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Andy Parker’s daughter Alison was the reporter shot to death on live TV. Since his daughter’s murder, Mr. Parker has been an itinerant advocate for civilian disarmament. As you’d expect, the anti-gun mainstream media has given Mr. Parker’s misguided, self-righteous gun control crusade the oxygen of publicity. The, for example, has donated editorial space to Mr. Parker’s cause. He used it to belittle, demean and generally berate an open carrier dining at an Outback Steakhouse.

I told the server we were leaving and on the way out I told the guy with the gun who I was and said, “We’re leaving because of you.” He just shrugged and mumbled something to the person sitting next to him. I called the manager and she said Outback’s policy is to allow open carry because it is legal in Virginia, but alcohol would not be served to the carrier.

All I could think of was this fool with a gun pretending to be a badass. If an incident did occur, he would either be ducking under a table, running away like his fellow badasses who did nothing during the Dallas shootings in July, or worst case pulling out his gun and shooting everything and everyone other than his intended target.

Mr Parker took his case — such as it is — to Outback management. They assured him that their restaurants are “gun-free zones.” They promised to post appropriate signage and inform their mistaken managers that non-LEO firearms aren’t allowed in their establishments.

I guess Mr. Parker couldn’t be bothered to Google “Outback steakhouse armed robbery.” If he had, he’d have discovered a large number of violent criminal attacks on Outback. Here’s one via

The steakhouse robber Monday night fired two shots through an office door with restaurant workers inside, police said. The bullets missed employees, but one employee suffered minor injuries from broken glass and another was pistol-whipped.

“Was he shooting at somebody? To tell you the truth, I don’t know,” Harbove said. “It was so close, it was tough to tell. The one girl, if she doesn’t move, she probably would have got hit. I’ll tell you, I would have been scared.”

Here’s another one via

In 10 minutes of terror and panic shortly after midnight Friday, Deputy John Paul Monego was shot and killed after responding to a 911 call, a fellow deputy and several restaurant employees and patrons were taken hostage, and the suspects arrested after they wrecked their car trying to flee.

Monego, 33, a 13-year veteran of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, assigned to its Dublin office since January, was pronounced dead at 12:20 a.m. Saturday at Eden Hospital in Castro Valley. He had been shot at least six times.

Clearly, Mr. Parker prefers that Outback patrons be unarmed and defenseless. You know, so that the “real” good guys can take care of business without interference from a non-LEO “badass,” should the worst occur (again). Wrong answer.

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    • To the anti-gunner, criminals are oppressed and law abiding citizens are terrorists. Orwellian doesn’t even begin to describe the “progressive” religion.

      • That goes back to the progressive ‘they wouldn’t have become criminals if they had not been abused/mistreated/etc by society’. Charles Manson was a product of our society and the justice system which confined him for so much of his life, not a sociopathic killer.

        • Charles Manson is a psychotic, diagnosed long ago with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Probably a poor example for anyone’s argument, sarcastic or genuine. He is atypical in all respects; including not even being a “typical” Paranoid Schizophrenic.

  1. Hey Parker? You want to get punched in the cock holster? Because that’s how you get punched in cock holster.

    My response to this EXPLETIVE DELETED walking over to me during dinner and starting his little tirade would be to tell him to go order himself a bleach cocktail and get out of my face before his little tirade makes me afraid of death or great bodily harm.

    • Bully! Your penis-surrogate is more important than his grieving? Monster.

      That’s why Mr Parker is such a good mouthpiece for gun control, even when he pulls out all these hypothetical tropes that have no grounding in reality. He’s good for the feelz.

      Pwrserge, I was gonna lay into you for your tactical insensitivity, but on second thought, you’re onto something. As late as the 1980s, any man who showed such uncivil behavior in public would have been threatened with a punch to the mouth. In fact, such a threat reinforces the simple fact that defines most Americans who lawfully carry guns — that far from responding to every slight with bullets, we distinguish between insults and threats, and react appropriately. While carrying a gun makes us more aware of our behavior, it doesn’t make us doormats.

      • Well, I happen to think we should bring back dueling. EXPLETIVE DELETED like this will be out of the gene pool in a generation or two.

      • I’ve mellowed some with age but being scolded by a sissy for my choice to protect myself would have earned himself a nice busted jaw. I never bother anyone, I’m more polite than most but there is that tiny bit of punk left inside and not a problem rolling on the pavement with an idiot. The poor, dumb fem has lost his mind raising hell with strangers and I’ve got a $1 that says he’ll cry like a baby when he finally pushes someone’s button and they crack his feminine head. That’s part or the problem in this country, Leave People the hell Alone!!!!! Damn, I’m pissed and its just an article! See what turning 50 does? Hahahaha

        • “Damn, I’m pissed and its just an article! See what turning 50 does?”

          Yep. Ya turned 50, all on your own. Your anger is your own fault for surviving that long. Eh?

      • What’s the legality of calling Parker the pussy he is, right to his face, then defending yourself when his emotions get the best if him and he attacks? We are all for allowing a father to grieve but his grief doesn’t preclude our rights!! Right to free speech (why mumble?) and right to defend one’s self when he loses his temper and throws a swing. If parker was anti-gun before his daughters death, it even lends more credence to the theory it may have been a staged event…

      • Would you take the same position if he was grieving due to someone violating some other constitutional right. Would it be OK with you if he pushed to have, say the 1st Amendment erased? Would his grief justify you and everyone else losing their free speech right? Or, how about the 5th being eliminated simply because used it and was set free to kill again?

        If you are OK with any right being taken away from you, me, and the rest of the nation, then you had best be prepared to see the rest of your right in jeopardy.

