U.S. Senatorial candidate Roy Moore (courtesy outdoorhub.com)
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“The National Rifle Association, working in lockstep with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment, spent big money trying to stop Roy Moore from winning the party’s primary in Alabama’s special Senate election,” The Trace reports. “Now, undeterred by the multiple, detailed allegations of child molestation leveled against Moore, the NRA is joining President Trump, McConnell, and the Republican National Committee in giving Moore a thumbs up.” Evidence?

Moore campaign manager Bill Armistead said that he has met with representatives of the NRA “and they are on board with us now.” The NRA has indicated that it will not release its official endorsement until closer to the December 12 vote.

You OK with this?

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  1. Absolutely not, but I am far more uncomfortable with the anti-gun party gaining control of the Senate.

    Get Moore in the seat, investigate, and if anything is proved, then kicked him out of office and let the governor appoint for the remainder of his term.

    • Sigh…
      I’m so sick of this… so an investigation is started. No evidence or corroborating witnesses are found. All we have is the accusations of a couple of Democrat operatives and maybe an independent (exactly HOW independent has not been asked) self-proclaimed victims who cannot actually prove anything they’ve said. Meanwhile, Roy keeps consistently denying everything and anyone who dares give him the benefit of the doubt risks being labeled as a misogynist or worse.
      I’ll make what I think will be a vert safe prediction: if Roy wins (hey, it could happen) these accusers will fade to the background and claim that “they just want to put this behind them now.”

        • Which is evidence of jack shit. I can get “corroborating witnesses” of my manned Mars mission where I talked to lizard people, it would be about as credible.

        • No, there aren’t, and the accusers absolutely refuse to turn over all the “damning evidence” for independent analysis. And since when do yearbooks get given out around Christmas? Instead of, you know, MAY?

      • In addition, Roy Moore initially admitted to knowing his accusers. Then he denied knowing them. So how does that affect the credibility of his denials?

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER59sO7UK6I

          Judge Roy Moore on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. Sean Hannity interviewed Alabama Judge Roy Moore. Listen at ~3:50 and again at ~5:20. Moore admits knowing two of the women.


          AP Fact Check [comparing those statements with what Moore said last week at campaign stops]:


          In a Nov. 10 radio interview with Sean Hannity, Moore said he remembered two of the women, Debbie Wesson Gibson and Gloria Deason, who were 17 and 18 at the time. He said he remembered both of them but didn’t remember dating them. Asked by Hannity if he generally dated teenagers as a man in his 30s, Moore replied. “Not generally, no. If I did, you know, I’m not going to dispute anything, but I don’t remember anything like that.” Asked if he remembered having a girlfriend in her late teens while he was in his 30s, Moore replied, “I don’t remember that, and I don’t remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother.” ”


          Moore said twice last week in campaign stops that he did not “know any of these women.” He did not list their names but at one stop said their faces were appearing on his opponent’s advertisements. Democrat Doug Jones has run advertisements with the photos of all of the women who have accused Moore. “These allegations are completely false. They’re malicious. Specially, I do not know any of these women, nor have I ever engaged in sexual misconduct with anyone,” Moore said in a campaign stop in Henagar, Alabama. At a campaign stop in Theodore, Moore said, “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone.”

        • Go away commie. Nobody cares about your left wing propaganda. Moore is going to win in a landslide.

        • “Nobody cares about your left wing propaganda.”

          What I see is that you (and, apparently, many others) don’t care about facts.

          Sean Hannity’s interview of Roy Moore is “left wing propaganda” now? Wow. So Fox News is now a communist media outlet. That is really going to surprise Rupert Murdoch. Do you think that Hannity made up some kind of doctored recording of Roy Moore? Do you contend that Roy Moore did not make the quoted statements a trecent campaign stops? The ones where he stated that he did not know any of the women involved?


          Powerful Serge: Waaahhhh! Commie, I don’t need to know things, I used to BE a commie so…molesters are commies, or not molesters are commies, wait what was I saying…Waaahhh! but now I”m not a commie, but I like teenage girls, I mean girls, grass on the field…but they have to show me their ID’s, gotta be 16 now, because I’m not a molester, I’m a completely normal former commie who likes teenagers, Waaahhh! Why do you wanna make me know things, knowing things makes my head feel funny, like there’s stuff there…I don’t like stuff there…it makes me have feelings and stuff, like stuff like that is not cool…I like girls, I hate commies…and stuff…words…more words….Waaahhh!

      • Well, I am now 71, and if I went to AL and began dating and sleeping with a 16-year-old, it would be none of anyone’s business except hers and mine. The age of consent in AL is now and was 40 years ago (!!) 16. If someone is trying to go all holier than thou on Moore, fine, but no one claims any laws were broken, nor that he has done *anything* similar in the past 30+ years, and this has never come up before in 40 years of his running for one election or another, while the statute of limitations is several decades over. Whole issue is stupid, and stinks of politics real bad.

        • The lying bastards of the NY/DC mainstream media swampcritters claim. The correct response to ANYTHING they saym is to extend to them the middle finger of friendship and then move along with life in the real world.

          And his opponent is a truly despicable marxist progtard POS.

        • Eww, stop, just stop. You must have an enormous…wallet. And eww, and the kids granddad will kick your ass, you know, the guy younger than you. And did I mention eww.

        • Well, yes, at least two do claim laws were broken. He is alleged to have had sexual contact with a 14 year old girl (stripping her to he underwear and fondling her while clad only in his tightywhities) and to have sexually assaulted a 16 year old in his car, although it apparently did not go well for him and she managed to get out of the car.

          As to the rest of your post, I suppose that legally it might be none of anyone’s business as between the two of you as long as parents did not object, but a parent could still step in and stop it since since the girl would still be under 18 and subject to her parents’ discipline. You could act like Roy Moore and seek her mother’s permission, I suppose. In my family, such a request would have been stamped in bright red ink “DENIED ON THE BASIS OF UTTER CREEPINESS.”

        • Umm, I don’t think telling the armed intelligentsia that your a 71 year old coming for our 16 year old daughters and saying that it is only between you and the 16 year old, would get the response you think. I think the response you may get would be very good ventilation.

        • Does anyone remember enjoying “your 16 your beautiful and your mine” by Ringo Starr? And do you have the record or CD in your collection???
          If you did enjoy the song does that make you a pervert????????????????????????????

        • You mean the song that was banned all over the South because of the immoral content? Why I do in fact, immoral content about a man in his 30s didling a 16 year old. Why it’s almost like you’re pro Hollywood values, good for you.

    • I have been involved in the investigation of two fellow ministers involved in sexual misconduct (in these cases these acts were completely consensual). One of the primary things one looks for is confirming or refuting evidence.

      In the case of Roy Moore such evidence exists (a year book entry) – and Roy Moore called for it to be tested as soon as it was presented to the media. The woman, through her attorney, said she would allow it to be tested – but not until after the election. That was a huge red flag for me – at least in regards to this accusation. In addition, the statements of some of the other accusers are contradicted by witnesses.

      Additionally, the most recent accusation is more than 25 years old. It is highly unusual for sexual misconduct simply to stop. Where are the more recent accusations that are more likely to have evidence and more reliable witnesses?

      Then there is the issue of timing. This man has been in the public spotlight for decades – and all of this comes out one month before this election?

      The bottom line for me is simple: As mush as I dislike Moore for refusing to recognize the authority of the Supreme Court, the evidence against him is far from irrefutable. If I were in GA, I would vote for him and trust the Senate to do a thorough investigation before he is seated, as the Senate leadership has said they will do.

      • I wouldn’t trust the Senate to fold my laundry. They have no authority to investigate something that Moore did as a private citizen prior to his election.

      • “If I were in GA, I would vote for him and trust the Senate to do a thorough investigation before he is seated, as the Senate leadership has said they will do.”

        Roy Moore is a candidate for Senate in Alabama. Your attention to detail speaks for itself.

        • Yeah, because he is a *Republican* candidate for US Senate from AL. Everybody knows that Dem candidates have Dems from neighboring states visit for long enough to cast a vote or two each election cycle.

      • The evidence is worse than you are making it out to be. Multiple women have come forward with corroborating witnesses. These women are not connected to each other nor are they connected to the democratic party organization. One we know even voted for Trump. Having other people call them a liar with no additional proof isn’t enough. They have corroborating witnesses who remember the dates, that he came to pick them up romantically, that he hung around and went to their recitals, etc.

        There is substantial evidence, see Hollywood, Conyers, Bill O’Reily, Laur, etc. that women felt powerless and that it would actually harm them in the long run to come forward until now. The timing makes sense given how quickly the culture has turned towards belief in their stories. See also all the allegations against catholic priests by alter boys. Same exact situation.

