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I keep a SIG SAUER Legion Series handgun by the bed for BITN (Bump In The Night) defense. No light. No laser. I also have a SCAR-16 nearby just in case. The FN long gun has a flashlight on its snout, a Leupold scope on top and a red dot on the side. The only other mod: a bit of skateboard tape ahead of the trigger. I reckon the most important accoutrement to my arsenal [sic] isn’t on the gun: a pair of electronic earmuffs. I want to be able to shoot confidently and not lose my hearing, either during a defense or after. What do you have on your self-defense long gun. What mods have you made, and why?

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    • +1 for the sling!
      Think about that for a moment. Are you just going to lean it up against a wall or lay it on a table? No. Keep that boom stick with you.

      • Agreed. In close quarters the last thing you want is your rifle yanked away from you or dropped in the dark.

    • Same here. SAM7R with sling, quad rail, trigger group, T1 red dot and Surefire X300 Ultra.
      Red dot optics and a light are by far the most important I’d say for home defense. Maybe a light laser combo would be the only thing I could see being better.

        • Maybe if you needed to shoot without shouldering? I honestly don’t know. I have never put a laser on a personal rifle.

        • Kinda redundant… if you can’t shoulder ENOUGH for even a shitty view on the dot, you can just wing it and index-shoot. Lasers aren’t that practical IMHO. They shake around, you can’t really find it THAT easily, and then the BG knows they’re being targeted.

          Infrared laser + NVG combo is another story

    • RF, how about Nick or Dan doing a quick article on slings for the AR platform, or is there one in the archives?

    • Agreed , I prefer a full front grip and I’ve gone with the ones with light laser included and prefer the activation switch on the accessory . I like a no power red or green dot and flip up sights for backup and the real controversy will be in my choice of weapons . I know most won’t agree and I may even get a few decenters adamant enough to argue with me , but don’t bother , I’m no newbie . My new BITNW is now , after much trial and consideration , my CMR 30 . I have it accessorized as per above , it holds 30 rounds IN THE GRIP , it’s very lightweight and short and the newest 22 WMR ammo has proven to not only be very reliable in these CMRs but I know it to be very lethal within 75 yards , it will reach farther but no need . I have played with it so much this last year , it’s a truly terrific weapon .
      If you do wish to decent , do it after you have played with your own for a year and run 500 or so rounds through it .

        • Your choice , not mine . I have two rifles that shoot this caliber and I have shot ground hogs and coyotes with it with success and really don’t have any quims with it , it’s fast and flat put relies on speed a little to much where the 22 WMR gets real close in 30 grains but will also sling 45 grainers , just a little more versatile and apparently easier to manufacture in semi auto format . I have a magnum research 1722 M that has a few issues , not bad but could be a little more reliable . I wait for the Kel-Tec in this round and probably purchase one .

  1. Nothing, I just fire two blasts through the door or into the air.

    Anyway, my Mossberg has a flashlight with a narrow beam on it. No need for a laser that way.

  2. Mossberg 500 with a Knoxx Sidewinder Mod (detachable 10 round and 5 round magazines) and a flashlight.

  3. Foregrip, single-point sling, 1-4x illuminated scope w/ attached red dot. About to add a flashlight to it soon.

  4. AR #1 Vertical foregrip, flashlight, Green Laser, Troy 1 point sling, Trijicon ACOG
    AR #1 Magpul AFG, flashlight, Magpul MS3 Sling, Vortex Strikefire Red Dot sight

    M9 Bayonet is optional extra.

  5. No long gun. Glock 17 with a Front Tritium sight and TLR1. I should consider keeping with electronic Ear-pro with it.

  6. Laser, light, and silencer on the handgun; red-dot, light, and silencer on the 300 blackout pistol.

  7. I have a CZ Scorpion rifle with an Aimpoint, a flash light, and a suppressor, loaded with 147gr subsonic hollowpoints.

  8. I keep my long gun for serious social work bare-ass nekkid. I prefer to minimize points of failure and simplify the manual of arms.

