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In the forthcoming presidential election, President Obama will defend his economic record with a simple theory: it would have been worse without me. Yes, well, the electorate’s attention span doesn’t stretch back three years. Their current and more compelling reality: the economy sucks and Obama’s at the switch. By the same token, pols in Obama’s old stomping grounds are sure to argue that this story–“Gun violence continues in Chicago this holiday weekend with at least nine people who have been shot since late Sunday night . . . A total of 25 people were shot in the city from Saturday afternoon to early Sunday morning”—justifies their gun control laws. Even though none of the shooters used a legal weapon. What would it take for the Windy City, and thus Illinois, to wake up to reality?

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  1. A wake up call is wishful thinking in an area that keeps voting in irresponsible “leadership”. But, alas, we can only hope they come to their senses.

  2. I live in Illinois for my job, but I am not native and I was born and raised in a red state. You have to understand that, IMHO, the crime in Chicago is a source of power for the elected officials. They use terms like “gun violence” and “gang activity” as threats, against which they “protect” the residents in those areas. Luckily for guys like me that work downtown, the crime is mostly confined to certain neighborhoods.
    I think that the ISRA has done a good job of keeping a close eye on the continued threats to our 2A rights, and is heading a campaign on several fronts to get it done. Currently, they are the the Madigan lawsuit, the bill to allow CC, and doing things like IGold and grassroots campaigns.
    The problem is that IL has local preemption laws that could reduce the effect of CC, if it passes someday. What good is a CCW, when you may be in violation by taking a detour though a non-carry city or village? You know Chicago will not respect it.
    That said, at least Illinois has CASTLE DOCTRINE and in reality, that is where it counts.

    • They need a certain number of votes to get preemption over Chicago. The last attempt at CC failed not because it didn’t have the votes to pass (it did) but because it was a couple votes shy of the number of votes needed to preempt Chicago and other village ordnances. Here’s hoping we get the votes down the road … Which will force the Governor to veto or refuse to sign. He’s run on this “will of the people” platform, but he wouldn’t sign it. That’ll put him at odds with the will of the people, and maybe we can get him out of there. I like Quinn on a personal level–he’s actually a really cool guy–but he’s on the wrong side of a lot of issues.

    • “I think that the ISRA has done a good job of keeping a close eye on the continued threats to our 2A rights”

      They havent, they sided with the antigunners on recent FOID ineligibility issues.

    • “That said, at least Illinois has CASTLE DOCTRINE and in reality, that is where it counts.”

      I always thought we had a duty to retreat. Can you cite which section of ILCS gives us castle doctrine?

  3. “What would it take for the Windy City, and thus Illinois, to wake up to reality?”

    A miracle or a tragedy.

    Like Rambeast said, it won’t be easy to change the minds of people who continuously vote for the Chicago pols. It’s gonna be some miraculous shift in political winds and attitude and the pols change on their own. Or some kind of heinous tragedy that could’ve be prevented if the victim had been armed.

    • “What would it take for the Windy City, and thus Illinois, to wake up to reality?”

      Hell freezing over? Large sounders of wild pigs flying over the city? The Apocalypse? Not sure if any of those would work to send a message to Chicago pols.

  4. The final total for the three day weekend is: 52 shot 10 dead…
    keep in ind that the death number may rise depending on the physical condition of those hospitalized.

    Illinois and Chicago are still “test beds” for the “hope and change” foolishness. R Emanuel just announced the closing of two coal fired electrical plants in Chicago an the Illinois legislature is in the process of changing firearms legislation to restrict hand to hand gun sales under the FOID program. Truly a lost state, Detroit here we come.

  5. Liberals never have, and never will wake up to reality. The hardcore leadership of the Illinois democrat party will never vote for concealed carry in, and will do everything in their power to see that no one else does either. Here is their problem. Illinois is a red state without Chicago. They can’t get much done without downstate democrats and Rino republicans. We will have conceal carry in Illinois. We are just a few votes shy of being able to over ride the governors veto. When downstaters make it clear to their representatives that following the Chicago agenda is the fastest path to a different job, things will change. We just haven’t quite got there yet.

  6. Its hard to say.
    I know this much as an escapee of Kommunist Chicago:the Liberal Machine isn’t going anywhere.There’s enough spoon fed liberals in the northern counties to ensure the downstate areas won’t stand a chance in the polls.If you as a politician want to be a Governor of Illinois all you need to do is campaign in the Chicagoland area.And if you want to win the Chicago ‘vote’,better bring kneepads ,a big suitcase of money,and a Brady Campaign membership card.

