Question of the Day: If You Could Buy A Short-Barreled Shotgun (Easily), Would You?



  1. avatar Cameron S. says:

    Yes. If a Serbu Super Shorty were to cost what it should *$300 tops* if the NFA s%*@ wasn’t in the way, I’d pick one up.

    1. avatar matt says:

      Those are not SBSs, they are AOWs.

      1. avatar HSR47 says:

        Legally, yes, but they’re still shotguns, and they still have arbitrarily short barrels.

        It’s just like how the muzzle blast suppressors are legally defined as “silencers” even though there is no such device that can silence a gunshot.

      2. avatar crazyrico says:

        They’re available as either AOW’s or SBS’s, it depends on the configuration of the parent weapon.

  2. avatar FillyourhandsyouSOB! says:

    For home defense, no other type of shotgun is practical. Of course.

    1. avatar matt says:

      A KSG?

  3. avatar Nate says:

    In order:
    1. Benelli M4 SBS
    2. Benelli M2 SBS
    3. Rem 870 or Mossberg 590a1.

  4. avatar spymyeyes says:

    yes, yes, yes!

    not the one in the picture above for sure, but a modern, concealable, 12 gauge.

    do any search engine (except google, those asshats) for a super-shorty-shotgun and it should bring you to this site:

    You can also find a ton of vid’s on youtube with people showing off their very own and firing it.

    This AOW shotgun has become so popular that there are now holsters for it online so you can carry concealed with it.

    3-shot pump action.

    Until I can have my very own AA-12, this is it for me!!!

    1. avatar irock350 says:

      You can use the Google search engine, not the shopping search engine. The shopping portion is like Amazon. The search engine is still the best on the Internet and you will pull up more than just the Serbu if you search for “Short Barreled Shotgun”.

    2. avatar Nathan says:

      Hey man, Google has it too. The only thing that Google has blocked firearms related is in their shopping section (which really burns my cookies, because they have one of the best comparitive price services on the web).

  5. avatar Eric says:

    No. But I would buy a short barreled SMG in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to hassle with the paperwork.

  6. avatar MotoJB says:

    ABSOLUTELY!! I want one for home defense…

  7. avatar Elliotte says:

    Yes, only b/c I can. I would definitely want a silencer, SBR, or full-auto if those were available easily and cheaply.

  8. avatar J. Nelson says:

    In a heart beat. Same goes SBRs, suppressors, AOWs, and full auto. The only reason I don’t already have them in my collection is the cost and because I won’t register anything. You can NOT trust either the Feds or any state to decide to take those restrictions and confiscate everything. That and full auto just costs way too much for me.

  9. avatar g says:


    Folks who make comments on Youtube crack me up…

    But yes, if it were easier to acquire and the paperwork wasn’t such a hassle, it’d be nice to have an ultra-short shotgun around the house for home defense.

  10. avatar Matt in FL says:

    If I could, then as Elliotte said, “Yes, because I can.”

  11. avatar Don says:

    probably not a double barrel like that one. maybe a semi… but probably not at all unless I was some kind of swat guy clearing buildings all day long and stuff.


  12. avatar Derek says:

    I would SBR my Mossberg 930 like, tomorrow if there wasn’t any NFA paperwork. I’d still keep the normal length barrel for versatility (I have at least two barrels for every shotgun I own). 14″ barrel, 5 round mag, pistol grip and buttstock, tri rail+vert foregrip, semi automatic…. *sigh* *sniffle* ugh, excuse me. I got something in my eye. Damn allergies… 🙂

  13. avatar brigo50 says:

    This would be the perfect bathroom gun.

  14. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Yes, there’s a reason to own a SBS. They’re fun and useful at the same time.

    But there were some made that actually don’t look like crap. There’s no reason to go through life owning nothing but ugly-assed guns.

    I give you… the Ithica Auto Burglar:

    20 ga. side-by-side, and available in both 2 1/2 and 2 3/4 chambers.

  15. avatar Dex says:

    Id have one of those 870 MCS entries that I saw on active duty.

  16. avatar Acepeacemaker says:

    Absolutely! Jeff Cooper even recomended the Lupara for home defense! My stupid state has it’s own short barrel shotgun law though so I’ll never get one.

  17. avatar Skyler says:

    By “easily” I assume you also mean legally.

    Yes, in a heartbeat. I would have several, in fact.

  18. avatar jwm says:

    yes. as i’ve gotten older i mostly shoot pistols and shotguns. i only own 1 center fire rifle and it doesn’t get much use these days. i’d love a really compact 20 gauge for the house. i live in california, so it’s just wishful thinking.

  19. avatar Ralph says:

    I would, but only because shooting several boxes of full-recoil 3″ 12 gauge 00 buckshot through an 18.5″ barrel shotgun isn’t painful enough.

    1. avatar spymyeyes says:


      I must tell you that there are some great recoil reduction stocks out there as well as some custom muzzle brakes that do really work.,10.htm

      next up is fitting a knoxx breachers-grip and a recoil reducer muzzle brake on a super shorty to see how they work together.