        Of course there’s no proof other than testimony. This kind of predation doesn’t leave a “paper trail”. Nothing here is going to court except the court of public opinion. That’s why the argument that “only one woman” was technically underage is moot. They were all under 18 and that’s sickening enough in a man in his 30’s.

        • 18 is an arbitrary number not applicable in most states. You need to troll harder “Denton”… Funny how this is the first time I see you on these pages.

        • Yes, 18 is an arbitrary age, but in most states it is in the law as the age of adulthood, as it is under federal law. Before that age, you are not an adult, and in most states there are laws to protect you from adults who are more than three years older than you. So, for example, if a thirty-two year old man wanted to be sexually active with a fourteen or sixteen year old girl, that would be illegal (and just plain creepy).

        • 16 is the age of consent in AL and has been for over the subject period of 40 years. 18 is meaningless.

        • Again, 18 is not the age of consent in most states. You have no idea what you’re talking about commie.

        • If it’s acceptable now to be gender fluid why not age fluid also? Roy may have identified as a 15 year old at the time of the accusations. That’s not any more unreasonable than someone deciding what gender they want to be.

        • The Actual Law Today: Alabama statutory rape law is violated when an individual over age 18 (or 16 or older if the victim is at least 2 years younger than the offender) engages in sexual intercourse with a person over the age of 12 and under age 16. The offender commits the crime of sodomy If an individual age 16 or older engages in deviate sexual intercourse with a person under 16 and older than 12.

          I find the entire age-of-consent bit mysterious. The age is, today, 14 in Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Italy. It was 13 in Spain until a few years ago. These all seem a bit young, no? But the numbers show that the matter is cultural. In many of these countries it is apparently not that unusual for a 15 year-old woman to marry a 20 year-old man, having previously had a “relationship.”

          It does seem pervy, if not actually illegal in 1972 (no intercourse was involved) for a 30-something DA to be stalking or grooming a teenager for sex. I figure the guy guy felt experienced women would laugh at either his clumsiness or his [email protected] It was a long time ago, though. Most nations in western Europe/Scandinavia wouldn’t let charges like this come forward. Perhaps, though, we need one round of outing to let young women know they can and should come forward much sooner.

        • lol, pwrserge, that is some weak response there. It’s a logical fallacy to equate my tenure on this site with a worthwhile comment. Seriously though, you and I have been trading comments on here for months now, last week even. Did you switch meds or something?

          18 is the age of adulthood in all other areas except consent. And it’s less for consent because it’s not unheard of for 16 year olds to fall in love with 18 year olds. The law doesn’t generally consider anything further because its socially unacceptable and morally wrong, in the 70’s, 80’s, and today for grown men to go after girls under 18. Some circles, like the rock n roll stars of the era, are the obvious exception.

        • Whatever you say kiddo. You may be shocked that your NYC puritanical standards don’t apply to everyone. The law is the law. Moore is not accused of doing anything illegal. Just because it offends your feminazi sensibilities does not mean anybody gives a shit.

        • That’s the first time I’ve ever heard NYC and Puritanical ever put together like that. NYC is not known for its conservative family values. Traditional Family values, as I’ve always found them in the rural south, tend to frown on 30 year olds dating 16 yr olds.

          You’ve now taken the position that immorality is fine so long as it is legal. And that immorality is still ok even when it is pushed on a 16 yr old from someone as powerful as the assistant DA of the county who is twice her age. That’s one of the men you want running our country?

    • I thought the complaints against judge Moore were just too convenient to be entirely credible. The fact that they “might” be true could very be nothing more than the work of carefully rehearsed crisis acting. Just because someone sounds convincing doesn’t always mean their claims are legitimate. In the midst of the current sexual harassment hysteria we are asked to take at face value the word of any woman who claims that she was harassed. It looks like voters in Alabama are unwilling to do that. I tend to agree with them.

    • I think everyone needs to take a good hard look at themselves and realize how many rapists and murderers they’ve already voted for and how many other congress critters have similar behavior. The mask is starting come off now. As someone who works in criminal justice I will tell you I am not surprised one bit. For the same reason child molesters become priests and daycare workers, disturbed individuals seek positions of power to increase their depraved behavior and protect it. What better way to hide from the man other than to become the man? By far the single best and only way to really challenge this trend is by limiting government power and providing checks and balances. That way, when the perverts and murderers come to power (they already have, and will continue to do so) it is that much harder for them to increase their power, and that much more likely they eventually will be caught. Ultimately it shows just how universally important the RKBA is…

    • Right, not just “unsubstantiated allegations”


      Yes, JONES is an evil POS kill-babies-with-scissors-and-use-them-for-food satan worshiper(D).

      A N D – has a sh_tty 2A record.

      Moore is none of that, and FU for continuing to spread sh_t that’s already been retracted. Pay attention to FING current events or FING kill yourself you lying sack.

      • Yikes, Joe! With friends like you…..

        All the guy was doing is deleting “detailed” and replacing it with “unsubstantiated”, to make the point that we still have no solid evidence against Moore. That some prior evidence may have been discredited doesn’t change that.

        You’re excoriating the guy for being accurate, but nonetheless not capturing the full flavor of your shared sentiment? Good grief, man. Relax.

        • Let’s tally the count then.

          Moore currently has ZERO (0) un-refuted accusers / detractors (their witch attorneys).

          ALL of Moore’s detractors / accusers have been shown to have political motives and have been purposefully coached to say/do things WITHOUT FURTHER REGARD TO THE POS (D) EXPENDABLE ACCUSERS, much less Moore.

      • Take a freaking breath Joe, I’m on your side, and just left the courthouse after voting for him. I was simply pointing out that all the allegations are unsubstantiated. No one has come forward with any credible proof. Having lived in this state for years, and through several of his elections, were there any credible dirt against him some yellow dog would have dug it up and slung it long before now. I would guess that Mitch was still pissed he couldn’t get Big Luther elected, and pulled out all the stops in an attempt to discredit Moore.

      • “Satan worshiper”? Oh, please. Being anti-gun rights is enough reason to oppose him, you don’t have to make up sensationalistic claptrap.

        • What’ya call killing unborn infants and using them for food? There could be additional purposes they do it, but it definitely satisfies “satan worship”. “Monster” sounds at tad “DC Comics”

        • “What’ya call killing unborn infants and using them for food?”

          I call it an absurd accusation. Please provide documentation that this man is turning fetuses into soufflés.

        • Jones and his people know it’s repulsive enough that he’s tamping down his, support from, and HIS SUPPORT OF, Planned Parenthood (a/k/a: the POS MFs that demand tax $$$ to kill unborn infants even though they make millions [billions?] selling off the infant-parts). They also collect $$$ from charities like the POS Pink Ribbon MFs – Susan G. Komen Foundation.

          Know how you can tell Planned Parenthood is making bank on their satanic work? Because they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to each of several major candidates, and the (D)NC. “They have to” you say? “Because they might encounter unfriendly regulation and overturn of Roe v. Wade”? Ya, doesn’t explain it all.

        • He’s pro-choice.

          So what? I’m concerned about his record on gun rights.

          Still waiting for documentation of your assertion that this man is turning fetuses into food.

        • Hal, Jones has murdered babies, or something, and raped babies, or something. Roy Moore is Jesus reborn, completely without sin, he will save us all from, something.

          So how many teenage girls have accused Jones, if its as simple as just purely accusing someone, couldn’t there be a girl find a safe space on Breitbart or Fox to accuse him.

  2. no.
    Nothing says the NRA must pick someone, if there isn’t an acceptable candidate, just don’t support anyone. I already don’t like that the NRA has become a wing of the Republican party so if they do this it’ll just cement my negative opinion.

  3. Yeah, whatever. I dont see the NRA supporting a candidate who plans on aligning himself with the DNC’s platform, although I would suggest from a PR perspective that a simple press release would be sufficient, and then to move on to bigger battles.

  4. Given the accuser won’t turn over the year book with the signature to third party independent forensics, I don’t believe a word of the accusations. (not to mention it was copied incorrectly!) Why now, right in the middle of his election? Hes been in the public eye for years! Almost every election its always women from decades past, so far past, it could never be proven true or false, but is an attempt to destroy someones career, character, and life. They usually have no paper trail either, no complaints filed, never told anyone, not even a diary entry!

    I don’t want an America were “But he touched me!” accusations are enough to ruin you.

    Besides, its not an issue if someone from the left rapes, only the right, and America has become accustomed to sexual deviancy anyway.

    He supports my rights, my causes, and my ideals, elect him. Hes worlds better than the alternative, even if everything turns out to be true. Maybe while hes in the senate, we can get some legislation passed that puts a time limit on how long people can cry rape. If someone is sexually assaulted, they should get five years to start the legal process, otherwise, it obviously wasn’t bad enough to be worth the effort.

