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The great post-Newtown ammo shortage continues apace. We’ve heard reports of increasing (i.e. some) supplies hitting the shelves in some areas, but most gun stores are still rationing and certain calibers are still in short supply (i.e. all the popular ones). Bottom line: The People of the Gun are still struggling to replace and let’s face it stock-up on firearm food. While there’s ongoing resentment when ammo meets campers, there’s also a lot of ammo sharing between friends, family and strangers. Even as ammo makers work feverishly to satisfy America’s seemingly insatiable demand for cartridges they’re doing what they can to help the gun community. Hat tip to Winchester Ammunition for helping fuel Nick’s dreams of 3-Gun glory and Freedom Munitions for this act of .223 caliber kindness [via] . . .

A tremendous gesture by Freedom Munitions, Inc. ( has prevented what looked to be the eminent cancellation of a rifle class at the 2013 MGM Jr. Shooter Camp. Freedom Munitions, an Idaho company is supplying 12,000 rounds of .223 ammo for the MGM Junior Shooter Camp in Parma, ID, July 21 – 23.

Rhonda Gibson, Director of the MGM Jr. Shooter Camp stated, “This is amazing considering how hard it is to come by ammo right now, and the price. We are truly grateful. Freedom has come to our rescue.”

Primarily a camp for competitive pistol shooters, the MGM Jr. Shooter Camp strives to offer diversity in shooting experiences for its participants. Thanks to Freedom Munitions, the ‘Intro to Rifle’ class will be included and will be taught by world class professional shooter Matt Burkett. It is being held in Parma, ID at the Parma Rod and Gun Club.

According to Freedom Munitions’ most helpful SAVE TIME – >> CLICK HERE << TO CHECK WHAT’S IN STOCK RIGHT NOW widget, 50 BMG is the only caliber that’s good to go. New Jersey residents, whose state government is about to ban rifles firing that caliber, must be especially pissed.

Never mind. Simple math tells us that the ammo shortage can’t last forever. In a couple of years this will all seem funny. Or not. Meanwhile, how’s it going for you? Got ammo?

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    • I’ve been checking daily for the last month or more, and I’ve seen signs over the last few weeks that supplies are becoming more available. Stuff at good prices still sells out quickly, but it is hitting the market.

      For example, I’m seeing 40SW show up in case quantities (i.e. not from places with 2-box limits) at or below my personal limit of $0.40/round at least 3-4 days/week.

      It’s not clear sailing yet, to be sure, but it’s not the utter and complete drought that it was in February and March. If I needed a supply of 40SW for a class or something I could buy American Eagle 180gr at $24/box as of the moment I’m posting this. I wouldn’t like the price, but I could get the ammo and the price wouldn’t be prohibitive, just distasteful.

    • gun bot is a joke they want $20.00 for you to have a “special 1st chance”at it most of the vendors only allow you 1 box and you have $27.00 hazmat shipping you end up paying a butload of $$$ for ammo

      • That has not been my experience. I’ve used it successfully to source and purchase several deliveries of ammo with no hazmat fees. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        With regards to the email alerts: why do you hate capitalism? Does the person who created have some obligation to provide every feature for free, forever?

      • I think you are confusing web sites. has no pay features that I can find anywhere on the site. I have found it to be accurate and timely, and have used it to successfully order some components. They have nothing to do with the retailers they are listing — those policies of order limits belong to the individual retailer.

    • You can also try
      My friend Scott runs it. This is match grade not cheep reloads. He has 223 in stock. Yeah I know it $2 a round but it is quality. He doesn’t do hand gun loads, and this is new ammo not reloads.
      Now I just need to head down there with a few buckets of brass and use his machines!

    • better is the ‘page monitor’ extension for firefox or chrome.

      if that made sense to you, set it for your favorite sellers/products. my favorites are and midway. you will have your purchase done by the time gunbot dings.

  1. Only enough to keep my defense guns ready to go, little for practice. There aren’t even any powder, primer, or bullets for sale for reloading right now. And yes, I’ve checked on-line.

    Time to drag out the pellet gun…

  2. There’s plenty of ammo to be had if you’re willing to pay 4 times what you would have 6 months ago.

  3. My practice ammo is in somewhat thin supply. I have enough for about two or three range trips and I hadn’t been to the range since December. I refuse to pay the high prices everybody else is paying for but people are paying them so I’m afraid this may be the new normal.

