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I frequent a gun store that reminds me of the jeans’ section of Sears & Roebuck. In 1962. Or any store in Hungary before the Wall came down. Joyless. Lifeless. Bland. Boring. Given the existence of the Apple store and the fact that nothing on planet Earth is cooler than a gun, I blame the government. In those parts of the world (like mine) where it’s easier to open a crack den in a grade school than get planning permission for a new gun store, the limited supply has led to laziness. Gun dealers don’t have to “sell” anything. They’re order takers. I’m told that it’s different in pro-gun parts of the U.S., but nothing online leads me to believe there’s gun store nirvana out there, somewhere. Anyone know about a firearms retailer that’ll blow my mind?

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  1. My favorite is Bob and Tom's in Matawamkeag Maine. It is at Bob's home, built into his garage. He always has a good selection of guns, with a lot of trade-ins and excellent prices. It is a gathering place, people gather, drink coffee, shoot the breeze and buy guns. The gun culture at its best.

  2. Well, it's not actually a store, but there's an alley off State Street in Chicago that has a fantastic selection of previously used firearms. No background checks are required and they no accept credit cards. However, they can sell you some. Ask for Kimo. He's been running the place since the unfortunate demise of Love Donkey.

  3. Sprague's Sports Yuma AZ; warm appealing atmosphere with plentiful, friendly and knowledgeable staff who don't act like they are doing you a favor to pull a firearm out for inspection. Hands down the best firearms dealership I have ever seen.

  4. The Bass Pro in San Antonio has a super selection and people behind the counter that love to help. Some will talk about guns for an hour (and they have) until the boss starts giving them dirty looks.

    There is also a cute sales lady there that is also a firearms instructor. Seems to be a loyal Walther fan though. But I wont hold that against her..

  5. We have a gun store here in the St. Louis area that got national news attention back when GM announced they were closing all of the hummer dealerships. The owner of the Chesterfield Mo. Hummer dealership turned half of his showroom into a high end gun store. Now that Hummer is gone, the whole building is a gun store!

    Here’s the link to the store:


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