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“More than 70 percent of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods experienced gun-related crimes last month,” WCPO reports. “Westwood, East Price Hill, Walnut Hills, Bond Hill and Over-the-Rhine (in that order) topped the list of 37 neighborhoods impacted by 170 gun-related incidents reported in March, according to an analysis of data provided by the Cincinnati Police Department. Shots were not fired in every case.” Other than the headline’s use of the term “gun violence” . . .

and a picture of a $1331 Kimber Ultra CDP II – as unlikely a gang banger gat as you’ll find – the point is … guns! Anyway, how’s the firearms-related crime in your ‘hood? How far do you live from a bad part of town (or country)? How does proximity to firearms-related crime influence your carry or armed home defense choices?

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  1. I don’t think I’ve heard of a violent crime at all in my immediate area other than one murder about a half-mile down the road. (Both the criminal and the victim were from out of town and squatting in an abandoned house.)

    Now, that said, there’s been a LOT of burglaries. I’m thinking of setting up a couple of game cameras just in case.

    • Burglaries ovcur because section 8 (hud) is moving poor people into urban areas and subsiding rent to investor landlords who are on the hook for 15 years. The belief is if poor are exposed to middle class that would inspire them to work lifting themselves up. Problem is, like with most government programs, they do not account for culture or have a support structure for transition. So poor folks call on their friends to socialize and when they arrive, at first the get the lay of the neighborhood, then over time systematically start burglarizing homes. It’s well documented how crime moves from concentrated areas to the burbs and city leaders refused to acknowledge the data. The result is longer police response time.

      Another money train Triad. Government funding real estate investors, City leaders moving out poor people to urban areas, rebuilding downtown housing, selling at a higher profit margin, hiring more police to reduce response times, which in turn write more tickets or conduct warrant less searches for revenue, while law abiding homeowners get burglarized and exposed to criminals.

      It’s how the wealth is moved around.

      • That is the Democrat “Community Based Wealth Redistribution Program”.

        If you are not feeling guilty for your privilege, you must attend mandatory re-education.

      • Yeah, it is better to enforce a class system and keep the poor people in an area that they can be controlled in.

    • I’m about 7 miles from Ferguson, so…

      My small, racially-diverse neighborhood is fairly quiet, I think. It helps that I live about a block from the cop shop. I’ve never seen any violent crime, or “Hands up” tomfoolery.

  2. Non existent. Currently living just off campus at Virginia Tech. I carry everywhere I go (except the campus) and it is received well all over town. Several local Krogers that I have OC’ed in, even the best bar around (top of the stairs) has stickers up saying “guns save lives. Despite the tragedy back in 2007, I am not aware of any gun related crime or instances despite an avid hunting and gun owning culture within the city of blacksburg surrounding the school and in the neighboring christiansburg.

    • Another Hokie here, 2002 grad now in the Richmond area.

      Good for TOTS…glad they’re still around when so many of my old haunts have changed over the years.

      Firearm-related violence is pretty high in the rent-controlled districts of Richmond city proper. The suburban counties, not so much. Go exurbanite…work/shop in the suburbs, live in the further-out-suburbs, that’s how to avoid stupid people/places near cities.

  3. I live 70 miles west of Va. Tech in the country. The only crime around here is when people are caught making Meth or an occasional DUI. I could drive about 50 miles north into Southern WV and find plenty of crime. However, there are four steep and crooked mountains between us.

  4. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a gun get violent. They always just sit there silent and still.

  5. Not much of an issue out by me… Chiraq (which is about ~40 miles down I-90) more of a problem.

  6. It’s terrible; my wife was *really* made when I said I wanted another gun! There may have been raised voices.

  7. My little corner of Idaho gets it’s share of “gun violence”.
    A few months ago, the police engaged in a shootout on the interstate on-ramp with an out-of-towner.
    We’ve had one or two instances of the Knockout Game.
    Robberies are a fairly regular affair.
    Home invasions aren’t unheard of.
    I know it’s not as interesting as gun violence, but about 5 blocks from my house, an individual strangled his girlfriend and her kids. To death.

