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My inbox was stuffed with Black Friday offers, hawking irresistible discounts and special offers on firearms and gun gear. I resisted, buying absolutely nothing. As the Simply Red song goes, money’s too tight to mention. Truth be told, that’s because I ascribe to my second ex’s philosophy “what’s worth owning is worth owning now.” But I know TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are smarter than the average publisher. You’ve been saving-up to save big. So, whadjaget?

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    • Same here, after experiencing BF first hand it disgusts me. I boycott it all together. No marketing slave here.

    • Same here, buddy. Besides, I didn’t see anything I was willing to buy priced below what I could find any other time of the year with a judicious application of patience and diligent searching.

      TL;DR: I bought nothing.

  1. I bought nothing. I don’t wait for sales.
    Bought a 1911 last week in 40 S&W because I didn’t have one.
    A few different loads to try in it eventually. A new set of grips and some different colored rods for the optical front sights.
    I don’t need a day or sale to be motivated. I buy what I want on the day I want it.

  2. I bought a few things online. There were a few good deals, but they were on things I was not interested in. I did use the 30% off from Mako group for a Tavor bipod accessory. I thought it was gimmicky, but decided oh well, why not try it at the 30% off price. I installed it last night and I actually like it.

    I also got some stuff for my Galil AR build (not an ACE) and a few AR parts. I did buy a few things over the past few weeks that were on sale and not attached to Black Friday. I only went to some stores yesterday after the rush, but I didn’t buy much.

    • LOL! The only thing I bought was a new case for MY Tavor because it won’t fit in its old case due to the installation a few weeks ago of… wait for it, the bipod thingy!

  3. Enhanced ar15 trigger group from palmetto state armory. Not the fanciest trigger pack, but a good deal for $30 plus shipping. Other than that i resisted temptation.

    • Palmetto has some good deals sometimes. A bit ago they had federal gold dot 90 grain 6.8spc for $9.99 for a box of 20! They also have FN hammer forged barreled uppers at a real nice price. I’m a fan.

      • Yep. I’ve got a kahr cw380 for about $230 a couple thanksgivings ago, and what I call my “disposable” shotgun. A $120 stevens 12ga pump.

        Most of the bits for my last ar15 came from there too.

      • PSA is running awesome deal on several pistol mags. SW M&P 45 10rd for $12.

        Midway has G2 PMAG for under $10 and free shipping for over $150.

        Wish the canoe hadn’t pulled a submarine.

  4. Nothing because I should be set for a while. I stocked up as if I might not see ammo or components for 8 years.

    • Same here. Spent all I could spare on powder and primers over the last couple months. 250+ pounds of sorted wheel weights out by the shop will keep me in boolits for a while.

  5. Nothing. I refuse to participate in an event that has clearly devolved into a frenzy of animals in stores.

    As for online purchases, I usually do them AFTER Friday, when a lot of places bring out hidden stock saved for after the animals try to kill each other at the stores.

      • Being single means I’m always ready to mingle. It also means my possible future son can never become a tranny and can never bring home a punk with a nosering and jeans that hang below his knees to tell me they’re engaged.

  6. I got a shotgun but it coincidenced with Black Friday. I had it on layaway. And I got some ammo on sale. I am NOT way ahead in what I want and desired more. Wherever I get a deal gets my business…and it helps a whole lot gas is soooo cheap I can drive a few miles. And I’m looking at buying off the interwebz.

  7. I picked up about 1500 rounds of mixed ammo last week — I’m running out of storage space. In a couple of weeks, I’ll snag a new pistol. But I don’t buy anything on Black Friday, unless it’s online. Going to a store on Black Friday is a hideous experience. I’d rather shave my balls with a circular saw.

    • Academy still has metal .50-cal type ammo cans on sale for $10 a pop, free shipping.

      Granted they’re not milsurp, and they’re not BlackHawk! cans. But still…

      • in my opinion, they might be better than milsurp. clean, no rust, nice finish (no sloppy welds), and full size (unlike the current walmart cans).

  8. Henry Evil Roy. Not on sale and nothing to do with black Friday. Wanted a bolt .22 in left hand for dtr, unable to find what I wanted so I bought something on my dream checklist. (A Henry with large loop)

  9. Nothing gun related yet. I keep eyeing the hourly sales ads I get in my inbox, but nothing has piqued my interest yet.
    I did buy a new alarm system though.

    • Hourly is about right. I found I had to check about that often to avoid getting my inbox completely swamped…

  10. Gun counter at Academy was ridiculous so I bought a trampoline for the kids (about half what we were planning to spend) and one of those metal fire pits for the wife. Nothing for me – wanted to pick up some inexpensive 22lr but was sold out. Now that Obama is leaving office, I am hoping that panic buying is over and it will be no big deal for shelves to be full again. I would look to get a lot more gun stuff in the coming years especially if silencers are taken off NFA with the hearing protection act.

  11. I bought some stuff on Black Friday … online. Let’s see…

    Some $10 cheapo ammo cans from Academy (intended for magazine storage, not ammo); some ETS magazines from Botach Tactical ($20 / 2-pack) to help fill the ammo cans; and something I’d been looking at that Davidson’s had on sale, to be delivered via my smiling local friendly FFL retail establishment.

