasn’t a great deal but I was able to MAN UP.

  33. Anyone find it odd that The Hunger Games are retribution where the citizens are forced to watch?

    • Yeah..that mag bill needs to be stopped. Last time Gov Brown vetoed it, so we need to get him to do that same this time, as well. If he doesn’t the Bill (as last time) requires all California Gun Owners to dispose of “grandfathered” larger-than-ten-round magazines…no compensation.

  34. Good thing he was a terrible shot.

    “Sienna Schwartz said the shooter approached her and said, ‘Hey what up?’ and then began shooting at her as she walked away. The distressed girl said she initially thought the gun the shooter flashed at her was an airsoft gun but realized it was real when three or four bullets buzzed past her ears.”

  35. It’s an injustice, a crime because a girl doesn’t want you? What a frickin whiney baby bitch. I wish those girls would have chopped his limp dick off. This isn’t SOCIETY’S fault. This guy was just an egomaniacal sociopath. They do exist.

  36. PUHate is down as they are busy scrubbing all the Elliot Rodger content, and all the congratulations he’s been getting from other PUAHaters. Other forum members have been giving him props for shooting women. But you can still see the cache.

    Here’s some of the recent threads:

    Obituary for Elliot Rodger, RIP HERO 1992-2014
    The Innocent Side of Elliot – As Chronicled by His YT Account
    daily mail has linked puahate to elliot rodger its over
    Puahate is about to get a massive amount of press (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 6)

  37. In the good old days, some little loser like this would have blown his brains out and blamed some girl in a suicide note.

    Now he knows he can become a star if he just takes out a few more people. The media will put him all over the news and everyone will hear his story. And he’s right.

  38. We all seem to be missing the bigger picture here, guys (and gals). The little F@#ktard didn’t reproduce! My prayers are with the the victims, but I have to give a shout to the big guy for taking this one off the planet before he passed those genes along!

  39. Robert,
    As a long time TTAG reader and a rare poster, I thought I had to ask this question. Is it in the best interest of all involved here to post this video? This gunman who really should not be named was clearly a sociopathic narcissist screaming for attention. This video is proof of exactly what he was looking to achieve by his actions. By circulating his youtube video it only helps his intentions. Also, it opens up TTAG and our beloved 2nd amendment family to scrutiny by those who wish to infringe upon our rights by twisting the truth. It makes for an easy target by those looking to twist the truth by spinning this video into some sort of undue recognition for those who definitely do not deserve any recognition in our society.

    I know it is a difficult subject to tackle, but is it possible that giving any attention or effort to identifying these perpetrators could be potential soft targets for those who work every day to infringe on our rights?

    ~Keep up the good fight!

    • should we then erase Hitler from the history books? rarely does evil reveal itself with such clarity. we owe it to humanity to familiarize ourselves with evil’s many, wretched faces in order to defeat it the very moment it decides to present itself once again.

  40. It was the SSRIs! It was the privilege! It was politics! It was psychopathy! It was video games! It was his toilet training! He had assburgers (sic)!

    Bullsh1t. The guy was a scumbag. End of story.

  41. Assuming the kid in the video really is the shooter, I would imagine the guy had only a fingernail grip on reality for a long time, and finally dropped off. I can’t help but wonder, though, if that attitude has been fed in some small part by the prevailing attitudes at UCSB. A faculty member physically attacking anti-abortion demonstrators because the images on their signs offended her. The university moving forward on requiring warnings to be placed on literature that might make some students uncomfortable. This attitude that people have a right to never feel rejected, offended, or even uncomfortable. This kids idea that people owe him acceptance and respect. It’s a horrible, destructive attitude.

    Now, all that aside, I think I recognized snips of several sci-fi and superhero flicks. Maybe he’s lifting bad gun monologs from comics, I don’t know. This doesn’t seem very natural and sincere, especially the forced evil chuckle. If this is how he talks all the time, no wonder he can’t get laid.

  42. White black Hispanic Asian purple pink… mass killing is mass killing if your excuse is because of color it’s not all about that. think of the people life he took away. So again this will affect the guns. And not the idiot that pulled the trigger…

  43. His youtube channel’s a trip. This little motherf**ker was certifiable.

    “Life is so unfair because girls dont want me”

    • I was wallowing in self-pity like that guy when I was that age, but I drank. I’m kind of embarrassed how long it took to figure out that the women didn’t like be because I was such an obnoxious asshole.

