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I got a Performance Center M&P R8 revolver for Christmas! It’s a T&E gun sent from the company that self-identifies as American Outdoor Brands (the artist formerly known as Smith & Wesson). So I don’t own it. But the joy of shooting is the thing, and I’ve been wanting to send lead downrange with this gun for at least a year. What’djuget, gunwise for Xmas?

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  1. I ordered a SKS from Classic Firearms. Hopefully it will arrive at my FFL within the next week or so, but I think I will wait until it warms up a bit before going out to shoot it. For some reason going out to the range when it is less then 15° and the winds are blowing at 15 -20+ MPH just does’t appeal to me.

  2. Man up. It will be 5 degrees here tomorrow. I’m duck hunting in the morning and shooting my new cz 527 7.62 x 39 in the afternoon. It’s not pleasant but it’s good to know how u and your equipment perform in all weather. I already know my benelli sbe2 can handle the cold and wet just fine

  3. Nothing gun related at all. But let’s see… I woke this morning to a new snowstorm. We need the moisture so I’ll count that as a gift. I don’t celebrate “christmas” myself, but usually buy something nice for my birthday in Sept. and count it all good. I’m double dipping this year, however, since after breakfast I found one of my important space heaters broken and ordered a better, new one from Amazon. Amazing, isn’t it. Ordered when I’m snowed in, on Christmas and will get it by the 5th of January. If there is not too much snow for the UPS folks to get up my hill, of course.

    Could have used an elf or two to help bring in firewood today. But such is life.

    • We’ve got a fresh blanket of snow here too, our first of the year.

      Nothing gun related for me, but did get some nice Simmons binoculars.

  4. Being in Kalifornia I stocked up on:
    .556 Ammo
    .22 Ammo
    9MM Ammo
    .45 Auto Ammo

    Also got:
    1-4X Scope for my AR
    Trigger for my AR
    QD Scope Mount for AR

    Best present is this is my 5th cancer-free Christmas. Can’t beat that.

    • Congratulations on keeping the monster under control. I’ll be five years out from prostate cancer in October 2018 and I think that I’m going to celebrate with a tasteful tat (is there such a thing?) that says “Never give up”. Things don’t work quite as well as they did back in the day but I’m still around to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning and a drop of good whiskey at night and do some good for other people. I’m glad that God’s not finished with me yet.

    • Congrats on bring cancer free! I stocked up on the same also. And I got a

      -used 4006 TSW
      -Glock 43 with night sights
      -Henry pump .22
      -M&P .40 full size.

      My checking account is seriously depleted for the holidays, but I’ve got ammo for a long time.

    • Got steel to hit and cleaning solvent from. And kept the UPS guy busy dropping off cases of 223, 5.56, 308, 6.5, 30-06, 30/30, 762-39, 7.62*54r ….. About 10k rounds of joy. All in all a good holiday. California just gave me a good reason to make my purchases earlier than expected.

  5. Kimber K6s. A 7.62×39 upper for my PSA M4orgery. Couple hundred rounds of ammo.

    The wife got a Ruger Commander 1911 in 9mm, the Lightweight model. 4 Wilson mags for it. Alien Gear IWB rigs for the Ruger and her FN5.7.

    B.I.L. and nephew got shooting bags, new, electronic ears and eyes and a box of ammo each.

    It’s been a good Solstice.

    • I got some electronic ears too, for defensive purposes.

      Thanks, TTAG(Robert?), for the post(s?) on the benefits of having some at the ready.

  6. I bought a Gen 5 Glock 19 Ameriglo for Christmas. My first Glock. In fact, I’d never shot a Glock. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

    And the best gift of all, TTAG’s comment form actually saving my name and email for the first time in ages. It’s a Christmas miracle!

  7. Sparc ar red dot for my 9mm AR project, pew pew life tumbler, and a louder with crowder “I’m pro-gun, change my mind” shirt. My newborn son got some of that reasonably priced 22lr for his stash. I’m more excited than he is!

  8. Gave Son a Gen 3 Clock 21. He’s like a little kid with a new trike, and it’s storming outside. No place to shoot, today. Said he has to check his work schedule for the next few days to find out when he can shoot it.

    That was it. We are having a new fence installed, dam it.

  9. Was hoping for a Blaser R8 in .300 win mag, but alas.
    Not here.
    I did get a healthy gift card for Fishermans Marine and Outdoor store.
    And a case of P-Mags.
    Gotta get busy on the Dillon 650 now.

  10. A new paddle holster from Cooks for my Grand Power P11. It hasn’t arrived yet, but anticipation is the best part.

  11. I went cheap this year. Got myself a SAR B6C 9mm compact. I wanted a higher capacity in a gun that I wont care about. By getting scratched or a bit beaten up.

  12. Santa being somewhat dismayed at the mass exodus from Illinois decided to drop in to see what condition my condition was in…..being the jolly old elf that he is and with his surplus of guns on hand due to the many empty houses he visited he saw to it that I would have the new Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 semi-auto in 40 caliber and a Savage Model 110BA “Law enforcement” 300 Win mag long range tactical rifle for Christmas…I thanked him and off he went….Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

  13. Lots of .357Mag ammo and western-style holster and gun belt for my Vaquero.

    “[W]e’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fvcking Kaye.”

