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When Adam Lanza slaughtered defenseless children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, his “assault rifle” was an obvious target. No one needs a weapon of war! Ban ARs! Again, again! It got to the point where the ironically-named Freedom Group bowed their heads in shame and promised to jettison Bushmaster (which they haven’t). Some gun guys pointed out that Lanza could have been more deadly if he’d used the Saiga 12 shotgun (with 70 rounds of ammo) found in the trunk of his Accord. And now that another spree killer’s used a Remington 870 to slay innocents how long before we here howls calling for a ban on “assault shotguns”? I’ll tell you this for nothing: industry sources reveal that the Navy Yard shooting’s created a run on tactical shotguns. Prudent, paranoid or both?

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    • Eventually? We’ve got states banning air guns. Air Soft games got a kid expelled this week. Paintball will be next. To these whackos if it even SMELLS like a gun they want to ban it. Hey maybe we should all start wearing Hoppe’s No. 9 cologne! Probably better than open carry to tick these people off.

    • Didn’t he KNOW it’s Illegal to cut the Stock & Barrel of a shot gun (Ruby Ridge) .
      It’s against the law to carry a gun on a Military Base .
      It’s a crime to shoot people.
      Why don’t THEY enforce the laws currently on the Book…

  1. I see Rockstar Games predicted the police response to the Navy Yard shooting @ 0:53 in the video.

    To the title question though; the answer is not yet. But we have seen a glimpse of the anti’s “Post Assault Weapons Ban” agenda.

  2. Never a bad idea to buy more guns. Hell, I just bought a Mini-14 to keep my AR (purchased November 2012!) company. (I live in New York. Think of the Mini as an F-you to Andrew Cuomo.)

    This shooting won’t generate the heat of Newtown. It’s pretty much off the front page and even Joe Manchin doesn’t seem eager for another gun-control go round. The only fallout I’ve seeing is the weaselly little punk running for Westchester County Exec who’d promising, if elected, to “ban gun shows on county property.” (Violent crime problem. Solved!)

    That doesn’t mean lower our guard. Gun-grabbers will never quit. It took them a hundred years to get Obamacare. They’ll stick it out another hundred for civilian disarmament if that’s what it takes.

    We have to be ready to fight them at every turn.

    • Bramson is a weasel. I’m working for Astorino.

      After Manchin got screwed on coal he’s not carrying Obama’s water on gun control again.

  3. I think they probably float all of their initiatives like trial balloons. If this particular “ban the AR-15 shotgun” [lol] one appears to be getting enough positive attention from the sheeple, they will push hard, otherwise they’ll drop it.

    Apparently this was not even really a tactical shotgun (with pistol grip, etc) other than the fact that the furniture was black instead of woodgrain. Close to a fuddgun.

  4. This is just the opportunity they’ve been looking for to stick the word “assault” on the front of “shotgun.” They have assault rifles and assault pistols, so they’re feeling really good about themselves about now.

  5. “created a run on tactical shotguns”

    It doesn’t hurt that shotguns are also on sale right now, being that it’s the lead up to a number of hunting seasons. I know because I just picked up a Mossberg 500A last night.

  6. I’m pretty sure his car was a Civic and not an Accord.

    At this point I think its obvious the leftists seek to ban all forms of civilian ownership of fire arms. When the Statists want to rule our lives only the Statists are allowed to own guns. Doesn’t make much sense for authoritarians to allow their slaves to defend themselves from the authoritarians.

    • Speaking of model of car and statist wanting to ban stuff, I have a book written in the ’90s by an extreme liberal statist called “The Asphalt Nation” in which she goes on and on about banning civilian ownership of personal automobiles! For the children, of course, and for our own good, since we obviously can’t be trusted to know how to use them properly.

      You say they won’t be satisfied until they ban all of our guns? They won’t be satisfied until they have total control of what we say and do. They seek a total nanny state Utopia and they will not rest until that goal is reached. I think we should pass a law making it illegal to think like a liberal. If you can control guns by making guns illegal, shouldn’t you be able to control liberalism by making it illegal?

