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Some deep thinker named Andy Metz put pen to paper and turned out this garage band ode to gun owners and their supposed phallic inadequacies. The good news: if you’d like to add it to your playlist, the cut will be on his appropriately-named upcoming album ‘Delusions.’ To round out the CD, maybe he’ll also include a ballad on the love black people have for watermelon. Perhaps one memorializing Mexicans’ aversion to work. Or a catchy tune about Jews’ big noses. And yes, we’re aware that our linking to his cheaply-produced video will probably double his total views. That’ll be another $0.12 in his pocket. This certainly isn’t the first gun-owners-are-compensating claim and it won’t be the last as hoplophobes continue to lose the RKBA argument. What’s the worst anti-gun slur you’ve seen?

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      • Worst stereotype… hmm. Probably that you’re basically a ticking time bomb if you carry a gun. Because not only does the damn thing have a mind of its own, but the gun can actually mind meld with you and make you do dangerous things!

        The most annoying question too is when someone asks, “Is that registered?”

    • I’d nominate “Blue Steel” with Jamie Leigh Curtis. It came out just after Stockton and she gave the standard mealy-mouthed mewlings about not being anti-gun but wantin to limit “assault rifles”. The broker played by Ron Silver was a slavering asshole. He picks up a lost .44 magnum in a bodega shooting and is instantly tranformed into a mesmerized sociopath.

      The he goes on a mass killing spree which is never explained as in NYC you have to show a valid Pistol permit which shows the caliber of the gun you are supposed to own. It’s as if the Model 29 possessed him. His facial expressions are an abomination. Ron made a CAREER out of playing villainous corporate types or murderous politicians as in “Time Cop”, “Lifepod” and “Live Wire”. He suddenly became a real conservartive on 9.11.01 though.

      Honorable mention goes to the portrayal of a “typical” licensed NYC gun owner in Deadly Illusion. The guy goes apeshit when his permit is not removed and starts blabbering and waving his snubby around so the clerk who was going to deny the detective , Hamburger, stamps it and Hamber shots the guy in every non-vital spot he can find grinning all the time and then kills him to the relief of all the “normal people”.

      Go back to the /70s for “Shoot” in which a group of hunters meets another group in the woods and “naturaly” shoots one of them starting a war in the woods. Even the NYC critic found the entire premise insane.

    • Beat me to it. My usual response to the antigun sophisticate is to say “Where did you get your Ph.D? Mine is from Illinois, 1979 Ecomonics.”

      • “Redskins? How would you like it if a team was named ‘Rednecks’ or ‘Whiteys'”?

        Well, people generally don’t name their team after something they hold in low regard… They’re named because of honorable qualities: bravery, honor…

        “Well, that’s RACIST! CHANGE THE NAME!”

        I don’t get it. They ignore your reasoning and repeat the same thing over again. Like the gun-grabbers.

  1. Good question. There’s too many to count. “Bitter clingers” “hillbilly bubba” “paranoid and violent…”
    Just to name a few.

  2. Redneck, inbred, bible thumping hillbillly. Seems like they wanna call all gun owners rednecks that cling to their God and guns.

    But I’m from Alabama, so most of that stuff is probably true anyways 🙂

  3. Depends on what the meaning of the word “worst” is.
    They’re all so played at this point they’ve lost any weight they ever may have had.
    It’s just white noise coming from a hot hole in a morons head.

    • I think you’re on to something. Until someone gets inspired with a little real imagination (unlikely, since that would involve what for them is an undue amount of mental ability and effort) it’s all just the same-old same-old.

    • They are going to try, but while it is really easy to move the cigarette from the lips of James Bond to the mouth of some dirty hobo villain he blows away, it is much harder to take the gun he uses to blow away said villain away. Unless they can figure out a way for all of the crime fighters and good guys in hollywood to do everything they do without guns, they aren’t going to get anywhere. This doesn’t even count all the video games which makes it even more difficult.

      • I was thinking the other day as I watched yet another re-run of one of the Law & Order series that I wish I had the time and resources to do this research, because I think it would prove statistically interesting: In each of these programs it has become common for the opening scene/hook to depict a murder or the discovery of a dead body – NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones, etc. It occurred to me that a significant number of these murders, and especially the serial killers of Criminal Minds, were NOT committed with a firearm of any type. And yet in almost every case the perp was finally apprehended and/or killed at the end of the show by a good guy with a gun.