  9. Aimpoint PRO, Inforce WML light. Magpul vertical grip, and an Omega Suppressor on a 12″ 5.56mm upper.

  10. My defensive long gun shoots .00 buck. Rail, red dot, 1 point sling, flash light, 9 round tube and one of those elastic-thingies that wraps around the stock and holds an additional 6 rounds.

  11. Sig P226 with a Streamlight TLR-3, with MecGar’s 18-round mags filled with Federal HST’s.

    I did have that Streamlight on a 16″ AR, topped with a Primary Arms red dot and Federal Fusion soft points, but I don’t feel competent enough to move and shoot with a long gun.

  12. I have an Aimpoint, backup iron sights, a vertical foregrip, a white light, a sling, and a sound suppressor on my home defense SBR (basically a MK18). The Aimpoint is for faster, more accurate hits, the VFG is for better control, the white light is because it’s dark 50% of the time, the sling is self-explanatory, and the can allows me to avoid going deaf without having to take the time to put on ear pro.

  13. Handgun w/ light next to bed to fight way to the rifle across the room if needed. AR15 with red dot and light of it’s own. Two ETS 30 round magazines with the built in couplers so 60 rounds is sitting in the mag well.

  14. I have precisely ZERO accessories on my self-defense firearms.

    I want my self-defense firearms to be as reliable as possible. The simpler a system, the more reliable it is. Therefore, I have nothing other than iron sights and a trigger. No lights. No lasers. No reflex sights. No scopes. No batteries to fail. No optical systems to fail.

    Note: I do keep two VERY BRIGHT flashlights and hearing protection within arm’s reach of my self-defense firearms. I will use both if time allows. Otherwise, it’s “pick and pull”: meaning “pick” up the firearm and “pull” the trigger … after positively identifying my target of course!

      • I’m not speaking for uncommon_sense here, but along with my home-defense 12 gauge and handgun, I also keep handy a tactical tomahawk and a BFK. Both are very uncomplicated and also really, really scary.

        • My simplest weapon is a 31″ double edged smallsword. Good reach, very fast, very point, and very hard to see in the dark. I don’t much anticipate have to go to it though.

    • Iron sights can be knocked out of alignment or fall off as well. You probably should get rid of those also. Wouldn’t want something to fail.

      • At home defense distances, most people won’t be using or needing their sights, iron or otherwise. Most of those types of confrontations are at bad breath distances.

        • Ralph,
          Maybe you should keep your gun in the closet. Eat a lot of garlic and beans, then if somebody sneaks into your bedroom, just breeeeeeeeth on him. If that doesn’t put him down, turn around and let loose with a “rip shit, tear ass” fart!

      • As Ralph and Curtis stated, you don’t need sights on a long gun to put accurate shots on a home invader inside your home — at least those of us who live in homes under 3,000 square feet.

    • “Keep it simple” is my motto, too. At home defense distances I can shoot my Mossberg 930 from the hip and hit the perp in the chest. My home defense plan does not require batteries, or a rear sight for that matter.

      My home is arranged such that I can flip on the hall light and the thug will be in the funnel of death before he can even see me.

  15. Primary HD is my CZ SP-01 Tactical – tritium night sights, plus a light/laser combo. With me where ever I am in the house. Long gun is in the corner of bedroom. Marlin 1894 CSS in .357 Magnum, though I keep it loaded with .38 Special + P to keep the noise and flash down a bit and because my wife and daughter are more comfortable shooting it with non-magnum rounds. It has a sling on it and that’s it.

    If something comes down that can’t be handled by me and my handgun, I’m going for style points. Actually, it’s totally practical as my wife and kiddo handle the Marlin lever gun more comfortably than any of my other long guns. They are not afraid of it at all (AR, AK, M1 Carbine, among other stuff I own, sort of intimidate them – they are not gun folk).

    They absolute LAST thing I want is to have my wife and my daughter behind me, backing me up as needed, with a gun in their hands with which they are uncomfortable.

  16. Mossberg 500 Mariner w/ ATI tactical stock. I have the tube loaded with 5 Winchester PDX1 self defense rounds and another 5 in the shell holder on the stock. I use a BeamLOKR mount with CREE LED 130 lumens, 3 mode flashlight for illumination.

