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We like cats, but they can be kinda filling. One Houston woman is such a devoted felinophile that she plugged her hubby this morning when he threatened her precious puddy tat. “The husband and wife were at their home in the 6700 block of Seaton Valley Drive and arguing about their cat around 7:30 a.m. The husband let the cat out to use the bathroom, then threatened to shoot the pet with a pellet gun. To protect the animal, the wife pulled out a gun and shot her husband in the stomach, according to deputies.” The cat was apparently unharmed. Odds that the husband will recover: unknown. Odds that — if hubby makes it home first — Mr. Whiskers will have exhausted all nine lives by the time the wife gets out of stir: dead solid lock.

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  1. How is this the DGU of the day? From the facts presented it appears to be an entirely unwarranted use of lethal force. IGOTD I could understand, but why put this on a pedestal as a noteworthy and laudable DGU?

    • scm,

      Agreed 1000%! If a gangster who murdered innocent people afterwards shoots and murders a cop who was coming to arrest him is that also a DGU? Was not the gangster defending his freedom thus a TTAG DGU(sarcasm off)

    • I was originally going to comment reason #17,632 not to get married. If this happened in San Francisco she might not be prosecuted.

  2. Yea killing your husband over a threat to your cat may be an insight to the health of the relationship. So if your bride is irritable, don’t threaten to plug her pussy.

        • Agree with Roll and Doug.

          Joe, one thing you should keep in mind is that animals, in many ways, act like children. They are dependant on their owner, inspire joy, and possess unconditional love if treated well. I, like the folks above, love my animals as if they were my own children. With that said, anyone posing a legitimate threat to ANY member of my family will be greeted with the business end of my weapon.

  3. How do cats taste, like chicken? White meat or dark?
    Hard to skin, though, w’at with all that scratchin and yowlin.

    Just kidding. I actually have one that I like A LOT.

  4. That cat lady was very, very wrong. If someone threatened my kitties, I’d opt for a Mozambique, not just a gutshot.

  5. I love my cats, but would never shoot my wife over them…on the other hand an unknown intruder trying to hurt my cats could easily be mistaken for an assailant against myself and and ventilated with hot lead to clarify the issue.
    This is a better IGOTD, than DGU…wonder what the hubby will do to the cat when the wife is in the slammer? Might be a tough day for Kitty.

  6. I broke up with a girlfriend over my cats. I have Siamese who are very protective. Girlfriend didn’t like the possessiveness, and that one cat would sit between us and glare at her.

    Girlfriend said I should put the cat in another room when she came over. I told GF, point blank, that the cat lived with me, she didn’t, and she better get over her attitude.

    I made the right choice. GF was freaking nuts, and the cat worships the ground upon which I walk.

  7. As someone who has lived with cats for a long time, I can’t be entirely against this woman. I’d imagine that there are bigger problems in the relationship, but threatening violence at a partner’s pet is a dangerous sign.

    On the other hand, depending on the power of the pellet, those toy guns can sometimes be useful for getting a cat or a dog to stop scratching the furniture and stop yammering.

  8. Well, it looks like it is the day for Texas to be in the IGOTD barrel… I’m sure the article about the Ft. Hood soldier who tried to scare his buddy out of the hiccups by pointing a pistol loaded with “dummy” rounds and pulling the trigger will be up soon. (Hint – the real dummy is in jail on a million-dollar bond.)

    I’m more of a dog person but I usually get along fine with cats. However, one of the first things I learned about women is that if she has more than one Siamese it is a clue that she is completely batshit crazy.

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