    — Clark Griswold

  14. Of actual gun stuff, I got a Gen 2 Keltec Sub2000, in 9mm, Glock mags. In a gun-inspired stocking-stuffer, I got a desk pen holder that comes in the form of a six round revolver cylinder. It’s nicely understated. If you didn’t know what you were looking at, you might not recognize it as other than just a design of a pen holder.

    My wife had already selected a silver bracelet that she wanted, so I bought that, but I got to pick the three little charms to be attached. I selected a small rifle, a Star of David (inside joke, she’s been playing up the Jewish angle with gusto since she found out recently through 23 and Me results that she’s about a half a percent Jewish), plus a blank Texas-shaped charm which I had engraved with “Molon labe” on one side and “#Texit” on the other.

  15. Nothing really but I scored major points with my wife for the Taurus SS Ultralite 85 I bought her…” now I can get my CCL”. Oh and my son got me a camo knife & mulltitool set with a pouch perfect for holding magazines on my belt.

  16. I put a coyote brown enhances Bushmaster Acr on layaway.

    Oh and a jelly of the month club membership.
    It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  17. Not for me, so much, but:
    I got my 12 y.o. son a MEC 600 Jr. in .410; ’cause those little shells are pricey.

    He’s cranked out about 100 rounds so far…

  18. Through the graces of my wife, I got (well, ordered a while ago – stuff is just starting to trickle in) pieces and parts so I can build a bolt action pistol. I predict critical mass in late January 🙂

    Plus, I’ve been off work for several days, so I got some reloading done, did a little shooting, as well as some auto repair.

    Life is good.

  19. Gift card to the local fun store, micro red dot and riser for my AR, and a gunsmith hammer set with nylon, rubber, brass, and steel heads.

  20. I had a few bucks in the mad money account so I bought myself a Hornady Lock n Load progressive reloader. I did a hundred rounds of 9mm yesterday afternoon to get the machine set up and I like it.

    Momma bought me a Umarex Mauser C96 airgun reproduction. I’ve got a couple of serious air rifles and an old Crossman .22 CO2 pistol that she gave me on our first Christmas in 1976. I rebuilt the Crossman a couple of years back and it still shoots great. The C96 is just a cool toy. Unless the Powerball gods smile on me I’ll never be able to afford a real Broomhandle Mauser so the repro version is something to take out into the backyard and play Winston Churchill or Han Solo with.

  21. I got permission to put a Marlin 1895G in 45-70Gov. on lay away with Bud’s (yeah yeah but hey their local outlet is just up the road since they bought out Uncle Lee’s) from the wife so long as she gets a night out on the town for our anniversary. I also got a pretty nifty coat with built in ski mask and a kerambit to replace my no name tanto folder which stopped holding an edge a lil while back.

  22. As a gift I received a 20 round box of 45-70 black powder rounds. My gift to me was a Bond Arms Bullpup I wasn’t expecting until mid January that showed up Friday. That gun is fun, reliable so far and surprisingly accurate, so I am quite pleased.

  23. Only some punches and cleaning supplies. If I have a bit of cash left over maybe something old and 32acp. Hopefully something from between the two big wars.

  24. Santa brought an FN49 to me in 8mm Mauser. I’m cleaning it up today and taking it out to the range later this week.

  25. My POTG son gave me a Colt 1911A1 and a case of cartridges to go with it. My Oregon Hippie son gave me Grand Theft Auto 5, because he knows how much I like to drive around dialing 9-1-1. Support your Local Law Enforcement. NLM

  26. Just a $100 gift card to Cabela’s. Now what to get for it? Brass? Powder? Or maybe save it for the next gun purchase? But which one first? Decisions….

  27. New shoulder now 2 days old (after 2 knees & reattached Patella in 2-1/2 years.) – lots of busted caps & spent brass over 72 years. More to shoot.

    • I did the shoulder thing 1.5 years ago. Most painful thing 2 days later than I’ve ever felt. I don’t know how you can see straight enough to type!

      • That’s not encouraging. I’m looking at it in about 2 weeks.

        The really aggravating thing is I have no idea what I did to have this happen. It was fine for 56 years and got sore one day and within 2 weeks just hurts like hell and pops out of joint every time I reach for something.

        • look up www, and search for doctors that do the “simpliciti” joint replacement. Operation was 12/22, home next day, now 26th and still no pain meds (NO OPIOIDS) only 1000mg Tylenol for severely strained right knee. Minimal swelling. Going without sling at home, but used when out. Doing exercises @ home & start therapy Thursday. Joint type means less down time, less blood loss, less pain, less rehab. Can’t say enough about how great I feel = bast wishes.

  28. Maybe Santa will work his magic and my Form 1 will get back in 2018. It was received and money order cash in March…

    • I’ve given up on the three I’ve acquired over time.
      I’m tired of having to give them whacks on their sides when they blank out mid magazine.
      They are relegated to most under-used of my firearms and soon to be tossed in the junk box.

