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I’d love to go out and shoot today—only it’s eleventy-billion degrees outside, my fun guns are still in RI and I’ve got no babysitter coverage. Sigh. I’m sure that TTAG’s army of cubicle dwellers are out and about, ballistically speaking. So whatcha shooting? What kind of targets are you shooting at? Is ammo availability still an issue? Enquiring minds want to live vicariously. So please share the deets here and post a pic on our Facebook page. Or Twitter feed. Thanks!

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  1. Well, I won’t be shooting anything as cool as the stuff in the video, because I don’t have anything that cool.

  2. I just picked up a lovely old High Standard Dura-Matic last week, so I might go use up the last few hundred .22lr’s I have. When, oh when, oh Lord, shall we be delivered from this damnable drought?

    • The high standard HD Military is one of my favorite pistols it seems able to digest almost any .22 LR rim fire ammo I feed it it even shot a box of .22 long with no malfunctions. I have bee looking for spare magazines for it for years… It is easy to understand why the spooks of WW 2 used it as the basis of the silenced .22 pistol. It fits the hand and points naturally for me it seems to hit what I am just thinking of shooting with out conscious aming… Did you ever have a gun that just seems to fit you? The only other pistol that fits me that way is my grandfathers colt .45 SAA series one built and sold to the USArmy in August of 1876 with a 7 1/2″ barrel but sent back to Colt in the mid 1890s for it to be shortend to 5 1/2″ as I shoot SASS cowboy action (3 gun for ofwg) and send several thousand rounds of .45 Colt down range every year it was also my carry gun until I replaced it for both sass and carry with Ruger coil spring SAA clones the point I make is that even though I shoot my colt 1911 .45ACPa few hundred rounds a year and I am very comfortable with its quirks I am more totally comfortable with the SAA design and I know I can hit my targets with it when under stress and pressure … I have been told many times that I am dumb for nut selecting a modern design as a carry gun but none of them give me the confidence that a hog leg provides and as I am 6’6″ and large it is not hard to carry in a shoulder holster under a jacket.

  3. I went shooting yesterday. Many guns were shot including my Benelli M2, Springfield M1A, Sig SP2022 and Sig 516. My family brought a couple Glocks and a Ruger SR1911 as well as several .22’s. My best friend works at Gander Mountain as the firearms manager so I get tipped off whenever they get a new truck full of ammo so no problems finding the ammo to feed all of them. It was a good weekend.

  4. I did my shooting last weekend upstate at my brother in law’s house. 9mm, .22lr pistol, .22lr rifle, and scoped AR-15. Rotting apples from his orchard for the pistols and the .22lr rifle. 12×9 chunk of steel at 200 yards for the AR-15. I also hit it offhand with my .22lr rifle with a massive holdover.

    Spent some of yesterday folk jamming with Pete Seeger, which was almost as fun.

    • OK Davis, as much as I like shooting, please tell me more about this jamming with Pete Seeger.

      • Friend of mine’s parents were throwing a pig roast in Upstate New York. They were really into the Clearwater Festival and knew a lot of people from the folk music scene. The invite asked people to bring instruments for a jam session. Since my son is an excellent guitarist/banjo player and I can hack out a few chords on guitar, we brought some gear.

        So there we are, my, my son, my wife, some friends with guitars, standup bass, flute, all stuffed on roast pig and beer, massacring classic country and folk songs. We’d been playing maybe half an hour and were just about to go into Folsom Prison Blues when this old guy with a banjo comes walking up. I get a look at him and suddenly realize, holy s**t, that’s Pete Seeger. (Turns out Pete is an old family friend of my hosts. Who knew?) He looks at me, asks “what key we in, son?” I tell him “F” and he joins right in.

        I only stayed another hour or so, but Pete just stood (then sat, he’s really old) picking that banjo of his and making all of us musical noobs feel like a million bucks. Best moment was finishing our recondition of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and hearing Pete yell “Sing it again!”

        • I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Pete, but his late half-brother, Mike, was a valued mentor and teacher of mine for forty years. We only had the opportunity to get together every couple of years over the decades, but his encouragement and guidance are largely responsible for my life-long love for traditional music from the American South. Not everyone has agreed with Pete’s political or social views through the course of a long and busy life, but the whole family has played an essential role in teaching us all about some previously under-appreciated glories of our national history and culture.

    • Nastiest thunderstorm this year for me. I don’t mind shooting in the rain, but I don’t mess with lightning!

  5. I’m going to shoot my mouth off, the shit, and the breeze. Less expensive than lead-core projectiles. Well, other than the potential ER visit, but what holiday isn’t made better by that potential?

