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“The foundation for the West Coast Wall of Gun Control was laid on election night,” the Firearms Policy Coalition writes. “Voters in California, Nevada and Washington all voted for ballot initiatives that are designed to completely eviscerate the Second Amendment. But that is only the foundation of Bloomberg’s Wall. He will continue to push policies that will leave the West Coast gun-less.”

Fund-raising hyperbole? Or is it true that “Bloomberg and his elitist friends envision the entire West Coast devoid of the fundamental ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families. They literally want to leave everyone on the West Coast without their Second Amendment rights”? Let’s assume it is. Now what?

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  1. Split the 9th Circuit. Isolate California so it’s poisoned thought is contained and doesn’t spread its infection to other States.

    Once the Circuit is split, start pounding cases thru to a Conservative Supreme Court (assumes Trump is successful and we get a pro 2d Amendment Justice)

    • Replacing Scalia with a pro 2A justice will not quite be enough. That would put us back in the 4-4-1 situation we were in before with Kennedy as a swing vote.

      We need to also replace another antigunner (or Kennedy) to either make it a 5-3-1 or 5-4 situation.

      • Ginsberg is unlikely to hold on through one Trump term, and would have to become the oldest justice to survive two.

      • There is no constitutional requirement for a 9 justice SCotUS. We could go back to FDR days with 13 by a simple act of Congress.

        • The Court has been at 9 Justices since 1869. FDR attempted to expand it to 15 Justices in 1937, stacking the deck in his favor for when the New Deal reached SCOTUS, but the legislation was never passed by Congress. It’s an interesting read, for anyone interest in the history of the Court.

        • The point is that we can easily stack the SCotUS in our favor and with us holding both houses of Congress, there is jack shit the Demokkkrats can do about it.

        • > there is jack shit the Demokkkrats can do about it.

          This would immediately trigger a constitutional crisis, and likely secession of the entire West Coast.

        • int19h,

          Aren’t you lefties always telling us that secession is a settled issue?

          It would never happen anyway. Talk is cheap and lefties are lazy and cowardly.

        • The Judiciary Act of 1789 set the number at six: a chief justice and five associate justices. The reason the court was expanded 200years ago was so they could travel the colonies doing judge work. Not relevant today.

          Return to 6. Layoff (firing) to be junior members first. Goodbye bimbos (Sotomayor & Kagen unless RuthBuzzy G. would step down in their place). Save some $ as well.

        • Let’s just say that many “lefties” might have a sudden epiphany on the matter.

          And it doesn’t take much more than talk to declare secession. The question is, what are you guys going to do about it?

          Judging by the comments right here on this story about how it’d be nice if California just got wiped out in an earthquake etc, I figure, not much.

  2. Letting California secede would be a great start and won’t take as long as waiting for the big one.

    • Not secession but expulsion. Better yet, sell them back to Mexico and revoke their citizenship.

        • Actually worth considering, given that Oregon would build it’s own walls North and South, reclaim all that supposedly federal land they can’t legally own anyway, and stop paying US taxes. Nothing here worth invading for so we don’t need protection, the majority of the libs would bail out to Cali and those of us left are well armed enough to keep things peaceful and profitable I think.

    • Not all of California is anti-gun. Rather, If you drew a line from the coast to the coastal range just north of Marin County, and extended that line south along the coastal range to the Mexican border, the vast number of anti-gunners would be within those boundaries. The rest of us do NOT want to secede with those folks.

      • Came here to say that. Left for NC because of all of those folks. Going back to my native Oregon now, where you can still buy class 3 stuff.

      • National boundaries will, of course, be open to negotiation. Let each county decide – join the Republic of California or the State of Nevada/Arizona.

  3. I have my hands full right here in MA. So let the Left Coast do what it wants to do, and the hell with it. The Left Coast needs to clean up its own damn mess.

  4. Washington State Constitution:
    “SECTION 24 RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired”

    The words are meaningless in the face of the legislative and ballot initiative onslaught that Washington has suffered through under the weight of money from Bloomberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, Paul Allen, and others. Our only hope is that the judiciary at the Federal level will provide some level of protection. Under a Clinton presidency that would be impossible. Under Trump, very cautious hope.

