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Michelle Malkin writes [via]: Alert the CDC: Left-wing America has been overcome by another contagious epidemic of assassination fascination. It’s time to declare a public health crisis.

In San Antonio last week, two high school students performed a sicko skit depicting the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump.

In Cleveland, unhinged 24-year-old Zachary Benson tweeted his “life goal is to assassinate Trump.” The hashtag #AssassinateTrump surfaced on Twitter, along with a flood of bloodthirsty death wishes.

Another #AssassinateTrump threat came from Atlanta public transit employee Aleama Philips, who tweeted, “I wish I had the balls to kill him myself,” illustrated with a photo of Trump dead and riddled with bullets. She was fired by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority last week.

In San Diego, the loony (and now former) CEO of cybersecurity firm PacketSled, Matt Harrigan, took to Facebook on election night to declare “I’m going to kill the president.” He further threatened that he was “getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you, [expletive]. I’ll find you.”

In the music world, rapper Rick Ross vowed to “assassinate Trump like I’m (George) Zimmerman.”

Inevitably, the Kill Trump mania has spread overseas. French radio host Pablo Mira reportedly gloated: “Donald Trump and his victory have given a hope in the American people — the hope that he would be killed even before his inauguration.”

Where is your condemnation of these perverted incitements to violence, President Obama? Where are you, media concern trolls, to bemoan the anti-Trump culture of hatred and climate of intolerance?

AWOL, of course. The Blame Righty crowd that has falsely blamed random shootings and suicides on conservative talk radio, the tea party, right-wing blogs and Fox News is nowhere to be found when left-wing violent extremism rears its ugly head.

Double-standard-itis is a chronic and recurring condition, accompanied by politically expedient amnesia. Assassination chic was all the rage when George W. Bush took office and extended throughout his two terms in office. I remember — even if the civility and tolerance police at The New York Times don’t.

Protesters displayed signs of a decapitated Bush gushing blood from his neck and slogans proclaiming “Bush — the only dope worth shooting.”

“Kill Bush” T-shirts spattered with fake blood went on sale at

An art exhibit in Chicago featured Al Brandtner’s work titled “Patriot Act,” a sheet of mock 37-cent red, white and blue stamps showing a handgun pointed at Bush’s head.

Off-Broadway play “I’m Going to Kill the President” led audience members in a group chant screaming, you guessed it, “I’m Going to Kill the President.”

“Comedian” Rich Hall performed a public hate anthem, “Let’s get together and kill George Bush.”

Former Democratic Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear joked: “When I mention that Democrats are problem solvers, I can think of only one Republican who can be a problem solver — that is Vice President Dick Cheney (who accidentally shot a hunting companion in 2006) if he would just take George on a hunting trip.”

Nicholson Baker penned “Checkpoint,” a novella conversation between two people debating assassinating President Bush with “radio-controlled flying saws” or a “remote-controlled boulder made of depleted uranium.”

Sarah Vowell wrote “Assassination Vacation,” a best-selling murder travelogue of assassinated Republican presidents, in which she confessed she was so crippled by hatred of Bush that she couldn’t even write his name and admitted that her “simmering rage against the current president scares me.”

Across the pond, Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker lamented Bush’s election with a screed asking, “John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. — where are you now that we need you?”

British docudrama “Death of a President” imagined the assassination of Bush by a gunman at the Chicago Sheraton hotel after an anti-war rally.

And Code Pink poster woman Cindy Sheehan penned an autobiography in which she confessed her presidential murder fantasy — going back in time and killing the infant Bush in order to prevent the Iraq War. She admitted she had entertained this infanticidal fantasy “often.”

From “Kill Bush” to #AssassinateTrump, the naked hypocrisy of the “love and peace” left is on full display. Spare us the lectures about diversity, tolerance and safe spaces. Look in the mirror. Put down the haterade. Seek help.

About: Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies” & “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild“. Her e-mail address is [email protected].

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  1. Between the assassination fantasies here and Gershman’s yearning for a shooting civil war (alleging that the left will surely win that because they won the popular vote lol) Im beginning to get on board with the “leftists all project their violent tendencies to everyone” thought process. Carrying and owning guns because of the criminal and psychotic left has never looked so logical.

