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In this picture, the “victim” is in a bad, bad way. Assuming that’s a gat in the mugger’s mitt, the driver guy’s about to get his proverbial clock cleaned. By the time Mr. Glasses draws his weapon, there’ll be some bullets whizzing in his direction. Question: why is he getting out of his vehicle? Surely driving away would have been a more effective plan B. If he’s exiting the car, getting to some cover should take precedence over drawing his weapon. Good luck with that. In any case, shouldn’t drawing your weapon be plan Z, the last thing you do to defend yourself? Avoid, escape, defend, attack. Like that.

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  1. I had this pic up as a screen saver for a while. Stick a fork in Mr. Plan B, he’s done. If he is reaching for his weapon instead of high-stepping it back into his CUV, he’s toast. The perp has him dead on. Mr. Plan B is about to get blown away.

  2. Sitting in a car leaves you very vulnerable. You can’t easily draw a pistol from a waist holster, you can’t dodge, you can’t aim in every direction, you can’t grapple with an assailant standing next to you. And a vehicle body is more concealment than cover (yes, it will slow a bullet down but any decent-size pistol bullet will still have enough energy to hurt you after going through a car body).

    If the car was parked, exiting the vehicle would be a better option than sitting there and getting perforated. Not a huge improvement but better than nothing.

    • True dat. BUT—how about driving away? Or, if necessary, at? There is no “one size fits all” reaction. But this particular Plan B looks like an epic fail.

  3. It looks like a residential driveway. He probably can’t pull forward. If he was exiting the car when he spotted the mugger, his only chance is to draw and hope A: the mugger is a lousy shot (the odds are good: look at the way Mr. Mugger is holding his weapon, there is a good chance of a jam, he can’t use the sights like that and the weapon is pointed at the ground.) and B: he can perforate Mr. M before to many of M’s shots go into Mr. G’s house.

  4. Pictures are deceiving. Have no idea if he is getting out of the car or trying to get into it.

    Either way, it doesn’t seem like the car would be running. Is it better to be a sitting duck while you try to get a car started and in gear or to draw and be ready to fire?

    Heck, have no idea if there are others in the car or waiting to get into the car.

    What is the real point?

    If you can’t avoid muggers — and no one can always avoid them — better have a back up plan other than begging mercy.

    • Chris, are you suggesting that this isn’t surveillance video from a real crime? Damn. I was hoping to see how it came out.

      /sarc off

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