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(courtesy Wilson Combat)

Ammo’s starting to appear again in most of my favorite flavors. In addition to their usual high-end, high-priced cartridges, Wilson Combat‘s recent email blast offered Remington PMC cartridges in 9mm and .223 ($15.75 and $9.50 a box), thousand-round cases of .223 ($475) and two varieties of 5.56 X 45mm ($9.95). .22LR? Our friends at still ain’t got none. What’s the ammo sitch in your neck of the woods?

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    • This. And why I’ve reloaded 1000+ rounds of it over the winter in various sub and supersonic loads. Not ever going to pay $2+ a pull even if you can find it.

  1. I can get pretty much anything I’m looking for at my lgs EXCEPT 22lr. Prices are slightly higher than before by generally 5 to 10 cents a round but not too bad

    • Pretty much the same here in this part of Idaho. The only ammo hard to find is .22LR. It is coming into the stores in small quantities (usually 2-5 bricks at a time) and the FLGS then breaks it down into 50/100 round boxes and sells them with a 2-3 box limit. That way it lasts for a few hours instead of all going out the door with the first customer. You also don’t see any of the less-popular rounds, like .32H&R Mag or .30 Carbine, but they were fairly hard to find even pre-panic.
      Interesting story on ammo making in our local rag from last week –

      • The Walmart in Blackfoot stocked a dozen 550-round boxes of Federal .22LR Saturday morning. The hoarders (who the cashier says have been there every week since Sandy Hook) bought every box before 6 a.m.

        • Same at my Walmart ammo dept .22 bulk Federal, Win 555 or Remmi Golden 550 I have.
          I just like to have CCI mini Mag for sighting in and precision work, and there is none, anywhere.
          Except a recent gun show at 19 cents a round.
          I’ll try to stretch out my last 200 rounds of CCI

  2. Drag your butt out of bed in the early morning and stand in line with the ammo scalpers at Wal-Mart, and buy your .22 LR.

    • Aside from having no idea what particular day any given Walmart gets its ammo delivery, most of us drag ourselves out of bed……and go to work. There’s a special place in Hell for the zombie ammo hoarders.

      • I’ve got no qualms against a zombie ammo hoarder who’s just trying to keep his bunker equipped. At least that’s still (technically) “personally consumption.”

        What boils my blood are the bums who scavenge the Walmarts and Cabellas of the world for ammo, just to turn around and resell it online or at gun shows for a 40% mark-up. Those scumbags need to get a real job, and quit preying on those of us who have one.

        • If they spent 1/10th the energy looking for a job as they do stalking walmart to scalp ammo, they could get off food stamps, WIC, and ‘disability’, and we’d live in a batter world.

        • Then don’t buy their ammo; these people cannot sustain this behavior for very long if no one pays their markup. Eventually, they’ll have to unload their inventory at retail price, or below. I say “below” because soon retail will be able to supply the demand, so most people will not pay over retail.

          It’s capitalism at it’s finest. Someone trying to make a buck should not be frowned upon. If you don’t like it, quite your day job and buy and resell ammo for HUGE profits and see how long it takes before you’re broke.

        • 40% markup? HAH! I’m more commonly seeing these scum reselling the ammo they bought for just under a nickel a round at Wal Mart for 15 – 17 cents per round.

        • I’ve gotten lucky at the local walmart and pulled down 3 100 round boxes of Federal 45 .ACP 230 grain FMJ for $38 each. Also snagged 2x 50 round boxes of 9mm 115grain FMJ for $17 each.

          I say lucky because we have a couple of local businesses that send guys out to all the walmarts nearby (there are about 7 in a 30 mile drive) to scoop up what they can get. Then comes the marked up resell.

          That same $38 box of .45ACP goes for almost $54 a box at the other place.

          Nothing illegal about what they are doing but I won’t do business with them given their practice of doing this. Just keep trying the walmarts to see what I can get when I need it. Also trying other local businesses that sell ammo when I need it.

        • You have made an economic decision, your time at 6am has more value to you doing something else other than waiting for the ammo cart, they’ve made a different decision. Here’s to economic freedom. (Clink)

        • What I find amusing is that both the hoarder and flippers are really quick to yell “free market” when it affects their buying. My thought is that the free market argument applies to Walmart and Cabelas, as well. In a free society there is no reason they have to sell to these people. I just wish they would realize they’d get more goodwill from the public shutting these twits down.