  2. The left says those things for shock value and to get “likes” on Facebook. There is probably no serious plan, just words

      • My biggest opposition to Obama in 2008 was that I feared that a nutter would shoot him and leave us with President Joe Biden. Even expressing that fear left me with a tinge of discomfort as I discussed my views on a potential assassination. To outright call for the killing of another human being as an individual act of violence is beyond the pale.

        Even capital punishment, as a legitimized act of state violence, should be recognized for the gravity involved in calling for the death of a being.

        • “My biggest opposition to Obama in 2008 was that I feared that a nutter would shoot him and leave us with President Joe Biden.”

          I feared that Joe Biden would shoot Obama . . . with a shotgun . . . through the door of the Oval Office. Leaving us with Nancy Pelosi as President.

    • “There is probably no serious plan, just words”

      And yet the historical record shows that every single assassination or attempted assassination in America has been perpetrated by a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive or left-winger. With one exception –

      President: James A. Garfield (R)
      Assassin: Charles J. Guiteau
      Political identity and motive:
      Guiteau was frustrated that he did not receive a political appointment in the Garfield administration, and he believed “that God had commanded him to kill the ungrateful President.” Since we can assume that God did not, in fact, command him in this way, we must deem Guiteau mentally unstable.

  3. And gun owners are the dangerous extremists… right? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if legal gun owners were even half as dangerous as the antis believe, there wouldn’t be any antis left. 100+ million legal gun owners, 300+ million legally owned guns and only 10000 gun homicides a year, 8000 of which are gang related, 1500 are police and civilian justifiable homicides, and 250 or so accidents leaves only 250 ish homicides by people who legally obtained their firearms per year. That’s 0.0000025 percent of legal gun owners who murder someone per year.

  4. If only it were legal to truely defend the president, but that may also land the average civilian in jail. I say give the guy a chance and leave him alone, we gave obama two chances right?

      • Well, he spent a lot of time golfing, during which distraction he was not able to actively do anything to (further) destroy or “fundamentally change” America.

  5. I think we can all agree, whether we are Repubicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians or Jill Stein, that leftists are completely insane and as dumb as a box of hammers.

    Which is why they got so many votes.

  6. Wow. Just wow. These people are pathetic.
    Yet after reading this I’m a tad bit confused…. aren’t we, the people of the gun, supposed to be the hateful close-minded ones?

  7. Pathetic losers. AND we got Mike Pence. Bring it on you whiny be-otches. NOW to pick my new shotgun?

  8. People just saying things? No plans, actions or anything to indicate actual intent? No?
    Then let them spew their idiot thoughts. Our opinions are not the only opinions.

    • Um, no. There is a line, and most of these comments are way over it. There is a major difference between “I wish X were dead” and “I intend to kill X.”

      There are consequences to actions, including speech. Think of yelling Fire in a movie theater.

      • The ban on yelling fire in a crowded theater, is one of the prime mistakes that has resulted in America deteriorating to its current decrepit status. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. America was a better place back when this was still more recognized.

        • Stuki – oh you still have Freedom of Speech. But with every freedom comes responsibility. The 2nd Amendment giving us gun rights doesn’t mean you can kill people without consequences, and if you misuse/abuse your 1st Amendment Right to speech, and threaten to kill someone, or lie under oath, there will also be consequences.

        • “The 2nd Amendment giving us gun rights…”

          Dave, please be more careful in your rhetoric. The Second Amendment does NOT give us gun rights. Nor to be more specific “…the right to keep and bear arms…” The Second Amendment only states categorically that the government cannot INFRINGE on our right to keep and bear arms.

        • Dave, in case you missed the point of the original post, I have to comment, “apparently not”. That was a list of a whole lot of people with names and specific occupations who would be really easy to find, over a 10-15 year period and right up to today. Seen any prosecutions? There are no limits to the depravity of liberals, and they will not allow a limit.

  9. I honestly think that one of these people needs to be made an example to stop the rest from feeding this illness. Last I heard this was supposed to be a crime. But I guess those laws don’t apply to the left, just like our immigration laws.