    The Washington State electorate is also changing quite a bit in favor of the Antis. People streaming in from California and from other major Left-leaning urban centers across the country, and internationally (Latin America, China, India, Korea, Eastern Europe – 2013, about 14% of the state population was foreign-born) where there is no legal framework nor cultural tradition for individual firearms ownership. So I would expect that Washington will continue to suffer at the hands of local politicians and Astroturf ballot initiatives that appeal to disinterested low-info voters, with our only hope that they’ll be curtailed at a federal level, perhaps by some level of federal preemption.

  5. I live in WA. Things are getting bad, but not CA or MA bad. We can still have any weapon/magazine we want. Now, with that said we certainly must not be complacent, and I do worry about an initiative passing. Time will tell. There are certainly a tremendous amount of liberal douche bags in this state with no fucking clue. If we ever go full retard (CA/MA) then I’ll move to Wyoming. Let’s hope SCOTUS starts intervening on this bullshit.

    • I’m on the east side about 10 miles from the Idaho border. So far there is nothing intolerable, but it would take NOTHING to piss me off enough to pack up and move Idaho.

        • I’m hoping and wishing for any method of stopping them both. Heck, I’d be happy with a giant icicle falling off the the Capital Building and beaning them in the head!

      • I’m just waiting till eastern Washington gets tired of enough stuff crammed down their throat by the western side of the state that they make their own state. Seattle is so bad on so many levels that is not just fire arms. It’s become a popularity contest of who can out “progressive” the other. It’s really sad how they took a really cool city and turned it into a shit hole of blue tarps and protests for the cause of the week.

        • If we detach Seattle and Portland from their respective states and make them city states everybody gets want they want. Same for NYC and NY.

        • Eastern Washington cannot make itself a state. To split a part of the existing state into a new state, it requires consent of 1) the legislature of that existing state, and 2) the Congress. Even if the Congress were to give its consent, WA legislature won’t.

        • Yes, and Seattle is a “sanctuary” city with all that entails. I was born and raised in Seattle and things have really gone to pot lately. About three times the population as when I was a kid.

      • I’ve been thinking more and more about moving, too. I could move to Idaho quite easily; just trade a 40-minute walk to work for a 15-minute drive. Heck, I do all my shooting in Idaho already anyway.

        The biggest problem here is the initiative process. The actual WA state government is very friendly to the Second Amendment and generally abides by the state’s constitution, but the initiative process bypasses the representative government of our republic and opens the door to tyranny via the majority of prog/lefties in the urban areas, who can outvote the rest of us.

        • Yes, I too am concerned about WA Initiatives. They are being backed by big name funding sources and now have a two election winning streak. Think they’ll stop with two? No way. So far they’re fairly inconsequential on the daily lives of law abiding firearms owners. Can they put up an initiative to ban “assault weapons” or restrict mag sizes? Can they put one up that requires “smart gun” technology? We’re screwed if the answer is yes.

          • Yes, it is scary. If they can get said initiatives through, then we need to fight via the court system. I certainly will not comply with a rifle ban or magazine ban and if they make it retroactive it is unenforceable. Furthermore, if it is like CA, it is theft. To think they can demand people surrender their magazines without compensation is madness. That is when we don’t comply. What are they going to do, arrest hundreds of thousands of gun owners?

  6. CALEXIT would be the best thing to happen to our country in 240 years. Then we only need to eliminate 8 or 9 or our most useless states and we’d make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The U.S.S.R. split into multiple countries and the same thing will eventually happen here. It’s only a matter of time.

      • If California exited, NY would follow them in a New York Minute.

        Think of the electoral math – instead of Trump 306, Hillary 232, if California was gone they’re looking at Trump 306, Hillary 177. A landslide. If California goes, New York is left voiceless; their 29 electoral votes are meaningless against the nearly solid wall of red from Idaho down to Arizona and all the way over to Florida and up to Ohio.

        So why would NY stick around in a country that believes 180 degrees opposite from them, and they are powerless to influence?

        CalExit is the start of making America great again.

        • NYC would certainly want to follow, and many of us in upstate would be happy to be rid of them. That being said, perhaps NYC and coastal California can form their own countries. Let the actual Americans living in inland California and upstate New York remain part of America.

    • Calexit would eliminate from the US: 8 million Democrat voters, 4 million illegals (there’s a lot of overlap there), two Democrat Senators, 39 Democrat Congressgritters and half of Mexico.

      I vote yes on Calexit.

        • “Keep the Union and forcefully remove 12 million illegals of which 4-5 million live in CA.”

          Split the union, ship California out, and give the other 7-8 million illegals free bus tickets to California. They’ll take ’em in a heartbeat.

