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  1. Shotgun is always best for firepower, but with a little tyke running around I am relegated to handgun because I do not want to leave an accessable shotgun lying around. And it would be very impractical to install a biometric long rifle safe in my wife’s shoe closet if I don’t want to get shot myself.
    Besides, look at that mess you are gonna have to clean up afterwards.

  2. It’s harder for a kid to lift (never mind load, aim and fire) a shotgun. Just sayin’.

    As for the mess, it’s better to clean up a mess than leave one. If you know what I mean.

  3. I’m retired LE and I’ve had numerous handguns over the past 30 years… Presently, I carry a 45ACP Glock Model 30SF loaded with Federal Classic 158gr. JHP… However, I don’t care what a handgun cost or what it looks like. If it goes bang and it’s fairly accurate, it will do the job just fine… Additionally, most legal handgun owners are rarely trained or routinely practice with their firearms… If you own a handgun, KNOW IT, USE IT, CLEAN IT AND ABOVE ALL, SECURE IT!!! Most handguns used in crimes are stolen from STUPID people (some with badges) who probably shouldn’t own one in the first place… By the way, if you want a handgun for home protection and your not willing or able to get the proper training, FORGET IT!!! When your hands start shaking and you crapping your pants (adrenaline shock), your not going to make the shot!!! Do yourself a favor and get a 12 gauge 18.5″ pump action shotgun and load it up with HIGH QUALITY / FRANGIBLE / LOW RECOIL / 00 BUCKSHOT… Point and shot is all you’ll need to do to eliminate or stop the “problem”… Furthermore, if you do a “REAL LOUD RACKING” of your shotgun just prior to confrontation, you’ll probably never need to fire a round… EVERYONE KNOWS TO RESPECT THAT SOUND OR IT MAY BE THE LAST SOUND THEY HEAR!!! Whatever firearm you choose, GET TRAINING!!
    NEVER FORGET 9-11 and keep an eye on the enemy within!!!

  4. At 15.5 ft (furthest away you can be in a 12×12 room with a 18.5″ gun), birdshot in a 12ga will do nicely; and it won’t go through sheet rock into the next room. I’ve never shot it against window glass, but it would be an interesting experiment, and I doubt it would go through another window into my neighbor’s house. Like my cop friend says “A noisy bar fight quiets down in a hurry when I rack the shotgun.” You can go hunting with it too. Worst downside is keeping a loaded long gun handy AND safe.


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