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The very first thing I do when I get a new gun is learn as much as I can about it, which usually means stopping by YouTube for a quick briefing on how to tear the thing down and put it back together. But this time, with my M1 Garand, the best I could find was a grainy, dark video that looks like it was shot in Buffalo Bill’s basement. Something had to be done. So I slapped this together, and I think it does a much better job…

Let me know if I got anything wrong. I may have been slightly hung over while recording…

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  1. I always take apart and clean the gas assembly as well, even though this may be controversial.

    CMP’s website states: “Do not detail strip this assembly very frequently as there is no pressing need to do so this is because it can put wear on the splines that hold the barrel and the Gas Cylinder together. Loosening them could cause inaccuracy.”

    I’m pretty careful, but the thought of all that carbon fouling up in that part of the rifle does not sit well with me.

  2. There is something special about the M1 Garand, the 1911 pistol, and the Ka-Bar Knife just like there is something wonderfully American about the classic lever-action rifle, the Colt revolver, and the Bowie Knife.

  3. I love my M-1. Many of my friends think I’m a little touched, but my Garand is my SHTF gun. I know it will go Boom when I hit the trigger, it will go Boom in the same place every time, and its Boom can get out there a ways and hurt somebody.

  4. My M-1 is my favorite firearm, hands down. I detail stripped it when I got it a few years ago and I have only field stripped it since.

  5. My Dad played field stripping an M-1 Garand in 1981. The last time before this, he had stripped one was probably 1946. At first he was sort of uncertain and had to think about how it came apart and how the parts fit, but it all started coming back to him. He went faster as he started taking it apart. He got it all apart. Then, he closed his eyes and quickly put the Garand all back together just using feel and sense of touch, no eyesight was used. I was rather stunned.

    • It doesn’t surprise me that your dad was able to reassemble the rifle with his eyes closed after refreshing his memory. It’s no trick really- most soldiers who have to carry and use their weapons on a regular basis become that familiar with the process from doing it so frequently. I could do the same with my M16A1.

  6. Thanks for the video. AGI has a video that covers both the M1A and the M1 rifles which includes disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly.

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