  6. the shit. Went yesterday though! Shot my XDm 45 5.25″, Sig P226, and my Ruger Mark II .22LR. Ammo was available at my LGS with only .22LR limited to 100. Everything else was open to 500 rounds.

  7. The open-air range I enjoy is closed on Monday & Tuesdays of the week, so no shooting today…*8(…weather is perfect today – mild temp and slight breeze if any.
    I would have been fingering a 10/22 “Tactical” (with eevil flash suppressor) and an American .308 on the 100yd.
    Ammo here in the SF south bay area is still iffy, with 22LR continuing to be nonexistent.

  8. Heading out shortly, AR-15 and 1911 going along to defend the near side of the creek from the invading steel silhouettes from the far side of the creek. With my XDS-9 down due to recall I’m not going to get the practice I want and need with it for a while so it’s a ‘tactical’ day. Ammo availability is still iffy on .223/5.56 but large enough lots are available regularly enough to justify expending a couple of hundred rounds today. Price is a mitigating factor still but I’m not afraid of being unable to replace the ammo anymore. .45ACP is readily available here these days and target loads can be had reasonably priced (though still higher than before).

  9. With my XDs off to Springfield and a “honey-do” list a mile long it seems unlikely I’ll get in any trigger time today. But…she is out of town for 3 days next week and I have some 22lr that is burning a hole in my safe!

  10. Going full monte. Loading up the 50, couple of 308’s, 223’s, 44 pistol and rifle, several 22’s, the giggle gun…
    Taking a couple thousand rounds to pop.
    Going to pack a lunch and head for the coast range to make a day of it.
    Where did I put that brass magnet for cleanup?

  11. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Kimber 22lr conversion for my Springfield 1911. I’ll be going to the range to try it out today.

  12. Hoping to go a little later and take the trusty 30 Carbine, see if I can get my SBR to run like it should with a new booster, and maybe do a little pistol practice.
    I should’ve had my Polish PPS-43 already, but I think the punks sent it regular shipping, not airmail like it was supposed to be.

      • It’s a 4pc Bulgy “HOBO” booster/muzzle brake, for my SLR-106. The last brake I had on it didn’t allow for any back-pressure, basically turning my short-gas system AK into a bolt-action. I’m hoping this one will get it running smooth and semi-auto again.

  13. I went shooting yesterday, got my girlfriend to shoot for the first time. She shot my ruger sr .22 pistol, m&p 9 and my m&p ar-15. I mainly shot my m&p shield since it is new so i put about 150 rounds of tula steel through it.She enjoyed herself and said she will be shooting again. Since all of the craziness has happened I have got 2 family members to change their minds about firearms and I have had 3 out if 4 friends recently purchase firearms for the first time… The 4th is open to getting one. The only way to get our voice heard is to increase our ranks. My question to my fellow readers is how many people have you converted to the pro gun rights movement? Ammo is getting easier to find here in florida… You just need to know where to look. Walmart is still a bust down here unless you are there when their shipments come in. Academy sports now has all ammo except for 9mm & .22 back on the aisles for purchase. The 9 and .22 is at customer service.

    • B Hawk, I’ve gotten several friends interested in firearms lately. Not that they were against guns or anything, but just had never fired one before. It didn’t require much on my part, my friends fall in love with shooting all by themselves. All you have to do is shoot a few bottles of water with an IWI Tavor and you’re hooked for life. 🙂

      A friend stopped by yesterday with his Savage .338 Lapua and we turned a cinder block into what looked like clam chowder, all at the measly range of 200 yards. Too bad we don’t have half a mile to play with.

      To answer what shooting needs to be done today, I’ve got a reactive self-healing octagonal target from Cabela’s that needs to be bounced around a little. What better to bounce it with than the Tavor?

  14. Dove with a trusty 870…and if you want to fit in your new state, you ought be doing the same thing…and the heck with the heat

  15. Luckily I found a whole bunch of 4.6×30 rounds so I fired my MP7 with silencer and Kriss Vector with silencer. That silenced 45 round is super quiet! Unfortunately the fun ended with the Vector when the hammer spring broke.

  16. just got back from shooting. 2 AR’s, glock 19, sig p238, diamond back 380, Smith mod60, Rem 870, Moss 500, blackpowder .50. It’s been a good day.

  17. I was going to shoot a big brown bear with a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaska in 454 Casull but the b@stard in the next post beat me to it.

  18. So whatcha shooting?
    Yesterday I shot a 22LR to sight it in. After sighting in I could put one bullet almost perfectly through the hole of the previous at 20 yards. The thing is the garden has this… Rabbit problem. And the soup has this… overabundance of vegetables problem. So… we put the two together and sprinkle the 22LR in there and … there you go. The 22LR was a brazilian made CBC 122 given to me when I was a young teen.

