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“But these are not let’s-go-out-and-get-our-meat-for-the-winter guns. You don’t use an assault rifle when you’re deer hunting. I don’t know what your message is if you’re talking about cannons, machine guns, AK-47s—what we think of in terms of terrorism, in terms of snipers, in terms of conflict. We think of them in terms of killing people.” – Wyoming State Senator Bernadine Craft in What I Saw at an All-Ages Machine-Gun Party [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Senator Murphy: "Never Let a Tragedy Go To Waste"">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Let's Make it Easier to Find and Confiscate (Stolen) Guns">Next Post


    • How did this woman get elected in WYOMING? As for “cannons, machines”, they’re illegal in every state, even Wyoming. And, contrary to her fear mongering and hyperbole, people do use “assault rifles” to deer hunt in 6.8, .308 etc. My advice to Wyoming voters – deport this dangerous woman to Kalifornia ASAP.

      • Cannons are hardly illegal in all states, in fact, they’re generally completely unregulated. Black powder man. Black powder.

        My buddy threw his Civil War cannon on a trailer from SoCal and drove it all the way through the state to Burning Man. Where we launched a variety of stuffed animals and other things onto the playa.

      • This woman is a ill-informed, illogical, hate-mongering fool! It’s time to dump her in California’s San Andreas fault. This is where she really belongs.

        • No, you can’t drop her into the fault. She’s slimy enough that she might cause the fault to slip, triggering a massive quake that would potentially devastate portions of Kommiefornia…..

          Oh. Wait. That may not be such a bad thing, after all.

          Never mind.

      • Actually, modern cannon aren’t illegal either. Just heavily regulated. If you’ve got a year to wait and free time on your hands, you can get a howitzer. You’d only be able to shoot it low-angle, but you can buy one. Unlike machine guns, the registry for cannon isn’t closed.

      • A brick of .22LR says she is from Jackson Hole. Beautiful area ruined by a mass migration of Kommifornian nutters of the Hollyweird and pothead variety for at decades.

        • Entirely possible… Jackson Hole. Most of the rest of us in Wyoming don’t even consider that part of our territory. Idaho can have it if they like. And Colorado can have Cheyenne, Laramie and Casper too… People in laces like that “vote” for these twits, not the rest of us.

        • She probably self-deported from California. People like that are all over the West, like viruses primed to hijack the body politic the second their numbers reach a certain critical mass.

      • A quick web search showed that she is not running for re-election. Her district borders Flaming George National Recreation Area in SW Wyoming. Let’s have fun with that.

  1. Other than the quote from the silly Senator, the article was what Vice used to be back in the day – leaning toward being an NYC pansy, but balanced and generally factual.

    Especially now that Bloomie owns them, this sort of article is rather odd.

    • Generally when watching a Vice documentary, pay attention to the video footage but not the commentary. They had some good stuff on ISIS

  2. Actually, she is quite correct – the Second Amendment was not written to protect the People from Bambis.

  3. One, it clearly doesn’t matter whether a gun can be used for hunting or not. Two, many people hunt anything from varmints to deer with ARs and even AKs. Three, the second amendment was clearly written with combat in mind. Quite surprising to see this from Wyoming, of all places, the State generally attributed with the highest per capita gun ownership rate.

    • ” . . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms, except for assault rifles, cannons, machine guns, AK-47s—what we think of in terms of terrorism, in terms of snipers, in terms of conflict, shall not be infringed.

      Thanks, but no thanks, Senator Craft, for “your” message.

      • “” . . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms, such that they can wipe the earth of every swinging-di<k neighbor (who needed a job and who went to work for "government", to serve, but instead used their powers to usurp more power and attempt to operate tyrannically over the people they were supposed to serve) WITH IMPUNITY, shall not be infringed."

        There, fixed it.

    • We should also speak beyond the Bill of Rights and then the resulting constitutional amendment(s) that are constructed to guide government in that for many years residents of communities were required to carry firearms to places of community gatherings, then to protect the community. Personal and family safety was not even considered a topic of conversation, more like you breath you live, you have a loaded firearm by the door you tend to live longer.

    • A quick search of google images for “AR-15 hunting” will yield hundreds and hundreds of photos.

      My wife is taking my AR to Wyoming next week for prairie dog population control. With a scope and 55 grain Hornady V-Max, it’s going to be pretty effective.

      • Side Note for Pennsylvania : SB – 737 is in the pipe , ready for vote , to allow semi – auto hunting for some game.

        • I’m hoping that SB737 can sneak past the Fudds and hoplophobes. If so, it might be a nice “baby step” towards dragging the PGC into the 2nd half of the 20th century. Next up, legalize Sunday hunting!

        • “Next up, legalize Sunday hunting!”

          Don’t feel too bad; we just got gun hunting on Sundays here in NC last year. Probably a bunch still fighting it, actually.