    • We already have “an America where ‘But he touched me!’ accusations are enough to ruin you.”

      Just look at sex offender laws: they assume right up front that if a minor makes an accusation, that accusation is true unless proven false by the accused. Some, maybe many, are written so that if the accused was unconscious due to a drug in a drink and a minor got sexual with the unconscious body, the accused is defined by law as being responsible and guilty. Some, maybe many, are written so that if you’re taking a shower in your own home and a minor breaks in and sees you scrubbing yourself, you’re guilty of a sex crime.

      The whole system is purposely written as “guilty until proven innocent”, which means that all it takes is a kid to say “He touched me!” and you’re screwed.

    • “Besides, its not an issue if someone from the left rapes, only the right, and America has become accustomed to sexual deviancy anyway.”

      Which clearly explains why John Conyers just retired from the House of Representatives after public allegations of sexual impropriety . . .

  5. This Roy Moore story is one of those stories that I’ve been trying to avoid because I just don’t care and the nonstop coverage of it bores me to death. That said, it seems like an awful lot of people, especially in Alabama either don’t believe any of the allegations or don’t believe the worst of them. And judging by what I’ve observed from the Democratic political machine I believe they have a right to be suspicious. Anyway, Alabama is not about to put a Democrat in the senate, so that just makes it even less interesting to me.

    • One point you’re missing is that stringing things along making the D’s think they can win is a good strategy because they end up dumping tons of $$$ into the campaign.

      Which makes it so there is less $$$ for other campaigns….

        • Hillocrap Foundation ain’t providing any other $$$, Hollywood’s eating it’s own WHILE ALSO HUGELY FAILING IN REVENUES ITSELF. Silicon Valley is tepid. The only thing left is Planned Parenthood; Gun-Study Universities; Soros; and foreign $$$.

          F em.

  6. Bedrock of American Justice system, “Innocent until proven guilty”. Accusations are just that facts are what makes the truth, “It’s not what you know(how many people know stuff that isn’t true!!) it’s what you can prove! Let him run, let whoever wants to support him do so until such time as there is actual evidence of a crime.

    • This right here. I still support innocent until proven guilty. I don’t want an America were accusations alone can ruin you.

      Its a liability to even tell women they look nice anymore.

      • Pretty much BS. “Innocent until proven guilty” applies to criminal trials. Not some guy trying to get elected.

        Anyway, was Obama “innocent until proven guilty” when you were lapping the Jeremiah Wright stuff on Hannity? I thought his attendance at that church was really bad and was not sure how you could listen to that “preacher” and yet love this country. But it had nothing to do with a criminal standard of proof.

        • Obama’s self-selected membership at a church where the pastor preached hatred and anti-Americanism is totally different, in every logical and rational manner, than being the victim of a false accusation.

          Obama CHOSE to go to Rev. Wright’s church. Wright’s views were VERY well known, and Obama still CHOSE to go there. So yes, it is 100% appropriate to judge people by the company they keep.

          On the other hand, if a woman you work with decides she wants to ruin your marriage, all she needs to do is pick up the phone and call your wife and tell her you’ve been boning behind your wife’s back. You didn’t do anything, but your life is still ruined.

        • The (WRONG) rev. Right stories were ALWAYS true. Nobody but Ohole denied them, even after citing them in his books.

          (D) sh_t ain’t NEVER NOT been broke, and POS, as are all of its voters.

    • Due process. Roy Moore knows what it means. Gloria ALL-Red knows what it means. Which of the two actually care so long as ignoring it promotes their political agenda?

      “…the multiple, detailed allegations of child molestation leveled against Moore…”

      It makes absolutely ZERO difference how detailed the allegations are if you cannot provide a SHRED of credible evidence that the alleged incident actually occurred!

      And a year-book entry? Proof of child molestation? Even if the entry were legitimate, which seems extremely unlikely since they are not willing to allow a third party handwriting analysis, a note in a yearbook is not molestation unless it is blatantly suggesting a time, place and details of the hoped for meeting. Which even a classmate of the accuser would have to be a damn fool to write AND sign his name to.

      This is an ad hominem witch hunt from the start by political opponents who have no other way to defeat Moore than to destroy his character and reputation by innuendo.

      “A man’s reputation is like a china plate – once cracked it is NEVER successfully mended.” – Benjamin Frnaklin

    • So, is your only filter on moral suitability for office a criminal conviction? You seem willing enough to accept almost any allegation against a Democrat as likely true, but demand proof beyond a reasonable doubt for Republicans. Hillary Clinton has never been convicted of a crime, but Republicans generally were more than happy to throw all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations at her and her campaign. If political positions alone are the only valid criteria for judging fitness for office, then that standard should run in both directions. I would remind you that the so-called “Pizza-gate” child sexual abuse allegations ran rampant among the right during the last election, including a misguided effort by a severely disturbed young man to “rescue” non-existent children. So, are allegations of child sexual abuse only disqualifying if they involve Democrats?

      • She was never convicted of a crime because she paid off the AG. There is more than enough evidence of her criminality to put her behind bars for life. The FBI admitted as much when they said they recovered classified emails from her private server. That’s a crime. Or are you saying that the FBI was lying?

        • 1. Your proof that she “paid off the AG” is what?

          2. But apparently evidence against Republicans does not count unless it is in a criminal trial. Is the same true as to Democrats. There is now a Republican president and a Republican attorney general, and these alleged violations by Clinton took place well within the applicable statute of limitations, so regardless of prior alleged “payoffs” this could still be prosecuted, if there really is a case. If no case is brought by the current administration, then Republicans ought to just give up on “Crooked Hillary” meme and move on to try something constructive. The problem is that most of the current Republican platform is/was predicated on being opposed to anything that happened in the Obama administration rather than being oriented to any program to affirmatively doing anything.

        • Yes. Yes I do. Lynch met with Bill in private while his wife was under investigation. That alone is enough to throw them both in jail. Oh, and I expect Clinton to be going up against the wall as soon as this “muh’ Russia” garbage is dealt with. There is enough evidence there to hang her four times.

          There is exactly zero evidence against Moore other than the testimony of some paid off shills and women who have an axe to grind due to being worthless vermin that had to have their kids taken from them.

        • Serge, that tarmac meeting was not just “in private”, it was “in SECRET”! Very planned, and only discovered by accident. Even the FBI was more concerned about the meeting being uncovered than they were about the legality of the meeting itself. All in order to discuss golf and grandchildren for 30 minutes. The usual question of “how stupid do they think we are?” has been answered.

    • Specialist38 Yeah so hard to imagine, he shoots the pavement 4 or 5 yards away and a wild richochet travels 26 yeards and kills her and they dont conclude that he purposely killed her, murdered her, so hard to imagine… of course if this had happened to someone you like or even someone you consider to be fully human you would rightly conclude that this obviously isnt a murder.

      Its fascinating to watch yalls xenophobia and racism and ethnocentrism cripple whatever small capacity you have to think… naturally your hero Gump endlessly demagogically mischaracterizing this as a murder had an enormous impact as yall Gumpite groupies drooled all over yourselves cheering him everytime he lied that this was a murder… such small dumb men posing as hard authorities, embarrassing to watch…

  7. Yeah, I’m good with it. If he’s committed a crime, let them charge him, otherwise I for one am not all that concerned with what he did in private forty years ago….

  8. What I’m not ok with is making everyone quit or resign the minute any accusation is put forward about alleged misconduct. We are all innocent until proven guilty according to the rule of law in the US. And this whole trend of shaming people through accusations, because we have to believe the victim is a sham. We should believe the victim as much as we should believe the accused. That is the standard we should follow. This is being used as a weapon by the left to smear people they don’t like to either silence their viewpoint or preclude them from positions of power. Roy Moore was in many positions of power before he ran for Senate, and only now after he won the contested run off, which no one thought he would. And only now that he will be in a position to help Trump do the spurious allegations come out.

    • If it endlessly amusing that the “listen and believe” narrative of the feminazis is coming back to bite the DNC in the ass. While I don’t normally support witch hunts, if a Demokkkrats wants to throw himself on his sword over allegations, I’m not going to stop him.

      • “Feminazis” Pretty hostile to women there. Do you agree with Moore’s view that women should not run for public office, and that giving women the vote has led to problems?

  9. No, these allegations are carefully documented and supported by 30 named witnesses. The man’s actions were reprehensible. He is a liar and a predator on underage girls. Gun rights will remain well-protected without him in the senate. I am sad and disappointed that the NRA is spending even a fraction of a cent of my dues to support this dirtbag.

    • Were any of these supposed “victims” under 16 at the time? That was the age of consent then In Abalama (sic), you know, “The law is the law” ? Hell in Abalama it’s probably bonus points that none of them that we know of were first cousins…..