      • Rokurota demonstrates why jackets with long sleeves and buttons in odd places were invented. It apparently doesn’t realize that this cretin demonstrated his mania to disarm the law abidding occurred long before his daughter was killed by one of those who are not bound by the law.

        Tell us who ties your shoelaces?

    • For a guy that complains all the time that you’re too broken to revolt, you sure do make yourself look like an internet tough guy. You just might be the one guy that this candy ass describes when talking about fake badasses.

      • There’s a difference between months of military operations and laying out an idiot. My leg only bothers me when I’m on it for a few days in a row, most of the time, it’s at about 80% functionality. More than enough to lay out an idiot who tires my patience.

        • So you would assault someone for exercising their 1st amendment rights? I thought you believed in the constitution? Seems to me that you have the mentality of a gangbanger thug. Since when do words hurt your fee fees so much that you need to hit someone?

        • @ Jambo Although I don’t share the same immediate reaction as pwrserge, you are wrong for bringing up the first amendment for an issue that has nothing to do with the first amendment.

          If the restaurant Outback wants to put up a sign and policy banning firearms or weapons in their establishment, they can and have done so. They can also do the same for anyone that wants to, say, loiter, or gets up to give some long tirade political speech in front of the dining room.

        • @Jambo You might want to go look up the concept of “fighting words”… They have been a part of common law since the late middle ages and US law for almost a century. … and yes, if somebody is verbally assaulting me, I reserve the right to feel like my welfare is being physically threatened and respond with appropriate (99.9% of the time, non-deadly) force.

        • From what the article reported was said, I’d have responded “Well, good night to you then.” and turned my back. Sounds like his target just turned his back, enough insult to satisfy me, I would not slug him. OTOH, remembering situational awareness, I would be alert for him to then attack me, in which case I would shoot him. Not with the clumsy rifle.

        • “Fighting words”? That sounds like the mentality of a child or a ganbanger. Good luck trying to explain an assault by telling the court that the person hurt your feelings. How immature are you that you have to hit someone for something they said? Plus, there is no such thing as “verbal assault”. Do your fee fees get hurt so badly that you need to hit someone? Because that’s what it’s looking like right now. Or maybe you really are just an internet tough guy. In either case, you seem to be lacking some impulse control, the kind that usually gets thugs ventilated.

        • @Jambo…

          Ok bro…

          1. There is such a thing as verbal assault. It generally falls under misdemeanor assault, but it is still very much a thing. The standard is threat of and intent to commit battery.

          2. Illinois law specifies that I can use non-lethal force to stop a crime being committed against me. All I have to say is that “This guy walked over to my table and proceeded to scream at me. I saw him raise his hand and thought he was going to strike me.” Instant immunity from prosecution provided I didn’t pull my gun.

        • So what you’re saying is that you’re too much of a candy ass to handle the banter and that you’d lie in order to get away with the murder of someone that said something you dislike? How are you not exactly what anti-gunners think of when they think of bad gun owners? You’re admitting that you’d commit perjury right now. So not only do you have the mentality of a common hood rat, you know you’re wrong and would lie about it. Tell me again how you are different from the average thug?

        • So you’re going to tell me that someone in the middle of an anti-gun diatride would not make any threatening motions? Really?

        • I’m not saying they wouldn’t, but you have said that you’d punch them from the beginning, which means you don’t care if they actually did or not, you’d lie about it, like a typical hood rat. Now granted, I did misread your comment, and you wouldn’t actually shoot them, but that’s still assault, and the fact that you’ve already decided what your course of action would be, regardless of the intent of the other party, speaks volumes about the kind of mentality you have, that of a gangbanger rat.

          One could say that another group reacts like this: Islamists. They do get aggressive when you tell them their religion is fake, and of course, they’d justify it the same way you are right now.

        • @serge, noticed you are unable or unwilling to explain your dubious/incorrect statements from our last exchange. Maybe you should reconsider trolling subjects you know next to nothing about.

        • How does it make it better? I’m not the one starting the altercation. As a wise man once said… Never start a fight, always finish it.

        • Depends on your definition, now don’t it?

          If someone comes over to me and starts harassing me in public? Yeah, that’s starting a fight in my book.

        • “Saying things to someone is not starting a fight. Punching someone is.”
          Jambo, Pwrserge and I often disagree, very enthusiastically, about many things that are not directly firearms related . This is not one of those times.
          Words intended to shame, insult, and belittle are absolutely “starting a fight”.
          It is childish to believe it acceptable to interrupt, confront, and insult someone, and that person would respond only with words. Is it legal to respond with physical violence to someone who is verbally insulting you? Only in very narrow circumstances. Is it ethical? Absolutely.
          If your purpose is to threatened, belittle, insult, hell even just to “hurt the feelings” of someone, you have no moral superiority to that individual who then returns the favor by kicking your teeth in.
          If you feel you are more intelligent because they could not, or did not, respond to your argument with whit and debate, they may rightly feel they are more intelligent than the jackass that’s sitting on the ground with a broken nose.

        • Pwrserge:

          Absolutely correct. Those slimely critters who are lurking under rocks and seek to insult and dishonor those by using the first amendment as an excuse possess neither integrity nor courage. They are rather like Jambo, who having denounced their big boy pants have settled in nicely into a role of nancy boy defender of the leftist credo.

    • nothin to worry about, this thing never happened. Bloomin Brands (outback steakhouse) does not allow guns in their restaurant. The OCer would have been asked to leave at best or trespassed at worse. It is the reason they are on my no go list and have been for years. Olive Garden on the other hand will fire a manager who posts a no gun sign and I love me some Zuppa Toscana.

