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Question of the Day: What Did You Launch on the Fourth?

Round these parts, it’s not an Independence Day celebration if the potato gun doesn’t spit some spuds at some point. The tumbling tubers are usually accompanied by some illuminating backyard pyrotechnics, but as dry as it’s been around here this year, discretion seemed the better part of valor. Did you break out the big guns to ring in the 4th?


  1. avatar JeffD says:

    We fired off the Thunder Mug about 10 times. No projectile, but loud as a cannon.

    Enjoy the video.

  2. avatar SD3 says:

    “What Did You Launch on the Fourth?” Spicey air biscuits!

    Loud? No.
    Inspiring? No.
    Enduring? Awww, yeah…

  3. avatar dustyvarmint says:

    I used it as an excuse to shoot before noon at my house and shoot as much as I wanted with my .22 M&P pistol and my G17. I try to be very considerate of the neighbors, but thought the true sound of freedom should be truly heard that day.

    happy shooting, dv

  4. avatar ImYourHuckleberry says:

    the knucklehead across the street decided he’d fire mortars right at the foot of his driveway, which provided perfect cover for me to cut loose two dozen rounds of 22 LR, and 6 OO Buck 12 GA shells. I hated wasting my CCI Stingers and Federal OO Buck on killing my lawn, but it was fun!

  5. avatar Evan Easton says:

    I launched three children from a big tube…

    …off the back of my boat.

  6. avatar brigo50 says:

    50 rounds rapid fire with an AR-10
    20 rounds of iron plate shoulder loving 91/30 Mosin Nagant
    50 rounds out of my Ruger Gp-100 (.38+p)
    25 rounds of 12 gauge pheasant loads out of a buddy’s 870 police


    1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

      Sounds like we had the same ideas!!! LOL!!!
      Knocked the crap out of a round bale of hay covered with paper targets and soda cans!!!!
      30 rds of 7.62x54R in a 1924 Nagant 91/30.
      24 rds of Federal 158 LRN .38 Special in a 1974 S&W Model 67 Stainless w/4″ barrel.
      100 rds of .45acp (50 rds each) in an ATI FX Titan 1911 and an Auto Ordnance 100 year commemorative 1911.
      25 rds of 12 gauge #7 Federal.
      And last but not least 150 rds of 7.62 x39 in a nice old SKS(have 2-75 rd drums for it).
      Everyone had a safe and fun 4th and got to do something we all enjoy. Just glad I can reload for all except the 12 gauge!!!!

  7. avatar Derek says:

    I had typed up this funny post about firing off some interesting ordinance and my neighbor complaining that it was knocking stuff off of her walls but then I remembered how it shipped from Canada and that I’m not entirely certain it was legal. Sooo… I digress.

    1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

      Yes a very smart decision!!!! Fired off some homemade stuff!!! Lot of boom lot of smoke. Oh and some Big holes in the dirt pile!!!! Heh Heh Heh!!!!

  8. avatar JJ Swiontek says:

    I didn’t shoot anything big… But I did teach pistol safety to a woman and her two 12-year-old daughters.

  9. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    @JJ !!!! Great way to spend the day!!!! I hope you can keep them interested in the sport and help them enjoy many fun days to come!!!
    My fiancée and I have taught some serious gun safety to her 10 yr old daughter over the past 18 months( we are both licensed for concealed carry in Ar, and we bought her her own single shot break over .22 LR for Christmas last year!!!
    Since her daughter and I are both lefties we have a lot of fun shooting and picking on her mom!!!! LOL!!!!

  10. avatar jkp says:

    220 rounds of 9mm.
    32 rounds of .45ACP.

    Let freedom ring!

  11. avatar crosswiredmind says:

    200 rounds of .22 LR
    200 rounds of .223
    200 rounds of 300 BLK

    It was an auspicious day at the range.

  12. avatar إبليس says:

    Waved my sword in the air, like I just didn’t care.

    1. avatar Air Force TSgt says:


  13. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    “What Did You Launch on the Fourth?” a six pack of beer

  14. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Nothing actually. We went to the local high school and watched the fireworks, about 20 minutes, then went home and I made up some burgers for a late dinner. Pretty uneventful actually.

  15. avatar MotoJB says:

    I’m in CA. I didn’t want swat at my house for shooting off the firearms. Fireworks are also illegal in my county.

    1. avatar ImYourHuckleberry says:

      I love CA, but that sucks.

  16. avatar greaseyknight says:

    About 6 rounds to many from a Mosin M44, in addition to other various rifles and pistols.

  17. avatar SDFreeman says:

    Nothing this year, county wide ban due to extreme fire danger.

  18. avatar Phil Pistol says:

    Sighted in my Marlin 30-30 Scope out back in the woods. Then went to a river and fired off 50 .45 out of my Colt Officers. Happy Birthday America.

  19. Since 2006 we’ve held an Action Rifle Match on Independence Day to benefit the Arizona Citizens Defense League.

  20. avatar Michael B. says:

    A basketball backboard 50 feet into the air. It was a very tannerite 4th of July.

  21. avatar bontai Joe says:

    What did I launch in the 4th? Mucus, I just got home today from a 5 day stay at the local hospital suffering from lung and breathing problems. I’m feeling better, but plan on taking the next couple of weeks real easy.

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