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Carry on!

Our collective hearts go out to our ballistic brothers and sisters who can’t exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. New Jersey, Connecticut, Hawaii, California – wherever gun rights are being degraded and destroyed, we’ll be there, fighting for your rights. Via internet. OK, so, how often do you carry a gun? I’m a firearms schlepper from the moment I get dressed to the moment I lay my weary head to rest, including lounging around at home. Then again, I don’t work or shop in a gun-free zone. What’s your EDC frequency (Kenneth)? Open and/or concealed?

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  1. “I’m a firearms schlepper from the moment I get dressed to the moment I lay my weary head to rest, including lounging around at home. Then again, I don’t work or shop in a gun-free zone.”


    Of course, I live in northern Vermont.

    We get occasional attempts to stifle our rights here but they’re quickly squashed. At least so far as guns.

  2. If you’re not carrying 95% of the time you might as well consider yourself to not be carrying at all.

    • Sadly that’s not always an option: I spend most of my time on a university campus where carrying a firearm qualifies as a felony, and irritatingly enough, NC is a state where “No Guns” signs carry force of law.

      Because we wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable after all. That would be just awful.

      • i’m like you…depends on my daily itinerary. if i’m going to be in a courthouse or federal building, or (god forbid) New Jersey, I don’t. otherwise, mostly.

        • What a stupid comment. Trying to bring my weapon onto a military base (where my car and person is subject to random inspection) is simply not worth the potential problems of a federal conviction, loss of my job, loss of my retirement, and loss the means in which I support my family and provide them healthcare.

          If you’re truly the type of person who carries everywhere, regardless of the law (federal buildings, courthouses, jails, military bases, schools, posted private property) then you are the poster boy for the anti-gun argument of people who SHOULD NEVER be allowed to carry a firearm in public.

          • What a stupid comment you have just made. I was talking about carrying on school property, not a military base. Nice deflection of the subject when you get butthurt.
            I’m not the poster boy for the antis because they don’t know I am carrying. What I am is a free man. May the shackles rest easy upon

        • Quit being a woman and open carry a real mans gun like a .44 mag or bigger. Or open carry a rifle or shot gun. If you conceal carry your just admitting that you must hide your RTKBA. Open carry everywhere, even off limits areas, and if anyone challenges you just get in their face and yell “DEAL WITH IT!”.

          I sure hope anyone reading this recognizes it was sarcasm.

        • you are the poster boy for the anti-gun argument of people who SHOULD NEVER be allowed to carry a firearm in public.

          Wow. Really?!?! Should never be ALLOWED, Parker? The thinking that produced that statement is a huge part of the problem. If just that type of mentality were to go away, there really wouldn’t be much infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

          • Thanks John. I was just getting tired of all the “I can’t carry because” whining on here. People need to learn the difference between “not allowed” and “not able”.
            Tell me if this statement has ever been uttered in the history of the world: “I wish I didn’t bring my gun”.
            I don’t carry a gun everywhere to thumb my nose at the law. I carry my gun everywhere because I have no idea where and when I am going to need it to save my life.

          • I know where you are going with this.
            I will pay taxes until at which point it puts me in danger. If my taxes are too high or unconstitutional, paying them does not make me any more vulnerable. Complying with gun laws, however does.
            Not paying taxes will be a matter of public record. You will be prosecuted. Carrying a gun is done secretly. I’ll take my chances.
            It’s bad enough the Government is telling me how to live, I don’t need internet trolls doing the same thing.

        • I used to think I’d never get caught too. Then an anti dropped a dime on me and I spent the next 14 years as a prohibited person. It also cost me over $100k that first year alone in lost income and legal fees. Some of us have lower risk tolerances for good reasons.
          I do have rather similar inclinations and notions as you, I am just more scared of the system.

        • Some of us have lower risk tolerances for good reasons.
          I do have rather similar inclinations and notions as you, I am just more scared of the system.

