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South Carolina flagIthaca Gun Company, currently located in Ohio, has announced they will be expanding to a new facility in Horry County, SC (near Myrtle Beach) in the next few months. The new factory will create 120 new jobs, and will nearly double Ithaca’s production capacity. The Cool Springs Business Park that they’re building in will also shortly be home to PTR Industries, when they’re done remodeling their new home, and Stag Arms is currently deciding whether to relocate from their current home in Connecticut to either Horry County or Houston, TX. . .

A New Hampshire gas station clerk has been fired from his job of 10 years after pulling a gun to defend himself against a would-be robber with a knife. Saying that “I had every reason to believe that regardless of whether or not he got the money out of the till, he was still going to attack me,” Bear Cothran pulled out his gun and told the guy it was a bad idea. According to Cothran, the robber said, “Alright, alright,” and ran off. He said despite the firing, he’d do it again. “My boss and my district manager both went to bat for me. (They) tried to save my job for me. It came down to a corporate decision.” Kudos to him for clearing his weapon before showing it to the reporter in the video.

A Tulsa man said he had no regrets about shooting the burglar he found inside his home on Monday. Returning from a walk, he saw a drawer open and immediately knew something wasn’t right. He grabbed his gun, saw the guy in his bedroom doorway and “I didn’t even hesitate,” he said. “I had the gun in my hand, flicked off the safety, got my finger on the trigger and I started shooting him in the chest.” He went on to say he’d do the same if it happened again. “I’m not going to talk to (the intruder),” he said. “I’m just going to start launching lead.”

Utah concealed weapons permits applications have surged to an all-time high this year, with the Bureau of Criminal Identification reporting 31,000 more permits issued through August than it had in all of last year, projecting in excess of 138,000 permits issued by year’s end. Utah currently lists over 325,000 valid permits, with 62% of those being held by non-Utahns. Utah’s concealed weapons permit is recognized by 35 states.

The march to disarm Americans continues in Utica, New York this week, with another gun buy-up scheduled for Saturday. This one’s paying $25 for non-working guns, so there’s that, I guess. Take ’em a couple of paperweights, laugh at the stupidity, and buy yourself a nice lunch.

A mother staying at a southeast Oklahoma City no-tell motel discovered a revolver wrapped in a bandanna tucked under the mattress in her room when she was packing to leave. Being stereotypically gun-ignorant, Mom had this to say, “We were dancing and jumping on the bed and stuff, and I don’t know, we could’ve made that go off, and then it had five bullets in it, so it was already loaded.” She called the office and a maintenance worker came and put the gun in a trash bag and walked off without calling police. A Plaza Inn employee said the managers are out of town, so maintenance will keep the gun secure in a drawer for police to come pick up. Oklahoma City Police said on Monday dispatchers never received a call about the gun and they should’ve been notified. Whaddya want to bet that call never comes through?

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  1. Wish some of these companies would relocate to my neck of the woods in Kentucky I’d love a shot to work for those guys.

  2. I wonder why some of these gun companies are going to South Carolina. Texas, SC, and Fl have reputations as the most pro gun states in the anti gun media and in the pro gun crowd, but they’re actually below average when it comes to actual gun freedom.

    • Well, at least in Ithaca’s case, the COO said “We investigated and looked into it and to be all honest with you, it’s the area and the ability of machinists that are in the area that we were really looking for.”

      There was another relocation I covered several weeks ago, I can’t remember who it was now but I think it was to Nashville, in which they very specifically said that they looked at three or four possible locations, and they picked that one because of the readily available skilled labor market. They literally held job fairs in all 3-4 places, and Nashville was the one where they were basically overwhelmed with qualified applicants. It was that simple.

    • It isn’t just gun companies. SC is making it very attractive for business, and quite a few companies of various types are moving or expanding there.

      • Govenor Haley is workin’ her tail off to make SC as welcoming as possible for businesses looking for a new home.

      • I travel to Spartanburg, SC a few times a year to visit BMW and Benteler, the area is beautiful and very business friendly. I’m even keeping my eyes open down there in the event that Michigan’s recovery stalls, you wouldn’t find any tears on my trail if I had to relocate there.

    • I’m with you, I was disappointed this year to learn that when I’m in South Carolina on vacation, there are a bunch of rough CCW laws on the books. Must inform police officers, “no gun” signs carry the force of law, open carry is ILLEGAL (even for permit holders!) and NO carry in any restaurant that serves alcohol. All their stupid laws kept me disarmed most of my vacation.

