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“We’re not criminals. We’re not crazy people. We’re friendly, law-abiding people who care about self defense, our country and the Constitution.” – Caleb Larsen (not pictured above) in Group wears guns to promote open carry [at]

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  1. No they’re not criminals. No they’re not crazy. They’re just a small group of attention seekers who didn’t get enough of mommy’s time and never got over it.

    • Yawn, poor attempt at trolling. I don’t see how Oedipus rex syndrome has anything to do with open carry at all. Attention everyone, we have another keyboard psychologist.

      • You’re right. I shouldn’t pretend to know the exact reason they need to call attention to themselves. Could be a number of different reasons. I apologize.

        • Ah, so your just a bigot. You have no logical argument, just insults, probably deriving from your own personal history. You could’ve listed off any number of reasons why you disagree with open carry. But you didn’t, you simply lashed out in a childish mannerism, making yourself look like a fool.

      • Can’t it be that someone can disagree with you about open carry without necessarily being a troll? Plenty of people in the gun community eschew open carry and also call its practioners attention-seekers. Is everyone a troll?

        James Yeager – Open Carry is Stupid – Part 3 – Starbucks

        *Just an example, I’m hardly a James Yeager follower

        Personally, I don’t open carry but believe that states/police need to leave open carriers alone, since it’s (ostensibly) legal.

        • Yeager makes a good point. I dont see the need to advertise a firearm out in public, but I really dont care if others want to do it. I am from the keep a low profile school of thought, however open carry shouldnt be a divisive issue amongst the RKBA crowd. Do whatever suits you, but if you get in trouble because of it dont whine.

        • I agree with you. But he’s not attacking open carry, he’s attack the person with his “mommy issues” statement. Therefore, Troll. He cant come up with a good argument, so he decides to make something up that will offend people, and probably got the idea from his own self history. Usually how it works in such insults. Especially if the insult is not a come back, but a full on attack. Hence, he’s not only a troll, but also the one with mommy issues, which he is projecting upon those he’s bigoted against.

        • @New Continental Army

          True; you’re right, the “mommy issues” quip did denote a certain (predictable) level of anti snark.

      • Just for clarity, “Oedipus Rex” is a play (Sophocles? not sure); the proper psychological term is “Oedipus complex” I believe.

    • LoL low effort low yield pointless troll? Are you going to make penis overcompensation the next reason why they like to OC? I dont personally do ANYTHING BUT carry IWB, but I want to blend as much as possible.

    • And people who vote, or protest for women’s rights, or any other cause are just trying to impress the world with their own self-importance.
      Of course, people who must go to online sites and be critical of others have their own set of problems. They over-glorify their importance while being afraid to show their faces.

    • So, I guess the 180 from that would be the pretentious, uber sensitive, Internet hoplophobe that got way too much mommy time. And also never got over it.

    • Smette? Says the guy who enjoys an entire range of firearms freedoms bought and paid for with other people’s lives, in the extreme cases; but also with other people’s perseverance, patience and plain ol’ pluck in constant civil agitation for their rights.

      Many of the freedoms you take for granted today were earned in the face of sneering, ridiculing do-nothings who chose to sit at home and scoff from their sofas, rather than walk in the streets and assist in the struggle.

      In the future, when open carry is common, accepted and expected, thenceforth snotty snipers will take aim from the sidelines at whatever group is pushing for even further freedoms. The cycle of entitlement mentality and unearned status will replay to similar shameful effect as now. Today’s armchair onlookers and springtime supporters make Colonial summer soldiers and sunshine patriots look downright determined by comparison.

      • Firearm freedoms were bought and paid for with other people’s lives? Care to provide some examples?

        This isn’t about the 2nd. This is about a tiny minority of people who have determined that the only way anyone in the world is going to pay attention to them is by open carrying. It’s childish and seriously hurts the cause.

  2. What’s to stop anyone from taking the guy with the baby’s pistol? That’s a terrible, terrible open carry position and holster combo.