    • This has only been going on for a few months – it’s probably too early to be calling it a “new normal” just yet.

      However, it does really, really suck.

  4. Personally I am not is bad shape overall. I have 1000 rounds of 9M on a truck and 500 rounds of 5.56 “in process”. These are for new guns I just bought. I still have around 5,000 rounds of .22lr but I shot more then a 1,000 rounds a month of .22lr so that isn’t much of a stockpile. But in December I had only around 3,000 rounds of .22lr so I have been at worse holding my own and this is without paying Cheaper then Dirt prices for Ammo.

    • I’m in about the same position as you. I have a nice stockpile of ammo for my calibers but I haven’t been shooting since election time and now am extremely reluctant to expend the ammo since I can’t replace it easily. And I have 4 firearms that I haven’t even gotten to shoot yet.

      • Same (or similar) here. I have <500 rounds of 30-06 for my Garand and 1903A3, about 2,000 rounds of .223/5.56; but I have over 8,000 rounds of .22 LR from the CMP. As a result, I've shut everything down except my 22s.

        I haven't bought a single round since the election. And I won't until I can get .223/5.55 for < .50 cents / round.

        • I bought 5.56 for under .50 cents a round just last week. The deals are out there you just have to look and pay attention.


  5. In MN, most ammo is going to price gougers who buy it up as soon as it hits the shelves. It all ends up on Armslist for $0.50/round on up.

    • I feel your pain. I just bought .22 LR for $.13 / round (shipped) from GunBroker. I’m probably going to become a stalker for Walmart / Big 5 / BassPro / Turners / LAPD Academy, etc. to get anything close to “normal” prices.

      I’m pretty ticked at all the A-holes buying and re-selling ammo at jacked up prices. Unfortunately, GunBroker has the only .22 LR I’ve found at less than .15 / round.

      • I’ve scored some 500-round bricks of 22LR from MidwayUSA, but I’ve had to do it by subscribing to in-stock notifications on just about every kind of 22LR I’d consider feeding to my guns. (Hint: the Aguila stuff is showing up at MidwayUSA far more regularly than anything else.)

        I have the in-stock alerts forwarded to text messaging on my phone and keep the MidwayUSA website open in a tab on my phone’s browser, ready to go. You have literally minutes to execute a purchase after this stuff shows up, but you CAN get it for decent prices. My last brick of the good stuff (Aguila Super Maximum) was around $50 shipped, $0.10/round.

        • AG,

          Thanks for the info. FWIW, mine was CCI AR Tactical .22 copper plated round nose which works well in my 10/22 takedown and 22/45. I’m not a big fan of the Aguila, but I’ll keep my options open.

        • These days I’m a big fan of anything that my guns will chamber reliably and goes bang when the shooter pulls the trigger. One of the nice things about the lever-action 9422 is that there’s no auto-loading system to worry about — as long as the cartridges fit in the chamber it’ll shoot anything from 22 short to hot 22LR loads.

          Used to be that I’d pay close attention to FPS ratings on 22LR so my scope calibration would be consistent. Now I just assume that I’ll have to re-zero with every new brick. Heck, I went from 40gr/1240fps with the last brick to 36gr/1700+fps with the current batch.

      • It’s a law that cannot be broken — supply and demand. The correct blame is the government for causing the spike in demand. Put “price gouging” in the YouTube search box and brush up on basic economics.

  6. I knew my ammo supply was becoming depleted when I recently had to crank up the floor jack underneath the closet where I store it.


  7. My local store had around 600 rounds (mostly) of .233 and 5.56 this morning. I was only able to get 150 due to limits on purchases to customers. The rest should be gone before I finish typing this.

  8. freedom munitions is very problematic for me, i stopped wasting my time looking at their website, they have had NOTHING for it seems like ever.

    • Incorrect. I do not know what time exactly their inventory is updated, but I believe they get some in every day. I scored some 9mm at $0.28 cpr (with shipping) off of the ammunition availability thread when it was still available. They have daily supplies hitting the shelves. It’s just that it doesn’t stay there long.

  9. Big 5 in Dublin, CA gets their shipment every Friday morning. They open the doors at 10 and there is already a line of about 20 at about 8:30. They sell out of all the popular ammo in about 5 minutes. I walked in there a couple of weeks ago on Friday at 10:15 and bought the last box of 9mm for 22 bucks. The ranges i around me do have ammo for sale but only for use there. You could just shoot what you want and take the rest home.

