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“If you don’t kill it, every committee member will be taken out of office by their ears.” – Raritan Township Committeeman-elect Louis Reiner in After outcry, Kingwood will try to balance park safety with gun owners’ rights [at]

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  1. ” Lubitz, who had already gotten an earful from his own constituents, told Reiner, “I don’t need to be lectured by you about the Constitution. I’ve had enough of you. Go away.”

    The quote right after pretty much sums up the entire mess in our government right now.

  2. So, basically, a park was created which encircles some private property on which target shooting has been going on for an extended period of years, and abuts other private property where shooting and hunting have been going on for decades, so the township decided to strip these citizens and property owners of their rights and got caught. NOW they are doing a kabuki dance to cover their a$$es all the while STILL attempting to strip property owners and other citizens of their rights. Does that about sum this up?

  3. If you don’t kill it, every committee member will be taken out of office by their ears.

    The problem being… ?

  4. FTA:

    Although creating a no-shooting zone around the township parks and the school is out of the question, the job of protecting park users from gunfire remains.

    I could be way off-base here, but I think there are other places in New Jersey that would be more effective in reducing residents’ risk of exposure to gunfire.


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