GLOCK 40 MOS review
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The gun for this review was provided by the Kentucky Gun Company

I finally got my hands on the much heralded GLOCK G40 MOS, the six-inch, optics-ready 10mm juggernaught. I shot its older, littler brother the G20 as my first entry in my truck pistol series – and found it wanting. As I said in that post, I want to love GLOCK pistols. I generally find them just okay for the job. I keep trying GLOCKs in the hopes that I may one day find one I can shoot well. I may have found it . . .


GLOCK’s website lauds the G40 MOS as “the ultimate choice in semi-automatic gaming pistol.” When RF handed me case I looked at the box and thought, “Well, they sure aren’t wasting money on packaging.” Gaston’s mob stuffs the 28 oz. long slide powerhouse into the same cheap, bursting-at-the-seams plastic case they use for all their handguns. Opening it revealed a jumbled mass of backstraps, mounts and screws, arranged with all the organization and presentation excellence my three-year-old would muster.


The firearms farrago included a pack of base plates. Like the FNX-45 Tactical, the G40 MOS (Modular Optic System) model lets owners mount a range of pistol optics (think pistol red dot sights like a Trijicon RMR, Leupold Delta Point, Meopta MeoRed, etc.) on the slide with no more trouble than tightening a few screws. So I added Trijicon’s ever popular RMR, a combination featured in GLOCK’s product literature. Unlike the FNX-45 Tactical’s or the S&W CORE series, the G40 MOS’ factory front and rear sights weren’t raised. They didn’t co-witness the RMR’s dot with the stock sights. Close, but not quite perfection.

RMR on MOS, I was ready to shoot. One problem: the three magazines supplied were conspicuously empty, and proved to be surprisingly difficult to fill. In a tragic reversal from my STI Nitro 10 review, I had plenty of magazines and no ammo. Cheap 10mm ammo wasn’t to be found, so I shelled out the cash for 200 rounds of the better to very good stuff. My supply included HPR, two different Hornady loads, and some DoubleTap ammo. Lesson learned, again, for the third time: if I choose a 10mm for my perfect truck pistol, I’m reloading my own.

To the range!

The only GLOCKs that fit my hands well are the full-frame models, and this one was no different. The gun still doesn’t point naturally for me, but man, the G40 MOS’ grip feels good. One-handed, I get a strong grip all the way around the gun. The raised dots, the material itself and the finger grooves gave me a solid lock on the frame. This and a good rest made zeroing the RMR a breeze; I got ‘er done in six rounds.

Because the gun felt so good in my hand, I put a few magazines down range one-handed. At 15 yards, right or left handed, this G40 MOS is the best shooting of the higher powered pistols I’ve ever shot. Shooting right handed, one shot per second at 15 yards on a 5 ½” plate? Easy. And that’s with a 10mm handgun. I don’t shoot this well one-handed with my Wilson Combat WC92FS in 9mm.


Backing up to 25 yards, the problem I suspected would occur when I zeroed the gun revealed itself in full force. The dot was too big to be accurate. Fast, yes. Accurate, no. The dot size on the RMR obliterated the 5½-inch target at the 25 yard line. As this was the minimum distance I’d be shooting at, I reluctantly removed the RMR – and was instantly rewarded for doing so.

GLOCK haters of the world note the 2” groups at 25 yards I shot with the G40 MOS resting against a makeshift bean bag on a stump. From the kneel, I was shooting regular 3- to 3.5″ groups with anything I fed it. Don’t get me wrong. The 10mm GLOCK still didn’t point naturally. If I was to shoot and just guess at the accuracy of the round, I would have said 5”. I was fighting the gun, and I felt like it was all over the place. But it wasn’t. Those little paper holes don’t lie.


AT 25 yards, the most accurate round, for once, was not the Double Tap. That 200gr FMJ Flat Point round shot a 2¼” group, plenty good for any game in the Texas Hill country out to 50 yards, maybe more. The Hornady 180gr XTP round shot a 2½” group and Hornady 175gr Critical Duty round scored a 2¾” group. The best of the bunch: a 2″ group using HPR’s 180gr JHP. Of all of those, I’d stick with the Double Tap flat point round for hunting, purely for penetration. But as none of these groups were shot from a bench, any of those rounds are good enough for hunting.

Ever wonder why Pennsylvania long rifles had such long barrels? It’s a lot easier to aim precisely when you have more than three feet of distance between your sights. The same principle applies here. That G40 MOS’ 6-inch barrel buys you a lot of real estate between the sights. In fact, the G40 MOS has a full 8.9″ overall length – more than two inches longer than the G20. That’s a lot of sight radius. Plus, all that weight up front soaks up recoil in an otherwise not-so-heavy gun.


Good Lord I’m going to get some hate for this, but the G40’s trigger ain’t that bad at all. Their website says that it’s a 5.5 lb trigger pull weight. It’s every bit of that but it’s a smooth pull with very little grit and none of the stacking or squishyness I’ve come to expect from GLOCKs. The reset is one of the best I’ve ever fired in any semi-auto pistol, including many 1911s. Short, crisp, very solid and right there. I’m sure that went a long way to the ease of the one-handed shooting I noted before. Whoever at GLOCK worked on the reset, please call FN and show them how to do it.

