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My first gun. Where to begin? Because of my age, it couldn’t be a handgun. Thanks to a low tolerance for PITA parties and ongoing RTFM issues, it had to be reliable. Money? Money was too tight to mention (although I just did). I eventually put the Smith &Wesson M&P15-22 in my sights. Friends who owned the cheap-to-fire .22 caliber AR sang its praises like Maxim describing Bar Rafaeli . . .

Before pulling the trigger on the rimfire AR, I commuted to my local gun store for extended fondling and familiarity. I boned-up online, and then researched the gun in a farrago of forums, YouTube videos, review sites and official websites. I put my cash down and picked up my M&P15-22 after a mandatory two-day wait.

Thus began my inevitable descent into firearm addiction.

The 15-22 made it home unmolested. You know those cool Springfield XD cases that remind you of a spy movie? The 15-22’s cardboard box goes completely the other way. It has that Sam’s Club “pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap” vibe; which is no bad thing provided the gun does what it’s supposed to do. NRA come-on, manual, laughable lock, 25-round mag, gun. Now how much would you pay? Wait! Don’t answer . . .

Thanks to the United States Air Force (your tax money hard at work) the AR platform and I are BFFs. The 5.5 pound Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 is slightly lighter than a 5.56 M4 but not so light that you wonder if the Smith is the “nothing” to which the “It’s NERF or nothing” tagline refers. The M&P15-22’s polymer construction is solid as you wannabe, with only a slight slight wobble with the stock. [ED: Wobble baby wobble baby wobble.]

In my case the 15-22 dances with an A1-Style compensator (1/2 x 28″ thread). If that’s not for you, you can compensate for the compensator with a variety of aftermarket attachments. How about a suppressor that make the 15-22 quieter than a mute librarian? Just don’t forget to say hello to the ATF.

The Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 comes with adjustable/removable front and rear sights. Like with all railed AR platforms, you can pimp your gun until it’s disappears in doo-dads. Unlike its 5.56 cousins, you can customize your more-or-less recoilless rifle on the cheap. Example given: Airsoft replica red dot/holographic sights. My rifle sports a $80 EOTech knockoff and a $125 quick detach 3x magnifier. Neither loose their zero, even when I’m bump firing.

The 15-22 breaks down like a Diva stuck in the middle of a rainstorm. Remove two pins and the body splits in half. The buffer’s built into the bolt and doesn’t travel into the buffer tube. The trigger assembly is solid. Cleaning the .22 caliber Smith AR is so quick and easy you will actually do it on a regular basis without complaining.

Now the fun part: range time.

The weather: clear with a very light breeze. Ammo: 36 gr, CPHP Federal Ammunition. Target: a 2¼” steel spinning target set out at 50′. After zeroing the M&P’s iron sights benched, I took careful aim and fired a full 25-round magazine. Every round found the target. As you’d expect, recoil was almost as mild as an ant fart (don’t ask me how I know). Follow-up shots were quicker Michael Moore making his first trip to the buffet. Or is that his second?

I fired the next few mags standing. I rapid fired five full mags and landed almost every round on steel. I was about 200 rounds in when I had my first series of malfunctions. Over the span of two magazines I had four stovepipes. I had a misfeed two mags later. I attribute the malfs to the 15-22’s break-in period. At the end of a two-hour shooting session I’d shot my way through 550 rounds with only the previously mentioned malfunctions.

Other than that, the rifle ran like a dream. And since then as well. I’ve put another thousand rounds of different ammo brands through the gun without so much as a hiccup. No issues. Nothing.

That’s no small thing. .22 caliber AR’s are notoriously finicky. While there are advantages to the problem: shooters using a .22 AR to train for a full-size firearm get hands-on experience dealing with malfunctions—there’s a limit to how many clicks even the most determined tacticool type wants to hear. The Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 leaps over this bar like Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones jumping over a playa.

Smith & Wesson have come a long, long way in terms of quality control for their AR products; they’ve brought production back in-house to excellent effect. Still, we’re talking about a $450 plastic fantastic—sorry “high strength polymer upper and lower receiver equipped” rimfire AR. A buyer should clean and run their M&P15-22 with a large variety and quantity of ammo to see what works. If problems persist, Smith has terrific customer care. FWIW.

The Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 has exceeded my expectations on all fronts. It’s set the standard for the firearms to follow. Which sucks. How will I ever find another cool-looking firearm that’s so much fun to shoot that doesn’t break the bank in terms of price of entry or running costs? I think I need a bigger income.


Caliber: .22LR
Barrel: 1 in 15″ twist, carbon steel
Barrel Length: 16″
Overall Length: 33.75″ extended, 30.5″ collapsed
Weight: 5.5 pounds unloaded
Action: Semi-automatic
Finish: Matte black
Capacity: 25+1
Price: MSRP $519 (~$459 street)

RATINGS (out of five stars):

Accuracy:  * * * * *
The 15-22 was surprisingly consistent, regularly hitting 2¼” steel targets at 50′ while standing and dead-on while benched.

Ergonomics:  * * * * *
It’s the little brother of the beloved AR carbine and has all the features of its more powerful sibling. The picatinny rail will accept any of the accessories that make your .223 rifle shoot well.

Reliability: * * * * *
I’ve only had one misfeed and four stovepipe jams in over 1500 rounds. With a .003% fail rate, this rifle definitely maxes out on the reliability scale.

Customize This: * * * * *
Being a .22 AR with a rail system, it can accept the gajillion or so accessories.

Overall Rating: * * * * *
The price is just right for this system. For those looking for a dedicated .22 AR platform gun, you’d be crazy not to consider an M&P15-22.


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  1. This was my second rifle. I bought it’s big brother first (M&P 15 Sport) so after a much research and based on the positive review done on this website for it’s value and quality. Later I happened on the M&P 15-22 and I found out that my research might not have been as complete as I thought! This is a great rifle. Light, accurate (at least for me), inexpensive to shoot and it looks just like it’s 5.56 cousin! Both rifles are well made, but the 15-22 is the rifle that sees the most rounds through it. THE AWB in Connecticut is a pain for accessories, but the rifle was worth every penny spent. Thanks for the review!

  2. Fantastic rifle, I have nothing but good things to say about it. I also think it is the most reliable tacticool .22 made right now.

  3. I have both the M&P 15-22 and the CMMG Quebec (now called the M4-LE .22). While I like my M&P, I love the CMMG. It has a really real lower, which I have used with 5.56 and 300 BLK uppers. The CMMG has a far superior trigger out-of-the-box. It also weighs more, and I see that as a good thing. That being said, the M&P is a bit more accurate.

  4. thank you for the excellent review!

    I have been looking for a good/great 22, and you just sealed it for me.

    I bought a M&P 9mm for my very 1st pistol and fell in love with the S&W brand because of the excellent preformance of that pistol compaired to others that I have since fired with a compairable failure rate to what you just did and I have fed my pistol every kind of 9mm ammo that i could find over the past 2 years.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    I tell everyone I know at my gunclub about your site and have linked your articles to my friends many times becuase of your high standards and honesty.

    The people who comment here are very knowledgeable and for the most part, friendly with just a few trolls.

  5. In the early 70’s I bought a Remington Nylon 66. Since then I’ve put lord-only-knows how many rounds through that gun. I once went about 1000 rounds without cleaning. It finally got so dirty that the bolt would sometimes not fully close, resulting in a misfire now and then. I cleaned it and it returned to its fully-reliable mode. Other than that, I’ve Never had a failure to feed, extract, or eject. Just makes me wonder if quality control is a thing of the past, because I don’t believe in a “break in period” for firearms. Every one I’ve ever had worked right out of the box or got sent packing asap.

    • I have to say I am in complete agreement with your observations. I still have my ’66 (for 36 years) and she still shoots true.

  6. if you want an accurate out of the box 22 find a winchester wildcat. even with a cheap scope it’s a match lighter.

  7. I commuted to my local gun store for extended fondling and familiarity. I boned-up online

    I understand getting all hot and bothered after feeling up this terrific little rifle, climaxing in this outstanding review, but an online boner is nothing to brag about.