    • You sound like a major jerk. You’d threaten violence because you don’t like his opinion? How petty of you. You’re a bully, and make the rest of us look bad.

      • Heh, heh…
        Sounds like jambo, turd, pg2 & Scottie boy all need a good ole fashioned punch in the cock holster! ?

    • because LEO are the only people with sufficient tactical training, marksmanship skill and emotional sensitivity to even look at a picture of a firearm, let alone carry one in public (gasp! the horror!)

      except when LEOs are racist murderers or Barney Fife wannabes. Then they prove that nirvana can only be achieved if we disarm everyone.

      not being in possession of an official progressive code book and instruction manual, I am unable to determine when an LEO can be identified as a tactical god and when they are a bumbling racist murderer. Surely someone enlightened knows, though.

      • It only takes a couple of bad apples to give the rest a bad name. A good 99% of cops are well trained and are out there to serve the public and community in which they themselves reside. Cops, overall, are not racist murderers. They do not seek special favors for what they do. If there is an exception, it is most often observed in major metropolitan areas like NYC, Chicago, etc.

        In a national poll, LEOs, regardless of rank, age, size of department, size of community, sex, experience, reject the progressive gun control agenda. They believe that citizens have the right, under the Constitution, to own firearms, including so called “assault weapons”. They take the same oath members of the military take to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”. This is the same oath all public officials take from POTUS on down. Guess which group most often breaks their oath. It is the politicians. The LEOs who support the gun control ideas are most often those who owe their positions to political appointments/hiring.

        It surprises me that Obama says we should be more like European nations, yet people do not actually look at what has been happening in those nations. They have been invaded by illegal immigration. Those immigrants have reached the level of controlling the politics of those countries, demanding that the native peoples change and submit to the newcomers ways. They have attacked women in the streets for the way they dress. They have conducted terrorist attacks against those counties. People would be shocked to learn that the UK, Australia, and New Zealand have a major problem with armed criminals in countries where weapons are banned (unless you have the money to get those special permits). Is this what we want here? People should actually investigate what is happening before they call for disarming the people.

        The poll is available from the web site, a highly respected source of law enforcement and security information.

        • Yellow Devil nails it. I should have included sarcasm indicators. Mea culpa.

          I am a strong supporter of law enforcement. Progressives seem to vacillate between “only LEO’s can be trusted” and “LEOs are barbaric” depending on the wind direction.

          I do, however, think the LE-only carve out and exception to multiple carry restrictions is BS.

      • “because LEO are the only people with sufficient tactical training, marksmanship skill and emotional sensitivity…”

        There’s your answer. The enlightened “common sense” media and academia have so stated (nauseatingly), over and over. Ipse dixit !

    • Because the person who has the courage to wear that “costume and shiny piece of metal” is about all that stands between civilization and chaos. It works in about 99% of the nation. The alternative is having the military patrolling the streets, the elimination of civil rights, and probably martial law.

      My hometown went to LEOs buying their own vehicles and the city outfitting them. They were permitted to use the vehicles for personal use as well as duty. In that way, people with bad intentions were never sure whether there was or wasn’t a cop at the grocery, bank, etc. The crime rate was reduced from 3 robberies per week to 3 per month (IIRC).

      In the vast majority of cases, LEOs have the training to deal with criminal behavior which far exceeds the abilities of civilians (just as military personnel are trained far better to wage combat operations). As a business owner, I would think having armed LEOs present would deter or stop criminal behavior which would endanger my employees and customers.

      It has been my experience that those who disdain LEOs the most are those who have been caught violating the laws of their community, or lack the courage to wear that “costume and shiny piece o metal”. If they won’t stand between criminals and good citizens, someone must… unless you want to return to the days when the town folk would simply lynch criminals from the nearest tree.

      • Boy, that Kool Aid must taste mighty sweet.

        Egads that post ticked off a lot of boxes. I especially like the “Disagree and you must be a criminal” allusion in the last paragraph.

        Here’s a hint for you just to tweak your cognitive dissonance: I’ve worn the uniform and the badge. I, and many others here on this site who have as well, have criticized cops and things like “cop carve-outs” which is the specific ‘disdain’ the OP committed.

        So, present and former cops think carve-outs are immoral. Suck on it if you think that is “disdain.”

        So how does that square with your myopic view of the world that “Cops are Teh Greatest!!!!1111”

      • Actually, the police have little effect on crime prevention. There is a deterrent effect, because people don’t want to be punished for crimes, but that’s minimal overall and negligible regarding police.

        First, a crime must be discovered. Obvious in some cases, but undetected or never detected in othere. Next, they need to identify you, prosecute you, convict you, and sentence you to a severe enough punishment. All of those are discounting factors because there are probabilities assiciated with each that it won’t come to pass.

        So overall linkage between crime and effective punishment is tenuous at best. And that’s not just traffic laws, but serious crimes like murder, too. The homicide clearance rate has fallen from about 90% in the 1960s to about 60% or so now. In fairness, the homicide rate itself has been falling, too, especially for crimes of passion and similarly easy to solve cases. So what’s left are the cases that always had a low clearance rate. Still, the point remains that most murders go unsolved, despite you vaunted police presence. Why?

        The answer is that police don’t really prevent crime. The better question and answer is why then aren’t more people raping, pillaging and murdering viking-style every day? It’s because of social mores, folkways, a shared value system and common morals.

        Most people don’t go around killing people, despite the ease with which they coukd probably get away with it, because we’re conditioned to believe that such crimes are wrong. It’s our collective beliefs and our consciences that first keep us generally safe, not the police.