  44. He looks like the kind of person that would have killed some one oneday. And what’s with the super villain laugh, I feel for all the victems and there families, but look at this guy! You can see he’s a pysco!

  45. holy sh!t. what a fvcking loser. truth is truly lamer than fiction. and now sane responsible gun owners everywhere are going to pay for this dead douchebag’s actions. really – just about as pathetic as humanly possible.

  46. It is now being reported this killer had “highly functional Asperger Syndrome” and was under treatment, per the family. Their Lawyer stated the parents were becoming increasingly concerned about his erratic behavior and were very upset about the “Final/Farewell Video” posted just before he went on his killing spree, but were unable to intercept him before it was too late. Just heard this on KABC News Los Angeles about two minutes ago. A young neighbor spoke highly of the Family and their concern for their child. So, those of us speculating about bad parenting may have to eat some crow…myself included.
    Families of victims now decrying NRA and gun ownership, in general. So, another shooting by an unbalanced person, Another failure of mental health treatment, which California gun owners will probably be penalized for. Look out!

    • I read the father is blaming the political climate and the NRA. Political climate? Yes, I see it now. It was Bush’s fault.

      • Yes, that poor, heart-broken man went on quite a rant, His son killed by being shot by the perpetrator. It was hard to watch despite being wrong-minded and fundamentally incorrect. Wrong-minded in blaming the RKBA and NRA and fundamentally incorrect in not recognizing the fact that had there been armed Citizens on the streets, they probably could have at least disabled the car before he got as far as he did, saving at least one of the people he ran over with the car and several others who were shot.

        An ironical thing was that they found three pistols two Sig Sauers and a Glock and multiple ten round magazines amounting to over 400 rounds pre-loaded, which excludes however many rounds he fired in the ten-minute shooting spree. Ironic because all the pistols were purchased legally in California (including passing background check from Cal DOJ) and for the past few years, no magazine fed pistol or long arm has been sold in California with a larger than ten round capacity magazine, and you cannot buy larger magazines. Up until last year you could buy “Magazine Repair Kits” that were essentially disassembled large capacity magazines legal to buy in California as “spare parts”. The Legislature passed a Law outlawing those and a Law that would have outlawed “grandfathered” large capacity magazines, but Gov. Brown vetoed that one. It’s up again this year, and we’re hoping Brown vetoes again, but since this guy used legal ten round magazines, that law would not have prevented this mass shooting, even if Brown had not vetoed it. It all sucks bigtime.

      • I saw that, and wanted to throw up. Of course, there was no mention of the fact that the kid was a spoiled brat born into liberal privilege or anything like that.

  47. Apparently he murdered his roommates first.

    Elliot Rodger’s manifesto where he says he’s going to murder people.

    Here he talks about how he is going to lure people back to his apartment to murder them, and how the police came to his door to investigate him. They asked him if he was suicidal, he said “no,” then they said “Okay” and left. He was afraid if they came in to search they would find all of his guns and stuff. He also planned on killing his little brother and step-mom, and using their SUV to run people down because it would do more damage than his BMW. The first date for this planned attack was April 26, but he delayed it until May 24. Because of school ending, this was the last weekend he could do it and still get lots of the people he wanted to kill. Lots of stuff in there.

    • Yeah, they found four other young men stabbed to death in the place he resided when they went there to investigate the shooting spree. Nasty surprise, and not specified if they were in his residence or just the same building. Details not given, so not clear if they were all together or in separate places. Seems hard to imagine he could have stabbed four guys to death all in the same room without being overpowered himself, but maybe details will be cleared-up later.

      • From his manifesto which laid out the planned murders, he was going to use hammers and knives to kill people first, then run people over in the street with a car, then use his guns, then finally take a lot of drugs and use two pistols to simultaneously shoot himself. That way if the bullets didn’t kill him, the drug OD would. He didn’t want to go to prison.

        • Wow! Just Wow! Frankly, I had no stomach for trying to read his manifesto, which I understand is long and rambling. I suppose it is available online from some news source, but the video was creepy enough for me.
          BTW- I expect you know that the SB County Sheriff reported they had three previous contacts with him, the last about April 30, 2014, when the family requested the Sheriff conduct a well being evaluation, which they did, and concluded he was A-ok based on his behavior and demeanor, He did not meet the legal requirements for involuntary commitment to a mental health facility and they closed the call on that basis. That strikes me as strange since he had posted numerous creepy videos on YouTube, some of which prompted the family to request the well-being evaluation. You would think the Sheriff’s Department would have looked at those videos…maybe they did and based their final judgement on their face-to-face encounter. Even though the Sheriff made a point of saying those Deputies were specifically trained to make this evaluation, apparently the training is not fool-proof.