    • Yeah I’ve got to agree there, that is pretty bad. Course I guess his buddy could be his rear security, but still.

    • Some retention couldn’t hurt. Or maybe keeping at least your strong hand free.

      It would suck to have to make the choice between dropping your baby or someone taking your gun.

      • Agree. He is clearly making a statement, but hasn’t done the thinking/studying to prepare for actual carrying.

    • That’s the first thing I noticed and it made me wince. His hands aren’t free, he hasn’t got a retention holster, and the gun is behind his hip where it’s more difficult to defend it. Should not be open carrying like that.

    • That’s probably why for centuries gentlemen did not carry babies in public. Women carried the babies which left the man’s hands free to defend both mother and child. It wasn’t ignorant chauvinism, it was simple necessity in a violent world. If / when SHTF and the world returns to it’s natural state of violence, some lessons will be re-learned and customs returned.

      • If/when the world does return to that default state, it will be interesting to see how all the hipster beardos/antis react.

  3. Whoa trolls this early on a beautiful Sunday morning. Carry on & a Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers. BTW I got plenty of attention from mom & would open carry in a heartbeat if ” allowed” in Illinois.

  4. After reading some of the comments, I have a new greatest fear in life. Gun liability insurance or tax. Or the same as part of my health insurance premium.

    Unfortunately I can see enough voters buying into the this and with the scotus ruling on Obama care, I don’t think it would be turned down.

    • Interesting. I already have an umbrella liability policy as part of homeowner’s, somehow I think that would not count. Suspect NRA would supply an acceptable policy in about 10 minutes, still would suck.

      It would be nice if someone showed where such has been needed and did not exist, before we pass another law, and attempt to find a way to enforce it. “Gun? What gun?”

    • Gun liability insurance or tax. Or the same as part of my health insurance premium.

      Both have been tried, both have been shot down.

      On the idea of liability insurance, the insurance industry themselves has not only said no, but fvk no! When it was tried in CA, there was a lawyer that testified that it could not be possible at least the way the anti’s tried to pass it. You cannot for example have insurance for someone who purposely shoots someone (such in the case of DGU), only in case of accidents even then it depends. The NRA already offers it to instructors but it is limited to gun range activity/training/classes etc. I have it because the gun ranges in my state require it and require a $1 million policy.

      In the case of taxes, it has been established in Heller that gun ownership is an individual right, you cannot tax a right — you are looking at a case that will be lost in court.

      If you tell me training, background check fee etc. are taxes, that is a fight for another day. The courts will rule that administrative fees are not taxes, if your argument is the cost is too much, the courts have not ruled on excessive fees although a NYC case tried, and the person lost but not sure if they perused it beyond the original case.

      Both attempts have been made and they have lost multiple times in multiple venues. In short, not gonna happen.

      • But, but, Obama has said health insurance is a RIGHT, and Supreme Fool Roberts agreed Obamacare is a TAX, and, and, oh I am so confused. Maybe Rachel Maddow can explain all this so its easy to understand by mere mortals.

    • I tried reading them, then stopped shortly after the posts by the anti who wants registration, home inspections, and storage of guns outside the home, at the range or armory.

      I always know what to expect when I read the comments in any kind of gun-related article, but I find myself reading them anyway, until I can’t take any more.

      • Yes, I’m a Nebraskan and Lincoln, like most metropolitan type areas, are all about the fear of guns and fragile psyches. You get outside the Lincoln or Omaha city limits though and what the people don’t realize is that there’s guns everywhere!

        Concealed Carry is a curse.

        The situation being faced now is that we – including many “2A supporters” have bought into the notion that guns are somehow bad for the public to see and so we must conceal them so that our ugly little right may be averted from their eyes…

        It’s also disgusting that a citation for disturbing the peace can be issued for exercising a right and somebody freaks out about it.

  5. I’m really not much for OC, BG sees gun, BG snatches gun. I prefere hide my guy and try to find it. Don’t put the snatch around me you might get shot. The bodyguard that the one guy is carrying, I don’t know if it could trust that the little one to get the job done?