      I live in New Hampshire where there are no stupid shotgun restrictions other than you cannot carry one loaded in your car, even with a CC or hunting permit.

      I get my knoxx stocks in this week and will let you all know just how well they work with 3″ remington magnum sluggers and 3″ winchester superX 24 pellet buckshot shells.

      I already know how bad they hurt with a standard pistol grip!

    2. avatar miforest says:

      ralph, remington reduced recoil 00 buck. they pattern great in my moss 500 and a5 . and really, 8 pellets out to take care of most issues.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I have a bunch of boxes of Remmy reduced recoil buck. I do like them, but they come at the cost of reduced muzzle velocity.

        1. avatar Oddux says:

          The reduced velocity is worth it in my personal opinion because of the relatively tight pattern. The low recoil is just an added bonus even though that is what they’re marketed for.

    3. avatar FillyourhandsyouSOB! says:

      yeah, that’s how I spent the 4th of July, the dog ran and hid under the deck, and the wife watched in terror from inside the house…I went through a box of Federal 00, and started on a second box when I realized I was about to but $12.00 worth of buckshot in my lawn….

  20. avatar charlie Taylor says:

    Yes, just to have a shorty 12-guage over-under. DAMN those are sexy if done right.

  21. avatar Dale says:

    Absolutely, though I’d prefer a suppressor or two first.

  22. avatar stephen says:

    Hell yes. Love sbs, hate tax stamps and registration.

  23. avatar Ruun says:

    I’d love to SBS a Saiga 12.

  24. avatar LongPurple says:

    Buy? Why?
    I’d rather make than buy.
    I’ve got an old 12 ga. Springfield double I’d like to saw down, if it were legal.

  25. avatar matt says:

    If Illinois didnt suck, i’d SBR my RFB

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      If Illinois didn’t suck, it would be Wisconsin.

  26. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Actually, no, I’m not interested in a short barreled shotgun. I have a 20″ barrelled 12 ga pump with a magazine extension I am VERY fond of, and suits my purposes nicely.

  27. avatar Mercutio says:

    On the one hand, as a charter member of OFWG, Inc., I can’t see worth a damn anymore and the spread of buckshot as a certain appeal. On the other hand, there’s the post-DGU cleanup… not so handy with woodwork anymore…..

  28. avatar CanadianGunNut says:

    Here in Canada, despite all the stupid gun laws we have, short barrel shotguns (pumps and doubles) are basically unregulated. Many owners up here with 10 inch 870s and similar. Here is a cheap and popular short barrel.

    1. avatar Wes S. says:

      Yes, something like that or the similar Dominion Arms’ Outlaw would fit the bill nicely. Unfortunately, given import restrictions and the NFA, it’ll probably be a cold day in…heck…before I can legally get my hands on one.

      On the other hand, I have no interest in owning any sort of shotgun with a pistol grip only, regardless of barrel length. My absolute worst experience with recoil involved a full-size Mossberg Persuader 12-gauge with 3″ magnum 00 buck; I shudder to think what a handful a Serbu Super Shorty would be…




  29. avatar Nathan says:

    Hell yes! I read somewhere that modern shotgun loads only need about 12″ of barrel length for all the powder to burn, so anything above that produces minimal velocity increase. Why use more barrel than you need to?

  30. avatar Wiebelhaus says:


  31. avatar PANTERA VAZQUEZ says:


  32. avatar Aharon says:

    Is a 60-70 year old gun safe to shoot with using modern ammo?

  33. avatar jwm says:

    aharon, as long as the gun is mechanically sound, yes. i have a russian rifle that was made in 1938 that does just fine with new print ammo. shot a 1903 colt 32 about a week ago with new ammo. nary a glitch. we figured the colt was made in the 1920’s.

  34. avatar jwm says:

    p.s. aharon. if you’re talking about shotguns make sure of the chamber length. it should be plainly marked on the gun. my uncle has a 20 gauge with the old standard 2 3/4 chamber. the newer ones use the 3 inch standard.

  35. avatar Boris says:

    Shotguns are just for shooting your way to your Glock

  36. avatar Tim says:

    if I could legally buy a short barrel shotgun like any “normal” firearm, absolutely.

    Though I would rather suppress a pistol for home defense than use a shotgun.

  37. avatar jim says:

    Don’t want to bother with NFA paperwork but Cabella’s has an Italian-made double-barreled “howdah pistol” muzzle-loader that comes in either .577 or 20 gauge that makes me drool. Not that it would be any more practical than a pistol-gripped Mossberg (make mine a 20, pistol-gripped 12s are for those much less wimpy than I) with an 18.5 barrel. The shorty smokepole double just looks like a lot of fun to shoot.

  38. avatar HKlenin says:

    I would prefer an SBR, honestly, I don’t know why SBR’s and SBS’s even need to be so highly regulated. Really, they have Less “killing power” than a rifle because of the shorter barrel.

  39. avatar MitchW says:

    Yes. Yes I would. I would also like the triple barrel shotgun on rhe cover of a recent Home & Personal Defense magazine.

  40. avatar WSB says:

    Canadian. Can have tiny bbl length as long as not Automatic Loading & over 26″ overall.

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