          I could see that. One would naturally be more wary after getting badly stomped by the boot of the system. It’s a tough spot to be in. I’ve seen people who have gotten raw deals from the government. For some, it took a lot of wind out of their sails. For some, it put so much fire in their boiler that they pushed on strong to their near destruction.

    • Being Mil and living on base, most of my week i don’t carry. I do carry everytime I leave base, despite the hassle. I wish I could carry on base. How important is my life to me? Very, but if I got caught carrying on base(especially with my job) my life would be figuratively over so not much of a choice.

  3. I carry when ever I’m not at school or work, both being gun free zones. I always have my gun in my car when I’m there though.

  4. Everywhere I can legally. Concealed most of the time. Open when riding my motorcycle. My jacket is a bit too snug to carry concealed.

  5. I always wonder about these broad generalizations. I don’t carry very often in my office, so some of you would think I am unarmed and defenseless. …but the 120 people who work for me are ALL armed better than all of you (like how I worked that generalization in?). Yes I carry all the time, including church.

    Seriously though, carrying a gun does no good without training, awareness and the ability to be cool when shtf. Sorry to say, but most people fail on those 3…..too many lard as mall ninjas who have never trained or been in the mix.

    • “…carrying does no good without training”

      Weren’t you just mocking overgeneralizing?

      Untrained people with guns have in fact done good so your statement is false.

        • DaveR, not really. Those that study things like DGU’s find that the “untrained” succeed very, very often.

          The “Get Training” mantra runs deep. The big problem is that, again, according to those that study such things, a little training is found to actually be worse than none at all.

          The million dollar question then becomes “how much does it take to cross that line where the training is more benefit than detriment?” Unfortunately, that’s very individual and generalization is not possible, but it may well be more than a lot of folks are comfortable with.

        • I think that training is a good thing but people can and have been effective with essentially no training. This whole training mantra marinating the pro-self defense circles has a financial component as a motivator. Those that provide training have a vested interest in everyone taking as much training as they can afford. Of course, this over-selling of training lays the groundwork for training to be required before one can exercise a privilege of bearing arms. That’s a bad trend.

      • Apparently sarcasm is lost on most people, supposedly because of low intelligence. My point was generalizations are worthless. Here’s another one for you….even a blind squirrel finds an acorn occasionally.

        I have seen grown well trained, experienced men freeze in battle, and rank newbies shine.

        You can’t just generalize human behavior even though we try. Some of it may be true, but not all…

        • What you just said did not clarify your first statement or change how it should have bee perceived.

          I got your point on the first part of your statement about generalization. That’s why I called you out on your second part about training. Usually, when you start a paragraph with “seriously”, that means the sarc is over, now you want to be straight forward.
          If I have to explain your own point to you then maybe I am not the one with low intelligence. Or were you speaking about yourself?

        • @Michael in GA: Exactly. You gave him benefit of the doubt when you commented for clarification. He seemed to indicate that he was not being sarcastic on that point. Now, he’s trying to insult people for taking him at his word and not being able to read his mind. lol

    • If you want to be prepared, start by bringing a gun. Leaving it at home does no good. Trained or not, a gun on your body already makes you more prepared than most other people around you. I’m all for training, but this wreaks of politicians who insist citizens should be “trained” before they carry a gun.

      • California is a beautiful state with ugly government. Stay and take your friends shooting. And see Carl’s comment below.

    • California as well. I carry every day, everywhere except Post office. I have my CCW, Riverside co. It’s actually not as difficult to get as the rest of the country and those who have never bothered would lead you to believe. Unless you are in LA or San Francheesy, in which case, you have my condolences.

      Fill out the paperwork, pay your fees and be sure to be able to articulate a good reason. I happen to be self employed, deal with cash, computers and tablets, travel alone to stranger’s homes, work late… I articulated that plus the potential to be called to a bogus location to be robbed, followed and robbed because I have easily fenced items, I deal with strangers every day.. if you don’t even bother to try then the anti’s have already won.