        I guess Hollywood writers have the facts straight even if the actors aren’t willing to admit it.

  4. That all us OFWG are racist idiots. AS I sit next to my beautiful brown wife and see my 2 caramel colored sons hanging around(they may never leave). Whatever-I don’t lose sleep over it…

  5. So does this whole itty bitty penis thing apply to all the women who have purchased guns lately? If so, isn’t their right to “identify as inadequately endowed male” something the libs crow about? Even by their own twisted philosophy, they are hypocritical. Or mentally ill.

  6. There are so many to choose from, that I’m not sure where to start. A particular one that irks me is the drunken, irrational, toga wearing college student, enraged over a midterm grade and despondent over a spring break fling, who will freak out and take out half his poly sci class if (and only if) licensed campus carry is made legal.

  7. Hey, look: another exercise in progressive psychological projection. Ol’ Andy made a song about all the reason that he would get a gun, and then projects his own reasons (inadequacies?) on law-abiding gun owners.

    How cute, Andy. But, do us all a favor, would you? When your “piece” stops working “fine”, and you can’t “get it up”, stay away from guns. We don’t need you to carry out the next Santa Barbara or Umpqua, beta-male pajama boy attack.

  8. ” sexually frustrated, paranoid cowards.” I find that being called coward by someone hiding in internet anonymity hilarious.

  9. Their slurs are all they’ve got. I quit paying attention or keeping track. That kinda crap doesn’t deserve space in my brain. I simply enjoy knowing that the more desperate and obvious they get, the more people with brains see them for what they are.

    I also enjoy being an exception to their imagined rule. When they accuse me of having a small penis, I like the fact that I can destroy that notion… Not trying to brag or anything, it’s just funny to see how easily a married anti-gun female will come over to my side of the fence… They’re so dumb and animalistic, nothing is sacred. Show them a big schlong and they can’t even remember their husband’s name…

  10. The one that pisses me off to no end is the most pervasive I think. It’s this idea that gun owners care more about their guns than dead babies. Like we would pick up a gun over a baby if the house was on fire or whatever. It’s a hideous mischaracterization. It’s unfair, untrue, and unwarranted.

    So there.

  11. My gun buddies and I are defective. Some are Hispanic, some are Black, some are girls, and some are Jews. That’s all good you’ll say. Not one of us is an OFWG, or a fudd. Damn………suddenly feel ignored.

  12. That we are paranoid. This is particularly face-palm worthy when it is said to me on the playground at my apartment complex right next to the swastika someone spray-painted on the playground equipment the day after we put a mezuzah on our door frame.

  13. The following excuse for “logic” gets my goat:

    1. “Guns are only good for one thing … killing.”
    2. “So – if you have a gun – you must be planning on killing someone”
    3. “It’s just a matter of time until you kill someone with your gun”

    • 1 nope its built to expel a projectile through a rifled cylinder

      2. yes I am planning to end a threat to my life or my families, if someone expires that’s their fault.

      3. Statistically I’m less likely to then a cop, and if I do it will be the right person the criminals assaulting me not a bystander

  14. I was told I supported murdering children and a family member posted pictures from Sandy hook on my wall, and was asked how I could possibly support Americans owning and carrying guns after that.

    • This undoubtedly from the same political spectrum that whole-heartedly supports Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood – 50 MILLION souls dead, no firearms required.

      • Yeah. Wow. Pictures of Sandy Hook dead? The parents had to “identify” they kids from yearbook photos. They weren’t allowed to see the…. er, bodies.

  15. I took a friend to the range back in the summer for her first time shooting. She is a first-generation Chinese Canadian, who works here and goes to school on a visa. She had never been around guns whatsoever, but was very intrigued by them. When I invited her, she nearly jumped out of her shoes. Anyway, after a fun day with handguns, sporting clays, and even a few old surplus rifles, she couldn’t wait to go again. She had me take lots of photos of her shooting, many of which she posted on Facebook. When I got home and hopped on there, I smiled to see I was tagged in her album. That smile immediately fell to a frown when I saw a comment posted by one of her gal pals in Canada. It read, “Oh my! Getting your redneck on, girl! What’s next? Are you racist now too?”

