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Some .22 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Area firearms dealers say ammunition manufacturers are starting to catch up with the high demand of recent years and that most of the popular deer calibers are in stock,” Johnston Pennsylvania’s reports. Deer schmeer. What about .22? “The availability of handgun ammunition, which also had been in short supply, is improving.” Improving or available? “Rimfire ammunition is more readily available now. However, when we get it, people buy it quickly,” a local dealer told Sigh. We saw some .22 ammo deals on Black Friday websites. Where are you based and what are you seeing – or not seeing – on the shelves of your local gun or big box store?

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  1. Here in Eastern NC, the problem with .22LR has not been availability so much as price.

    I’ve seen 500 rnd bricks at every gun show I’ve attended. Sometimes, they are priced “okay, higher than I like but I can go with it” and sometimes they are “AREYOUNUTS?”

    Haven’t seen bricks in the retail stores so much, but plenty of 50 rnd boxes generally speaking. LGS/Range has ’em every time; Dick’s not so much.

    Other stuff seems plentiful enough.

    What I’d like to see return to some normalcy is loading components. Some of my pet powders are still VERY hard to get here, online, anywhere.

    • BassPro in Mass has had .22 sporadically for the past three months. I just scored 200rnds of CCI 35gr for $8.99/100. I’ve picked up 3000+ rounds there over the past few months.

      And I’m not being greedy – I take whatever limit they allow me.

  2. One of the area Wally’s has removed the shelf area that had been reserved for various flavors
    of .22LR, as they don’t ever make it to the shelf.

    It has been just over 2 years since I was able to buy a brick of my firearms favorite chow, CCI
    Blazers in the tasty 40 grain cartridge.

    I have averaged 100 rounds per year for the last 2, and half my collection is gathering dust. Sadness…

  3. Here in the UP, I see a lot of shotgun and handgun ammo, some rifle ammo, and very little .22LR ammo

  4. Last gun show I saw .17HMR (which I am on my last 3 boxes) it was tagged for $32 for a box of 50. For 17g Vmax…. I am quite sure they were not gold plated. .22LR was fetching $69 a brick…limit 3 bricks cause thats all he had. Yeah, I don’t think so. Haven’t seen any rimfire on any retailer’s shelf since the panic… well short of one place selling 50rnd boxes @ $6 each limit 2.

  5. GA: Big box store has never had .22 in stock each time I’ve checked. All other calibers are present, albeit at higher prices than before the panic buying days.
    Local gun store has .22 in 50 round boxes, no limits. Again, prices are higher than the golden days of yore.

  6. Eastern WA. Everything is back on the shelves…except for .22 lr. The local Wal-Mart doesn’t even have a shelf for .22 anymore, because it never makes it that far. They sell it all straight from the counter within an hour of their official stocking time. Elsewhere, .22 can sometimes be found on the shelf if you get there at just the right time, but it never lasts more than a few hours.

    Prices and stock on most pistol ammo are close to pre-panic levels, but most rifle ammo (including my beloved .30-30) is still priced about 25% higher than before. In fact, the supply of .30-30 was plentiful and the price unchanged until deer season last year. Since then it’s been pretty sparse.

    As for .22, the bricks of 500 Blazers or Winchester bulk that used to go for $19.99 now go for $30-$35, but I guess that’s not bad considering how scarce it still is.

    The dearth of .22 and higher prices for everything else, plus recession-related financial issues, have pretty much deep-sixed my favorite hobby. I’ve only been out shooting twice this year. 🙁

    • I’m also in Eastern WA and ditto to what he said, most everything is on the shelves but .22lr is hit and miss.

    • The .22 LR situation at my local Wally World (in the Phoenix area) is identical to yours. There’s not even a spot for it on the shelf.

      Somebody gave me (!!) ~200 rounds of bulk .22 LR, so I’ve felt better about shooting some. Which is good, because it’s all my kids want to shoot.

      Every other type of ammo is available somewhere, and prices seem a bit high, but not too bad relative to 12 or 24 months ago.

      Except my beloved Federal Trophy Bonded 10mm. That load doesn’t seem to be available for love nor money, even online.