  8. Congrats and enjoy. I love, love, LOVE my M&P 15-22. It just can’t be beat for range-time fun. Mine has been utterly reliable until I tried to feed it Winchester 555 bulk ammo. That stuff is CRAP! It didn’t work well in my Ruger SR22 Pistol, either.

    My M&P 15-22 feeds Federal Champion like shit through a goose . (I had to add my own simile… it seems you like them!). 😉

    I put a Primary Arms red dot clone on mine for about $80. Works very well.

      • You’re right. I just got the MOE version and LOVE the rifle! We were shooting at a splatter target at 100 yards with the iron sights. This is my first Tactical gun and I couldn’t be happier. I was happy that I could hit the target at this distance! I was shooting CCI standard velocity rounds through it all day. The only time I had a misfire, (two of them), was when we loaded my nephew’s Winchester 22LR in the Mag, otherwise, clean shooting. I am going to run some Federal through it my next trip to the range.

  9. Seems a bit bias being as it’s your first and it gets five stars all the away across….Maybe the rifle is that good but this a too much like fanboyism, I bought it, research it, feel in love with it and bought it so it MUST be the best of the best right? right?.

    • Haha… you never forget your first, eh? 😉

      If you look around the interwebz, though, you’d see nearly universal praise for the 15-22. So, this review is a bit of a redundant, “I love it, just like everyone else!” It really is a great .22LR rifle. Is it the “best of the best?” I can’t say. I do enjoy shooting it more than the venerable 10-22. But, I haven’t compared it to any other .22LR rifle.

    • While you’ve got a point Wiebelhaus, it actually is the best of the best of the best, sir! I’ve run ARs with .22lr BCGs, the Mossberg AR, the Umarex AR and a billion semi-auto & bolt action .22lrs, and the M&P 15-22 is not a classic .22lr jammomatic, it is very to handle for an 8 or 88 year old and with it being so close to mil-spec, I’d say that it probably has more options and upgrades available to it than a 10/22. I know that when we have range night at my place, it’s usually the first gun to get grabbed and definitely gets the most rounds through it among the 30 or so other firearms available. Add a few bits and do-dads (like a JP trigger spring kit and a EOTech) and it’s amazingly accurate to 100 yds and takes any ammo I’ve thrown at it. Life gets even better when you add a can to the end of it. Of all the firearms I have, the best bang or the buck has definitely been the M&P 15-22.

      • Not putting it down. I own one in the desert camo.
        But accurate?? I know that’s a relative term. But it wont group with my marlin 7000, CZ, kimber, savage, 2 marlin lever actions, remington 541, remington 597,or any of my high dollar PCP airguns I own.
        But it does look cool.

    • Yes, this was my first but that was a few years ago. Since then I have owned many more guns and have applied what I have learned about firearms to this review. At the time I felt the rifle was near perfect and after shooting other .22 rifles I stand by my original thoughts.

  10. I love my M&P15-22, but this rifle is the best example of the grave injustice that is the California high capacity magazine ban. I don’t mind the 10 round mags on handguns as much. I just buy smaller, more concealable guns since I have an LTC. Take that gun grabbers. (yes there is such a thing as a CA license to carry) The M&P15-22 just begs for high capacity magazine. Mag dumping 10 rounds of .22lr just isn’t enough. I need at least 25 or really the 75 round drum. If I could have a full auto firearm, this would be it.

    • I thought this a cool gun, so more money for an.556 AR would be even better but Since I live in California it would have to have a fixed 10 round magazine so I don’t go out and shoot mass quantities of puppy s and little kids. I was born in California and love my state but we have been screwed by politically correct trend setters minding everyone’s business.

  11. Hitting 2¼” steel targets at 50′ is about as impressive as the sun coming up in the morning. Tell me that you can hit 5 dimes in a row at 50 yards (150 feet) with it, and you will have an impressive gun.

    • @joe,

      if you watch the video (or fast forward to the end of it) the youtube links for more videos in the same player, there is a guy who shoots his steel target at 250 yards with the video camera running and no breaks in the film to prove it.

      very impressive with his 15-22!