      • “I vote yes on Calexit.”

        I’m right there with you. Furthermore, if California goes, it guts the entire power base of the democratic party and the leftists that support them.

        Only minor problem is that California produces about half the fruits, nuts, vegetables, and a huge percentage of the livestock and dairy. We’ve still got the heartland and Florida, so I say we take our chances without California, but there would be some impact at the dinner table.

        • If they go, they won’t take their water rights with them. All they’ll have will be concrete, people, and dust. Just like the rest of Mexico.

        • And you’re abandoning Northern California, the central Valley, the Sierras – all to stop SF and LA whining. I say just quarantine SF And LA and then send in drones with cameras mounted in to document the descent in cannibalism. Best reality show ever.

      • The economics of the coastal ports is no small matter, is it? They would claim total control over the west coast shipping ports.

    • The left will NEVER let california go. That would put the Democrats in an impossible electoral situation in every election. Take away california’s 55 and we’d have had president Romney and the left knows it. Obama would have won his first term, but he’d have had to work for it.

      • If California wants to go, the left can’t do a thing about it, because so many of the left are in California. The remaining leftists who would want to force them to stay, would be neutered.

  7. “We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives.”

    Doing it using SCOTUS will take a loooooooong time.

    We need something quicker. Like genetically engineering Ebola.

    What could *possibly* go wrong? 🙂


  8. Things like ammo background checks and taxes or the capricious banning of many firearms models/brands can be struck down with stroke of Trump’s pen via the Interstate Commerce Clause.

    The 9th circuit court’s Peruta decision is a clear violation of Heller. The obvious choice is to send it up to the Supreme Court. Alternatively, could the 9th court simple be eliminated and then re-constituted as two separate courts? This could be justified by the fact that 9th court decisions are the most overturned by a wide margin.

    Perhaps because of Heller, Trump could create a national open-carry permit, just for those states without “shall-issue” carry permits. Maybe a national background check and 1 hour instruction requirement could be a prerequisite. This might nudge states to open up their concealed carry laws enough to stop the national open carriers.

  9. First, do not obey!
    Weed used to be illegal in West Coast states, too. Did that stop Cheech & Chong, or anyone else?

  10. While the article fails to name Oregon – the election of Kate Brown to Governor will certainly do us no good in the coming years. She assumed office when the previous Governor resigned and seems to be pencil-whipping every gun control measure that comes her way since.

    • Neither did the vast majority of us on the dry side. You know darn well the Puget Sound Basin votes for this kind of shite to the detriment of everyone else. As much as I like a citizen initiative system when it comes to reigning in the legislature on taxes from time to time, it’s biting us in the arse when Bloomy can dump money in from outside and nibble away at our rights.

      • I lived in Spokane for 4 years a decade ago, and found it to be the most communistic city and state in the union. After leaving, my friends tell me they have stoplight cameras at every intersection now. And they still give tickets to people if you feed a parking meter on somebody else’s behalf trying to save somebody a ticket. Called “Feeding a meter”. They also, somehow, get the roster of the chambers of commerce (private organizations), and then send bills to all those entrepreneurs on the roster if not registered in the city to ensure they have gotten business licences from the city of Spokane. I had not even fully unpacked my apartment and got a bill in the mail from the city, because I attended a chamber of commerce in the Valley.

        So, while it’s said that Seattle is the worst, I did not find Spokane to be much better.

        Oh, and now Gonzaga University in Spokane, hired that miserable and ugly English Literature wench that was fired by Mizzou (Columbia University – Missouri). The one who wanted muscle to eject a journalist with a camera so the blacks could have safe space.

  11. TheOtherDavid knows what we are up against. Most PotG (not all of course) live in places where – left or right – the gun culture is pretty well entrenched. These of the PotG are happy where they are and somewhat inwardly-focused. And so, we are not much concerned with what happens in distant States. These of us just DON’T GET IT.
    Our own States are being slowly invaded by hoplophobes. But, much more important, Congress has been slowly invaded by legislators from States populated by hoplophobes. We WILL be assimilated; resistance is futile. UNLESS, of course, we reach-out to the densely-populated cities and States and get them to accept guns as a normal aspect of a diverse society. Just as they might not enjoy hocky or tackel football they might not enjoy hunting or marksmanship; nevertheless, guns are a legitimate sport. Just as they might see the negative consequences of the rights to remain silent, to be secure from unreasonable searches or to speak or write, nevertheless, the right of self-defense is important to civiliaiton.
    We have 4 – maybe 8 years – during which we have a place at the podium. Let’s all make the best possible use of this opportunity. We won’t get another one for a very long time.

