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GLOCK 19 w/chromed slide (courtesy
TTAG reader JP writes:
I currently own and carry a GLOCK Gen3 G19 as my EDC weapon. I have no specific complaint about this weapon; I can shoot it fairly well (I keep the targets from my training sessions on the wall in my office at work), and I regularly practice holster draw and the Mozambique drill. I have some questions about everyday carry . . .

First, my pistol is showing some wear from the holster. This is exacerbated by the fact that I carry it while jogging, so the wear spots get a fair amount of sweat on them. It gets pretty hot down here, so I have to jog at night most of the time, and some of the jogging paths that I use are a bit out of the way; hence the need for my gun. I clean it regularly, but the wear spots have rusted some. The Remington gun oil that I use cleans up the rust nicely, but the spots are still plainly visible.
I was considering getting it refinished in hard chrome. I live in Broward County, south Florida which isn’t the most gun-friendly part of the Sunshine State, but I’ve been carrying regularly for almost 8 months without an issue. So I’m not worried about anyone noticing. My understanding is that hard chrome takes holster wear better than the normal GLOCK finish, and….
Well, this goes to a subject that is sometimes covered on TTAG: juries.
I think that a chrome slide makes a firearm look a lot less menacing, which might help with the jury if the local DA decides to prosecute me in the event that I actually have to use it.
I go all over the county, and there are some bad areas. I also usually bring it out to the field for work, because our equipment is both expensive and portable, and thus is a serious target for thieves (we just had $30,000 worth of equipment stolen this past week). The equipment is insured, of course, and the company doesn’t want us to get injured trying to defend it, but we have had a couple armed robberies, and so I’d rather have it with me.
So, the first two questions are: is hard chrome a better choice overall than the original finish for IWB holster use and EDC, and do you think it would actually help with a jury?
My third question: while I have no complaints about my GLOCK G19 other than the rust issue, I have a personal affinity for the 10mm cartridge, which is why my very first gun was a GLOCK Gen3 G20. I love it to death, but it’s much too large and heavy to carry in a state that still doesn’t allow open carry – I’ve tried it (if Florida does get OC, I will get a police issue holster for it).
So I was considering using my tax return to buy a GLOCK G29. A smaller pistol than the G19 would be good for when I’m jogging, as I wouldn’t have to worry as much about printing as much. I’m a reasonably good pistol marksman (I quarter-holed 10 rounds in a row from a Sig .40  at 15 ft the very first time I ever picked up a gun, and I usually practice every 3 weeks or so), so I’m not worried about the reduced capacity. And I can always bring G20 mags with me for reloading.
I know TTAG has not reviewed the GLOCK G29 as of yet, but you gave good reviews to the G20 and 26, and as I recall the 26 has a very similar size to the 29.
So my third question is this: do you all think this is a good idea?
Just for reference, I’m 6’3″, I weigh 270lbs, and the G20 grip fits my hand just fine. The recoil from 180gr Buffalo Bore JHP rounds (the most powerful I’ve tested to date) out of my G20 was no problem. So the recoil from the 29 should be a non-issue, especially since I have really big hands.
Thank you in advance for the consideration.

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  1. I’m not real sure about the whole jogging. To my understanding athletic shorts and guns aren’t a good combo and if you’re running in jorts or cargo shorts that’s just plain weird for exercise, literally WEIRD!

    While 99% of the time you’re going to want to be able to defend yourself, some times you just have to not be a paranoid crazy man. My suggestion, run when others are running where others are running. Training in a location with lots of witnesses makes you less likely to be a victim.

    • There are plenty of ways to jog and carry. Running is one of the only socially acceptable times to carry a fanny pack, for example, and the pistolwear pt one is an excellent bellyband for working out in. I currently alternate between the two . Throw in compression shirt holsters such as the 511 etc and you don’t exactly lack for options.

      • To the writer:

        Get the hard chrome (actually, I’d recommend Robar’s NP3 or NP3+).

        Make sure you have a good lawyer on speed-dial to suppress any jury-related worries.