    • That’s a myth. It just doesn’t happen. But there are a lot of anecdotal stories about how robbers either avoided a place because of OCers or came back later when the OCers weren’t around.

      Bad guys want easy scores. They don’t want to have to murder an OCer in the process. They want the path of least resistance.

  6. @Vioshi. Assuming it was addressed like any other factor in insurance it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing practically speaking. Adjusters looking at data would determine the truly minuscule risks associated with legal firearms and the resulting low rates would make for undeniable proof. If we could conversely ding anti gun businesses for their increased danger that would be fine by me.

      • What is the potential hazard involved with the first amendment?

        I am NOT arguing for second amendment insurance; but I do think this is a piss-poor analogy and therefore a bad way to argue against it.

        • Well technically yes. If a KKK group is stupid enough to hold a rally in Oakland, and even though they may have a first amendment right to do so, you can bet there would be a “potential hazard” of sort. So by exercising your first amendment in that example, I can see some sick politician demanding we pass law to have insurance for that reason.

  7. I agree with the previous commenters about the open carry / non-retention holster / holding baby combination. That’s no good. My work holster is a retention holster. I’ve been in kindergarten and grade schools surrounded by fast little hands – and kids who love to trample on polished boots. Retention is a good thing. Scuffed boots are merely an inconvenience, but a lack of retention could be a very serious safety issue.

    When I home carry, I’m OWB concealed under a shirt. Even a curious 15 month old with fast hands – code name “El Deatho Grippo” – can’t pull that out throught a shirt. If things get too close for comfort I’ll change up carry options.

    • So if I open carry I can’t carry anything in my hands, even for a moment? In that steak house full of other OCers he was at more risk? How do you know it’s not a retention holster. Some of the kydex holsters have a “thumb drive” button that has to be pushed as you draw or the gun won’t come out. You can’t see that by the picture. Lots of assumptions being made here without much merit.

  8. It is trash like this being passed around and often times created that make us look bad. SO, right when I think Zimmerman can be trusted (Bam).He puts up trash like this on Mother’s Day. Folks this writer is a list.

  9. It is trash like this being passed around and often times created that make us look bad. SO, right when I think Zimmerman can be trusted (Bam).He puts up trash like this on Mother’s Day. Folks this writer is a lier and fake.

  10. Maybe everybody who wants to Open Carry ought to wear a White Cap, Beanie or Hat emblazoned with the letters “GG”. (sarcasm /off)

    Americans have been conditioned by the News Media, Entertainment Media and direct experience to hold specific “expectations” about who should be openly carrying around a gun in public. Fail to meet that “expectation” and Pavlovian conditioning kicks in with a fear/anxiety/deep suspicion response. It might take far longer than these guys in Nebraska imagine to overcome this conditioned response. Easier in a place like Nebraska where is is permitted, much, much harder in places where it is not.

    Hope they achieve their goal and devise some methods to de-boogeyman Open Carry of Firearms, but if you read the article, the quote from Amanda Gailey, another Nebraskan, “The public shouldn’t have to accept the risk that an untrained or careless person carrying a loaded gun presents.”, illustrates how deeply the conditioning permeates American Society.

    • Most people will never be comfortable with open carry. That ship has sailed.

      Also, especially since violent crime is at all time low, people look at these nuts as paranoid lunatics. It doesn’t help that the NRA is running with this, constantly stating that anyone who isn’t carrying is the next victim, which is highly improbable, especially in fucking Nebraska.

      I live near a city which used to have a high crime rate and I have better odds of winning the lottery twice than becoming a victim of a home invasion or robbery.

      • Eventually, a foreign originating terrorist group(s) will pull off a mass shooting/murder or two in the U.S….maybe even in “fucking Nebraska” or wherever you live. Get back to me after that and tell me how you feel then.