    • Yeah, like all those times Trump supporters paid agitators to cause trouble at rallies, or when they brought a general sense of mayhem to college campuses, or when they fabricated “hate crimes” by the bushel after Hillary supporters didn’t commit any, or when they blocked interstate highways. Oh wait…

    • Of course. There are no shortage of bigoted, narrow-minded, evil people on both sides of the political spectrum.

      The question in my mind is, what happens when that viewpoint begins to infect more and more people. I found, when I moved to California, that I went from being a liberal-minded centrist to a fairly far right-wing heartless authoritarian,without any actual change in my political views. And I got farther to the right as long as I lived there. My opinions weren’t changing, but the general atmosphere became less and less tolerant of dissent. Rather frightening, in a slow-motion kind of way, and one reason I’m glad I got a good job elsewhere.

      For whatever reason, the extreme left seems to be growing.

      • “There are no shortage of bigoted, narrow-minded, evil people on both sides of the political spectrum.”

        I disagree. There is a marked shortage of bigoted, narrow-minded, evil people on the right. It will take years of indoctrination for the right to catch up to the left in this regard. Fortunately, we’re better armed.

      • Left wing racist are always well paid. They get free transportation to any location to burn/ destroy private property.

        The left is made up of wealthy and or rich people who want to take away the private property of the middle class.
        And keep the poor in slavery with “free stuff”.

    • So? Does that make it acceptable? Because one side would do it, it’s fine for the other to?

      And honestly, I don’t remember open calls for assassination when Obama was elected, or re-elected. Do you? Sure there are extremists on both sides. That’s exactly what we all should be fighting against. But we’re not talking about some hypothetical or past situation right now. We’re talking about the extremist left wing drones that are specifically and openly calling for Trump’s assassination.

      • This kind of talk on the right is limited to an actual fringe. It is mainstream on the left.

        Trump is Hitler because a handful of neo-Nazis met at a DC restaurant to praise Trump. In the meantime the front runner for the DNC chair used to be a member of the Nation of Islam, which even the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a hate group, until he descovered real Islam and affiliated himself with the Muslim Brotherhood which is the Arab Nazi Party.

      • A few people openly called for his assassination. But that amount is far fewer than the amount calling for Trump to be killed. It’s trending, after all. Trending means a statistically significant people are talking about it.

    • At least on the right it’s a fringe. On the left it seems to be the bulk of the tapestry.

  10. Sociologically – Only demented a psychotic sociopath would enjoy such assassination fantasies.

    Politically – So you are openly calling for, supporting – and gleefully fantasizing about – assassinating your political foe, because presumably in your deluded mind, HE is like Hitler. WHO is really the Hitler in this scenario? Trump is not fantasizing about assassinating all of you. Maybe you ought to read up on your history a little, or at least step out of your brainwashed, cultist state of mind for a minute and realize that it is actually YOU who is the intolerant bigot psychopath, not Trump. Imagine if this was all the other way around when Obama was elected. Can you even imagine the 24×7 lamentation that would be showered down from the Liberal Elitist Ivory Towers, labeling everyone on ‘the right’ as extremist violent hater psychopaths? Do you even realize that is all of YOU who are most responsible for electing Trump, because the people by-and-large reject your hateful, hypocritical, divisive, extremist ideology and the subsidized propaganda and lies spewed by an elitist, pompous Corporate Media?

    Legally – Is it not a crime to threaten to assassinate anyone, let alone a President?

    Morally – Look what you have become. Your little holier-than-thou, “love Trumps Hate”, ‘Social Justice Warrior’ self is now openly longing for assassination of another human being. Can you somehow justify murdering those who do not ascribe to your particular ideology? At what point did you become so deluded that your ‘ideology’ overrides any morals that you (may have) once had?