    Bottom line: crime.
    You can try to avoid it. I hear the moon is nice, though the commute is a bitch. and you have to go through Florida.

  8. Meh. There’s a lot of ghetto hoods migrating from Chicago. The influx brought drug related crimes up, concentrated in a fairly small area, but growing. Seems like about every other week there’s shots fired or a stabbing. I carry all the time, although the city I live in is still safe.

    • Same story here. I live in a college town where there are people from 115 countries living yet the federal government decided the town wasn’t ‘diverse’ enough so the city ran ads in Chicago for people to take there housing vouchers and move here. Still a pretty low crime area but crime had been virtually non existent before.

  9. I live close to St. Louis. Every night there are several stories about black on black gun violence. Little black on white violence because we stay the hell out of certain areas. Tourists beware!!!!!!! Funny, the Kimber piece is one of several weapons that I choose to carry concealed. One never knows, the violence may leak out into my neighborhood. St. Louis just isn’t safe and the Democrats have been running the place for years. FYI: Ferguson is just one of several problem areas around St. Loo. It’s a good thing Missouri supports gun ownership and CCW for those of us who know better. East St. Louis, Illinois, just across the river? Don’t even think about it! Need to stop here before Barry comes after me for being a PC violator. It’s just disgraceful and getting worse day by day.

  10. No gun violence here, just people violence, contrary to what the Cleveland Police Chief has to say.

  11. Violence in my area is low. Most of us carry and shoot weekly at the least. Prosecutions are extremely low. Also, and completely unrelated, I own a backhoe.

    • “Also, and completely unrelated, I own a backhoe.”

      And your friends are very grateful that you are a guy that doesn’t ask a lot of questions…


  12. All the guns around here are lazy and just lay around unless someone picks them up and uses them. The “people violence” has been staying at a livable level and I just don’t care what tools the people use to do their violence.

  13. Where I live (just north of outer belt north side of Columbus OH) : none that I know of i.e. gets reported. Three miles south where I work, I can hear gun fire in the adjacent neighborhood daily. Every day a murder by gun fire is reported on the morning news. My commute dictates prudence of carrying but then so does home situation. To paraphrase Glen Gary Glen Ross “ABC. Always be carrying”.

  14. Lots of it has exploded in Milwaukee in the last week. 7 deaths, 40 year to date over 14 last year same time. The mayor believes it’s all been committed by CCW permit holders and racist white cops. Instead, all the cases where the suspect has been identified, all have long rap sheets naturally and are prohibited from possession of a firearm. It appears Milwaukee may be getting over its Chicago Inferiority Complex and trying to match Chiraq on crime and violence. Thankfully, I live 25 miles away where there is some sanity and mostly small town crime.

    • At least you guys have an awesome sheriff. The guy really embodies what law enforcement should be.

  15. Super low to nonexistent here. I’d have to drive over an hour to north Portland to witness that.
    I don’t go to north Portland.

  16. My reaction to the question and the photo is that it conflates two distinct questions.

    Suppose the topic were house fires. Suppose the question were “How are the house fires where you live” accompanied by a very nice fire-extinguisher?

    Well, I live in a nice area where the brick houses are separated by large yards. Nevertheless, I keep a large and high-quality fire-extinguisher. As remote as the risk for me might be, I regard a fire-extinguisher as a reasonable precaution against a low-probability/high-consequence contingency.

    On the other-side-of-the-tracks, the houses are all built of wood. The streets are very narrow and there are no yards. Electrical wiring is not up-to-code. Fires are frequent and they spread rapidly. They are difficult to arrest.

    Fire extinguishers aren’t the source of the problem in the latter neighborhood; nor, frankly, are they the solution. The problem of house fires in this latter community are deeply embedded in the intrinsic nature of its construction. Nothing will fix that problem short of a ground-up rebuild.

    The raw data of fires or guns doesn’t tell us anything about the nature of society’s problems nor point to the solutions.

