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In the dark days following the collapse of my second marriage, I’d occasionally hire a babysitter and head to Haruki East. I sat at the bar nursing a Jameson, scarfing sushi, reading. Occasionally, I’d put down my book and engage nearby diners in conversation. When the subject of guns came up, I’d keep it light. I saw no profit in arguing with antis, especially in my clean, well-lighted place. One night, a brace of college professors learned of my gun blogging and attacked. “You’re a baby killer!” the Brown prof shouted, slamming his fist on the bar. “You killed those babies at Newtown!” I left before they got physical. But that was it: the stupidest thing I’d ever heard an anti say. You?

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    • Nailed it. And I can summarize all of their “logical” anti-gun arguments with one quote from a hoplophobe I once worked with: “Well, I just don’t like guns.”

      My response didn’t change his mind, but it made me feeeeel better: “Well, I don’t like Brussels sprouts but I’m not trying to ban them.”

    • The stupidest thing I ever heard a liberal hoplophobe say was “Why are you bashing my head in with that baseball bat”?

  1. At a party, mostly college students or recent underemployed graduates this former soldier says “Well the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets.” He was full of other drivel such as “for the children” arguments and was entirely pro-confiscation.

  2. A friends dad claimed that when his firewood popped in the fireplace, that it was bullets fired into trees from those
    “damn hunters”. He was dead serious.
    I just stared at him. I was stunned into silence. I would have laughed but it was my friends dad.

  3. “commonsense forthechildren”

    It comes out slurred together and in a chanting cadence. What it really means is “I have been brainwashed by leftist group-think.” It is depressing to hear from otherwise seemingly intelligent people.

  4. Heard from a British guy…

    “You don’t need a gun to defend yourself against a knife attack. Once you struggle for your dear life, you will be able to overpower the attacker.”

    “We may have much higher criminality rates in the UK than in the Czech Republic, but having access to guns for self defense like the Czechs would only make it worse.”

    Heard from a French guy…
    “Common people are too stupid to be able to handle a deadly weapon on daily basis. Having a shall issue concealed carry introduced in France would lead to instant blood bath on the streets.”

    • I figured that the French guy would’ve figured it out by now, considering his country’s long and glorious history. The most memorable time I’ve heard the phrase, “blood in the streets,” I was looking at a guillotine, built circa 1890-ish. It would seem that psychopaths don’t need a gun to commit mass murder.

    • So the French guy is saying that France is full of morons, I guess. And in America, the only gun violence that occurs in significant numbers is in the inner-city ghettos, largely populated by blacks.

    • So what is the down side to an “instant blood bath in the streets” of France?

      And given that this is the same France where their army of 5,000,000 men surrendered to 500,000 Germans in 5 weeks in 1939, what makes anyone think any French-person would be willing to actually fight to defend themselves?

  5. “If you shoot somebody it will change your life.”

    As opposed to my life not changing if an attacker kills me?

    • Yes “you are not prepared for the trauma of killing someone” as opposed to the non trauma of death or the many varied traumas of suffering assault.

  6. “Guns are designed to kill people”

    It takes an inanimate object and turns it malignant… everything else can then follow from that.

    Stupidest pro-gun statement… “hold this beer for me and watch this!”

  7. Pretty hard to pick just one when the entire ‘movement’ is made up of people that not only know nothing of the law, the second amendment, the constitutional underpinning of the topic, how guns work, any legitimate statistic data, or even half way decent logic methodology.

    But if I half to try and narrow it down I’ll have to narrow it down to two things. The first one being the statement that the ‘NRA just wants to sell guns’. I’ve long since lost count of just how many times I’ve heard this crap shoveled out every time someone tries to stake a stab at guns and gun ownership. As much as it pisses me off it also does make me smile as it shows the far left mind set these pin heads operate from. The whole ‘it’s all capitalism’s fault’ meme.

    The second one being ‘I support guns but…’. We all know this lie pretty well by now. I’ve known people that’ll just go on and on about how they support the idea of owning a gun yet they’ll repost every single gun incident they hear about on their Facebook page with that line ‘I support guns but…’

      • My basic load would be 7 30 rounders. Never know when you’re going to run into that herd the idiot who wished for a million bucks got conjured up.

      • And how awful would you feel if you only brought the one bullet and the beast was left wounded from a less than perfect shot? Not bringing enough bullets is the immoral thing not bringing to many.

