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“The defense of liberty boils down to this: ‘If you try to take our firearms, we will kill you.’ That was the Founders’ answer. That is ours.” – Dutchman6 [at]

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    • Many, many people talk the talk.

      For walking the walk, most people are going to want assurance that plenty of others will do so at the same time.

      Few are going to lone wolf it, and those who do will be derided as being too extreme by those who haven’t yet had their line in the sand breached.

      • I will note, that is precisely why they antis are taking the approach that they are/ have been. Any broad sweeping measures run the risk of crossing many peoples’ lines in the sand. So they try and bump up against as few of them as possible, and whittle the massive tree down to a toothpick. Isolate/alienate their target from his/her base, and then take them out. Rinse, wash, repeat.

        • Any lone wolf will be pimped as a “psycho gun nut,” and a further reason to limit/restrict/confiscate firearms.

          Pretty nifty when ANYTHING that is said, done, or thought by your adversary can be used to prove your point. :^/


      • “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

        Mark Twain

    • If he walked the walk you and the rest of the TTAG audience would shun him as a common criminal, equate him to some murderous psycho, and then carry on as usual. People are being arrested, imprisoned, and you guys are Molon Labing it up. That’s the hilarious part. And if he did do anything, the press would spin it like he’s a common criminal and TTAG would have a page titled “Murderous Dutchman6 edition.”

      So lets not bother talking about Molon Labe. Everyone here talks the talk and when it came down to it, no one would defend his actions.

      • Hey Anonymous internet guy, you do not speak for me. There are still some of around who will fight for a cause. Violence is a last resort today just like it was for the brave men who started this nation.

        • +1. I got your back brother. And I think Vanderboegh is saying the same thing, by reminding the powers that be about our nations history. Lets all pray it never has to come to that, nor should it, if we exercise our 1A rights, our votes, our lobbying dollars and educate our friends and neighbors about our 2A rights.

          That is working, and I thank TTAG and SipseyStreet for their work, coming at it from different perspectives. Many tools in the tool box.

          We have much to do together, POTG. Lets not degrade into circular firing squads here, after such a momentus victory, when that is EXACTLY what the progtards would like to see, and start up.

          PS: to that point, I just got a letter in the mail from NRA updating my card, and inviting me to become a LIFE member, at 50% off the normal $1000. They have a monthly pay plan to spread out the cost- and for Peruta alone, I am going to do my part, to leverage my effectiveness, as part of a group that has done so much good lately.

      • A lot of us would fight, Anonymous, but we prefer not to talk about it in advance. As for you, you seem less like Molon Labe and more like Munchon Labia.

      • Hey anonymous, very condeming of ttag but let’s here some of your exploits to help the cause of freedom. Did you mount up and go to Cliven Bundy’s aid? Have you done anything?

        Except troll on a blog site.

    • Yes, JWM- Mike not only talks the talk, he’s walking the walk. Perhaps you should walk with him- smuggle magazines into Forbidden zones… smuggle ammunition into Forbidden Zones… carry the message into forbidden zones. I’m more than willing to bet Mike is doing more for Liberty than you even dream of.
      “…The defense of liberty boils down to this: ‘If you try to take our firearms, we will kill you.’ That was the Founders’ answer. That is ours.”…” Sounds good to me. So, rather than shoot your mouth off about walking the talk, you should try it. Unless you’re an AMANA man, which seems about right to me.

      • Mike, whoever he is, I was commenting about dutchman6’s remark above, may be the real deal. But what about you and anonymous?

        Smuggling stuff into “forbidden zones” sounds like loading a shotgun in DC. Didn’t achieve much. I prefer donating money to groups that are actually winning this fight. I’ve been in this fight since 68 and things are better for POTG now than they were then.

        • You don’t know who “Mike” is, but you can comment about what “Dutchman6” says… perhaps you should read more of Dutchman6 to learn who Mike is. Or read more of Mike to learn who Dutchman6 is.

        • It’s a blog site. I comment on the post. Didn’t realise we’re supposed to research every post RF and his minions put up.

          How about it RF? You only want us to comment if we do the research first?