    But it had nothing to do with it being Black Friday per se, and everything to do with a day off from work. I really shouldn’t browse the net when I’m bored… And there have been some good pre-Black Friday deals for a while now, so I also took advantage of some sales last week for ammo and new pistol sights.

  12. I was able stop at a sporting goods store Thanksgiving evening on the way home from family visits. Only in there for ten minutes and got 2000 rounds of 9mm for $5.99 a box of 50 after a $5 rebate! First time I ever shopped in a retail store on Thankgiving or Black Friday but the deal was too good to pass up.

    • Dick’s Sporting Goods did a similar promotion locally here. I don’t know about anyone else, but after the long hard drought of ammo, finding 9mm in plentiful supply at a net of $6 a box was wonderful. Stocked up, but the local store was enforcing 10 box limit per visit. Visited several times!

  13. Black Friday is disgusting.

    People trampling one another to get a TV for $40 less than 2 days before is barbaric, sad, and is also an unfortunate and well understood part of the poverty mindset.

    Retailers participating and encouraging that behavior– even after people have died– just to beef up their bottom line is cynical, offensive, borderline evil, and a part of our culture I refuse to participate in.

    I know, I know. I sound all self righteous and holier than thou. The whole thing just rustles my jimmies.

    • Many stores in my area started their sales Thursday afternoon, to cut down on the madness. Fighting off crowds at the mall is sort of a moot point now anyway, what with everyone and their mother shopping online.

  14. My LGS runs its Black Friday from 10 pm Thursday to 2 am Friday. Picked up a home defense shotgun (Dickinson XX3T-2) primarily because I didn’t have a shotgun and wanted one for not too much cash, and some fresh 9mm carry ammo.

  15. As the stores flooded with bargain hunters, our family headed to our shooting range and destroyed an army of pumpkins with an SR22, 10/22, SR1911, and a T53. The Chinese Mosin also set off a Tannerite filled pumpkin surrounded by pumpkins and topped with a paper turkey centerpiece. Time well spent!

  16. I didn’t buy anything because of Black Friday, but I do go to the range an really enjoyed shooting the PPQ M2 .45, so I did buy one of those.

    I didn’t really see any deals at the various gun stores / outdoor stores in my area that were so great that I was willing to deal with the hassles of shopping in a store on Friday.

  17. Unlike most people I had to work, but I’m glad I did because I hate Black Friday anyway. So I bought nothing and ignored the day. Now that Trump has won my list has shuffled around, but the Christmas gift to myself is going to be a S&W 629. If I can find one without the Hillary hole it’s preferable.

  18. I enjoy building AR uppers so I ordered some components online from Primary Arms. They still have a good sale going on! Got a Black Rain ordnance barrel almost 50% off. If you’re looking for a shooter they have an Anderson 16″ M4 profile for $62.

  19. Just ordered some mags for my dad because I saw some (first party for some of his older guns that take proprietary mags) mags he was looking for for cheap. Ordered a pair of D&H aluminum mags and some plinking 9mm for myself because I was already paying for shipping.

    Also ordered some stuff for marking mags, but that wasn’t on sale (but did have free shipping) because I’ve been meaning to for a while.

  20. I admit I read the ads. I do almost all of my shopping on line for guns and ammo. I bought my daughter 400 rounds of 230 gr. RN .45s at 5% off with free shipping, which worked out to about $.275 per round. And I was sorely tempted to put a Springfield mil-spec 1911A-1 on a credit card as it was going for the unbelievably low price of $532. Still may.I’ve been wanting one, or an original circa 1943 +/-, for a very long time.

  21. Took advantage of CBC Industries 30% off sale to pick up a 300 blackout upper I had been eying for a while… online & painless

  22. Went to Cabelas to use my points for new boots. But Remington 9mm at .14 a round was too good to resist. Bought 1,000 rounds.

      • Total agreement. And all this because some douchebag activist investor isn’t happy with the profits Cabela’s is making. Well, you go public you take your chances.

  23. Spent yesterday working, providing armed undercover protection at a retail mall, as well as today. First time doing black Friday. After seeing the mobs, think I’ll opt out next year. Never did it from the shopper side, that won’t change.

  24. No Black Friday over here in Australia

    I was away for work Friday and drove past gun shop I had never seen before in small town. In his third year when I asked

    Bought all his .223 projectiles as he had my favourite for hunting. Now I just have to finish new reloading bench (moved in August) then load 500 plus cases.

  25. My only black Friday purchase was online. It’s a pull pouch for my main medical kit that will give more rapid access to a TQ, two 6″ Israeli Bandages and a HyFin Chest seal pack.

  26. No, but it did go to the range to test out the 9mm Range Officer I recently bought. Sweet shooter.

  27. Didn’t really see any AR-10 parts or anything else for that matter I Couldn’t live without so I didn’t care. AR-10 parts aren’t as common on sale as the “15” parts.