        • True. Police work is reactive rather than proactive. Yes, we have to await a call in most cases before we can begin to do anything. Yes, crime rates have been falling for decades. Punishment does not generally stop criminal activity. Prisons are little better than schools where criminals can acquire education to avoid being caught in the future, or to improve on their criminal activities. The only thing the death penalty does is stop that one criminal from ever committing another crime against good people. BUT, what else can society do? Banning things does not work. One only need look at Prohibition, or the National Firearms Act 1934. Neither one did what they were claimed to be written to accomplish. We must have rules and someone to enforce them.

      • The top five American cities with the most police officers per capita are Washington, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, DE. Go have a look at the crime rates in those cities and tell us more about how police prevent crime and chaos.

        • Actually, thanks to BLM, Baltimore and Chicago make for intetesting case studies. Police activities in those two cities have ramped down, and in response, crime has skyrocketed.

          Less police activity in those two cities led directly to more crime in 2016.

      • Sir. I do not have a criminal record, have no routine interaction with police, do not present police with any reason to notice me, will not harm a cop, will not taunt a cop. BUT I DO NOT TRUST THEM !

        Serpico pulled the curtain back, and not much has changed, anywhere.

        And there is no reason for a retired cop to be treated any different from anyone who has never been a cop. Once retired, they lose all those special skills they developed to “deal with criminal behavior”. They become regular citizens, with all the same restrictions. And since active cops mistake each other in plain clothes, no, they are not better situated to “deal with criminal behavior” once they leave the force. The “carve out” idea means soldiers should be allowed to keep their side arms in case of attack on the nation, or insurrection.

        • I disagree. They do not lose the skills they acquired and more than a soldier loses his skills honed in combat, or a child learns how to eat with a fork. There are numerous situations where the mayhem might have been halted by one retired cop with a gun putting his/her training and skills to immediate use.

          I did not identify you as being one of those people.

          I, myself, spent 21+ years on the other side of the line from your position. Riots, earthquake relief, B&Es, robberies, snipers, lost kids and dogs, drunk drivers walking away from accidents which killed everyone in the car the hit head on, including a mother, son, and unborn child of one of my friends. So, I am biased. I admit that. I have no idea what your occupation is, but I would not judge you based on something with which I have zero experience. I do not believe that those who have no military experience should be making decisions regarding how they do their job. I do not believe that someone who is anti-gun and has no experience with firearms should set the rules for those who are pro-gun and use them on a regular basis.

          Why you do not trust cops only you know. However, using Serpico as your reason, or part of it, is as bad as a trip I took to Maine. Some of the people I met hated Blacks even though they had never met one. When asked why they hated them if they never met one, their response was that they had seen how Blacks acted while watching the Watts riots on the evening news. You will note that I pointed out major metro areas as the ones most likely to have bad cops. Not all of the cops, but a larger number that elsewhere because the size of the force is far larger and because big city cops are exposed to things smaller city cops are not.

        • Paco unveiled the rampant corruption of the NYC police. Investigations ensued, promises were made, then a few years later it happened all over again. I have family with members in the Chiraq PD, and am told the NYC gang are children, compared.

          Another reason for not trusting cops is the number of renegades where were known and only stopped when committing egregious crimes that could not be ignored. If “good cops” refused to tolerate any “bad cops”, one might be impressed. So, I never lose sight of the fact a person can never really know (until too late) if the difference between cops and gangbangers is the shiny badge. Always vigilant when “blue” shows up.

          Yes, skills degrade when no longer practiced; cops and soldiers. You are the first to claim that lack of practice/exercise of skills does not dull the senses, or impair the thinking. Which is good to know because that is ample justification for ending recurring training of learned skills while on the job. Always happy when we can save money. And just because, I have seen off-duty cops shoot at gun ranges. I just hope I am not a bystander when cops start popping caps.

          So, yes, I expect cops to do their jobs, I expect them to respond when dispatched. I won’t turn my back on them.

        • Sam I am demonstrates that body of knowledge unique to those who dwell in faculty lounges, the coaches of shrinks, and cells used to detain drunkards and other foltsam of society. His hatred of the police betrys a close association with the criminal justice system. And why should anyone who has spent decades entrusted with a weapon and being empowered to make life and death decisions that mere mortals like Sam can only aspire to be treated with the same respect and dignity that Sam has earned?

          Clearly this irks him. Being bombarded with the remaints of happy meals is the closest Sam can expect from young children and seeing his betters being treated with respect does not sit well with this Obama fan.

          Face it Sam. Some men are trusted and respected for their actions. And others, such as yourself resent being placed in gun free zones where you can write an angry letter to the NY Times. I wonder why it is that you find yourself in this situation.

        • As I noted to another, I have been around cops in the family (yes, extended), been around cops in small towns and large. I have eyes to see. Look around you. The general thread seems to be for cops to resort to force as quickly as possible, with the greatest amount of force available to them at the moment. Cops mistreat suspects and bystanders with contempt and threats (re: photographing cops at work can land you in jail).

          I have seen cops charge people with imaginary infractions in order to screw up their lives because the cops on the scene were out of line and wanted to silence the victim as long as possible. I have lived in big cities; no difference. The majority of cops who are not bad cops just have not had their button pushed, yet. I expect cops to accept that injury and death is just part of what they signed-up for, just like soldiers. Going home safe should not be the priority for police. Protecting the general public, seeking and arresting the criminals and gangers (I note that most cop houses have little to do with the hard-core gang neighborhoods) should be the priority, and raison d’etre for cops.