    • Or instead of that failed course of action we limit the power of our enemies, by stacking the deck in our favor, not allowing our enemy to import more voters, split districts, etc.

  12. Of course Bloomie & company are looking to create a local firewall. That’s their strategy. Population-heavy urban centers imposing their distant preferences on people who live different lives, far away. Blue states imposing their will on vast expanses of “others” through one vote, one time. 50% + 1 vote, one time, as mandate for their boundless agenda.

    So, yeah, the west coast “firewall” is right in keeping with their strategy: obstruction through localized obstacles, acquired through outside agitation.

    Washington, Oregon, and California have state-sized versions of the same, national configuration: local urban blue populations ignoring and imposing on distributed, rural areas they never go to, but there’s a state border line enclosing them both, so they can do that.

    Really, along with allowing California to secede – go for it, please – we should look at allowing a redistricting of the western states, or even NY. (Every time the downstaters threaten to secede in a snit, they get shocked when the rest of us say: “Yes. please.”)

    • You hit the nail on the head. It doesn’t matter what the entire State of Washington votes or wants, as long as the Seattle and population rich west side votes the way they want.
      There has been talk of splitting Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Western Montana and creating a new state.
      I would certainly favor that.

      • The problem with new states is this, they would be flooded with the very people they are trying to get away from in the future and probably not that distant a future. Just look at places like Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and the places you want to divide, Washington and Oregon. Not that long ago they were all pretty red.

        • New Mexico is full of those who left Old Mexico, as well as libtard retirees. Most folks from there are decent.

        • I guess that’s my point, the ones who were there before were fairly conservative, but they have been rolled over by the libtard invasion.

  13. It’s not Bloomberg removing our 2A. It’s elective representatives benefiting from redrawn districts resulting in 62% majority of democrats in the state legislature. Democrats do not care about citizens lawfully protecting themselves, educating students or affordable health care. Their concern is continuing to figure out how to reach into everyone’s pocket to extract the most coin. Every bill or proposition for bonds or taxes has a clause that diverts taxes into the general fund. If passed bills were written to prevent raiding funds, they write new laws that allow it. Then they stand back allowing illegal immigration for the sole purpose of maintaining power. In CA illegals are allowed to obtain driver licenses, when issued they’re automatically registered as democrats. This is done because there is no down side, no accountability, no fear of retribution, no chance of them loosing their jobs. The infringement continues unchecked.

  14. Donate to the succession effort. Let California become its own dysfunctional nightmare of a nation and get those 55 deep blue electoral votes out of the way. Oregon and Washington can join them, as far as I’m concerned.

  15. As a lifelong Californian, I’m sad/but not too proud to admit that no one but California can tear down the West Coast Wall. “Kalifornistan” comments aside, every one is right. These are problems that must be contained and outflanked from within. What I DO NOT agree with is this secession nonsense.

    This is a beautiful place with A LOT to offer, just as Iowa & Arkansas & Tennessee & …… If you’ve never driven along the coast all the way North, you need to do that. You will WANT to say that this place is part of the great States you call home. There are a lot more likeminded people here than you think. It’s up to us to do the work and show everyone.

  16. Seattle, Portland, Frisco, LA, Vegas. Don’t lump the rest of us in with those bastions of ludicrous liberality and perversion, we like our guns plentiful and unregistered here in the real Oregon, et. al.

  17. I am continually intrigued by the Cal/Ore/Wash line that seemed to be a hard line. Now that Nevada has fallen, what does that mean for the new wall of Utah/Idaho/Arizona? Of the three, I’d say that Arizona is the weakest link, but it’s a pretty solid wall that should keep expansion of these restrictions contained.

    As always, though, I’m fascinated by the number of firearm and accessory dealers that remain in these states.

    • It used to be California alone, because Washington and Oregon laws were actually pretty good. Then Bloomberg money got together with liberal electorates and legislatures, and now the situation is deteriorating. Any state that’s dominated by a few blue urban areas is vulnerable, especially those with ballot measures.

      • We need to work on getting ballot measures impacting the 2A declared unconstitutional.

        Getting SCOTUS stacked in our favor makes that a very real possibility…

        • ^^THIS^^

          “…shall not be infringed…” applies to all attempts at government infringement, even ballot measures and referendums.