  6. Whenever I am wearing a belt, my gun is on it. So I am unarmed at the gym (gun in car) and in bed, shower, etc. Everywhere else I even have a spare mag on me.

  7. I carry everywhere I legally am able to. Live in California and amazingly have my LTC! Here, GF zone signs do not carry the weight of law although you do have to leave if they make you and ask you to leave.

    Sounds like in this rare case, we have better gun law regarding CCW than some other “free” states. But it took me 8 months and over $500.00 to exercise my civil right to protect myself.

  8. I’m at pretty close to 95%. I don’t carry in the shower, 24 Hour Fitness, bars, or while flying. Otherwise, I’ve got fast access to a loaded gun on duty or off. Winchester Ranger RA40T in .40 with an upgrade to an AR or 12 gauge 00 buck at the first opportunity. I do carry a knife in bars and at the gym.

  9. I carry almost all the time except at work. I work security at a private religious university w/ a no firearms policy. So as far as they are concerned, I can’t have a firearm readily accessible to me. As far as they are concerned….

  10. Actually California has improved since the Peruta decision. I went thought the 10 month waiting process: Appointment to submit the application,appointment for interview, Letter of initial approval, training, appointment to drop of the the training paperwork and $400 dollars poorer. I am about a month away from receiving my hard card.

    • Readers need to remember each of the 57 counties has its own policy, administered by the Sheriff. Some rural counties have issued for years, with out much drama or extra paperwork, if you had no criminal background or other good moral cause type issues.

      Others, like San Diego Sheriff Gore, applied a restrictive policy- no CCW unless licensed security guard with bond by employer, jeweler, documented in writing threat…leaving less than .01% of the 6 million residents with any option to legally carry for self defense, and Gore is moderate- compared to Sherife Prieto of Yolo, also challenged and decided against by the 9th district court, who has publicly vowed to go all the way to SCOTUS to keep CCW out of the hands of law abiding citizens, because…its a liberal county.

      Peruta is in the process of being appealed for intervention and re-hearing- we may get some word in a few months, but its generally understood that it will take 4-5 years to get to and be decided by SCOTUS, either way- assuming the Supremes DO take it up for cert.

      So, with respect- no, CA is not getting demonstrably better- in fact, the Orange County Sheriff started issuing permits on self-defense after the 9ths decision, then prudently halted, after the court honored a secret sua sponte request by one judge, to rehear the whole thing, which further stayed the 9ths decision and mandate, to require Gore to rewrite his policy to allow application for good cause = self defense.

      IANAL so I defer to those who are to explain better, or to Mark N, who usually is concise and correct on CA law and developments.

  11. Here I must admit to falling down.

    I carry when I’m going into, am within or am emerging from a “bad area,” but rarely otherwise.

    Yes, I know that’s stupid and wrong, but I can’t seem to break the habit of trusting overconfidence any more than most smokers can break their habit.

    As things degenerate, though, I find myself going armed with increasing frequency. Fancy that.

    Oh – usually open, but not in any in-your-face way.

  12. I always carry. My wife gets frustrated with me, but every time I have needed one (off duty) it was at a time when I had that mental argument with myself that it would be so much easier to dress differently (such as in hot weather) and then I defaulted to my standard carry mode.

    On two occasions, in off duty felony arrests, someone else would have died if I had not been armed.

    Now, yes, even while mowing the lawn and driving my tractor cutting firewood.

    All the time is all the time.

  13. Oregon. I carry whenever I leave the house. I carry when I travel if the state has reciprocity with Utah. If I put my gun on to leave the house, it says on until bed – but otherwise I don’t carry in the home.

  14. When I’m awake and then my guns are attended by my one of my nephew’s ferocious, hungry, man-eating stuffed dragon (he volunteered him for this duty, he’s three…go figure) from dusk til dawn so they are indeed well protected.

  15. At home I have something at my side. When I finish jumping through the hoops in the third state I’ve lived in over the past few years, I’ll carry every day. As long as I am not going to a military installation (GFZ). So that would mean if I go somewhere in the evening or on weekends I would be carrying. I’ve open carried on the way to the range but I do not like open carrying. A lot of people around here do it but it is not my preferred method of carry.