        We live in a dangerous situation, being made steadily more dangerous by the weak and ineffectual Foreign Policies of the present POTUS and his Administration. Soon after we pull the last boots out of Afghanistan and Al Qada and the Taliban re-establish control there, it will happen.

        You’re right about the decrease in domestic crime, and it would be lower if we could get the inner city people to stop killing one another, but the Democratic Socialists and Race Discrimination Industry have such a heavily vested interest in keeping those people uneducated, jobless, on “public assistance” money and murdering each other, you will win the lottery twice before that stranglehold is broken.

        It’s not domestic violence we should be concerned about, but the radical Islamists that hate us as much as they hate the Jews in Israel. Last week Hamas aired a children’s television show in the Palestinian Territories where they were “teaching” two little girls, about six or seven years old, how “good” it was to “shoot Jews” and how that is what they should do “God Willing” They even had a cute, cuddly costume character along with the female show host helping them teach this mindless hatred and the will to murder to these children. The terrorist version of Big Bird on Sesame Street. Next week’s episode: “God wants you to shoot Americans”. see for yourself here:

        I personally think that Open Carry would be our first, best defense against an onslaught of foreign originating terror attacks because it could deter these attacks and, at worst, minimize casualties. We, Americans, need to get used to seeing guns carried in public and carrying openly or concealed because there is a storm brewing overseas and it will be heading our way with a vengeance soon, if not already.

        • Oh, feh. The so-called “Islamic Terrorists” won’t attack us any time soon – they’re having way too much fun sitting over there in their caves and yurts, watching their satellite TVs, cheering for Ayatollah Obama as he does a billion times more damage to the Republic than any so-called “Islamic Terrorists” could even DREAM of doing.

          And some of us have already been called “domestic terrorists.”

        • It is a grave mistake to dismiss this with “Feh!” and some wisecracks about Islamic Terrorists living the good life while cheering on Obama’s systematic weakening of the U.S. economy, foreign policy, security and society. They are merely waiting for the U.S. to leave Afghanistan so Al Qaeda, with the help of the Taliban and the Blessing of the Mullahs in Tehran, can safely regroup and actively plot attacks on U.S. soil.

          Americans may not think we are at war with Islamic terrorists, but they think they are at war with us, and that can only lead to one outcome. They hate us. They want revenge against us. They believe their Religion (as they interpret it) makes it imperative that they act in defense of their sense of “honor”, and that means exterminating infidel non-believers. First-up Jews and Americans.

          “Soon” as a timeline is relative. It could be within days, months or years of our leaving Afghanistan, but these people do not forget or forgive.

          The Tsarnaev Brothers managed to bumble through their attack at the Boston Marathon and produced horrific results. The next group(s) may get it right and produce even more terrible results. I am not really willing to risk being complacent about this. If you are that’s your free choice. We cannot put a squad of Soldiers or Marines on every corner, but we can allow/enable armed Citizens to be in a position to defend themselves and their countrymen against those who have declared this War of Terror against us. That means unrestricted Open Carry and the choice to freely Carry Concealed.

          Has it ever occurred to you that the restrictions on Free Carry by lawful, legally Armed Citizens in accordance with our Second Amendment Guaranteed Right to Keep and Bear Arms is part of an agenda to weaken us to the point foreign terrorists can perpetrate attacks on U.S. soil? The point of that would be to panic the weaker-minded public into submitting to ever more Government control, restriction and dependence, and, of course, mandate the disarmament of The People.

          Insofar as being called a “domestic terrorist” be advised the same people have called you (us gun owners): racist, misogynist, mentally unbalanced, looney, totalitarian, Bible-thumper, gun nut, extremist, danger to the public health, NRA Stooge, criminal, Un-American, menace to children, gunbully, and a few other choice names, just in case you missed some of those. Fell any different for all that name-calling? Neither do I.

          No one would be happier than I if it turns-out I am completely wrong about this. You can believe that 100%. In the meantime “Signs Point to ‘No'”, so i think it best to observer the old Roman adage “Si vis pacem para bellum”. It cannot hurt and is infinitely more fun than waiting around for some radical Islamist to kill us, our family, and friends by stealth.