          I do not want cops to up armor as if they are force Delta or Navy Seals (what cop house, as reported here, need $4k sniper rifles for trunk guns?. I do not accept that cops have limited liability for crashing the wrong house, shooting the wrong people and throwing flashbangs into baby cribs. I do not accept that shooting people through closed doors should be treated as business as usual. I reject the notion that federal swat teams can, with complete immunity, raid a building where children and guns aremerely co-located.

          Do I really need to regurgitate the entire list of cop abuses since 1980 in order for you to see that policing has become predatory, a threat to the community, an exercise in abuse of authority?

          If you can blindly trust a internal security forces (approaching the lawlessness of the FSB or Cheka,OK; your choice. Not mine. I will always presume police are looking to roust the populace, especially over minor issues so the cop can spend the watch on paperwork rather than face real crimes. Once upon a distant memory, I trusted cops implicitly. Over the last 40yrs, I have seen police morphing into that which they were initially supposed to protect us against.

          I will not interfere or harm police. I will not support increased budgets, either. I will treat police with the same regard I have for MS-13; stay away from them if at all possible. Cops, just like the rest of us, earn their reputations.

          To repeat myself (because I love the sight of my own words), it is getting to where the difference between a cop gang and a street gang is the shiny badge for the cops.

  2. So, he is so clearly afraid of the firearm and the person wielding it that… he approaches and confronts said person? Yes, that’s exactly what people do who are so ostensibly afraid of someone that they would leave a restaurant in the middle of dinner service in order to avoid being in said person’s presence any longer: approach and confront that person.

    • ^ this. Just like the SJW types who come unglued and go on the offensive whenever they encounter someone who does not agree with them. They can play the victim all they want. They are totalitarians.

    • +1000

      Anti-gunners/Progressives frequently replace their true feelings of hatred for the word fear.

      If gun owners were as violent as anti-gunners frequently claim, there wouldn’t be any antis left.

    • He was never afraid because it never happened. He made it up. Outback Steakhouses has been on my no go list for years since I found out their Corporate ANTI-GUN policy. Unless you are a LEO, you cannot carry (concealed or openly). I highly doubt he went up to a cop and told him that, and I even more highly doubt there was an open carrier in Outback that the manager would let sit there and say there is nothing he could do. Unless of course that manager is a 2A activist and is ignoring the corporate policy and just wanted to pacify a complete lunatic.

  3. Unbelievable to me how often people who claim to be intimidated by the presence of a citizen with a gun are willing, unarmed, to walk right up and get in their face. Try that with a gang-banger someday.

    They obviously do not actually believe their own hype about how dangerous and volatile we POTG actually are.

  4. “Andy Parker’s daughter Alison was the TV reporter who was shot to death on live TV.”

    Has anyone bothered to inform Mr. Parker that his daughter’s killer could have killed her just as quickly and easily with a homemade Garrote wire, sword, or bow-and-arrow? Making all of those things with readily available materials that cost less than $20 at local hardware stores is exceedingly fast and easy.

    Dead is dead regardless of what implement the attacker chooses. We should be using critical thought and focusing on the dark hearts of men, not the particular implement that a cold, ruthless killer had in his/her hand.

      • I still care about the daughter. I’m the father of two daughters myself. I can imagine the pain. But when he turns his grief into aggression and tries to interfere with my daughters’ ability to protect themselves, he has crossed a line. You have to fight back against that, even if you sympathize.

        • I don’t sympathize with fascists. I hate them not because they hate me, but because they are incapable of honest human hatred..

        • I understand your point of view, too. Regardless, we are in agreement that totalitarianism must be resisted.

    • He is focusing on the cause of his daughter’s death: the gun. If no guns were available, his daughter could not have been killed by use of one. If no gun had been in the hand of the killer, the killer would not have killed the daughter. Simple as that. In addition, it is obvious that without a gun, the killer would have been deterred by the burden of finding a different weapon, meaning the killer would have just given up on the idea of killing the daughter. The gun was the center of the entire episode. Eliminate guns, and you eliminate death by gun.


      Isn’t that right?

  5. Contact Outback Steakhouse, and tell them you will not be doing business with them due to this policy. He likely rallied his anti-gunner pals to bombard them with comments without us knowing about it. We should respond in kind.

    • It’s probably going to be a target scenario- “Please leave your guns at home” to appease this fool, but no actual action taken.

    • they don’t care. Bloomin Brands is anti-gun and they don’t want guns in any of their restaurants. been this way for years. Parker is either lying or had no idea which restaurant he got drunk at.

  6. I wrote the following to the director of communications of the parent company of Outback Steakhouse. This corporate appeasement of screaming liberals is sickening.

    Dear Cathie,

    I am a proud gun owner who does not take a day off on exercising my second amendment right to bear arms. Andy Parker wrote about his disgust in today’s NY Daily News seeing someone at an Outback Steakhouse in Virginia openly exercising this right as an American. He was disgusted at your company’s management for allowing a man with a holstered handgun to be on the premises. Corporate management has now stated all company restaurants have a civilian gun ban.

    While it is your right to ban guns on your property, it is my right and that of my friends to never do business with you while you restrict constitutional freedoms. No guns, no money. Guns made America and established it as a world power. Our leadership in the world and peace in our communities at home is maintained by big black guns and people who are comfortable using them for good. If you and your company are opposed to America, I am opposed to you.

  7. Of course losing a child is a terrible thing and I for one have every sympathy for him.

    But, his focus should be on the person that committed the murder, not on the extremely law abiding citizens going about their business peacefully.

    Disturbing someones dinner to froth and vent at them definitely shows immaturity and is a clear case of ‘bloody shirt waving’.

    It’s a shame that Outbacks management seem to have not learned the lesson (from others such as Academy Sports, Under Armor etc) that bending over to one outraged SJW will cost them business.

