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18th Annual Larry King Cardiac Foundation Gala

“In all the years since the shooting, I have never come face-to-face with Franklin. I would love an hour in a room with him and a pair of wire-cutters and pliers, so I could inflict the same damage on him that he inflicted on me. But, I do not want to kill him, nor do I want to see him die.” – Larry Flynt, Don’t Execute the Man Who Paralyzed Me [at]

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  1. I think Flynt is confusing what justice is versus what vengeance is. Torturing a man is vengeance executing him as punishment for his crimes, is justice.

    • If that’s vengeance.
      After 40 years of being put in a wheel chair by that individual..
      It is OK with me.

      • This.

        I don’t much care for Flynt personally, to be quite honest. But when you get right down to it he’s merely a shrewd businessman who happens to have a dirty mind. Nothing more, nothing less. Franklin on the other hand, is a true monster. He has at least 20 murders to his credit, plus many other crimes. There’s just no way to justify opposing his impending execution. That’s not vengeance, that’s justice – let it be served, Mr. Flynt.


        • I doubt his mind is even close to the dirtiest. On one hand you have a man who simply appreciates a classy beaver shot, and on the other a guy hanging from the ceiling in a rubber gimp suit being smashed in the junk with a baseball bat by girls dressed like Lamb Chop. I appreciate a person owning what he likes and not having to hide it due to the sheer terror it would give people if they knew.

    • There is no difference between the two except that one makes you more uncomfortable than the other.

  2. One definition of justice, as opposed to vengeance, goes something like this:

    Justice is what I/We do . . . vengeance is what the other guy does.

    The common denominator that both share is the idea of recompense – a.k.a. payback. Is it fair to say that from a God’s-eye view Flynt & Franklin both got justice?

  3. I’ve always found Flynt to be a rather distasteful smut peddler but I would agree with him on this point and honestly I would feel the same if some jackass shot and paralyzed me. Call it whatever you want but I’m sure if it were me in that chair and I got the chance to cripple the man that crippled me I’d call that justice.

  4. Franklin was never charged or convicted for shooting Flynt and there’s really nothing against him but his own confession. So don’t worry Larry we’ll hang him for the things he actually did. Now roll off.

  5. He may be a vaguely Jabba-esque trash vendor who treats objects like women and talks like he’s gargling cat litter, but I can’t really blame the guy for wanting Franklin to suffer. I mean, if you value the use of your legs and then some dude cripples them, you can at least train really hard and roll a marathon; maybe even get an inspirational movie out of the deal. But if your whole empire was created for the goal of arousing Mr. Happy and then some guy disables your dong, sh*t; I’d want to snip a few wires in that guy’s crotch, too.

  6. Evil vs evil aka Franklin shooting Flynt. Neither one is remotely good. Our justice system is flawed as all hell, but it is still the best in the world.
    Several things need to be done to fix it with regard to the death penalty.
    1. Allow the defense to challenge all prosecution witnesses to undergo a lie detection test and include sodium pentathol as part of the exam along with voice stress. When they find a bad cop like Armando Saldate, put him down via lethal injection done right ie, inject 115 grains of a mix of copper and lead at medium velocity into his heart or brain. Have the event performed by his fellow officers.
    2. Begin the appeal process with a lie detector exam of the convicted. Since they are now determined to be guilty, the burdon of proof is on them that the state made a mistake or framed them.
    3. graduate the executions on a time scale. Allow lethal injection of drugs only if the convicted waive all appeals. For the first six months specify the long drop method of hanging. Second six months, firing squad. Second year, electrocution. Year three, short drop method wherein the executed is allowed to die via strangulation without the benefit of a broken neck. At the end of year three, place them into a room with their liar err lawyer. Attach a bomb to the liars neck and have it set to detonate at a certain time. the liar then has until that time to render his client suitably dead or they both die when the bomb blows.
    4. limit appeals to questions of guilt. If a police officer made an error, punish the officer, not society for the mistake.
    5. Limit prison sentences to a max of 20 years for any one crime, or 25 years for any individual. and a max of three felonies. Lets admit that a person who chooses to be a criminal is a detriment to society that just needs to go away. If you really don’t have the stomach to execute three time offenders, maybe we could exile them to a place like Johnson island, or Bikini attoll.

  7. “Justice” requires the protections afforded to accused persons by the state or Federal Constitution and by relevant laws. Revenge can be personal — extrajudicial — or it can be justice. The death sentence, for example, is all about revenge. And I’m totally in favor of it. Working a guy over with pliers and wire cutters — not so much.

    But I don’t blame Flynt. I’d feel the same way if I was on his wheelchair.

  8. Justice does not exclude retribution.

    It is a common misconception that Dike or Justice is weighing evidence on those scales. She is not.

    Those scales measure crime and punishment. The purpose of punishment is NOT only crime prevention. Society rebalances an imbalance caused by criminals by punishing criminals. For certain crimes the only possible balance is retribution

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