  3. I can get pretty much anything I want, now. Even Wal-Mart has ammo in stock again. I think we can say the panic is officially over.

  4. Only thing hard to find around here is .22LR, .22M, .32, and .25, and they can be found, just not everywhere you look. .17 and .380 is also a little scarce, but usually available.

  5. I can get more or less anything other than Hornady top shelf stuff. (Northern IL) Unfortunately, the only .22LR I can get my hands on in 40gr lead round nose. Makes it a real pain to clean the weapon after use.

    Remington Thunderbolt. (The bane of many .22 plinkers in the old days.)

    • I never thought the day would come when I would get excited for a $30/500 round box of Thunderbolt.

      • Agreed. I have 2K rounds of that stuff and another K of Winchester Wildcat. Those bricks are not getting touched until I have no other option.

  6. Good to go here.
    .223 $375/K, a bit higher than before.
    .22 every couple weeks at Wally World or BiMart @ 18-19 bucks a brick.
    I felt comfortable donating a couple bricks to a local program.
    .40 @ $370/K

    More importantly, powder and primers are back!

    • In the Denver area, I’m seeing generally good ammo availability except for .22LR. Plenty of primers, and bullets aren’t too hard to find. Powder? Fugeddaboutit!

  7. About 3 weeks ago I was in Wallyworld around 9 pm and walked past the ammo case. I was shocked to actually see ammo. There were probably about 5-10 boxes of each popular handgun ammo, a couple boxes of .223 and 7.62 x 39, and loads of hunting caliber rounds (which had previously been picked over as well). .22LR is still MIA, even in my LGS. The only way for me to get .22LR would be for me to show up at Walmart around 5:30 am to join the line of people looking for ammo to arrive with the 6 am store deliveries.

  8. I seen .380 at a Walmart first time in over a year. .22 lr is difficult. 7.62×39 is starting to disappear!

    • I just got some Blazer .380 there this morning they had Winchester too. I have been seeing the Win there on and off for a few months now see it at least once a week but its just so expensive bought a few boxes of it still since I didn’t have as much .380 as I thought put back. I was up early this morning so figured I would go out to breakfast and stop by Walmart while I was out never been out that early to see the ammo lines. There was no line at any of the stores I went to the 3 closest that are within 15 min or less from my house. All of them but one have dropped the 3 box limits but on rimfire that is still 3 box limit don’t know about the rest of the stores we have probably 5 more within an hour and they are building another one a few min from my house now like we needed another has 1 other store that is like 5 min if that drive away from this new one.

  9. I haven’t seen any .22 in the wild since last summer. Everything else can be found in our local stores at a reasonable price.

  10. I’m wondering the same – especially regarding 9mm.
    I haven’t been buying any recently.. what’s the market like? Is it readily available in stores or do I need to order online when my stock begins to dwindle?
    What price is Wally World selling a box of em for?

    • I check for 9mm every time I drive by a Walmart in AZ and I rarely find any. They seem to have plenty of 40 and 45 as well as 223 and any other rifle cartridges but 9mm and 22LR are still hard to come by in AZ. Prices haven’t gone up much at Walmart though. You can still get a 100 round box of WWB for $26 or so plus tax.

  11. I’d agree that the ammo shortage ‘feels’ like it is over, but prices are still high. My local indoor range charges > $16 for 50 rounds of 9mm, with Berdan primers :/

    Before Sandyhook, a box of Winchester white-box 9mm around here (northwest Indiana) would cost under $13.

    • The only 22lr I’ve found since dec 2012 has been at mejer in portage and merriville. Both times in the late morning. I don’t think the scalpers are aware that mejer sells ammo.

  12. East Central indiana- everything available except 22 LR. Even 22 short and magnum is on the shelf over 50% of the time

  13. The only ammo I’m having any trouble with, other than rimfire, is non lead .243 ammo. I have some backordered and supposedly it’ll ship the first of april. If it does, I’m good to go. I have plenty of all, including about 3 thousand of rimfire, still.

  14. Walmart in white plains New York had plenty of shot shells even during the worst of the ammo crisis

    Plenty of .223, Russian rifle ammo, 9mm .40 and .45 for the last three months or so

  15. I found .22LR at Wally World last Friday. 225 rd. boxes of Remington Golden Bullets. It lasted about two minutes.

  16. Local gun stores in NJ/PA area seem to have any caliber and type you want… for a price. The ammo shelves at Dunkleberger’s in Stroudsburg are full.