    • “… his focus should be on the person that committed the murder….”

      He can’t focus on that. The murderer was a gay black person that was an ardent Obama supporter. Focusing on the murderer would short circuit his ideological identity. The only thing that keeps him hanging on is his hatred of guns and those who own them.

      • I should add that the evidence points to Parker’s anti-gun narrative is more important to him than the facts of his daughter’s murder.

        That’s pretty disgusting, really.

        He’d rather misrepresent and lie and stir up crap to further “the cause” than face the reality that the special snowflakes his side as adopted as “perfect” can commit heinous acts like any other demographic.

  8. ” or worst case pulling out his gun and shooting everything and everyone other than his intended target”
    NYPD can open carry in VA?

  9. So many good quotes to use in this situation…

    How about, “Mr. Parker, while I am sorry for your loss, your dead daughter does not override my constitutional rights.”

    Or, “You best back up out my face before something bad happens to you.”

  10. I sympathize for Mr.Parker’s loss. Unfortunately, he and his type will forever be victims.

    They are unwilling to accept responsibility for their own protection.

    • F Mr. Parker and his dead daughter. He’s and his offspring is what’s wrong with this country. Happily bumbling along when death presents and instead of internalizing his pain, has to create a foundation and project his anger onto the country until the public is numb with condolences…while Legislatures gut criminal use of gun to relieve overcrowded prisons.

      Man up Mr. Parker and spew your venom for the good of the nation. More guns so people can lawfully protect themselves, more prisons, faster trials.

      • Thanks for saying what I’m thinking Mk10108. Any sympathy I had is long gone. Darwin wins. Does this putz(also a failed leftwing demonut candidirt) harass cops when he sees them open-carry?

  11. “If an incident did occur, [the armed patron] would either be ducking under a table, running away like his fellow badasses who did nothing during the Dallas shootings in July, or worst case pulling out his gun and shooting everything and everyone other than his intended target.” — Mr. Parker

    That there, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing more and nothing less than a baseless statement, every bit as reliable as someone’s claim that the moon is made of green cheese.

    Not only does Mr. Parker have absolutely no knowledge of how the armed patron would respond to an attack (unless Mr. Parker is going to claim omniscience), we have direct evidence which unequivocally establishes that armed patrons/bystanders promptly stop attackers quite frequently. (Reference the recent attempted carjacking at Walmart which an armed bystander stopped.)

    In summary Mr. Parker is simply barking at the moon. That a corporation would alter corporate policy based on such barking at the moon is particularly disappointing, although somehow not surprising.

    • Which is why we need legal remedies against companies that infringe our 2nd amendment rights. The 1st amendment clearly only applies to Congress. The 2nd has no such restriction.

  12. I don’t open carry so I don’t have to deal with goofball FLAME DELETED Andy Parker who desperately wants to remain in the publics eye.
    What a FLAME DELETED, going up to a gun owner and acting like a FLAME DELETED! It’s hard to say what I would have done, but I’m confident my comment to the person would have been disparaging at the very least.

    • I’m pretty sure I would have reacted the same way to this FLAME DELETED as I did to the hippie who threw a drink at my blues when I was visiting my sister in Berkley.

        • I gave him back his SOLO cup and made him wear it as a hat. It’s amazing how little force it takes to collapse a plastic cup against the top of somebody’s skull. The sad part is that I think it actually made him cleaner.

    • What’s beautiful about this is that the mythical fence-sitters out there can see who acted like a butthole in this situation and who was just minding their own business and stayed calm throughout.

      Parker has created some cognitive dissonance for us…the OC-er did NOT jump up and shoot him for being confrontational! That’s pretty big…for anyone willing to open their eyes and see it.

      So, if just one fence-sitter sees this story in this context, Parker is doing us a favor. It’s like the response to the whiny, shrill agitated SJW’s on college campuses have gotten the attention of the parents that pay the bills. Enrollments are down.

      Never stop the enemy when he’s speaking his propaganda. It always shows itself to be the lie it is. Always.

      Folks are noticing who the nutjobs are and seeing it ain’t us.

  13. “…running away like his fellow badasses who did nothing during the Dallas shootings in July”

    I know it’s common knowledge among POTG, but it’s amusing how there’s no winning with these anti’s. If gun owners try to intervene and stop a shooter, antis accuse us of being John Rambo wannabes, or that somehow the cops responding won’t be able to IFF. If gun owners decide to make a tactical withdraw during a shootout because the odds aren’t in our favor, the antis all but say we’re dickless tough guys who ran away.

    Seriously, next time you run into an anti who accuses you or others of this, make a point to mention how there’s no winning with them on this issue. Ask them what they would do or what they would want; very good chance their mask of “we just want common sense” will fall right off when they answer. If they answer.

    • Here’s what they want: NO GUNS. No gun for the assailant. No gun for you. No violence. Unicorns and rainbows and cake for all. QED.

    • I usually just say, “My gun is to protect myself and my loved ones from harm. If the best way to do that is running away, we’re going to do that. If you want a gun to protect you, get your own, or call the cops.”

  14. Here in VA we are well aware of Mr. Parker. An important thing to note is that he was a rabid anti-gun crusader before his daughter’s tragic murder. Right after her murder, she wasn’t even in the ground before he was using the incident as a soapbox. It was like he saw it less as a family tragedy and more as an opportunity.

    At one point, he issued a public threat to physically beat up a pro-gun VA State Senator if he ever saw him on the street. The senator reported this to police. Our Bloomberg-baby governor, McAuliffe, made a public statement that the senator was over-reacting. The Virginia State Capitol Police, which FWIW, is America’s oldest police department, originating in 1618, is charged with protecting and investigating threats against state officials including both the Gov. and legislators. But they report to the Gov. They took no action on this threat.