    We need to assemble much more finely-grained data on who is involved in gun-mortality. Suicide is far more important than crime, which, in turn, if far more important than accidents. We PotG have an intuitive insight into the details but we don’t do a good-enough job of laying this out in the public discourse.

    With respect to suicide, we need the demographics on who commits suicide with a gun. To the extent that suicides are: adults; educated; suffering from painful illnesses; capable; etc. it’s pretty clear that these suicides would have found a way to kill themselves even if their preferred mode (guns) were unavailable. Such data would reveal to the casual observer that the pool of suicides “but for the availability of a gun” is pretty small.

    With respect to crime we need the demographics on the rap-sheets of both the victims and the suspects/convicts. Some of this we can infer from the precincts where the crimes occur. Other data would best be tabulated from samples of investigation reports. It ought to become clear that regulating OFWGs’ use of guns isn’t going to impact on the number of gun crime deaths.

    With respect to accidents, where do these occur? On gun ranges? In the homes of NRA members? Or, do they occur in the same precincts as gun homicides? Are the owners of these guns 2A-able or prohibited-persons? If 2A-able, did they graduate from gun safety courses?

    • With all due respect — no. We carry for “just in case,” which is the only thing we can control. Everything else is rhetoric and statistics.

  17. The town is pretty peaceful. AFAIK, there hasn’t been a murder here since Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd in June, 2013, a crime for which he has just been convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

    The crime stats available to me do not include information as to the tool selected by criminals to help them do their dirty work.

  18. and a picture of a $1331 Kimber Ultra CDP II – as unlikely a gang banger gat as you’ll find

    Don’t gangbangers love unreliable bling-bling guns?

  19. Welcome to south Florida. I carry on the job, because I get paid to. I carry everywhere else because south Florida is what it is……..just read any local rag.

  20. My AR15 beat me up and took my lunch money, that’s all the” gun violence” I’m aware of.

  21. In Phoenix, AZ, the city was nice enough to put aircraft beacon lights where the ghetto is. So all Phoenix residents automatically know to avoid South Mountain at night.. just look for the bright red beacons and head in another direction, you’ll be safe.

    • I used to live in that area (Laveen). Started out okay when the housing market was booming, went downhill around ’08. Lots of break-in’s and home invasions; also increased gang activity spilling over from further east.

      Around 2012 a couple of winners broke into a nearby home with 3 kids home alone. The oldest shot the intruder with his dad’s handgun and made the national news. There were many other DGU’s in that area which never had more than a local headline for a day (I know there were two that were never reported).

      It’s still pretty “sporting” in that area, but I hear it is slowly getting better. While I was there, I had one occurrence that I considered a close call, my wife had another that was a bit scarier. We never left the house without our carry guns.

  22. It has gone downhill south of Chicago in Cook county. Murder 2blocks away, Mexican cartel 2x execution 5blocks away, breakins and in the 15years since we moved here the housing market has collapsed. And my town is WAY BETTER than surrounding cities. And also possibly the most pro 2a suburb. No strolling at night…

  23. Gun violence? Well, the police just killed a drug dealer suspect by the local motel. The police shot another guy outside the church on the main street. The police shot another guy who was threatening to hurt himself (love the delicious irony) so, well, no gun violence as much as police violence. The picture should be a department issue Glock 22 for more realism. As far as citizen-on-citizen crime here it is mostly property stuff, burglaries, metal/wire thieves. Inland Empire area, SoCal.

  24. The majority of the “gun crime” where I live involves hunting out of season or on someone elses property.

  25. Very quiet in my neck of the woods, rural Idaho along the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. You can hear the fish sipping flies. Only gun shot’s I’ve heard of in the past 5-6 years are the HMR 17 when I pop a few Rock Chuck from the deck. But I sleep each night with my Kimber Ultra CDP by my side, only difference is mine has a laser. Probably never need it for protection and that suits me just fine.

  26. Had a murder here a few years ago. Seems a gal came up from Texas and her boyfriend followed. She let him in… and didn’t have a gun. Poor fool.