      Now only Holosun’s and I’m keeping an eye out for blemished Primary Arms lifetime red dots.

    • Restock 380 caliber. Just realized gave all I had to my nephew when giving him daddy’s Colt Mustang Government model. He’s an Austin Texas LEO.
      I have a Bersa 380, used for range test part of Concealed handgun license.
      And restock 38 Special for Ruger GP100 357. Gave my sister in law my WC Ruger GP100, since have replaced it with same model except brought the black frame version.
      I was doing ammunition inventory recently and realized had plenty of 9mm and 22lr ammo.
      I never carry any handgun I cannot easily replace, in case of having to use in a self defense situation, knowing the handgun used is going to be seized by the police no telling how long.

      Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!

    • I did the shoulder thing 1.5 years ago. Most painful thing 2 days later than I’ve ever felt. I don’t know how you can see straight enough to type!

  29. My boss got me a box of American Eagle 9mm for Christmas. Well, kind of. The rounds weren’t in their original box, and it wasn’t a full box of 50. No, each round was individually wrapped in a Tootsie Roll wrapper, and then stuffed in some small, random box. He said I only got as many bullets as he had Tootsie Rolls. I haven’t counted yet, but I’d guess the number to be about 30.

  30. Nothing this Christmas. My collection is pretty tight, and I can’t imagine anything that I want or need (except maybe about 500 rounds of .338 Lapua). lol


  31. I got some .45 ammo… but I don’t have a .45, so it looks like that gift will cost me about $800 if you know what I mean;)

  32. …nothing for me, but I gave: a belly band holster to my wife for her SP101, and a set of steel targets to our son that shoots.

  33. Gift to myself was my tax stamp for my first suppressor on the 23rd! Almost a year on the wait, hoping the others will be here faster!

  34. A Nightforce 8-32×56 Precision Benchrest scope for my recently acquired Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 CM. The local club has monthly 600 yard matches I want to try out.

  35. Springfield .45 Xdm tactical
    Bond Arms Bullpup9 on order (after the first I believe)
    1000 rds .45
    500 rds 9mm
    Night sights for the Springfield

    Merry Christmas to me 😉

  36. I was given a holster for my Taurus SP10 and 100 rounds of 22 Magnum Ammo.
    I gave my brother a heavier AR10 buffer and a stronger buffer spring. That’s what he wanted.

  37. My wife got me a Mossberg shockwave and a Cobalt Kinetics matched billet Receiver Set.. In my stocking she got me a stripped Spikes Tactical “Snowflake” stripped lower.

  38. A Sub2000, a couple of 33 round Glock 17 mags, along with serial 1000 round purchases of 9mm which I’m counting as Christmas presents (since I paid for ’em, I get to do that). Still haven’t decided on a full-size 9mm which is probably just as well with all the new models that are suddenly available.

  39. Finally paid off the ransom on a Vietnam Commemorative, Colt .45 ACP. It’s beautiful!! Took me two and a half years to do it, but worth the wait! Santa’s timing couldn’t have been better LOL!!

  40. Recently paid the ransom on a Vietnam Commemorative, Colt .45 ACP. Took me two and a half years to do it. But well worth the wait!! It’s just beautiful!! Santa’s timing can’t be questioned!!

  41. Got a 90rd case of Walmart Special target clays. My great-nephews have apparently tired of shooting my pistols and rifles at steel. All clamor for the Browning Auto-5 12Ga. to shoot clays. Also a 1000rds of >1300fps in hopes of complete cycles in that antique.

  42. All I got was a Lee Classic Turret press kit and a $100 gift card to Cabela’s. Guess what I’m doing later this week. ☺️

  43. Smith and Wesson 637, Safariland IWB Holster, 38 special ammo, and not gun related but still awesome, Benchmade Proper. Good Christmas. Been wanting to add a revolver to my carry rotation for a while.

    • Why would you have a *rotation* of different guns to carry? And how many are in said rotation? Seems like sticking to one or two would mean you’re more familiar with your chosen weapon, and better able to use it effectively if you ever need to.

  44. My idea of a proper carry rotation would be two identical guns. Take one to the range and put maybe around 300/500 rounds through it, enough to where you can depend on it,
    When you want to go to the range for practice, take the OTHER one, and go ahead and put thousands of rounds through it, if you so desire.
    That way if a spring breaks, or small part fails, it will probably be on the range gun, and not the carry piece.
    Of course you can always take your carry gun to the range at times, and run a couple of mags through, just so it doesn’t feel neglected.

  45. 4 boxes of the 2017 CCI Christmas edition 22lr. Been collecting this stuff since the original black sleeve of 2014. This years are polymer coated green and red.

  46. Wifey surprised me with A Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. Totally did not see it coming. Scope is ordered, and I can’t wait to take it to the range!

    I’m a lucky dog!

  47. Due to Christmas I’m a little behind on posts so just got to this one today but I got a Remington R51. Unfortunately we went out of town right after Christmas so I won’t get to take it to the range until next week. I did order 500 rds of fmj 9mm today for $75 after MIR though so that should keep it fed for a little bit.

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