  1. It’s not time for that right now.

    On the whole, the pro-gun side is winning. We’ve gotten some bumps and bruises along the way, but that happens in a fight…

    We have the forward momentum- no need to beat our chest.

    • But rub it a little right?

      Beating your chest is better than someone else beating on your chest. Even if it’s to start your heart again.


      • btw – the quote is an epitaph from someone who assumed he was going to eat it anyway (and likely never even have an epitaph), at the hands of someone who offered peace if he gave up his arms.


  2. It seems so foolish to me that comin’ fur da gunz elicits this response so often yet liberty is trampled on every minute of everyday in ways that are more commonly felt and hardly anyone blinks.

    Dynasty politicians, special interests, perpetual disenfranchisement of upwards to 49% of the electorate, the absolute audacity of any government body local or federal to claim a say and control of the interpersonal relationships of private citizens, mass collection and scanning of all communication, police checkpoints, no-knock raids, property taxes effectively killing the concept of ownership and the list goes on in perpetuity only ever opposed by a “lunatic fringe” but try to pin my flash-hider and it’s on damnit!

    I wish there was more consistency and supporting liberty was a common cause for all of us but too many people still have their “but” out there.

    If the sentiment meant anything the first time some revenuer tried to collect a tax on owned property he would have caught a bullet to the face for the attempted extortion. Therefore it means nothing. Molon labe my ass.

    • Our founders had been trying to fight unfair taxation for a number of years when the revolution started. What started the revolution, if I remember correctly, was an attempt by the crown to disarm the colonists. Disarmament is just the spark that will light the fire. I pray that we can regain our freedom before it comes to that.

      • Kind of. Massachusetts already had an organized militia and was more or less in rebellion before the battles of Lexington and Concord. The battles happened when the British marched troops out of Boston to find and destroy the militia’s materiel.

    • See the Whiskey Rebellion.

      Both state and federal Constitutions give the government the power to tax. One of the issues in 1776 was no taxation without representation, not no taxation. A tax enacted by your elected representatives is a legitimate claim on your income. You can argue that it should be higher, lower or never enacted but as long as it was passed by the legislative body and signed by the executive it is legal and legitimate.

      • When the state defines what is “legal and legitimate” the worth of that legitimacy is lost.
        Slavery was legal and legitimate. Japanese internment was legal and legitimate. Forced relocation of natives was legal and legitimate. Burning witches was legal and legitimate. Plenty of atrocities, abuses and tyrants were fully legal and legitimate. The whole “cold, dead hands” thing rings quite hollow in the grand scheme.
        We’re either free people or we aren’t. Battle cries over a few yardage points on the field is silly.

        • Let me translate that into English for you:

          “I don’t have to pay taxes that I disagree with.”

          You are not a supporter of constitutional government.

          “Slavery was legal and legitimate.”

          I may have you confused with someone else and if I do I apologize in advance but aren’t you a supporter of the CSA?

        • I agree. If they made 95% taxation legal and legitimate it doesn’t make it right. It just makes us slaves. We are already paying 40-60% (or more).

        • “I don’t have to pay taxes that I disagree with.”

          You are not a supporter of constitutional government.

          Strawman. He never said that statement.

        • @tdiinva

          No, I’m not a supporter of Constitutional government.
          No, I’m not a supporter of CSA whatever that is.

          Why should anyone be beholden to anything they don’t agree with? Maybe if I paying the same total sum got to spread out the taxes to the purposes I agreed with I’d be less ornery about taxation overall. I’d get to feel like the government actually gave a sh1t what I thought as opposed to the current state of having been stomped on for 40+ years which makes me angry, bitter and hostile.

          We only get one go around at this life thing and hearing “no!” and “gimmie!” and being threatened with imprisonment or death 24/7 for just wanting to be left alone is not a nice way for anyone to spend it.

        • Yes he did:

          “If the sentiment meant anything the first time some revenuer tried to collect a tax on owned property he would have caught a bullet to the face for the attempted extortion.”

          This statement is what prompted my post. Property taxes were the original levies imposed by states and in some case were prerequisite for voting.