    I checked Walmart as well, and aside from some hunting calibers and shotgun shells, they’re pretty slim on everything else (i.e. no 9mm, 38/357, or 22 unless you time it just right for a box or two). I saw some .45 but I don’t own anything in that caliber.

  17. I paid $139.90 for 500 rounds of PMC Bronze 115gr FMJ’s back in January, purchased from PSA. $14.99 seems to be their normal price.

    Finding high quality .243 has been brutal; I have had ballistic silver-tips on back order with Brownells for over a year now.

  18. If you didn’t keep stock on hand for usage (or contingency stock) before the crunch, are you going to start accumulating such as availability/prices are now improving?

  19. Here in southern AZ, the centerfire calibers seem to be returning to the shelves. Our local Walmart has discontinued the 6:30 a.m. .22 LR line; they now break it out at odd hours of the day. For the first time in months, I was able to get a 525-round brick of Rem. Golden Bullets for $23.75 including tax. Can’t find Trail Boss powder anywhere!

    • You have better luck than me! I can’t find 9mm at Wally World in the Phoenix area to save my life….I live in Wickenburg and our little hole in the wall gun shop has plenty but he wants $21 for 50 rounds of FMJ’s. I didn’t bother to ask what brand after I heard their price.

  20. NO .380 or .22 of any flavor. Everything else is available, if youre willing to pay. Thank god for

  21. After at least five weeks of searching, I finally found some 50-round boxes of .380 Auto on Saturday morning at a Walmart I rarely visit.

    My local preferred gun dealer has an order of 110 boxes of .380 coming in either today or tomorrow.

    • Are you guys, like, shooting .380 for fun, or what? I have a couple .380s, including my constant-carry gun, and I’ve gone through a couple bulk purchases, but now I mostly buy high-end ammo like Critical Defense, and shoot it every year or so whether I need to or not, but searching for ammo at 5 AM or whatever? I don’t think so, I’ll shoot another caliber if I must, and when it is again freely available I’ll buy another lifetime supply. I mean, .380, really?

  22. .223 or even 5.56 can readily be had online for $400/thousand. That’s higher than pre-panic, but not too bad and not bad enough to hold off if you need to buy.

    9mm fmj reman and new is available, but still high at mid to upper teens per 50rd box.

    Other major handgun rounds are still hit or miss. You can get .380 and .45 acp and 38spl, but not everywhere and not every time. When you find them, good chance they’re aluminum cased instead of brass.

    Have only ever seen .22lr at Academy, where it’s rationed, high priced, and only in small quantity packages. No bricks.

  23. I bought 3 bricks of 555 round Winchester .22 LR at $23.97 apiece – in November of 2013. Since then, I’ve not seen any .22 at any Walmart in CA, AZ, or WI. Now is a decent time to buy. If anything, the fact that Obama and other leftists want to deprive me of ammo motivates me to purchase more.

    Wilson Combat has some great ammo, but their PMC is a little pricey. Anyone looking for a Smokin’ hot 6.8 SPC load would be well served with Wilson Combat.

  24. Prices on 7.62×39 actually falling, even after James Yeager warned the world was ending. Current prices around 23 cents per rd, same as pre Sandy Hook. Quantities available.

    40SW and 9MM FMJ around 40 cents per rd, up from 27 cents and 20 cents per round pre Sandy Hook. Quantities available.

    45ACP FMJ around 45 cents per rd, up from 32 cents a rd pre Sandy Hook. Quantities available.

  25. I can find all of the target a defense ammo I want in .40 S&W and .45 auto. Cannot find anything but odd boxes here and there of defense loads in all of the other calibers and just forget about finding target rounds in anything else. I haven’t seen a box of .22lrs on the shelves in about 15 months now.

    I am able to keep enough on hand for about 5-6 trips to the range on hand in every caliber by buying it online. When they get an oversupply of it and put it on sale I will buy a large supply, if that day ever comes.

  26. Couldn’t find any .22 (surprise, surprise) or 9mm at the LGS… Plenty of everything else.

    And, there were gobs of .40 s&w to be had as usual. But, we all know .40 guys don’t actually shoot, they just talk about shooting. So, .40 ammo is always available. 😉

    It’s like candy corn, every year they make tons of it, but you never see anyone actually eat it.