        • Who was proven to have lied in their account of ever having met Moore (by her employer). Accuser didn’t even give a crap that her narrative in her accusation of Moore might throw (albeit long after the fact) her employer under the bus. Much like the bs about Moore being blocked for visiting a mall, and the poor old mall manager (who nobody thought was still alive) had to drag his oxygen tank to the mic to call bullsh_t.

          F all the cr_p, and everyone spreading it.

          In all other cases F ALL OF THE POS EVIL (D).

        • Because the only thing that matters is whether its illegal to touch a 15 year and 364 day old vs 16 and a day for a dude in his mid 30’s. That’s the only thing, legal vs right, legal vs good doesn’t matter.

        • Bullshit matters, and the accusations against Moore have ALL proven to be false so far.

          Bullshit like that needs ALL of the shit beat out of it.

          The problem is the evil (D), even if Moore was a problem THE FING POS PROBLEM EVIL (D) ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY WHAT OR WHO THE PROBLEM IS, NOR WHAT THE FIX SHOULD BE.

          FIX THE EVIL POS (D).

    • They aren’t. The money NRA spends on political advertising is all from donations to NRA-ILA. Don’t believe in what NRA stands for, don’t donate.

    • And just as thoroughly refuted by other witnesses swearing that these women cannot be trusted, are partisan Democrats, frauds and congenital liars.

      Can it not be considered for even a moment that the impressions of a teenage girl when complimented or shown any attention at all by an older man might be inaccurate or his actions misconstrued? Those would be the ideas they bragged about to their friends, or revealed as SHOCKING truth of how much more desirable they were than their friends.

      What 16 year old girls tell their parents and police is a lot more credible than what they whisper to their friends.

        • Which, again, is evidence of jack shit. I bet the check they got from Soros and co would be rather easy to track down. Audit their finances.

    • Obvious commie troll is obvious. I can get 30 people to swear on a stack that I am the rightful czar of Russia and that Putin is a lizard alien wearing a Putinsuit. Both of those cases would be about as credible as what came out about Moore.

      • As a former commie, you should know that its a Tsar, and I don’t think you could get 30 people to swear you’ve ever been out of your mom’s basement. Take a shower, get a job. You’re probably a Patriots fan too.

        • Actually it is czar because it’s a russification of CESAR. If you knew anything about history, you would know that.

        • Tsar, its like knowing things is physically painful to you.

          Russian tsar’, Old Russian tsĭsarĭ emperor, king (akin to Old Church Slavonic tsěsarĭ) < Gothic kaisar emperor (< Greek or Latin); Greek kaîsar < Latin Caesar

        • “Actually it is czar because it’s a russification of CESAR. If you knew anything about history, you would know that.”

          Actually, no. The Russian word for “emperor of Russia” is “царь”, which is pronounced “tsar.” The letter “ц” represents the sound “ts”, the letter “а” represents the sound “ah,” and the letter “р” represents the sound “er”. (“Ь” is called the soft sign — мягкий знак; it has no independent sound, but affects the pronunciation of the preceding letter). There is no “z” sound in the word (the equivalent to “z” in Russian is “З”). The preferred transliteration from Russian to contemporary English is “tsar,” not “czar.” But, if you knew anything about the Russian language, you would know that.

          Also, if you knew anything about spelling, you would know that the word is “caesar,” not “cesar.”

          До свидания, невежественный дурак.

        • Ah… I’ll take some advice on my native language from someone who does not speak it… oh… wait… no, no I won’t. Czar is the correct spelling because it is closest to the correct pronounciation. There is no “t” sound in the word.

          That letter is not pronounced using any sound in English.

        • “You’re probably a Patriots fan too.”

          That’s pretty harsh. I can go along with the rest of what you said, but that seems like an unsubstantiated allegation to me.


          Where’s the birth certificate, your green card, citizenship documents. I don’t believe it. You say commie quite a bit, like 18% of your words are commie. Plus you don’t know that its Tsar, just because it was Anglicized into Csar seems to be something a native speaker knows. I don’t speak commie, and I know that it was Tsar.

        • It’s ok… obviously porky the commie here has a fine grasp of google translate. FYI. невежественный Is not a word commonly used in Russian.

          It’s czar because the first sound in the word is not a ts sound. It’s a soft cz sound. Like I said. Google translate has failed you kiddo.

        • It’s you against pretty much the rest of Russian-speaking world on that one, then.

          For anyone in the peanut gallery who would care to look at an English-language explanation of this, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tse_(Cyrillic).

          “Tse (Ц ц; italics: Ц ц) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. It commonly represents the voiceless alveolar affricate /ts/, like the pronunciation of ⟨zz⟩ in “pizza”. In the standard Iron dialect of Ossetic, it represents the voiceless alveolar sibilant fricative /s/. In other dialects, including Digoron, it has the same value as in Russian. In English, Tse is commonly romanized as ⟨ts⟩.”

          That’s pretty much the way I was taught in my Russian classes (Moscow/Saint Petersburg standard speech), but maybe you are from someplace else.

        • Moscovite Russian is a very specific dialect. I learned my Russian by growing up speaking it in Kiev and Moscow in the 1980s. My father was raised in Moscow, my mother in Kiev. Ironically, the ts sound is a giveaway of a unkrainian speaker. It doesn’t exist in Russian.

          Fun fact, Russian is always spelled phonetically. It’s one of the beauties of the language. It’s also why tsar is incorrect. It introduces a sound that’s not present in the word. The pronounication of that word by most English speakers would leave most Russians wondering what you just said.

        • Pwrserge:

          You are right, I had to look up the word for “ignorant” because I have never previously had a reason to call attention to ignorance in Russian. Maybe there is a better word than невежественный, but, regardless, you are still an ignorant fool.

        • “Where’s the birth certificate, your green card, citizenship documents. I don’t believe it. You say commie quite a bit, like 18% of your words are commie.”

          For all we know, he may be trolling from St. Petersburg.

        • Fun fact #2. Native Russian speakers can very quickly identify that I am not a moscovite because of my accent and pronouncition of some words. Growing up speaking Russian at school and to my parents while speaking a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian to my maternal grandparents left me with some interesting verbal tics in both languages. So, yes, I know more about Russian phonetics than you do. Why? Because I actually speak three Slavic languages well enough to get by. Add to that my knowledge of French, German, English and Japanese (thought the last one is barely conversational) and you wind up with a very interesting accent. My English, for example, occasionally has traces of southern rural England mixed in and my French is definitely not Parisian. But we can continue to have a long discussion on how your three years of high school Russian leave you grossly unprepared to debate proper pronounciation with someone who spent a good chunk of his life thinking in the language.

          Oh, and FYI, I grew up in the borshagovka district of Kiev and went to public school #17. You can look it up on Google maps. It should be more than enough to prove my bonafides.

        • Oh, and porky, I’ve never been to Peter. Something I aim to correct at some point in my life if I can get some local contacts there to show me around. I understand it’s a beautiful city and have always wanted to see a white night without a sunset. Thanks for reminding me, I may need to reach out to my extended family to see if we have anyone there who would have a couch I can crash on for a few days next summer. Having Ukrainian, American, Russian, and Swiss passports occasionally comes in handy.

        • Pwrserge,

          You are right, I had to look up the Russian word for “ignorant.” Before engaging with you, I never had a reason to know what it was. If “невежественный” is not the best translation, I’m sure that you can find a better one that reflects the English meaning. As to the rest of your post, if what you say is true, then pretty much every Russian course taught in the United States is teaching an incorrect pronunciation. I have a hard time believing that such a gross error would go uncorrected for decades.

          Regardless of the question of Russian pronunciation, the preferred English transliteration is “tsar.” “Czar” is an alternative spelling. Check any English dictionary. And if I might paraphrase, I’ll not take lessons on spelling in my native language from anyone who makes as many spelling mistakes as you do.

          As to your thinking for years in Russian, I readily accept that you grew up speaking the language, but I have to question whether you “think” in any language.

        • Well porky, for someone who allegedly doesn’t think, I make a really stupid amount of money pretending to do so… Guess I’m just faking it ‘till I make it, right commie? That’s why I’m sitting in my study with a cohiba and a $100 bottle of schnapps while you’re hanging out in your mother’s basement with a bag of cheesypoofs and a bottle of Mountain Dew.

        • Jesus fucking Christ you’re being a dipshit, Porkchop. You should have stopped long ago when you could have made a cogent point, but no, talking out of your ass is clearly the best path to take.

    • It does make me wonder just what kind of mind comes up with claims they “witnessed” a grown man diddling his little girlfriend. Witnesses? 30 of them? Can we get a book itemizing the things/actions they claim to have “witnessed”, preferably illustrated? Don’t be ridiculous, there are no such witnesses, that claim would disappear as soon as the election was over.