        • “They are merely waiting for the U.S. to leave Afghanistan so Al Qaeda, with the help of the Taliban and the Blessing of the Mullahs in Tehran, can safely regroup and actively plot attacks on U.S. soil. ”

          Think it through, man. Once they successfully recapture their own land, and boot out the invaders, (the good ol’ USA), what will they then have to retaliate against? If they’re not under attack, then where is their motivation to counterattack? Have you swallowed the propaganda line, that we must murder them in their sleep because otherwise they’re going to go traipsing 12,000 miles across the world to attack people for having the wrong religion, when it’s so much cheaper to just stay home and heave a sigh of relief that they’re finally allowed to pray 12 times a day?

          The only reason they ever wanted to attack us in the first place was retribution for the abuses that have been inflicted on them by white European pseudochristian Crusaders for hundreds of years.

          Look up your history.

        • You really need to read some history.
          Only lack of wealth and defeat kept them from taking over Europe. You do realize that the reason Columbus was seeking another route to India was to avoid muslim marauders along the spice routes?

        • OK, then remind me – exactly what’s the mechanism whereby murdering Iraqi and Afghani civilians in their sleep keeps the trade routes to India open?

          What exactly are they trying to accomplish anyway? How would you define “victory?” Exterminate everybody who doesn’t bow down and kiss your ring?

        • I am talking about histiry, perhaps the Columbus mention made you think Ohio?

          Islam wants a world caliphate.

        • So does Obama, except he’ll call it a republic. Obama also wants to disarm you. What makes you want to support Obama’s personal jihad?

        • OK, you tell me. What, exactly, is the goal in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Pakistan? What does the mission statement say? What is the Administration trying to accomplish? What’s the mission? What exactly will it take to say, “We’re done?”

        • What does the mission statement say? What is the goal? Are you evading my question? What are the US generals and war department trying to accomplish?

        • You created a question from thin air to cover your ignorance of history. I have no reason to play into your ignorance. As a matter of fact, even in your stated question, the choice of parties you involved showed further your ignorance of current events.
          So, I guess the best answer is….because anarchy. Maybe the moon goddess will help you gain insight.
          Maybe they can explain why of those kidnapped girls, the muslim ones were set free. Then, the new wrinkle, “we have liberated them”…meaning many have been forcibly converted to islam, apparently having been raped enough times. The ones resisting conversion are still up for sale.

        • “You created a question from thin air to cover your ignorance of history”

          And you’re blowing smoke to evade the question. What exactly is the US war department trying to accomplish?

        • No, I am not blowing smoke. You insinuated that historically we attacked the muslims, and if we left them alone things would be all peachy. That is complete and utter bullshit.
          If you cannot even get historical facts correct, we have no basis to even start a discussion. Never mind the fact that Pakistan is an ally, a tenuous and problematic ally, but an ally none the less.
          Apparently reality was never your strong suit. Go back to planning your perfect anarchies and do your devotions to your goddess of goat milk.

        • “No, I am not blowing smoke. You insinuated that historically we attacked the muslims, and if we left them alone things would be all peachy. That is complete and utter bullshit.”

          Well, I see we’ve been taught two different versions of history. But I still want you to tell me what it is that you believe that the Obama Administration is trying to accomplishing by continuing to perform military operations, continuing to kill people and get our finest kids killed and maimed, today, in the present, after saying that he would bring them all home.

          Just tell me what he’s trying to do, OK?

          Can anyone tell me what they’re trying to accomplish?

        • What are Mothra and Godzilla trying to accomplish?
          History is not difficult, all you have to do is research it. The article was footnoted, and quite well bibliographied. Your deflection in the face of facts is noted.
          It makes your opinions even less useful.

        • Rich Grise wrote: “What is Obama trying to accomplish?”

          Paul G. wrote: What are Mothra and Godzilla trying to accomplish?”