        • CSA =Confederate States of America.

          So you are an anarchist. You should move to the ghetto where anarchy reigns.

        • @tdiinva

          By that response I take it you don’t know what anarchy is. Mentioning the “ghetto” your notion of anarchy is some crime-ridden turmoil nonsense. Why not mention Somalia? That’s usually the go-to example for folks who don’t know better. Quiet, peaceful rural America is closer to true anarchy than any ghetto or Somalia has ever been.

        • Quiet, peaceful, rural America depends upon a system of laws, courts, and government-constructed and maintained infrastructure that is so orderly, predictable, and well-functioning that some people forget that it’s even there. Likening rural America to anarchy is the flip side of the same coin we saw when Barack Obama was shouting “You didn’t build that” on the campaign trail. Both points of view depend on obtuse, willful blindness.

          There is plenty to dislike about the United States government and to work to change. But anyone who thinks our government is plain terrible, should travel abroad more. If we don’t have the best deal going, we’re damn close.

        • @tdiinva
          If you do not see anarchy as a good thing, your idea of government is self defeating. If you think that people can’t govern themselves, what makes you think the same flawed people can govern masses of others? Shire-Man is right. You are either free or a slave. The shades of grey in between are just levels of slavery. The nonsense speech by Elizabeth Warren claiming;

          “You built a factory out there? Good for you, but I want to be clear: You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did.”

          They believe that they are the masters of society, and anything we produce owes homage to them. This is complete crap, and most people know it. People as a whole just want to be left alone and live their lives as they see fit. Some prefer the puppet theater security blanket that government provides, and will vote for anyone willing to take from others to provide them with the security that they do not want to be responsible for.

          As of now, we own nothing. Our cars, homes, land, income, and our very lives are perceived as government property to be taken at their leisure. Don’t pay your taxes, and see just how free you are. Defend yourself against government aggression, and see how free you are. Sell a product without government approval, and see how free you are. Try and fail to commit suicide, and see how free you are. There is nothing that is out of reach of those that no longer “represent” us. I did not sign the DoI, Constitution, get to have a say about the amendments, and thus am not represented by a small group of people that think they know what is best for me.

          The Constitution you cherish so much is nothing but a piece of paper, and the current administration and congress has shown how useless it is. Congress is powerless to stop the pen and phone. Congress is unable/unwilling to stop the theft of our income either directly (taxation) or indirectly (QE currency devaluation). Our civil liberties, that are the cry of constitutionalists, no longer exist. The NDAA, Patriot Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Military Draft, Eminent Domain, Affordable Care Act, and countless other “laws” have slowly robbed us of our “freedom”. The courts are just theaters for those that wish to justify their actions against sovereign citizens via laws made to punish crimes that have no victims.

          Keep trotting out the old “We have it better than the rest of the world” line, and one day you will wake up in a time when we will be like the rest of the world, in a one world government.

          If we are to be free men and women, we need to start acting like it, or we will wake up in 1984.

    • I like everything about this post. Who cares about Molon Labe when the slaves have guns and the slave owners have slaves with bigger guns pointed at the “insurgent” slaves.

    • “comin’ fur da gunz” elicits such a strong response for so many people because if you read this blog or any other like it, it is a common tie all of us share. Across the spectrum of the hundreds or maybe thousands of people who read TTAG you will find Christians, Atheists, and Agnostics; gay, straight, bi, trans; republican, democrats, greens, libertarians, or anarchists; white, black, brown, green, blue, yellow; and on and on and on. Each of those distinct people or groups of people will have a different interpretation of what infringement on their rights means and what they will do about it. Heck you can see that already in the comments here. But we are all here because we own guns, or support gun ownership.

      So when the topic of infringement on that specific right comes up the response will be much stronger because it may be the one thing in here that all of us agree on. I think it also has something to do with the fact that in the face of tyranny or government overreach, no other one of our rights does jack to protect us. We can talk/write all we want to about freedom or the evils of the government, but that will do nothing to stop someone bent on taking from the people.

