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I vote Republican. Not because I love Republicans. Because I hate gun control. The Democrats are the party of gun control. Says so right in their party platform. As I consider the right to keep and bear arms the foundation of the American way of life, why would I vote Democrat? As for the whole conservatives vs. liberals thing, yes I’m a conservative. I believe in small government under a Constitutional republic. Which is, I think, the conservative position. Or it should be. Again, I’m no great fan of the Republican party; they’ve done their bit to enrich, enlarge and embolden Uncle Sam (e.g., Reagan’s ATF). But if the fight for gun rights really all about fighting liberalism? Can’t we all just tool up and get along?

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  1. I really like Alfonzo Rachel, and this is one of his best videos so far, in my opinion. Too bad he’s mostly preaching to the choir.

  2. I Luv me some Alfonz, he is a shinning light in a very dark world and sometimes bright lights illuminate others that are on the fringe of it’s orb.
    Gun Rights are Human Rights

  3. Define liberal. Liberal as in free? No. Liberal as in “the liberal application of tyranny”? Yes. Theres nothing liberal about Liberals.

  4. I am still waiting for the day until Libertarian or something very close to it is a legitimate tick mark on the ballot… and I believe it will happen within my life time.

    There are so, so many people in the younger generations who are pro freedom and apathetic towards the current 2 major parties in the US..

    • This!

      Follow the “party platform” link in this article, then go down and click on Libertarian Party. Now THAT is a plan I can get behind!

    • That’s your fantasy. Freedom isn’t just about sex and drugs. You can have all the sex and drugs you want in dictatorship. Freedom is ultimately about both property rights and person. The youth that you think is just yearning for a Libertarian Party is only on board with latter and certainly not with the former. The Millennials are not interested in property rights unless it is their right to your property. Why do you think they gave a 30% advantage to Obama?

  5. Yes liberals, progressives, communist, and all other moon bats are the enemy of the gun.
    So yes they are our enemy and should always be regarded as such.


    • Damn those freaking Liberal, Communists and socialist bastards that gave us retirement, unemployment benefits, 8 hour work day instead of 16, social security, public education ( before then only the rich could afford any education), and abolishment of child labor and the creation of worker unions to balance corporate power when negotiating wages. Let’s not forget that damnable Civil Rights Movement and most recently ObamaCare. They just need to stop before it is too late. I hate those people!

      • Civil Rights Movement???????????? Really?????????????

        At least in the history that I was taught, it was a Republican President that brought about the end of slavery. AND, it was the Democrats that enacted the Jim Crow laws to maintain the status quo in the South during and after Reconstruction.

        But then again, I may be wrong……………..

        • You’re right, but confused. When Republicans did all those things, they were liberals and progressives (changing things for the better), and Democrats were conservative (preserving the status quo). Parties have swapped roles several times since their founding.

      • I detect a noisome taint of sarcasm in your post, sir. It may be unnecessary for many readers here, but I will point out anyway that all of those things you list, that you appear to consider great advancements to our constitutional republic, are, or were at some point in history, the goals and/or platform of American fascists, The Communist Party, American Socialist Party, and too many other left-leaning parties to list. Many of those laws were instituted under Woodrow Wilson or FDR and they both were far left, Wilson even being a huge proponent of fascism as a desirable form of government and a frequent writer of polemics against The Constitution of the United States of America. (Check Wikipedia, or better yet read “Liberal Fascism” by Mark Levine, though I ‘m pretty sure you won’t.)

        Taken one at a time and looked at objectively a strong case could be made that each and every one of these programs is on some level a violation of the Constitution. Hardly something to be praised.

        • All that really proves is that not everything is completely bad. Even ideologies that are profoundly anti-freedom can come up with some good ideas once in a while. Heck, conservatives support the Second Amendment, so that proves it right there.

      • Retirement benefits that are cut immediately as companies goe bankrupt from too much outstanding debt?

        Unemployment benefits that actually pay better than finding actual, honest work and suck hard earned money from those of us that do choose to provide for our families?

        Social security that has been bastardized over the decades into the diseased program that it is now, destined to become bankrupt before many of those currently contributing have any chance to recoup their investment?

        A public education system which is more concerned with removing from our youth any traces of the thought processes that made this nation great?

        Workers unions that, while once a necessary entity, continue to siphon money from their union members and waffle at contract negotiation time and again to give away the benefits that their founder bled for?

        The civil rights movement that was not undertaken by liberals, but by staunch conservatives who wanted nothing more than an already corrupt system to live up to the terms it was founded on, that all men are created equal?

        And Obamacare. The train wreck of the start of a socialized medicine program that again promises to rape those that work for their means to the benefit of those that don’t?