  10. Seems to me most of the allegations against Moore are politically motivated bullsh!t. Unlike a lot of TTAG regulars, I actually support pro-gun politicians. Newsflash: absolutely none of them are perfect. We pick between the lesser of evils because we have no other choice. Rand Paul is still one of my favorites. I hope he continues to recover well.

    • Provide some SHRED of evidence that this is true…evidence that would stand up in court even if the statute of limitations on these supposed “crimes” had not expired.

      You cannot and none of the accusers can either. Even the supposed incriminating yearbook entry has been withdrawn before it could be proven to be a forgery.

      She said/he said does not work after 40 years except as character assassination.

      So unless you have some physical evidence that has not yet been presented then I suggest you STFU because you are becoming part of the problem of this sort of desperate political ploy.

  11. Not really “OK with it” . . . If I lived there – and if there was a credible libertarian candidate who was not a goofball like many of them are – I would vote for the libertarian.

    But the NRA’s decision is very understandable and I don’t have a much of a problem. The NRA grades politicians based on support of the second amendment. Moore supports the second amendment. It’s pretty simple.

    Wouldn’t necessarily leave him alone with my daughter.

  12. While I am not okay with his behavior from more than forty years ago, I don’t regard it as disqualifying. If I were an Alabama voter I would vote for him.

  13. I’m always willing to at least listen to anyone that says they’ve been sexually assaulted, but as a counter I also demand at least some proof of an accusation. ‘Listen and Believe’ is NEVER an acceptable policy. And there’s many examples of several of Moors accusers having extreme credibly problems. Some of them even work for his opposition and the DNC.

    That said as usual I’m not very impressed with the NRA playing it safe to protect their own ass politically. But at the same time they can’t really win with the media when you have scum bags like The Trace crawling over everything they say with the Joseph Goebbels propaganda manual.

  14. If cash contributions and strategy consulting at this point can still help, then do that, quietly. The NRA’s publiv endorsement, however, is not going to sway anyone’s vote in this race at this stage. Everyone already knows Moore is the good guy on guns. If that matters to you, one way or the other, you’ve already factored thay into your decision.

    The NRA should otherwise just sit quietly for election day’s results. Money can be explained later as having been just a matter of supporting the strong 2A candidate. An outright endorsement, though, enmeshes the NRA’s name and brand with someone under some serious clouds of suspicion. I wouldn’t want them later on to be tagged as part of the pro-pedophile lobby if the allegations end up having credence.

      • I second that.

        They could have done what a group in Oregon used to do: they would only endorse if the candidate had a B rating or better AND nothing of scandal — but what they did do was publish a fact sheet showing the position the different candidates had taken on topics important to the organization.

    • Your statement is correct, but the link provided is inaccurate for some reason in that the wording seems to imply that Soros is recruiting felons to vote FOR Roy Moore. If you follow the link to Breitbart you will see that the actual headline reads:

      “Soros Army in Alabama to Register Convicted Felons to Vote Against Roy Moore”

      Which would make sense since the majority of them are Democrats.

    • It’s perfectly legal for felons to vote in Alabama, the current governor signed that law on April 25th of this year. It is in fact legal in 39 states, as long as the sentence has been served, not on parole, and not on probation, or some combo of those. 7 further states have limited voting rights restoration, and the rest allow or you to petition for restoration.

      So, this is not a thing. Soros, or someone, trying to get them to register because they don’t actually know they’re allowed to, might be a thing, if you register them maybe they’ll be more inclined to support your candidate, but its not like the republicans can’t do the same thing, the republican governor of Alabama signed the law after all.

      I don’t know any felons, but there is lots of “understanding” that they can’t vote, even though its not true in most of the US, so I don’t have an issue with it. If its legal, its part of the civic process of all citizens, if your legally rehabilitated, you should be a full citizen. It’s the same reason I don’t think your 2A rights should be permanently refused. You either are, or are not a citizen, we’ve past laws to limit rights, but like 2A limitations, I don’t think they are either smart or constitutional. Change the law to where all violent felons are permanently on probation, then it’s solved for both of that’s what you want, supervision of bad people. If you release them to be free members of society, then you have to treat them as such.

  15. Until a jury of Roy Moore’s peers find him guilty of a crime, I am okay with him running for office.

    If it turns out to be true that Roy Moore pursued young women between the ages of 16 and 20 when he was in his early 30s, I would prefer a different candidate who did NOT pursue young women and who DOES support our right to keep and bear arms. If no such candidate exists, I would hold my nose and vote for a candidate who pursued young women of a legal age over a candidate who denies our right to self-defense/life. Why? Because engaging in unconventional consensual relationships is a lot less awful than denying someone’s right to self-defense and life.

    • I really wish we’d take out the “crime” part. He’s a creepy dude, he met his wife when she was 17 too, didn’t marry her until she was 23 and him 36, creepy. Did he know the girls he was hitting on were only 16+, not 15.5. Did he check IDs? So, he definitely liked young chicks. The one reported sub 16 year old allegation is troubling, especially considering his admitted behavior, seems to be the least corroborated.

      The people of Alabama know all of this, it appears that some of the girls have actively supported and campaigned for him in the past, so that doesn’t make it sound like it was not mutual. So, the people know about him, have supported him in the past, so it’s up to the people of Alabama.

      Now, do I want my money spent to support him, no. He looks like he’s going to win, but not supporting someone, because I don’t approve of creepers, means I don’t want my money spent indirectly on him, even if we agree on 100% of the issues. He appears to have been fine, since he was married at least, but my personal ick reflex has been tripped, but I don’t live in Alabama, so my word is as valuable is the bits on this web page.

  16. Innocent until proven guilty. Allegations don’t make them true. Herman Cain went down on allegations that weren’t true.

  17. All the people who (purposefully fake) Bitch about Moore have waived their right to bitch with their silence and acceptance of so many POS evil (D).

    Your great-great-great grandkids will all be long gone dead if we start bitching about the evil POS (D) you’ll quit before we ever get close to mentioning Moore.

  18. Moore is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
    Elect Moore, investigate claims, charge him or let him be.
    He can be replaced if need be later on.

    • Can’t charge him. The statute of limitations on all these cases has long run out. Something the DNC knows full well as they damn well know that their propaganda would be destroyed in a court of law.

  19. Moore has been in office in Alabama since the 1990’s. I don’t agree with some things he does, politically, but, I live in Texas, not Alabama. No one accused him of anything during his terms in office, that I am aware of. There was a Primary for the Senate seat, and, again, no one said anything. No one said anything until it looked like he would win the Senate Race. The timing bothers me. Whether he’s guilty or innocent has not been established.

    Just let the Alabama voters decide.

    But, get those Democrat perverts out of office!

    • What about Barton in Texas? I clicked on the Breitbart link, now I am scarred for life, I can’t even carve my eyes out, it’s in my head Swartz, it’s in my head.

  20. I’m fine with electing him. If there is sufficient evidence to believe him, the Senate can kick him out and Alabama can appoint and then elect another Senator.

    The GOP establishment should have been supporting him the whole time with the very explicit and loudly proclaimed caveat that there would be a full investigation by the Senate of the allegations and that if they were proven true, the Republicans would vote to kick him out of the Senate. If the Democrats wanted to support a, at that hypothetical point, proven molester just so they could say Republicans have a prominent molester too, then let them not vote to expel him from the Senate and loudly point out what they are doing.

    Is nobody in the GOP establishment any good at politics? I haven’t seen any evidence of them being at least a little bit competent.

    And the big difference between Moore and the liberals accused of sexual misconduct, Al Franken for example, is the Democrats have admitted they engaged in misconduct while Moore has vehemently denied it.

  21. No, I think its really a bad idea all around, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I really wish they’d get behind the write-in candidate.

      • I see no reason to believe it’s bullshit character assassination, and if a third candidate had gotten the ball rolling earlier and with more support they might have stood a good chance.

        Fact of the matter is that for some reason Republican primary voters keep running severely morally and mentally flawed candidates instead of intelligent, principled conservatives.

        • Just because something is not illegal, doesn’t mean its not wrong.

          I don’t get the deal with refuting being chester the molester on a 14 year old, but admitting to trying to hook up with 17 year olds, making a huge difference. Yeah, one would be a crime, the other would just be seriously icky.

          Someone in their mid 30’s hitting on teenagers is not “good” behavior. He’s admitted it, heck his wife was 23 and he was 36 when they hooked up, still creepy, but I guess he retired after that. If he’d hit on my daughter/sister when she was 17-18-19 and he was in his 30’s, I’d absolutely have kicked his ass.