      I think there is something innately terrifying about a government that is so concerned with its’ citizens owning guns, and that brings out hotter emotions than the fact that I dont actually own my house, or the fact that my car does me nothing if I don’t register it and want to use it on public roads. If I have nowhere to stay then I can buy a tent and a sleeping bag and go wherever I need to if push comes to shove. If I need to go somewhere I can take a plane,bus, bicycle or just walk. All those options are less than ideal but they solve the problem. However, if I cannot arm and protect myself; I am forced to do whatever my “protector” wants me to. If I cannot own guns and one day, god forbid I cannot afford food, then I am forced to resort to begging or scavenging. I think that’s why you see more passion and energy displayed when the discussion turns to 2A infringement.

    • Not well said. Not even close. Human governments are not perfect because people are not perfect. There is no form of human government ever in human history that has been perfect. You will not ever have a perfect human government. There will always be fraud, corruption, and political errors. The best we can hope for is what the Constitution always recognizes. I am not saying that as a coward, but as a realist. I am not going to fight to overthrow one government only to have another even more corrupt take its place.

  3. I have ZERO doubt Mike, won’t “walk the walk”‘, if it came to it. Read his blog, and see some of the things he has done. He is every bit the 3%er he “claims” to be,

    • The rest are best shouted until your great-grandkids are able to write them in blood in the dark with their non-writing hand.

      Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

      Ronald Reagan

    • I agree.

      And saying this stuff is what makes the antis think we’re all crazy in the first place.

      I just wonder how many of these internet tough guys posting molon labe in this thread have ever actually served or even have anything worth giving up.

      It’s easy to talk big. It’s even easier to imagine fighting when nothing has to be sacrificed. It’s just like the prepper community. Most preppers are poor, so TEOTWAWKI is fun to think about since they wouldn’t really be losing all that much.

      People are stupid.

      • @the bear-I don’t enjoy people like yourself, who has just admitted as long as your purchased life comforts and quality of life is not affected you could care less about your poorer countrymen, big reason we are at this peak in tyranny. Good for me but screw over thee is the mantra of Liberals,politicians, and sell outs like yourself, you have replaced Grace with greed. In a shtf scenario all you would be is supplies to the brave and righteous fighting patriotic men. As far as never served if you ever have, you no longer should claim you did it with honor but instead as a conscientious objector, since you are so willing to go against an oath you took that has the final expiration date of death. I have nothing but respect for honorable vets but that is much harder to find these days since duty,honor,integrity, and adventure in the military, has been replaced with a bureaucratic politically correct job not a service to the country. I have had the pleasure of meeting all sorts of folks from all sorts of life and I will take the independently skilled free Americans over whatever conditioned and trained thug following unconstitutional orders.

        • Actually, I am going to take a stab at this since the school system failed Jason in S. Dakota.

          “@the bear-I don’t enjoy people like yourself,”

          -Fair enough

          “who has just admitted as long as your purchased life comforts and quality of life is not affected you could care less about your poorer countrymen, big reason we are at this peak in tyranny.”

          >-Huh? Where the hell did I say that? Seriously – can someone point out where I said anything like this? I was a prepper when I was poor. That’s one reason I know what type of demographic frequents shtf forums.

          “Good for me but screw over thee is the mantra of Liberals,politicians, and sell outs like yourself, you have replaced Grace with greed.”

          >– Huh? How am I a sellout? Being a realist does not mean I’m not a patriot. I spent 8 years serving my country. Did you?

          “In a shtf scenario all you would be is supplies to the brave and righteous fighting patriotic men.”

          >– Considering I am former Airborne Infantry and get a decent amount of trigger time a year, I doubt that. But I’ve actually seen how easy it is for people to die on a fluke, so who knows. However, the fact you are actually typing “brave and righteous” red-dawn-style leads me to believe you’re either a minor or a bit kooky. Who talks that way?

          “As far as never served if you ever have, you no longer should claim you did it with honor but instead as a conscientious objector, since you are so willing to go against an oath you took that has the final expiration date of death.”

          >– Huh? So since I think most people beating their chest on the internet are really just a bunch of blowhards I …. you know… I got nothing. This makes no sense.