        Our LIBERAL President can stand on a podium with a straight face and state, in these EXACT words: “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.” And he is EXACTLY right. Today close to 50% of this country’s population is on some sort of government assistance. They DIDN’T earn what they have, they got it by stealing it from those that did.

        In a country I can witness a neighbor receiving yet another increase in welfare payments each and every time they increase the number of their progeny while I work each and every day and still have to worry about paying my daughter’s latest doctor’s bill I will be damned if I will listen to a liberal lecture on how they have enhanced this society.

      • Social Security/Retirement? Is that where they take about 15% of your pay off the top for use by the government and when they decide, not you, they give you back some of it(while it earns nothing)? Oh, and if you die before collecting what you paid in, tough, your kids are out of luck, inheritance wise. Yeah, that great program.

        • Do not forget about taking money out of the Social Security fund to pay for government projects, then not returning that money to the SS fund and then complain that the SS system is broke. Perfect.

      • You can debate U.S. political party history for hours, but in the end, it doesn’t mean squat to know that Republicans helped end slavery. Because what really matters is how current politicians/parties vote NOW. What their stated platforms are TODAY. What the candidates are like that they nominate TOMORROW.

      • You really make your *point* with Obamacare. If you think that garbage is good policy – the same wretched filth which our leaders exempted themselves from – then reason and logic have long since left your repertoire.

        • “You really make your *point* with Obamacare” What?! I thought we have a right to have someone else pay our health care costs. And retirement costs. And Housing. And Food. And a free cell phone.

      • I agree totally, sir!
        Add to that list an effort to haul in the corporate world’s desire to do whatever they want, to whoever they want.
        How dare they!
        I much prefer allowing the corporate world to reduce wages and pollute the environment so it can improved its profits….why, that’s the very essense of civilisation!
        Those damn socialists seem to think that people who work for others have rights!

      • Yup big government came up with all those goodies and now no one wants to take care of themselves. Government is real good at eliminating personal responsibility.

  6. I’ve said it before. The dems could get at least half of the gops base just by becoming pro gun. I care nothing about what you do in your own bedroom. I care nothing about you smoking weed, even feel it should be legal. A woman’s body, etc, Gay marriege doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

    My guns are why I usually vote gop.

    • Absolutely.

      Guns are why I no longer feel like I can vote for Democrats, but all the rest of the things you mention are why i absolutely, positively will not vote for Republicans.

      Just to reiterate; I have voted for Democrats in 90% of the elections since I became eligible. I was raised in strongly Democratic households, and their recent gun-related idiocy has lost them my support.

      Hope they’re listening.

      • So are we a conservative liberal or a liberal conservative? This is why the two party system does not work. I see points on both sides. As for Healthcare Act, some points are good…some bad. The healthcare systems needs to be non-profit and someones health should not be denied because a CEO needs to make one more million of dollars.

        • Health care is not expensive because it is for profit; it is expensive because there is no competition. If you break your leg and get emergency surgery, there is no negotiating the price beforehand; there is therefore no reason for the hospital/doctor to give you a good price. We have become dependent on insurance and legal action to the point that a broken bone will cost upwards of a year’s salary.

        • Let see…no profit, lots of risk, high development costs…I think I’ll start developing cures this evening.

      • And speaking of logic: Intentionally withholding your vote from a conservative and/or Republican candidate is EXACTLY the same as GIVING your vote to the liberal and/or Democrat candidate. Do the math.

        100 people are eligible to vote. 50 vote liberal, 50 vote conservative. Election is a tie. You decide, “Screw those Republicans! I’m not going to vote. That’ll show ’em!”

        Final election tally: Liberals 50, conservatives 49. Democrats win and you lose your gun rights. Democrat president appoints a liberal judge to the SCOTUS, liberal Senate approves, and we all lose our Second Amendment rights.

        Stop being petulant and pick a damn side.

        • Absolutely right on the money. If we lose the 2nd amendment, none of the other amendments matter. The only thing standing in the way of Obama becoming a full dictator is an armed populace. There is a reason that he is specifically trying to outlaw the AR and AK especially when very few crimes were committed with that style of firearm. His motivation is obviously not about crime, it is about controlling the people. It is about taking away the ability to resist Obama’s attempt to overturn 200 years of freedom. There is no other way to interpret Obama’s actions. You either support the evil Republicans or you will lose every freedom you have to the evil Democrats.

        • There’s more than two sides, and voting third party is only ‘throwing your vote away’ when people are convinced that there are… and only through your own example of refusing to maintain this system can you entice more people to follow suit.

          Vote third party. I don’t care which one, any third party that prominently features electoral reform in their platform. Ditching FPTP and replacing it with proportional representation – any kind that dismantles the two-party system – should be the primary political goal of any sane voting adult. Once that is achieved, we can get back to other pressing issues, and the system then will actually account for all the differences in opinion and provide proper representation of the entire spectrum of opinions (including gun-friendly liberals and libertarians).