  16. After a member of my family was shot near his front door during a home invasion, while his gun lay “safely” put away in his nightstand, I carry all the time I am awake and during daytime naps. To be able to do thi comfortably, I have three holsters that cover 99% of all clothing combinations — an IWB for the hip, an OWB deep concealment holster for the hip, and an IWB appendix carry holster. Two of these are Kevlar with s leather lining, and one is Kevlar only because I had not yet discovered the leather-lined holsters. If you add the cost of the gun belt, I’ve spent as much to carry comfortably as I did on one of my two identical EDC guns which I bought used. The holsters I own that do not use Kevlar formed to fit my gun would probably get me killed in a gunfight. I know that because I time my first shot hundreds of times with each of my three favorite holsters. Clothes permitting, I wear the OWB. If not, I will use the IWB on my hip, and, failing that, the appendix carry. In other words, I wear the fastest drawing holster my clothes permit. The spare magazine is always on my left hip.

  17. Here is a suggestion for all: I carry a tiny NAA 22 magnum in a tiny holster in my pocket 24/7. I never notice that it is there.
    I carry a more potent package when in public, but the little magnum is always there, and don’t kid yourself! A 22 magnum at close range will do a number on whoever wants to do a number on you!

  18. I carry every day and I am armed at least 97% of my waking hours. I carry both openly and concealed depending on my mood and the security particulars of any given venue that I attend.

    The only time I am not armed at home is when I am in bed or the bathroom … and even then a firearm that is immediately available and ready for action is less than 12 feet away. That guarantees that I can get to a firearm before anyone could possibly get to my bed or bathroom.

  19. Every single day. Unless I go somewhere where guns are legally prohibited. Aside from that, literally EVERY SINGLE DAY..

  20. Work is a gun free zone for me. Weighing the risk, I am more likely to be discovered and lose a job that pays very well than I am to encounter workplace violence, so I don’t carry there. If I was in a place in my career where I could acquire a similar job with minimal effort I would carry, however that ship has sailed.

    Outside of work I carry 100% of the time, always concealed, unless I am at home where concealment doesn’t matter.

  21. At home, we keep our EDC sidearms on our desks, on the end tables, or on the night stands, depending on where we are in the house. During the day, we each carry every single time we leave the house. Quick run to the store, to Red Box, to pick up a pizza, even just to walk to the end of the block to check the mail. Always carrying. Same throughout the workday.

    Only time I’m not is when travelling by air. Usually that’s just same-day there and back trips, or one or two day trips, but still, that leaves me disarmed about 4-5 days per month.

  22. Unfortunately my office is a GFZ…. but to and from, and any other time I’m hauling iron… refuse to patronize any business where my iron is not appreciated…. OC, only because so far I refuse to pay the licensing TAX.

  23. From the moment I first get dressed till I go to sleep.
    I absolutely home carry too. 7 days a week.

  24. I carry concealed at work, at the store, at home, the bank, the post office, and pretty much anyplace. I’m working diligently to get my work (I work for a small city) to take down the GFZ signs and allow open or concealed carry for anyone who can legally own a gun. The elected officials can carry concealed (provided they have a CCW) per state regs. Per City regs, staff can carry concealed provided they have a CCW. We’ve left our citizens unable to be their own 1st responders, which is why I’m working so hard to get that changed. Tuesday is my first opening salvo, with as many as needed to get the regs changed. Wish me luck.

  25. Only had my cpl for 1 week, carried everytime I walk out my door since, except at the office against policy there, but just bought my gun safe for the car so I can carry to and from.

  26. Might be the odd soul out here. I don’t carry ever. But that’s because I’ve never been able to get all proverbial ducks in a row to go through the process to get trained and certified.