    Later in the day, I got out my AR15. It is an original Colt SP1 made in the early 70s or late 60s (lacking forward assist). Shot a few of those.

    What kind of targets are you shooting at?
    Shot some revolving metal targets with the 22 and some paper with the 223. No rabbits today.

    Is ammo availability still an issue?
    Availability? No… price? Yes. In my area the scalpers buy up all the 22LR bricks in the Walmart and sell them around locally, etc. Maggots.

  19. Just got back from the range. Took my Tommy gun, 1911, Remington 700 and my mosin. Now to break em all down for a scrubbing

  20. My husband and I were at the range yesterday and Saturday with our .22s. Just tried out those Birchwood Casey battleship targets. Fun! I’d be there again today if I could justify depleting my ammo that fast!

  21. Sighted in the new scope for my Mossberg slug barrel…shooting a few dozen rounds of 3″ lightfield commanders does a good number on the shoulder! Hoping to bag some venison next weekend.

  22. Nothing personal, but it’s none of the NSA’s business what I’m shooting this weekend.

  23. Not shooting, working :-\

    I know a Ford E-350 that could use a 50 BMG in the engine block right about now. Just let me get out first.

  24. No shooting today. Gonna finally get membership in a private range 5 minutes away from my house in Houston next weekend. Then the fun starts again. Can’t stand the assclowns at the local gun range, and I hate driving 40+ miles in Houston to find another range

  25. My Mosin yesterday – a little.

    Today, perfect practice pistol plinking.

    Happy killing food with fire…

  26. I’m semi retired so I have lots of free time. An official 3 day weekend in the bay area is a bad time to try to go to public venues like our gun ranges. So, it’s a quiet home weekend for me.

  27. Buckmark and .22lr at 50ft slow fire pistol targets. Practicing shooting with both eyes open using Fire-Sights fiber optics, which really help in your late 50’s. Felt OK to shoot .22 since I just got a 5000 round box from CMP. I hope that the CMP can stick around until the present regime is out of office and some sensibility returns.

  28. Remington 870 Tactical and S&W M&P15T — the silhouette targets never stood a chance. I picked up the 870 this week as a birthday present to myself. My shoulder regrets the purchase …. as will anything that goes bump in the night.

  29. I actually had an awesome weekend of shooting. Outdoor range on Saturday with the Mosin M44 and ARs. Burned through about 300 rounds in the Mosin and 500 in between my two AR’s.

    Today I went and shot a bunch of different pistols with the wife and friends at Shoot Straight in Tampa. Took out my three Glocks (17,19 and 26), the Canik 55 stingray C, the old 686, 442 and the 642. My buddy brought his Ruger Vaquero, Schofield and SAA.

    I don’t get to the range as often as I’d like, so I went a bit overboard. Also, holy crap, I now need to buy a Vaquero and a Schofield. In any case, I’ll be doing some serious cleaning tonight.

    • Oh, and ammo doesn’t really seem to be an issue here anymore. We’re swimming in 9mm, .223 and .38 special. Prices are close to pre panic levels. 7.62x54R is drought proof I think. I’ve got spam cans out the yin yang, they take up more space than my woman’s shoes.

      Targets used: steel, two hard drives, 2 CRT monitors, some various fruit of questionable vintage, some coffee cups from companies that no longer exist, and paper.

  30. We shot an M&P9, and two different Px4s: one in 9mm and a compact in .40. Targets were paper in a square range, but the purpose was to introduce a friend’s 13-year-old son to proper gun handling.

    He took to it really well. Was able to put together a group of three. Was learning control by the end.

    I get most of my ammo online. I occasionally buy ammo from a friend who owns a gun store and I got some reloads from a company in Georgia that worked really well.

  31. Today my buddy and I cracked a few shots from a 20 ga 870 tactical, 91/30, Norinco Hunter, 2 Glocks, S&W 457, CZ75, .38 LCR, Buckmark, S&W Bodyguard .380 and a little-bitty .38 Cobra Derringer thingy. Several paper targets, four bowling pins, and an old propane tank suffered greatly this day.

  32. It was a fun, CZ-filled weekend for me. I just bought a new CZ 75B last week and took it to the range with my 527 carbine (7.62×39) and CZ 82 yesterday.