        • int19h
          That may work well in theory but it doesn’t stand much of a chance with a liberal controlled bias media that leans far left in it’s so called reporting of the election events.
          If there was a fair and honest media a good third party candidate could have a chance.

    • This.

      Before I joined the AI, I’d have never even considered voting for the GOP. The Republicans seem most intent on preaching to the religious right and i agree with JWM that i don’t care if people smoke dope, marry a same-sex partner, or get abortions. People moan about the Liberals trying to control every aspect of our lives, but the Republicans are hardly innocent of this.

      The anti-science attitude of many in the Republican party is also a big turn-off. I’m not about to walk up to Chris Costa and tell him he’s running his AR wrong; that’s his specialty and i respect that he knows more about it than I do, so therefore I defer to his judgement. By the same token, please don’t walk into my lab and tell me how to run my science experiments (so to speak).

      As far as gun control goes, liberals honestly feel like they’re doing something positive to protect people from violent crime. It’s an honest, albeit misguided mistake. Like many of you, I believe that the best solution to violence is allowing law-abiding citizens to tool up as they see fit to defend themselves. Criminals, by definition, don’t care about the law and prey on soft targets whom they know cannot defend themselves.

      With that said, I think we make a mistake when we demonize half of the population in this country by calling them enemies, moon bats, etc. That kind of rhetoric only serves to paint us as unhinged and potentially dangerous by the middle group of people who haven’t made up their minds yet or who might be swayed by a logical argument against increased gun control. We’d do a lot better with some positive outreach.

      If you want to change people’s minds about gun control, take them to the range, calmly and politely explain the issue to them, and show them that the vast majority of gun people are not dangerous instead of making them feel like all gun owners hate them because of a matter of personal opinion.

      • “If you want to change people’s minds about gun control, take them to the range, calmly and politely explain the issue to them, and show them that the vast majority of gun people are not dangerous instead of making them feel like all gun owners hate them because of a matter of personal opinion.”

        This would be a valid argument, except, hard-core liberals and low-information voters are motivated by emotion, not logic. You can logic yourself until you are (not blue, that appears to be the Democrat color) red in the face and it will not penetrate their emotional response to the heavily propagandized fear of guns and gun owners.

      • I hear how people don’t like how Republicans are trying to control certain behaviors, but liberals just have a different set of controls. The religiously rooted list is more value based where the progressive list is always changing to the values of the latest movement.

        Liberal war against Christmas and Christian symbols. Never a disparaging word against a Muslim. This is a control of attitudes. The conservative defense of marriage is at least based on tradition.

        Liberal definition of “hate”. Black boys kill a white boy for fun and it’s cool. “White” Hispanic kills a black kid who is slamming is head in the ground is full of hate.

        Attitude about abortion didn’t just happen. Planned Parenthood used to give out tee shirts that bragged ‘I had an abortion’. Liberals deride conservatives that don’t want to see babies chopped up. Go look up Kermit Gosnel – didn’t see much press about him, did you?

        Now being fat isn’t cool with libs. Got to limit soft drink sizes and salt content under penalty of law.

        Got to control what we call garbage to the point where you get fined for not recycling in some areas.

        It’s all about control either way, it’s not like the liberals aren’t trying to control attitudes and behavior.

        • You are presenting a very narrow minded and stereotyped understanding of “liberal”, which is precisely what GP was talking about.

          I’m a liberal and proud of it – yes, I’m in favor of “wealth redistribution” through higher taxes and infrastructure projects, I’m pro-choice and pro-equality in all cases including same-sex marriage and various gender issues. At the same time, I’m pro-gun, I don’t have any problem with Zimmerman, I know enough about radical Islam to understand why it’s a threat and I’m not afraid to speak out about it, and I couldn’t care less about Christmas.

        • int19h says: “I’m in favor of “wealth redistribution””

          Then you’re nothing but a common thief.

          Oh, you can maintain your state of self-deception by having your government do your stealing on your behalf, dressing up your crime in flowery language like ‘for the children,’ but taking the fruits of another person’s labor, whether by hook or by crook, is theft, plain and simple. No amount of rationalization can change that.

          You people sicken me, and should sicken anyone who has any honor or integrity.

    • The dems could get at least half of the gops base just by becoming pro gun.

      Gun hate and statism are part of Dem DNA. If the Dems suddenly switched their position on guns, then they wouldn’t be Dems. You cannot be a statist and still respect the right of others to be able to resist.

      • There’s no such thing as “Dem DNA” (or, for that matter, “Rep DNA”) – political parties are about what strata of people they represent, and both parties have changed a lot in that regard in the last 100 years. To remind, Reps used to be social progressives, while Dems were the racist “status quo” party only half a century ago. Today, the split is mostly along urban/rural – Dems represent city dwellers, and Reps represent the country.