  15. “All I could think of was this fool with a gun pretending to be a badass. If an incident did occur, he would either be ducking under a table, running away like his fellow badasses who did nothing during the Dallas shootings in July, or worst case pulling out his gun and shooting everything and everyone other than his intended target.”

    Notice how this leftist inadvertently admits that he does not think that the OCer is the criminal or will initiate the shooting? Also notice how Andy does not grant the possibility that the OCer may have been a victim at one time and that is why he carries?

    • “Notice how this leftist inadvertently admits that he does not think that the OCer is the criminal or will initiate the shooting?”

      Excellent point!

      Let the cognitive dissonance continue to accumulate.

      “Also notice how Andy does not grant the possibility that the OCer may have been a victim at one time and that is why he carries?”

      Like Nikki Goeser, whose husband was murdered before her eyes in a restaurant, and she had to leave her handgun in her car due to anti-gun law at the time?

      It’s not just an abstract possibility, but this kind of stuff DOES happen. Maybe the guy’s wife had a stalker. Or maybe he was a witness in a crime where the criminal’s friends/gangmembers had threatened retaliation.

      Maybe a lot things, but the short of it is that it’s none of Parker’s (or ours) business WHY he carries. What a mindset for Parker to think he has the right to decide these things for everyone else.

  16. And on management’s initial statement about not serving a drink, FYI, it is perfectly legal to have a drink while open carrying in Virginia (although not if CCing, because the streets will flow with blood, etc.). You can’t be intoxicated, though. And as “intoxication” is not defined by BAC, but by the opinion of the arresting officer, it’s best to exercise prudence.

    • Yes, that was obviously the manager trying to split the difference, but it is indeed legal to drink and OC in VA, but illegal to drink and CC. Go figure. I have, on occasion, chose to have a beer and uncover my gun to be all legal-like. I have yet to be shouted at.

  17. Ducking under a table or running away are both smart things to do in a situation when faced with an armed hostel person. I don’t understand why that is a bad thing. You are either moving to a place of concealment or removing yourself from a dangerous situation. Any self defense instructor will tell you those are smart thing to do.

  18. morons like this are why i’ll always go with concealed carry over open carry. i’ll go through the process and get the stupid unconstitutional permit, because of people that decide to express their loss by attacking people who aren’t the problem.

    As the meme states, “Gun control is like going after DUI’s by taking away sober peoples keys.”

  19. Just looking at a picture of Parker gives me the creeps. If the guy was pro-gun, I’d feel the same way. He’s just a creepy-looking guy.

  20. In a world filled with self-absorbed, arrogant asses this guy is the king of arrogant asses…or at least some sort of regional figurehead. Maybe Duke of Arrogant Asses?

    What a tool. I’m willing to bet that Mr. Parker was a well known blowhard in his circles long before his daughter was murdered. That he experienced a personal tragedy makes him no less so.

  21. I understand this gentleman’s pain. My 12 year old son was killed in 1998 in Cincinati, OH, when a crazed school bus driver ran him down while using the sidewalk for a street. Should I blame all school bus drivers? Should I call for the elimination of all school buses? Consider how many children have been killed or maimed while riding school buses, yet only California, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, and Texas have passed some variation of a seat belt law for school buses but funding has not been appropriated in some states. In 2015, 12 states have introduced bills that would require school buses to have seat belts installed, but none of the bills have passed.

    The anger and pain of anti-gun proponents are misdirected. Where one person goes off, millions have not.

  22. I seriously doubt the veracity of Mr Parker’s statement. I stopped going to Outback Steakhouse years ago because they ban guns. It has been there corporate policy for years. So why would they allow an open carrier into their facility now? I would love to know.

    This situation never happened. Mr. Parker made that crap up!


    or do any other search related to their firearms policty.

    • Interesting. Our local one doesn’t have any sign on the door and I have carried there before. If one does go up after this, I won’t be going there anymore.

  23. Me Parker is proof that sometimes bad things happen to people who happen to be total assholes. This guy is one and is using his daughters horrific murder as an excuse to be an even bigger one.

    As far as the people who “did nothing” in Dallas, we don’t know that to be true. There is no evidence that anybody tried to engage in shooting at any of the open carriers not in police uniform. We certainly wouldn’t expect them to go around looking for a way intervene on behalf of the ARMED police officers. People carry to defend themselves and their families not to get shot by the police while trying to defend the police who where not even asking for their help.

    Although I wouldn’t have mumbled at the guy I would have told anybody who said he was leaving because of my gun GOOD. I would prefer. It to eat with anti gunners. .

  24. .. and if there was an incident, Mr. Parker, what would YOU do? Die? Helpless, like your daughter? I’m sorry for your loss but I won’t be a victim like she was.

  25. I think we may be getting a little trigger happy with the [FLAME DELETED] hammer. There’s a difference between flaming and calling things as you see them.

    • It was my humble opinion that Andy Parker is a d- — among other things. If TTAGs wants to hang a sign on the front door that says no flaming allowed, I guess I’ll take my business and spend my money to some other place that respects my rights.

      Oh wait……….

  26. Here’s my solution. Concealed carry. With the right holster and belt, you can’t tell I’m carrying at all. No alcohol but I love me some bloomin onion.
    Been there plenty of times and the only people that know are who I’m with and myself.

  27. I don’t know the policies of Outback Steakhouse. To be honest if I were travelling and hungry and given the choice between eating at Outback or a dive bar I’d pick the dive and order a club sandwich.