    • You might be the odd one out here but your story is common in my neck of the woods. Several people have enlisted me to keep nagging them until they either carry openly (no license needed in Ohio) or go through the process to conceal a handgun. Some take years of nagging and some only require about a couple of months. I think the most effective nudge has been seeing me openly armed all of the time. People have told me that it encouraged them to be able to do the same. The more often I’ve seen one of them in person before they finally got it done, the less time nagging them was required.

      Now, after they go through the process, I regularly ask them if they are armed and if not then why not. It’s sort of a gear check. 😉

  27. Alameda county CA. My edc is a kershaw assisted open knife. And I have to be carefull with it as I never know from day to day what my job will bring. Some days I do court escorts, others I transfer “patients” from state facilities to other secure facilities. Security checkpoints would cost me at least my knife if I forget to stash it in the company car when I approach the sally port.

    At home I have a j frame in my pocket and a pump shotgun both upstairs and downstairs.

  28. Unfortunately for myself, I work in a gun free zone (thanks, corporate America). Other than office hours and the shower, I am armed whenever I am out of bed.

  29. Every day/all the time. Have done so since 1981. The only exceptions are when I have to go through security set up with metal detectors, like courthouses or airports. They get a little touchy about that. Then I leave it locked in a case in my car, and holster up as soon as I return.

  30. Carry all the time and a work. Open carry at work and concealed outside. Then again being armed is in my job title so no surprise.

  31. Every day have a lockbox cable tied under back seat of truck just incase I happen to go somewhere that I can’t carry then back in holster asap . Here in Ct. Many cops don’t like it but when they leave theirs home I’ll still have mine.

  32. Anytime and anywhere it is legal to do so,and I have no intention of providing aid of any sort to the slave states. My deep apologies to our patriots that are stuck there.

  33. I work at a federally mandated gfz. Well, it’s privately owned gun free. We are definitely not sitting ducks. There’s a small army on site and it looks like a prison from the outside. I definitely don’t feel unsafe at work. But when I get home & go out I’m packing, concealed, per state law.

  34. I carry at all times.

    No-gun signs are usually out of spec, so they don’t carry the force of law.
    And places that have proper signage don’t need my business anyway.

  35. I don’t carry a gun yet… working on legal CC in Illinois. I carry a knife and a pepper blaster all the time when I leave my home.

  36. Virginia. Sic semper tyrannis. Carry concealed all the time — only exceptions are legally defined GFZs. Workplace and certain places of business are policy-defined GFZs. Even Scouting events! (Cover your ears as you pass the rifle range.) Carry is legal in church. I home carry, too.

  37. Robert – You usually get it right. But with respect to carrying in CT, please don’t lump us in with those others. While PA 13-3 sucks, it did not affect our ability to carry in any way. Why is CT not a bad place to carry? Here you go:

    1) CT is a shall issue state. – While the law allows licensing authorities to deny based on Suitability, the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners is on record as saying they will reverse any denial of someone who is not a prohibited person. As a result of this, most issuing authorities have stopped playing games.

    2) We can carry pretty much anywhere. No prohibitions on restaurants, bars, churches, etc. There are only 2 places prohibited by CT law. Primary or secondary schools and any place the legislature is meeting. Thats it. CT carriers are actually more “free” in this respect than residents of Texas. Which leads me to . . .

    3) Open carry is not only legal, it is regularly practiced by hundreds of CT residents. Nobody really gets hassled anymore.

    4) You can carry what you want, however you want it. Any handgun with any defensive purpose is legal in CT. If you owned standard capacity mags for it prior to PA 13-3, then you can carry them filled to the brim. Yes, it is technically illegal to carry with more than 10 in a mag. But the first offense is a non-criminal infraction. Like a parking ticket. So you get one get out of jail free card.

    MR FARAGO – I’d greatly appreciate a response.


    • Two more things.

      Interestingly the max BAC to drive is .08%
      The maximum BAC to carry a loaded firearm is .1%

      So if your BAC is between .080% and .099%, you are legal to carry a loaded gun, but not legal to drive.