        Both parties are “statist” in a sense that both have a wide host of issues on which they want to use the power of the state to force people to behave the way they like. Reps, in particular, are “tough on crime” (which is newspeak for “smoke a joint, go to prison for several years” – leading to US being the nation with highest prison population in the world by a large margin), hawks on foreign policy, and a good half of red states have laws on the books banning sale of sex toys etc.

        The real question is where will the growing libertarian movement end up. They have historically been closer associated with Republicans because of their outlook on economics, but the last several Republican presidents have not been fiscally conservative at all, and in general the party has shifted from emphasizing their economic policy to social conservatism, esp. religious driven one – abortions, same-sex marriage etc. This kind of stuff is extremely revulsive to libertarians, and if they are forced to pick between bigots and guys for high taxes, they might well go for later, and then work from inside the party on economics.

        Seeing how urbanization keeps going – reducing the voting block of Republicans while at the same time increasing the one of Democrats – unless Republicans shift gears, abandon the bigoted social policies, and switch fully to promoting fiscal conservatism, they will keep losing ground. Ironically, even though I am not a proponent of such economic policies, I don’t want this to happen, because if we go down that way, the Dems are unlikely to change their gun policies – and then we’ll see AWB etc. On the other hand, if Republicans do become a true fiscal conservative party, they will actually be able to compete with Dems, and keep gun control in check.

    • Democrats aren’t lobbying for you to stop caring about what people do in their own bedroom. They’re trying to use force of law (which as we all know grows out of the barrel of a gun) to make hate criminals out of people who refuse to submit to their oppressive, nihilistic ideology.

      • I’ve never understood why liberals throw that line about your bedroom out. Seems to me most abortions are performed in clinics, not bedrooms. Perhaps if you want to kill your children you should do it in the privacy of your own bedroom and just keep it to yourself.

        • The bedroom line is not about abortions, but about attempts to regulate sex life of citizens. FYI, there are several red states which ban sex toys or oral sex. We’ve also seen some on the right talk about recriminalizing “sodomy” (e.g. Santorum).

      • The proper “solution” to the gay marriage “problem” is to stop the flagrant discrimination against single people.

        Imagine two parallel scenarios.
        Joe and Betty Schmo, a married couple, buy a house for, say, 1/4 Mil. The bank calculates PITI of maybe 2500/mo.

        Bob Smith and Fred Jones decide to go havvies on a 1/4Mil. house. Does the bank calculate the same PITI as they did for the married couple?

        Or the tax thing: Say Joe and Betty both work; Joe makes 50,000/year and Betty makes 20,000.
        Bob Smith and Fred Jones have similar jobs to Joe and Betty – Bob makes 50K, and Fred makes 20k.

        Do Joe and Betty’s tax bills total the same as the sum of Bob’s plus Fred’s tax bills?

        Those are the type of questions that need to be addressed.

        But nobody pays any attention to me because I’m obviously crazy.

        • Well put. Who is or is not in a private relationship that the two (or more) humans, animals, or inanimate objects have joined in and call “marriage” (or “egairram” or “the happy friends club” or whatever they want to call it) should have absolutely zero to do with the government. The government needs to stop pretending it has any authority to define people’s relationships.

          Problem solved!

    • I’ve always been politically independent, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, more or less libertarian, but probably voted for more Democrats than Republicans over the years… That said, I don’t see myself ever again voting Democrat due to their pursuit of gun control over the past year.

  7. The modern version of liberalism I think is more accurately called progressivism, and is absolutely the enemy. Not just of guns, but freedom in just about any aspect. They want government control of all parts of your life, because they believe they are smarter than you, and it’s for your own good.

    • This. Individualists and collectivists can’t co-exist within the same political system. Unless perhaps States are given much more freedom to go their own way. But that would weaken the Federal government and make the contrast between the two approaches blindingly clear. This the Prog statists could never abide. The Progs mean to destroy America, and disarming civilians is just one arm of their efforts. This isn’t argument about which color drapes to pick.

    • The Progressives were originaly called Fabian Socialists in England at a time that Socialism was The Big New Thing,. While Marxists believed in violent (Marxist) Revolution Fabians believed in Marxist Encroachment. When Marxism earned it’s Black Eye Fabians switched to Progressivism and latter, in the US, when the horror of Progressive Eugenics was learned in Post WW2 Progressives in the US switched to Liberal.
      In short a US Liberal Is a Progressive Marxist in favor of Eugenics, w/Abortion and Gun Confiscation as a vital part of their ideology

    • Agreed. By focusing on the word “liberal” it makes it easier to ignore that fact that there are Progressive Republicans who will take away your individual freedoms just as quick as Progressive Democrats. Statists are statists, regardless of the letter after their name, and they all want consolidated federal power.