    • Got a complete set of O.D. green furniture for an ar10 I’ve been trying to part with, posted on Colorado armslist if you want to take a look.

  28. I buy most of my gear used, 95% of time Black Friday sales can’t beat those prices and if they do beat those prices then the item sells out in seconds. The things that are in high demand that you can rarely buy used never get discounted much on Black Friday. Best deal I’ve seen were on 80% 1911 frames at tacticalmachining and 80% spectre frames at midway, followed by SWFA optics deals, everything else has been a joke.

  29. Hi S Crook
    I’m using Remington 788 with timney trigger that gives me well under moa

    Used to have tiger Mini 14 before the bans.

    Pretty much anything you can buy in USA is available here. 7600 pumps very popular. I have one.

    Winchester, Ruger, Thompson, mossberg etc all available. Probably a lot more European rifles than I’ve noticed in trips to USA Krico, Sauer

    Still some local companies making bolt actions. One of my .22’s is local and one is German

    Once you have licence you can buy anything ( including semi and full auto ) and any number of firearms. Something the antis here are trying to change as there are now officially more firearms than before the bans.

  30. Never left the house but did score a Ruger LCP II and four magazines. These weren’t black Friday deals, just good prices for everything.

  31. Botach had a sale on harris bipods.

    Also, I bought a can and didnt even have to pay the $200 tax! Oh too soon….

  32. On Tuesday received email from Mossberg.
    Bought an 18.5 barrel for my 835, $107 delivered.
    28″ barrel not real handy around the house.
    Now I need a mag tube extension 2-4 rounds, possible ghost ring sights.
    Right now its 5 +1 with front bead
    Any suggestions?

    • I wouldn’t have bought the barrel. For a house gun just spend the very moderate amount of money and get a maverick 88 security model. 7+1 budget mossberg.

      Couldn’t be happier with mine. I keep my 500 rigged for hunting and the maverick is my dedicated house gun.

      • The 835 was paid for 20 years ago, $107 for another defensive shotgun seemed reasonable.
        Only takes a couple minutes to switch barrels from 18.5″ to 28″.
        Still looking for mag extension and sights suggestions.

  33. I worked Friday as I usually do. Momma has me dig all of the Christmas decorations out of the attic on Thursday evening and I head to work on Friday. She makes the house festive and I stay out of her way. I pick up Chinese take out for dinner and it all works. I did a little Amazon and Bass Pro surfing since I wasn’t too busy at work but didn’t find too much of interest other than some jewelry for momma. As an old married man I’ve learned that shiny stuff can make knickers disappear. Godiva chocolate occasionally has the same effect. My wife can’t drink so we do the best we can. Last weekend our sheriff guys went to the range and I picked up a bunch of brass. I’m keeping the 9mm and .45 brass and I ordered 500 .40 bullets for a co-worker that I load for. So I guess that was my Black Friday gun related purchase.

  34. I made my usual Saturday morning trip to my favorite pawn/gun shop. Picked up a used 6.5″ Ruger Blackhawk in .357 for $450. Stayed home and ate leftovers Friday.

  35. Bunch of parts for my 300 blackout SBR build, Odin works 02 lite handguard, random lower parts, and probably about to snag a Geissele SSAE for the AR10. If anyone’s interested primary arms has them for $170. Still pricey but a huge discount from the regular $250.

    Most of my firearms purchases happened the week before Election Day lol.

  36. Nothing. Bought most everything I might have needed in case of a post election gun run. Only thing I want but don’t need is a 9mm AR glock mag pistol lower to go with a silencer I’m also waiting for.

  37. 2 holsters, one a half off remora, and the other was a kydex IWB for a 3″ j frame; hardest gun to find a holster for in my life…

  38. Nothing. The deals haven’t been screaming for the last eight years, and I suspect it will take at least another one before the firearms industry realizes that the panic days are over.

  39. I got in on the Remington UMC sale like others have mentioned. Ordered 500 rounds of it online.
    The day before Thanksgiving I ordered a couple of bricks of the Winchester .22 online from Academy. It was free shipping so it only cost around 6 cents per round after tax.

  40. No Black Friday buys. Bought my son a Tikka T3, LH bolt in 30-06 a few weeks ago. Went out to get the scope yesterday, the day after Black Friday. My LGS doesn’t offer any BF deals.

    Boy is the kid going to be surprised!

  41. Bought some Geiselle tools and some other things, but I don’t even think they were on any grandiose sale – just had enough time off work to choose exactly what I needed.

  42. I will expend blood and fury to be the first to buy a bunch of junk because it has been discounted! My dollars must be first in line or there will be a beatdown.

  43. Nada! Right before Thanksgiving I got my notice my healthcare premiums were going up 13% next year. I haven’t even bought a gun this year (which is very unusual).

  44. Found myself in Academy, picked up a Browning trail cam for $99 (reg. $149), some Special Golden Estrust (on sale, forget how much), and some other odds and ends. Came real close to picking up a Caldwell Lead Sled, they had it for $99 (reg. $179), but couldn’t quite pull the trigger, so to speak.

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