  7. I see kygunco has a decent price on minimags, but I am still well-stocked on 22lr. Last few years my 22lr purchases were in order to give a brick or two to my niece and nephew for their SW 15/22. On the calibers I shoot, most of them are well enough stocked that I don’t foresee and need to purchase anything in the next decade anyways.
    I see the prices coming down again and am tempted to buy, but don’t have a need. Besides, they still haven’t dropped to the prices that existed when I was stocking up.

    • Yup, ordered the max of 1500 rnds as soon as I got the email. I got server errors several times and was afraid they’d crash before I could get my order placed. At $0.10/rnd that’s the best I’ve seen in a while. A nearby Cabelas has the 50rnd boxes of mini mags for 7-8 sometimes.

  8. .22LR is plentiful in NH, running on average ~$0.10/round for small boxes and ~$0.08/round in bulk packs. Much too expensive for my taste. I suspect that stores which managed to get stock when it was still scarce and expensive are trying to keep their profit margin, but no one is willing to pay. Prices will go down when they get their next batch, but their current stuff isn’t moving, so the shelves remain full of .22 at prices no one is willing to pay.

    • Just bought 4×50 rounds of Federal .22LR at Bass Pro Shops in Hooksett for $2.39/box. They had about 50 boxes on the shelf. No bulk packs. They did have 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP in stock. It was a shock after the last two years to see a large amount of pistol ammo available.

  9. The writing was on the wall here in CA as early as 2010. The old “Boy Scout motto” came to mind back then when there was abundance and plenty of bulk deals to be had. Three years of steady buying in bulk quantities equals…stock on hand.

    Twenty – twenty five – fifty – hundred round bricks…laugh.

    • Gloating aside, to answer the question, there are ongoing shortages at the very busy large range I frequent here in San Diego County and selection is limited. It’s hit and miss. Product arrives and sells out quickly, particularly for the most popular calibers like 22 and 9. The only reason I know is B/C every now and then I want to shoot more than I brought with, so I hit the counter only to find…limits on availability. I don’t much shop for ammo these days, otherwise.

      • Turner’s on Clairemont – call Tuesday morning @ 9:30 to see what they have. Need to be in line before they open, but 3/4 time they have something. Black Friday brought the wife along and picked up 4 boxes (2 each max) of 325 for 19.98 each. Also SoCal Guns on Convoy has had 22lr bricks the last three weeks limit one – $29.99 325 rounds. I have a back order with Midsouth for 5 525 Federal @ $19.99 each.

  10. Minneapolis here…I still can’t find .22 on shelves and I hear that gunshow gougers are going strong but I refuse to buy from price gougers. Wish I could get some without mail ordering.

    • They can’t sell it for what nobody will pay for it. Blame your fellow firearms enthusiasts who hoover up everything in sight for keeping supply scarce and prices high.

  11. North TX: nada. Zip. Zilch. NOTHING.
    I seriously can’t remember the last time I saw 22 on the shelves. LGS and wally world are equally barren. T__T.

    And I don’t even HAVE a 22 firearm.

    • Haven’t seen .22LR since Nov ’12.

      New and local milsurp business (M2Bravo) is selling 50rd packs of some sort of CCI for $27.99 a frakking box. ($0.56 a round) Their federal match 300 ?333? Little box was $69.

      Seriously, that is nuts.

  12. Academy Sports is selling Federal Match 22LR 40 Grain for $19.99 per box of 50. I kid you not.
    I can buy Lake City 5.56 62 grain green tip for less than that.

  13. I’m seeing everything in stock, but not all at the same place. Prices for most calibers are okay except for .22LR. The same brick that used to cost $15-$19 before The Great Ammunition Extinction of 2012 is now priced at $45-$60, and I ain’t a-gonna pay it. But once in a while, my local Bass Pro gets in a pallet and sells bricks for $25. I buy all I can.

    My LGS never gouges on anything and some ammo prices there are actually as low or lower than they were before ammo went extinct. But since my LGS is well over an hour away (hey, it’s Massachusetts), I don’t go there unless I’m also buying a gun.

    • God bless the price gougers, and piss on your local gun shop.

