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Nothing. Don’t do nothing. Do something. Anything. Preferably something violent. Escape! In most jurisdictions, if you’re being held against your will at gun or knifepoint, the entire event is considered a lethal threat. You are in imminent danger from start to finish. You can use lethal force to escape your kidnapper or kidnappers. Anyway, why are we talking about this? Who cares what the law says (at that point)? As the Petit murder indicates, you must assume your kidnappers are going to kill you and yours. Get away and alert the police, even if the kidnappers threaten to kill loved ones held hostage.¬†Here’s someone who didn’t prepare earlier, from . . .

Investigators said that the occupants of the home, a man and a woman, told them that they were getting ready for work before the attack . . .

The woman told police she went outside to her driveway to start her car and warm it up before going back inside. When she returned to the car, the woman said she found a man dressed in all black sitting in the passenger seat with a gun.

The attacker put the gun to the woman’s head and forced her back inside, police said. Two other men then came into the house and used duct tape to bind the victims.

The attackers then stole the homeowners’ credit cards and ATM cards, police said, before two of them went to the bank to withdraw all the victims’ money . . .

After the two men who had gone to the bank returned to the home, all three men ransacked the house, taking nearly everything of value, investigators said.

The robbers packed the homeowners’ belongings into the car they brought and the woman’s car before speeding away.

Obviously, this a highly unlikely event: both the crime itself and the fact that both victims emerged without ¬†scratch. I know it’s Christmas and all, but don’t let your guard down. (Washington attacked the Hessians on Christmas day!) Sad but true: police consider this the robbing season. Share the love with your friends and family but remember to maintain situational awareness. And no matter what the time of year, never count on blind luck or, God forbid, the word of a criminal.

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  1. I was bowing snow off my driveway in Bismarck, ND this morning with my PX4 9mm secured in my vest pocket. I’d rather have it & not need it than need it & not have it.

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