  17. Panther Oracle 5.56 w/ ACOG style scope (cheap knock of but still a blast to shoot) and sling;
    Lighted option: Colt 22LR w/ light (still good for BITN purposes – we call it the “Pepe Slayer” (after ‘Pepe LePew’));
    .45 HG as backup
    Son is human BU with PSA 5.56, red dot, forend grip, bipod, sling (thing is a ‘bling stick’ not a boom stick but, in the words of Doug Marcaida, “it will kill”).
    Wife rehearses with a full-size slick PX4.
    Our front door is a bad choice for kicking in.

  18. DDM4V7LW, TLR-1 light, sling, 2.25x pistol scope, MBUS.

    I’ll probably swap the scope out for a MRO when I get the chance. I just don’t need magnification on this thing.

    • Freaking flaky edit button.
      Ghetto edit.
      Ears with the rifle at all times. Also swapped the grip for a MOE+ because I like.

      Also in the process of vetting a Center Balance bullpupp’d Saiga12 for the defense role, and starting a build of a .300 BLK pistol/SBR using a Tennessee Arms polymer lower.

    • Not too long ago I bought a set of Electronic muffs. When I turn them up all the way, I can hear surrounding sound a lot better than if I didn’t have them on. Only way to go!

  19. Nothing on any of my self defense handguns.
    I can see in all my rooms of this house at night enough.
    No one here but me and 2 cats.
    So if its large enough, I know to shoot it.
    Red dots on target pistols.
    Scopes on rifles with the occasinal sling.

  20. I’m a bit puzzle by the video. Are they suggesting a 5.56 carbine or SBR is a good choice for indoor defense of the home? If so, then I must politely disagree. Unless the rifle is chambered in a pistol caliber, over penetration is a serious concern, as is noise level. A suppressor adds a good deal of bulk and reduces maneuverability in tight spaces. It also adds a liability factor that many people do not consider. A DA or grand jury may look dimly on your exotic arsenal (SBR, suppressor) and conclude that you you were spoiling for a fight. If you are charged and convicted of some gun-related crime, the Feds will gladly tack on 10-20 years to your sentence for misuse of a NFA. I believe a more effective choice is an 18″ pump or SxS 12 gauge shotgun loaded with reduced recoil buckshot (or 20 gauge in a pinch) and fitted with a strong flashlight that is easy to operate (pressure activation switch preferred). As for slings, I never use them at home since they tend to be noisy and manage to snag on anything they can (I don’t plan to set the firearm down until the police arrive). Tactical vests, battery operated sights, backup pistol, spare magazines…do you really have time to don all this gear and run a function check? You’re better off spending this time dialing 911 and placing your family in a defensive barrier. That’s a drill you should have practiced many times before something goes bump in the night.

    • Just a little bit of constructive criticism…

      .223/5.56 has much less penetration through multiple walls than pistol ammo or buckshot. True story, look it up. Plenty of youtube videos demonstrating it. It has to do with momentum. .223 has high energy because of it’s speed but low momentum because of it’s mass and you need the momentum to burst through walls and keep on truckin.

      There is no crime for misusing an NFA item, especially if it’s self-defense. NFA only has to do with tax/registration to legally own, possess, transfer, manufacture, etc.

      As for rifle versus shotgun, that comes down to personal choice. But I’d like to point out that SWAT Teams and CQB teams doing dynamic entry of homes do not do it with shotguns, they do it with SBRs. If they use SBRs for clearing houses, it may follow that I should use an SBR to clear my own house.

      • Thankfully I’m the kind of person that keeps all large furniture so tight against the wall no one can use them as cover if it can be it gets thrown out, that way I never have to shoot through anything. I also get the family to rearrange their beds and swap rooms each night and warn them to move around a lot if they hear a commotion that way it’s always in my mind that I have to hit the intruder with dead-on balls accuracy or risk family members.

        Because of wall penetration/dead eventual liver donor risks I only load my defensive weapons with snap caps and strap a tomahawk to my inner thigh with duct tape at all times.