  10. That’s one of those “it depends…” questions. It depends on how you (or I) define how much ammo is “enough”. I am not what I consider to be a “hoarder” but my wife thinks I am! I have enough that I can shoot my EDC once a week and my rifle too. But I don’t blow through 500 rounds in a session either, more like 100 for each weapon (.22LR, .223, 9mm, 45ACP, .380). I do go to the range with a plan, not just “burn some ammo”. This weekend I will be taking some friends of my wife to the range so they can shoot for the very first time. I replace my ammo as I find good deals (usually at Wal Mart).

    • “It depends” is so true. Most don’t take the time to actually figure out what “enough” is. Spend two sessions a month at the range, and shoot 300 rounds per session (which is not tough to do) and you shoot 7,200 rounds in a year. So the prospect of purchasing 500 rounds or more at a time is certainly not unheard of.

      My wife and I currently have about 1600 assorted .22lr and about 450 .380 rounds, so our time at the range has to be spent very wisely. Going with a plan is a great idea.

      Replacement has been quite a challenge, though to say the least.

  11. No shortage up where I am in Canada surprisingly enough. A bunch of us were expecting things to ripple and affect us here. Beyond a delayed delivery of ammo from one company or another, my LGS has been stocked the entire time.

      • It’s funny that you mention that. The other day we had a guy come onto one of the Canadian Gun forums and ask about purchasing ammo from Canada and importing it into the States.

  12. for pratice ammo, well, let’s see:

    5,500 rds of 9mm
    3,500 rds .45
    800 rds .38
    500 rds .357

    of course, I started stocking up last sept before Barry got re-elected.

    • Ammo? $hit…lost it in the same deep-sea fishing accident as my firearms. I hope the fish don’t get poisoned by the lead.

  13. As an economics major,I find all this fascinating as well as frustrating.In my estimation the current ammo shortage on a national level is the new market equilibrium.

    Why? Well you can thank the anti gun states like California and others for that .Those of us living behind enemy lines have until the end of this summer to stockpile as much ammo as possible before the nanny state governments pull the plug on easy ammunition sales.California wants to establish a separate government permit just to buy AMMO,and they’re not the only state doing this.Thus, a smart man living in Texas is financially better off buying ammo locally and selling it at a markup on Gunbroker to some poor sod in Conneticutt.

    • California is a major market for gun and ammo makers. If the pols here get their way and make gun ownership more complicated than it’s worth for the average person then those gun and ammo makers are going to have to take up the revenue losses elsewhere.

      Maybe they’ll raise their prices and maybe they’ll cut back production, or both. Either way it’s bad for gun owners everywhere, mot just the constitution free zones.

  14. I’m doing alright. I’m low on 30-06 but that’s just for my Garand so its not so big a deal. Have enough of 9mm and 5.56/.223. plenty of .22lr and .22wmr.

    That being said its hard to replace what I have (I usually replace what I shoot the same month I shoot it) so I’ve scaled back my range trips. Haven’t even been to IDPA in a while…

  15. I’ve dried up almost all shooting, so I’ve actually increased my supply over this drought. I’ve been lucky and had some success in finding the popular stuff…so much so that when a FLGS posted to Facespace yesterday that they were selling 500 round boxes of Rem Thunderbolt .22LR for $30, I responded with a resounding “that’s nice”. I was too broke from all the .22LR, 5.56, .38 Special, and 9mm I’d been stumbling across at the box stores over the past few months. About the only thing I can’t seem to bumble across is .22 Mag and 30-30, which has kept me from getting a NAA micro revolver and the Marlin lever gun I want.

    • Interesting. About the only thing I’ve been able to find consistently through this whole mess is 30-30.

      • For me it’s 7mm. Everywhere I go they have buttloads of 7mm, if nothing else. And I imagine there’s somebody, somewhere looking at a wall of .45 acp, .380 acp, and .357 mag and thinking “I’d trade all this for some 7mm”.

        • 7mm, .243 and .40 are all over the place here in MA. Some stores are rebuilding their stocks. Lots of .223 9mm for too much per box. No .22LR.

  16. screw that. I’m just going to keep paying exorbitant prices plus shipping from the internet gougers….

  17. I have ammo, but mostly because I haven’t been shooting any. I might have enough for four or five range trips over the summer if I ration it out — I’m hoarding what little practice ammo I do have for a friend’s planned visit in July and the annual trip to Utah later in the summer.