          This really is beneath contempt. You are an Obama apologist. I really want to know who is expecting to get what return on all the death and mayhem our kids our being subjected to – for what purpose? To what end?

          Anyone? Bueller?

        • Nope, I just make my useless statements more interesting than yours. If I am a troll, then at least I am an interesting one, and you should stay hiding under your troll bridge. You are the troll, because anarchy. Goat goddess, peace out.

        • ” I just make my useless statements more interesting than yours”

          Yes, you are truly a legend in your own mind.

          So, is it frustrating being an Obama shill and don’t even know why?

        • You truly are mindless. It is not being an Obama shill to not blame him for things that are not his doing.
          So tell me, why did you piss off the people in the middle east and make them hate us?

        • “The only reason they ever wanted to attack us in the first place was retribution for the abuses that have been inflicted on them by white European pseudochristian Crusaders for hundreds of years.

          Look up your history.”
          I have, you seem to get yours from coloring books.

        • I heard TODAY Obama’s trying to accomplish deciding if he should go play golf, or just sit in his office all day.

        • Rich, you are so mistaken in your assessment of this. Afghans are not the problem. They are merely the hosts for those that are. Osama Bin Laden (a Saudi) had set up Al Qaeda Training Bases in Afghanistan where radical Muslims from all over were training and planned the World Trade Center Attack, and other terror attacks. They got money from all over the Muslim world, moved freely between Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran, and knew how to use Commercial Airlines to get anywhere they want in the world including the U.S..
          We ended up in Afghanistan to 1) root out Bin Laden and his terror training camps and 2) remove the Taliban from power owing to their enthusiastic welcoming of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, as well as their other objectionable actions.
          Once we leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will take over again and provide a safe harbor for Al Qaeda and others scattered around the Middle East to flow back into Afghanistan.
          It will be as if we never were there, except that there will be a fierce determination amongst the radical Islamists to get their vengeance on the U.S. for us getting our vengeance on them over the WTC attack, not to mention our killing of Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders.

          You have no concept of these people’s commitment to vengeance as a matter of their concept of “honor”, nor the depth of their hatred for Israel and the U.S.. Have you never understood that the suicide bombers attacking in Israel and else where, the suicide attackers who hi-jacked those planes and crashed them into WTC and the Pentagon truly and sincerely believed their act of terror will gain them immediate, celebrated entrance to their vision of Paradise without doubt, 100% guaranteed?

          Like so many other Americans, you utterly fail to understand this enemy.

          But suit yourself. Your disagreement does not change my mind one little bit and I am perfectly happy to be wrong in the long run about this because that will mean American lives were not taken in treachery and terror. If you are wrong, you will not be able to make the same claim. Have fun with that. “Ayatollah Obama” will be forever grateful to you for your support.

        • Dude, it’s going on fifteen years! How much revenge is enough? How many have to die before we “get even?”

          If it’s not just revenge and continuation of the old crusades, then exactly what is the mission statement? What is the Administration’s goal?