  33. Glock 26 Gen4 – compact 9mm (10-15 round magazines)
    Kahr CM9 – subcompact 9mm (6 round magazine)
    Ruger MkIII 22/45 Target 5.5″ bull barreled – 22LR pistol (10 round magazine)
    Shot Saturday outside at friends property, with Chronograph to check my reloads and new SD rounds.
    No problem with ammo. I reload and have enough powder, cases, primers, bullets for 3000 rounds.
    I bought two bricks of 22LR before the ammo shortage.
    I just bought some (SD) self defense 9mm rounds for a good price on-line.
    Low or No stock issues seem to be lightening up.

  34. My two sons and I returned from the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club after a long morning session with:

    Daniel Defense M4 V1
    IWI Tavor
    WASR AK-47 Variant
    Sig Sauer P226
    Glock 34

    A good time was had by all concerned.

  35. I took my new PSA 16inch carbine out to our property. Very impressed. Was able to get a hold of some cheap 55gr Federal and ran my Pmags thru their paces. I was also able to zero my new Vortex Strikefire and Daniel Defense fixed rear sight. Love the combination, and it makes blowing away liter bottles of coke and cans of pork n beans so much easier. Even in melt your face and boil your brain South Texas heat. Ammo has been easy to come by in the Houston area lately. Not the cheapest in some cases but at least we can get our hands on it now.

  36. Going full auto with my Thompson in our backyard. So what if it’s an airsoft, it’s still fun. The ammo’s cheap and easy to find.

  37. We took out our S&W .500s today with a couple hundred reloads my buddy did for me and the rest of my Hornady 350 grain JHPs that seem to be worth their weight in gold to some, I’m still building up my reload room but it should be ready for a dozen or so different calibers by Xmas.
    Nothing but looks of horror at the packed range we used today. I guess not everyone has seen or heard the .500s in action yet.
    The few that came and talked with us turned down my offers to shoot the beast, I have never experienced that before. Strange group indeed at the backup range we used today.

  38. Spent the weekend blowing through 5.56 and 12ga down by the Mexican border. No Mexicans were harmed, but there were many casualties among the beer bottle/can population. Every homeowner around was out bustin caps too, made for a pretty cool soundtrack!

  39. Started the day with my kids, a crossman, a Red Rider, and Wnchester Model 67 bolt action 22 (first gun I ever shot from my Grandpa).

    Then the wife and I took over and shot my XDm9, her Walther PK380, and the Ruger MK1.

    We were shooting Shoot-N-C targets. The highlight of the day was when my 3 year old daughter clipped the bull with the Red Rider shooting from the hip (i helped a bit).

    Great day in the back yard.

  40. My daughter came home Boston from for the weekend. She is an upstate New York girl transplanted to the city. She has been working for New Balance for a dozen years. We didn’t have enough time to play golf today so she said “What do you want to do?” I opined that I hadn’t shot my Mosin yet, did she want to go to the Fish and Game Club? Sure!! After nine shots each at 50 yards (more on the pie plate than off) we went to the 100. Two each (out of 3) on an 8″ plate with an open sight rifle neither had shot before. Not too bad. She asked if a shotgun kicked worse than the Mosin. I said no, this is about as bad as it gets. She figures she won’t have trouble with anything else.

  41. Spent the day shooting on family property range in central Texas. It was a .22lr. caliber day, My Ruger SR .22, sister-in-laws Bersa Thunder .22 and had her shoot a couple of rounds of my Ruger LCR .38 self defense revolver since she looking to add a revolver to her collection. Left the men folks on the front porch so we could shoot in peace, without their “coaching” We’re better shots than they are since we spend average of 4 hours a month putting 300+ rounds down range with a Women’s Shooting League. Have no idea of what local ammo supply is, have for months ordered ammo on line.
    It was a good day spent in the Texas hill country.

  42. Labor Day = DOVE SEASON.

    Opening day I will use a 20 ga, Monday as well. After that the birds get harder to hit and we move up to a 12 gauge.

  43. Practiced with my ccw gun Charter Arms Undercover DAO.Then grilled some steaks,and watched some TV,watched WPT poker,then Under the Dome,the wife and I had a slow day.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  44. No shooting, hideous rain and thunderstorms, and I was on childcare duty. Took the kiddies to the local mall and bought a new scope for my .22 rifle and noted that Dick’s Sporting Goods had just about all flavors of ammo except 22LR back in stock in quantity. I almost reflexively bought a bunch of el cheapo 223, but stopped myself when I thought about the huge bin of casings sitting in my workshop waiting for me to reload.

  45. Wife left me alone for the afternoon and evening. Friend from high school now in the armed forces in town.

    Yep, we went out and put hundreds of rounds of misc calibers downrange. 5.56, 7.62×39, 9mm, .40, and .44 mag.

    We both reload everything on that list but the Soviet ammunition, so ammo wasn’t too big of an issue.

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