    • Carrying at all times doesn’t make you a “paranoid crazy man.” It makes you prepared and creates a responsible habit. It’s always a good idea to carry whenever legal.

    • I am currently looking for a good pouch or fanny pack for carrying while bike riding. It’s also possible to wear a backpack when jogging. The issue is strapping it correctly so that it doesn’t bounce

  2. Would it help with a jury? Probably not at all.

    Is it more durable than the Melonite(or is it Tenifer?) finish your Glock brand glock comes with from the factory? From everything Ive read and heard, yes it resists wear and scratches much better than Melonite(Tenifer?).

    • This is something that really needs to be hit on, just like you said, “Would it help with a jury? probably not.”

      (speaking to the article writer here)

      Seriously, don’t bother with that kind of stuff. If you have to lawfully defend yourself the last thing on your mind should be what you’re going to have to deal with in court. Just do as you train, and if you have to, just do it. Prosecutors and juries are going to think and say whatever they want. They went after George Zimmerman for carrying his gun with one in the pipe. If they come after you, they’ll make something up, and exaggerate stuff, it’s what prosecutors do. The color of gun isn’t going to change anything. No one, has ever been convicted of a murder based upon the color of their gun alone. Worrying about that kind of thing IS paranoia!

  3. Have you thought about trying nickel-boron from Failzero or WMD? Another option is for NP3 or NP3+ by Robar. They are both very corrosion resistant… just want to stir your pot a little =]

  4. wow, you jog with a G19? LOL. I jog with either my CM9 or LCP. To much bounce up and down around the midsection for anything larger.

    I just don’t see how the slide makes any difference with a judge or jury. That’s my take. I, personally, have different size pistols for different needs, and jogging is definitely one of them. No frame wear with my Pistolwear PT2 holster!

    Good luck with your choice.

    • Second on that, refinishing the slide to fix a rust problem is not going to make a difference to a jury.

      Lawyer – “Did you modified the pistol from its stock configuration?”
      You – “Yes”
      L – “What did you change?”
      Y – “I hard chromed the slide.”
      L – “Why did you make this modification?”
      Y – “The old finish wore out and it was starting to rust.”
      L – “Did you do this to make the gun more menacing?”
      Y – “No, I just told you, rust.”
      L – “Did you do it to make it more deadly?”
      Y – “Dude….rust.”

      • Don’t assume that the self-defense defendant will ever take the stand. Thus, these questions will not be asked or answered.

        • The point is, no matter how it could be asked, needed to be asked, possible to be asked, re-coating a firearm for the reason of rust inhibition is a non-event.

  5. I love my Glock 29. Very accurate, very comfortable for me to carry. However: while the length and height of the 29 frame fall in between the 19 and 26, the frame is considerably thicker, and the overall firearm is somewhat heavier. Make sure you actually handle one with a loaded mag.

    I love the versatility, I can run 40SW through my Lone Wolf conversion barrel, and with the 10, my favorite is the Hornady 180XTP in town… You could call it a 40+ P. In the woods, the Federal soft-nose 170 runs closer to a true 10 MM for critter protection

  6. It’s a working gun, not a collector’s item. As long as it remains reliable and accurate, it’s fine. For jogging, you might want to look at something smaller and lighter. There are many choices in addition to the 42 and 43.

  7. I carry both a G19 and a G29 as part of my rotation. In my unscientific opinion the G19 actually carries better and for your situation I would stick to the 19 or go smaller for your running gun.

    The G29 is a thick gun so IWB carry is a bit cumbersome and there really is not a weight savings when both are fully loaded. I actually think the G29 may weigh more when loaded but I haven’t weighed them.

    Shooting the G29 with a defense 10mm load without a mag extension can be interesting and more so if you have big hands. The G20 is a cupcake compared to the G29.

    As for the rust, or general wear I say it adds character. It’s a tool not a Barbecue gun. After all it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

    As for legal opinion I think it could be argued that a rusty black gun indicates you aren’t obsessed with firearms and are reluctant to even handle it unless you are threatened. It’s a tool of neccessity, nothing more not a show piece.