        • Well, everything you are talking about is detailed in his manifesto (which you won’t read). 🙂

          Mom calls cops because of his creepy videos. Cops come and ask him if he is suicidal. He says, “no, it’s all just a big misunderstanding.” Cops say okay and leave. He is scared because he’s afraid someone may have found out about his murder plot, so he takes down his videos, hoping there will be no more investigation of him. He intends to put them back up right before “retribution day” as he calls it.

          He’s been planning this since 2013. It crystallizes in his mind in 2014 and he begins the detailed planning. He knows this will be the last few months of his life.

        • Well..maybe I’ll have to read at least some of it, after all. Think I’ll wait til morning, though. Thanks for the link and the interesting exchange of comments!

        • Apparently, he thought there was no problem, except everyone else who failed to see his “Godliness” and worship him with love, sex and adoration. This kid was a Class A sicko and definitely an “elitist” in his own mind. I guess that’s like being a “legend in his own mind”, but bent all to hell. Right?

        • No, I meant he was the son of some liberal Hollywood producer or something. THAT scion of the elite. You know, our self-anointed betters, who know what’s best for everyone and have a holy duty to rule over us because God got Creation wrong. That kind of elite.

        • Yep, Rich, I get what you are saying. It appears from the “manifesto” that his parents did give him whatever he wanted and only when it was too late realized their over-the-top indulgences had made it worse. They should have had him committed at that time, but did not…and we know the rest. This happened with the Newtown, CT spree killer, too. Parental denial when they have even an inkling their kid is about to do something terrible probably ought to be a culpable offense.

        • But, then, getting away with outrageous stuff is what the “elitists” do, isn’t it?

    • I just waded through his “manifesto.”

      This kid didn’t need a lot of hand-holding from pshrinks.

      What he needed was a set of parents who didn’t spoil him. The unctuous self-righteousness bubbling throughout his entire “manifesto” bespeaks of an upbringing rooted in solipsism and entitlement, wherein he always got what he wanted without having to earn it.

      What is pretty clear from this “manifesto” is that nothing would have stopped this twerp from killing people. Nothing. He didn’t just run out and buy these guns. No, he’d been plotting this for quite a long time, which, we should NB is something lots of these spree killers have in common. They don’t “suddenly snap” – no, their MO is to seethe and plan for months to years.

  48. The American serial killer is almost always white.. Anyone who tries to deny this is an idiot.. The statistic from the FBI back this up… This guy is not a serial killer.. He is a spree killer… Very different… This guy went on one day long killing spree.. A serial killer kills multiple victims over a prolonged period of time… Serial killers are almost always white.. Mostly because it’s easier for young white males to blend in… And a serial killer usually needs a car.. Access to dump cited etc… White males socio economically are more affluent … So they have means to pull this off…

    This is not about love this was about sexual rejection… He states it .. And obviously is a dummy.. How he couldn’t get laid with a Beemer and cash on hand is beyond me.. He obviously wasn’t looking hard enough for girls .. Which means he was socially awkward.. I’m sure if he found it easy to talk to women he would be getting plenty of sex… But he is a total loser who can’t talk to girls… Smh

  49. People want to blame corporate america maybe they are right…rich people have money to get prescription for every little thing..and some stuff they give out is still in research…but him doin the shooting is lame..dont care for people like that..if u think about it this happens alot in the bad neighborhoods..and they are making this a big deal cause he was a rich white kid..and they have to point the finger at somebody else

  50. The parents created this monster. Just another spoiled kid that’s been given what ever he wants. He’s never be told no, and for the first time in his life he can’t get what he wants. It’s sad that his tantrum has taken innocent peoples lives. Kids these days have no respect for authority and elders. They feel they are entitled to everything, without having to work for it.