    Otherwise, I don’t know of much real crime in this area, and have not heard of any others involving a gun of any kind. The guns outnumber the people here by a serious margin, and most of the people know how to use them. Would seem that none of our guns are of a violent nature…

    I carry because it is the right thing to do. I am responsible for myself and my safety. If I never have to use it again for defense, I’ll be happy.

  27. I live in a nice, small complex with quiet neighbors. Unfortunately it’s a short block from a major arterial, close to a homeless shelter and trailer park. I see questionable people walking on my street all the time. Last month someone let off 6 rounds close by about midnight. Yesterday I saw four city PD vehicles as I went to work. Needless to say, I home carry. Western city with a pop of 41,000.

  28. Not a lot of “gun violence” here but a whole crap load of “gang violence” that happens to involve guns. This year we’re pacing well above the past half dozen years (except 2012) in both shootings and homicides but crime is still down according to the mayor and the now MIA police supt.

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

  29. None really, except for the murder of a battered woman who was moved into our town under witness protection and a gang/drug body dump on the outskirts. That being said, I carry since I travel through some of the DMZs around the DFW area. Semi rural Texas in the north is really quite safe (not counting the critters).

  30. I live in Prince William County Va. According to the most recent crime stats available (2013), there were 6 murders, 58 rapes, 188 Agg Assaults, and 228 Robberies. The total county population was 418,395. Not really much in the way of violent crime, but I still carry.

  31. In my neighborhood, there are a lot of guns peacefully sitting in their holsters. A few miles away, we have a problem with guns carried by gangs of people in the business of importing and distributing recreational pharmaceuticals funneled up from Mexico. For some reason, these people will not come into our neighborhood. 🙂 I always carry when not home.

  32. In Minnesota over 2/3 of assaults and murders committed by humans using guns occur in 3 zip codes. Two in Mijnneapolis and 1 in Saint Paul. As the Yale sociologist demonstrated in Chicago, those involved, as perp or or vic, comprise a closely-related tiny subclass of less than 1% of the population. The remaining 99% are both safe with guns and law-abiding.

  33. I actually haven’t looked it up in my current area. It’s pretty small town charm around here. But the city isn’t THAT far away, so it’s always something I think about.

  34. In my state, (UT) if a person is killed by another human, it is most likely at the hands of a police officer. Too bad. However in the small town that I grew up in, my friend’s stepdad shot and killed his mom, and then himself. The next year a single mother shot herself and two kids, both within the last few years. Guns these days, right?

  35. Well I live on Log Island about 50 miles from NYC where there are NO guns allowed.
    There is a report of a shooting in the city on the local nightly news practically daily.
    In contrast on Long Island or outside the city limits there have been a rash of Bank robberies (no shooting)
    I am concerned however that there seems to be an increase in home invasions here in the Burbs lately.

  36. Chicago- Though Im not in the duck and cover neighborhoods there have been 4 shootings mine in the last couple of years. Im not sure carrying a gun is the answer But I am sure it beats the hell out of whatever is in second place

  37. Eh, where I live isn’t bad at all, but where I work is pretty much gang town. But since I’m a 50 year old white guy and not a Hispanic teen it’s fine. We have a few drive-bys a year and an occasional body will get dumped in the vicinity, but it’s very self contained. None of my co-workers or our residents have been hassled either.

  38. I live in a suburb of a major Florida city. One murder in 3 years and the weapon was a kitchen knife. Our biggest issue is property crimes.

  39. Hmm. Previous comment disappeared. WordPress glitch?

    Short answer- worse and about to get a lot worse, in CA.

    But you wont get that answer from FBI or LEA stats. The first is already old, and only as good as what is put in- Its driving by looking in rear view mirror on GIGO.

    And coming stats doesnt reflect reality due changes in definitions and impacts of early releases and downgraded felonys to misdemeanors. LAPD already busted for falsifying numbers to look better, and Stanford U, the contracted stats number crunchers is saying early trends statewide are “disturbing”…
    Imagine that! Read Victor Davis Hansen for whats happening in CA ag lands. It aint pretty.