    My 2 cents for what it’s worth. I would definitely shoot a G29 before making the decision.

    • So Mack, are you saying you no longer carry the “Big Thunder” Automag or the 93R? (Going way back for these!)

      • As long as he still uses the .460 for sniping…

        Wow, I read those books a loooooong time ago.
        Amazing what a person will remember.

  8. My 23, 19, and 26 all have the same holster wear, and corrosion. I was “worried” at first, but quit caring about it. They’re my 3 rotating EDC pistols, so some “abuse” is to be expected. It’s a GLOCK, it can take it. 😀

  9. Glock = 1911 cocked with no safety.
    Especially true with a 3.5 pound wolf trigger spring.

    All either needs to fire is to pull the trigger.
    Internal “safeties” don’t count when you pull the trigger.

    • Quit trolling.
      Internal safeties are to make it drop-safe, not idiot-proof.
      Millions of law enforcement officers have spent their entire careers carrying Glocks every day without incident. A Glock in a proper holster is as safe as any other handgun.

      As for holster wear and rust, I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. Neither will prevent the gun from doing what it needs to do. As for caliber/model choices, well, those are very personal decisions. Personally, if I wanted to jog with a gun it would be a micro-9, like maybe the Kahr CM9 or Glock 43.

  10. Re the jury: I think it’s a wash, some might see the chrome as less scary than all-black, but some might see it as a prettied-up gun=gun nut. Probably less significant overall than the fact it is a Glock (which again, to my mind, could go either way). Re the hard chrome: I can only say that several P-64 owners on a forum I used to frequent had their guns hard-chromed and were uniformly pleased with the results. If you don’t mind the two-toned look, I would say go for it.

  11. I can’t even fathom jogging with my G19 G3 which is my everyday IWB conceal carry weapon.

    Ultimately there are trade offs with everything. I go mountain biking on the open space trails near my residential home and make the decision not to carry my pistol when doing that because the cost in comfort and concern about the weapon getting loose during a spill make it not worth it to me.

    If you keep your Glock clean it doesn’t matter how it looks, it should operate perfectly.

    Or….. consider downsizing to a much smaller weapon that you can contain in a neoprene or leather belly band.

    Or… stop jogging with your piece and being a weirdo.

    • Lone Ranger,
      His post is not about IF he should carry while jogging. He has no problem with that. He is looking for G29 reviews

      His other question is sweat/rust related. Please stay on topic and stop being a “weirdo”.

      My father carries a G29. He loves it. However, if you are concerned with superficial juries, a 10mm doesnt help (i dont think color matters, but a punisher skull would!)
      I would recomend a look at a Shield or LC9s Pro if you are considering something smaller/lighter. Or, gasp, glock 43.

      • Ditto on getting a single stack 9mm/.40S&W like the Shield, PPS, LC9s Pro, XDs, or G43. That, or a small frame revolver. Weight is the main concern you need to deal with for a exercise gun, due to the lack of a strong belt and the increased movement.

  12. I bought a 29 SF as my first handgun. Running a(n improvised) timed drill against a friend with similar skills, I can put ten rounds into a smaller circle than he can with fifteen out of his P229, in a shorter time. Examining the berm behind each target shows who really “won,” you’d need a 9mm smg to leave a similar crater.

    I grew up with shooting a .357, and a .38 +P is my minimum for a personal defensive round. Limited to one gun, I wanted an autoloader. Looking into what was available at the time, I liked the “mighty ten.” And, this was a few years ago, Glock was the only major manufacturer offering a pistol to handle pretty much everything you could throw into it.

    I have two guns I will never let go of, for sentimental reasons, the first being my Savage single barrel, the second, my Glock.

    If you’re comfortable with the standard 20 grip, then keep it. I have somewhat small hands, and the SF version fits me perfectly. I like the Pearce extensions, for what it’s worth.

