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Taurus just launched a new site — and a movement, if you believe the home page. Carry On supports the “growing brotherhood and (yes!) sisterhood of those who choose a concealed carry lifestyle,” along with Second Amendment freedoms. So what’s not to like? And they’re promising more to come, too, to go with their new presences on the Twitters and MyFace. Anyway, in addition to the Taurus promotional info, the site has links for finding a range near you, the NRA-ILA’s gun laws by state page and the NSSF’s First Shots program. One more thing: they want to know your PH factor. We were kinda at a loss until it was revealed that PH is short for Preferred Handgun. Looks like Taurus prez Mark Kresser doesn’t mess around — he’s a PH-357 man. So now that you know, what’s your PH factor?

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  1. .45 ACP. I’m still waiting for delivery of the new .9mm. Until then I’ll stick with the 45 and keep a regular 9mm for backup. . .

  2. Awww…damnit, I want to participate but I dont have a youface or friendsbook account….

    Ah what the hell, I carry a SIG 228 9mm

  3. PH 1911 .45acp
    PH S&W Mod67 .38Spec(SS)
    PH .22WMR/.22LR Revolver
    PH 1911 .45acp Auto Ord Comm Edition
    Just depends on my mood.!

  4. P.H.#1 Taurus .45 Raging Judge Magnum (cold weather CCW)
    P.H.#2 S&W 9mm M&P for a back-up (cold weather CCW)

    P.H.#1 Taurus .38 5-shot snubbie (hot weather CCW)
    P.H.#2 Taurus.25 10-shot semi-auto pocket pistol for a back-up (hot weather CCW)

    all weapons are carried fully loaded with two reloads worth of ammo for each.

  5. The list of Taurus pistols available for sale in the United Cingdom of California has dwindled so low that I have to wonder if they’ve abandoned the state. (Five models, only one subcompact and its no longer manufactured.)

    • I was just at the gun store/range this morning in Milpitas. They had a bunch of Taurus revolvers but no autos. But guns have been selling so fast around here that they may just be sold out.

      • take a look at the roster. (2) 5″ 9 mms, (1) 4.25″ 38 spl, (1) 3.625″ .40, and the PT745 (3″ .45) I was told be a dealer that the last is out of production, and it is staying on roster until they sell them out. Pitiful. The 24/7 is gone, and its replacement is not on roster. No slims, no subcompacts. Never been a fan of snubbies–can’t shoot them worth a damn–so that leaves Taurus out of contention. Taurus did buy up Heritage, which makes 1873 Colt clones, but personally I’d buy a Uberti over a Heritage any day.

        • Yeah, I’m not stressing over it. I’ve owned Taurus revolvers in the past and have had good luck with them. I’ve never shot one of their autos, but I’m not a huge auto fan anyway.

          I have just 2, a makarov and a sigma. I had the sigma to the range today. 1000+ rounds through it since I bout it in feb and not a glitch so far. Just can’t get excited about it, just me I guess.

  6. I’ve never owned a Taurus but I’m thrilled to see them actively promoting women with guns. The more women who carry openly or concealed, the safer our world gets.

    I open carry either 9mm or .40.

    Carry on!!

  7. .38SPL in the summer, .40 cal in the winter. And a tiny .9mm for backup just any time at all ’cause I can carry it on a keychain.

    • You should get a (watch) pocket holster for that .9mm. It’s dangerous to carry in your pocket without a holster (well maybe not a .9mm).

  8. I prefer a CF handgun whose bore axis is as low as practicle. I can pretty much make any handgun, except a Tarus, reliable. Heck I once turned a Star BM into a race gun just for giggles. 9-10mm for defensive use (why not carry both?)

  9. The PH factor is not all that meaningful. I selected .45 ACP, but that’s one choice out of many, depending on the weather, what I’m wearing, what I’ve bought recently, and so forth. One of these days, I might even rig up a way to carry my cap-and-ball revolver concealed (before anyone says it, yes, it’s reliable, and yes, I’m as good with it as with any of my other handguns).

  10. Well my first preference is for the .9 mm. There is zero recoil … which is appropriate since there is basically zero bullet. And you can fit about 200 rounds in a standard double stack magazine. Extended capacity magazines can hold 300 rounds. The only down side is using tweezers and a magnifying glass to load the magazines. Oh, and policing brass for reloading is a chore.

  11. My self defense handgun preference is .40 S&W. When a full size handgun is impractical, then I defer to a .380 ACP mouse gun — clinging to the adage that some gun is better than no gun.

  12. I figure that if you neck down a .50 cal brass to .9mm you can shoot down satellites. It would definitely be my choice of handgun.

  13. My revolver round of choice is .327 Fed. Mag. I have run my own tests using, .38, .9mm, .40, .357, .45. .38 Super. After conducting my tests, I was VERY surprised at what I saw and learned. I used a Ruger SP 101, w/3″ bbl. The other handguns were Colt’s, in S-A, and S&W in revolver. All had a minimum of 4″ bbl’s. The distances used ranged from as little as 7 yds. out to 20 yds.

    In many cases the .327 Fed. out performed the above mentioned calibers. At NO time did the others beat the .327. I used swc, wc, rn, sjhp, and hardball ammo. All was off the shelf, and it was different brands. I will not go into a long dissertation on this. But I was amazed at my results. The long held believes on .45 and .357 were dispelled, and the other cal. were pretty much what I expected.

    Now before you armchair staticians start in, with your name calling, I invite you to conduct your own tests. Not rattle off some info that you read, but actually go to a range, and conduct some honest tests.Ones that aren’t rigged in favor of your favorite caliber. I believe if you do this, you will have a different attitude, and it will show you the falacy of long held mythology.

    • Outperformed in what manner? Accuracy? Did you have another firearm on hand with which to test the .327 Fed? Did you use multiple guns to test each of the other calibers? I’m just trying to get a feel for how your test was conducted.

  14. “the “growing brotherhood and (yes!) sisterhood”

    After your reader survey, you shouldn’t still be pushing this bullshit. This is one of the lies that pro-gun folks use to normalize guns and gun fetishism. It’s bullshit, as you proved yourselves with the survey.

    • Mikeybananas, I was just at the range yesterday and saw 3 young ladies at seperate lanes shooting pistols. 2 were beginners but the third was very experienced and used a 45 as her firearm of choice.

      And did you see the post about 30 million views for this site. Isn’t that exciting, civil rights are winning in this country and this site, of which you’re a regular contributer, is leading the way. Doesn’t it give you the warm fuzzies knowing that even though your anti gun site is dying on the vine you’re helping to insure the success of this pro gun site?

  15. I’m a .45 ACP day to day and a .44 magnum when in the field. Why? Because, real calibers start with 4!

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