    Closer to the border, well…just read the news.

    Besides, how much do you trust ANYTHING coming out of this Admin, or State of CA, on gun crimes?
    Can you imagine them NOT twisting the data…lets see, lets think about ClimateGate, in re: NASA, IFCC hoax in hockey stick…. What about Health Care? BLS numbers and Treasury?

  40. I commute between western NC and western VA. Violent crime with or without guns falls into the usual situations — the well known drug infested neighborhoods in the cities, and the occasional rural meth situation. Lots of killing by the police. If you run from the police or engage them in a car chase, especially on the NC side, they don’t ask questions and empty their magazines. Outside of the usuals, it’s pretty safe. Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens are accepted as the norm. (Both white and black citizens, by the way. Verified by my lovely wife who did home health visits including in some questionable areas. The old people would talk about their Smith and Wessons and Winchesters. Funny how you rarely read or heard about them needing to be used.)

  41. We live in a great school district that is surrounded by mediocre to poor school districts, so the crime tends to be danger-close. Not long ago a nearby, privately-owned restaurant owner was shot to death in front of his wife and kids. There was also a Thanksgiving-week series of home burglaries (at least 3 houses, maybe more, all on the same street/same day) one block from our house.

  42. “Westwood, East Price Hill, Walnut Hills, Bond Hill and Over-the-Rhine (in that order) topped the list of 37 neighborhoods impacted by 170 gun-related incidents reported in March, according to an analysis of data provided by the Cincinnati Police Department.
    I live 50 miles to the West. This is typical in those areas of Cincy. Most of the perps are in the drug business and look like Obama,s sons. Get away from the hot spots, and the Cincy area becomes more mundane.

  43. My community resembles many suburbs–except that we are 150 miles from the nearest urb. We have a huge homeless population, and as a result burglaries are common, but home invasion robberies are rare and generally involve people with drugs being robbed by people who want drugs. Murders are usually of the domestic relations variety, although there are the occasional violent crimes involving guns or knives, often combined with drugs or large quantities of alcohol. The police kill more people than anyone else, but in every case, the deceased was shooting at them. CCWs issuance is among the highest in the state (5000+ in a county of 200,000)

    But this may be changing. We have a small gang contingent, but there is a large and violent contingent in the town 35 miles south and in Chico, where there have been a rash of shootings involving the Nortenos (and of course the drug trade). The police anticipate that those gangs will continue to move north, and the violence will certainly follow. So far the police have been successful in keeping those people in check.

  44. Anyway, how’s the firearms-related crime in your ‘hood?

    There’s an a-hole who seems to get off on firing shots in the air on saturdays between midnight and 2AM every second or third weekend.

    I don’t even bother to call the cops any more. If the shots seem to be headed in my direction, I have an AR and loaded mags with which to return fire. So long as all the A-hole shoots is sky, IDGAF.

  45. Inanimate objects cannot and consequently do not commit nor even “cause” violence. They possess no consciousness or Free Will of their own. They are unable to communicate or transmit thoughts, ideas, concepts, dreams, delusions, nightmares, or emotions to, at, or around anyone at any time, in any place, under any circumstance whatsoever because they have none. Thus, they cannot and consequently do not encourage, convince, empower, coerce, enable, dissuade, confuse, or motivate anyone, at any time, in any place, under any circumstance whatsoever into or out of thinking, saying, or doing anything to, at, or around anyone, at any time, in any place, under any circumstance whatsoever.

    Therefore, to say that so-called “gun violence” even exists is the sole and exclusive prescription for those who are either laughably under-informed or those willfully pig ignorant of the facts as to the true root causes of crime and violence.

    There are no other explanations.

    Anyway, violence here where I am is generally no worse than the national average. Could be better, but also a lot worse. At least I don’t live in New York City, Los Angeles, Compton, Oakland, Baltimore, Trenton, Newark, Hartford, D.C., Chicago…

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