  27. Occasionally I order ammo online if the price and shipping aren’t too bad. Usually my online purchases are for Re-manufactured range ammo in pistol calibers and self defense ammo (Federal HST is my favorite). For other things, I just wait until the next gun show and stock up from there. Vendors like Georgia Arms (if you are in the Southeast, you have probably heard of them) have plenty of ammo at a reasonable price. There was a show this past weekend and I picked up 500 rounds in an ammo can of 115 gr 9mm for $130. Also picked up some .45 ACP 230 gr FMJ for 42 cents a round, .45 Colt Cowboy Loads for 54 cents a round and .38 Special Semi Wadcutters for 26 cents a round. A month ago I got a deal on a 1000 round case of re-manufactured .45 ACP for only 32 cents a round. So, ammo is out there in a fair abundance.

    Like everyone else, .22 is the hard to come by stuff. The cheapest I can find it is on local classifieds and forums for about 10 cents a round. There was a vendor at the gun show with a pallet of Winchester Copper jacketed 555 bulk packs, but he wanted $75 a brick for them. I passed knowing I could get it from a private seller for $50 if I really wanted it.

    • Just a caveat, Georgia Arms sells reloads for those prices. Its good ammo, but you cant compare the prices to new ammo at Walmart etc…

      • I get what you are saying, but target ammo is target ammo. Winchester White Box might be new manufacture, but it doesn’t perform any better than the Georgia Arms reloads. Both make the targets fall and punch holes in paper just fine. If I were going to a competition, I wouldn’t be using either.

        • Agreed. Not everybody knows Georgia Arms is selling reloads at those prices, although they are some high quality reloads in my experience.

  28. I just spent about six hours yesterday moving 500lb or more of factory ammo, bullets, powder, brass, and primers around in my garage and storage closet. Sometimes it feels like I have too much (only 4000 rounds of .22 left though, so I’m getting ansy).

    • Jason,
      What has been your “purchase profile”
      been accumulating over the years or doing the Walmart Waltz at 6:00AM during this shortage.
      4K is only a few thousand over my goal so no real hoarding accusation here.

  29. 22LR is getting revenge for all the past years of disrespect, being scoffed at, and just being taken for granted 😉

  30. Last time I checked (central MN), I think begining of Feb.end of Jan. – two local gunshops both had .22lr – it was CCI minimags, which is what My sig Mosquito prefers anyways – $8×100 rounds. about $1 more per box than pre newtown. 1 shop had a limit of 2 boxes, the other had no limit.

    Other calibers were in evidence. 9mm ball was still iffy if you could find it. Though various flavours of Hollow points were around.

  31. The places I generally get ammo form are finally stating to get more in with regularly stocked shelves. I am not divulging that info on the internet. But good luck to all of you and Happy Shooting!!1

  32. Real world? Near impossible. Online? No problem. I don’t even bother shopping the stores for ammo anymore. I found a couple different sites with reasonable shipping rates and that’s how I go about my business now. I’ve given up on Walmart. They sell their ammo to the same people over and over. Whatevs, man. Online works for me.

  33. Ammo isn’t too bad here. Walmart is sold out of everything except the hunting calibers, but the local gun stores have plenty of ammo, including all kinds of 5.56 and 7.62×39. The best deal on 5.56 I’ve seen is Federal AE223 in 30 round boxes, on stripper clips, for $11.99. Handgun calibers are also all in stock but they’re a little short on some things like .38 Special defensive ammo – I only know that because I just bought a J-frame Airweight.

    The .22 situation is still a little tough. I’ve seen some locally ranging from $39 to $49 for CCI varieties at one local shop. Picked up a brick of Federal AE 40 grain solids last week at the other shop for about $28, but they’re rationing how much of it they’ll sell. They only put a few boxes out a day and once that’s gone, you have to ask for it. They can keep track of it better that way.

  34. Those prices (in the OP) are still VERY high. PMC 9-mm for $15,75??? That’s about 50% higher than what I paid before the panic. I’ll pass on the still-stupid-high prices.