      The market price for .22lr is about fifty bucks for 500. Outfits selling for less are subsidizing that sale to the extent of the discount. They aren’t stupid, they’re trying to buy some goodwill and generate sales traffic for their other products.

      Still, by underpricing .22lr, they’re encouraging overconsumption of .22lr, which in turn perpetuates the greater relative scarcity. It’s the infamous price gougers who properly price the product to reflect its current and expected scarcity, and thereby send the proper price signals back to manufacturers to increase output.

      Without those accurate price signals at the equilibrium market clearing price, supply and demand will remain out of balance and greater scarcity of .22lr will become the new normal.

      • Thank god someone has his economics right. That’s why I’m only a little annoyed at having to pay $50 for a pound of powder: paying more now means they’ll make more, which means there will be more in the future.

      • Not sure I agree here.

        Assuming the two sellers are paying the same price to acquire the rounds, the guy selling his ammo at $.05/round is going to more accurately show the manufacturers the real demand in the marketplace, because it’s fucking cheap cheap. (Assuming the seller isn’t selling below cost).

        All the guy selling ammo at $50/100 is telling people is that the manufacturer can make the same amount of ammo, and drive up the price to sellers and hence make more profit, and the market will pay it – it disincentivizes the manufacturer to make investments in capacity.

      • And there is why Econ profs hang out in the faculty lounge (with “Constitutional Law” prof/community organizers) rather than running a business.

  14. The local Walmart in Stroudsburg, PA has a little bit of ammo, better than 2 years ago, but no .22LR at all, ever. I spent Thanksgiving in Warren, OH with family and went Black Friday shopping with my dad to Gander Mountain. I haven’t seen that much ammo in 5 years. They had everything and plenty of it. Prices were not too bad except the .22LR which was $4.99 for a box of 50 CCI Blazure std. velocity 40 grain. They were limiting the .22 to 5 fifty round boxes a customer, I bought 2. I need to scout out a better store local to me for ammo and stuff besides Walmart.

    • Once in a while when I have some time to kill and want to get out of the house, I make a big loop out to PA (I’m from NJ). I’ll stop at the Walmarts in Stroudsburg and Nazareth, but I haven’t seen .22 at either of them in a long time. 9mm and 38’s are back in stock sometimes, decent amount of rifle ammo, tons of shotgun ammo… but I could get better prices online.

      Dunkelberger’s probably has plenty of ammo, but even higher prices than Walmart.

      • Online .22lr prices are deceptive. Even if it’s in stock, it’s often just 50 round boxes and there’s still a quantity limit, often of just one box. It doesn’t make since to buy, because of the shipping expense, unless you’re already buying much more of something else and they can ship together.

      • Good top know it’s not just me striking out at the local Walmarts. Dunkleburger’s now has a second store out near the West End Fair grounds, I’ve been inside once so far, I should go there again.

  15. I havent bought any .22lr since October. Of 2012. Shipping prices keep me away from online sales and since I work from 6am to 5pm 6 days a week I dont have the luxury of camping out at Wally World on ammo day. The few LGS’s that have it will only sell it if you buy time on the range. To top it off, the last two guns I have bought are both .22s, and they just sit there. Silent.

    This BS can end any time IMO.

  16. Southeastern PA: All popular centerfire pistol and rifle ammo in good, steady supply at most stores; .22 LR bricks are frequently available at some LGS, nonexistent at others. The large chain stores are hit or miss with .22.

  17. Much of the .22 shortage is our own fault at this point. People buy it just because they see it now. Maybe 10-20% of the buying is based on actual need, and I know that many of my friends and family who before all this maybe had a brick or two lying around at the house, now have 5-10,000rds just because they buy it when they see it. I’m not advocating buying on need alone by any stretch, but it’d be nice to see some .22 sit on the shelves for a little while.

  18. .22LR is still a tough order at Wal-Mart, but otherwise I can get anything I need with no problems. Except this past weekend when all the crazies were out.

  19. South central PA

    I see most calibers most places but often not at prices worthwhile. Especially 22lr, it’s there just not worth it.