          “I have nothing but respect for honorable vets but that is much harder to find these days since duty,honor,integrity, and adventure in the military, has been replaced with a bureaucratic politically correct job not a service to the country.”

          >– Ah! And yet again, I am right. You never served. I normally don’t make threats on the internet because it’s stupid, but this part offended me so much I have to say this: If you EVER said to me to my face that my buddies died while we were all taking it easy in some politically correct, bureaucratical job, I would punch you in the face so fast you’d go back in time.

          “I have had the pleasure of meeting all sorts of folks from all sorts of life and I will take the independently skilled free Americans over whatever conditioned and trained thug following unconstitutional orders.”

          >– Translation: You only respect and tolerate people who think exactly like you do. Well done! /golfclap

          Jason – I think you need to work on your reading comprehension, buddy. You’re also just proving my point that anyone who is willing to talk about an American revolution, nay, who seem to be looking to the possibility have a screw loose, and have never actually seen combat.

          I am also still convinced that most of the people who are spoiling for a revolution or huge SHTF situation online are people who are not doing too well in life and have harmless fantasies about the social ladder being tipped over.

          These are the people who buy all sorts of (budget) mall ninja gear but have never served in the military, don’t take firearms classes, and think that Call of Duty play time translates to real martial skills.

          ::Eye roll::

      • I think it’s important to hold-out (in advance) that gun-grabber efforts, are perceived to be (what they MUST BE, and that is) their preparation for Civil War, their attempt to make such a conflict more one-sided in their favor, there is no other logical explanation as this has been played out too many time before the same way with the same results, as two things will never change and that is Physics and Human Nature. These things are undeniable, and their feigned ignorance of such things will buy them no greater foothold for their efforts [TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012]. Thereby, if responded to by-force, they had fair warning that this was not (would not constitute) a war on-them, but would rather be a war answered.

        • I don’t think you spend much time talking to anti gunners.

          They’re not trying to start a civil war. Most are urban people who have never been around guns, never been around much crime, and think guns are icky.

          They’re illogical… but so is most of the country with religion.

          People are stupid.

          And realistically, the 2nd amendment will never go away. Even if it does, most people wouldn’t fight in a civil war. Like I said, it’s easy to fight when you don’t have to give anything up. But middle classed people would not risk THEIR FAMILY’S DEATH over principal unless things are really bad economically and it affects their quality of life.

          That is the reality.

          Most people I have talked to both online and in real life who say much about revolution are either hard core reactionaries or people with little to lose.

        • If it sounds crazy, it’s only because you haven’t turned the argument around 180 degrees, and try to sell someone else on a good reason for disarmament. Did you hear anyone in this post say take the guns away from the gun grabbers? No. Or ask yourself, if their intent WAS to disarm you for the next Civil War or war with China, or China was paying them to do it, would they tell you?

          I for one want all of you to keep your guns so that, should you ever feel the need to start (or answer) a Civil War, you won’t need to ask for mine, or anyone else’s permission [as the Founders intended].

          I hold out to all of you, that, should I also feel so inclined, I’m not going to ask for yours.

          Fair enough? (that last bit was rhetorical) 🙂

  4. Why is this even a quote of the day? TTAG is advocating murder under the guise of “creating discussion.” People who threaten to murder others should lose their gun rights. Anything from Sipsey Street is not fit for re-printing. This is not what mainstream gun owners think, believe, or support.

    Second, a “quote of the day” implies 1 quote for that day. Why in the world do you have 3-4 every day?

      • And… you cannot defend your rights with guns. Only with votes! Votes between two candidates that are basically the same.

      • “agents of the state” – a/k/a your neighbors that needed a job. Gov’t is We the People. We need our government to do ‘stuff’, certainly. We need skilled, honorable, high-caliber people to do our needed stuff, and for the most part, the people that draw a paycheck from our Uncle are truly that, and GOD bless them. But make no mistake the nameless-faceless “Them” sh_t that is government lives next door, you went to grammar school with some of them, many may have superior I.Q.’s but none of them equal any greater value than that of a single citizen, which they have selected to s e r v e . NONE of them (not the President, not the Supreme Court, not the House or Senate on down to dog-catcher) are a “founding father” nor do any of them carry weight enough to appoint such people. They need to protect the Constitution as-it-stands, NONE of them, in any of their standard capacities are tasked with changing it. Further, If they are found to have “handlers” that don’t live here, then those handlers need to be hunted, and their pelts stretched on the side of your barn.