    • And you got this ffrroommm what? A signal from the mother ship?

      Come on guy, have you forgot his response after Newtown AND how when he couldn’t get any traction he just used a fish full of executive orders to get whatever he could done?

      • He’s not saying that seriously. The question was, “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard an anti-gunner say?”

      • You got it all backwards. Or maybe I should have used quotation marks. What I meant was that the dumbest thing I haver heard an anti say, was that “Obama is not anti-gun”. That came from a moonbat trying to troll me on TTAG’s Facebook page.

        • Oh! I see now…. sorry. Too used to dealing with people on Fark that say these things with no irony intended.

    • I have a neighbor that says the same thing. He is a hunter and gunowner, but has been brainwashed by his union (pipefitters), that all Democrats are great, and all Republicans suck, even though, where we live, most “R’s” are pro 2A, and ALL “D’s” scream “CONFISGATE”. There is just no talking to him. He used to belong to a hunting club in Alabama, but they threw him out because of the pro-Obama drivel he was spewing. Good for them, but unfortunately, this Jackazz still doesn’t get it.

  8. “Guns turn good people into bad/evil people, in any situation.” – Said to me in 2011. Yeah, and a nice suit, and fancy living room will turn me into a homosexual.

    “People buy guns to make up for their penis size.” – Hurr Durr, Shaq even CCW’s. Tell that to him. (humor)

    • I hear that one in just about every conversation I have with certain liberals about firearms, seconded by I must live in constant fear or I wouldn’t need a gun (to which I reply, all I have to do is watch the evening news to know I need a gun!).

      But the stupidest I’ve heard was yesterday, when a total moron liberal confidently pronounced that I and the rest of the NRA were watching the newscasts from Ferguson and wishing all the rioters had guns…..

  9. This is not so much a dumbest thing but I was recently amazed at how effective the MSM’s indoctrination of otherwise very smart people can be. We were at work watching a TV in a break room where the MSM was going on about the rioting over the police brutality (as the MSM called it), I mentioned to another person how I was waiting for the rioting over that grandchild that was murdered while on her grandfathers lap by thugs who just randomly went around killing. The other person’s first reply was so telling. He said: “Yeah, we’ve got to do something about that gun violence.” I responded that we definitely have to do something about criminal thug violence, It really shook me that this person went straight to guns being the problem rather than criminals and thugs. It was as if the criminal thugs were on their way to college or the food pantry to help hand out meals and suddenly, a bunch of AK47’s levitated off the street into their hands and then they were off looking for somebody to kill like mindless zombies under the trance of “gunz”.

      • It really is scarily effective. I was initially outraged by baby Treyvon being hunted down, only to find out he was 6’4 MMA basketball player, and police brutality on tiny schoolboy Brown only to discover he was a freaking 300 pound store robbing thug monster.

    • Between levitating Ak-47s and AR-15s with a cloaking device, I am getting seriously disappointed with the quaint, no-frills guns in my safe. Guess I need to buy more.

  10. This court’s ruling, if left standing, would allow someone to carry a gun on the mere assertion of self defense.

    You mean us little people have the right to defend ourselves?

    Who said this? Hint: not Bloomberg.

    • That would be California’s sworn-to-protect-and-uphold-the-Constitution attorney general, Kamala Harris.

      Also, I feel compelled that the actual comment included the phrase “an otherwise qualified individual.” As if somehow wanting to assert one’s Constitutional right to self-defense (it’s even in California’s own Constitution — Article I, Section 1) somehow renders one unqualified to carry a firearm.

    • Oh that totally would have worked! After all the shooter at the navy yard had an AR-15 pump shotgun! That’s what CNN told me! And they’re never wrong.

  11. Last week my AP Biology teacher said “It would be easier and safer to tackle an active shooter than to stop him with a gun of your own”. He was 100% serious.

    • Tell him to try that if he ever has a shooter enter his class. Oh wait, he’d probably dive under a desk and pray to the God he doesn’t believe in to save him while his students get shot. Then his ars gets saved by a student with a CCW. 🙂

    • I would have politely asked as to why he was spending the time that you pay him to teach you biology to promote his own agenda. Seems like an example of a professor abusing the position. Glad that this is a rare occurrence.

  12. “Well, I don’t need a gun, I have a bat…”

    So, bludgeoning someone to death is perfectly okay, but shooting them is reprehensible? The act or reason for killing isn’t your issue then, just the manner.