At 50 yards, shooting off a bag on my truck’s hood, I didn’t do so well. I shot the G40 MOS on two different days, and this was the second day. The best I could muster: 50 percent on a 6” target. That’s not good, but considering how well it did at 25 yards, I’m guessing it was user error. My better groups were sub 3” at 25 yards, so I would have thought more would be in the target zone at 50 yards. What can I say, some days the bear eats you.

What disqualified the FNX-Tactical from the truck gun contest – my search for a gun that can ethically harvest game and will work for concealed carry around town – is also a problem for the G40. On a 1911, a 6” slide looks long. On this GLOCK, it looks like a harpoon over the trigger guard. The large frame is already hard to conceal; that runway-length slide makes it almost impossible. Almost.

I do a bit of leatherwork and I mocked up a few holsters for the G40 MOS. With a light jacket and the right cant, the 10mm GLOCK is reasonably concealable. But – hidden like that, I’d never be able to draw it when seated. And not quickly from any position. That doesn’t detract from how well the gun performed, but it does put it does make it questionable as a truck gun contestant.

I still think every American should own a Toyota Corrola and a G19 at least once in their life, just to see that “good enough” really is pretty good. But the G40 MOS shoots like a different beast altogether. It’s the first GLOCK I’ve shot particularly well. If I can figure out a way to holster it, it will have taken the STI Nitro 10’s place as front runner as my co-pilot.

Specifications – Glock 40 Gen4 MOS

Caliber: 10mm auto
Operation: Double-action
Magazine: 15 rds.
Weight: 28.15 oz. (empty)
Barrel Length: 6”
Overall Length: 9.49″
Sights: Fixed 3-dot
MSRP: $799

Ratings (out of five stars):

Style * * *
I don’t like the way GLOCKs look and this one is no different. I don’t know whether to take a star off or add one for the plank-like slide.

Customization * * * *
The gun includes backstraps and the optics mount, which is great. The lack of an option for night sights that would co-witness and a threaded barrel (why not add another ½” at this point) would give it a five-star rating.

Reliability * * * * *
It’s probably unfair to give the gun any kind of reliability rating with only 200 rounds through it. But I had zero malfunctions of any kind while firing in any position with any ammunition I used.

Accuracy * * * *
Once the RMR was removed, very good. And plenty good enough for hunting in the thickets. The trigger reset is exceptional.

Overall * * * *
If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive hunting gun, it would be hard to go wrong with the G40. Taking anything up to black bear, I’d be confident with this gun out to 50 yards with any of the rounds I shot. The ability to carry a lightweight polymer frame pistol and still put 15 rounds of 10mm down into the breadbasket at reasonable handgun hunting distance makes this a powerful tool indeed. GLOCK nailed this one.

The gun for this review was provided by the Kentucky Gun Company

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  1. I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but…

    When you come to describing sight radius, you avoid the words.

    For less than half the money, Yugo PAP M85/92. Mo betta round. Mo betta sight radius. Mo betta accuracy. Glock truck gun? AK truck gun?

    I’m a fan of 10mm, too. Even considered a G20SF due to it being the only single stack out there… It just seems like your reaching in weird directions with this and avoiding the obvious… With your stated objectives, it’s like you decided to do it wrong on purpose.

    • I have an AK truck gun. And an AR truck gun. And a Mosin truck gun. And a Mossberg truck gun. None of them are inconspicuous on my hip. Hence the truck pistol.

        • One of my prouder moments was when the marketing director of STI described my truck as “some kind of damn firearm vending machine.”

      • so in other words youre a paranoid fucktard with god and persecution complexes that thinks its ok to be heavier armed than any of your agencies mandated to protect you from a genuine threat?

        • You run your mouth kinda reckless for someone that don’t go heeled, don’t ya? Shouldn’t you be worried about what happens if said heavily-armed paranoid fucktard decides to go look up and pay a visit to the mouthy dumbass “keyboard warrior” talking shit to him with a belief and attitude that “agencies” are “mandated” to protect HIM from heavily-armed paranoid fucktards? How good are those “agencies” at fulfilling their “mandates” if there are really 40,000+ “gun-related deaths” in the U.S. every year? The only “mandate” those “agencies” really have is to show up at “crime scenes” when dispatched there by “911 operators” taking calls from citizens reporting “suspicious” or “criminal” activities. They don’t even get to claim partial success at a crime scene like firefighters do when they showed up at a fire in time to “save the foundation”.

          Oddly enough, when it comes to “heavily armed paranoid fucktards” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a private citizen out in public wearing body armor in a safe neighborhood in a small town in broad daylight who weren’t also wearing badges. I don’t know a single “gun owner” even of the “gun nut” variety that owns an armored personnel carrier or carries at least two handguns on their person at all times “at work” and who also carries as least 50-60 rounds of ammo, a baton, some sort of pepper spray, possibly a taser, at least one pair of handcuffs and usually a second pair or at least zip-strips for “backup”, at least one “tactical” stabbing/cutting weapon of soof me kind, a two-way radio to instantly contact a 911 operator for “back-up when losing control of or having lost control of a situation primarily of their own making, at least a “backup” sawed-off” shotgun of the minimum legal length and/or a semi-auto “assault rifle” IF NOT a full-auto MACHINE GUN of the “assault rifle” variety located in their radio/camera/computer-equipped patrol vehicle capable of double or triple the legal highway speed limit so they can get to an “emergency” where their presence is wanted and needed or make contact with a “lawbreaker” or “suspect” or “suspicious person” or “perpetrator” as fast as possible on public roads, streets and highways through school zones, residential areas, business districts and past all manner of public and private gathering places with citizens on foot or in vehicles traveling at fractions of their speed and with a “responsibility” to “yield the right of way” to “emergency vehicles” ASAP upon seeing and/or hearing them approach, a literal “license to kill” if “threatened” after intentionally and willfully and willingly putting himself or herself in direct contact and confrontation with a person they believed to be a danger to themselves or others after a brief, self-assigned and self-executed “investigation” and the apparently “legal right” and even “responsibility” to “detain” and “arrest” and “take into custody” anybody and everybody they’ve determined to have committed a “criminal act”, have “reasonable cause” to imprison “indefinitely” since if, when and how that “suspect” is able to buy his or her way out of jail and back to “freedom” is completely up to persons 100% uninvolved with that person’s “incarceration” until their “arrest report” comes across their desk or that person or person’s attorney appears in “their” courtroom as required by law, for an “arraignment” after they’ve already been imprisoned for hours, days or in some cases weeks without being “formally charged”.