      • It is unfortunately true what you say about Progressive Republicans, who I believe fit the term currently in vogue: RINO. The Republicans/GOP have done themselves no favors in allowing the party to be infiltrated by these types, but they are just there for the power and self-aggrandizement of their positions, not to promote a truly conservative agenda.

        I vote Republican because they are the only party that even pretends to represent what I believe, and occasionally do what I expect and hope from a politician. Also because I know for a fact that if I vote for a Tea Party candidate not running on the Republican ticket or for a Libertarian I am throwing my vote away on a candidate that CANNOT win and thus giving my vote to the Democrat.

        As the saying goes, sometimes you just gotta hold your nose and pull the lever.

        • The more we try to convince ourselves we cannot win, the more impossible we make it. Vote your conscience and let others do the same.

  8. Liberals are anti-gun because they’re told to be anti-gun. Blacks and other minorities are liberal because they’re told to be liberal. The vast majority of people don’t want to put the time and effort into looking at the actual issues at hand. Much easier just to follow and listen to opinion in your chosen party.

  9. “Can’t we all just tool up and get along?”

    No, we can’t. Until the lefty/libs/progressivists admit that their failed gun control policies just lead to heavier and heavier restrictions on the law-abiding, and eventually, confiscation (a combination of “boiling the frog” and “death (of a right) by a thousand cuts”), and also understand that smart gun owners who have been paying attention realize this and will not allow it, there cannot be any peace between these groups.

    Nor should there be.

    • I disagree.

      When it comes to political parties, yes, it’s pretty much a death match. Until the Democrats remove gun control from their party platform, they are a political enemy. The totalitarian progressivism that has infected the liberal side of politics is definitely a hostile ideology.

      As far as people go, that kind of enmity is counterproductive.

      My own experience could be a case in point. I am a liberal. (At least compared to most people here.) I’ve been a gun owner for 3 years and have undergone a conversion from standard liberal to borderline libertarian.

      During that time, I voted for Obama twice. Yes, I know, I know… The first time I wasn’t a gun owner and hadn’t thought about it at all; the second time, I guess it was just misplaced trust (yes, I know, trust and politics…). During that time I gained some experience, did a lot of research, and rethought my ideas on government, the Constitution, and especially the Second Amendment.

      Having undergone that change, and especially after Obama showed his party’s true colors this past year, I’d rather die than vote for a Democrat. I may not vote Republican, but I do know who the enemy is. My wife has followed a similar path, albeit more slowly, thanks to the Republican party’s remarkable talent for antagonizing women.

      There are potentially a lot of us out there. We’re not the enemy. if you called me a liberal, you wouldn’t be far off — but when it comes to guns and constitutional rights, we’re on the same side.

      • It is very possible to be to some extent a “social liberal” (as am I) and still be politically conservative. Just because some conservatives want to go off the deep end trying to legislate morality (while liberals tend to go off the other end trying to legitimize immorality) doesn’t mean the conservatives as a whole do not have our small government pro constitution goals in mind. As in any closed community (and Congress is no exception) it is extremely difficult to go against the established grain. (Ask A-Rod.) Our long-term goal needs to be to do everything we can to get true conservatives INSIDE the Republican party and to retake our political future and or Constitution from that angle.

        Voting against, or not voting for, a conservative candidate just because he/she is Republican is counterproductive to our cause. It is much better to identify and work for the election on Republican ballots of Tea Part or Libertarian candidates that can and will represent our true values as conservatives.

        That said, while I view Elitist liberals as my enemy (and yours) and ill-informed/low-information Democrats as my opposition, I’m not sure openly attacking them, considering their tendency to evaluate everything emotionally, is the optimum strategy.

    • Ing,

      Do you think if the Democrats remove gun control from their party platform, all the Dems with anti-gun leanings/attitudes will just evaporate overnight? I surely don’t.

      You may not be the “enemy” right now, after your epiphany, but you damn sure were during the last two presidential elections. It may be harsh to say and to hear, but people like you are why we ended up with the current administration, and the damage they are doing to our country may never be fixable.

      Your story is an inspiring one, and I hope it happens a million times a year over the next few years, but if a politician wrote what you did about the reasons why you voted against gun rights, twice, I wouldn’t trust them to vote pro-gun-rights in the short term, either. Sorry to have to say it, but that’s how I feel, and I want you to understand that, in many folks’ minds, trumpeting your current position does not undo the damage that your past position created.

      Yeah, I know, I’m not much of a “forgiver and forgetter”. One of my many character flaws, maybe the worst of the bunch.