    Realistically – OK, so let’s play along with your little psychopathic fantasy for a minute… Maybe that’s the only way to help you get through this… So what happens the day after your wonderful dream comes true? Are people going to all of a sudden realize that ‘YOU were right, and boy, we should have listen to what we were told by the Media and the Left and elected Hillary. Shame on us. Let’s all just get along now’. Is that what would happen? Or would it move even more people in the other direction against your extremist ideology, and make Trump the Martyr of the People? After all, he is a populist. He was elected by people from all sides of the spectrum. And is Mike Pence someone that you would then embrace as ‘your President’? I mean seriously, think about what would actually happen. You can’t murder your way to your Socialist fantasy. Not here at least. And even if you could, what would you then have? That which you so longed for? Or some dystopian Socialist, Totalitarian Dictatorship where YOU were then the oppressor, and anything and everyone else who didn’t blindly follow YOUR ideology would be brutally suppressed, or outright murdered? Have you ever read up about the Fall of Rome? Perhaps you should.

    Get a grip. Seriously. You really need to snap out of your brainwashed state and take a step back and look at yourself. OK, so you didn’t vote for Trump and your candidate lost. That’s called Democracy. And you’ve had all of the marbles for the last 8 years and what did you choose to do with them? Divide people further with your ‘identity politics’ and sew hatred and division? Because that’s where we are now. And before you start casting blame at everyone else, maybe you ought to first take a look at the splinter in your own eye. Oh that’s right. You are holier than thou, so you have no capacity to do so. Well then Hate-on my brothers and sisters and see where it gets you.

    • As far as the regressive progressives are concerned, Pence should be the ultimate assassination insurance. Trump is actually OK with gay people. He “came up” in New York in the 80s where it was the norm. He’s OK with gay. I suspect he’d also be fine with marijuana legalization. Two things the regressive progressives love.

      Pence on the other hand, he’s not really down with LGBTQ folk, and he’s not down with legal weed. Pence was selected as VP to get the more conservative conservatives on board.

      Trump’s not gonna deport people who are legally here en masse. He’s not going to attempt to undo Obergefell vs Hodges. He’s not going to create a Muslim registry. Pence on the other hand, would gleefully attempt all those things and more. Get rid of Trump (via assassination or impeachment/resignation), and Pence steps up. The Presidential Hot Seat doesn’t default to the second place candidate. It defaults to the Vice President, or the Vice President-Elect.

      For the rare progressive who reads TTAG – do you want Pence as POTUS? No? Well then stop calling for Trump’s removal or worse…

      From a civil liberties perspective, I believe Trump can be managed. He’s already declared that he supports marriage equality, for one. As far as things like intrusive surveillance and so on? He can be checked and balanced.

  11. Still the worst thing I saw was a picture of a protester (rioter) holding a rape melania sign. Talk about f###ed up.

    • “Still the worst thing I saw was a picture of a protester (rioter) holding a rape melania sign.”

      They’re pissed they never had a resident of the WH that looks hot naked.

      (*And* who has the photo shoots to prove it. *snicker*)

    • Between that and the pre-election video of the SJW mob kicking that homeless woman around, I got so mad I couldn’t see straight. The progressive left is like a progressive disease.

  12. Sheesh, Triggered Liberals. This is what happens when we take their bah-bah away. The masks come over and they are exposed for the extremist psycho haters that they really are. Great time to get into Therapy if anyone is looking for a profession. There’s a whole schlew of coddled safe-spacers that are going to need some serious deprogramming.

  13. One of the talking points of the regressive progressive set is gun control. If their wishes were fulfilled in an earlier time (AWBs, confiscations, etc…) – where the heck did they plan on getting a gun to commit their crime, nevermind a gun with the features required to at least have a fighting chance of pulling off an assassination of a well-protected political figure?

    It reminds me of what happened in Los Angeles in 1992. When the police pulled back, suddenly people who didn’t have or like guns discovered they needed one, in a hurry. They went to whichever gun stores were open, only to find that they had to wait 10 days for the gun to be released to them. Didn’t matter if it was an emergency, the law was the law – the very law they gleefully voted for a few years prior.

    So, progressives, where the hell are you gonna get a gun?