    The inference that gun owners hate folks from other races is, in my opinion, the most offensive and disingenuous stereotype about our community.

  16. Good to see that the left is still interested in a productive and logical discussion about why they think I don’t need my civil rights.

  17. Well, I went to youtube, entered “guns (lyrics video)” into the search field–and this thing did not come up. I don’t think I’m gonna help him out by clicking here.

  18. Owning a gun in your home makes you (insert % of the day) more likely to be killed by that gun. This one really chaps my hide.

  19. The first time but not the worst was about three years ago when I was 12 years old and me and my brother were in Wal-Mart looking at airsoft guns. And we go over to the real firearms and look at the new (it was Remington or Winchester I dint remember) 22/410 rifle they had for $200 and me and brother we saying how cool would it have been to shoot skeet then go shoot at our own targets when we weren’t shooting skeet. So this punk older guy probably in his late 20’s with his wife and they were looking at a diffrent rifle on the other side of the counter at a shotgun. So then the punk guy comes over to me and my brother and says ” you guys are TOO young to be looking at guns” and we didn’t say anything and did what out parents said to do when a stranger talks to us and walk away or be in the vision of a store clerk/worker. And since we ignored him he walks away still in sight in on other aisle about 10+ feet away and his phone rings. And he has a ring tone of a some black dude rapping on his phone. Super heavy rap if there’s such a thing. And as me and brother are waking away my brother says “aren’t you a little old for a song like that?”
    We walked away and didn’t see him ever again

  20. Maybe not the worst, but I havent seen it mentioned yet: Concealed carriers are cowards who carry so they aren’t afraid. Or something like that

    • I don’t get that at all: we’re carrying because we know objectively that there are people out there who act to harm other people, so we’re prepared. They’re terrified that some people who aren’t breaking any laws now might just decide to break some because they have a gun.

      No logic, no sense — just cowardice.

  21. Probably getting called a terrorist for supporting the NRA and 2A. That’s pretty extreme and I don’t enjoy it.

  22. The worst stereotype I’ve seen?

    Probably the shaving mirror this morning before shaving.

    After shaving, the second worst.

  23. Well, The New York Times said that I’m not a “Modern Man.” They thought it was an insult. I thought it was the highest compliment that I’ve ever received in the history of forever.

  24. 1. We’re racists – complete logic failure, but it’s the standard “you can’t get any worse than this” slur from progressives. It’s insulting to victims of actual racism and to us.

    2. We like to see dead children – just because we’re responsible enough to protect our kids with guns doesn’t mean we like seeing anyone’s child die.

    3. We’re domestic terrorists – I can’t really say what I think of this one without invoking Godwin’s Law… Needless to say that no good results from one group of people labeling another as a threat to society. It seems, well, kind of bigoted. But of course we all know it’s impossible for progressives to be bigoted in any way. Only their ideological enemies (A.K.A, “enemies of the state”) can be bigoted.

    A very distant dead last: small pecker syndrome – Seriously? That’s the best they can do? “You have a small / don’t have a penis” used to be the ultimate argument winner… in middle school. It’s beneath me to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Besides, there’s something creepy about an adult male who wants to compare the size of his dangley bits to others.

    • (1) “Racist”? I’m White and unashamed.

      (2) “Dead kids”? I’m OK with that as long as they’re being used as “human shields” by Hamas when they attack Israelis.

      (3) “Domestic Terrorist”? Well I do support the TEA Party.

      Last: “Penis inadequacies”? Hell even at age 52 I’m still packing 8″ with a 5″ circumference and my plumbing still works.

      Damn! I MUST be defective!

  25. Yeah the terrorist label is the one I find the worst because it seems like one that could worm its way into an actual negative effect. Even though they continue to classify everything they don’t like as racist and there is no shortage of compensation theories it goes no place and even they have to know they have worn them out badly.

    I am sure they feel terrorist still has some sharp enough teeth if they can work it to their advantage. Their advantage being continued attempts to gain more control over people they have made less free.

  26. Well, just like I don’t like mentioning the names of mass shooters, I don’t want to allow them the pleasure of knowing what gets under my skin *if anything *.