    The local shops where I live started rationing early, so they had 9mm long after everyone else had sold out; if they hadn’t been so far-sighted, I’d be SOL. Of course they’ve been empty just like everyone else for quite a while now.

    An example of why gun people are some of the best people — after hearing us lament that we had no .22 lr left for target shooting, our Schwan’s delivery guy (who has an enormous gun collection and keeps pictures of his favorites with the family photos on his iPhone) showed up the next week with a bag of about 1500 spare rounds he’d scrounged up from various bins in his ammo room. Wouldn’t even let us pay for them. Just told us to take the kids out with the .22’s and have fun (we have, and we will).

    So here’s a public shout-out to Jason the Schwan’s Guy. You rule.

  18. More than I thought I did after taking an inventory. Seems that every time I went to the store for a gallon of milk in the last five years or so there were already two gallons in the fridge. I’ve been sitting on a dairy tanker and didnt even realize it.

  19. The problem is there’s not yet enough supply to meet demand. Demand could also be artificially high because of people buying and reselling ammo, but I kind of doubt that being a huge factor. I think it was more or less the perfect storm of political B.S., summer recreational shooting, new gun owners, etc. that led to this.

    People panicked and that, in turn, caused more people to panic and buy up a lot of ammo. Then there’s the guys who were caught off guard and vowed to never be caught off guard again buying and storing a bunch of it for the future. I’ll admit that I’ve done that with surplus 7.62x54R and I suggest anyone who shoots 5.45 should do the same, since Obama has the power to ban ammo and gun imports with the stroke of a pen.

    Anyway, this will all peter out eventually. It’d end faster if Walmart and other big box stores jacked their prices up to the current market prices. People would stop buying as much and flippers couldn’t make any money.

    • Those of us who live in Constitutionally minded states don’t have to worry about Obama anymore.

      However,the gun owners in New Jersey,California, and most of New England are screwed.They’re looking at state level gun bans which promise to all but shut down the 2nd Amendment,and those gun owners have until next year at the outside to get their “assault weapon ammo”.Unfortunately for us, they need and shoot the same ammo us in free America do.As such there’s going to be pent up demand until every state legislature has finished its yearly sessions.

      • Yes, you do. Did you not read what I wrote? Presidents have the authority to ban importation of firearms, firearms parts and ammunition without going to Congress for approval.

        Bush Sr. did it, Clinton did it (IIRC) and Obama can do it too.

        • That’s a remote but plausible outcome.It would require another spree shooting to happen-and in the event of that situation were screwed anyways.

          In my estimation,now is the time to stock up.The prices you saw in summer 2012 are history.What we have now is the calm before the next sh-tstorm hits. If another spree shooting happens before 2016 -or we lose the House of Representatives to the Democrats in 2014- well be looking back in this year with fond memories.

  20. Pre-panic priced ammo are still available (albeit not readily) to those with a little creativity and willing to put in a little extra effort. For everyone else who just throw their hands up in the air and bitch/moan/complain/blame…..have fun with your pellet guns.

      • Most of the big box stores (at least that I’ve seen) with impressive supply chains and huge warehouse inventories seem to not have raised prices much…so the trick is to find out when they restock. It’s not always in the morning. One of the best finds I’ve had was in Wal Mart on a Saturday night, 1000 rounds of Win M22 (.22LR) for the pre-panic price of $48. There were two boxes on the shelf, I left one for the next guy and got some of the 9mm that was also there. Another Wal Mart seems to restock in the morning, I can take an early lunch, get there at 10, and there’s usually something I can use.

  21. A new Academy Sports opened here in Anderson, SC, and they had EVERY caliber available–but only one box per caliber per person.

    They are now of course out of all popular calibers, but still, a smile crossed my face when my wife and I walked out each with a box of CCI Mini-Mag .22LR 40gr for $8.99 per box of 100.

  22. Just scored 21 pounds of powder and 4k projos at pre panic prices.
    I’ll be giggling all weekend next to my XL650…

  23. Last friday, Freedom Munitions had about 25 lots of 500 rnd .223. They were all gone in about 15 minutes and at ~$350 a pop.

    • I just clicked through and got a half case of .45

      Ever since my wife decided that the Range Officer is neat, I need more.