        • Dude, you are trying to project your Western definition of “honor” where it does not apply because the definition is entirely different. Ever heard of the term “vendetta”? For a radicalized, Muslim fundamentalist take the definition of vendetta and multiply it by ten, then you are getting close. This extremist practice of Islam regards every non-Muslim as a willful infidel to be exterminated like vermin, and if a Westerner, Christian or Jew, vermin should get mercy before you. This definition of “honor” is what makes some Muslim Fathers murder their daughters because they spoke to a male they did not know. It prompts some Muslim Husbands to throw acid in the face of their wife because he thinks she might have looked at another man. It prompts some Muslim parents to subject their daughters to clitoral circumcision. It prompts some young Muslim men to take oaths to become suicide bombers with the promise of guaranteed welcome to their version of Heaven as Martyred, Blessed Soldiers for God. It is. by our standards, insane, implacable and relentless. It prompts Jihadists to severe the heads of their captives and record it on video to post on the internet to demonstrate what they do to all “infidels”. It is what prompted the Muslim men who flew the hi-jacked planeloads of Americans into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.There is no “enough”, except when your sworn enemy, his family and anyone thought to be related to him are dead.
          Their “mission” is to cleanse the World of the Westerners who have insulted Islam, exploited the Muslim people, dishonored their daughters, murdered Osama Bin Laden and numerous other Muslim Leaders, their family members, children and fellow Muslims, stolen Palestine from its rightful Muslim owners and given it to the Jews…and countless other insults and wrong-doings we don’t even imagine.
          Those guys in Northern Nigeria kidnapped all those young MUSLIM girls to sell as slaves and sex slaves because they were at a school daring to get a “Westernized” education. And yeah, it is probably still about the Crusades to some twisted extent or another,
          You really need to spend some time looking into this via the Internet, there’s plenty of information out there.
          Also, bear in mind we are talking about an extreme wing of Islam and a small percentage, but significant number of Muslims. There are about 1.6 Billion Muslims in the World, so 1% amounts to 16 million and possibly less, but given the rise of “Sharia Law” being practiced it could be a lot more who at least sympathize with the extremists and support them financially. That means the majority of Muslims are not sympathetic to these extremists, but I think the number adhering to this Western, non-Muslim hating version are quite sufficient to be concerned about.
          I cannot make it much plainer than this, and can only urge you to look into it for yourself and draw your own conclusion. The key thing is that our Western sense of honor and vengeance and these radical Muslims’ sense of honor and vengeance are entirely different in concept, mandate and practice. It is not about us “getting even”, it’s about them “getting even”. They will carry on this war against us, and there’s probably no answer except vigilance and preparation for years to come.

        • “Ever heard of the term “vendetta”?”

          Yeah, you and your ilk have been on one for 13 years. How much revenge is enough?

          What’s the goal? What’s the mission statement?

        • Rich, I have never said anything about me wanting revenge, nor do I suggest the U.S.still wants revenge. Wnen the U.S. went into Afghanistan after the attack on The World Trade Center it was ostensibly to go after Osama bin Laden and his people because of the WTC/Pentagon attacks Bin Laden was gloating over and to put a stop to the Taliban’s hold over the Afghans because of their harboring Al Qaeda and their rather cruel, oppressive treatment of the Afghan people. In 2001-and beyond that was the MIssion the U.S. Government undertook in conjunction with NATO. We kicked out Al Qaeda, dethroned the Taliban, installed the puppet Karzai Government and have fought/sought ever since to stabilize Afghanistan under the Karzai Government. Now we are committed to withdrawing because we think we’ve done what we needed to.

          So, right now the only U.S. Mission is to get our people OUT of Afghanistan, per Barak Obama (who has declared the “War on Terror” over and won). However, the Muslim Extremists, including and like Al Qaeda, do not see it that way. It is THEY who want revenge on the U.S., Israelis, and other “Westerners” for their long laundry list of perceived wrong-doings, exploitation and insults. These Muslim Fundamentalists are a small percentage of Muslims, but very angry, determined and committed to exacting THEIR vengeance against the U.S. and other Western Allies.

          I am not advocating any further vengeance against Muslim Extremists, but I am saying we best not believe that we have won any “War on Terror” or that Al Qaeda and their allies will not plan and execute attacks on U.S. soil again in the future. From whom do you think the Tsarnaev Brothers learned how to make the bombs they used in Boston in 21013?

          At this point, you have convinced me you have not really read what I have said, or if you did, you totally failed to comprehend it. It is not my job to educate you on the history of the past 13 years that you apparently have no grasp or understanding of. It is no matter to me if you do understand but just don’t agree with me because that is your choice and I am okay with it. I cannot force you to pull your head out of the sand, where it has, apparently, spent a good portion of the last thirteen years.

          We can fight about this more on another thread, as I will keep saying what I am saying because my belief in this opinion/analysis is not dependent on your agreement or approbation. For now, I have put all the effort into this discussion I am willing to expend, so this is my last statement on this particular thread. Bluntly out, your obstinance and obvious failure to actually understand what I am saying has bored me out, and I am done indulging you. Til we cross “pens” again, all best to you and yours!