  13. If the gun truly is for EDC, just let the finish wear and spend the money saved on ammo. My working guns and knives all show some wear. Wear is normal. A work gun may be more of a deterrent because it shows the bad guy that the gun is used, as opposed to just shown off.

    • Eh, comparing using a treadmill to jogging is like comparing jerking off to making love, it may give you the same physical results, but it does nothing to prepare you for the real thing

      • The difference is that
        jerking off is cheap and treadmills are expensive
        women are expensive and jogging is cheap.

    • Treadmills are one of the most useless fitness contraptions on the planet, next to the muscle shock things and the shake weight.

      • I have run a 1:28 half marathon with not much more than treadmill training over a particularly harsh winter. Then again I was running 45 miles a week on the thing.

      • I did pretty well with one of the old-fashioned kind that you move with your feet some years ago, it did a lot for me weight and condition-wise. But my wife wanted one of the motor-driven ones so we got rid of it and I started doing other things.

  14. Sound like you have the itch and you’re looking for a reason to spend money on toys…

    The gun is fine and the caliber is fine.

  15. Break free CLP would work for the cleaning and the wear and tear. You carry a glock because you don’t care about it getting beat up. If you are comfortable with it, keep it. Just my 2 cents worth.

  16. I’d give up jogging. It’s hot there and and lots can go wrong. I lived in Kendall for a while and thought jogging there would be nightmare, esp. armed.

  17. I wipe down my EDC every day with CLP Break-Free. I take it apart once a week and make sure everything internal is extensively lubricated.

    In regards to refinishing, the problem with refinishing Glocks is they seem to be somewhat sensitive to changing tolerances. After you hard Chrome or Cerekote you need to run a few hundred rounds down the range and you need to keep in mind until it “breaks in” you may have a Jam-O-Matic for a few hundred rounds.

  18. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that it’s rusting? I thought nitride finishes weren’t just surface treatments, and that holster wear was typically just the black coating and not deep enough into the metal to get below the nitride.

    That at least seems to be the case with my Springfields which I abuse the ever living snot out of. On a hot summer day, fishing sometimes turns into snorkeling and they go right along with that transition. Despite the holster wear, infrequent oiling, and frequent-prolonged submersion they show no signs of rust what so ever.

    Or is this a difference in how tennifer works versus melonite?

    • Broward county is coastal, so combine heat, sweat, salt air. he may as well be a deckhand on a boat experiencing rusting.

      • I don’t oil the slide on any of mine, and they haven’t pitted. I think it stains them more than anything.

  19. If you’re a Devotee of Glock, get a 42 or 43, failing that a Kahr CM380, Smith bodyguard, etc. Some lightweight job. Jogging you’re not doing armed response. I think it’s most important to reliably check the “have a gun” box rather than the “have a double stack nine” box.

    I love my 1911s, but if I’m out in the yard, there’s a great chance I have an LCP in my pocket for the sheer practicality of it.

  20. Switch from Rem Oil to Frog Lube, use as directed, and forget what rust looks like.

    Or, if you’re not married to Glock, consider an option with a stainless steel slide.

  21. I’m asking a legitimate question, and not trying to be argumentative:

    Is there a single documented case of a person facing harsher penalties or being convicted because they modified their weapon with a different finish, or a punisher slide plate, or even lightened the trigger?

    Discounting anyone who did sear work to turn a lower full auto or something crazy like that. I mean aesthetic changes, and even trigger jobs, resulting in convictions or penalties? It’s frequently mentioned but I’ve never seen an actual case where it led to a negative result. Thanks in advance!

    • No. Unfortunately, it’s internet hoopla (myth) started by one “expert” individual.

      And a search on Lexisnexis leads to… NOTHING.

  22. Ok, here’s my experience with the mighty baby G29SF, try it before you buy it. I owned a G20SF and a G29SF at the same time. I had a 6″ LW barrel on the G20SF, and even with full-power Underwood loads (the ONLY loads consistently shown to be ABOVE their rated velocity) it was a pussy cat. The G29SF, on the other hand, was an all together different story.