        As to what SWAT uses? Well they get to plan the action (at least with more than the 2 seconds you’ll get after you hear your door shatter), have multiple people working with them and don’t have to pay for the mess afterwards. They also have that special canine seeking and target dodging ammo anyway and that’s out of my price range.

        Now that I’ve settled that once and for all I’m off to hit that large dog like thing with the saddle laying motionless in the garden with a stick.

    • Pistol calibers and shotguns overpenetrate walls far worse than small caliber, high velocity rifles. A .223 will tumble after passing through drywall, losing velocity extremely fast. A 9mm or .45 will punch right through and continue true.

    • If you have not removed and hidden the suppressor before the police arrive, what happens then is your own fault.

  21. AR-15, Quad rail, High intensity light, green laser, red dot, Leupold scope, fold down fore grip, double 45 degree mount for red dot and light. Plastic box for extra underware, Oh wait, that’s on my bicycle!

  22. Aimpoint T2, Surefire X300 ultra, BCM short foregrip, and a Magpul MS4 sling. And some ear pro on the shelf right next to it. Mostly just rely on my PPQ m2 with Trijicon night sights and a handheld flashlight for HD though

  23. Currently my AR has a vertical foregrip and an old surefire G2 (with a remote pressure switch) that I had lying around the house mounted. The list of future accessories to be added are a single point sling adapter, sling, and red dot.

    Right now, home defense is handled by a 1st gen P99 and separate hand held light. (Darn proprietary rail system)

  24. A shell holder that’s so tight you can’t get the shells out without the help of performance enhancing drugs, that way when the cops come I can say “See I was proportionate I still have shells left”.

    The muffs are a good Idea but seeing as I can load a pump action quicker that I can get on muffs in a daze and I’m always told “If you have time to load it you don’t need it” I don’t have them handy.

  25. None. I don’t have a home defense long gun. Nor do I plan to get one. Rifles are too powerful and shotguns cause too much damage–anybody coming into my house will be surrounded by dogs, and I am not about to shoot my dogs. A handgun (or two) and a sword (or two) are more than sufficient for my needs. The only home invasions around here anyway are on marijuana growers/dealers, and I am not one of those.

  26. My 5.56mm has a MAGPUL MS3 Sling and EOTech EXPS-2 sight (my night vision is already good enough); usually start with XD-S .45 for bump-in-the-night though.

  27. My long gun aint so long. Bed-side gun is a 10.5″ AR in 300 blk with a suppressor. Red dot and a weapon light with a pressure switch on the forearm, beam set to low intensity wide dispersal. No worries about hearing protection and even with the suppressor its still very short and handy to maneuver. I feel pretty confident with 30 rounds of heavy .30 cal projos on tap. I can be more accurate with it vs. a pistol, and in my experience its harder to take a rifle away from me than a handgun. Very few worries about overpenetration through walls or anything; I live alone and all the houses in my neighborhood are concrete block construction. The odds of a round covering the 50 yards or so from my house to a neighbors, going through at a minimum 4 layers of concrete and likely a few layers of drywall on the way, and doing much damage at the end is pretty low in my mind. Of course, what the hell do I know.

  28. Nothing fancy, just upsized bolt release (Wilson) and upsized, heavy duty gunfighter charging handle (Bravo Company). I’m just looking to make the most of gross motor skills.

  29. Scope, BUIS, Single point sling, a laser goes on in the event of natural disasters to discourage looters or mobs

  30. Bushnell Red dot, surefire light. 000 buck and a few rounds of .45 Colt. Even if the red dot fails, if the target is centered in the glass, I’ll hit my target at across the room distances. Backup is my RIA 10mm 1911. If someone breaks in, I want to wake up the family and the neighbors.

  31. 2-7x scope and sling. I can hit a bad guy at 100 yards (from a rest) with my house gun (6″ GP100) so I don’t figure on using my defense rifle across the living room.

  32. Daniel Defense M4V5 with a Surefire M600P, Aimpoint Comp m4, first generation redi-mag, and a single point sling from John Willis at SOE. The sling, light, an optic are pretty self explanatory, the redi-mag is there because it makes for a near instant magazine change, and the magazine/ammo is the most likely thing to cause a malfunction.