          As for Nevada, we are not lost, only wounded by Bloomberg’s onslaught that created a little chink in an otherwise gun-friendly state. Stupid (and unenforceable) UBCs aside, you can still legally carry concealed into any casino and most other places in Nevada and open carry is not restricted by any State law. Certainly there are places where open carry would cause you a lot of heartache (on the Strip, for instance), but it is not illegal.

          I expect that there will be many legal battles fought over the UBC before this is over and hope that it will be among many cases forcing the SCOTUS to address the issue sooner rather than later.

  18. Vote everyone out. Vote in Republicans. Don’t care if a Democrat is pro-gun. Destroy the party. Big money is fine but big money needs to have pawns in office. Our vote is the only best counter.

    Next, have some serious court cases to challenge this social precedent that as long as the phrase “Common Sense” is used to precede a bill about guns that it invalidates any aspect of “shall not be infringed”. Court challenges need to be many and aggressive. AR 15 is an Assault Weapon, it is for military only, definitely take it out of circulation. Is there any significant press to soften or eliminate the social impact of these statements? No. Is there any significant legal activity? No.

    If these two aspects of our world do not change we will be in trouble Trump on no Trump, SJC change or no. Combine the two suggestions above and the power reverts as then can most if not all of these stupid laws.

  19. California voters are overwhelmingly anti-gun. Prop 63 receiver 63 % of the vote even after the best turnout for Republicans in decades. It initially polled over 80% with likely voters.
    Most people in California live in LA, OC, or the Bay Area where gun ownership is very regulated and there are few gun owners. The state laws have a long way to go before they are as restrictive as LA, SF, Oakland or other cities.
    Unless the culture changes, demographics are favorable for anti-gunners and people are generally afraid of guns.
    The best hope is to show gun owners as responsible citizens who are not a danger to society or other.

    • I’m pretty sure that one of the main points of the Second Amendment was to show gun owners as a specific danger to unconstitutional tyrannies, like California.

      Perhaps we need to promote a Constitutional amendment stating that regardless of longevity as a State failure to abide by the Constitution will allow the legislatures of the other States to vote you out of the Union by a simple majority.

  20. California is one of 5 states with no RKBA in its Constitution. Despite efforts to place a Constitutional amendment on the ballot for almost 40 years, none have received the 650000 signatures needed.

      • Plenty of excellent breweries outside CA. You’ve got CO, the Midwest, the East Coast, etc., to choose from. Same goes for wineries. I’m originally from western NY, and you’ve got the Finger Lakes vineyards, etc. Broaden your horizons and find better distributors.

        • Oregon is practically drowning in wineries and micro breweries, what would we want anything from Cali for? Build the wall just South of Redding, we’d go for that. Or give us the State of Jefferson, haven’t been a fan, but it’s starting to appeal to me.

        • CO beer sux and is overrated. I already broadened my horizons. That’s how I came to love Stone Brewery.
          And if I’m going to boycott California products, I sure as hell am not going with NY.

  21. Put guns in the hands of these people. Take them to the range, show them how they work, take one apart, put it back together, and let them shoot. The vast majority of people I meet that are anti-gun have extremely limited, if any, actual gun handling experience – either never having shot a gun at all, only shooting when they were very young, or some negative (usually criminal) interaction. And they isolate themselves into groups of people that also have no gun experience. Their ignorance of current gun law, gun history (especially 2A) and of guns themselves is what makes them vote for gun bans and other worthless restrictions. The national groups (specifically NRA and NSSF) would be wise to dedicate funding towards these people for this purpose. Have to remove the mystique and scariness they see in firearms, and only way to do that imo is to put one in their hands with a competent instructor nearby. I’ve personally done this with half a dozen people, and while they don’t turn into gun nuts, it certainly changes the ferocity of their opposition into something closer to understanding and acceptance.

  22. You don’t.

    Here’s the thing: stupidity all by its’ lonesome out in a forest tends to die a quick death. It’s an unforgiving world and stupidity carries a heavy price.

    Once stupid learns to hide behind lots of other hard-working sensible folks, however, stupid thrives and prospers. When it gets big enough, it starts trying to force concessions from the sensible, hard-working folks and, for the most part, in the beginning, it’s a lot easier to just throw them a bone every now and then so they shut up and stay quiet.