      On a more serious note, you CAN carry in colleges. There is no statutory prohibition. Most colleges prohibit firearms, but it is their responsibility to notify you. Bottom line is that you can legally carry into any college, since most are not marked.


  38. I have a morning process when leaving the house to avoid forgetting any thing that I call Gilligan’s Island.
    Phone (phone), lights (reading glasses), motor car (keys), luxury (wallet). I also bring the professor(IPad), and MaryAnne, (S&W Shield) but if for some reason I forget MaryAnne, Ginger (PPK) is waiting in the car safe as backup.
    I can carry at work so at home when the Shield comes off, I’m lying down next to an XD40. So it’s the XD, me, the wife, her PK380 in a row.
    So 24/7 something within reach.

  39. I live in AZ, a great place for gun rights. AIWB when I get up in the morning and out when I go to bed at night. Extra magazine with me. If you do not do anything stupid and your gun stays concealed, what someone does not know will not hurt them. Caveat – If I know I will be out drinking it gets locked up in a lock-box in my car.

  40. Best meme on the internet!

    This is a meme you should post in your workplace/computer wallpaper/screensaver, even if they prohibit guns. You can say it’s only humor (which it is)…. and it’s pro-gun — Stick the message right in those anti-gunner’s faces!!!

  41. I carry all day, everyday, everywhere that I possibly can. I do my level best to avoid any place that I cannot carry. Even my few anti acquaintances and those who are squeamish about firearms don’t bother to ask me to disarm. They realize that an armed man is who I am and where I willingly go, so does my firearm.

    When I shower or sleep, there is a firearm within arms reach. If I nap, there is usually one in a holster on me. I also use a couple of holsters suitable for wearing with pajamas. I rarely drink but when I do it isn’t in a bar, restaurant, or tavern; it is on the farm or at friends’ and I do not disarm.

    My main sidearm is carried openly almost all of the time. Whenever I do conceal it, the concealment is half-assed at best and anyone observant enough can tell since the holster usually extends below my coat or jacket. I usually well conceal at least one BUG too.

  42. Unfortunately, I travel on business every week, usually to blue northeastern states. So Mon. – Thurs. I can’t carry. When I’m home, I carry about 95% of the time outside the house and about 50% of the time in the house. In the house I’m never far from a gun, though.

  43. Evryday, and everywhere. Well, almost. I can’t carry at work, so I put it in my desk when I get into the office in the morning, leave it in the truck when I pick up the kiddo at school, and those pesky 51% signs have been known to disarm me as well.

    • After the Luby’s shooting in ’91 I ignored the 51% signs. The only place I won’t carry is into a place with metal detectors and then, I just won’t go in those places.
      The one time since then that I decided to play by the rules at a bar my gun was stolen out of my truck… by following the law a criminal now has my gun…
      However, it’s a personal decision. As a parent you probably can’t afford to be separated from your family if you get caught being a horrid criminal while exercising your responsibility for yours and your families safety.

      We’d love to have you and your family here in Arizona, the countries friendliest CCW/Open carry state.

  44. Until Peruta vs San Diego is decided by the 9th, or sent to SCOTUS, which will be probably another 4 to 5 years, I cannot carry outside the home to protect myself or my family, on the basis of self-defense, thanks to the restrictions by law, and delegated to local Sheriffs by the CA AG, Kamala Harris, which predictably means no carry for the little people, only big donors and exceptions like politicians.

    Someday, when this law-abiding gun owner IS permitted to carry, concealed, then if I made the decision- and it is a weighty one, to invest the time and continuous effort to be a responsible gun owner, and good shot, then I would carry all the time, out of the house. I think you want to make it a part of your normal routine, so much so that its not a question of choosing- for you never know when you need it. Its going to be in the most unexpected place, many times, and thats why you carry, if you desire that insurance policy, just like you carry life insurance, and car insurance, but hope and expect you dont need it, as a prudent and careful driver.

