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And why isn’t there a shoot / no shoot self-defense videogame? And while I’m kvetching, weaver stance? Check out the thumb placement at :13. Maybe the instructor should, I dunno, instruct them on that point. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. “And why isn’t there a shoot /no shoot self-defense videogame?”

    A realistic one would be fairly boring. You could play for 20 or 30 years and absolutely nothing happens.

  2. Actually, it would probably be possible to do some decent training on stance and form with a Kinect system.

  3. Roger that. Some shooter games feature ‘disguised’ character classes which infiltrate and wreak havoc on the opposing team. The solution? ‘Spy-Checking’ means giving every teammate a 3-round burst or a dose of buckshot in the torso, just to make sure they’re not a spy. With FF damage turned off, only the bad guys get hurt.

    This OpSec measure hasn’t quite caught on in the real world yet.

  4. I was playing COD and shot a guy with an AA once. He just fell over. Ten minutes later I hit a guy with a 9mm at 30 yards and he practically exploded. The only realistic thing about any games are the uniforms and the dirt.

  5. How does one become a “Weapons Advisor” for a video game company? That sounds like a dream job…

  6. Not to put too fine a point on it, but…asking this kind of question perpetuates the myth among some that video games are intended to mimic the “real thing.” In fact, they serve exactly the same purpose as a movie that involves shooting: To entertain. True, looking and sounding like “the real thing” is interesting, but the purpose is to create visual and aural effects that stimulate _sales_. I guarantee you that creative designers of these games might strive for a “realism”, but if playtest feedback is “it sounds weak” or “why doesn’t his head explode?”, you can be certain that designers are going to do some fine-tuning on the game.

  7. How accurate are modern video games?

    Not very.

    On the other hand, there are millions of young (and older…) people out there who know about “Pie-ing” corners and reloading under cover because of getting fragged online. If only a fraction of them get involved in the shooting sports and are willing learn how to shoot properly, (a big “If”, I’ll admit), think of what that will do to the firearms community.

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