  33. I have a phone and know that my local law enforcement will take care of me. You barbarians.

    /end sarcasm

  34. Here’s a question, what do folks who need glasses/contacts do? Do you have glasses nearby as well? Can you be effective (at HD ranges) without your glasses?

    Seems that glasses would be an important accessory for those that need them. Just curious how others have it all planned out.

    • “Here’s a question, what do folks who need glasses/contacts do? Do you have glasses nearby as well? ”

      I usually keep my glasses on the bedside table near my handgun and flashlight.

      “Can you be effective (at HD ranges) without your glasses?”

      Personally, yes. I am far-sighted so I can generally see the sights and my target unless the gun is fairly (and likely too) close to my face. And if the person is that close, I have more things to consider than having trouble seeing them. My wife? We have not tested it, but she is near-sighted and stuff starts to get fuzzy at distance for her. So I think she would need to throw on her glasses if she chose to have ready access to her firearm at night.

    • Glasses suck. I am near sighted. That is why I practice weekly.
      Square range and/or private range.
      Point of aim w/o using sights is worth working for…
      You react how you practice.

  35. Tavor with an Aimpoint and Surefire for the downstairs rifle. I still need a sling for it. Upstairs it’s an AK74, Aimpoint(Why would you not put optics on an AK in this day and age?), Inforce WML, and single point sling.

  36. No long gun for me, I want the ability to have my cell phone in my left hand and still be able to shoot under the assumption that I will be either on the line with 911 or calling them shortly. That is the same reason I have a flashlight mounted on it, I don’t want to be encumbered by accessories. I also have laser grips; most self defense stories I have heard has some sort of variation of “I never even saw the sights.” Usually if they had a laser, they will say that they saw the laser.

  37. Nothing on the Chinese Pardner pump. I do have a blinding flashlight next to it. And my house is not large. As Ralph mentioned his toys I also have 2 axes, knives,baseball bat,pepper blaster and machete in EZ reach.

  38. no accessories on my dsa FAL. may be a bit much for indoors, but I’m not worried about overpenatration. the next house is a half mile away. 20 rounds of soft point .308 will stop anything, and I mean anything entering my house. plus it’s one of those scary black rifles, albeit it with nice wood furniture so the DA’s sensibilities are not too badly upset.

  39. Right now my bump in the night gun is Xdm compact 9mm. With Crimson trace red laser.
    Next will be an ar SBR in 300 blackout.

    First thing I want on my home defense rifle is a silencer ! Forget ear pro. What about the wife and kids? And even the bad guy, I know he can’t sue for the gunshot but he may be able to for the hearing loss( no joke).
    Second thing is a red dot the reflex type like an eotech. I like the open site for fast close use. I’m also thinking a green laser/flashlight combo. Just in case I need to shoot from an off hand position. A laser on a long gun is not really that useful Unless it’s IR and you have NV, but on an 8 inch barrell I like to be able to pint shoot.
    Of course the sling is important. Single pony for SBR.
    And body armor is nice too. Even if just anti soaks steel with an inexpensive place carrier. You can through it on over your batch robe.

  40. I have a Type 97NSR with 10round mags of Winchester White box JHP, 3 point sling, and a Red Dot sight. Going to add a weapon light soon.

    (Canadian. We can have 30 round mags, but only pinned to 5 capacity. 10round or 14 round mags are available as loophole mags.)

  41. Sling, light, Arisaka finger stop, suppressor, Aimpoint.
    And I also use 20 round PMAGS to reduce the amount the mag extends below the pistol grip. Just to make sure I don’t get it caught on anything.

  42. Same boring stuff

    red dot

    Mine’s a little glock pattern 9mm sbr carbine though

  43. – Bullup Saiga 12 closed to travel legal 26/18 white suppressor
    – Load Hexolites 3 Inch Magnums 20 in Drum (30 is to bulky)
    – Suppressor white nice muzzle flash hider/brake combo
    – Forward Grip
    – Handguard over Suppressor
    – Double LED Lights
    – EoTech
    – No Laser i blend the bastard over i shoot ^^

    If the prices got down i want an thermal optik but thtas future.

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