  10. The Democrats managed to keep slavery as a plank in their party platform for over 140 years.
    I wonder how long they will stick with gun control?

    • You do realise the ideology of those Democrats and current Democrats switched sides of political spectrum in the last 60plus years. Lincoln, though Republican in name then, would be a Liberal/Democrat nowadays. Also, JFK was very much a Liberal and even said as much – “If by a “Liberal” they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a “Liberal”, then I’m proud to say I’m a “Liberal.”

      • “You do realise the ideology of those Democrats and current Democrats switched sides of political spectrum in the last 60plus years.”

        Nope. Don’t buy it. If this were true the Dems would be working to help African Americans succeed instead of avoiding any actions that could make a real difference. When they realized that they could no longer hold back the civil rights movement, they just switched tactics. They are still keeping black Americans down, but now they are doing it in a different way. LBJ stated it pretty clearly.

      • Like I said, White Washed History.
        Liberal is a re-branding of Marxism, so in essence your proud to hide behind a failed system as a means of hiding your Marxist core.

  11. That link for libs being anti-gun, they take credit for reduced crime rates even though their programs have been proven to have done nothing.
    “Democrats passed the Brady Law and the Assault Weapons Ban. We increased federal, state, and local gun crime prosecution by 22 percent since 1992. Now gun crime is down by 35 percent. Now we must do even more.”

  12. We American voters have two realistic options.We can either vote for a government which regulates our beds,or one which regulates our gun safes.One,or the other.

    Which is why we need more voters to be gun owners.Otherwise,they’ll default to voting for Option B ,which shafts us in the long run.

    • False equivalence. No, I don’t love the current GOP. And yes, religious conservatives have in the past put some crazy laws on the books about sex. However, opposing gay marriage is not a close parallel to pushing to disarm private citizens. The GOP isn’t about to regulate what one more more consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom. I’d like to see the GOP go more libertarian, but they are not enemies of freedom the way Dems are right now.

      • Like it or not, the leftists own the media,who’ve done a very good job imparting the impression among casual voters over the years that the GOP is anti gay and anti women’s rights.

        The choice is therefore very real to the casual voters amount us,even if theres no factual support for the stance.

        • Ah, I see. I though you were making that argument.

          I agree with you 100% that the media has been pushing this view with great success.

    • While some far-right Republicans, flying a false flag of conservatism, may desire to regulate/legislate our bedroom activities, I have not personally noticed any government agents in my home. Perhaps those on the fringes of what most people consider “normal” sexual behavior are paranoid on this point, but efforts at legislation seem to be rather ineffective. Gun control, on the other hand, is a natural, civil, and Constitutionally protected right and both sides, but mostly liberals, have seemed to do a pretty good job of ignoring that and passing unconstitutional legislation anyway, at all levels of government.

      As a conservative I am more concerned about legislating my toilet, my choice of light bulbs, the gas mileage in my car, global warming, and on and on. That is incremental tyranny and that is what I oppose, and for the most part this is coming from the liberals.

      There have been gays (homosexuals/Poofs/Queers/Blue Boys, etc.) all through history, and sadists and assorted perverts. They have been persecuted or tolerated at varying levels in various cultures all that time, and they still exist. Pass laws against it? To what end, really? But if you repeal the Second Amendment then we have no recourse. We MUST submit to whatever they decide to legislate, or face the consequences. That is the antithesis of what the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America are all about. IMHO.

  13. I am a Black conservative, mainly because I am pro-gun and a strong believer in limited gov’t and strong military. Family get-togethers are fun shall we say.

  14. Here is the truth, many decades ago Republicans were called Democrats and vice versa. So, in reality it is just about money and power. Nothing else.

  15. I’m Liberal on some issues. Gay marriage and abortion, those are personal decisions, that the government should have no control over, especially in the United States. Liberty and Justice for all means just that.

    Still, those issues are likely to change. Once we lose our rights, we won’t get them back, so until the left loses that gun-control boner, I will remain on the side willing to protect my right to bear arms.

    • Regarding gay marriage and abortion, individual liberty issues are not totally clear cut I think.

      I don’t oppose gay marriage. I don’t care if two people of the same sex want to make a life together. Fine and fine. However, marriage benefits aren’t about couples, they are about encouraging stable families, to help raise good kids, which is demonstrably good for society. Gay marriage might have the same benefits, but I don’t know enough to have a strong opinion (and most gay marriages don’t involve children at this point). Now, if they were to outlaw sexual relationships between same-sex adults, that would be a very clear violation of individual liberty and to be opposed at all costs.