    • It is ironically called the Batman rule. Batman as we know is anti gun, this is morally correct. Thus the fact that Batman chooses to beat bludgeon and torture criminals, often inflicting injuries that simply MUST result in permanent body and brain damage and certainly qualify as deadly force (flying roundhouse to the temple? Seriously I would have gave up if you flashed your 1911! But now I’m drooling in a wheelchair, living off compressed air and liquid food) is morally superior to either using a firearm to quell violence or save lives. There is a similar rule concerning Superman where he would be considered wrong for snapping the neck of a mass murderer to prevent the imminent deaths of even more innocents.

      • Batman is only anti-gun when he is written by somebody who is anti-gun. I’ve read and watched Batman when he exclaimed that he knows how powerful guns are, and how he understands why the police use them, and sometimes wishes that if maybe his father had a gun, maybe he never would have had to become Batman in the first place.

        The original Batman had a machine gun built into the Bat-plane. Also Tim Burton’s Batman. Even the new Batman made by Christopher Nolan has Bats outfitted with rocket launchers and a mini-gun in his basement (for taking fingerprints from a pistol bullet, of course)

  13. Carolyn McCarthy’s notorious description of a barrel shroud (which she wanted banned) as the “shoulder thing that goes up”.

    Classic dumbness:

    • Ben Shapiro has done a number of videos along this same angle. You can find them on YouTube. They’re pretty good ones too.

  14. My wife got into an argument with a vietnam vet, a marine supposedly, over the utility of an ar for home defense. He became so frustrated he said “a 1911 is all you need, I don’t even want more than 7 rounds. Anymore than that and you’ll shoot yourself!”

    • A former boss of mine as a teenager shot a home invader with his dad’s 1911. Cop that responded asked him why he shot him 7 times. He answered: “That’s all I had.” Later no billed and have a nice day (late 60’s).

  15. In the comments on an artcile regarding the ban on possession of mag over 10 rounds, I made the comments that I was sitting in my office with 1 round chambered, 17 round mag and 4 spare 17 round mags.
    A proponent of the limit replied “just carry more mags.”
    The person didn’t realize he/she just pointed out how pointless the mag capacity limit is. Of course, that would then lead the Antis to making it illegal to carry an extra mag. (Ooops, better not give them any ideas.)
    (side note, I’d need 5 mags in NY State to carry what I have in 2 in NC. When people start dying because of that insane law, rather than lifting the mag limit, they will reduce the law abiding to a single shot muzzle loader.)

  16. So many. No guns-guns hurt. Penis size. I support gun rights-but they should ban “assault rifles”. Why criminals can buy machine guns through the mail. Gunfights and blood in the streets if Illinois gets CC. MY favorite-Christians should NEVER have guns because Jesus said so…

    • A fair case can be made for a person not carrying a firearm for self-defense, from Christian theology, but I’ve never seen a valid attempt at making the case not to carry to defend someone else.

      It may be the greatest love of all to lay down your life for a friend, but it’s also very stupid love when you don’t have to do so: better to “lay down” the life of the bad guy.

      • ^^^ This.

        ‘No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You make the other bastard die for his.’ – G.S. Patton

  17. Shannnon Watts, Bloomberg’s hired sockpuppet when asked on CNN if good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns: “this has never happened. Data showed it doesn’t happen.”

    This was widely ridiculed around the innertubz, and one of the better responses came from AWR Hawkins at Breitbart.

  18. For me it’d have to be “I don’t believe in guns”
    They say it like you’re debating religion. As if they can just deny that they even exist.

    • More like you’ll be charged with cruelty to animals, like shooting your cat with a paintball gun. Not to mention possible fines and jail time for using to small of a caliber for your chosen game.

  19. This one should be right up there at the top:

    Fast forward to 2:50 so hear the her talking, “stupidly” 😉

    And she was the “Prime House co-sponsor on the ban on the high capacity magazines”

    Rep. Degette said “I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

    • Too many to name individually, but Rep. Diana Degette from Colorado talking about hi-cap magazines being depleted as we shoot them is #1 for me. Too stupid to know how magazines work? Then you should be the LAST PERSON rallying for them being banned.

    • #1 dumbest remark, absolutely. It reveals a frightening lack of understanding of the thing she seeks to regulate. I can’t imagine that this kind of clueless legislation is limited to firearms, either.

      If she were talking about regulating, say, the practice of medicine, or some kind of technology related to cell phones or computers, she’d be laughed out of office and never taken seriously again.