  24. Ixnay on the ammoway. I’m carefully husbanding what I have and unsuccessfully scoping for what I don’t.

    When massive amounts of commodities or finished goods suddenly disappear or become very pricey, it is almost always the result of suppliers jacking with the product market in collusion with each other or someone trying to corner the market for a commodity. You know, the kind of activity that the Sherman Act was supposed to punish.

    The last time I saw something like this was the copper market in the early 90s. The price of copper more than tripled, for no good reason. It looked bogus to me and I issued a report about it that was almost universally scorned.

    But I was right. It was subsequently revealed that a trader at Sumitomo was trying to corner the market and managed to control more that 5% of it, which was more than enough to screw up everybody’s economics. Once his corner collapsed, copper dropped down to it’s natural price level.

    Ammo doesn’t suddenly go extinct like the dinosaurs. No, it’s not just panic buying. Panic buying is the result, not the cause. There should be enough ammo out there to choke an army, but there isn’t. Somebody is jacking with supply, but I do not suspect that the manufacturers are to blame.

      • Could be, but I can’t say for sure. All I know is, the situation is unprecedented. There was more ammo available during Desert Storm and the peak of Enduring Freedom and the current unpleasantness in Iraq. How does that make sense?

        • From what I understand, the civilian ammo market is 10x the military/LEO ammo market. The antis poked the bee hives and woke up millions of firearm owners to their true agenda. This is a classic run on the bank. If you think you won’t be able to get cash out tomorrow, you try to get as much out as you can today. Couple that with the American entrepreneurial spirit (the guys standing in line early at the big box stores hoping to flip the ammo), and you get the results we have now.

          I usually keep at least 1000 rounds per caliber around. There are probably many out there who only buy ammo on a needs-be basis. Newton and the accompanying MSM brow-beating changed that. Now that the anti’s pet proposals are dead in the water (until the next incident), I suspect we may start see some alleviation.

    • Here is something that I do not understand. Many stores are simply no longer getting any ammo shipments. Why are they no longer getting shipments? I can understand the dynamic where shoppers line up before the doors open and buy everything over the next 30 minutes. What I don’t understand is what happened to the actual shipments that no longer exist.

      Any ideas anyone?

  25. I was pleasantly surprised to find both small pistol primers and bullets yesterday at the Lexington, KY Sportsman’s Warehouse. The bullets seemed marked up (barely, though), but the primers were the same cost they’ve always been: $3.49 per 100. Picked up a box of 250 115gr 9mm RN and 600 primers – left 400 on the shelf for the next guy. Its still hit-or-miss in the local shops, but it seems to be getting better every week.

  26. Horror story – sensitive shooting individuals warning – the following may be disturbing to sensitive individuals:

    When I moved back east from NM a year and a half ago, there was only money for a large van. With FOUR people in it. I tried to get everything important loaded on it. I REALLY tried. My giant tool box full of ammo came with me. So far, so good.

    I just discovered THIS WEEK that I left behind *3* sealed 300 packs of Green Tip, M-855 5.56 ammo!!!

    How long will it take to recover from this realization? This unforgivable BLUNDER? I could have SWORN I brought it, but I’ve turned the place upside down. When I think of my landlord (who was why I left in the first place (LONG story) SELLING IT on eBay… UGH.

  27. Limits to two boxes in coastal Northern California. And desirable brands are tough to find.

    Moreover, depending on where you reside, it cannot be shipped to you. So interweb purchase requires a trusted, extra-jurisdictional friend.

  28. I’ve had plenty of 38 special this whole time, so I’ve been getting better acquainted with my revolver and lever gun.

    I almost ran out of 9mm, but some place had it a month or two ago so I stocked up. Got 750 rounds now.

    7.62 x 39 was hard to find at first, but its coming back. I just got a spam can of it yesterday.

    22 is still hard to find though. I’m down to my last brick!

    • Getting most of my .22lr ammo off In Texas Hill Country area, scarce as hen’s teeth! In last couple of months have accumulated a variety of .22lr for my Ruger SR .22, it will eat anything! Have about 4600 rounds to last me a while for Ladies Shooting League range time, to share with sister-in-law. Is it expensive, yes. Is it galling to have to buy it that way, yes. But, so tired of having to drive store to store to view empty shelves! AND Only thing I purchase on-line that husband doesn’t complain about.