  7. I think Illinois will recognize the Second Amendment when Woollard vs. Sheridan stands after appeal and the Feds drag Illinois kicking and screaming into compliance.

    That said, I think it is the wrong solution. Pro gun control legislative bodies can pass unconstitutional gun control laws way faster than citizens can challenge and repeal every one of them in the courts … not to mention the fact that some of the courts will fail to repeal them.

    I wonder if a massive education campaign is the answer. Sadly, many citizens cannot even find our country on a world map. They certainly do not understand the basic notion of liberty and a limited government whose only purpose is to serve its citizens. If the masses understood those two basic concepts, they might start voting for representatives that live by those same two concepts.

  8. When he was campaigning, Obama said he would turn the economy around in three years. So, when it became evident that he couldn’t, it was all about damage control. “The economy – it could have been worse”.

    What an effin’ loser.

  9. It’s not about guns, it’s not about violence, it’s about control. Politicians, especially Chicago thugs, only care about their own power, and a disarmed and helpless public is in serf-like need of the State. If hundreds or thousands of innocent people have to die for their power to be maintained, it’s nothing to them.

    Illinois politicians don’t side with criminals…they ARE criminals. Any politician who supports 2A restrictions is a criminal in violation of the Constitution and should be treated as such.

  10. I went to college in Chicago. And Chicago is ……. well, it’s Chicago, where the phrase “vote early and vote often” was invented. When the folks that live outside the city, finally storm in and pull a military take over is when you will see change in Illinois politics. Similar to upstate New Yorkers having to invade NYC to over throw the mayor and his minions. I can only hope to see these things come to pass in my lifetime.

    • This will never happen, as no one outside Chicago is willing to fight to get in! Add to that the anti buffer of the rest of Cook County (remember that McDonald also involved Oak Park), we’ll see nothing but the continued daily influx and exodus of the commuter class.

  11. “What would it take for the Windy City, and thus Illinois, to wake up to reality?”

    What will it take for the American people to wake-up to reality (going beyond the RTKBA right to keep and bear arms) and vote in good candidates for national leadership?
    What will it take for good qualified candidates to run for office?

    All the leading cultural institutions are morally corrupt and local leadership is now in most cases pathetic in America. People know because of their daily experiences working on and walking down Main Street that things are breaking down fast if not broken yet they don’t see an alternative to the establishment.

    • “What will it take for good qualified candidates to run for office?”

      The assurance that they will not end up like JFK for trying to get this once great nation back on track. The “Haves” are so deeply rooted in our government, that it would take a major revolt and likely a bloodbath to return power to the people. Most citizens aren’t prepared to lose the comfort they have to resort to this. Indeed, even if the citizenry were to take such dractic measures, the international community would either step in and side with the Haves, or rush in to take over amid the chaos.

      I can’t think of a scenario that would play out to enact the changes that any sane person would accept.

  12. The frustrating thing that I am fearing is that Illonois will finally be pressured to allow concealed carry, in which case they go straight to shall issue. Meanwhile I’ll be continuing to sit here in NJ with may issue.

    • I’m in the same boat as you, stuck in Jersey with no hope to ever get a carry permit. Even Republicans here are against guns.

  13. “What would it take for the Windy City, and thus Illinois, to wake up to reality?”

    answer: the elimination of the “Daley Machine” (folks from chicago know what i’m talking about…)

  14. Another frustrating thing that obstructs pro 2A progress is that it continues to trend as a bi-partisan issue, which it clearly shouldn’t be. But because it is what it is, politician are pigeon-holed into stances due to their political affiliation and/or are just misinformed on the topic. I don’t think most politicians really care passionately about any topics. They just care what stances they have to take to increase their chances of being reelected, and usually that means going with the flow of whatever your party as a whole wants.

  15. Don’t forget in Illinois it’s all about staying in power. Illinois Republicans and conservative Democrats have made a devil’s bargain with the Chicago power structure and are reluctant to rock the boat.