    Also, people cry about the government having to blow $1m a day to protect President-Elect Trump and his family. Well, consider this:

    • Trump is located smack dab in the middle of enemy territory. He’s an ouspoken (albeit recently converted) Republican in the middle of a rabidly Democratic city. Nevermind the fact that NYC is a bug light as far as terrorists are concerned. They can’t resist it. So gee, can you blame the USSS and NYPD for going a little ape for security? All it takes is one loon who slips through. So, he’s a controversial President-Elect in the middle of enemy territory? Coupled with calls for his death trending on social media? Damn right security will be extra tight.

    Now, if Trump decided to make his temporary HQ down at Mar-A-Lago, it’d be a little easier to manage. While WPB is Democrat, it’s not rabidly so. Plus it’s all wealthy folk and people with tons of money usually don’t off other people with tons of money.

    But, I must say, if the shoe was on the other foot, the calls for assassination would have been far less frequent. Yes, Obama was and has been threatened, but most moderates and Republicans “dealt with it” and moved on. Even us gun owners, whom he looked down upon, the most we really ever did was make some playful insults at his expense for the most part. I know a lot of gun owners, and none of them ever called for his assassination. Even if HRC had won, it would have been calm. Again, yes, some called for her assassination, but it was a few loons buzzing around. This is actually very troubling. The regressive progressive set is truly unhinged.

    The progressive moonbats are dumb as bricks in this case though. If they think Trump is bad, wait til they get to know Pence. Pence is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative who definitely looks askance as such things as LGBT marriage equality. For the rare progressive who reads this gun blog – just remember who Trump’s VP is.

    • And after Pence – Paul Ryan.

      You would have to assassinate a whole lot of people before you get down the line of succession to anyone the Progressives would even recognize, much less approve of.

      Or maybe in their deluded state they believe if Trump is assassinated before the inauguration that Hillary steps in by default?

    • You should have actually read the article at the other end of your link.

      It is primarily a puff-piece about a book written by a former Secret Service agent and cites no hard numbers or statistics, instead going with the lame old saw that they don’t want to publicize failed plots to discourage copycats.

      Of the two plots that were actually detailed, the one that seemed to be a more credible threat was by an Islamic terror group out of Somalia. Imagine that, Obama’s fellow Africans wanted him dead.


      Secret Service: Threat level against Obama no greater than under Bush, Clinton
      By GLENN THRUSH 12/03/09 11:07 AM EST
      Bit of a bombshell at this morning’s Homeland Security Committee hearing:

      U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan dismissed published reports that the level of death threats against President Obama are four times greater than typical threat levels against recent presidents — claiming the current volume of threats is comparable to that under George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

  14. Meanwhile these same types of people will twist themselves into a pretzel over the question of whether the terrorists are actually, truly evil or not. But if you don’t support same-sex marriage, you are evil. If you say things like Trump has said, even though he never cut anybody’s head off or burned anybody alive, you are evil.

  15. Ideas have consequences. A Republican president was assassinated by a SJW.

    I cannot believe this thread is already this deep and no one mentioned William McKinley.

  16. Let California go back to Mexico or they can become the new “George Soros land” where only oral and anal sex are legal. Herosexual sex will be banned. Reproduction will only occur in government approved facilities using mechanical means.

    Everyone will have Cocks not glocks. Private firearms will be outlawed. Strap on dildo’s will be required public attire. Everyone will receive government provided hypodermic needles and condoms. For those that qualify they can receive free drugs, including Heroin, Marijuana, meth etc.

    It will be a libertarian, liberal paradise. I hope you all move there and leave the rest of us alone.

  17. Lets not get all high and mighty. It’s a pretty short memory that doesn’t recall the reaction some on the right had when Obama won. That said, I’m pretty sure we didn’t have billionaire sponsored protests or advocated the beatings of dissenters in the streets.

  18. I really love how all of these children loving peaceful Libertarians are all wanting to commit murder. Isn’t that a big crock of crap. And here we got dumb crooked Hillary Clinton getting ready to be arrested and prosecuted her whole campaign was about saving the children and here she is getting ready to be convicted of human trafficking and and being a pedophile her and her husband and the huge investigation of the Clinton foundation and what a scam that is. She’s looking at some serious Federal Penitentiary time. Can’t wait until Donald takes office and then they can start the prosecution of this crooked Criminal that somehow was able to run for the most powerful position in the world how does that happen?

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