          But yeah, they absolutely have that “mandate” to “protect” anybody and everybody from any and all manner of “threats” and “harm” and “danger” and probably even discomfort according to the entitlement complexes some paranoid fucktards who must spend an awful lot of time thinking about who is going to protect them and why they have to if they’re going to be “safe” once they’ve decided NOT to take any responsibility for their own safety because of that whole “agencies with a mandate” thing and how much easier and cheaper and “safer” it is than trying to take back or even just assert their own “rights” to BE HEAVILY-ARMED PARANOID FUCKTARDS instead of UNARMED PARANOID CHICKENSHIT FUCKTARDS WHO WILL TALK SHIT TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET BUT WON’T STAND UP TO THE AGENCIES THEY HAVE TO DEAL WITH TO ASSERT, EXERCISE OR GOD FORBID TRY TO TAKE BACK THEIR RIGHT TO BE ARMED PERIOD MUCH LESS HEAVILY ARMED.

          If I’m not mistaken, two world wars were the results of a whole bunch of governments and “agencies” making promises to defend and protect each other in this, that or the other situation or scenario and then promptly reverting to “self-defense” mode when because of their own obsession with being “prepared for war” a war just sort of “happened” because the people who had had given their own country and government and “people” a “mandate” to go “protect” so-and-so somewhere else just sort of expected that the “people” would keep their promises for them since after all, they were made “on behalf OF” the “people”.

          The thing about not having a “standing army” capable of kicking ass wherever and whenever needed that relies on the “people” for nothing but “funding” for the necessary resources to operate and “do business” as a “company” in the “business” of “killing people and breaking things” is that if you don’t have enough volunteers in PEACE TIME to have that force you sure as hell have trouble “recruiting” any “volunteers” to do it with war guaranteed if they DO volunteer but only POSSIBLE if they DON’T.

          As for “mutual defense agreements”, they don’t ever seem to “mandate” or even “suggest” or “speculate” what IS or ISN’T “defense” from or by another member of that “agreement” and it doesn’t take much common sense on the part of an “enemy” to realize that if they only declare war on ONE party to that “agreement” a “mutual defense agreement” predicated on both of them being attacked and by the same enemy at the same time declaring war on them both will never come into play. Kind of like a “mandate” an “agency” has to “protect” some “random” private citizen doesn’t come into play if that citizen is incapable of contacting that “agency” in an emergency where that “agency” and “mandate” are one hell of a lot less useful than even a LIGHTLY ARMED PARANOID FUCKTARD who happens to walking or driving or living nearby and hears/sees/senses something’s wrong and decided to “check it out” in case someone needs HELP FROM A FELLOW CITIZEN INSTEAD OF A FUCKING “MANDATE” FROM AN “AGENCY.

    • “Even considered a G20SF due to it being the only single stack out there…”

      The G20SF is double-stacked. Same magazines as any other G20. SF is short frame — it’s shorter from front to back, but the same width.

      A Gen3 G20SF is my “woods carry” gun, and it conceals just fine in a decent holster and conceals without much issue even with the Lone Wolf 6.6″ barrel installed. I suspect the 6.6″ barrel is actually easier to deal with than the long slide on the G40MOS that covers its 6″ bbl. Standard rifling is possibly a plus, as I shoot a lot of hard cast lead projectiles through it. The woods carry load is an Underwood 220 grain hard cast loaded nice and hot. Of course, the G20 doesn’t have the sight radius of the G40 or the from-the-factory ability to pop an optic on it.

      I’m currently reviewing a Rock Island Armory gun, a 2011 in double-stacked, 6″ barrel, 10mm flavor. Just ran it through an IPSC stage and did some accuracy groups with it, and it’s a pretty slick piece. But, damn, all steel with a full accessory rail and a double-stacked mag and the thing weighs a ton.

    • delete you buzzwords then speak english…. what in the living fuck are you talking about?

    • Of course an AK is awesome in a truck, HOWEVER, he stipulated his truck gun had to also do double duty as his concealed carry gun – so that pretty much puts the AK – even a pistol – out of the running.

    • Rude dude. Obvious your parents taught you nothing at all about life. I feel sorry for you. Pitty is a much better word. Learn how to converse if you can figure out what that means. If not, go ask someone with a bit of an education or a brain which you evedently lack.

  2. Oh for the love of Cooper, WHY does it need to be an auto at all?
    Just get a 4″ .357 or .44 and call it a day!
    I swear wheelguns just get no respect anymore…

    • It doesn’t have to be an auto at all. The length and calibers you listed are on the test list. My first pick was my SW 29, but I couldn’t conceal it.