      • “But these are not let’s-go-out-and-get-our-meat-for-the-winter guns…”

        So does a bolt or lever action give the bullets a special quality that only makes them deadly against animals that are not homo sapiens?

        “…what we think of in terms of snipers…”
        Ah, yes because sniping and hunting have absolutely no similarity with each other.

  4. Funny. With that sort of attitude, maybe she shouldn’t be handling firearms. I tend to think of mine in terms of, “Which rifle do I take to the range today” and “This will give me a chance to protect myself and my children.”

  5. “in terms of snipers”

    Snipers use rifles pretty damn similar to deer rifles. Hell, the M40 was literally a Remington 700, aka “grandpas deer rifle”.

    • Yes, when I think of snipers, I think of bolt action rifles similar to hunting rifles, not medium caliber semi automatics.

    • Yep, I use my “sniper” rifle to kill a few deer each year and my “assault” rifle to thin out the coyotes. I wasn’t able to get a turkey with my “trench” gun this past spring though.

      • You ignorant redneck, don’t you know that bolt and lever action rifles use nano-technology the render the bullets non-lethal to homo sapiens!

  6. About what I’d expect from a Ph.D. turned politician: no F’ing clue about the real world.

    Everybody just thinks that tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will arrive in America unaltered from yesterday, except for mysterious, effortless, continuous improvements in our standard of living.

    They have no idea how fragile society is, how quickly it could it could collapse, and what elements, such as civilian armament, help ward off that outcome.

    • Yep, Jonathan, “They” would be the first to head for the door, reminiscent of George on Seinfeld pushing everyone out of the way & rushing to the door when a fire broke out at his girlfriend’s kid’s birthday party.

      Maroons, they are. Maroons, I tell you!

  7. The problem with Bernadine and those who think like her is that they are just empty shells who have no purpose in life.

    • Oh, they have a purpose alright. It’s to keep the rest of us unsafe, miserable, poor . . . & voting for liberals.

  8. OK lady lets start with these thoughts, “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…”. This is the paramount reason that firearms ownership of ALL variations of weapons SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

  9. I use my AR from time to time deer hunting. Texas hill country deer are small. When there are 30+ deer per square mile they don’t get too big.

  10. State Senator Craft is, apparently, “Mrs Fudd” in the flesh. A relative in Ft. Collins, CO, tells me even people who work Colorado Gun Stores regard Wyoming as pro-gun ownership Heaven and will readily tell customers, “If you want that, just drive-up to Cheyenne.”.

    VICE offers a variety of “investigative” reporting you won’t see elsewhere and you can learn about some worthwhile things. They are Progressive Globalists, so be sure to fasten your tin foil hat securely because they tend to throw leftist propaganda into otherwise fairly balanced fact presentation like teeth-jarring, unmarked speed bumps on a paved road.

  11. Anybody have any video / pics of this lady at the shoot, likely smiling and enjoying the living sh_t out of herself? If you find pics and she ain’t then she doesn’t get to buy a ticket (why stupid-dangerous people are allowed to such events is beyond me).

    If it can’t be proven that she was even there. . . then that needs to be her albatross.

  12. I may be behind on the subject, but don’t you Americans use rifles like the AK to hunt animals like hogs on a regular basis? A 30-round magazine may actually be necessary depending on how many there are in the drove, and you may actually “need” (because I know how much antis love that word) one to protect your property; hogs aren’t known for being well-mannered house guests. Even if you can get a rifle like a WASR or a Zastava, you can manage them yourself far more safely and easily.

    • Yes, they most certainly do hunt vermin like hogs with ‘modern sporting rifles’.

      Some even hunt hogs with machine guns from helicopters:

      • Cr_p, everytime I see that video I want to go hog-hunting from a helicopter, or hog-hunting period. It would be kinda cool to hunt from a blimp. Pigs wouldn’t know which way to run.

  13. I love these shut-ins who piss their pants the first time they see the Sun.
    Your ignorance driven phobia is not an excuse to regulate me.

    Maybe I should just chug the helmock now?

    • No, convince *her* hemlock is a new European colon cleanse.

      Tell her it will ‘flush out toxins’ like Progressive ideology…

  14. People DO hunt with AR’s. I see quit yer roamin’ try Wyoming is getting polluted.
    Is there anywhere in the west that doesn’t suck??

    • Hunting season opens tomorrow. Our “sight in” days at the local gun club range are usually crowded with out of state folks who have come to hunt. We have 13 motels in the tiny town nearby, all of them full of hunters.

      I saw plenty of ARs, and lots of other guns when I was out there yesterday. The idiot from Jackson Hole is highly unlikely to come this direction. This fruitcake doesn’t speak for all Wyoming.

  15. These all ages machine gun shoots sound dangerous. They’ll teach anyone to shoot by mowing down the innocent, eh? Dreadful. Maybe we should take note here.

    Wait no one got shot at the event? Not a single person? Then what in the great wide world is this fine responsible young lady yammering about!?