    I still have some but not enough to practice (3 gun) with. I did shoot a bunch the other day out of the bolt action @ 180yd (steel targets)…But it lasts longer shooting like that.

    I have a 9mm AR, and reload 9mm, so it’s my new 22lr. Nearly the same price. Maybe I need a 9mm bolt action?

  20. Everything is available here south of the Portland metro area.
    Prices seem reasonable. My local Wally world had .22 at noon two Friday’s ago. It was yelling at me to buy it. But I didnt.
    Powder is still scarce, but I’m well stocked.

  21. For me things have pretty much returned to normal, except of corse for .22. I remember about a year and a half ago, shelfs were stripped of all the popular calibers, and what was in was more expensive. Now everything centerfire is back, reasonably priced and plentiful. I think the reason .22 remains so elusive is that lots of guys (including me) still instinctually snap it up whenever they see it, as if it’s going to disappear forever.

  22. Boxes of Win 555 or fed525 are not a problem in S Wisconsin.
    CCI being my standard I was able to buy 3 300 Rnd boxes of CCI 36 gr hollow point.
    Then plenty of 300 Rnd CCI 1200 fps but the 100 round plastic boxes of 1235 fps Mini Mag (my sight in cartridge) is scarce. I check regularly at WalMart and Farm & Fleet. Flush with stuff to shoot but not Mini Mags

  23. .22LR is hard to come by, or at least where I get it…. I used to put a few rounds rapid fire in to the local vermin in my backyard to make it a quick death.

    Now, I just hit ’em with one round and call it good. Thinking about switching to a high-power air rifle

    Sorry local armadillos and raccoons, times are hard.

  24. Cabela’s has Remington .22 ammo for $3.99 per box … and their “generous” 1-box limit is just plain idiotic.

    • Locla Cabelas has been having 333rd box of Winchester 22LR at $19. Limit 1 per purchase. Seem to only put a few on the shelf at a time and restock thru the day. Has had CCI 22lR most of the time in the last 6months.

      Got some 22LR at Wally about a month ago. 1st seen there for LONG time but usually avoid the place.

  25. i found some starter blanks in humboldt park yesterday. maybe they were rowboat racing.
    there’s a guy near flournoy who sells 9mm out of his trunk…
    other than that nothing. chicago’s dry. has been for decades.

  26. 22LR is available, but it’s awfully expensive compared to what it used to be. Gone are the days of $0.05 or $0.06 a round prices. I’m grateful that I bought everything I could up until about April of this year, when prices got up to about $0.10 a round… and stayed there. It’s as if gumballs when you were a kid went from a penny each to five cents each. Not a good value. I have a few fat ammo boxes of 22LR. Fun to shoot.

  27. I checked local stores in a Midwestern state. They seem to have an ample supply of everything except for three calibers:
    (1) .22 LR — only one local gun store seemed to have stock ($4 for 50 rounds)
    (2) .380 ACP is basically non-existent.
    (3) .243 Winchester is almost non-existent and running about $21 per 20 rounds when you do find it.

    Aside from those three calibers, everything else is close to “normal”.

  28. Stocks are returning here in AZ. Most popular handgun and rifle calibers are continuously in stock at the brick and mortar places. I don’t shoot 22 so I haven’t really paid attention, but most places are typically out of stock.

    Prices are another matter. Wal-Mart is still trying to get $25 for a brick of 100rnd 9mm. While that’s not absurd, we all know the real price should be in the $22 neighborhood. Certain brands “value packs” are still priced at panic levels.

    I have a few thousand rounds of each caliber I shoot. Plan is to hold off buying as long as possible until prices correct.

  29. I refuse to buy anything AT ALL from a vendor that’s price gouging on ammo. .22lr should only be $.04-.05/round, the ammo scalpers are buying everything up in order to keep prices artificially inflated, and anyone that buys at twice the value is culpable. I’ll sell every .22lr I have before I pay $.10/round for ammo. After talking with several Walmart employee’s in several different states, its the same group of dickheads that come in every morning and buy up every box of rimfire they have. I see air rifles in my future for .17’s and .22’s.