  51. Let’s not forget, this not about Gun control, feminist or Men’s rights or gun rights. This is about a man who got bullied by men and women. This is about a guy who suffered from the MEAN GIRL mentality, bullying and being rejected by women. The fact the matter is that society has a HUGE elephant in the room that they don’t want to deal with, which is bullying & the MEAN girl mentality. They would rather scapegoat law abiding gun owners and not deal with the epidemic of bullying and mean girl mentality. Sooner or LATER Society is going to have to deal with that Elephant in the ROOM and face the FACT that all those Gun violence and massacres can be traced back squarely at the epidemic of Bullying and Mean Girl Mentality. It’s why when you see tragedies like this, you have ANTI GUN nuts blaming the gun, gun owners and Feminist/MRA’s blaming each other and not looking at the Elephant and realizing that all these problems are because of Bullying and Mean Girl mentality. I will bet you all that we will still have these tragedies until society one day, wakes up from its bubble and deal with the Elephant of Bullying and Mean girl mentality. Until then, you people can blame each other all you want, but you still have that Elephant in the room to deal with and that Elephant isn’t going away until Society wakes up and deal with the Bullying and Mean girl Mentality that is plaguing society like an epidemic.

  52. Psychiatric drugs are to blame for almost all of these mass shootings.
    Big Pharma needs to sell their nonsense drugs.
    In this country, we put PROFIT above all other things.

  53. I cant believe this kid had the nerve to call the innocent sorority girls “Rich and spoiled” from his BMW.
    This complete a-hole is the absolute epitome of rich and spoiled.

  54. avatar antidepressants and anti psychotic mood stabilizers and anti anxiety drugs are all very dangerous and do cause parinoid and dellusional thoughts and fear and hate can be turned up quite a lot if "the patient is not responding "well" to the drugs.,"

    yaeh the drug makers who pay the big money to the television and print media outlets will not be reporting any of this any time soon just like foot abll players addiction to narcotic pain relievers.

  55. avatar antidepressants and anti psychotic mood stabilizers and anti anxiety drugs are all very dangerous and do cause parinoid and dellusional thoughts and fear and hate can be turned up quite a lot if "the patient is not responding "well" to the drugs.,"

    There is a major cover up about all the adverse affects cuased by these anti depressant drugs and other psychotropic drugs.,
    I am the one your government is fearing the most.,
    I know the truth better than they can spin lies around their treasonous behaviors and war crimes.
    Orwell was more than right.
    GSTlab3 was right also.,
    The “lab” used to be found on old High Times web page comment boards.
    they were right man still are right and beyond.
    Fear your government right now prepare to defend yourselves and your family.
    Long live Orwell and GSTlab3!

  56. Like Taliban Johnny he’s another lost soul drowned in what the Leftist Elite call Utopia and his response, taught to him for decades, is a childish tantrum but played-out with adult tools ending in the mass murder of innocents. can anyone not see this is the embodiment of The Obama Syndrome?

  57. avatar antidepressants and anti psychotic mood stabilizers and anti anxiety drugs are all very dangerous and do cause parinoid and dellusional thoughts and fear and hate can be turned up quite a lot if "the patient is not responding "well" to the drugs.,"

    I for one do blame these to busy to be bothered parents for not parenting and giving up their son to the real drug pushers.,
    you know the ones in white lab coats who are now posing as Doctors.,”
    now they’re just a glorified big pharma drug and chemical representative pushing the real dope.,”

    This is the real deal here kids.,

    This is the result of the social engineers and their corporate owned chemists and lawyers and these massive drug company execs’ and their poison drugs., it is they who are in effect giving them to our young people.,
    most now with no forseeable brightening of their futures all brought to you by cronie capitalist pigs and the others like the communists and their pet politicians and their government run schools with Communist style Nazi inspired programing and now you see the result of “the great dumbing down.,” these non human animals are taking over by shear numbers alone.,

    It is all but complete now is’nt it?
    I mean “the set up.,”
    That’s us.,
    We’ve been “set up.,”
    like bowling pins I tell you!

    the bases are loaded if you get my drift.?
    peace and good luck from the fine folks down at “the lab”

    now we wait for the pitch and the swing.,

  58. A leftist doing what leftists do. America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a leftist problem.

    Hang on tight and wait for the tolerant, peace loving leftists to start Twittering about how gun owners should be murdered and gassed in concentration camps.

  59. People wake up! He was a sociopath/psychopath – no cure. 4% population are born missing ability to love/connect/bond – no amount of prevention fixes them not even good parenting or church or Meds. Not even gun control.


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