    • I have a remington with a Tasco scope I can do that with. With the right scope I have faith the M&P will do that and then some. Going to laser bore sight mine at 150 yards with a high rise scope mount to allow for open sights sighted at 50 yards. Thats how my Remington Speedmaster is set up. I can open sight mid range and scope it long range and it is dead on. That should have me covered 😀

  12. I went into my LGS today to buy some ammo. While I was there I thought I’d have a gander at an M&P 15 22. They had one, it felt really cheap to me, to light and brittle feeling. Right next to it sat a Colt M4 22, all metal and feeling like a real M4. I walked out with it for $350…couldn’t pass that up. Look forward to getting it out on the range.

    • you might have saved a penny, but you’ll be in for a lot more than a pound when you try to find accessories. the colt/walther/umarex has many proprietary components, while that m&p is almost completely mil-spec; that means almost any upgrade, from furniture to drop in triggers, are readily available. try that with the colt…um, nope. nevertheless, enjoy it! 🙂

      • holy hell! I just looked at the dates, and realized these posts are from 5 freakin years ago! deedeedee lol…oh well, keep on plinkin on!

  13. The MOE version for me in FDE, because I live in the desert.
    This thing is FUN. I must say that the trigger is very good with a crisp release and a short reset. I wish all AR triggers were this good out of the box.
    Out the door with this and a brick of .22 for a tad under 600 dollars may have been some of the best firearms money that I have ever spent. The Magpul parts alone are close to 200 dollars with a six position stock, folding MBUS sights and pistol grip all from Magpul.
    I did have to clean it after a couple of bricks but only because I felt a little guilty about it. So far it is utterly reliable with various ammo brands although I do only use high velocity stuff in it.
    Sadly, I think that this may have replaced my Marlin 39A as my favorite rimfire rifle.

  14. I’m glad to hear it’s reliable. Have you shot any groups at 50m or 100m? I should think it would be simplicity itself to mount glass on a flattop AR. That’s why the configuration was created, wasn’t it?

  15. I opted for the Performance Center version. Far better trigger, more accurate threaded barrel. Different grip and stock. Well worth the extra ~$75

    It is a favorite. I use it a lot and plink steel targets at 110 yards. Fun!

  16. Apparently Patrick got his “first gun” before getting to whatever grade where his school teaches percentages. Five failures in 1500 rounds is 0.33%, not 0.003%

    • Well, Tom , apparently you slept through math class, too. If it were .33, that would be 1/3, which in 1,500 rounds would be 500 failures. 5 failures in 1,500 is 3%, which is pretty good.

      • Well Tim, Tom is correct, .33 is 1/3 as you say but when adding the % sign making it .33% that correlates to .0033

  17. Fired my 15-22 for the first time today. Used Winchester Wildcat and some subsonic ammo (both on the “avoid” list in the user manual) and it fed perfectly, only problem was with the subsonic the bolt didnt hold open after the mag was empty. Which isnt a huge problem. Best ammo was M-22 by Winchester. Made for large mag capacity auto -loading .22s. 1 FTF out of around 400 rounds. On the whole a fun shooter that gives you an AR experience at a .22 plinker price.

  18. Bought a S&W M&P 15-22 being that I am a beginner. Seeing all the good reviews I thought it would be a good choice for me.

  19. just purchased my m&p 15-22 put about 250 rounds through it without a hitch. I recently put a nikon P-223 scope ( 8 inch) fits and works great about ( $ 195.00 with mounts) i would reconmend this rifle and scope to anyone

  20. Recently purchased a M & P 15/22. Out of the box it has an interesting flaw. Whenever the gun is fired the safety cycles from fire to safe. To fire the rifle again
    it is necessary to manually cycle the safety from fire to safe and back to fire. Never seen this before on a firearm. Will return the gun to smith & wesson and see what they can do with it.

    • Hopefully Smith&Wesson can fix that flaw for you. I’ve shot about 500 rounds so far without any problems. Very accurate out of the box. I’m very happy with it. I have a Bushmaster 5.56 and a DPMS 7.62 but since the price of ammo went up I decided to shoot 22lr . Now 22lr are hard to find and when you do its not that cheap either. Still cheaper than 5.56 or 7.62 though . I think after you get it fixed you will be very happy with it .