  20. I’ve said it here before: “I don’t believe in guns. The 2nd Amendment is outdated. You don’t need guns to overthrow governments. All you need is Twitter.”

    • Judging by recent Arab spring events all you need is Twitter, if you are a military looking for an easy coup. Between locals who just want to get back to their lives and western civvies being distracted by the next Twitter meme it couldn’t have been easier.

  21. I was commenting on a gun article after Newtown that polls of police officers said that the overwhelming majority of police officers wanted MORE citizens to be armed. When asked by a troll to provide a reference, I provided a link ( ).
    The same troll then told me the web site was fake and was put there by pro-gun fanatics to spread false information.

  22. Just ONE? But there’s SO MANY to choose from!

    I’d say that a fellow writer and usually pretty smart guy blew a gasket during an online discussion one night and ended up repeatedly calling me “terrorist” until I had to block him. He was simply out of gas, facts or logic-wise, and that was all he had. That is definitely in my top-ten.

  23. Ittallian student @ my college.
    Civillians should only be allowed to own rifles (if that), after all no one uses a rifle to shoot up schools.
    …..I like my shotgun.
    Why do you need a shotgun? you can’t use it for hunting!
    ……….Yes you can, you have no idea about guns
    All guns should be banned! (meaning pistols)
    Japanese student:(same convo)
    A shotgun, that works by using a secondary charge to scatter the pellets right?
    lol lol lol (2 minutes) No. Draws stuff out explains how it works.

    Japanese student
    Ar-15 that stands for assault rifle right?

    No ARmalite model 15

    Proceeds to draw tree on chalkboard about what rifles pitols shotguns are and the proper terminology.

    While also explaining that as I just showed them antigunners don’t know diddly about guns, and that is a major reason gun control is mocked by us Americans

    • In response to me using a tiger revolver as a bed side gun… ” if homeowners have guns robbers will just get machine guns”. Cuz machine gunz make crooks resistant to non machine gunz. Also”it ain’t worth killing over a DVD player” Well I ain’t killing over my DVD player but I will probably insist they not take it and I would rather not be left defenseless if he decides that DVD player IS worth killing for.

  24. “A standard handgun (whatever that is) can shoot through a concrete wall like this one” In reference to a double block concrete filled load bearing wall of a gymnasium as he explained the difference between concealment and cover. This guy was a police officer that was stationed at my high school the majority of days. When I confronted him about it saying that most high powered rifles would never go through that wall he said, “You obviously didn’t get the message”. I responded, “was the message that a criminal can kill you at any time and there is no such thing as safety, thus you should live in constant fear? Because that’s the message you sent”. After being threatened with detention I figured I should be on my way.

    Various other confrontations included him asking me if I thought I was a better shot than him. I said yes and asked what range he wanted to meet at to find out. He declined. What an idiot. This was your typical anti-gun cop that shoots maybe 3 boxes a year so they put him in a situation that he would ideally never have any reason to attempt to discharge his firearm if he could ever figure out how.

  25. I once go told by his stoner kid; oh yea if we banned guns no one would be able to get their hands on em, he said it while he was smoking pot in a state where medical marihuana was illegal….. Geez I wonder how he got his hands on something illegal I bet criminals follow laws

  26. This week I heard lots of “why didn’t Officer Wilson shoot Michael Brown in the knee/leg to stop him.”

    • Blame hollywood for that. People think you can shoot a 6’4″ 290 lb man that is moving, in the leg, with a handgun, while under immense stress, and that’ll stop him dead in his tracks.

  27. I used to work with a woman who was a self-described druid (or sometimes witch) who had dedicated her life to the Earth Goddess. She told me once that people who “cling to firearms” do so because they were not breast fed as infants. Really meant it, too, but then she ascribed the lack of breast feeding as the primary causative factor in violence in any form, physical aggression, and the consumption of flesh in the course of a meal. Her perspective, such as it was, is nursing at the breast of Mother Earth set one down the path of a balanced, natural life full of harmony with all other creatures. I asked her once if that meant Genghis Khan had been bottle fed and she said of course not, but then he continued to drink milk as an adult so that’s what probably poisoned his aura.

    She was a good editor and a very pleasant person to work around, and entertaining as hell as you never knew what was going to come out of her mouth.

    • I grew up Pagan. In my personal experience, Pagans generally seem to be on a IQ/ general awareness of the world level somewhat above the average population. But then there is always that one that you really wish would shut up and stop giving the rest of there a bad name.