  45. I only carry during two times…. daytime and night time.

    Seriously, I carry 24/7. If I’m wearing pants at home there’s a pistol on my hip. If I’m wearing pajamas or something then there’s guns in every room anyways. My family asks me if I have my gun on every time we walk out the door to go somewhere because they know if I somehow leave home without it we’ll be turning around to go back home to get it.
    A gun nut (because Anti’s are the true gun nuts) would ask what I’m afraid of… Well, I’m afraid of what any sane person should be afraid of; taxes, bills, etc.. Most of all I dislike not being prepared. I carry a gun, a knife (such a handy tool), emergency cash; I keep a spare tire in my trunk but I’m not terrified of getting a flat. I have a AAA membership for anything a spare tire can’t fix. I keep fire extinguishers in my home and car but I don’t live in fear of a fire…
    It’s not only my right, it’s my responsibility.

  46. I carry at home and everywhere else. Don’t leave home without my 9mm Shield. Boycott everywhere that is anti-guns. I don’t need to spend my money improving their lives.

    I’m almost at the point that I condemn those that don’t protect their families or loved ones cause they do not carry.

  47. Most of the time…

    Lately I’ve been a little lazy with it, as I’ve been doing a lot of work at the home shop and haven’t really needed to go anywhere with any regularity. Usually though, I carry pretty much all the time.

  48. I home carry, and I carry whenever I am out in public at home. I travel for work, and my carry depends on the policies of my clients, which usually means I don’t carry when to/from a client site. I’m in Ohio right now, so I can’t carry concealed until sometime next month, which means that it is pointless to carry a firearm in the car.

    When I carry, I carry concealed – though I did get an OWB holster, to use when I need/want to carry openly.

    • They do say that the hottest fire makes the strongest steel. I think that the fact we fight amongst ourselves from time to time is a testament to the seriousness and sincerity with which we take our Constitutional freedoms. It’s true that we have to learn to disagree from time to time, lest the haters attempt to divide and conquer us, for they are even more intense and zealous in their hatred of liberty and a free people. But, like Magua, evil has twisted their hearts into something else they’re all too blinded to recognize.


  49. I’m not carrying. No license. No training. :/

    Going to focus on Krav Maga over the summer, then hopefully a ccw and force on force training sometime after that. Then I need to work on the wife treaty, but probably it ain’t happening while the kids are still in the house. 🙂

  50. I live in MA and work for a company that’s anti-gun (they even made me start leaving my empty holster behind)… So only about 60% of the time. It’s downright painful.

  51. I carry everywhere, even if it’s just a mousegun in a pocket holster. It fits in anything, even cheap knit FTL shorts. Big gun under the pillow when asleep and close by when in the shower. Only time I don’t carry is the 75 minutes once per week in class at school, and when taking my old man to the county courthouse so he can pester the records clerk over various property issues. And frankly, I don’t think carry should be prohibited in the courthouse, either. Open court, MAYBE. Since they have a bailiff, which isn’t saying much but better than nothing. And inside a jail or prison, of course, where security would be a real issue. Only two places I would agree on not carrying something. My personal feelings on property rights vis-a-vis firearms are that private businesses should concentrate on their business, and let legal gun owners take care of their own business and never the twain shall meet….or something like that.


  52. Hmm. I got so wrapped up in responding to Mr. Farrago’s incorrect assumption about CT that I didn’t give an answer to his question.

    I carry all the time. If I don’t feel like carrying in my home, I stick a G42 in my pocket. I’ve often found myself with two guns because I put my G19 on when leaving home, only to find my G42 in my pocket.

    The only time I’m not armed is in the shower and in bed. In both cases, I’m on the 2nd floor of a home with a zero delay alarm system and a twitchy dog with great hearing. So I’m comfortable with my risk profile.


  53. Everywhere I’m legally allowed to. Which, in the State of Michigan, is basically everywhere once you factor in open carry by CPL holders. Sometimes my wife is annoyed, but it is a small price to pay.

    No-guns-allowed signed don’t carry the force of law, and the PFZs listed in the concealed carry legislation only apply to concealed carry, not open carry.

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