          That’s where you have to draw the line about voting for a dude, or giving them a buck, if you’d kick their ass for what they did, why would you possibly think its OK for you’re NRA money to go to them.

        • Rather be judged by 12 than have a dirty perv touch my daughter.

          I get that your fine with any adult sleeping with any other adult, even if they’re not adults, or giving them a big old dry hump.

          16 isn’t an adult, 17 isn’t an adult, and as a parent of a 19 year old girl, I find it repulsive that someone in their mid 30’s would be trying to take advantage. So, yeah, kick his ass every day, and most especially twice on Sunday.

        • … and you commies say that gun owners have anger management issues. You won’t be “tried” by anyone. You’d be on the floor bleeding out because the man in question would be fully justified in taking our a gun and shooting you in the face. 16 is adult enough in Alabama. In fact, it’s adult enough in the overwhelming majority of the world. Your NYC feminazi social mores don’t apply to others just because you want them to. I, for one, wouldn’t want a 20 year old punk dating my daughter, why? Because older men are capable of rational thought. Women have a shelf life, men only get better with age.

        • Dude, your are just plain crazy or stupid. So it it was you in the Moore position, your 35, you show up to my house to pick up my 19 year old, much less 16…SIXTEEN…I tell you no, you say she’s an adult, I so nope, my house my rules, you say but we love each other, or she’s hot for me or whatever, so I do the thing to get you off my porch, you decide to then go around my back, as a parent and still trying to hook up with my CHILD after directly telling you know, so I punch you dead in the nose, your response would be that the 35 year old trying to grind on my TEENAGE daughter should pull his gun.

          OK, then I shall amend my action, and stand my ground and pop you in the melon, its my castle and my daughter is the absolute treasure of my castle, so fuck you, you complete turd.

          Because you keep defending the idea of a 35 year old HAVING SEX WITH A 16 YEAR OLD. You think its OK. IT IS NOT OK. No amount of idiotic spouting of the word commie or Nazi, makes it OK. You have no sense, you have no decency, you have no morals, you are disgrace to humanity, Christianity, and everything that America holds dear. I am done with you, you are a two flush turd.

        • I’d be much more concerned about the quality of the man in question and his ability to provide for my daughter and my future grandchildren than his age. Unlike you, I know history and have been exposed to a wide variety of cultures. I also know that the average 20yo male is functionally retarded, regardless of his actual intelligence. Fun fact, did you know that in medieval Europe a woman was considered marriable at 14 while a man wan’t until his mid-20s? Do you know why this is? Gender dimorphism is a bitch.

        • This is America, there are lots of non perv options. In America there are lots of things that are inappropriate that aren’t in countries with mud huts where they marry off 16 year old’s for goats. One of those isn’t trying to send off your teenager to pervs, like going to college, having a career, and generally not sold off to pervs.

          Wait, commie, commie, nazi, commie, uhh, lenin, lentils, Zzzyx.

        • Gee… my primary concern would be my daughter’s happiness, not her “career” or her Mrs degree. But I’m just funny that way I guess.

        • So says the man in mom’s basement. For the rest of us, we want many things for our kids and none of that is the bride price.

        • “Fact of the matter is that for some reason Republican primary voters keep running severely morally and mentally flawed candidates instead of intelligent, principled conservatives.”

          And (recently), they keep *winning* elections anyways!

          What does that say about their competitors?

  22. The refusal to turn evidence over to experts bothers me, the timing bothers. I am of the opinion Moore should keep running, but that he should state he will resign if he wins to address his accusers. If he is innocent I hope he sues them into the ground for defamation, and if he is guilty I hope he gets his.

    That said, I think the Democrats have given him license to continue this race to the bottom. The reason I say this is their responses to Bill and the latest batch of Congressional accusations on their side. They are blindly defending people on partisan basis just like a lot of Republicans have defended Moore. I think they see the Democrats playing the game and are going “me too.” If they quickly and aggressively purged the cancer from their ranks they would have a lot better standing. The people speaking out agianst Bill now are about 20 years too late, if not closer to 30-40.

    The NRA should refrain from weighing in or if they do make the point crystal clear they are doing such from an exclusively gun rights oriented perspective. It is a great way to get the Democrats saying that the NRA is part of a war on women or some other ridiculous garbage.

  23. I am all for the NRA endorsing Judge Moore. I have read or heard nothing to believe the decades old allegations against him and Gloria Allred’s involvement and failure to allow authentication of yearbook sealed the case for me. If something comes up after he is elected, though extremely doubtful IMO, the governor of Alabama could appoint a replacement.

    The recent tax vote in the senate was 51-49 which shows how crucial a single senate seat is. There is a good possibility that President Trump will need to nominate another Justice for SCOTUS in 2018 and every senator vote is crucial and another democrat senator could be the difference between another Neil Gorsuch or a Merrick Garland instead. Second Amendment Rights are on the line and IMO the reason SCOTUS has refused to hear recent bans on semi automatic rifles such as in Maryland is because neither side is confident they have the votes to prevail with Anthony Kennedy as the wild card. Another Neil Gorsuch would be epic for Second Amendment Rights.

  24. I understand the NRA is the big pro gun organization and their influence carries a lot of weight. But sometimes I think it’s ok to sit one out. This looks absolutely atrocious to people on the fence looking in. If Moore wins or losses I don’t think it will be the doings of the NRA. What I would like to see happen is have the NRA stay silent with this election.

  25. Well I dunno’ why Moore doesn’t just say “I was a democrat and a heathen then”. Mea Culpa as it were. Personally I voted for someone I had a very low opinion of-Donald Trump. It’s a lot better NOW. I will NEVER vote democrat or anti-gun in my lifetime. The biggest problem with the Moore accusations is the RIDICULOUS passing of time. Especially that beatup Gloria Alread gal. Yikes…I’m cool with the NRA.

  26. At this stage in the game I’d happily vote for a child raping, dog kicking satanist who supports my rights than vote for a democrat.

  27. The NRA supports the right for people esp women to own firearms to defend themselves against alleged predators like Moore.

    If he ever touched my daughter, she would shove a 6″ 357 right up his keister and pull the trigger, thanks to her training, supported by the NRA. She is great shot and could probably hit him in the as**le from 20 yards. I am just here to help bury the body. And pay for ammo, at least until she is 18.

  28. I haven’t really followed this that closely. As far as I can tell accusations are flying all over the place.

    Roy Moore molested some girl then it turns out he presided over her nasty divorce and basically came down on the side of the husband or something and that the lady in question has a history of questionable mental health and violent outbursts of anger as well as holding grudges but that’s also, so far as I can tell, just accusations at this point since I’ve not personally seen any court documents to back it up.

    Honestly, it’s Alabama politics so not my circus, not my monkey. I have this huge sack I carry around pretty regularly and checking through it I’ve found zero fucks to give about this issue.

  29. I did not read all of the comments here on this post , but I would like to input my take and it is concise and short .
    In America , you are supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty .
    Witch hunts are not permitted .

  30. I hate this mentality where indecency is excused, or denied when plausible, just because the accused is of the same party, while members of the other party are raked over the coals. Pelosi’s twisting herself into a pretzel to excuse Conyers was gross, as is the the defense of Moore. It seems to me that one of the key parts of morality is moral consistency. I think it demeans the person who excuses such behavior when they do so. While it may not be the expedient choice, the proper thing to do is to reject unacceptable candidates even if they are the “lesser evil.” That is the only way to have a culture of decency in our political system.

    • Except the Moore thing is an obvious setup with no evidence of any kind and no allegations of anything within my lifetime. The timing alone proves this to be complete and utter bullshit.

        • No, they got a bunch of brain damaged skanks to make allegations without any evidence. But “listen and believe” am I right?

        • Mommy take you to doctor, put your helmet on, here’s your TuTu, you can be Tinkerbell today.

          Waaahhh! I wanna be Elsa, Elsa, Wahhh! commie, nazi, commie, commie, femememniinazi, Wahhha!

      • I agree. Guy strikes me as an asshole, but if his constituents like him, it’s not my business. The “charges” are ridiculous crap.

  31. I’m ok with keeping Chucky out of Senate Majority Leader status. I don’t give much shit about how that is accomplished because we lose the Senate right now and we are all fucked.

  32. Can’t be tried, proven guilty or innocent when the statute of limitations has run out.

    He can sue, but IF it happened, he’s better off not going to court.

  33. If the Washington Post wanted to stop a child-molester from being elected, they would have brought it all out during the primary election. What they really wanted, was to stop a REPUBLICAN from being elected, so they sat on the story to advance their political agenda.

    What this means is the Washington Post put politics before basic morality.

    If Moore is elected, it will still be possible to evaluate the accusations and, if necessary, replace him with a non-pedophile that can represent the conservative values of Alabama residents.