        • Not quite as frightening as people who use the words “leftist”, “statist” and “liberal” interchangeably, quite obviously without a clue as to what they’re actually talking about.

          • The truly scary part is the leftists that can’t tell the difference and fall for true communists like Barry, Holder, Van Jones and company.

  7. Bought my Stag Model 3 just a couple of months before Newtown. Glad I’ve already got my Mossy 500 with ATI gear too.
    I swear, if someone used an old Colt Dragoon in a mass shooting, there would be outcry to ban “Cowboy Assault Pistols!!”.

    • It’s not just guns; freedom, self reliance, independence, conservatism and liberty itself are all under attack.

      Guns are an important symbol of freedom that empowers, generating confidence and enabling people to protect themselves AND reject progressive socialist subjugation by the liberal Democrat mob.

  8. And if somebody kills a few people with a blowgun and poison darts, they’ll want background checks on plumbing supplies. There’s no point in even asking.

    Here’s the rule: forget the fool – blame the tool!

  9. I can remember back in the day… It was illegal for our shotguns to have more than 5 rounds in them. You could make them hold more by removing the plug, but maybe that was just a restriction on hunting??

  10. I wouldn’t say they are under assault per say. More like it’s just kind of the flavor of the week. I seem to remember that where was some claims that the Navy Yard Shooter had an ‘AR-15 shotgun’. Which somewhat illustrates the point that the media will try to use anything they to scare up support for the anti second amendment cause.

  11. Everything that remotely resembles a gun is under assault from the gun grabbers. Of course shotguns are in the mix.

    Personally, I think it’s just prudent to get what you can before they ban it. I didn’t feel the need to run out and buy a shotgun, I already have mine. I’m placing more emphasis on ammunition and logistical support rather than on a second (or third, or fourth) “scary gun” that “might” get banned soon like most of the panic buyers are doing.

  12. I don’t know if it’s all paranoid. I think it’s more like a ton of people are on the fence about or have been intending on getting some item, then when it gets in the news they pull the trigger so to speak.


  13. I’m not sure that its helpful to have video games that allow nerds to train for mass shootings. It’s one thing to shoot digital aliens, zombies, or enemy soldiers. Shooting harmless and unarmed civilians in videos games, and hearing their screams, is just sick and wrong. I was hoping that the “shooter” in the video would get shot by a CCW holder or a cop.

    • Horsecrap. Do your (the global encompassing your) job as a parent and your kids won’t use GTA as a training game. There are millions upon millions of kids that played that game, and games just like them over the years…how many went bonkers? Next you’ll tell me that heavy metal made’em do it. If your kids can’t play GTA without turning into mass murders do us all a favor and drown them in the tub.

      Where’s the background check, training classes, and licencing for being a parent? I bet poor parenting, in all it’s flavors, is at the root cause of most violent crime as well as moral-less, society degrading behavior…When you gonna fix that libs?

      Clearly, too busy discriminating against lawful gun owners…if you applied the idea of gun control as crime control (prohibit the many because of the actions of the few) to race control, the world would crap out a canary in uproar.

      Why is discrimination against one group ok but not another? I think the anti-gun crowd is full of hate and are just looking for a mob mindset style excuse to have an outlet.

      • The only downside I’ve seen from GTA, and I am not a big fan of its glorification of the player as the amoral bad guy, is a lot of police dash cam videos of young guys stealing cars who have absolutely no real universe understanding of the physics of a heavy object moving at speed and depending on the friction of four small patches of rubber to maintain directional stability.

        Aside from the (not inconsequential) dangers posed to bystanders and other drivers I do not necessarily see this as a drawback.