    I shot the G29SF stock with the Underwood ammo, 135gr, 165gr, and 200gr, and it was unbelievably uncontrollable. I then added Pearce grip extensions, and a Talon grip. Honestly, still didn’t change things for me a lot. And why use powder puff loads in it? May as well buy a G27 and be done with it. When I let others shoot it, I would only load one at a time, that way if it flipped out of their hand (which never did happen BTW), there wouldn’t be an accident.

    Long story short, I even warned the guy I sold the G29SF to that it was a handful. I, for one, wouldn’t point anyone to it.

  23. Running, and bicycling, a Beretta .25 Tomcat. It’s really just for really bad dogs. I don’t want 2 pounds of metal bouncing around. If I’m on a bike at night running errands I carry a Beretta .380.

  24. I carried a G29SF (with double tap JPs) for the past 4 years, IWB. However, I recently gained some weight, and it’s getting difficult to carry and conceal comfortably. I just bought a G26 as a replacement and will load it with Hornady Critical Defense. The G29, with standard or hot 10mm ammunition is pretty stout. And it’s heavy.

  25. The whole “what will the jury think” nonsense needs to die. If you are in a situation where a reasonable person could see the need for lethal force to defend oneself or others, then it doesn’t matter what color/finish the gun is. Nor your ammo, caliber, type of gun, etc. If you kill someone in cold blood, or under questionable circumstances, it might be thrown about in court, but would easily be objected off the record by a defense attorney worth paying.

  26. Don’t worry about spots or holster wear on your EDC, JP. It won’t harm the function and, after all, it’s your carry piece, not a safe queen. Adding a little bling won’t hurt you in court, either. Chrome? No issue. Tenifer? No issue. Old Glory? Fine. The text of the Second Amendment? Okay. I would avoid provocative things like swastikas, death’s heads, ISIS logos and the like, though.

    As far as your carry choices, whatever floats your boat is fine. That’s the reason why there are choices available to us — so we can take our pick.

  27. JP here for anyone who actually reads this far.

    My holster is Kydex, and the frame is rusting because the holster has worn the finish through to the metal in a few small places. Yes, the holster IS intended for the G19. And yeah, while I live in West Broward, the air is pretty moist all year round. Not much salt this far west, but plenty of water. And I sweat like you wouldn’t believe after the first mile or so in this weather. So yeah, rusting.

    I jog on the treadmill at the gym sometimes, but I prefer regular jogging. I’m not a machine, and the treadmill is a little clunky when it comes to changing speeds and inclines. Obviously I don’t carry inside the gym except to put it in a locker.

    I’m not all that worried about the gun’s function from the rust, I just don’t like it. I do like the silver look of the chrome; when my Mom was going for her first pistol, I suggested the XDs for that reason (and the grip safety, which was important to her. She still went with the Shield).

    As for the jury thing, I was a *little* concerned. I’ve never had any problems with the police here in town, but the local PD is issued single-stack pistols, despite the fact that they wear soft body armor everywhere. I didn’t think that was a good sign for how they view guns in general, much less civilian gun carriers. I also don’t know the DA.
    But ultimately I was just wondering whether the chrome finish would help at all. A chrome-finished slide definitely feels a lot less badass to me, which is fine because all I need it to do is shoot. But it was worth asking the question.

    As far as actual court cases, I do remember reading about a specific case involving handloaded ammunition. In this specific case, the ammunition was light-loaded (for competition purposes I think), which resulted in a lack of powder burns on the perp after what the defendant testified was a super close-range shot. This called into question whether he was telling the truth about how close he was to his assailant.

    I don’t remember the specifics of the case, but I do remember the prosecution arguing against testing the remaining ammunition to see if it was indeed light-loaded as he claimed, saying it would be destruction of evidence to do so.

    That’s the only specific case I can remember.

    • There was a 48 Hours or 20/20 special years back where they more or less defended the subject, because it was a clear-cut self defense case involving an open carrier in the wilderness, but he was convicted because the prosecution pushed the case that 10mm was much more powerful than the 9mm loads the local LEOs carried, and therefore counted as premeditation. So, if you’re willing to cross that line (and I am, I’d rather fight conviction from jail than be dead from not having enough gun) then everything else is irrelevant as far as the jury’s concerned.