    • Chris, I don’t know of any large retailers that are price gouging on .22LR. When demand for a product goes up faster than the supply, the price goes up. That has certainly happened with rimfire ammo over the past two years. Unfortunately, rimfire ammo is more expensive than it used to be.

  30. When I find 22lr ammo, it’s anywhere from $0.10 to $0.25 per round here in Spokane, WA… generally in snack sized zip lock bags or 50 round boxes. Too rich for my blood, so I’ve sold off most of my rimfire assortment, just hanging onto one rifmire handgun for sentimental reasons at this point. I can’t remember the last time I saw a 500 round box now, the last one I had still had a $14.99 sticker on it and I haven’t bought ammo since I ran through that last box.

  31. I got a phone call at 7:30 Saturday morning from my friend and neighbor. He was in the local Walmart getting some supplies, and noticed them stocking Winchester .22LR into the ammo case. He was nice enough to stand there and and wait while I threw on pants and dashed down to claim my 3 boxes. Three boxes of 333 rounds each, for $17.47 a box. Not bad for plated hollow points, at a little over 5¢ per round. I was so appreciative of his thoughtfulness, that I spotted him the funds so that he could fill out his limit too.

    Things are slowly improving. I think that the speculators are not buying as much as they used to. The gun show and online sellers are not able to turn over product for sure short-term profits like they used to. But with increased supply will come increased purchases of new .22LR firearms too. I just bought a Rough Rider 6-shooter on a Cyber Monday deal, and am still looking. Hopefully though, the trend of increased availability will prevail.

  32. Here in Far Northern California we have pretty much everything except .22LR. I can go into Sports Authority and the shelves are well stocked–except for .22 that they don’t put on the shelves. Lots and lots of 9, .223, and .45. I was told Dick was selling bulk boxes of .22 Remington Goldens starting Thursday night for Black Friday, but I didn’t bother. Other than that, I haven’t seen a bulk pack in over 2 years. That which you can find, even weird off brands I have never heard of, are $0.10 a round, the gougers substantially more. No more of the great days of $0.02 (on sale). I can’t imagine what minimags are going for now, which is the only thing a Sig Mosquito will eat. The last time I bought any they were $0.10 each (six years ago), so they must be three to five times that much now. For that price, it is cheaper to shoot .223 55gr.

  33. Academy has Winchester .22LR 36gr. HPCP in the 222, 333 and 555 bulk packs for 4.5 cents/round.
    May or may not be in stock online or in store. Call first. Check online.
    I got a 333 pack a couple weeks ago in Florence, SC.
    Only place I know of that is NOT gouging.

  34. Central Kansas has pretty much everything in stock except .22. Dick’s did have Buckets ‘o Bullets a couple of weekends ago for $.05/round, limit one. Both the wife and I got one.

  35. The big box stores around me have pretty much anything you would want except for 22lr. I also still have trouble finding 230gr HST’s to feed my 45 anywhere but online, I didnt have a 45 before 2012 so maybe that has just always been the case. They do have Gold Dots though.

    The problem is prices. Its actually not bad for SD/ premium hunting ammo and more or less what they were pre-panic but FMJ is still expensive. I used to buy what I planned to shoot that day pre panic and only bought online if I had enough keesh to plunk down on 500-1k and that was fine because prices were nearly what they would be after shipping. Now though, 9mm costs what 40 used to, 40 a little below what 45 used to be, and 45 is into second mortgage territory at the Academy near my house (28 for a 50round box of 230grain Speer Lawman or nearly $60 for a 100rd brick of AE). Cabelas down in Buda is almost in line with what you would pay online + shipping for anything like 223/556, 9mm,40, 45 not including my time and gas burned, but still more expensive than 2012.

  36. Stores in eastern North Dakota have good supplies of everything but 22lr. Powder for reloading has improved significantly.

  37. I usually train at a range in a fairly affluent area of the Phoenix area. Although you won’t find CCI or other well known brands, they have had plenty of 22LR on the shelves for a while. They even put it on sale a few weeks back. I suspect that the “glut” is because most people who visit this range do not need to shoot 22lr to save money.