    This is the correct way to deal with the Washington Post’s little gambit.

  34. I live in Alabama. I vote in Alabama. I have no problem voting for Moore and will do it enthusiastically as he is not a liberal democrat. I don’t care what the NRA thinks of him, nor do I care what non-Alabamians think of him.
    The majority of us in this state believe this is a smear-job and the claims against him are baseless or exaggerated for political reasons. We may be wrong….if so, we will have to live with it. Or do something about it. Until then, worry about the log in your own eye….
    All y’all who want to opine about Alabama politics should probably move here first. Otherwise, please STFU.

    • Can the national opinion of Alabama sink any lower?

      In case you’re wondering what that is: Alabama is filled with a bunch of uneducated, cousin-kissing hayseeds who think grown men having sex with 14 year olds is normal.

      Roy Moore was signing yearbooks in his 30s. You shouldn’t be signing yearbooks when you’re 20, much less 34.

      Shortly after the allegations surfaced, Moore said to Hannity that he remembered Gibson as well as Gloria Thacker Deason, who had told The Post that she dated Moore when she was 18. He called each one “a good girl” and said that he did not remember dating them.

      Whoops! That didn’t work! Time for some backpedaling.

      At a late November event in Henagar, Moore said: “The allegations are completely false. They are malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women.”

      At a November 29 rally in Theodore, Moore said, “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone.”

      You’re going to vote for a child molester whose pro-2A resume is brandishing a concealed Ladysmith out of his vest like a tacti-tard clown.

      • You mean the obvious forgery that the scammer in question has refused to offer up for third party examination? Please. Get serious. Obvious scam is obvious.

      • “Can the national opinion of Alabama sink any lower?

        In case you’re wondering what that is: Alabama is filled with a bunch of uneducated, cousin-kissing hayseeds who think grown men having sex with 14 year olds is normal.”

        Just keep saying c*** like that, you help our side plenty.

        • #47 in Healthcare
          #47 in Education
          #45 in Economy
          #42 in Crime/Corrections
          #42 in Government
          #50 in Infant Mortality
          #49 in Obesity

          But #1 in electing pedophile Senators.


  35. All this about allegations. Nothing about him getting kicked out of office or about him attempting to put his religious views above the law.

  36. No I am not OK. Roy Moore has no respect for morality or the law. As a lifetime member, I’d be fine with the NRA giving him a passing grade on gun rights – on our issue he does make the right noises, but that is where the support for this insincere clown should stop.

    • So you’d be OK with a senate seat going to someone you know will aggressively fight against your civil liberties because you think that is a morally superior position?

  37. Not sure why Alabama democrats have a problem with him dating young women. One of the most famous Democrat senators from Alabama was a high ranking KKK member (who was appointed to the supreme court then chief justice by a Democrat president).

  38. I don’t know if he did the things he’s accused of, and neither does anyone else here. I do know that there is irrefutable evidence of a Dem Senator fondling a sleeping woman, and he’s still in the senate. So I’ll leave it to the voters of Alabama to decide who gets their senate seats, and the prosecutors in Alabama to decide who to charge and try as a criminal. The guy doesn’t seem to me to have great judgement, but I’m not an Alabama resident, so my opinion doesn’t count. And as an NRA member there are many other things the ass-clowns in Fairfax have done that are far worse than endorsing this guy.

  39. This has total ESTABLISHMENT WHITEWASH all over it.

    I support Moore 100% and if the NRA has endorsed him I’m all for it.

    • Pwrserge:

      You are right, I had to look up the Russian word for “ignorant.” Before engaging with you, I never had a reason to know or use that word in Russian conversation. If “невежественный” is the wrong word, I’m sure that you can find a better one that expresses the English meaning.

  40. “Question of the Day: You OK With the NRA Supporting Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate?”

    Sure, why not…??? Nothing has been proven, all supposition and accusation…innocent until proven guilty, remember…???

  41. What’s the difference between a guy who’s 19 pursuing women who are 16 and a guy who’s 31 doing the same thing in places where the age of consent of females is 16?

    Especially in Alabama.

    I’d vote for Satan himself before I voted for any democrat.

  42. “Where’s the birth certificate, your green card, citizenship documents. I don’t believe it. You say commie quite a bit, like 18% of your words are commie.”

    For all we know, he may be trolling from St. Petersburg.

  43. Moore was scumbag….40 years ago. Kinda wish someone would come forward since after Def Leopard was selling out stadiums so we know if this is still happening!

    I think were I voting in Alabama, given the choices, I’d vote more and hope that he wins, is unseated by the senate and is replaced by the governor. If it turns out, though, by some miracle that he IS innocent…..then whatever butthole started this should do time.

  44. It seems private sexual activity is now open game for public comment. Since that is the case how about elected open homosexuals who don’t support the human right to self-defense??? The homosexual power city of San Francisco has disarmed the civilian population.
    It is homosexual leadership that has disarmed several California cities. It is open homosexual leadership in Massachusetts that is working to disarm the state civilian population as well.

    There is only one elected open homosexual who has ever supported the entire Bill Of Rights. His name was Harvey Milk and he is dead. He said everyone should have a gun. Its to bad the sexual deviants didn’t listen to him.

    Don’t talk to me about Judge Moore when the National Man Boy Love Association marches openly under their own banner in gay pride parades. And has done so for decades now. Their pictures are on the internet just like the pictures of democrat Al franken molesting a woman. Franken has never supported the second amendment.

    • NAMBLA has been banned from many gay pride parades and festivals. I suspect it would be hard to find any gay pride parade which allows them these days.

  45. 1: “So, you can vote for a pedophile-”
    2: “I’d never vote for a pedophile, that’s ridiculous!”
    1: “Or a Democrat.”
    2: “… Well, let’s at least hear what the pedophile has to say.”

  46. Sure I’m supporting Roy Moore in his fight against the Reds, Pinkos, and fellow travelers. Why? None of these accusations came up during his EIGHT (8) prior runs for office including when he ran and won a seat on Alabama’s State Supreme Court.

    All the broads are represented by the hook-nosed, ambulance-chasing shyster and DNC “Super Delegate”, the Democrat’s top “smear merchant” when it comes to leveling false charges against Conservative males, Gloria Allred-faced. She’s the same bitch that represented the four (4) sluts who lied and said Herman Cain molested them. Herman Cain sued the broads and Gloria Allred-faced, they settled and paid HIM, Cain, a YUUGE undisclosed sum after the trial went to the jury and as deliberations were taking place, they knew they were exposed as liars.

    If Gloria Allred-faced knew her client’s claims were true she would produce the yearbook for independent examination, it’s been THREE (3) weeks and she still refuses to hand it over to experts.

    Vote Roy Moore!

    The REAL pedophiles are in the Democratic Party just look at Bwarney Fwank a convicted pedophile.

  47. Yeah, I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m glad that RNC, NRA, Trump etc are all on Moore’s bandwagon now. It draws a clear line, enough so that I can now treat any Republican politician or voter hereafter as supporter of child sexual abuse.

  48. Innocent until proven guilty.

    If Moore did something illegal, then charge him and provide him with a fair trial. The jury will then decide. Everything else is just talk.

    If his acts were not illegal but just offensive, rude, foul, or otherwise impolite, and that is the bar which is being set to be an elected official, then no one would be able to run for public office.

    I’d be willing to wager that there are current Senators that have committed much more serious offences (including treason) than what Roy Moore is accused of.

  49. First off, do you want someone who was removed from the State Supreme Court twice for making up his own interpretation of the Constitution anywhere near government?

    And check some other news sources, or, hell, his story about his wife, he was in his thirties, and she was 16 or 17 when they started dating, you think she was the only one?

    As to why now, nationally, no one much cares about state level offices, but a US Senator is one of 100, and can really make a difference, regardless of what state they are from, so you get a much more intense spotlight. And, we have had a lot more focus on this sort of shitty behavior lately, which is another reason this came to light now.

    • To answer your first question, yes. His “interpretations” happen to be the correct ones. The separation of church and state is a left wing myth. No such text exists in the CotUS.

      Yeah… I’m not in a hurry to destroy a man’s reputation over allegations made decades after the fact with exactly zero physical evidence. A case like this would be laughed out of court. The same should happen in the court of public opinion. I don’t “listen and believe” accusations made without proof.

      • I suggest Genius Constitutional Scholar you bother to read the writings of many of the Founding Fathers. They to a man railed against the idea failing to separate church and state. Their writings even seem to border on atheism which was far more shocking at that time than it is today. If anything you certainly flunked American History.

        • I did, somehow I doubt you even have the ability to read commie.

          Oh, and not a single one of the founders was an atheist. In the 1700s that was not a thing.