      Regarding abortion, I would say a fertilized egg isn’t a person. To me, a third term fetus pretty clearly is, though. So, as I view it, some regulation regarding late term abortion at least could be consistent with legitimate purpose of law, viz. to protect the life, liberty, or property of citizens. If you would argue that a newborn baby deserves protection under the law, I would suggest a late-term fetus does as well. Now, this is complicated by the mother’s rights as an individual, too. So, not totally clear cut to me.

      Private ownership of arms? I would say that’s pretty damn clear cut.

      • Old Ben… it’s a weird thing about same-sex couples with children… they are basically as boring and child-focused as the rest of us. I know many gay/lesbian couples with children. Way too many to ever side against their right to be as free with their choices as the rest of us. Just a personal observation.

        • Could be your experience is typical. Like I said, I don’t have a strong enough opinion one way or the other yet to get on a soap box. If gay marriage benefits society like traditional marriage, that’s great.

        • “If gay marriage benefits society like traditional marriage, that’s great.”

          If something provides a benefit, then it won’t need to be mandated by Der Fuehrer, because people will do it because it benefits them.

          As far as “benefit to society,” screw “society.” What’s “society” done for you lately except raise your taxes to spend on stuff you wouldn’t buy, and attack your Right to Keep and Bear Arms?.

      • “Regarding gay marriage and abortion, individual liberty issues are not totally clear cut I think.”

        Sure they are. Marriage is a religious ritual, and Amendment 1 forbids any endorsement of religion.

        Each person is the owner of his or her own body and every molecule of it that’s inside their skin. You are your own property, and nobody has authority to tell you what you may or may not do with your own body. Yes, a fetus is the property of whomever it is inside of. When it comes out and you can see it without violating anyone’s right to freedom from unreasonable searches, then it’s a separate person. One pregnant woman is one person.

        And the religious zealots must have cognitive dissonance – God Herself says in Genesis 2:7 – “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”

        Life is breath. In the original Aramaic, Life and Breath are the same word.

        The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are granted by Creator to living, breathing people that you can actually see.

        It’s just that simple.

  16. Sadly, any politician with the (D) after their name has to be considered an enemy to gun people. Look at the most recent UBC vote. only 4 Dems voted in favor of gun rights. All from conservative trending states (ND, AK, AR, MT). Several Dems from states with constituents that are more supportive of gun rights voted against the constituents (NC, LA, WV). The WV senator prove s why any D cannot be trusted going forward.

    I do feel sorry for our liberal gun owners because they have to sacrifice either the support for gun rights or everything else when they vote. Gun control is the 2nd highest party purity test for the modern democratic party. Their purity purge is well under way.

  17. Personally I don’t like Democrats OR Republicans. They both try to infringe on some form of freedom, be it the right to keep and bear or the right to do whatever you want in your bedroom. That’s why I favor the Libertarian platform. This way I don’t have to choose which freedom I feel like losing during election seasons.

    • “…do whatever you want in your bedroom.”

      What serious GOP proposal has done this? There may be dusty old sodomy laws, unenforced but still on the books somewhere, granted. And some individual GOP members might love to outlaw homosexuality (probably find a few dems that would too). That said, who is pushing to stop you from sleeping with whoever you want, however you want (provided it is between consenting adults)?

  18. I’m a registered independent and a one-issue voter, because I view that one issue as a litmus test for office holders. If they won’t trust me with a gun, how can I trust them with an army? So, no, I can’t just get along, because that would require me to go along, and I won’t.

    No justice, no peace.

  19. I vote straight Libertarian, but last time I registered R so I could vote Ron Paul in the primary. I haven’t changed my registration back yet, but it’ll be handy if we can talk Rand into running.

    I wish the libertarians had somebody besides Gary Johnson. He’s clearly on the right wavelength, but he talks funny.

    • He was our governor for a while. Interesting guy – used to compete in long-distance balloon races. Once ended up out of control in a thunderstorm over northern MN or WI. Crew ended up barely getting out by bailing from the balloon when it bounced on the ground a couple of miles from Canada. Should have seen the reaction when he opined that the war on drugs was a joke and drugs ought to be legalized. Interesting, yet somehow strange, guy.

  20. GOP =/= Conservative.

    I am a conservative, with libertarian leanings on some social issues. Too bad that makes it hard to support the GOP:

    “Conservatives have finally realized that, as it’s currently constituted, they have no home in the Republican party, which is the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters, the designated losers who nevertheless are rewarded handsomely for their sham opposition.”

  21. Love Alfonzo Rachel and his video on the difference between conservatives and libertarians is also a very strong video that correlates to this one.

  22. I’ve said it before and I will say it again:
    If you vote straight party ticket to preserve your rights, you are either an idiot or insane in the belief that you are doing the right thing. CT, NY, & NJ, McCain, Toomey, etc should teach you that lesson well.

