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“Lucama Elementary is raffling off a rifle at Fun Fest, their school fundraiser set for September,” the delightfully named Heather Waliga reports at “The school’s parent teacher organization brought the idea to the school principal after conservation organization Delta Waterfowl Foundation agreed to donate the gun. ‘The principal went to the superintendent since it was an unusual request, and it was approved just as long as the parameters were met that the gun wouldn’t be on campus and students couldn’t buy or sell the tickets,’ said Amber Whitley of Wilson County Schools.” Despite pressure from within and without the community concerned about “everything that’s been going on,” the Wilson County School Board is sticking to its guns. Gun. Good for them. To purchase a $5 ticket for the CVA Optima Muzzleloader, email [email protected]. You’d be crazy not to.

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    • Muzzle loaders are more detail oriented and labor intensive. If you hunt they open up more legal hunting time and bag limits when you use both breechloaderss and muzzle loaders.

      Plus, there’s the fun factor. I once stalled up next to a white haired retiree that passed some time in his home workshop building a match lock, complete with shooting stick. He was getting off at the most, one shot every 2-3 minutes. But he sure looked like he was happy to be shooting that day.

      • Yeap I love my smoke sticks I am actually getting my kit together to take out my walker, my brown bess, and my Kentucky this afternoon with the nieces. The Kentucky was one of those kits that cabelas sells that my wonderful wife got me for a gift

  1. Lol. Liberals always said the 2nd amendment referred to muskets.. So lets see what they say, now that a modern muzzle loader is being raffled off. Lets see their hypocrasy at work.

  2. IMHO…With “everything that’s been going on,” we need this type of positive thought provoking interaction more than ever. Especially with the low information folks. They’ve been hustled by the biggest propaganda push this country has seen in a very long time. The truth will wake them up if they honestly want to know it.

  3. For one that’s in need of extra money? It’s a easy way to make thousands of dollars if the word gets out- I knew a guy down the street once that did this with a Marlin 22 Magnum rifle new in the box at a gun show and he SAID he profited over 600 Dollars in a three day weekend-

  4. The comment section on that article contains almost as much anti-2nd Amendment vitriol as the comment section of the New York Times. If I lived in the Raleigh-Durham area, I would be a little concerned about future gun laws. Even in Chicago, the comment secton for any news article on guns is overwhelmingly pro-2nd Amendment.

  5. As a high schooler, I remember traveling to a football game in rural southern Idaho well over a decade ago. At the game, the community was holding a fundraiser to buy a new ambulance. They were raffling off a .30-06 rifle with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. There was no age limit for participating, and folks supporting the opposing team were encouraged to buy raffle tickets as well. I remember the announcer standing in the middle of the field and proudly waving it in the air for everybody to see. At the end of the day, a 14-year-old cheerleader from my high school walked away with a new rifle. Since our Democrat bus driver threw a fit about the gun being on the bus, one of our coach’s wives drove it home with her, then handed it off to the bubbling blond in the school parking lot when her parents came to pick her up after the game. Looking back on it, I’m pretty sure stuff still happens like that around that area of the country. Good on this district for agreeing to something similar!

  6. My taste in muzzle-loaders runs more to replicas – especially Hawkens, Civil War rifled muskets, and Remington-style revolvers – and the whole 209-primer inline thing has taken a lot of getting used to. But I have been thinking really hard about the pistol version of the CVA Optima – looks like a serious (as in sabot-load deer-at-50-yards) hunter but fun (as in round-ball-with-reduced-charge) plinker. And yeah, guess kids shouldn’t buy tickets (under current law, which I don’t agree with). But they should be able to sell the tickets; I’m sick and have been for a long time with co-workers and neighbors insisting that if I don’t buy $5 candy bars and various other crap for their kids’ band trip or whatever I’m anti-education.

  7. Just sent an email to the above address for Layce Taylor which read, in part:

    “I saw an article saying you’re raffling a CVA Optima Muzzleloader as a fundraiser, and am impressed that you guys can overcome the emotionalism surrounding guns and schools. I’d like to put my money where my mouth is and support you, if you’re permitted to sell tickets which could result in an out-of-state resident winning it. … If it’s a green light, please let me know how to purchase tickets.”

  8. Earlier today I talked with Layce. She said budget cuts forced them to lay off three teaching assistants, so they’re trying to raise money. They’ve had such an unexpectedly enthusiastic response to raffling this gun she had to order 500 more tickets. I just purchased 10 of them.

    I hope they’ll make a bunch of money for the school. If they do, maybe others will follow their lead. I know my $50 will help the kids, and maybe… just maybe… it will help return a hint of sanity to the gun/school discussion.

    There’s something delightful about buying raffle tickets for a gun… for the children.


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