    • Baloney. TTAG is not advocating murder. You dont know much about the phrase, nor TTAG if you make that claim. I smell concern troll…

  5. As many have said, it is way to soon to consider some sort of revolution. We just won a whole bunch of political battles throughout the US back on the 4th. We have a few more years with an aspiring tyrant who is stretching the boundaries with presidential orders, but everything he does is temporary. I see some evidence that career government bureaucrats are starting to back off some initiatives. Undoubtedly, career bureaucrats have to know that they will soon be held accountable for following unlawful orders of a rouge leadership. Obviously, the war is not over, but really, we have the Progressives on the ropes even if they do not acknowledge it.

      • The republicans will put a gun in everyone’s hand and a laser equipped satellite in space to work in conjunction with the patriot act to vaporize US freedom fighters and political dissidents insurgents against the state and Muslims of course.

        • What happened Anon? – done ballot harvesting in Boulder?
          Back to OFA pay for clicks and trolling in mom’s basement?
          Shouldn’t you be on your way to Ferguson with the rest of the wannabe anarko-islamo-jihadi-greenie-betamales from Bezerkly? Go Pro on the fritz, or just out of gas money?

        • I know guys – sorry. That just slipped out. I mean I would prefer a republican over a democrat any day but lately I just have such little faith in either of them.

        • Republicans are “more” pro-gun than democrats and if every person in the US is armed, it still doesn’t matter if the republicans can vaporize you from space. Sorry I should have clarified.

      • I think the Dems have been beaten, or at least are on the ropes as you say. The next fight is to bludgeon the GOP into doing the right thing. If the GOP lets us down again, I think we will see mass defection to a third party, which could let the Dems recover, at least in the short term.

        • Ben’s got it right. This is their last chance with me. Two years to do something, sitting back and catering to the status quo is not an option.

    • “we have the Progressives on the ropes”….really? Rope a dope with guns maybe… all other areas of government and society they are delivering knockout punches. By the way, nice touch in capitalizing “Progressives”, you really sure we have them on the ropes?

      • Like I said earlier in the month- expect the head-spinning and panty-twisting progtards to turn up in the comments section after the election…you will know them by the fantasy thinking and extreme desperation…

        pg2: a couple of facts and comments. Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts…

        1. Here are the numbers:

        2. From the Center for Progress – the progressive braintrust- the best spin they can put on it:

        … and distrust all major institutions of government, including the president, Congress, and both major political parties. As a result, the 2014 elections mark the third consecutive midterm election in which voters turned against the incumbent party to flip partisan control of one branch of Congress.

        3. From HuffPo-

        “Call it a thumping. Call it a shellacking. However you want to describe the 2014 midterm elections, the point remains the same. Democrats took it on the chin Tuesday night, losing the Senate, getting crushed in winnable governors’ races, solidifying their minority status in the House for years to come, and stemming the party’s ability to continue putting its stamp on the judiciary. ”

        4. From the American Prospect-
        “But the Democrats’ failure isn’t just the result of Republican negativity. It’s also intellectual and ideological. ”

        and thats just the Progressive view…

  6. Threepers and the “muh lawn lobby” crowd are setting themselves up to get there firearms taken away. They preach OPSEC and PERSEC but violate both by wearing moto-shirts and posting about how they’re going to start firing away when the gooberment shows up at there door. All talk.

    • Shhh, we we’re going to start when they reached the curb. (didn’t you get the memo?)

      Jeez, it’s “fight your enemy at your gate, not your door” but we took a vote Thursday to fight them at their gate, and then go after their family, but the molon labe crowd don’t roll like government. ; P

  7. Obviously some of you don’t read Sipsey or you would know that this quote of the day is the next salvo in the Mike/Dan blogger mini skirmish.

