IMI Systems Quote of the Day: Un-Silenced Guns Mean Fewer Shooting Victims…Or Something

“It’s worth mentioning that the Virginia Tech shooting was far from the only time that survivors heard gunshots and knew they had to react quickly. More recently, in Alexandria, Va., members of Congress were practicing for the congressional baseball game when a gunman opened fire. Those who were there said that they,  too, recognized the sound of […]

Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: Silencers on the Down Low, a ‘Monument to Murder’ and Whipping it Out in NYC

Quiet? Mother Jones does everything she can to make this sound like some kind of furtive, secret plan . . . The Gun Industry’s Quiet New Push to Boost Silencer Sales The new legislation “assaults the interests of our nation’s law enforcement officials and threatens our public safety and security,” David Chipman, a retired ATF […]

House Natural Resources Committee Passes Bill with SHARE Silencer Reform Attached

Supporters of suppressor law reform have been cobbling together a bill that can make it through a famously fractious and lethargic Congress the same way that Hadrian built his wall…brick by brick. As we reported earlier, the Sportsmen’s Heritage And Recreational Enhancement or SHARE Act, sponsored by South Carolina’s Jeff Duncan (above), was attached to a larger […]

SHUSH Act Would Smash All Suppressor Regulations

Gun-loving Americans across the country understand suppressors are nothing more than a firearm accessory. One that can save their hearing. And as we reported last month, there’s a bill in Congress that recognizes that fact. The Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing (SHUSH) Act (S. 1505 and H.R. 3139), drafted by the National Association for Gun Rights and […]

Quote of the Day: If Silencers Are Deregulated, The Russians Will Have Won!

“These deadly gun silencers pose a huge risk to our enforcement and our communities and I will do everything I can to stop this ill-thought-out legislation that would allow more criminals to get their hands on these dangerous weapons.” – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand vows to fight legislation that would ease restrictions on […]

Silencerco CEO: Hopes ATF Won’t Fight Hearing Protection Act

According to SilencerCo’s CEO Josh Waldron, Trump’s two oldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, use SilencerCo products. SilencerCo was an early and vocal endorser of Donald Trump for President. As a result, Mr. Waldron received one of the coveted invitations to Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States. From Silencerco’s facebook page: SilencerCo CEO Josh Waldron is […]

Question of the Day: What Gun Control Repeal Should President Trump Tackle First?

I reckon national reciprocity would be the single most important change a Trump administration could make to America’s firearms freedom landscape. If all 50 states were forced (coerced?) into recognizing others states’ carry permits, the pressure to restore the right to bear arms in “no-issue” states like New Jersey and California would be intense. Sure, they’d resist; kicking and screaming doesn’t […]