      • The standard 1911 is probably the practical limit on concealability. The G40 is just on the other side of that limit.

        • I carry a G21 gen4 concealed every day and have never been made. And at 5’10″/155# I don’t have any folds or overhangs to hide it.

        • I have. It is a challenge. But there is only one 6″ .357Magnum for me right now, and that’s the Python. When I finally find a great condition, stainless, 6″ Python I will probably wear it around my neck like a damn necklace for the first week or two.

        • I’ve done 4″ K-frame IWB and OWB. 6 inch wouldn’t be crazy. Neither are summer carry. Fall with a jacket would be doable. or using a shoulder holster.

        • have you tried carrying a nuclear MREV to solve an argument about whos turn it is to wash the dishes with your sister? same difference you retard.

        • If you need a 6″ barrel on a .357 Magnum to make it “perform” to whatever level you want or need it to, I don’t think you should be worried about concealing it. You’re going to want it as handy and close and as quick as you can get it because apparently you’re not a good enough shooter to be “lethal” with anything “less”. You’re going to want that extra shot open carry might get you over concealed. Maybe after you put that one in the dirt between you you’ll have time for another one or two. Or not. People that are absolutely convinced there is ONE GUN and ONE GUN ONLY that can possibly do what THEY need done the way they’re going to do it generally have no clue what they’re doing and are trusting some story they heard about somebody who had a least better luck if not better skills using THAT GUN “successfully” to “defend themselves”.

    • ive been hearing americans talking about automatic handguns all say now im confused….. if by automatic you mean something other than…… pulling the trigger and a weapon firing repeatedly by itself until magazine emtpy…. what the fuck are you on about? click bang click bang click bang is semi automatic……. pull trigger blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla….. (automatic) and not useful for anything other than gangstaaaa intimidation

  3. Ugly, reliable, and powerful. I could definitely see this as a truck gun, or for backwoods self defense. Hunting, too.

    What I’d like to see from Glock is a Gen 5 with a stainless steel barrel, no trigger pull takedown, better trigger, and a stronger frame – while still being able to use regular Glock mags.

    • Gah, what is it with the whole “I don’t want to pull the trigger to disassemble” idea?

      Bro, do you even dry-practice?

      • I’ve got a G27, three, G23’s, and two G35’s. I dry fire for practice with Glocks and other guns. Some have 9mm conversion barrels. However, it’s just not necessary to set up a design where the trigger needs to be pulled for takedown. Glock could reinforce the polymer frame and design it with a rotating takedown lever / pin like Sig and a bunch of others use.

        • While no trigger pull to take down is a nice option, it would mean a (probably) serious redesign of the trigger mechanism, and since Glock only makes one gun (just in different bore dimensions and grips), it would mean redoing the heart of the guns that put them on top of the industry and have been making since the 80s. Its a good idea, but a pie-in-the-sky type idea.

        • ya know…. ive done revolver dry fire drills for years…. ya put a casing on the muzzle and dry fire repeatedly to show….. you can fire a gun reliably, accurately, and on target (put casing on muzzle pull trigger repeatedly…. click…. click…. click….. click…. rinse and repeat… as aim is straight trigger control good. my parallel ‘dry fire’ driĺls with a glock involved me putting a casing on the muzzle…. clicking…. removing the casing…. racking…. putting the casing back…. clicking.. removing the casing…. what the fuck are you testing by dry firing a glock…… or any other unloaded (aka dry firing) semi automatic pistol you think is useful?

        • ‘a take down function on the trigger….’ oh nice!!! theres a yank gun that when you pull the trigger…. instead of firing at the centre of the seen mass to stop a real and impending threat… you pull the trigger and it screams out compliance commands, fires taser darts, applies handcuffs, and puts a bad guy in prison all on its own? no? shut the fuck up.

      • to field strip a glock you ensure no load on trigger (pull it AFTER you make sure nothing in chamber and mag removed) then with one hand holding weapon push slide back a little with same hand, thumb and forefinger of same hand on slide release, then with other hand slide back and remove er… the thing… that slides back….. (ffs ive turned americunt and forgotten my words) you MUST ‘dry fire’ a glock to release load on trigger is released before you can strip. any other questions for the sole person here who carries a firearm FOR HIS FUCKING JOB EVERY DAY rather than because its cool and legal?

        • dude you have left the building and please make it a point to stay gone……that being said , i luvy and God bless

  4. Not a Glock guy but I would consider giving this one a try for my back country gun. I am currently using RIA TAC II 10mm for this purpose but the longer the better.

  5. Jon, have you tried a good cross draw holster? Not great for concealment, but for riding in a rig? They are very nice. And not overly slow for fast drawing.
    As far as dot size, the Burris fast fire III, and the Zeiss both have a smaller 3 MOA dot.
    Might be better for hunting.

    • I second this. The big G40 is one of the guns on my future shopping list. I can actually conceal the G20 in a Blackhawk Sportster paddle holster at 3:00 since it presses into my spare tire, but forget about sitting down. Beyond the 5″ 1911, just about the only practical concealment option is a shoulder or chest rig under a jacket, etc. I’ve gotten a bit taken with leather at the moment and keep browsing custom holster maker sites even though I’ve got my fingers in way too many different pies at the moment, but a man can dream 🙂

      Tom (in Georgia)

    • Thanks, I’ll look those sights up. On the cross draw, I have a couple of rigs for some of my longer revolvers and you are right, that might be the ticket here for when I’m in the truck. Especially since they work well with a coat on.