  38. KyGunCo has CCI .22 LR $26.99 / 300. It’s the 36 grain CPHP ammo. Good stuff. I just ordered 1,500 rounds. That’s the limit. Good luck, y’all.

    There’s also gunbot / ammo seek, etc. Winchester CPHP 36 grain at $.10-.$11 / round from various manufacturers. My Ruger 10/22’s and 22/45 eats everything.

  39. So I’ve read this entire thread, and I just can’t figure out what this 22LR is that everyone’s talking about.

    OK, more seriously, Cabelas at south Denver occasionally has the hundred round plastic CCI boxes, but I refuse to buy from them because they insist you supply them with your birthday, regardless of whether it’s obvious you’re over 21. That’s just nosy.

    • Tell them birthdate is Aug 04, 1961 and if they ask your zipcode is 20500 (as u 1600 On Ave). This isn’t a court deposition.

      Or they them you’re not going to give them one.

      • I did flatly refuse. They responded by refusing to make the sale.

        Lying to them makes it appear that you don’t mind the question. It may thwart the nosiness but it does nothing to stop it,

        I walked away from the purchase, complaining loudly.

  40. Have had no problems getting all the .22 I want online in th .04~.06 per round range. Secret is wikiarms app. Alerts work much better than ammoseek’s.

  41. Western Washington, most of the shelves are stocked but many stores are rationing their .22LR. 2 boxes maximum per person…
    Even some of the strange hunting loads are in stock though so it seems like the ammo craze has died down.

  42. I see .22 on occasion at Academy and Bass Pro in Oklahoma city. I can find .22 on line via Gunbot and eight to nine cents a round seems to be the going price. I don’t think that we’ll ever see .22s for a nickel a round again so anything less than a dime may be the new normal. I reload most of the centerfire calibers I shoot and my gripe is the total lack of reloading powder. I can find bullets, brass and even primers – but almost no rifle powder and absolutely no pistol powder. Its like there’s always one component you can’t find – two years ago you couldn’t find primers at any price. Now you can’t get powder. I guess the powder went to loaded ammunition and that’s why you can find all of the 9mm and .45 acp you want.

  43. The mystical forest known as Penn’s Woods:

    I went to a privately owned shop, which is a pretty sizable one, on Saturday evening so I got to see the Black Friday aftermath. I pulled in an hour before closing, still had a full parking lot.


    Cleaned out of all M&P pistols except some Pros and Cores. They had a special. I was thinking in the back of mind that if they had any still, I might grab an M&P 9, but luckily they were out or I’d have been forced to get one. 🙂
    9mm Shields all gone. Also a special. .40s in stock.
    Cleaned out of H&Ks except one. They had 10% off, plus there is a $200 factory rebate this month. So I guess guys got while the getting was good.
    Lots of SIGs, Glocks and 1911s on the shelves. Even had G30S models, which I hadn’t seen in stock before.
    Lots of ARs on the shelves. Everything from Bushmasters to M&Ps, Colts, SIG and Daniel Defense. A few AR pistols. It didn’t really look like the AR racks had much of a dent in them. I guess people who wanted one got one a year or two ago.
    AKs on hand, and even some unconverted Saiga rifles and some Saiga shotguns. A few AK Pistols.
    Had some Tavors.
    Some PTR-91s of various configurations in stock.
    Lots of assorted .308 ARs.
    Deer Rifles looked depleted, as were the display cases with scopes.
    Plenty of shotguns of all types from expensive over-unders to tacti-tarded.
    Tubs and tubs of Magpul mags for cheap. Good stocking stuffers.
    For some reason the cleaning rod rack was wiped out. Grrr. I actually needed one. Weird.

    Again, the black rifle sections looked pretty much like any other day, that is virtually fully stocked. It would appear to my eye that pistols on special and deer gear were the hot items. Deer season started today, so it’s logical that certain things were cleaned out in that regard. Prices on guns were cheap. Even more so with sales specials.