    I will tell you what DOESN’T. The whole tiny todger ad hominem attack. Cause…I’ll be honest….there’s a reason I call myself Hamster in a Wheel instead of Stallion with a Plow. If any libtards make the mistake of (if you’ll excuse the phrase) “bringing up” that argument, I can prove to them that I am guilty as charged. And I’m ok with that…they can even stroke it if they like.

  27. Stack it with Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan’s fing anything, Prince’s (or the artist formerly considered a human) Another Lonely Christmas, Sting’s If the Russians Love their Children Too, Redford’s Lions for Lambs, Greeday’s American Idiot (whole freekin’ album). System of Down’s Boom, The Dixie Sh_ts, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

    I would write an anti-protest song, but people would slap me for whining, and that would be the proper response.

  28. Well heck, just today I heard some top of the hour news blurb on NPR claiming that 40% of gun sales blah, blah, blah…..
    If they’re going to spout already thoroughly debunked falsehoods as fact, I just tune out to the rest of what they’re saying. I don’t even remember what the story was about.

  29. Being called a Redneck is actually a compliment by those whom are just straight jealous of our ability to work around complex objects and engage in critical thinking. So what the hell does being a Redneck have to do with a love of bullet launchers? Not a damn thing!

  30. Again with the penis……

    Whats that about the lowest form of intelligence resorts to name calling as an attempt to win arguments?

  31. I have been hunting and shooting before I even knew what sex was how am I over compensating? I also think it’s funny about the big truck like come on if you have enough money to afford that you are shamed? Ha ha all I can do is laugh.

  32. I don’t know why the anti-gun community is always trying to associate our ownership of weapons to things such as “compensation.” It’s like the equivalentgun community insulting the anti-gun community for not owning weapons because they lack —-s (haven’t seen a case of this but I’m sure it’s few compared to the anti-gun bandwagon). It’s just too immature.

    • Once when I got the “compensation” line I looked at the guy for a moment then asked, “Are you seeing someone for that?” “For what?” “Sexual obsession.”

  33. I was in the gun store today & a Canadian couple about 70 looked at the pistols. He asked why I felt the need to own or carry a pistol. Told him to protect myself, family & people such as him that are not allowed to protect themselves and must rely on government. Told me in Toronto they had very little crime. As the Mayor smokes crack I’d disagree, told him look how much of America’s heroin actually comes from his country to ours. Asked him what would he do if some crazed Muslim grabbed his wife & started hacking her head off. Would the police make it in time? How would he feel if he could have prevented it. He told me the papers and politicians in Ontario have nearly daily reports that on any street corner in the U.S. guns could be purchased for next to nothing and stores, shows” and streets. No background is run and most criminals purchase at places like pawn shops & stores.

    Showed him what it takes to even hold one in a store. If he wanted to come to the gun show this weekend I’d show him that it’s not to buy,.gave him a copy of my bill of sale looks like. Mine is better than the feds gives me 1st right to get it. Back if the buyer comes under did ability.

  34. Here’s one I personally faced:

    Being an Asian guy that likes firearms and video games, my anti gun friends here (California) think im some violent school shooter.

    I only need to mention that I own and practice my firearm, have played (insert any shooter/m rated game here) and somehow shtf in their minds.

  35. That’s a poorly written song. He’s trying to cram way too many lyrics into the bars to get his “message” across. Makes the vocal sound stilted. Dude listened to too much Sublime and doesn’t have the talent to pull it off.

  36. Just make sure that if you reward this idiot with a view, that you make sure to click the thumbs down button on the video.

  37. Andy Metz the hormonally challenged metrosexual is Seattle-raised and now lives in Chicago (who would’ve guessed?). Odds are he WILL become a “crime statistic” at the hands of a violent Son of Obama that he surprises burglarizing his band’s van some night after a gig. Best part is according to him “guns are for losers”, I’ll remember that when I see the pool of his congealed blood within the chalk outline on the TV news broadcast.

    If anyone is interested “Andy” has a ReverbNation page where comments are welcome:

  38. A guy online advocated that all gun owners be required to carry hand towels “to mop up after” ourselves, because we’re all “drooling to kill someone”.


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