      • Did you consider other reticles on the RMR series? You don’t specify the RMR model — but from the picture it appears to be a dual illuminated — which gives a subset of the following:

        13.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM03)
        7.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM04)
        a 9.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM05)
        12.9 MOA Amber Triangle (RM08)

        If you like the RMR — but the dot is too big — think outside the DOT — give the triangle a shot — the top of the triangle becomes the aiming point so it does not cover your target – it sits below it. Also you don’t have to give up the larger fast-to-acquire size for quick shots

        • or…… you could line up the built in sights and shoot like you know what youre doing and have a real reason for it and not some 12 year old dumb fuck make believing reality is the same as playing caĺl of duty.

  6. Try the JP Enterprise 4 MOA MRDS. I put one on my G40 yesterday. It is lighter and I can see the front sight through a notch in the body. I haven’t had a chance to take it to the range yet but dry firing showed it to be a better sight than the RMR for the G40 in my opinion. I put my RMR back on my FNP-45.

    This is my first Glock. I had a harder time getting used to the ergonomics and trigger than you did. It was all user error. I finally managed to dial in the shots after a few mags after I focused on some basic drills and stopped over thinking it. Funny how that works.

    • i gotta ask this….. how in the blue fuck do you test sights by dry firing a gun? you do realise that an ALMOST straight (not dead straight) line of sight through your sites means a massive difference between you and an actual threat? goddamn you people buy guns like theyre gold chains around your neck (looks dope ang gibs me a hardon id better buy it and never use it…. FOR JUSTICE!)

  7. How about a G23 with conversion barrel? 🙂 Need to get out and shoot the old girl some more. Been more than a year.

    • It’s easier to go down the caliber scale (.40 to 9mm or 10mm down to .40) than to go up. I’m not aware of any .40 to 10mm conversion barrels, although .45 ACP can go to .460 Rowland with barrel and spring mods. Otherwise shooting Underwood .40 Smith can get you 700+ foot pounds with the 135 grain load out of a 5.3″ barrel.

    • I own a couple of STI’s and carry one every day. The Nitro 10 wins so far because it is concealable. But my accuracy from the kneel was perfectly acceptable with either, and the Glock has twice the rounds at half the cost, and it accepts an optic and a light. As a solid 1911 guy, like I said, I was genuinely surprised

    • youre asking this as a private citizen that believes they have a god given (sorry constitutional right) to shoot people? methinks youre not on enough meds.

  8. I own a couple of STI’s and carry one every day. The Nitro 10 wins so far because it is concealable. But my accuracy from the kneel was perfectly acceptable with either, and the Glock has twice the rounds at half the cost, and it accepts an optic and a light. As a solid 1911 guy, like I said, I was genuinely surprised.

  9. I am not sure when but something has changed with their triggers. I have a recently produced G21 and G19 that have triggers that are every bit as good as the complete trigger replacements I have in a couple of my earlier guns other than the feel of the trigger pad itself. No grit, crisp break, no over-travel with a loud and positive short reset. It is a night and day difference between the factory trigger on an older G17 and G21 and these two newer versions.

  10. Thanks for the review. I currently carry at G29 as a woods gun. In the past it had a milled slide with 2 moa Deltapoint which allowed for paper plate accuracy out to 50 yards pretty easily. The Deltpoint has had some reliability issues including being repaired at least once along with other issues on the 10mm so it has been removed for this season. I have been staring down a G40 at the LGS for weeks now. Hmmm.

    Per the poster above, I would agree on the triggers. I purchased a new Gen 4 G19 recently because you can’t own enough Glocks and it has a noticeably smoother trigger out of the box than my Gen 3.

  11. So, it is a bit much for CC, or to produce from CC. But just think of the effect of producing this artillery piece from CC! It’s as big as a truck, that’s why I thought you were calling it a truck gun. Any opponent with a lick of sense would beat feet at the mere sight of the thing.

  12. I hope you have a chance to add the new Ruger to your test list:

    Seems like this might be able to fill a number of your requirements and I’d love to see a TTAG review.

    By the way- in Wisconsin there is a minimum barrel length of 5.5″ for legal handgun hunting. Of course that’s as measured from firing pin to muzzle tip so I’m pretty sure most 4.2″ revolvers will qualify, but that’s not something manufacturers specify in their literature.