  35. My only source for .22 is gun shows, and it matters now where I buy it, it’s expensive.

  36. Someone else can double check my math on this but I think I am right. I got to thinking about ammo manufacturing the other day and came up with this hypothetical. Originally I had in mind just making one kind of .22LR ammo but this math would work for any caliber (.22LR Federal, 9mm or .45ACP Winchester White Box all being my go-to calibers for the range) Let’s just say there are 10,000 retailers in the USA that sell ammo. That’s all the Wal-Mart, Cabela’s, Dick’s, Bass Pro, Academy, any other retail chains and all the Mom & Pop stores. Ten Thousand seems reasonable and good for simple multiplication. Now let’s say each of those stores sells 300 rounds of ammo to 50 customers in one month. That’s 150 Million rounds on ammo sold in one month. That’s 1.8 Billion rounds of ammo in one year. Divide that by 365 days and Winchester would have to manufacture 4.9 million rounds of White Box 9mm each day just to meet the needs of 300 rounds for 50 customers at each retail store. Divide that again by 24 hours in a day and Winchester would have to make 205,479.5 rounds an hour. Conclusion – Damn that is a lot of ammo to manufacture even without hording and scarcity. I would really like to see the manufacturing facilities that can bust out a simple number of 1.8 Billion rounds of 9mm in a year. Think about this hypothetical any way you want and I think it is absolutely staggering how much ammo needs to be produced just to put ammo on the shelves at your local gun shop. Between different calibers, bullet weights, FMJ, hollow point, and all the other variations… damn, that’s a lot of ammo!

  37. $14.99 50ct CCI Stinger 22LR is the only rimfire I can find in SW VA. Other than that things are trickling back. One particular LGS jumped in price to the point I don’t even go in anymore and will not ever again. MidwayUSA has been my go to with their stock notification system and my smart phone.

  38. Almost anything you need besides .22lr is around here. Cases and cases of 7.62×39 available. The Sportsman’s Warehouse here is selling 9mm for 49.99 a box, but most other places are running about $16 on average.

  39. In my neck of the woods, ammunition supplies at local stores has improved slightly since Sandy Hook but it is still pathetic. Of course .22LR is next to impossible to find.

    The sources/suppliers that have lots of ammunition are charging at least 50% higher than Sandy Hook … which is why they have so much. (No one seems to be purchasing any of it which is good.)

    Don’t worry too much. Prospectors are trying to corner the market which is quite literally impossible because several ammunition manufacturers have started building additional capacity. It is just a waiting game at this point. As that additional capacity comes online, availability will increase. The fun will really begin when prospectors see the increased availability and realize they don’t want to store 2,000 bricks of .22LR for the next 50 years.

  40. I was at Cabelas in Springfield Oregon last week. I picked up a 500 round brick for my dad and paid $27 for it. A few days before that I was at Big 5 and they had 50 round boxes and I grabbed two. I may not have been able to take it home with me but I thought he should have a little more in his stash. I haven’t checked around since I am back in Kansas. I am expecting they will have everything except .22lr.

  41. .22 shortage is still in full effect up here. 9mm bulk packs and steel cased .223 comes and goes. The one place I found .22 wmr had it for $20/50.

  42. I dunno what the current shelf stock is, I stocked up when Clinton was President.

  43. Up in my area of Upstate NY, LGS has all the usuals except 380 and 22LR. 500 and 1000 round boxes of .223/5.56 are reasonably easy to come by, 9mm and 45acp were even in Walmart.
    Lots of comments about buying ammo online: we who are trapped in NY can’t do that any more.
    Yeah, yeah, I’ll move when I find a job that pays and then I still need to sell my house, which is only worth marginally more than I owe on it.

  44. Here in NE Ohio, 9mm is more scarce than .22. The last two times I went to a LGS, I walked out with a 550 round box of Federal .22LR for about $30. The only 9mm I have been able to find has been “re-manufactured” LRN stuff. I can re-manufacture my own 9mm for significantly less.

  45. Just slightly better than last year 9mm is not easy to get 45acp all good 5.56 can grab any where

  46. Walmart has dropped their 3 box limit, except .22lr.
    Price only slightly higher than before Obama spoke.
    All I need is some money to spend

  47. I have no problem finding any caliber in my arsenal. I have to go to my gun club to buy 22lr and I am limited to 200 rounds per buy but that works for me. Last time I was at Clark Brothers in Warrenton they had CCI mini mags in stock. My newly acquired demand for 8mm Mauser is hard to satisfy in timely fashion. I have a 100 rounds of PPU and have yet to shoot my Yugo Mauser. 9mm and 45 are readily available if you are willing to go to Dicks. Never had any problems getting enough 243, 30-06 or 300 Win Mag

  48. I can buy anything anytime I want around here at pre-panic prices. It’s lovely. I have tons of .22 now.

  49. Idaho Friends of NRA 2014 100 gun and ammo reload raffle. I have tickets and I can get you tickets. You do not have to live in Idaho to win. You can live anywhere. The only thing is if you live somewhere that one of the guns is not allowed (say California) then you cannot receive that gun. The ammo will be sent to you regardless of where you live as long as you are allowed to have them in your state. This year the tickets will go fast. They are $100.00 so if you get in from the start that is $1.00 per raffle. It is a reload raffle so if your name is pulled it will go back in for the next raffle. So yes, you can win more than once. The Ammo is one ton yes 2000 pounds that’s 75,000 rounds.