    Problem is: it’s like feeding a wolf. It always comes back and eventually brings friends. Then there’s not a lot of negotiation anymore. Stupid starts demanding and threatening.

    In this case, parts of California and Cascadia are threatening to secede. Let them. They can go enjoy their socialist workers’ paradise with none of the support and backing of the rest of the Union. Oh, they can be, say, an ally or some kind of favored trade partner, but they shouldn’t have any more say in the rest of the Union and the rest of the Union doesn’t have to worry about whether CALPERS or any of their other boondoggles will actually go bankrupt. They’re on their own financially speaking. Free to disarm themselves all day long.

    Oh, but they get to take their share of the federal debt. Lessee here, $20 trillion against 320 million US Citizens = $62,500 per person x 55 million Californians equals $3.437 trillion all to themselves plus we get to keep the military bases like we do with all of our allies (if we so choose. Some of the boondoggle ones we can let close).

    • “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” – Robert A. Heinlein

  23. I think Commiefornia is hopeless. As in Illinois court orders,Supreme Court rulings and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE may help.

  24. It would be simple to cut the head off the devil in Washington state. Just divide King County to remove the city of Seattle. If Seattle had to exist on its own tax base of renters and homeless without county taxes then it would wither and die on its own very quickly. The Seattle metro area has enough high density population to outvote the rest of the state.

  25. You can’t beat it at the ballot box. You can’t beat it at the state legislatures.

    You can only beat it at the Supreme Court.

    Remember the splits and the fights over gay rights, Proposition 8 and all that? Supreme Court waved its magic wand and gay marriage is the law of the land in all 50 states now. If they can invent a right and enforce it against the will of so many states who had laws against it, then why can’t they similarly wave their magic wand and impose the actual, written law of the land on all states?

    The future of 2A rights is not at the ballot box, it’s not with petitions. It’s with the Supreme Court ruling that the 2A means what it says it means. One sane, blanket ruling could stop all the nonsense dead in its tracks. I’m convinced that’s why the NRA threw all-in on Trump early on, in a Hail Mary play for the SC. And Trump owes them big. Here’s to hoping he’ll nominate Cruz to the Supreme Court, and that Trump gets a second bite at the SC apple soon too.

    (I used to think Cruz didn’t stand a chance in hell of being confirmed by the Senate; now I think he’d fly through unopposed; Senators will vote to confirm him just to get him out of the Senate once and for all).

    • Gotta be careful what you wish for tho… are you aware that the SC decided that the right to keep and bear does not confer the right to conceal? We might want to ask for a recount on that point.

      I think Cruz is too young and way too useful in the Senate right now to make him a judge. Give him four or eight more in the senate, then eight as president, then you can put a black robe on him yeah?

      • A ruling for open carry being legal everywhere, with individual states deciding whether they would issue conceal-carry permits or allowing it unrestricted too, would be just fine by me.

    • You make a well-reasoned argument. However, the proposition is not as simple as you imply by your gay-marriage example.
      SCOTUS ruled simply that if heterosexuals had a right to marry then homosexuals have a right to marry. That’s a simple binary situation. States that don’t want homosexuals to marry can raise the cost of a marriage license to $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000. They can require a 10 or 100 or 1000 day waiting period. But, such provisions would have to be applied equally to heterosexuals as homosexuals. Such measures simply wouldn’t work.
      Let’s suppose – realistically – that SCOTUS won’t do anymore then they have to in support of the 2A. Well, then, what do we have to work with? Congress and each State can pass any law concerning “the Right”, “of the People”, “to keep and bear”, “arms” PROVIDED, of course, that such a law does NOT “infringe” on such Right.
      Therefore, any such law found NOT to “infringe” actually DOES pass Constitutional muster.
      SCOTUS would have to “bend over backwards” to accommodate our viewpoint in rejecting just about EVERY law based on a finding that it “infringes”. We can be optimistic that Trump will only nominate justices who are originalists; but, not that these will uniformly bend-over-backwards.
      We would further have to anticipate that District courts would promptly strike-down laws we object to based upon a growing SCOTUS and corresponding Circuit jurisprudence construing the “infringe” term.
      The courts are a very long slow grind toward crushing the anti-gun spirit of city councils and State legislatures.
      We PotG need a strategy calculated to win the hearts and minds of voters based on a reasonable assumption that SCOTUS will start to cover our backs. SCOTUS won’t win the war for us.