  21. Nice review. I just happened to check one of these out at a local gun shop tonight and wanted to see what the real world experiences were like before I committed. After reading your review, I think I’ll pick it up tomorrow. Will be a nice complement to my AR.

    • Well, I picked one up and boy is it a fun little rifle! Everything about it feels like an M4-style AR-15, from the bolt release, the charging handle, the trigger, mag release, and sights, to the disassembly with the same pin locations, etc. I ran 200 rounds of cheap Winchester bulk ammo and it was so much fun… and accurate!

      Can you tell me what the make/model is of your EO Tech knock-off and the magnifier? The iron sights are great, but I’d prefer a red-dot for quicker target acquisition and long-range accuracy.

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  23. Has anyone compared this rifle to the Mossberg 715T? I am in the market to purchase and am just learning about 22 tactical AR type rifles.

    • the Mossberg ar-15 style rifles do not use the same controls as the ar-15…the m&p is MUCH closer to the feel of an ar-15. the only difference you can notice with the m&p is the lack of recoil and its a bit lighter weight. honestly I find the Mossbergs really tacky. they are pretty much a Mossberg plinkster in a shell that looks like an ar-15.

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  26. I shoot competition steel normally with my tricked out ruger 10/22, I went out and bought the m&p 15-22 for my son to use– on my first time out with the m&p I beat everyone. Great gun

  27. Admiring the hard work you put into your website and detailed information you provide.
    It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material.
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  28. If y’all wanna make it fire automatically, buy a slide fire! Look it get and then get one along with a 75 rd drum mag!

  29. I our family we have plenty of daughters… and one boy. The boy is all into “spray and pray” for shooting “because that is how its done in Black Ops”… (ugh). The girls however are plenty happy with bolt action and taking time to learn how to shoot with good marksmanship skills and are far more accurate than their brother. Last weekend we picked up one of these rifles after our son said he didn’t want to go shooting because we have boring rifles that aren’t in “Black Ops”. So we went to Sportsman’s Warehouse on the way to the range and picked up a M&P 15-22 (the girls chose pink camo for the design). All the girls, wife and I fired it, a few hundred rounds total… and all loved it. It is pretty darn accurate too. Naturally when we got back our son was miffed that he didn’t get to fire it… and of course that it was pink camo and that is NOT how it is in “Black Ops”… lol. Get over it boy! We had a few jams but that I think was due to the first round not being set right in the magazine. I think he will suck it up and later fire it and have plenty of fun just like the rest of us had with it. We’re happy with the purchase and can see that this will save us a bundle on ammo. I can’t afford more 223 at the rate my son likes to shoot it… lol. So… the kids blowing a few hundred rounds of 22LR in a day is no big deal. That saves the 223 ammo for mama, the girls and myself.

  30. I just took my new M&P AR15-22 to the range for the first time. Over 500 rounds of various ammo and not one failure to feed, jam or stack. I love this little thing. Now if I can get the new optics zeroed it will be perfect.

  31. Just picked one up ($360) to practice with instead of the big brother (15T). .22 is still far cheaper than .223. Looking forward to the first trip to the range.

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  34. I have 2 customized 10/22s and an MP15-22. It’s pretty much a toss up as to which I like best. Here’s my take:

    Accuracy: Almost identical on all 3. Shoot quarters at 50 yds with iron sights. Good enough for me.
    Reliability: Almost identical on all 3. They rarely fail aside from the cheap ammo I run through them.
    Trigger: My 16″ 10/22 has a BX trigger group, which seems about equal to the MP15-22; The other 10/22 has a KIDD trigger group which is superior to the MP15-22.
    Aesthetics: I’d say equal. One of my 10/22s is a complete M1 Carbine Conversion: Stock, sights, strap, magazine, and it feels and looks really good. My MP15-22 has a large non-ventilated heat shield that looks like a silencer and makes the barrel look shorter. Really very pretty. The 10/22 has more modification options, of course, but if you specifically want to convert to AR-15 mod the MP is more realistic and will be cheaper in the long run than converting a Ruger 10/22.