      If I had my way I would never go back to Myrtle Beach as SC doesn’t really care about us law abiding citizens.

  3. I”m just going to say it – gas station clerk for 10 years? I know times are tough, but back when I was young, parents told me to stay in school or else I’d end up pumping gas for minimum wage. Never quite got over that stigma. I guess kudos for staying employed that long.

  4. Man decided his life was worth more than the job. Easy call. i’ve carried a gun on a couple of jobs because of the area and the hours. Never had a permit but i figured I would rather survive to face a judge than wind up murdered by some low life.

  5. I’m sure that there’s another employer out there who would like to have a level-headed, courageous employee. I know I would.

    So although Bear Cothran lost his crappy job, he can get another, and probably a better one. But nobody can get another life.

  6. Anyone know what brand of gas? I’d rather not fill up at a place that fires an employee for defending himself and – oh by the way – company property.

  7. I think the relocation is late, like year 2008 late, I can only hope that production is not derailed by the dark lord, after the Riechstag Fire it only took 5 months for Adolph to obliterate his opposition and enslave Germany in his Police State

    • It will take much longer. Europe was conditioned with it’s long history of monarchs to accept iron fisted rule. Here, they have about 1/3 of the population to convert or eliminate in order to easily seize power and consolidate control. Not to mention, this part of the populace has been tooling up at record pace.

      • Might also point out that Hitler came to power with his own army of hard core followers – the SA – who were not afraid to use violent protests and anarchy to push his ideology….kind of like the SEIU, but with a bit more volume, affective central management, and silly uniforms.

    • Hitler didn’t enslave Germany. The Germans were more than willing to go with his nonsense. They only turned on the party when Russians came for payback. Germany was never free.

      • This is a fairly complicated piece of history that most people who read overly generalized history books get wrong. Sometimes, the best way to discover the true condition of the German people during that period is to read biographies. I could explain some of what happened as the Germans transitioned from the Weimer Republic to Nazi control, but it would be rather lengthy and not appropriate for a blog.

      • In short, the history lesson is that it is amazingly easy for a society to become fixated on a single, charismatic leader, and walk with that leader through the gates of hell. Hitler also had his chess pieces laid out ahead of time. Obama, not so much.

  8. Anybody else think the Tulsa man should have kept his mouth shut vice talking in detail about the shooting?

    I agree with his actions, depending on light conditions etc. he couldn’t read the intruders mind and there may have been no way for him to tell whether the intruder was armed until it was too late, but I could see his words being used against him by a lawyer.

    • I live in Tulsa. Here in Tulsa (home of the world’s largest gun show) prosecuting a man for shooting a burglar in his house would be a career-ender for a DA. The local outrage would be deafening.

  9. It is ridiculous to fire this clerk for saving his own life by bringing a firearm to work. Shell fired him because of their no gun policy. However, he might have been dead if he didn’t bring the gun. Screw shell. I will not be shopping at their stores.

  10. Gun under the mattress? I wouldn’t call police either. The police would take possession of it and it would become some deputies trophy. I’d just keep it myself.

    • Really? What if some drug dealer had used it to kill some people? It was apparently not a first rate hotel. What if it was stolen? Some day the cops have reason to check your inventory and you have some splainin to do.

      In addition, here in California an unregistered handgun is a felony. I would want no part of that gun. But that’s just me.

      • 1) Here in Oklahoma (and most states) you don’t have to register them (like it should be).

        2) cops have no reason whatsoever to check my inventory. I am not bothering anyone nor have I committed any crime.

        3) Guns sold at pawn shops/ gun shops could be stolen or could have been used In a crime just as a knife, a shovel, or anything else. These items are sold all the time. Any used gun ever bought has an unknown history.

        I guarantee the hotel owner just got a new keepsake and if he turned it in to the cops an officer would “privately” have a new keepsake as well – or eventually would.

        Here in Oklahoma, guns are generally regarded as nothing “serious” or “magical.” Finding a gun is like finding a twenty in the parking lot – just a pleasant surprise.

        • Lot of people have had their inventory checked when they believed the cops had no reason doing it. Ex wife or girlfriend take a restraining order against you. Neighbor swears you’re brandishing or threatening, even tho you ain’t. Why pick up a souvenir from a flea bag hotel that’s gotten trouble written all over it?

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