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Marquis Dushawn Kilgore mug shot

“Teen showed off gun prior to alleged accidental shooting that killed 17-year-old, records say”‘s headline informs. As our Armed Intelligentsia know, there’s no such thing as an “accidental shooting.” There are only negligent discharges. Forget your dropped Remington 700’s; this one definitely qualifies. “Wyoming Police said Marquis Dushawn Kilgore, 17, was playing with a loaded gun while sitting in the backseat of a car driven by Ta’Carhri Richardson, also 17, late one night in early August. The gun went off and the bullet traveled through the front seat, striking Richardson.” Now how in the world did that gun go off? Did the gun know it was loaded? If so, someone might want to look at a charge of premeditated murder – for the gun. As for Mr. Kilgore . . .

Kilgore is charged with involuntary manslaughter, carrying a concealed weapon and felony firearm . . .

Kilgore and Bartee left the hospital after dropping Richardson off, then returned about 30 minutes later, hospital video footage shows. The teens spoke with officers at the hospital and allegedly said they “couldn’t remember” where they went or why they left, a detective wrote in court documents.

A detective wrote in the search warrant affidavit filed in August that he believed the teens left the hospital to hide the gun. A bullet found in the car was consistent with that of a revolver, but a gun was not located.

Witnesses told police Kilgore had recently purchased a revolver and showed it to friends in the weeks before the shooting.

So Mr. Marquis Dushan Kilgore not only killed Mr. Richardson, he did everything he could to avoid responsibility for the act. I guess that squares with the anti-gun slant on these sorts of incidents, where passively constructed (non pedantically speaking) descriptions shift blame to the gun. As another Kilgore pronounced, and so on.

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  1. The gun meant to fire the bullet, but the disobedient bullet traveled in a path unintended by the gun.
    It is the bullet, not the gun, that is at fault.

  2. Has to be the gun’s fault. Otherwise it is very difficult to go easy on the bad guys and save the harsh punishment for the evil guns. That is the way many gun grabbers seem to roll. The recent change in the CA statutes so that the nice folks that have stolen guns can get out and not have a felony on their records proves that point. Must have been those lazy, evil gun’s fault that they were laying around doing nothing waiting to be stolen.

    • Well Neil, it is the guns fault. Guns have the power to turn a law abiding college bound scholar into a homicidal maniac. Human beings are the victim here. The one pulling the trigger is not responsible.

      Well, at least in the fevered imaginings of your ever loving gun grabber.

      Why the people thinking this way haven’t been diagnosed with a mental disorder that’s need psychological therapy is beyond me.

      • Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back the truck up, buddy. No one said anything about a trigger being pulled here. “The gun went off,” remember… on its own… because it is Eeevil. The fru-it of the dev-il.

        • I stand corrected; it was a huge assumption(you know what they say about those that assume) that trigger was actually pulled. It happens all the time that a gun goes crazy and it’s sprouts some little legs and goes running around on a killing rampage.

  3. This story has all the makings of a great after school special. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson.

    • The lesson not to give your kids stupid names that will be embarassing on a headstone when they are stupidly killed by similarly stupid named stupid friend, probably while doing simething stupid?

      • I was thinking that the valuable lesson is something more along the lines of guns being hateful and also being more inclined to shoot people with unusual names than people named Chip or Trevor.

    • That’s “Wyoming, Michigan,” if you will read that over again carefully. Very few such idiots out here in the actual WYOMING state, and they do tend to be self eliminating.

      Far too many idiots in the cities of Cheyenne and Casper (our only real cities), but such negligence isn’t tolerated much even there. Pretty much nobody out here named “Ta’carhi” either….

  4. So Mr. Marquis Dushan Kilgore not only killed Mr. Richardson, he did everything he could to avoid responsibility for the act.

    Not really, because he didn’t call Winston Wolf.

  5. Ta’Carhri Richardson would be alive today if he had followed Farago’s stupid rules.

    1. Avoid stupid people.
    2. Avoid stupid places.
    3. Avoid all people doing stupid things.

    • The kind of thug that doesn’t want his gun to be traced when doing his dirt. Or, as the rap singers say: “Pick up your shells if you use an automatic…”

  6. MarkP wrote:
    “I was hoping to move to Wyoming or Idaho. Where the phuck is it safe from these pucks?

    No worries Mark.
    This be Wyoming, Michigan.
    Next door to Grand Rapids.
    As to the rocket-surgeon in question, he apparently be from Detroit…

    A quote from the news article comments:

    happybunny Aug 4, 2014
    “Steve &/or Heidi – – Richardson’s FB page states he is from & lives in Detroit. If he indeed really lives in Detroit, any ideas on who he was staying with here in GR to be eligible for school?
    Also, his FB page is appalling. I have to wonder if he had 2 sides to him that these coaches never saw, or if he changed since Freshman yr & they weren’t aware of what was going on with him.”

  7. While there can occasionally be equipment failures that cause “accidents” it strikes me that the passive construction in the description of incidents that cause damage, injury or death is pervasive in our society. A few months ago I was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. I don’t know why the other driver hit his brakes too late, but it wasn’t the car’s fault although it was called an “accident” by the police, insurance company and both drivers. Many work-place incidents that result in damage of injury are also referred to as accidents. But if you cut off the tip of your finger with a deli-slicer it’s not the machines fault. When you read the contemporaneous reports about VP Cheney shooting Harry Whittington they refer to it as an accident but in no way suggest the gun fired itself. In this context, “accident” is used to differentiate between an action that was unintentional vs. intentional, which is central to the definition of the word. In the car incident noted above a driver was clearly negligent but it was correctly called an accident because he did not hit the other car deliberately.

  8. Our rights to our guns.
    Our rights to our names.

    What does his name have to do with his stupid actions?
    No one named Bill or Billy or Billy Bob ever did anything stupid?

    “Shaquan” never said, “hold my beer, watch this” while passing on the double yellow line. 🙂

    What did Forrest say? “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    We are here to gain traction for our Rights. This maybe racist, maybe “rural vs urban” negativity doesn’t help. The winners are Bloomberg, Mothers etc. They focus their lies on the scared suburban folk. They vote. They are scared of both of you. They think that gun owners are drunk irresponsible white trash on welfare or black inner city gangbangers on welfare.

    Get clear so we get what we want and can’t be divided. I have met the nicest people of every walk of life, race and religion at gun shows and shops. 😉

  9. And, you know, he broke several Michigan firearm laws, as well as all four NRA rules for safe firearm handling.

    Clearly, the problem is the NRA, and the solution is more gun-control laws.

  10. One less thug on the streets, and one less thug stealing oxygen.

    Definitely a win-win situation.

    Can they maybe find something to charge Mr Bartee with, for the trifecta?

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