        • Waaahhh! commie, nazi, commie, mommy its cold in the basement, more soup, I have to go outside, where’s my helmet. There there Tinkerbell, here’s your crown and wand.

        • Nothing that Moore proposed would do that. But please, keep calling me a Nazi, that’s a great argument.

        • Tinkerbell, you’re not a Nazi, you’re are just stupid. Now, you spout commie and nazi like it’s your job.

          Waaahhhh!!! Commie, nazi, commie, fffeeemininnazi, commie, mommy wipe my boom boom, Waahhhh!!!

  50. These comments make my brain hurt. No reasonable discussion. All bickering.

    NO I AM NOT OK WITH THE NRA ENDORSING ROY MOORE!! At best he is a creep. There should have been an organized movement for a single write in candidate, like Ben Shapiro explained. This partisan lowering the bar will not end well for anyone.

    I am not saying that seat should be conceded to Dems. No way. But put a Republican in that is not so questionable. Even if the allegations are not true (which there seems a very real possibility they are) it’s not a good look to be even associated with a potential scumbag pervert predator. (I say this as a Penn State fan!)

    The public perception of both parties is in the toilet now. Republicans would be wise to seek some moral high ground now. If this keeps up, we are going down a very treacherous road.

    Now go ahead. Label me a commie. Ignore my rational points and logical argument. Yell and kick and scream. That always helps….. nothing.

    • Your rational points are not rational. Nothing Moore is accused of doing is illegal or objectively immoral. Just because you disapprove is not a reason to bend over. Fuck “listen and believe”, the bitch better have some hard evidence if she wants to destroy a man’s life. Why? Because too many of these situations are later proven to be complete fabrications (Duke lacrosse comes to mind). In a free country, we don’t destroy people’s careers just because some dumb trailer trash skank decided to get back at the DA who took away her custody of her kids.

      • To your morals, but you’re pro-pedo, we know where you stand, with pedo’s.

        Wait, nazi, commie, nazi, nazi, commie, nazi Waaahhhhh!

    • “But put a Republican in that is not so questionable.”

      Really? I did not realize I had such power! Do I wave a wand, or something? WaPo held back the allegations until Moore could not be removed from the ballot. Running a *second* candidate as a write-in would assure the election of an evil POS (D), with apologies to Joe. We are expected to believe that was some kind of coincidence? How dumb are we?

      This is clearly a political conspiracy, best plan is to ignore it, at least until some photos are released.

  51. I have absolutely no problem with Moore. I have only pity for people who allow themselves to be led by their outsized senses of outrage into doing exactly what leftists want them to do.

  52. Again Republicans are nothing but political and religious hypocrites. While Democrats guilty of indiscretion with adult women are stepping down including Al Franken this Thursday the hypocrite republicans are endorsing a pedophile with straight faces and blasphemous behavior. Republicans obvious believe the pedophile vote is critical in this election but it seems to have backfired as the Herr Drumpf Nazi’s are now screaming they are playing second fiddle and may refuse to hold any more torch light parades yelling death to the Jews. Well maybe that is the only good thing that came out of all this I could not stand to see any more Drumpf Nazi’s and torch light parades. Meanwhile the Republicans may have to pass a new law giving guys like Moore amnesty and the legal right to terrorize underage girls at the malls but not Democrats of course they must resign even if they chase adult women.

    • There were no “indiscretions”. The accusers have provided exactly zero physical evidence that anything happened. Worse, 99.9% of the accusations include no criminal activity. (Unlike the democrats who get caught ON CAMERA and still don’t resign.) The Moore case is more Duke lacrosse level bullshit. Unverified mud slinging by dirty skanks with no supporting evidence. Yet another reason why feminism is cancer.

      • Brother your mind is so warped you make us all laugh and go into hysterics. Yep dozens of women are all lying just because you don’t want to face the possibility that a Democrat may be elected and one that is not a pedophile. It just goes to prove what hypocrites the Far Right has always been. Ever hear of the Moronic cliche “The Moral Majority” It should have been made into a 3 stooges movie. And I might add being the hypocrite that you are you would be the very first to state and have stated that yep The Democrats were all guilty of molesting adult women but not pet our pedophile Moore and if he was we don’t care.

  53. Child raping aside, this guy was human garbage before the allegations. The Republican party I once knew, loved and supported is dead, replaced by the worst of the worst intent on causing as much damage as possible by advancing their corporate masters’ agenda before their mid-term ouster.

  54. REPUBLICANS BEFORE 2017: “Gay marriage will lead to pedophilia!”

    REPUBLICANS IN 2017: “Let’s elect a pedophile!”

      • Like moron, which you fit perfectly, thanks, that was very illustrative. I don’t understand, are you pro-pedo, or anti-pedo. We all get that your pro-dumbass. Thanks Tinkerbell

        Oh yeah, commie, commie, nazi, commie, femininninazi, Waaahhhh!

        • Leroy, there’s no pedophilia involved with the Moore accusations. Pedophilia is about kids with no pubic hair yet.

  55. God, I’m really, really, really starting to hate this website. The comments section reads like all the bigoted, out-of-date, stupid old fogies finally found a safe space. You know, people like Pwrserge’s dumbass.

    What’s hilarious to me is that so many folks claim liberals / dems only read / listen to what supports their bias, and then when facts against their own bias’s are presented, everyone on these boards suddenly starts spouting “COMMIE DEM LIBERAL SNOWFLAKE HILLARY SUPPORTER LIES!!!!111!1!”

    The irony is staggering, but then again, half of you might need the word irony defined for ya so…you know. I need to build an RSS feed that strips away comments from these articles so I don’t have to lose IQ points read comments from these raving f&#$wits.

  56. The women making accusations against Judge Moore seem to fall into two groups. On one hand, there are several women who claim that he asked them out when they were teens (but above the age of consent in his state) and he was in his early 30s. They generally claim he treated them very decently , and their sexual interactions never progressed beyond kissing and listening to him play the guitar. Their stories match the information presented by other people who know him or have worked with him.

    On the other hand, three women have made claims that he acted inappropriately toward them, one claiming he sexually assaulted her and another claiming he dated her when she was 14 and engaged in heavy petting while partially unclothed. Interestingly, people who know these women have presented information contradicting their statements or flat-out saying they are lying.

    Which is it: A gentleman who preferred to date barely-legal young women (and only with their parents’ approval), or a predator who only attacks a few of his dates and decided to quit when he married? You can’t have it both ways…

    • He’s openly admitted to the barely legal bit, and for be, that crosses my moral line. He admitted it, then denied it, then admitted it, but has never actually said that he now thinks its OK, or not. Since he hasn’t actively said he’s against it, he must STILL be OK with it.

      So, I won’t send him any money, I don’t live in Alabama so I can’t vote for him, and I don’t wan’t any NRA money that I paid to go to him either.

      Why even bother, the minuscule amount of money and time left mean the NRA will not impact anything, 2A voters where already going to vote Moore if they’re one issue voters, so there is no upside, and much downside, like now the anti’s have more reason to turn out, and that will be Moore’s problem, turnout, are people getting polled say I’ll vote Moore, but not show up. Same thing Clinton saw with polling in Mich,Wisc,PA, polls look good, but people said, its fine, weather’s bad, my neighbor will do it. Lie down with dog’s, get fleas, or a hundred other quotes that are applicable.

  57. There isn’t much evil a man can do that’s worse than being a democrat in 2017. In any case, even if true, no one is electing a man in his 30’s who dates teenagers of legal age of consent – they’re electing a man who is just now being suspiciously accused of being that other man 40 some-odd years ago. This is all just political theater because the commies don’t want to be the only pervs in the country, given all their cases of actual (and current) crimes. I’m sure there must be something to the accusations against Moore, but almost certainly a magnitude less than what the accusations assert. The dems have less than zero credibility here, so why anyone cares what they have to say about anything related to sexual misconduct is beyond me. Maybe when they stop defending a violent terrorist cult that follows a self-admitted murdering-highwayman-pedophile’s plagiarized book over their fellow Americans they can get back up on their moral high-horse. I still won’t care, though.

  58. Am I ok with the NRA supporting Roy Moore? Absolutely!
    First of all, there has not presented any proof of any wrongdoing my Roy Moore, all we have are allegations that he did something 40 years ago, and now we’ve found out that one major piece of “proof” has been falsified by the accuser, which calls her entire allegation into question.

    Secondly, the only other choice is to support the democrat, and we know where he’s going to come down on the question of gun rights.

    We cannot afford to lose that seat; we need every Republican in the Congress that we can get, and we need non-establishment Republicans if we ever hope to get the Trump legislative agenda through.
    Last thing; the absolute last thing that we need is to give the dems any kind of momentum going into the 2018 mid-terms.

    Should the NRA support Roy Moore? Hell yes!


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