Avoid Stupid People Doing Stupid Things in Stupid Places

It’s the rabbi’s mantra. Well, one of them. And it’s worth repeating. Not again, obviously; the headline gets the point across. Of course, an anecdote is worth a dozen adages. A siren’s song? Even more. So I give you this: “A WOMAN shot through the leg in a suspected bikie shooting is believed to be former Penthouse pet and Miss Universe finalist Emma Gibbs,” the heraldsun.com.au reports. “A close friend of Ms Gibbs’ family confirmed to the Gold Coast Bulletin the 26-year-old model was recovering in Gold Coast Hospital from a gunshot wound to the upper thigh.” And just how did such a comely lass come a cropper? As if you couldn’t guess . . .

Ms Gibbs, who is a former Queensland aerobics champion, was a finalist in the 2007 Miss Universe competition before going on to be named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2009.

She now tours around Australia performing stripteases and pole dancing at nightclubs and adult functions.

The friend told the Bulletin Ms Gibbs had ‘become involved in a bad crowd’, adding to speculation the shooting might have been linked to an outlaw bikie gang.

Bikies and strippers were believed to be socialising at the house when the shooting occurred.

Socializing? Is that what you call it?


  1. avatar frappe33 says:

    …a quick Google search verifies the comeliness of the lass.

    1. avatar Martin Albright says:

      Just to be on the safe side I wouldn’t recommend doing that google search from work.

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Thanks for keeping me honest!

  3. avatar TTACer says:

    I think there is a stand-up routine about strippers with bullet scars but I can’t remember who’s it is.

    1. avatar RB211 says:

      Chris Rock did a routine about how white people have playboy, and black people have Jet. He said they didn’t even touch up the bullet holes.

  4. avatar RB211 says:

    How could this happen? I thought guns were illegal in Australia. Was this gun registered? Was the owner licensed?

    OMG, does this mean gun control doesn’t work–again???

  5. avatar Martin Albright says:

    Damn scoot jockies! Ever since the Toe Cutter and Bubba Zanetti met their ends, nobody’s been keeping them in line.

    Where’s Max Racketanski when you need him?

  6. avatar Emily says:

    Before you comment on what the paper printed and not on actual facts. Did you at all think of contacting Emma directly? Maybe the reason for ur stupid blogging instead of REAL RESEARCH and following up facts is why you are just a man with to much time copying and pasting an article then making up ur own assumptions about people or the truth. Get a real job and stop the lies spreading with ur crap and bias ranting.

  7. avatar Craig says:

    I know this vial creature, she was a penthouse pet who moved to Sydney to become a prostitute, last i heard she was in heard of kylo, a lock-up phsyc ward for the mentally deranged. she was into the ice and was living in a housing nsw property, and prostituting herself from this property. as well as her younger sister who was a talented horse rider.

    emma is said to have traveled to the gold coast for a drug transaction but when she tried to rip off the bikeies they shot her.

    all i can say is good riddance to this vial creature and i wish they would have aimed about 2 foot higher.

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