      • I don’t think the OP is a liberal. Sad to say, but there’s a Fudd mentality among some conservatives that if they just throw music, movies or videogames under the bus, the Ban Hammer won’t come swinging for their guns. Little do they realize that Bloomberg, Feinstein and the rest of their ilk are like a pack of wolves that have tasted man-flesh; they’ll never be satisfied, and trying to placate the totalitarian bastards by feeding them your neighbor’s rights just means that yours will get eaten last.

  14. I called a run on shotguns on this site as soon as the Navy yard was being reported on. Not that it took any great deal of thought. They’re after the outliers now–the guns that aren’t used in a high percentage of crimes. Once they restrict shotguns and rifles, some grabber will have the epiphany that handguns are the preferred weapon of violent criminals and handguns will be an easier target. They’ll moan about handguns being used in 99.99999% ( or some such made-up $hit) of gun related crimes and severe handgun restrictions will be a slam dunk. A few years ago Ralph commented that the right to bear arms will be reduced to single shot .22s. Maybe not in my or Ralph’s lifetime, but I fear for our kids and grandkids. We can’t give up.

    • The gun control movement has almost always been about handguns, for over a hundred years now. They’ve taken a few detours, such as the NFA (That is after handguns were removed from it)/AWB, but handguns are the main target, and have always been.

  15. Shotguns have always been a target. They’re either too short or too long or hold too many shells or too few shells and blah blah blah.
    “Street sweeper” anyone?
    It’s one of the few places the idiots Fudds actually take notice and even they’ll knock a 590 or 870 if it means they’ll get to keep their 500 and 887.
    What will happen to the “tactical turkey” guns should be interesting if shotgun hate gains any traction. Thankfully I seriously doubt it will. Biden recommends them after all.

  16. It’s hunting season. There was going to be a run on shotguns even if Joe Biden became the spokespuppet for Mossberg.
    That said, I still reeeeeally want one of those Norinco copies of the 1897 Trench gun, and I can’t find jack. I’m afraid it’s quickly joining the Wile Lite Sterling in the ranks of “guns that used to be cheap, and now that DisThunder wants them they’re a grand at the crappy gun show.”
    It’s getting to be a big, distinguished, and heart-hurting list.

  17. It just goes to show that gun-grabbers don’t care what it is, after they get “Assault Rifles” they will get “Assault Shotguns”, after they get those they will go after “Assault Sniper-Hunting Rifles” (Scary OD Green, watch out) and after they get that they will go after “Assault Revolvers”.

    Anyone else sick of the word ASSAULT yet?

  18. Diane Feinstank and others have made it know for years that they are after everything, eventually. Even HCI said they weren’t really for control but bans which is why they became insignificant among the earlier gun ban lobby groups.

  19. I can’t wait to read that a Smith & Wesson 686 is a “police-style assault revolver.” Wait for it. It’s coming.

  20. “… industry sources reveal that the Navy Yard shooting’s created a run on tactical shotguns. Prudent, paranoid or both?”

    I say paranoid in the 40 or so “shall issue” states and prudent in the gun control utopias of California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, etc.

    As for Illinois? Who knows now that they have state wide pre-emption on firearms limitations.

  21. All guns are under assault because, don’t you know, all guns are assault guns. How many times since the NYS SAFE Act was enacted have I heard “my gun is safe”. Tell me again how your gun is safe.

    • Tell you what, when one of my guns sprouts tiny legs, walks over and shoots you of its own free will, you’ll have every right to demand answers from me.

      Until then, I don’t owe you a goddamned explanation for anything. Got that?

      • W.T.F. Lucas! Did you just take offense at my post? I was knocking those who think their pumps and bolt actions are safe because Cuomo only came after the semis. How could you misread my comment so badly?

        • Because you’re not very good at sarcasm, I guess.

          My apologies. I’ve never seen you here before and that looked like a sincere attempt to troll us.

    • Bingo!
      Obama’s Minions Failed at the Ballot Box and it’s incredibly difficult to go Full Marxist on an armed society, so the Rhetoric must go Nuclear even if it reveals the total sociopathy of our rulers

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