    Your Treasure Valley Friend of the NRA Volunteer

    Bruce Whitehouse
    Phone (208) 321-8421
    [email protected]

  50. Where I’m at there’s really no shortage of anything other than .22, there’s plenty of specialty rounds but not just plain Jane stuff. There’s also plenty of firearms to purchase, even glocks, after a mild shortage. Where do y’all live, some of you talk about the ongoing shortage, I haven’t had problems getting stuff in over a year.

  51. I have plenty of 22 for my needs, had them for a long time , looking at those bricks of wildcat of thunderbolt with $8.97, I feel for the guys paying $160 for 4 bricks of the same on gunbroker.

    9mm is hard to come by , but other common calibers are readily available at reasonable

    life will get better for all of us If nobody bought from the 22 gouges on gunbroker . they have been shamed off our local forums. and the prices have come way down .

  52. Even 9 here in colorado is plentiful, my main carry guns are .45s, so 9 is reserved for my g19 and sig229, I carry those on occasion. .223/ 5.56, is pretty common as well, and not all that expensive

  53. UPS just dropped off more. .22LR even. All I need is some good weather and a break from uhh, work.

  54. Just in a Wisconsin Wally World today and they had six choices of 9mm fmj. WWB, Federal, BrassMaxx, Tula, ZQI bulk, and Blazer (or perhaps PMC…don’t recall specifically as I wasn’t planning on doing an ammo report).

    Limits went away weeks ago (except for 22lr, which is still limited, and unavailable in any event).

    Primers are widely available at 3 cents. Powders are around, but beggars can’t be choosers. I have more Unique than I’d prefer to have, because it has been the most-available pistol powder. Varget comes and goes.

  55. When Wal-Mart gets in ammo , when they roll out the pallet the .22lr is swept up immediately , plus we had a gun show in Laurel Ms. This past weekend .22lr was through the roof , so I figure that folks are buying it cheap at Wal-Mart and gouging folks at the gun shows . I already have a good stock pile of .22 lr so I am just waiting until folks calm down . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  56. I picked up even .22LR for $35.00 out the door with tax in Taxifornia over the weekend. Got two boxes. It’s the lowest price I’ve seen in Taxifornia in quite a while. Was limited to two bricks. It was Remington dirty, smoky, plated ammo, and Rem has chinced-out by lowering the box counts from 525 to 500 but what the hell, at least I’ve got some to go plinking with. 5.56 no problem, picked up 1k for $369.00 in new brass cased Wolf ammo. Most pistol calibers are not a problem. The only real problem is the cost at this point and the added near 10% sales tax in Taxifornia.

  57. Up here in the Canadian republic, Montreal to be exact we’ve got all we need at usual prices which are still higher than US prices used to be before the drought but much cheaper than what I’ve heard from friends down south. I can still buy a box of Winchester 555 22lr for 15$.

  58. In SE MO, I can find everything except .380 & .22LR. Local Wal Mart had 24 boxes of .22LR Winchester WB 555 rounds each, last Sunday. I just happened by the ammo counter & thought I had found a unicorn. I bought my 3 box limit. The sales lady said this particular 24 box order was placed in May of 2013. The next closest Wal Mart had it too, a friend & his wife got 6 boxes. It’s the first .22LR I have personally seen on the shelf since probably June ’13 around here. I’ve seen no .380 in over a year, with the exception of Monarch brand steel cased at Academy Sports 33 miles from my hometown.

  59. Response from CCI, and still hard to find.
    “We are making over 3,000,000 rounds of rimfire a day. I have people every day looking for 5,000 – 1,000,000 rounds shipped to their houses. It just doesn’t go very far.

    Make Every Shot Count!
    Justin M.
    2299 Snake River Ave
    Lewiston, ID. 83501”

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