  13. Hey guys, first time poster here (well today i wrote 3, this being the last) anyway.
    First I just want to say how amazing the reviews and comments I’ve seen on here have been. i’ve been reading reviews and watching from the shadows for a few months now and you all have been VERY informative. I’m not new to guns as far as shooting goes. But I am kind of a noob when it comes to the innards (other than cleaning and making sure I put the pieces back in the right way).and I have some questions regarding this model of Glock (the 10mm, g40). In May, I’m leaving on a trip that I’ve been planning for a few years now. Backpacking through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Got all my maps and I’m a CCW holder in my state (MN) (edit* WY MO ID honor our permit) and am applying for my other CCW from Colorado (man i wish all states would just accept them like drivers licenses) so I’m basically ready. I’ve got a CZ97bd that i carry (shoulder or iwb)normally and a Ruger Sp101 357 3″ that a rock on the ankle sometimes. I plan to bring these boys along to the party but I’ve been trying to do as much research as possible on the G40, originally i was looking at the G20 but i wanted a 6″ barrel for ballistics and with the longer sight picture it seems like a waste to go that route for basically the same firearm. (and no im not going to buy any RDS when it comes with adjustable rear sights). This will be worn on my thigh while packing and will be for Yogi bear and similarly nasty beasties I may encounter on the trail. So here’s the question, since i normally shoot standard rounds for my other 2 weapons, I want to know about the hard cast ammo and whether or not I’ll need a larger spring (20-24#), after market KKM or Wolf 6″ barrel, and one piece stainless guide rod to run these rounds without blowing my hands and face apart? Obviously by my other two guns you can tell i’m a steel man and don’t own any plastic. (yes i know its the 21st century, and i do keep my guns very clean so i dont worry about lead build up etc.) And forums have been rife with this sort of info and i even saw an article about glock claiming not to shoot the hard cast in the g40? WHY? haha isnt that why they made this version? or should i just go with a personal build of my own g40, jeremy s style (0% glock glock build) Help I don’t want the bears to eat me and or hurt myself just as badly.

  14. I’m about to buy this firearm and planned to get a RMR next week for it. I did plan on the 6.5 MOA for fast target acquisition. Should I switch to the 3 MOA model? Please advise.

    Also, before I decided on the 40 MOS I considered a FNX-45 Tactical. I know they are totally different guns but what are your thoughts on these two head to head? The benefit of the FNX is it would be a decent suppressor host vs the 40 which I wouldn’t suppress. However I love the 10 mm round and started reading horror stories about the FNX mag releasing having known issues. Any insight on this decision would be very helpful.


  15. Jason I just mounted the Trijicon RMR RM06 on the G35 MOS and it’s perfect. You can adjust the brightness way up and way down for all conditions. I highly recommend it.

  16. I actually like the Glock 40 Gen 4 MOS…. currently. I’ve had two Glocks blow up (a 21 Gen 4 and a 43) so you think I would be leary. However I saw the huge black brick like 40 new and gave it a shot. First it has a 4.5# trigger installed which helped. It has the polymer adjustable sights which are nice, I haven’t figured out which if any optics I want on it. It was very reliable and accurate and the heavy slide helped with recoil. I actually handles nicer than my 80s Delta Elite, though probably not as accurate… I don’t know yet. I’m not a 10mm fan boy and I doubt the G40 will see anymore than hunting trips and the range but so far I’m pleased. I shoot left handed so Glock wise I stick with the Gen 4s (when I use the POS’S at all). But it handles well left or right. And having 15 rounds of 10mm on hand while hunting is pretty good. All and all for a person that’s not that much a Glock fan the G40 is a good pistol.

    • yeah ya really need 15 rounds in a handgun for hunting in case that dear motherfucker gets up in your grill with an uzi. or you could learn to shoot straight and appropriately

      • Notaguntard. Not sure what it is thats wrong with you but you need to grow up and get a life. This site is about exchanging information and learning about new firearms and gear, not about whatever issues you have with…everyone. Grow up and go troll somewhere else.

        Someone who actually carries a weapon for a job, not just claiming it.

        On the actual topic. I have a Glock model 40 and a Vortex waiting on me when I get home from deployment.

    • What the hell happened that you had 2 fall apart on you? Double charge reloads or what?

      Gunner USN
      ditto, i have a G40 waiting on me when i get out of the sandbox.
      also never mind the douchebag, just another left wing gender confused filthy hippie troll.

  17. Despite being a “revolver” guy, some of the comments made here make me want to try out the Glock 40 Gen 40. My revolvers (.357 mag, .44 mag, .45 Colt, and .454 Casull) have always been reliable; absolutely no jams or fickleness depending on loads. My Springfield 1911 (.45 acp) is the only semi-auto pistol out of six that has not jammed or “hick-upped”. I wonder if the Glock 40 is that reliable? I am over six feet tall and weigh over 250 pounds so I can carry my 7 1/2 inch barrel – Super Redhawk .454 Casull in months when I can wear a jacket or coat; but, who knows when our country might go to hell requiring all of us to carry powerful firearms that hold more than six shells for personal protection. I received my USAF small arms expert ribbon in 1967 and believed then and still believe now that long guns (shotguns, rifles, and carbines) are a necessity against any hostile threat (foreign or domestic) & handguns are more or less tools for us to practice with and to use to get to our long guns when times get really bad (God forbid!).

    • thats…… an interesting comment. and one that matches with a dropkick ex telling me her ex raf experience says that any threat can be solved….. by shooting a bad guy in the knee…. while hes running….. by a gun thats designed to be aimed with two hands at people hundreds of yards away. (vast majority of civillian shootings are between 3 and 7ft) – longarms are great for military people…. who are told what direction to fire in… but fucking useless for anything else other than showing off youre either gangster….. or ex military (in either case brainless)

  18. Nice Review. Recently picked up the G40. First time owning or shooting a 10mm but not my first Glock. I mounted a Vortex Venom with 3 moa Dot. Shooting from a sitting position, I can keep all 15 in a 6″ bull. From 10yds standing you’re punching the same hole over and over. Like any other Glock I have and still own…no reliability issues. The trigger is really good. Not 1911 great, but still very good for Glock. It has quickly become my favorite pistol to shoot right now and I will be taking this to the deer stand next season

    • it was a real eye opener for me training to use a semi glock. i got a real insight into americas complete disconnection from reality. ‘revolvers are for hunting and for show, completely useless for anything else, but a semi… phwooooar…’ now when the first thing taught to me about a semi is anything other than ‘reload, then pull the trigger’ (aka how to resolve a revolver malfunction) its not fucking reliable or superior. The biggest laugh was (after 5 other different misfire drills – p.s. in reality if youre sitting there going through all this shit in a firefight… youre fucking dead) being told to get behind cover, field strip, reload, slap, rack, and attempt to fire again… im gonna throw that fucking uselesd piece of metal (sorry, plastic) at the bad guy and run….