    Its cute when bloggers go all hissy.

  8. Had a brief exchange with another poster here the other day who said if the arms treaty gets passed, that’s the line in the sand for the “closet patriots”. Laughable, at best.

  9. Do not shoot government agents. The Left will kill you and your name will become a curse word. You will not be Thomas Jefferson, you will be Timothy McVeigh.

    And if a true rebellion starts, they will kill you, imprison your friends and associates, bulldoze your home and salt the earth where it once stood.

    • You reading right out of the Israeli playbook on how they deal with Palestinian resistance to Israeli expansion?

    • If one loan wacko can jump the White House fence, and get into the White House, then the government is not as in tough as you think.

      • Learn the lesson of the French Revolution, Sherman’s march to the sea, or Dresden and Hiroshima. The Left will come alive with a fury at anything that it regards as armed right-wing resistance.

        • @Accur81: Do you know what the Patriot and Loyalist factions inside the US were called at the time? Whigs and Tories, respectively. Do you know what the leftist and rightist political parties were called in Great Britain at the time? Whigs and Tories, respectively. Do you remember Cornwallis? The general who surrendered to Washington? Care to guess at his political affiliation?

          From Wikipedia:
          “He became a protege of the leading Whig magnate, and future Prime Minister, Lord Rockingham.”

          Care to guess how he voted on the Stamp Act?
          “He was one of five peers [aristocrats in the House of Lords] who voted against the 1765 Stamp Act out of sympathy with the colonists. In the following years, he maintained a strong degree of support for the colonists during the tensions and crisis that led to the War of Independence.”

          Do you expect to face General Ted Cruz on the USG side? Michelle Bachman, perhaps?

          So yes, learn the lesson of the American Revolution. The lesson of the American Revolution is that asymmetrical warfare succeeds when the stronger party throws the game in favor of the weaker party. As it happens, that’s also the lesson of Vietnam, Iraq and, soon, Afghanistan.

          I keep asking for three examples where right-wing guerrilla actions have led to right-wing governments. I have zero provided examples.

      • Let’s not forget how Chris Dorner and Eric Frein (especially latter) were able to tie up 10’s if not 100’s of government agents for days and weeks. The search for Frein must have cost millions of dollars, and they even brought out the drones and the FLIR. And just like with Dorner and that Boston bomber, the police didn’t even catch them…that was up to civilians.

        If enough threepers decide it’s time for action, the police are going to stay home. Just you watch.

        • If you think the Left is over its whole “intern the Japanese” phase, you’ll be greatly surprised if “enough threepers” go into the field. There will be no compromise, there will be no negotiation, there will be no quarter.

  10. prag?=pragmatism?=
    prag·ma·tism: a reasonable and logical way of doing things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories ~ Merriam-Webster
    : a thought, plan, or suggestion about what to do
    : an opinion or belief
    : something that you imagine or picture in your mind
    see also;
    principle[s]; prin·ci·ple
    : a moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions
    : a basic truth or theory
    : an idea that forms the basis of something
    : a law or fact of nature that explains how something works or why something happens

  11. This post should have been titled “Sipsey Street Irregulars” vs “The Truth About Guns” cat fight.

    Disappointed in both parties publicized childish rants.

  12. Talking the talk in a way that makes people know that you are also good for the walk makes the walk much less likely. Why else do you think there are any privately-owned guns left in New York, Connecticut or California? If the Statists weren’t afraid of what would happen if they drove out into the sticks to make the big round-up they’d have done it long ago.

  13. ……and then there are all the lone wolves…

    The above has been an interesting debate.
    Its irrelevant to many hundreds of thousands
    of us. We VERY WELL UNDERSTAND what
    there is to lose…it just hardens our resolve
    a little more. What we saw in Boston with
    folks herded around by thugs in blue with
    guns…will not pass. We understand very
    well the folks here with mortgages, new
    cars, membership at the country club.
    But if you lose your liberty…its of no
    consequence. Even the monkey at my
    zoo gets food and windows in his cage,
    still a cage…..

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