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“Now I will forever be labeled with this whole gun issue, and I’m fine with that, because when you think about gun violence, the communities who are disproportionately affected are women and children and people of color.” – Colorado State Senator Angela Giron in Angela Giron, Colorado State Senator Facing Gun Vote Recall, Predicts Victory [at]

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  1. Yes, disarming women and people of color do affect them by making them victims of violence.

    Funny that she admits that is her motivation.

    • People such as Trayvon Martin? As for disproportionally affected, what proportion fell on George Zimmerman? He wasn’t a woman, a child, and was only of half-color. Totally ignores the cost that pople face when they stand up for their own natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to self defense.

      • Zimmerman doesnt count, hes a creepy @ss cracker who stalked and attacked a person of color. He wasnt the victim. The loving young boy who went to get his brother some skittles is the victim. So yea back to her point about persons of color.

        **holds up sarcasm sign for the newbs**

  2. I keep trying to be factual and non-biased in saying these people are simply in denial and delusional; but when this woman is talking this way, all I see is a raving lunatic.

  3. If they’re the ones most affected by gun violence [sic] wouldn’t it make more sense to let them tool up (or in the case of children let US tool up for their benefit) instead of disarming them?

  4. Welcome to “The agenda trumps your rights”. Once we legislate, good luck getting it repealed. Thanks for playing.

  5. Gotta love the Huffington Post. Drew “the ire of conservatives” voting for renewable energy. Why not say that she helped the progressives raise utility costs on her constituents? Also interesting is that it’s implied that the NRA is responsible for the recall, but the Huffington Post does not mention the out-of-state interests that are supporting her financially. She believes that her purpose is to represent the progressive agenda, not her constituents.

    • Why would you be surprised? The Huffpost is a progressive rag and they are spinning the story to fit their progressive agenda? The Huffpost is not a news organization as so much an extension of the democratic party whose only purpose it to promote the DNC agenda. Truth in journalism died a long time ago. Nobody can present the facts without twisting them to a political agenda.

    • It’s because they falsely believe that the progressive agenda is what their constituents want. And somehow, they’ve managed to get some people to actually believe the progressive agenda is for them.

  6. People of color are disproportionately effected by gun violence? how so when 85% of those committing violent acts are people of color?

    • Because the last thing the Left wants anyone to notice is that their corruption of the culture is first and foremost responsible for the damage done to people of color, and to women.

      No respect for life, for other peoples’ property, for women or girls? Quick, blame a gun.

      • Yep, Liberal/progressive; the party/ belief that destroys the basis of a stable culture; the family. They are actually completely and utterly hostile to “the children”.

        These people and their nihilistic beliefs are not unique to this time; this is at the root of all societal collapse and all dark ages. We are seeing why Greece, Rome and all other great civilizations have collapsed.

        There is nothing new under the sun and “while history doesn’t exactly repeat; it certainly rhymes.”

      • tdiinva says:
        August 26, 2013 at 08:52

        “Except that Libertarians are just as supportive of the same social culture that has destroyed the black family.”

        Please show me the documents that provide evidence for this claim. ANY verifiable document.

        We Libertarians are certainly not in favor of the nanny state which entices “women and people of color” into their blissful shell of helplessness and dependency.

        P.S. Howcome it’s OK to say “people of color” but not “colored people?”

        • Because “colored people” are assumed (by racists, I’m sure) to be those of the Negro race/ethnic group, regardless of the percentage of parentage, while “people of color” includes all of the liberal hoped for consituency – anyone who is not lily-white and all those who are ashamed of being lily-white. (Unless they’re Asian, Asians don’t count.)

    • Yea, I think I should point out once again that we here in Wyoming are the most heavily armed state in the nation. 60% of our households have guns in them. Our rate of homicide with guns is lower than in many places in Canada.

      Oh, need I mention that we have few “people of color” in Wyoming?

      Yea, funny thing that co-incidence. Seems to apply to the Dakotas and Montana as well.

    • “how so when 85% of those committing violent acts are people of color?”

      Dont you pay attention to your elected officials and the media!? Guns are bad. Guns are dangerous. Guns are evil. Most importantly guns, “go off.” These persons of color in gangs are just victims of being possesed by evil (inanimate) objects. So even if they are never shot themselves, they are still victims of guns.

    • I can’t speak for Pueblo (where this retard is ruining things) but here in the Springs, there are hundreds of houses with lawn signs to recall Morse. I feel good about this for once.

  7. This.

    I am going to throw a keg party at my house when douchebag Morse and this tw@t get recalled. Ideally I’d like to see them wind up homeless. Actually, ideally I’d like to see them sacked, tarred and feathered by a mob but as we live in a society of laws I would settle for homeless.

  8. When did society become unconcerned with a political leader’s ability to use rhetoric and to speak with an eloquent voice?

    Her thinking reminds me of a Hillary Clinton woman-victim-hood claim that since women lose brothers, fathers, sons, and husbands in wars women suffer more than the men who fought and died in the wars.

    • That concern is still there, it’s just been confused and misapplied. Don’t you recall all the fawning stories about what a great speechmaker Obama is?