  19. Im going to purchase a glock 40 Gen 4 it really caught my eye, Do not own any Glocks this will be my first, Do have a Ruger SP 101 with a 4.25 barrel on it, Best 357 Ive ever had, Looking to be about the same ballistic wise but 15 rnds VS 5, I cant hardly pass this one up, I hope it shoots as accurate as my SP 101 does.

  20. ‘Its ok for the job’ is where you lost me. lol throwing rounds down a range at a paper target is ok for the job this is what makes me laugh about americans. When youre an leo and ‘ok for the job’ is putting down a real and impending threat to life (i.e. not a photocopy of osama bin ladens face) people will listen. until then youre just another retard with a bloody stupid justification for regarding a life taker as a toy (it doesnt cut steak, paint walls, open beer bottles, babysit your child. it kills and nothing else)

  21. Can the moderator delete the posts from notaguntard? This guys is a complete troll, uses the n-word and just about every other obscenity available. Flame-posts after almost every comment. I swear some people have way too much time on their hands and cannot act civil once you give them access to the internet and anonimity.

  22. I too hope notaguntard is banned. Geez.
    Anyway, I recently bought a G40. I love this thing. Shot a few hundered rounds out of it with stock sights. Just purchased a Leupold Deltapoint Pro with the 2.5 MOA. Haven’t fired it with this on it yet. Going through the treacherous searching of which sights to put on it so I can co-witness. I will be using the G40 for hunting, but really enjoyed it at the range. I also have a G42 (for the wife) and a G22 Gen4 with a LoneWolf ported and extended 9mm conversion barrel. I have many other handguns but the G22 and G40 are my favorites. I was not a Glock fan until the Gen4’s came out. I have stock triggers in all and they are very crisp and light compared to older models.

    • I hope every supposed supporter of “Constitutional rights” that can’t handle freedom of speech from someone talking about guns either grows up or wises up to how stupidly ironic their intolerance for words on a computer screen are and doesn’t have anyone relying on him or her for “protection” if so much of a thin-skinned pussy they “hope someone else bans” someone they can’t stand but won’t shut up about who needs to be banned because of what they say or how they say it. But then again I’m fairly certain those folks are very rarely gun owners or “Constitutional rights” supporters period since gun owners typically recognize and respect the rights of others and don’t depend on someone else to deal with a “bully” for them.

  23. I reviewed and thought about the G40, before investing the $$$ in the pistol. Moving up to 10mm and getting my first Glock since the first gen I carried nearly 30 years ago and then subsequently, quickly swapped for a Sig to carry instead… the first Glock (a 23) did not fit well in my hand and slipped too much.

    When I first got the G40, I gripped tight and expected a huge recoil and impacted second shot recovery, thinking of the punishing old Delta Elite 10mm frames, but the G40 was like shooting a tamed heavy-barrel 9mm. It pushed those big rounds through the paint on the target effortlessly. It is the biggest AND SMOOTHEST shooting gun I own (ok maybe the rimfires are lighter, but you get the point).

    The G40 is one I let people shoot who are inexperienced shooters I am teaching to shoot, and they all want to shoot the big long-slide 10mm because they love what it does to a target and the fact it is so “fun” to shoot. If you shoot it at the range, don’t be surprised when others stop and come see what you are shooting, as they are probably feeling your overpressure shockwave over in their stall!

    It is a big gun, and not a CCW, but for accuracy and comfort I have not shot anything comparable and the G40 has turned me into a Gen4 Glock believer and now my carry (concealed and overt holster) are Glocks. AM not qualified to explain the engineering on how these work so well, but will say the G40 is a sweet shooter and one impressive instrument!

    • Do you 10mm fanboys ever compare 10mm and .40 “power” and test barrel lengths and maximum “chamber pressures” and if so, what kind of math leads to “proving” the ridiculous myth of massive 10mm firepower? That is the ONLY LEGITIMATE AND DIRECT COMPARISON OF TWO “DIFFERENT” PISTOL CARTRIDGES THAT CAN BE MADE TODAY BECAUSE BOTH FIRE OR CAN FIRE IDENTICAL .401″ BULLETS. Grab a AMMUNITION MANUFACTURER RELOADING MANUAL LIKE THE ONE HORNADY PUBLISHES AND READ THE “FINE PRINT” CAREFULLY. What you’ll find is that 10mm TEST DATA is from FIVE INCH barrels and .40 TEST DATA is from FOUR INCH BARRELS. What that “small” difference means is that a 10mm has 25% more barrel length to work with than a .40 firing the same exact bullet.


      Punishing recoil from a 10mm Colt Delta Elite? The pistol weighs 38 ounces EMPTY. Add a magazine and 8 rounds of 10mm and you’re right around 3 lbs. A modern “lightweight” hunting rifle in .300 Win Mag can weigh about 2.5 times more and have 5 times the recoil of the HOTTEST 10mm POSSIBLE that STILL barely cracks 800 lb.-ft. and is in SEMI-AUTO where the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THE “RECOIL” IS OPERATING THE PISTOL and that’s in a bolt-action rifle held firmly against “solid bone”.

