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In the video above, a Detroit man in a car pulls a gun on a young man coming out of a convenience store. The fact that both men are black is neither here nor there. The fact that one man might be gay is also a non-issue — in my mind. This is a video of a man illegally brandishing a firearm. He should be identified and arrested. Jailed? That too.

Many if not most of the members of The People of the Gun are color- and sexual-orientation blind. They believe that all Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. That no one has a “right” to use that right to intimidate or assault another America.

Minority groups prone to predation — including but certainly not limited to members of the LGBT community — have a demonstrable need to practice armed self-defense. I encourage them to do so, so that they may pursue happiness in whatever way floats their boat. As long as it doesn’t hurt others.

Anyway, excellent rant.

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  1. So, what you’re saying is we have a maturity / stupidity problem in this country. People don’t know how to control their feelings and be adults.

    Sad but not surprising.

    The behavior of being a bully and/or victimizing other people needs swift correction from a young age and the punishments for that behavior should be very clear and very effective.

    • Quote from an early episode of the TV show “COPs”: “If being stupid was against the law we would be busy from the start of every shift until the end.”

  2. I was on board til he started with the ‘white oppressors’ crap. I will say that 90% of what he said was legit.

    • Didn’t make it that far hope this guy ends up in the slam for a while before he gets someone killed.

      • I made it 8 seconds-when I saw it was over 7 minutes. And as someone who DID get hit on(quite awhile ago now) I never got angry. Heck I took it as a compliment. The most virulent homophobia I’ve ever heard were from large black men at the gym. White boys too. Saw a few dustups that went beyond comments in 45 years too…

    • I was ready to make a joke about it, until he went and proved, again, Poe’s Law as applied to SJWs.

    • I certainly approve of the tone, but there were some truly ridiculous SJW-esque statements in there. The most ROFLMFAO one was “…how do you know he’s gay? He didn’t tell you that..”

      Gimme a break. Because anyone who wasn’t blind and deaf thought Elton John and Freddy Mercury were straight for even a second. Rock Hudson didn’t fool anyone (who didn’t want to be fooled anyway). And the OP of the vid? He’s about as stealth as Paul Lynde. Or Milo Yiannopoulous.

  3. The three groups who hate gays the most are Muslims, blacks and Hispanics. All part of Democratic Party coalition.

    • Hilarious isn’t it? The Dem base is 2/3’s intolerant bigots who hate the other 1/3 that thinks they’re doing the 2/3’s a great favor.

    • I have, on occasion, had an opportunity to remind sjw’s that the “conservative” Proposition 8 was passed by a relatively wide margin in one of the most “progressive” states in the country. Clutching of pearls and gnashing of teeth customarily ensue.

    • Hispanic? I thought Hispanic was a euphemism for gay. Hispanic women have more testosterone than Hispanic men. At least judging by the arm hair and sideburns.

  4. Until the culture in Black Community changes, nothing will change. The video was how the Black Community sees Gays, but it could simply have been because this guy had the wrong colors in the wrong neighborhood or as was recently in the news where they beat the crap out of a 72 year old to play the knock out game.

    Violence in the Black Community is a culture issue.

  5. I will say that there is a powerful and well documented anti gay aspect to the African American culture. I know at least one guy who fits that description perfectly. He also has some misogyny issues that I believe are related as well.

    This is coming from limited experience but based on my experience blacks equate femininity with weakness, therefore anyone who likes dick must be weak. My one friend actually blames women for making guys gay.

    • If most of the black women were as Oprah Winbag and her buddette Gale Whatsher name I think it could be that or tremendously high suicide rate.

  6. By God, that was a lovely rant, indeed. The point I’m taking from this – and it’s a great one – is that respecting another’s rights does not require liking them, agreeing with them, or approving of them. Hell, you can hate theirs guts yet still respect their rights.

    Damn sure applicable to the First Amendment and, dare I point out, equally so to the Second.