      As far as the rust issues, I’d agree with some above, get an aftermarket stainless slide from any of the various companies that make them. Probably similar in price, if not cheaper, than having your existing one stripped and chromed.

  28. Try a 10mm 1911. Nice and thin. Plus, the “jury” “might” hear the prposecution say “…10mm, a cartridge deemed to powerful by the FBI (cue youtuber montage)”.

  29. If you like 10mm, may I suggest 40cal? I love my G27.
    I live in CT and comfortable running does not mix with a solid on-body concealed carry system in one of the worst northern states for guns, to say nothing of the sweat issue.
    I use a fanny pack from 5.11 Tactical. They’re on amazon and I love mine, just big enough to hold what I need (IDs, a few keys, my G27; it could hold an extra mag if I needed it to). Doesn’t bounce, insulates the firearm from body sweat, and functions as a safe and discrete holster system (I keep the pouch at my three o’clock for natural access just like an OWB holster).

  30. Not a glock fanboy but its the only handgun I have, and I did a lot of research, too.
    I think you have already about made up your mind, and since you have already tried shooting different calibers, it fits your hand, it fits your holster, then the only realy issue is how does it work in your jogging clothes. For that you should just go to LGS and try it on in your jogging clothes and do a lap around the aisle…

    IMHO on your questions:
    1. black or chrome- durability- chrome, but you seem to be staying ahead of the rust, so why spend the $?
    Except because YOU like the way it works.
    2. black or chrome- jury fear factor. Ask Ralph how juries are chosen. Truth and Reason has nothing to do with it, and I doubt you can game something this minor, in that context. So buy what YOU like.
    3. Good idea? Sure, unless I’m missing something- ask they guys with a lot more experience:

  31. I live in Broward and I used to alternate IWB carry between a G19 & G29sf. The G19 is only a couple ounces lighter, slide is 0.5″ longer and the width is about 0.09″ thinner; where the differences count is the G19 has a 0.5″ longer grip (big difference for large-handed guys like us), and has an extra 5 rounds capacity.

    I carry deeply tucked and behind a tucked shirt, which makes drawing the G29sf a bit more difficult than the G19 because there is less to grab. For this reason, my G29sf has been repurposed as my glovebox/nightstand/camping pistol; my G19 is simply easier for me to draw and the dimensions make it comparable to the G29sf as far as concealability.

    I have never had an issue with rust on my G19, I would look more to what tools/chemicals you have been cleaning it with than sweat as a contributing factor for surface rust. I have been carrying my G19 for more than 8 years all day nearly every day and I work outside for at least 6 hours of my day, sweating quite a bit. I field strip and use compressed air & machine cloth to clean it daily (for lint and sweat) and toothbrush with a dab of CLP once weekly on the slide rails after first wiping everything down with a machine cloth. I gut out the slide components to clean them once every 1,500 rounds or 3 months (whichever happens first).

    You may want to clean and apply something like “Barricade” to the areas that have been developing rust, once a week; it works well on my Kahr CM9 ankle backup (which does get a little bit of surface rust between cleanings).

  32. I too live and florida and I had the exact same issue. After a lot of research (like ocd a lot) I opted for ceracoatiing my slide. I used B&B Enterprise, they’re a customs company out of Jacksonville and they did an excellent job. It only cost $70.00 and it took just a week to get it shipped out, coated and shipped back. Couldn’t be happier.

  33. I have a gen 4 Glock 29 that I use as my rural-carry for protection against non-human predators. It is really fun to shoot, but the recoil, which not much different than the G 20, is stout enough to slow follow-up shots. I bought a Glock 30 to use as my regular EDC at home. It is the same size (fits the same holster), holds the same number of rounds, and shoots .45 acp, which comes in more defensive flavors. I’m not a jogger, but I’m pretty sure both guns are a bit heavy for jogging.

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