    Now, I can believe that this happened because people like this guy don’t fear guns or gun owners, they hate them. My dad had an interaction like this seven or eight years ago but, after throwing a complete fit the antigun loon called 911 and what ensued was a bit of a mess.

    Personally, if this happened to me my first thought would be “Fuck, I’m gonna have to pay this guy’s bill because he’s skipping on his tab” and honestly the first words out of my mouth would probably be “Um…OK? Did you tip your waitress or do I have to do that for you?”.

    Finally, I’m ticked I got here so late today. I bet the flames deleted from serge’s comments were damn good flames.

  28. As reported, it sounds like this guy believes a guy open carrying in VA should have intervened in a cop shooting in Dallas. We don’t need to ask how his mind works, because it doesn’t. He lost his daughter, we don’t need to shoot him.

    • But this particular cocksucker was a flaming pile of feces long before his daughter was killed. Seriously, when somebody attacks civil rights the way the KKK attacked the rights of dark skinned people 70 years ago, he deserves every bit of scorn the other 300 million citizens of this country can heap upon him.

  29. Instead of mumbling or ignoring this clown, my reaction would have been to face him, smile and say loudly enough to be heard by the diners around me, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out”.

    • After consideration, I tend to believe as others stated, that this entire incident is a lie. Knowing people and their traits, I doubt Mr. Parkers version of this. It either did not occur, or he simply left without saying anything. When one considers the incident as reported, it isn’t really consistent with how a weasel (flame deletion?) like Parker would actually conduct himself.
      He’s fading from public view and he needed a story….even if it is a BS lie.

  30. There is no way he could have walked up to someone as dangerous as an open carrier to say that…too many dead bodies piled up around the table.

  31. If you read anything about the person who killed his daughter and her cameraman, you would actually come to the conclusion that affirmative action killed them more than the gun did. But if you said such a thing, people would think you were crazy.

  32. I would love to challenge Andy Parker to a boxing match. I would even sweeten it with a high dollar bet with the loser donating the money to the charity of the winner`s choice. I`m in my late 50s so on paper it should be a even match. If he refuses, then it proves that he is a male c–t scared of a old man.

  33. Just another story of “We’re F’d up, we need to fix you”, or “They’re F’d up, we need to fix you” coming from people who like being mouthpieces and “Directors” of organizations.

    When are people going to stand up and kick the parts of Society that are producing the troublemakers, oh wait, they usually had a hand in: limiting parental controls and responsibility; ‘modifying the school systems’; raising the drinking age; demanding governmental controls. . .

    F all dat

  34. Someone may have said this already. If a concealed carry holder had intervened and saved his daughter and the cameraman he would be singing a different tune. Sadly, and unfortunately that didn’t happen. Perhaps if his daughter or the cameraman had been a concealed carry holder one or both of them might still be alive today.

    • I doubt it. As I said in my post above, Mr. Parker has always been a rabid, anti-gun ultra-liberal. If someone had saved his daughter, he would have still twisted it into an anti-gun story.

    • I admire your sunny view of how the dad might be grateful for armed intervention of a CCP citizen, but…..anti-gun characters would decry the unnecessary taking of life because, well because. Because non-violent de-escalation and negotiation would have safely ended the confrontation and saved lives.

      Anti-gun people cannot allow anyone to violate their sense of fairyland.

  35. So by this Einstien’s reasoning, is he gonna flip out on the next bi-sexual, Democrat, African-American he sees at IHOP?

    Oh, BTW, I hope no gun owners ever offer assistance to this F**k-stain if he’s in danger, including cops.

  36. Andy Parker is dangerous to himself and others. Needs mandatory preemptive mental health intervention, just as he would wish on all gun owners. It is entirely reasonable to envision him physically attacking an open carrier with the specific goal of getting himself shot, perhaps killed, just to “prove” his “point”. He may well have a death wish and hope that if he provokes his own death, the MSM will make him out to be an anti-gun martyr, and a gun confiscation law will be named after him and his daughter.

  37. The author makes a grave error in claiming Parker became anti gun because of his daughter’s death. This clown was always anti gun and even ran for office on this platform but was sounded rebuffed by those who did not like his snakeoil.

    Show me someone who doesn’t trust his family, coworkers, friends, associates to own weapons and I’ll show you a fan of the National Socialist Workers Party or a Marxist zealot. And you can bet these people will never display a “gun free” zone sign outside their residence.

  38. I’ll stick to concealed carry. I’m glad to have my 2nd amendment rights and have no trouble concealing just about any pistol with the right holster and an untucked shirt. Calling unneeded attention to the fact that I’m carrying just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not trying to scare those with an unreasonable fear of firearms or let the bad guys know that I’m a threat to their plans. Public sentiment can turn against us at any time….no need to push our luck IMHO.

    • Before Charles gets here, let me remind that Heller did not decide that concealed carry is included under the second amendment. That argument is yet to be placed on the docket. I would expect that case to arise from one of the “constitutional carry” states. Once concealed carry is set outside of the second amendment, gun rights people lose the ability to make gun grabbers wage war on two fronts (open/concealed). When only open carry is in dispute, forces can be concentrated on making any firearm possession a “collective right”, moot because effective there are no armed legal and local militias as considered at the founding of the nation.

  39. I eat at outback restaurants all over, they are NOT gun free zones. Each one in all legal areas have carry notices. They are typically located on properties such as malls and must ad hear to the property owners instructions concerning Carry rules. Most don’t allow open carry, but all allow concealed.

  40. My daughter was murdered at Outback Steakhouse..Maybe a good guy with a gun would have killed the bad guy with a gun and my daughter would still be here.


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