  16. “But these are not let’s-go-out-and-get-our-meat-for-the-winter guns,” she told me. “You don’t use an assault rifle when you’re deer hunting. I don’t know what your message is if you’re talking about cannons, machine guns, AK-47s—what we think of in terms of terrorism, in terms of snipers, in terms of conflict. We think of them in terms of killing people.”

    In other words… Bernadine Craft sounds like a SUPER FUDD. The, 2A after all, is obviously for hunting, and events like these must be bad because the guns look scary.

  17. “All ages machine gun party”?
    Does that mean Chicago on a typical Monday night?
    But seriously folks….
    I use what they term an “assault rifle”
    hunting deer every year. In fact, it’s the evilest evil black rifle of them all: a 16″ Bushmaster XM15, in .223.

  18. Well, when an “assault rifle” is whatever the Mass AG, Senator Ban-Them-All, or Proconsul Cuomo the Younger says it is, indeed you do get meat for the freezer with an “assault rifle.” I expect to be stocking carrots harvested with my “assault trowel” any day now.

    /The Point
    The point of citizens owning guns, however, is for citizens to be conveniently armed with generally available weapons suitable for protecting themselves — “parity” or better, in the “equalizer” sense. The BG’s so conveniently securing “high-power”, “assault”, “military-grade”, and “automatic”weapons is reason to *eliminate* restrictions on citizens getting the same.

    Lady McFudd is, in the end, advocating that when tooled-up sub-humans act up, we, the lawful are supposed to stand there and peacefully be eaten; or rather stand there and peacefully be shot, without recourse, then eaten.

    I’m kinda disappointed in our dietary adviser. If you’re gonna insist that we be victims, the least you can do is follow along collecting the road kill. There are plenty of recipes for long pork. Seems a shame she didn’t share a few.

    Declining to restrict arms for citizens is based on the notion that it’s a net gain to have responsible, peaceful people with the means to equalize their interactions with thugs, predators, terrorists and crazies. That’s three arguments:

    – Social utility: Peaceful, responsible, competent people able to do more stuff, is good for all of us. From people self-organizing to get out of the Twin Towers, to self-organizing to take out flight 93, to the American Dunkirk evacuating Manhattan that same day, to more recently the Cajun Navy.

    So, of course, along with running the people helping each other out of New Orleans, now Commander Klink wants to license and certify the Cajun Navy (for a nominal fee.) If the state doesn’t do it, you know, if it’s not *authorized*, it’s no good.

    Got it.

    – Personal utility: In a world where there are guns & crazies (plus thugs, predators and terrorists), I may be able to improve my condition by carrying around useful tools, including of self-defense. Who is Lady McFudd to declare that I am not allowed, or to decide for me what’s a reasonable trade-off or net gain … for me.

    There’s a name for people who get to tell me what to do. I call them “customers” and they pay for the privilege. (And, no, “anything” is not on the menu, at any price. Sorry to disappoint.)

    There’s a name for people who seek to advance their state in the world at my expense. That name isn’t nearly so polite.

    – Natural right.

  19. Actually, Ms. Craft, I recently used my terrorist AK and a machine gun assault cannon while exercising my white male privilege to wipe out an entire herd of endangered wild feminist turtles who I shot because they were black.

    (Did I miss any of the superleft hot buttons?)

    • …… aspiring rapper turtles ,” teens ” just turning their lives around , and got ‘ caught up ‘ …. but din’du nuffin.

      That’s more better 🙂

  20. Point of fact, I built two “assault rifles” (modern sporting rifles; direct impingement system rifles) specifically for the purpose of hunting (one 6.5 Grendel and a .308 AR 10). A third will be added to my collection by the end of the year (taking forever for the upper; Rock River Arms; long story).

    So MS Craft can take her double chins back to Rock Springs where she came from (where’s my brick of .22) and shut her pie hole.

  21. “We think of them in terms of killing people.”
    Yes, Ms. Craft, you idiot, when your goal is self-defense and defense of community and country, you don’t bring a NERF gun to the fight.

  22. This is what is hurting us against the uninformed.

    I have not touched an assault rifle in my entire life. I have used an M-16, an AR-15, an M-14, an M-60, and an M-2, along with quite a few other firearms. None of them were identified as “assault weapons” by the US Armed Forces. The M-16 I carried in Vietnam was identified as a 5.56 rifle. Only when Sen Feinstein authored the “Assault Weapons Ban” did the nomenclature change. Not for the military but for the civilians. She lied in order to include as many firearms as she could. I still have the pamphlet which came with my M-16. The title is “Care and Maintenance of the M-16 Rifle”.

    When we talk about anything which uses terms like sniper, it only gives our opponents ammunition to use against us.
    They, in turn, spread their rhetoric to the uninformed who ape the words without understanding what they mean.

  23. As if this woman has ever had any experience getting her winter meat from anywhere besides Omaha Steaks.

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