    • “The point I’m taking from this – and it’s a great one – is that respecting another’s rights does not require liking them, agreeing with them, or approving of them. Hell, you can hate theirs guts yet still respect their rights. “

      Well by golly, that is extremely well said.

      That’s it in a nutshell. And yes, it DOES apply to 2A in ways many POTG don’t care to admit to themselves. See Johannes recent post on New Black Panthers OC-ing.

      Someone asked me recently what my thoughts on a black youth, dressed in “inner city” attire, carrying. I said, “More power to him. Until he DOES something, he’s just a dude with a firearm.”

      Letting go of that programmed sense of ‘controlling others’ and being the Grand Chosen Hall Monitor for society is one of the biggest hurdles we face. I mean, think back to elementary school. When the teacher left the room, it was considered a “plus” to be the one chosen to ‘monitor’ the class for misbehavior.

      That’s where a lot of this attitude started and was nurtured: institutional schools pushing Marxist / Statist “control others” ideologies from an early age…

      Anyway, Mark F, well said.

      • When the teacher left the room, it was considered a “plus” to be the one chosen to ‘monitor’ the class for misbehavior.

        Wow, did that bring back memories. Needless to say, I was never the monitor, only the one being monitored. And I happily tortured the monitors.

        Good times.

  7. “Many if not most of the members of The People of the Gun are color- and sexual-orientation blind”

    You are most definitely speaking for yourself. Homosexuality is a disgusting perversion and a prime indicator of a society in decline. I also don’t appreciate the way you attempt to conflate the civil rights struggle with the government and media’s overwhelming push to white wash a deviant sexual fetish. Most people, including “people of the gun” have simply been bullied into silence on this subject by relentless hounding. Put on as many coats of white wash as you want to, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s rotten at the core.

    • Cleophus, Good god man. They’re genetically coded that way, they don’t have a choice – they are what they are.

      Regardless, try to be a good American. These are human beings endowed with the same rights as all the rest of us. There’s a bunch of behaviors I don’t personally endorse, but people are free to pursue them, until it puts The Republic in jeopardy – and where you stick your schlong (or strap-on) by itself is hardly a danger.

      To quote Jefferson, “It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

      This isn’t a third-world shit-hole run on Sharia or some Judeo-Christian version of the same. Grow up.

  8. Yet somehow the takeaway for “certain” people that watch this video is that the gun is the problem, not the thug behavior or the issues that perpetuate it. Its just the guns folks.

    • Nope. Ignorant question only asked by those unprepared to defend their chance to exist. But, we know Ralph was just being funny and not being wildly ignorant of reality, because we know Ralph is cool and we can trust him to not be dumb.

    • Three friends walk into a tea shop. One insists on green tea. Another insists on black tea. The third looks at the others and says, “Can’t we all just get Oolong?”

  9. Every American has the Constitutional right to protect themselves, but they do not have any right whatsoever to try to dictate to anyone else how they should dress, who they can love, or who they can marry. Lot’s of uniformed Liberals try to say the the “Right Wing” is intolerant, but that simply is not true. Any true Constitutionalist, believes that everyone has the right to pursue their own lifestyle so long as they are not harming another person by doing something against their will. Period.

  10. Gay or not, that man should see the importance of self-defense and 2A. Soon as someone points a weapon there’s nothing to say they won’t pull the trigger. Be prepared to defend and neutralize threat and maybe people will think twice about doing something stupid because they happen to disagree with another. As far as the commentary, I didn’t make it very far.

  11. stunning how easily a guy points a gun at another person in a show of agression and control – the assult victim had every right to shoot, smash, run over this criminal. too bad he did not call the police. sadly, i bet if the victim did pull a gun and kill the guy in response, he might not be treated as an innocent victim and released without this video as evidence.

  12. If you don’t want thugs to feel safe harassing you, don’t wear pants so tight they are a virtual “gun free zone” sign 🙂

  13. That no one has a “right” to use that right to intimidate or assault another America.

    Like South America? Or the other one… oh wait. We’re the other one.

    Hah, I couldn’t help myself

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