  26. Let’s have a little perspective here. It looks like the Banshee will win the popular vote by 2 million (not that it matters, since no American President in history has ever been elected by popular vote. Ever).

    The Banshee won California by 4 million votes.

    From my perspective, that means that Trump won the popular vote in America by 2 million, and Hillary won the popular vote in Mexico by 4 million.

    Let’s make California Mexico again!

  27. So how do we (gun owners) protect our rights from the majority opinion? Does it have to go to court as a civil rights case where we, speaking as a Californian, claim our rights are being denied? It seems to me these laws, bills what have you are designed in such a way as to refute any claim by us that our rights are being taken. There is no confiscation other than now saying more than ten round mags cannot be owned. I’m not sure that registration is seen as a denial although I believe that state has no business keeping track of my purchases. I think it could be argued that the new ammo buying card and background check could be an infringement on lower income people’s access. I am at a loss as to how any reasonable person accepts the ideas that any of these gun laws actually protect them.

    I guess TexTed got it, Supreme Court except, unless I am mistaken, States actually do have the right to regulate firearms. If we do not have a 2nd Amendment case maybe we have a civil rights case?
    Interesting paper….
    The California Constitution does not contain a provision guaranteeing the right to bear arms. [No. 28] Furthermore, because the Second Amendment does not apply to state legislation, California state laws are not subject to U.S. constitutional attacks based on the right to bear arms. [No. 29] The California Supreme Court notes that the claim that a weapons regulation “violates the Second Amendment has been rejected by every court which has ruled on the question.” [No. 30] The court also states that “[i]t is long since settled in this state that regulation of firearms is a proper police function.” [No. 31] Therefore, absent a state constitutional amendment, California
    firearms restrictions are not limited by the right to bear arms.

    Courts thus far have been reluctant to invalidate gun control laws under any constitutional provision, particularly the Second Amendment. Under either the individual right analysis or the state’s right analysis the conclusion is the same: state and local governments are not bound by the Second Amendment. Furthermore, the California Constitution does not contain a provision guaranteeing the right to bear arms. Finally, other constitutional arguments for invalidating state legislation generally have been unsuccessful or, if successful, the constitutional defects have been corrected by Congress.

    • Theoretically that should have been settled by McDonald vs. Chicago, wherein the SC ruled that the 2nd Amendment was specifically incorporated by the Due Process clause, and applies to the States as well as to the federal government.

      So, theoretically, all the pieces are already in place. We just need a court that will rule based on what the actual meaning of the Constitution is, rather than interpreting it to mean whatever they want it to mean at the time.

  28. “How Do We Tear Down The West Coast Wall?”

    Deportation Today!

    Deportation Tomorrow!

    Deportation Forever!

    We start by removing the millions of illegal aliens casting ballots in Commiefornia, Neverwashington (hippies smell), and Boregon and deporting them, then we institute a National Voter ID, crack down on Absentee & Mail-In Ballot fraud sentencing offenders to FIVE (5) years for each count and NO plea deals or consolidating charges if caught committing more than one violation. All ballots MUST be in “English” only, any state caught not purging their election rolls of deceased or relocated voters won’t have their ballots counted in National elections. I would would require “literacy tests”, if you are ignorant of our nation’s history, don’t know we are a Constitutional “Republic” and a few other basic facts you would be barred until such time you proved yourself “competent”.

  29. Once Trump is in, just two federal laws.

    Make any state/county/city which doesn’t operate as shall issue, accepting self-defense as sufficient, for either open or concealed carry liable for injuries/damages/losses suffered by crime victims during confrontations with criminals within their jurisdictions. That is if you force the public to rely on police for protection, you’re liable for every failure to do so.

    Limit state LEOS AND politicians to the same weapons and magazines available to the general public. If they’re suitable for self-defense for the general public, they’re suitable for a politician or LEO. This includes prohibition of issuing politicians, CCWs in discretionary issue states.

  30. California seeks to eviscerate the Second, but the voters in Washington, Oregon, and Nevada just voted for what they saw as something reasonable (background checks). The problem is they didn’t know any better.

  31. First google “Shall issue map” [w/o quotes] – you’ll see there are 42 Shall Issue and “no restriction” states combined total. National Reciprocity WILL PASS IN CONGRESS IN A MATTER OF MONTHS.

    It took since the mid-Nineties to get to the above total but the starting point was 26 states were Shall Issue and 2 states were ‘no restrictions.’ Obviously, the 2nd Amendment movement has slowly spread and increased momentum.