      But a 3-lb. 1911 firing a cartridge about 80% as powerful as a GOOD 1911 CAN HANDLE at MOST with .460 Rowland kits out there (I’ve got one) that convert 1911s to a semi-auto pistol cartridge with REAL .44 MAGNUM POWER and not the MYTHICAL .44 MAGNUM “POWER” 10mm that kinda sorta flirt with the “bottom” of the .44 Mag energy “range” supposedly have just PUNISHES THE SHOOTER? But yet a PIECE OF SHIT NON-RECOIL-ABSORBING MUZZLE FLIPPING JUNKPILE THAT “KICKS” WITH MILD 9mm is a DREAM PLATFORM FOR “MASSIVE” 10mm POWER?

      ROFLMAO. Tell you what kiddo. When you get older and have more experience I’ll let you shoot my .460 Conversion on either of my 1911s – “original” Remington R1 (the one that’s basically a M1911 and not an M1911A1) or Les Baer Premier II Tactical – and even with the 24-lb recoil spring and kick-ass comp I guarantee 200-grain XTPs at 1500 fps will let you feel how real .44 Mag level energy in a 1911 feels and how CONTROLLABLE and TOLERABLE it is IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOOT A GUN AT ALL TO NOT LET IT KICK YOUR ASS.

    • Agreed! I owned the model 20 & sold it to buy the GEN4 model 40MOS 10mm and a GEN4 model 29, which is my CCW. LOVE the 10mm round! The model 40 can also be concealed…on me anyway! Love em both!! MUCH better than the snappy recoil of a 40cal. The 10mm recoils straight back with less muzzle flip, making it MUCH more controllable. My favorite pistol round, then the ,45ACP, which I also carry in a GEN4 model 30!

  24. Hey notaguntard, I bet you get hard when you see a picture of Hilary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. You’re such a loser. If you are so offended by this site why don’t you try to save an iceberg, I heard they might be melting away. After all climate change is REAL. Let’s see, the earth’s climate has been changing since uh…………….the earth was formed.

  25. I picked up this gun for hunting/field use and so far I love it. I doesn’t compare to my .460 S&W Mag 10.5” but its great for light work. I’ve been left disabled after the last couple wars in the sand boxes and hauling rifles and gear around can ruin the hunt… so why do that when a good handgun will do the job. I wouldn’t use a Glock on or off duty (yeah I still do that to some degree) because Glock has failed to build a true combat capable handgun. Old polymers that flex way too much, no metal to metal mag retention, horrible overall magazine design, and on and on… but theyou make decent civilian pistols and this 10mm long slide seems to hold up well how I use it. I carry in in a Gunfighter Kenai chest rig (doesn’t get in the way for days I need a cane or walking stick) and load it with Underwood Lehigh extreme penetrators. It gets rained on alot so I’ve swapped some of the internals with more corrosion resistant parts and use Corrosion X grease I get from GSA. I use raised adjustable iron sights so I can view them through the Trijicon red dot…. so far I’m very happy. The Glock 40 10mm MOS won’t replace my S&W .460 Hunter with Leupold scope but it was supposed to.

  26. I dont know if one of the other comments has already pointed this out (I did not read them), but the slide on the G40 is NINE inches, not “6” as the author states when referring to the “…real estate between the sights”.

    Just sayin.

  27. I think that I know what you mean…I have a 2nd generation 17L that has a 6.02″ barrel and that pistol actually makes me look like a good shot. But mine came from the factory with a 3.5 pound trigger-pull. I read a review of the 17L and the writer tested it with the 115 grain Cor-Bon JHP’s and they averaged 1,502 fps. And their 33 round factory mags are abundant and inexpensive. That was all I needed to hear and I have never regretted it.

  28. I have the glock 35 with mos, Ive tried for years to like glock and this one is it, In fact its my favorite pistol to shoot and it shoots very well, And 16 rnds of 40 with another 30 rnds back up is a lot of shooting, I carry it in a chest rig when hunting or 4 wheeling, It replaced my 357 for a woods gun,

  29. Im proud to be a paranoid fucktard lmao!!!! Its better than being a paranoid chickenshit fucktard who would never lift a finger to defend their self nor their family much less their country!!! Libturd idiots are the only ones who erase history and fail to remember that our future is determined by the outcome of history because every educated common sensed smart feloow in America pass or present knows that history has a way of repeating it self and its better to be prepared just in case armed with suppior fire powet than to be armed with a broom lmao!!! I am a retired U S Army Cavalry Soldier and I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from the State of Alabama! I served on the Comunist Border Patrol during the Cold Ear Years!!!! I saw first hand how people in Comunist Countries Live!!!! I also have been in shootouts, car chases , got shot at, Watched fellow officers get shot, and had to shoot bad guy illegal immigrant murdering drug dealers armed with full auto cuban supplied Russian full auto AK-47’s!!!! I saw plenty dead bodies of innicent people murdered by these illegal imigrants that made it all the way from the border to Alabama!!!! So the next time a libturd fucktard chickenshit Troll wants to pop off with his cocksucking lipped stink breath mouth this paranoid gun toting old man would be glad to put his steel toed boot up his ass!!!!!

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