      I no longer consider myself part of the craft, but my mother and one of my brothers still are. Both are armed to the teeth, and will tell anyone that if you believe in freedom of religion, you better have the means to back it up. Besides, there are plenty of Christian Jihadist around that may decide to not suffer a witch.

      • I hesitated to tell the story as she was truly a delightful, loving person. Perhaps the person MOST likely to offer unsolicited advice and the LEAST likely to judge. I figure live and let live, unless their hands try to grab something out of mine.

      • @ TA: I would have ignored your comment if you had just maybe said “Christian Extremist” but Jihadist is an Islamic term (loosely meaning “struggle”), and I would venture to guess you would have more to fear from them then a “Christian” one.

  28. It’s impossible to narrow it down from the plethora of idiocy out there. So I’m going to go with an instant classic: Buy a double barrelled shotgun, fire one blast from the balcony into the air and shoot through the door with the other.

    • It’s always give isn’t it? We talk about freedoms choice and keeping what you earn and they jump the shark instantly and assert that we like them want to use socialism to “give” whatever we are talking about to everybody. Then they talk about compromise, our “compromise” is they get to do what they want, or not do what they don’t. Their compromise is we get to do some of what we want or not do some of what they want.

  29. “There is no situation that won’t be made worse with guns”.

    This, in a discussion about home invasion. Idiot was trying to say that I would somehow make the situation worse if I had a gun (and I live in CO BTW, with the most lenient castle doctrine in the country, so she wasn’t talking about the legal side of the issue).

  30. Let’s see…

    Just make all the bullets cost $1000.

    The NRA is the 4th branch of government.

    I-594 page 1 through 18.

    Everything in the comments sections on MDAs Facebook page.

  31. My brother said to me TWICE (because I ignored it the first time), “I just don’t go to places where I need a gun.” I replied, “Really? Where would that be exactly? An army base in Killeen? An elementary school in Connecticut? A movie theater in Colorado? A college campus in Virginia? The SAME FRIGGIN’ army base in Killeen? A Luby’s cafeteria in Belton?”

  32. “Why did the cop have to kill Michael Brown? Couldn’t he have just shot him in the foot or the leg or the hip, thus incapacitating him?”

  33. “…we can and should tax bullets to the degree it takes to bring down the number of times anyone can commit mass murder, or even individual murder.

    …we should make the price of bullets so astronomical that people will think twice before spraying a bunch of them at anyone. It may not stop the crazies among us, but they could only do damage to the extent they could afford say, twenty dollars a bullet.

    Then instead of gang bangers spraying hundreds of bullets in drive by shootings, or lone crazies spraying a massive number of bullets into University classrooms, we would have maybe a few dozen bullets or even a hundred discharged, not all of which hit targets. It wouldn’t solve the problem, but it brings down the odds of any number of thousands of bullets finding human targets. If the gunman at VT had to pay $2000 for a hundred bullets, he might not have been able to afford the damage he did.”

  34. General McChrystal stating that the round the .223 round that the AR fired was too powerful for civilian use.

    • I think it has been authoritatively established that said GO is, as R. Lee Ermey would say, a Jackwagon.

  35. Superbowl party the year of Aurora, Co. Host was a sparring partner from my kickboxing and Krav days. He’s ranting about guns, nobody should have them. I opined that if a concealed carrier had ignored the signs, the outcome would have been different.
    ”No guns! and no high capacity clips!” I asked him what he thought high capacity ’clips’ would be replaced with, a practiced shooter could swap mags in under a second. He replied ”Doesn’t matter, if he has to swap clips, that gives me a second to tackle him and take his gun away!” I looked at him and said, “wouldn’t it be more prudent to perhaps shoot him from a distance, with your own gun, one you had for self defense? “No! I’d tackle him before I would carry a gun!”
    We don’t see each other much these days.

    • Perfect use for a quality air soft replica of your favorite gun! And entertaining for the guests. You enter room with pistol, discharge a “clip” while your buddy ducks for cover then see if he can get you before you reload and bounce a pellet off his skull.

  36. “You don’t need a gun in modern civilized society.” – my ex gf.

    After recovering from a nearly terminal IQ spike, I asked her wth she meant by ‘civilized’. And that you don’t have to look very far to see evidence to the contrary.

    That conversation ended when I said, “Well, when the bad guys come, you can hide behind me.”