  29. I have ammunition, but only because I don’t use it anymore.

    I’ve all but given up shooting because I know I can’t replace what I use for who knows how long. Occasionally I’ll score a box or two of pre-panic handgun ammunition (still no 9mm, but the others on rare occasion can be found).

    I’ve given up on ever seeing a .22LR round for sale at a pre-panic price. I don’t even look for it anymore. If this panic pricing ever goes away, I’m going to go crazy stocking up the stuff to make up for what I have learned from all this.

    What I’d do to buy some pre-panic price 7.62×39……

  30. I can get everything but .22 on a regular basis at two boxes per caliber per day. Reasonable pricing too. They have had .223 and 5.56 in stock for two weeks straight for $9.99/box.

  31. “Simple math tells us that the ammo shortage can’t last forever. In a couple of years this will all seem funny.”

    You really think this country’s actually going to go a couple years without another shortage-inducing federal gun-grab or mass shooting? The government and/or antis won’t allow that.

      • No doubt. The grabbers smell blood in the water. Now they just need more blood, which, unfortunately, is inevitable. The everlasting fame the media and politicians have granted to the recent shooters has got to be giving major chubbers to the next line of aspiring shooters. Sick cycle.

  32. Supply in my “regular caliber” handguns got tight so I bought a used GP-100 at Cabela’s in .327 Fed Mag and haven’t been short of ammo selection or supply since.

    No, it’s not super-cheap, but not $1/round either, and the .327 seems punchy enough to have fun at the range and at the farm.

    • .327 Fed Mag is a dynamic, hot little round, but still, I often wondered if there was a market for it. Now I know.

      • For as long as I can remember I’ve heard people warn against “oddball” calibers and potential shortages. “Stick to the common stuff.” they said.
        Kind of ironic that I can’t feed my AR but I can find .243WSSM everywhere I go.

        • yeah… I bought a .17 hmr rifle cause they had a few thousand rounds at the local Bi-Mart.

        • One of the reasons I decided to acquire guns in as many calibers as I can. Too bad for me I should have started years earlier.

      • Serious. If my comment isn’t welcome it will be deleted. Have you looked at 9mm lately, that is pretty reasonable. Haters gunna hate though.

    • I have a thousand rounds of my middle finger up for grabs Brandon. Let me know how to contact you.

      • Little pissy are we? There is demand and I have supply. Don’t like it? Stick that middle finger back up your butt where it was before.

  33. People may be mad at me, but I picked up about 20 boxes of .223 TulaAmmo over the weekend at Walmart. How? I asked for it. The night crew fella asked me how many, I said “All” (in my best Terminator voice). The night before, I simply asked one of the workers in the area if they had any ammo in stock. I knew they did by checking the Walmart app before arriving. The guy went back to check and had his cart full of goodies. I picked out my 3 box limit (this guy enforced the 3 box limit) of various calibers and went home. I almost didn’t go that morning; glad I did.

  34. Not as much as I’d like, but it’s more a money issue than supply. When I have extra cash, can find everything but .22 w/o much problem. Within 2 -3 days, there is reasonably priced ammo at Academy or wallyworld.

  35. I shamefully bought 500 rounds of 9mm for $24 a box. On the plus side it arrived at my house the very next day.

    If I didn’t shoot USPSA so much I never would have bought it.

  36. I still can’t find any at Walmart. They still have fair prices. I’ve been able to find some at local gun shops but they’re gouging like crazy. Can’t find a single shop that doesn’t want $75 or more for a 100rds of white box Winchester .45 ACP. 5.56 seems to be dropping back to normal levels at about .45 cents a round. 9mm? HA! Can’t find any anywhere.

    • Pretty much same in Richmond, VA. But I don’t get around that much. When (if) it returns, I’ll stock up, best I can. I can only do my best.

    • Bought a 1000 round of 9m for $340 that includes shipping on 04/26/2013 not sure how good Silver Bear ammo is but google isn’t showing any horror stories so there is 9M out there. Just have to be lucky.


  37. I’ve bought caliber conversions (barrels or kits) for my pistols. It is nice to be able to shoot 9mm, 40S&W, or 357 Sig out of the same gun.

  38. I have bought over 2K rounds of .40 and 9mm combined in the past few months without paying the insane high prices. Everyone, if you stop paying the insane prices and let the ammo sit on the shelf…stock will go back up and prices will drop. I hate to say this, but Walmart has been one of the best that did not jack up the prices on ammo. $36 for a 100 rd box of .40. Love it.