        • @ Paul G. Thanks for trying to help get some valid points across to Mr. Grise. Guess it’s a lost cause, but I appreciate your attempt. All Best, DerryM

  11. I am completely opposed to the open carry of children in public. The little bastards are noisy, smell bad and give all of us a reason to be single.

  12. That holster is an nd waiting to happen (look at the trigger guard or lack thereof). Between that and the lack of retention, this is a complete clusterfuck. If you find it necessary to oc, please ensure you have greater than a room temp IQ first. \rant

  13. While I understand the concept behind the push to allow open carry I also think it’s completely tactically unsound. The last thing I want anyone to know, including the bad guy, is that I have a gun. Unless you are going to walk around with a Level 3 holster and practice retention techniques regularly you are a prime target for a punch or club to the back of the head. Then you are down, the turd has your gun, and quite possibly your life is soon ended. It’s just a bad idea and I don’t understand how anyone with any kind of tactical mindset would want to do that.

    • Because it’s mostly a myth. I don’t see or hear of too many situations where bad guys are looking to smoke the OCer. In fact it’s usually the other way around. They leave the place where the OCer is and come back later when they aren’t around.

      Cops do have their weapons taken yes, so I’m not saying that it can’t or don’t happen. But then again most OCers aren’t going to be in situations that cops find themselves in. They aren’t going to be trying to restrain a perp or multiple perps while waiting for backup or trying to haul the perp into the backseat of a car, etc.

      And if someone is fool enough to try to pull the 45 off my hip they better watch out for the BUG they don’t see coming!

      Instead of being divisive about OC versus CC how about we just all agree to Carry period and exercise our rights. Freedom is dangerous.

  14. If open carry is unsound why to soldiers open carry on the battlefield. Why does security on base and in the US openly carry.

    Cut the BS folks.

    The only people against open carry are those who are pushing a political agenda.

    Nothing wrong with open carry or concealed carry.
    Both are sound defensive actions to take and its all a matter of preference.

    • When you’re right, you’re right. I think you’re right. Don’t necessarily agree with your military analogy, but I still think your conclusion is correct.

    • Exactly. You don’t see the cops doing CC.

      All of these tactical myths about being the first guy shot because you are OCing is ludicrous. Facts and evidence show that when good guys have guns and the bad guys see them the bad guys go the other way.

      Criminals want easy scores. They do not want to have to murder an OCer to accomplish the job. And as soon as mass murder/ spree killer see a gun they wet themselves and put the barrel in their mouth and pull the trigger.

  15. I see open carry as a trade-off of Speed/Deterrence for Stealth. For each person it “bothers,” when I OC I’ll bet I get a dozen open honest and even admiring questions or comments.

    Further my single DGU would have been a lot worse had I been carrying concealed at the time. The belligerent saw that I was carrying a pistol and decided not to try to administer a beat down in response to me “stealing” a parking place he felt was his by right. I had barely become aware of him getting out of his car and stomping toward me when he turned around got back in and drove away. I didn’t draw, or even touch my weapon.

    • Bothering people with my OC handgun is a good thing. People were “bothered” by gay couples walking down the street, but they got used to it.
      I would rather people got used to guns in public than we be forced to hide them, and then forced to divest ourselves of them completely.

  16. Cops open carry every day ,no one says crap about that!They don’t have any more rights than a civilian to open carry in states that allow OC,but they are better supported if they have to rely on the firearm for duty purposes.Civilians are guilty til Proven innocent,in a shooting event.
    For all you Liberals out there ,you may not like it but it IS our Constituional RIGHT to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS,( that means own and carry) .that being said ,discretion is te better part of valor,you may want to think about your decision to open carry,first guy getting killed in a robbery is the greatest threat to the crook.Still it is your RIGHT and people in communities not use to seeing it where it is legal….a bit of advice….get use to it!


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