    • I try not to associate with those types, having the woman you are protecting try to save her would be assailant by grabbing at your gun hand might be the only rational time to elbow a woman in the face.

  37. Protester Says She’d Rather Die Than Use A Gun In Self-Defense.
    During a rally at the Georgia state capital in Atlanta against so-called “stand your ground” gun laws, one protester declared that “self-defense is not an option.”

    A CBS Atlanta reporter asked, “What if someone is trying to kill you?” – to which the woman replied, “they’ll just have to kill me.”

    CBS Atlanta 46
    What an incredible admission on this woman’s part. She’s willing to let everybody know that she’d rather be murdered than use a gun in self defense. She’d rather be a victim than be armed.

    That attitude comes from a place that I, and presumably many other Americans, can’t begin to understand. Why should people who don’t mind being victims be able to force the rest of us to be victims, too?

    • Yea I heard this one as well. My reaction was really you’d rather die then admit that owning a gun might be a good thing???!!?? To me that sounds like mental incompetence or borderline suicidal. She capped it off with how crazy everyone who wants to own a gun is and then continued on an animated impersonation of a hillbilly crazed cowboy who wants to shoot everyone after they get drunk at the bar. The funny thing is when asked, “Do you know anyone who’s ever been attacked?” No. “Have you ever been around a gun in your life?” No. “Have you ever been to a gun show?” No (She was going on about all the “UZI assault rifles and grenade launchers criminals buy at gun shows”)” Do you actually know any of the gun buying process?” I know the brady act was repealed and criminals can buy guns now with no background checks… so yea nothing but ignorance and mental incompetence.

  38. “That’ll never happen…”

    When I asked what they would do if attacked or someone tried to rape them, or kidnap them. When I replied with what about all the people it happens to on a daily basis. They seemed to deny the fact that people are raped, robbed, attacked, daily all over the country. When I said I had a good friend that was shot in the head, just minding his own business, when someone tried to shoot someone else at a party, and also a friend who was raped several years back, who now carries a gun. She went on to make the case that somehow blamed my friend for being shot because he associated with “bad elements” and my other friend is stupid for carrying a gun because she’s more likely to be killed by her gun getting taken away from her in an attempted rape and something along the lines of she should just be raped so she can live. That’s when things got really heated. Let’s just say family get togethers are a little akward now.

    • I know what you mean. (this will be long winded)
      My oldest is Pro 2A and is the only member of our family that’s gone hunting. His wife and children are being raised as they should with guns in the house. Daughter-in-law has her own SCCY. My second son is in the middle. But there are extenuating I’m not going to go into here. I’ve taken my daughter out to the range every time she visits since she graduated college. She has liberal views, but I haven’t actually discussed her stance on 2A and gun ownership in general. But she likes shooting. My wife is another issue. She’s had some close family friends kill themselves and as a teenager took her father’s .22 rifle and shot out a window because of someone stalking around the house. So gun talk usually doesn’t happen around the dinner table. But of course I always bring it up. For some reason I didn’t on Thanksgiving. OF course she blames the NRA for everything. Typical. PS when I got rid of my collection in 1990 due to a command transfer (USN) I had nowhere else to store them and sold them off. She did tell me Quote I never said anything but if you ever buy a gun again I’m leaving you unquote. Let’s see, since Jan 2013 I’ve gone from zero to approx 50. She’s still in the house.

  39. How bout this from the comments on the linked article on the Russian space gun, Russian gun built by Russians in response to a Russian off course landing in Russia right? This guy responds…”I am so sick of American gun culture!” Or, in response to my keeping a revolver as a bedside gun…” If people use guns to defend their homes robbers will just get machine guns!” Yup “IF” because there are not already millions. And OMG machine guns! Cuz a machine gun makes one impervious to .357 magnum.

  40. dumbest I ever heard in person is from a place I used to work a couple people there said “I never would have guessed you own a gun you dress so nice” I suppose they thought I was supposed to dress like a red neck hick or thug instead of a button down shirt and slacks because gun!

    I politely informed them I don’t own “A” gun I own over a dozen.

  41. Coworker who just recently moved here from Australia… “If someone kicks me door in at 2am I’m likely to tell them to f*ck off, what right do you have to shoot them?”

  42. “You are endangering all the children here!” yelled by a OFW guy in a “Navy” shirt at me as I was OCing during a July 4th festival. I ignored him.

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