    • I hate to say it, but I have to agree. I gave them a huge ration of s4!t for signing on to the MALG (not a typo), but the fact that they’ve kept prices steady in the face of huge demand is admirable.

  39. If it weren’t for :
    My son browsing pistols (22A) at Gander Mountain a few weeks ago when a counter guy looks down and hollers at another employee “hey, whats this box here?” and lifts it up onto the counter. Why it’s a 1,000 rnds of Federal .223 bulk boxed loose in a plastic bag. My phone rings, “Dad, 1K rounds of .223, $500” I said DO IT! One time it was good he has his copy of my credit card (He’s a good son).
    Saved the day, up to that point I had only 40 rnds on my shelf.
    BTW, had planned to go up to Cabelas Dec 15 for an AR. They had it for $729, then they didn’t have it. Bought the same model Dec 18,2012 for $900, at LGS.

  40. If you want a glass is 2/3 full observation. I think we have had overall a “soft landing”. Much issues/problems in the last few months but overall this is good for the Republic. The People of the Gun (AND the casual owners) are MUCH better provided for now than at any time in history. We have expanded stock where/when possible and cut usage. The casual owner has realize there is a problem in this country and has for the 1st time created a stockpile (rather than buying 1 box the week before deer season).

    I’ll wager that 90% of the ammo sold since 11/6/12 debacle has gone into the contingency stockpile of freemen. Thus available for 2nd Amendment purposes should such an chain of events ever develop. And I think this is likely a longterm mindset. Maintenance of a proper stockpile of Cl V for critcal caliber weapons being a much higher priority in the household budget than in the past.

    If the day comes when you NEED that battlepack of ___ the price per round you paid some scalper won’t be on your mind.

  41. I actually found .22 for the first time in 3 months at Walmart last night in central TX. Bought the last two boxes. Deer cartridges are the easiest to find, though still very low. That’ll change soon as people start sighting in more in a couple of months in anticipation of fall.

    I noticed via gunbot that Able just put up a bunch of 9mm finally…but it gouged my eye out, if you get my drift.

  42. Freedom Munitions has .45 acp in stock! Its pretty fascinating watching the number in stock drop so fast. Saw the same thing happen to 7.62x54R on after December.

  43. Q: Got Ammo?

    A: Yes, I’m good…probably for life…in ten different calibers. My son will probably inherit some.
    But then I live in CA, saw the prices and politics begin moving unfavorably and started buying a lotta bulk from Cabellas and Midway beginning in 2009.

    Anybody need any (empty) plastic ammo cans? I gotta ’bout 25 more than I need.

  44. I’ve generally been able to find what I need as long as I’m patient. Except for 44mag. I don’t know what the deal is with that load, but nobody is selling any under $1 a round. If I could find primers I’d think about loading, but I can’t so… I don’t. The strangest thing I’ve been seeing out there is 7.62×39. There is a metric f-ton of it out there… all at prices nobody is going to pay now that everyone has 5k rounds on hand.

  45. Does I have ammo?
    Yerp. As much as I need though? No.
    about 400 rds 223, mostly wolf (and I just a bought an new sr556e yesterday for 1400…in CA)
    100 rds 7.62 by 54r
    a little less than 200 rds 30-06
    around 150 rds 308
    200 rds 22lr
    I just got depressed with how little i have….

  46. Here in Maryland, close to DC, we are still struggling with an ammo shortage. Even in northern virginia, the cheapest 5.56 ammo was $0.80 a round about two weeks ago. The stores quickly put in a one box limit so i was able to pick up a couple boxes of 22lr and 9mm, but those have all dried up. I would go early every day to the big box stores like Walmart or Bass Pro, but those stores are at least 45 minutes to an hour away.

    On a positive note, I have seen a great number of new gun owners or prospective gun owners hitting the stores and looking for their first gun or seeing what it’s all about. I can spot them a mile away and always go out of my way to have a friendly chat with them. This is good news for the liberal suburban city area around DC. I can feel the gun community growing and coming closer, even if it’s just a little.

    The more we evangelize to non-gun owners, and take friends shooting for their first time, the more people we will win over to the gun rights communities.

  47. In Central Illinois I Found 2 boxes of 9’s at walmart yesterday. First I have found in 3 weeks. They have had it, I just never was there at the right time. Haven’t seen a box of 22 since late Dec. I have 400 rds of 7.62x54R, 150rds of 9mm, and 50rds of 22. I haven’t gone shooting much because I can’t replace it.