    • I voted for McCain because it was a vote AGAINST Obama, not because I had any faith in the man as a conservative. I would have preferred to switch the ticket and put Palin in as Pres. Even though she had her limitations I think she was the better pro-constitution conservative of the two.
      A vote NOT cast for the lesser of two evils is a vote FOR the greater of those two evils.

      • I consistently vote against both of them by voting Libertarian. We haven’t won yet, but I can sleep well – in my heart, I know I have Done The Right Thing.
        Of course, if Rand gets the nomination, I’m voting for him. I wish the Libertarians had somebody besides Gary Johnson. He’s got the right ideas, but he talks funny. Maybe we should run somebody like Penn Jillette or Drew Carey. At least they have names that more than seven people have heard!

  23. The liberals (Democrats) are the party of slavery, unemployment, welfare, large government, abortion, poverty, and gun control.
    Yea those would be the _uckers!
    I wouldn’t vote democrat even for dog catcher.
    The Republicans aren’t much better but their still preferable to the left.
    Liberal = scum.


        • “But less evil is better than more evil.”

          No. There can be no “better” because there is no “good.”

          Murdering 6,000,000 people in concentration camps is a BIG evil.
          Murdering a lone store clerk during an armed robbery is a lesser evil than that, but there is still no good to it.

          Even a “little evil” is All Evil.

  24. No Robert your normal many some who years past where life long Dems switched parties because not just guns. The democratic party is the American fascist Party and they wish to destroy American life and everything moral and wholesome. They wish to kill and destroy Christians too as well as gun owners. They want to ban free speech as well as guns. face it if you disagree with them they want to shut you up forever! Yes liberal fascist scum like Kaliforina Dems for example are the enemy of America and are more Dangerous than terrorist or China will ever be to us.

  25. I wouldn’t care a wit about politics if progressive politicians just left me alone.

    But they can’t.

    They want to make me a criminal and intrude in my life in so many different ways that they force me to take the side of people I disagree with on plenty of things just to combat them.

    Theirs is a totalitarian religion full of blind faith, creepy leader worship, righteous indignation, crusades, evil “others” they want to destroy, all sorts of contradictions, etc.

    They are insane. They politicize absolutely EVERYTHING. You can’t escape them!

  26. “Liberal” used to be a good word, as in the classical sense, which respected individual rights and the dignity of man. But words eventually take on the true meaning of things they’re attached to, that’s why the Left wants to be called progressive now. The Left can call itself anything it wants, but everything they do makes sense if you understand just one thing: they crave total control and power over the lives of everyone. And the bedroom isn’t an exception to this. Abortions are often forced in China, where Leftism went to seed.

    The reason they hate guns is because guns mean self-sufficiency in the most basic sense–self defense.

    • “Abortions are often forced in China, where Leftism went to seed.”

      Antiabortionism is rooted in the “Women are chattel property” imprint.

  27. Don’t gimme this crap about all Democrats are liberals and therefore adore gun control. That’s like saying all Republicans are pro-life…decidedly not the case. Your us vs them mentality is exactly what’s wrong with America today. Now excuse me…this socially liberal Democrat must get some rest in order to shoot 3-Gun in the morning.

    • Not all, to be sure.

      But lacking any detailed personal knowledge of a candidate, that’s the safe way to bet.

      And even then, when the party calls with instructions for an upcoming vote, who’s more likely to toe the line when told, a Dem or Repub? That’s what worries me the most. Right now, I have one of those pro-gun Dem senators representing my state, and despite her current pro-gun-rights voting record, I have real doubts about her reliability should the national Dem party choose to play hardball on something like a new Assault Weapons Ban.

  28. There are few people that the term liberal really applies to. So in other words, yes, haha.

    Just don’t think that anyone who believes in gun control is the enemy, they just don’t understand our side yet. (though obviously many never will)

  29. Libtards (democrats) are indeed enemies of the people of the gun. Democrat policy is anti-gun…….don’t support the pigs by voting for their party.

  30. What’s with all the “christ” and jesus” talk? I thought this website had something to do with guns.
    1st he alludes to an increase in violence, which isn’t happening. Then he blames it on the removal of prayer from school, which is kind of hilarious. I’ve been frequenting this site less and less, and now I’m starting to understand why.

    • Anybody who thinks there is no prayer in school has obviously never seen students react to a surprise mid-term. 😉

      But yeah, I’m put off by religious preaching too. I wonder, when bible-thumpers die and go to the pearly gates, how do they react when they find out that Satan has been in charge all along? >;->

      • Nothing dumber than a bible basher whining about the Pearly Gates and Satan.

        Oh and thanks for your votes for the Libtard party – you helped put Obama in for 8 years. Enjoy your gay marriage, abortion on demand and all the dope you can smoke. With any luck some of the 13 million new Demmigrants will put you on the unemployment line where you belong.


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