    There’s a lesson here: it’s evident that no reasonable person can expect instant change and the issue took a lot of state level organizations working toward it for several years in each state. Flip that around and the lesson becomes: you cannot just push a button and think it’ll cause change instantly. (The same applies to the so-called West Coast Wall and right now is when we can show that it’s illusional and delusional.) We have the EXAMPLE OF SUCCESSFUL FREEDOM ON THE ABOVE MAP. 84% of states VOTED FREEDOM.

    Furthermore – also look at the 2016 electoral vote at the county level. Even within each state the number of counties which voted for Trump outnumber the counties for Clinton. (Michigan: 7 counties for Clinton, 76 for Trump. ) So it’s a mistake to look at any state as a “pro gun control brick” in any wall. In reality there’s only Blue Gun Control Islands surrounded by a sea of Red pro-Constitution beliefs and laws.

    Now think of Pro-Constitution as a tsunami rolling over those Blue Islands of Delusion. National Reciprocity is the next tsunami and it’s coming in a matter of months. THEN lets see what happens to the Democrat’s Delusional Wall.

  32. >Voters in California, Nevada and Washington all voted for ballot initiatives that are designed to completely eviscerate the Second Amendment.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I certainly didn’t vote for Prop 63 in CA and don’t know anyone who did. Use a thinner brush.

  33. Poke the N. Korean madman a few times until he lobs nukes onto the west coast? Perhaps triggering a quake/tsunami that washes the stench into the ocean?

  34. I live and work in Seattle. At my work I work with many legal immigrants to the US. I think the best way to get people supportive of the 2nd Amendment is to introduce them to shooting at a range. In the past 6 months I have take eight people to the range. All of them have lived in the US for years and have never touched a gun in their lives. All of them enjoyed it, and a couple of them are signed up for classes and are planning to purchase their own guns.

    Inevitably the conversation turned toward the purpose of the 2nd Amendment and what it means. All of them to a person were kinda shocked to hear that my view of the 2nd Amendment was for people to protect themselves from their own government. That a armed populace would not be easy to subject and that was the intent behind the 2nd Amendment. But after the discussion, a couple of them still thought it was nuts. But the majority thought that was an awesome concept.

    More Hope the 2nd Amendment:
    I had Thanksgiving with a bunch of friends that are immigrants from China and Russia. I was surprised when the conversation turned to politics that to a person all the ones who could vote, voted for Trump. One of them even used the 2nd Amendment as the reason. This was at a Thanksgiving dinner of 12 people, where I was the only natural born US citizen, and we all live and work in Seattle.

  35. I do not understand how in any state the majority vote can remove a law abiding minority’s Constitutional protected rights. These people whose rights are being violated are American citizens. As an example what if a white majority in one state voted to strip african Americans of their civil rights protections, I can not believe that is legal.

    • Yeah, I agree. The referendum process, is why so many gun rights die, and is the reason that it would not be totally shocking to me to see a AWB ban in Washington (though the calls for that have seem to die down when it came out that the Cascade Mall shooter didn’t use a scary black rifle) in the near future.

      Instead the focus was on the EPOs (which just passed in Washington), which I can’t believe will survive a court challenge. I’m amazed at how many people that because they don’t like guns want to introduced blatant violations of the fourth, fifth, and fourteenth amendments (let alone the 2nd).

  36. It’s been a year and a half since the last comment on this thread, but I think the latest string of victories are worth writing in here now.

    There are now 5 or 6 counties in Southern California, and last week the first county in L.A., Santa Clarita, followed suit. Their gov’t councils have voted to oppose the State’s sanctuary status, which is actually against Federal Law. But the various counties are clearly mobilizing and sending a signal that conservatives (if that’s the appropriate word to use) are not going to be silenced and are pushing back against the tyranny.

    The young political commentator Tomi Lahren, was on FOX last week regarding this subject and she thought it signaled an awakening and turning of events in California, predicting that if things continue to go as they are recently, the state might even turn red.

    Also last week, Trump was at the NRA’s national conference in Texas and it had a record, largest attendance ever, with Trump giving some fantastic words.

    There are various signs that perhaps the message of truth is taking hold and causing people to wake from their slumber. We still have a major uphill battle and can never rest, and the Deep State is becoming exposed more and more, thanks to Jesus Christ and His granting us the miracle of a Trump presidency.

    Still, I tend to be pessimistic, but watch with hope.

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