  48. Question: What does everyone consider adequate for basic load storage?

    Talking .223 and 9mm, and if in western states (NM CO UT WY AZ).

  49. Here in GA the LGS are getting stocked back up pretty decent, but prices haven’t fallen much. 22lr is still like gold bullion here, rare and expensive. The big box stores like Wal Mart and Academy are still pretty bare on the shelves though.

  50. I have seen 5.56, 6.8 spc and 7.62 sitting on WalMart shelves over the past week. Saw a few boxes of .357 Sig one day. Even got a report of a box of 500 rounds of 5.56 in another Tennessee WalMart.

    I have buying .40 from a local reloading company as well.

    I am optomistic.

  51. I don’t know if anyone is still reading this far down but… in some very unpleasant conversations with my extremely liberal boss, he INSISTS that the ammo manufacturers are to blame for this ammo scarcity, and they are doing it on purpose to make tons of money. He also thinks the gun manufacturers control the NRA and are shipping guns to criminals and south of the border… how do I counter this jackass with some good arguments? Especially about the ammo shortage thing? Thanks.

    • Not sure of a good counter for tue ammo shortage but did you mention Fast and Furious about running guns?

      • Hey, my reply failed. Thanks for writing me back. I tried all the logical responses, he sees evil in the manufacturers of ammo and guns, and fully supports the government like a blind man. I guess there is no reasoning with him. Ugh…

    • He’s your boss? Then don’t argue with him and if you must argue, lose. Admit he’s the smarter guy. That will give you plenty of time to get a better job.

      • Sage advice. I am definitely going to do that. It just gets hard when he pushes me every day and I try and defend my position constantly. It gets tiring and demoralizing…

  52. Greetings all. I scored big the past seven days. It’s been my habit to stop by Wallyworld on the way to work in the Chicago area. For months I’ve come up empty-handed for 9mm and .22 LR, other than an occasional 50-round box of 9mm. So a week ago, there were 100-round boxes of Federal FMJ 9mm. I bought my three. This morning to my surprise and delight, they had 500-round boxes of Federal .22 LR. I bought 3 of those. I feel as if I found the Ark or something. Not going to read into this… I think I just happened to be the first one there after a shipment. Still pretty bare shelves overall. In addition, compared to prices online, this is about as inexpensive as it gets.

  53. Right now I wish I had a .243 barrel for my Garand. It’s all over but 06 is a bit harder to come by. Heck I wish I had another Garand in .243.

  54. nope hardly none, but its fishing season anyway so my money need go to tackle.
    edit:also they are opening a bass pro shop in my area this fall so gander mtn. has been having alot of sales, soon as bass pro opens im never setting foot in gander mountain again.

  55. Snap caps and a lot of dry fire for me… last time I went to the range was early April, and even then, I shot mostly .22… don’t to burn through my last supplies of 9mm, 7.62×39, or .38 special.

  56. I must say that I have been fairly lucky. I live near a Cabellas and use gunbot to watch for any Cabellas sales; I then order online and have it shipped to the store so there is no transportation. In the last 4 weeks I’ve purchased 4 boxes of .40sw at $13.99 a box of 50 and 4 boxes of .22mag for between 12.99-13.99 a box of 50. I’ve also learned when the store puts out their ammo and have picked up a box or two for all of my handguns, all at pre-panic prices. Last week they had .223 ammo for $6.99 a box of 20. I don’t shoot .223 but have a friend who does… so I bought a full five box limit and sold it to him for what I paid. Just yesterday I went into Cabellas to look at some reloading equipment on my way home from work. As I was looking, I saw a customer walking by with a 2100 round can of Federal .22lr. I asked the salesperson if he had another one of those, he came back 5 minutes later with a can for me and for another person who heard me ask. So, 2100 rounds of .22lr for a little under $100… nice.

  57. I’m glad Freedom did something decent. Still, after the piss poor treatment I received from their non-existent customer service, I’ll never do business with them again. Not that it matters to them.

  58. One day, sometime before November, 2016, you’ll all realize that the crazy old man who has been preaching about reloading your own was right.

  59. This whole shortage and panic is overrated and way to long. Thanks to all those who panicked, the flippers, and the hoarders. If you camp out at odd hours at a sporting goods store to get ammo, get a life. Or start reloading.


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