    Cost: A stock Ruger 10/22 is about 100.00–125.00 cheaper; however, if you upgrade to a BX trigger and put some DECENT sights on the 10/22, both of which I’d say are badly needed, it will approach the price of an MP15-22.

    I really can’t say which I like better. Each has its advantages.

  35. Opted for the MOE version, looked at a lot of conversion kits and uppers but they all seem to have a rather spotty reliability record, so for a dedicated AR in .22 it was the M&P.

  36. Haven’t run this gun yet, but if you’re looking for a decent gun, That’s fun to shoot (though, admittedly, slower), try the mossberg patriot .270. I got mine for $349 (traded my beretta, so I paid a total of $49), and for $20-30, I get a box of 20. A bit pricey, but it’s fun, powerful, versatile, and above all, reliable. I’ve run a total of about 100 rounds through it, even letting the barrel heat up by firing 2 mags (5rds) back to back without a cool down period. Yes, accuracy suffered. However, it still functioned. Overall, I’d give it a solid 4.5/5. Could be a little better on recoil absoption (the should will be sore after a day at the range with it). And since I didn’t have a scope, a cheaper price would’ve been nice. But, I love it. (Mind you, I got it with a kryptek camo on the stock, fluted barrel and bolt.)

  37. I love my M&P .22lr, It hits like a truckload of dildos! PING, PING, PING! Just keeps going. The wife’s 1950’s Remington .22 that spits any .22 round you want to feed it, is still my favorite gun, but this lil’ bastard M&P is just a phenom! Anyone would have a great time with this gun.

  38. One of the greatest little guns to shoot. I’ve had mine for about 6 months probably shot 3000-4000 rounds through it no problem at all. I clean each after shooting. Min. Oil with good ammo and it’s a hoot to shoot. You just can’t beat them.

  39. Wife has a Sport and I have a PC. After adjusting her’s, it runs as well as mine. I had one failure to eject with the first mag, after that, nothing. I’d really like a lighter trigger in my PC but I’m told there’s none available for the two-stage model.

  40. I got my 15-22 about a month ago, and I already had a couple of the “Bucket ‘O Bullets” that I purchased from WalMart a while back and decided I needed to use that up before I bought any more 22 ammo. It’s Remington “Golden Bullet” (1400 rounds for about $37), and I really hesitated to rut that through my brand new toy, but it’s cycled that perfectly without any problems. Actually the last round hold open failed to work a couple of times, but other than that, no problems. I have the model with the red/green dot sight, which is pretty cool, but my old eyes need some magnification to see my targets that I have set up at 100 yards. I did great with the 25 yard steels. Once I got it sighted in, I picked up all of the spent 12 ga shotgun shells that my sons left laying around our range and lined them up on a 2×4 on some sawhorses at 50 yards and was knocking them off with very few misses. I love this gun! When ever I go to the range, I usually take several rifles and a couple of pistols. The last few times I’ve headed out I’ve left a few of them at home. I now only take my 15-22, my 1948 Savage 6A and my trusty Ruger P89, which is my daily carry. I spend at least 75% of my time shooting my 15-22. I have 3 sons, and when we all go together, I almost have to fight them to ge a turn to fire my own rifle!! They’re all in their 30’s, and have larger gun collections than I do, but they love firing my 15-22! Christmas is a good ways off, but I think I need to consider getting them all one of these for Christmas, but I think they’ll all break down and buy their own before then!!
    I love this gun!!!


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  43. After having read this, I think I’ll stick with the more classic .22 rifles…. Though I have no idea why you gun reviewers even bother with crappy federal 22 ammo. On a side note, your writing is annoying. It reads like somebody trying really hard to imitate Masaad Ayoob, who I also never cared much for. And an M&P15-22 being your first gives me great insight into your forearms background. They haven’t been around that long, so you don’t have much experience, and you should have learned earlier in your life on something that teaches you fundamentals rather than “it looks cool” if you want to attempt educating the gun public. But seriously, enough with the Masaad Ayoob analogies, it’s annoying when you’re trying to get first hand accounts but the writer is trying desperately to make you like him by telling tired old jokes inspired by the salesmen from Guns & Ammo.


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