    Ammo: (that I looked at)

    9mm FMJ mostly gone. All the usual cheap stuff that is. Plenty of Gold Dots, etc. No cases I could see.
    .40 FMJ plenty on the shelf and cases on the floor stack. Plenty of JHP.
    .45 FMJ plenty on the shelf and cases on the floor. Plenty of JHP.
    .38 Special/.357 Magnum – lots. Usually .357 Magnum is hard to get here. I got me some.
    .17 HMR has returned to stock. I got some. Price wasn’t bad. $11 / 50 round box Hornady.
    .22 LR – gone. I am told they had it there on pallets Friday at door opening. Even with customer limits. Gone.
    .22 Short – some CCI still there.
    .223- 20 round boxes of Wolf on the shelf, PMC on the shelf.
    5.56 – 20 round boxes on the shelf gone. Plenty of cases and ammo cans. Price was cheap. (PMC, Federal)
    7.62×39 – plenty of Red Army Standard, Wolf, etc. Cases of Red Army.
    7.62×51 – fairly good amount of FMJ.
    Deer Calibers and Loads- (.243, .308 hunting loads, .30-30, .30-06, etc.) pretty cleaned out of hunting loads.

    Looked like plenty of reloading supplies in that section.

    Ammo prices were a buck or two higher per box than say the recent good old days of 2009-2010. Some specials were in play like American Eagle 9mm 115 gr for $9.99, which was sold out by the time I went.

    I like to go the day after Black Friday on the off chance someone traded something cool in on Friday that will come up on the used rack. Sometimes you find something good. I’ll check again next weekend.

    That is all.

  44. Here in Illinois, I’ve found three bricks of thunderbolts for $22 each and three boxes of winchester 222 count for $11.00 in the last month.

  45. Here on the south side of Ft. Worth, I can get about any caliber I want, but not necessarily in the flavor I want. I’ve gotten .22 Remington Thunderbolt from Academy two boxes at a time for 2.29 ea. They always have some more expensive .22, but I don’t get it. I think the only reason I’ve scored the Remington is that I’ve taken some time off to burn some vacation and I’ve gotten there in the morning.

    The gun show had .22 bricks this last weekend at about $45 per 500. That’s down from 60. I’m not buying at those prices. When it eventually starts going on sale again, I’ll start buying and I’ll never be caught short again. Of course the stuff I’m shooting now is older than some of you are. It’s marked .97 a box.

  46. Supplies of .22LR are far from back to normal here in Wisconsin. Most other ammo is pretty much available, although it tends to cost a little more than it did two years ago.

    Cabela’s usually has some sort of .22LR available, but there normally is a 1 or 2 box limit.

  47. Kentucky Gun Company ( had 325rd bricks of Federal .22LR for $19.99ea with a 10 brick limit. There was most of a pallet left on the floor when I stopped by the store on Saturday. Not so sure now.

  48. .22 LR is scarce on the central coast of California. Big 5 occasionally has some but usually a line to buy. Lots of other ammo. Pistol powders for reloading are non-existent but apparently there must be millions of people reloading 50 bmg??????

  49. In my local area (Portland, OR) I never see 22lr on the shelves. However, I am beginning to see lots of people selling–through online classifieds–lots of 22 in the numbers of THOUSANDS. I think people are finally taking their over-inflated hoards and paring them down. Perhaps the end of the drought is near. Maybe in 5 years we’ll have 22 again…

  50. Dallas Fort Worth, Texas- As far as in stores, I can usually find 5.56/.223, 45 and 44. If you can find 9mm it is in an off brand, never UMC, PMC, Federal, Remington or Winchester. As far as 22 LR, I haven’t seen it in the wild for over 2 years now.

    As far as the gun shows, there is always a table with ammo that looks about 25 years old and you have to overpay for it.

  51. In Canada, ammo prices and availability was normal up until very recently. Like the last few months. Now it’s a bit scarce, especially .22s. Can get online still from cabelas but mainly the more expensive stuff not the usual bulk packs. Not sure why we only got hit now.

  52. I’ve been able to get mini mags from gander mountain for $9.99 100 rd box and the 36gn 300 packs for $29.99 online only but they offer free shipping on orders over $49.99 so i don’t have to go to the store where i’ll usually end up buying another gun when i do their loss and it’s nice when the mail carrier brings my ammo to my front door……

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