  9. Throwing her and her buddies’ dumbasses out of office would be a much-needed victory. Not necessarily for the pro-gun community, but more for society. It would go a long way in restoring some of my faith in people.

  10. Hey how could you miss the REAL STORY HERE ????

    Take a good look at the campaign photo next to the wrinkled, very old lady with neck and jowls like something found in the turkey decoy department at Cabelas ! Man they must have paid the airbrush artist extra for that job !

  11. Typical Puffington Post. It’s always women and minorities. Reminds me of “Giant Asteroid Will End All Life On Earth, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit”……. One of my favorite James Taranto quotes.

  12. RE: Victimhood

    i posed the following question to a gun grabbing leftwing friend of mine”

    “Who represents true feminist values. Your pro-abortion, gun hating wife who q=when faced by a rapist becomes a victim or my anti-abortion, gun toting wife who in same situation has the power to protect herself?”

  13. I think we’re ALL against violence of innocent people and mass shootings but these idiots in elected office and the simpletons they represent are NOT connecting the dots! This is a mental health issue NOT a gun issue. We don’t ban cars because people drink and drive and kill people, we fight the drinking and driving part. I hope the people of CO recall her ass and the other one for hurting minorities and women with their tyrannical legislation. I’d support and help fund any flyers/truth brochures that are mailed out to informpeople to vote against them…if anyone knows of something like this please post.

  14. You still have to wonder what President Obama promised liberals when he was jetting around the country promoting gun control. He went to all the states they thought would go full libtard. He visited Minnesota and Colorado in addition to other states. What kind of promises were made or campaign help offered by the current administration, Joyce Foundation, etc? At least in Minnesota the rural democrats were too scared for their jobs to push Obama’s agenda. Too bad that didnt take place in Colorado.

  15. Does anyone really want to know the answers to these matters? Here you go:

    Violent criminals target women because women are more vulnerable. How so? Most women do not have the strength of men. Most women do not have the mental resolve to immediately fight back violently when attacked. And most women are not armed. Violent criminals, which include domestic abusers, like that sort of thing in an entire class of “prey”.

    Violent criminals target minorities for two simple reasons. Since minorities are largely concentrated in urban areas with few resources, they usually target each other. Even more disheartening, family structure and values are largely missing in many minority “homes”. That quite literally breeds violent individuals. Well when you have a lot of violent individuals concentrated in locations where most people are minorities, there is going to be a lot of violent crime in those locations and the victims are going to be mostly minorities.

  16. “…the communities who are disproportionately affected are women and children and people of color.”

    You mean the same groups of people who are also usually the disproportionately affected by the same idiotic politicians and their silly interpretations about what’s “best” for each of these groups of people?

    Yeah, I’m *so* shocked… (/sarcasm)

    • Exactly. When the help ends up hurting, the men who stood up and said, “I’m a man and I don’t need your help” are not going to get hurt.

  17. Because there is such a disparity in the black community in Colorado?

    I thought the demographic majority of people fitting that ethnic group are colege and pro athletes… not really the inner-city compilation of say Chicago, or Dallas/Fort Worth….

    Oh the pin-heads when they speak bring apon their own disdainful reaction each & of their own.

  18. This Democrat hag is the reason that Colorado has term limits. Unfortunately, if she’s not recalled she will eventually be replaced with yet another Democrat hag, and the cycle of Democratic hagness will continue.

    This country does not need term limits and gun control so much as it needs hag limits and hag control. Then we’d be rid of not only this particular hag but also Caroline McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and the Queen of Democrat Hags, Diane Feinstein. Think of it!

    We need Democrat Hag Control. We need it badly. For the children.

  19. Aside frome any other arguments, her statement is also factually untrue. The recent CDC study concerning firearms related injuries notes that men are five times more likely to suffer injury or death caused by a firearm.
    How can you bother listening to someone who will blatantly lie about easily provable facts?

    • She’s likely not counting yoot-on-yoot violence, while counting women as more likely to be held up, raped and so on.

      I’m certain that there’s a valid mathematical basis to her claim. I’m more certain, however, that she’s a dangerous idiot.

  20. Dear Angela,

    It doesn’t matter what Barack promised you to lie for him. He can’t pay it. You, however, will get paid. You lies are now paraded for all to see and you look foolish. …and horrible!!!


  21. “Except that Libertarians are just as supportive of the same social culture that has destroyed the black family.”

    Where do people get this nonsense?

    Anyway, women and children are way less likely to be victims of gun violence than adult men.

  22. I still remain weary on the recall issue. Folks generally like to let people finish their terms in office. But all of you in CO Springs or Pueblo better be going door to door everyday informing people. I’m from NJ, after our ridiculous laws were passed we had the votes to repeal everything and didn’t, so it spread like cancer. You got a window of about 2 years to repeal all that shit or you’re gonna end up like the rest of the slave states.

    • But when the transgression is particularly egregious, and so obviously puts the politicians personal ideals (or at least that of their campaign finance fund) over the will of their constituents, they gotta go. Forthwith. Pour encourager les autres.

  23. I don’t think she’s got too much to worry about. Anyone who would sexually assault that crone is obviously certifiably insane.


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