  16. Nanny-state liberalism is really the problem. The gun-grabbers are one aspect of it. Granted there have been “Republicans” who have bought into the illogical, emotional arguments for “gun control”, but for the most part the attacks on our gun rights have come from liberals.
    That said, the answer to the question is how does Illinois free itself from the liberal Chicago machine. Leaving out Chicago and its suburbs, Illinois is a relatively conservative, gun-owning state.
    I believe there is a chance for liberalism to be seriously damaged across the United States and Obama and the Democrats policies have provided it. For liberalism to suffer serious defeat the Republicans must win and win big in 2012. That in itself is not going to be enough. What is needed after that win are two things.
    One is for the new administration to truly do something about the size of the Federal government, Federal spending and our deficit. That is going to be hard for the American people to take but if explained clearly I think enough people will understand. Millions of Americans know we are in serious trouble and it is getting worse, not better.
    The second thing that needs to occur after the 2012 elections is for Congress and the President to refuse to bail out the states and cities whose liberal leaders have put them on the road to bankruptcy. When California, Illinois, Michigan, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Washington, D. C., Paterson,Cincinnati, Honolulu, et. al. collapse the Federal government must stay out of it and let liberalism be exposed for the failed ideology it is.
    When liberalism is defeated our gun rights will be safe for awhile, but we must remember government is inherently tyrannical and new attempts down the road will come.

  17. “What would it take for the Windy City, and thus Illinois, to wake up to reality?”

    Answer: the cubs winning the world series…YUK YUK YUK….

  18. You guys should keep mentioning NEW JERSEY as well. This state REFUSES to issue carry permits to law abiding citizens. Their reason is almost always “lack of justifiable need.” WTF does that even mean? To protect myself from criminals in not good enough for them? So basically I have to get shot first and THEN ask for a carry permit?

  19. It would take moving to Indiana.

    I am a western state native so been shooting all my life.My wife is a Chicago native and it took a few years to convince her that me getting back into shooting is good (along with enough disposable income to buy guns, ammo, gear etc). Another 18 months to get her to go shooting for the first time. My goal now is to get her to vote for the R column.

    Back to IL. It won’t happen. Too much illegal money from gangs to politicians, too much control within a certain community to create victimhood mentality and cradle to grave benefits. covers most of this extensively. My wife being a Chi native, just can’t believe how much coruption is present. One example is that she didn’t believe the city dumps raw sewage into the lake when it rains. Her response was “no, they cant do that”. Nope they do cause they never build the infrastructure. If they let their citizens literally swim in raw sewage, you think they care if you can protect yourself? nope…

    • When I was a kid, there was a great skeet range on the lake somewhere near the end of Division Street. That was where I had my first encounter with a firearm, a 12 gauge semi-auto. Having never fired a gun before, I was pretty proud that I hit 11 birds, including one double. That place has been legislated out of existence. So Chicago wasn’t always so. I wonder if the ’68 Democratic Convention riots had anything to do with Da Mayor’s subsequent frontal assault on the second amendment.

  20. It’s hard to look threatening without your finger on the trigger. Too many goody two shoes are making photographers weaken their artwork by following silly rules.

    • Skyler, if you think the four rules are silly, I hope that you never get your hands on a gun.
      1.) All guns are always loaded.
      2.) Do not point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.
      3.) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target.
      4.) Be sure of your target and what is beyond your target.

      Anybody who doesn’t follow these rules is an idiot and an accident waiting to happen.

      • See? The knee jerk response comes out. It’s a picture of a woman supposedly threatening someone with a gun. It’s not much of a threat without a finger on the trigger. But there isn’t a “real” threat, it’s imaginary, so someone felt compelled to tell her to only imagine her finger in the proper threatening position.

        • That’s your interpretation. Just as valid an interpretation (actually probably moreso) is that she doesn’t have sights on target, and is not actually prepared to shoot yet. Given that, she’s properly keeping her finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger.

          Basically, she’s got the gun at a one handed low ready, with her finger off the trigger. Do you keep your finger on the trigger at low ready? Do you do it so you’ll look more “threatening”?

        • I’m with Skyler. If a photo in a controlled environment is simulating a gun use get in there and simulate it. If you can’t take a picture safely use a non-gun, but the straight trigger finger pendulum has swung wide. In the Scenario:
          1. Let’s hope it’s loaded.
          2. She’s already conceivably pointing at something she is willing to destroy.
          3. At close range you don’t need to be in full arms out weaver stance to know your sights are on target. It’s often better to keep you piece close.
          4. Sure.

  21. Am I the only one who is too afraid to answer this question honestly? Not that I advocate such things, I do NOT. We are Americans and I hope we’re better than that. But typically for corrupt elites to finally recognize human rights and see their people as powerful and anything but subjugated… Just sayin’


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