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We hear the jolly old elf was awfully busy last night, putting plenty of ballistic goodies under trees for all the really good boys and girls.


The little elves at the FBI have been working their busy little fingers to the nubs doing background checks since before Black Friday. So we’re sure lots of you found guns, gear and other goodies under the Tannenbaum this morning.


If you’ve got a particularly big grin on your face today, tell us about it. What did you get for Christmas?


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  1. I finally got to the range. It shoots great and is very accurate. It is a great investment. I got it because it’s light weight and easy to conceal.

  2. Don’t know yet, we haven’t even finished cooking!
    I know TSC had a sale or something on a brand of shotgun shells to make room for another brand. Family picked some up.

  3. I got a lump of coal & a bottle of 18 yr old single malt.

    Mixed feelings about that but the whisky was terrible in my corn flakes this AM. (J/K)

    Merry Christmas all!

    • JC – IF it was good old fashioned corn whiskey it should have been acceptable on the corn flakes………..(or so I have been told 🙂

  4. Didn’t get anything new, but we *did* break out the ARs and have some fun conversations last night (comparing configs, calibers, accessories) with extended family during the big Christmas Eve dinner and get-together.

    Over coffee and pie, of course.

  5. Yes, I finally went high end. I bought myself a Nighthawk Custom Predator II Bobtail. When the rain stops, the range starts…

  6. Magpul MBUS Pro set for my Windham flat top, Glock knife and entrenching tool. My wife is the scotch fan here… got her some Dalmore 18!

  7. I got a $500 cash Christmas bonus from work.

    I can’t decide but I’m leaning towards some sort of night vision for coyote hunting.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    • Think ATN X-Sight with the optional step get infrared illuminator. Got one a d I love it. Can see out to about 300 yards. The price is right in your range.

      • Thanks for confirming the sense I am getting from reviews I am reading. A local ad has one for 4 bills and I’m checking to see if it’s still for sale.

      • Forget banning guns it seems boats are waaaaay more dangerous these days. Why I heard a rumor that every gun owner in va
        Is about to have a boating accident in Jan.

  8. I did not get anything fancy or special.

    I got some rifle and shotgun butt-stock ammunition sleeves, a bore-snake, and an all-brass black powder dispenser for the muzzleloader.

    Oh, and a few days ago I purchased a brand new Taurus GS2 semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm Luger on sale for $180. It was less of a Christmas gift (to myself) and more of an impulse buy.

    • “It was less of a Christmas gift (to myself) and more of an impulse buy.”

      No one better deserving than you, uncommon. I’m in the plotting stages of an AR-platform build now, for another deserving lad, *me*… 😉

      • Geoff PR,

        An AR build — that sounds like fun.

        If you have the time and the where-with-all, you should document it and take photos so that you can share the story of your build here on The Truth about Guns.

  9. Yes, I got myself another M1 carbine, paratrooper version. Oh yeah, and a sig p365. Oh, I almost forgot, a Sig M17 that came with two 21 round mags and 1 X 17 rounder.

    I’m not the Aaron from VA. I’m the original Aaron!

  10. Just got back from the range. 60 degrees here in the Midwest. Got Ammo for Christmas. Much fun had by all. Now I get to spend the rest of the day cleaning firearms. Then again what could be better. Damn I love the smell of gunpowder. It smells like FREEDOM….. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  11. Santa “only” brought a Ruger AR-556 and 1000 rounds of ammo. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. It will have to do.

  12. Built my dad an ar15. He was extremely happy, made me feel really good. He showed it off to the whole family last night during our Christmas dinner and made my little brother’s anti-gun girlfriend hold it lol. She said “oh my god” then immediately handed the rifle off haha. The fam got a good chuckle from that.

    Merry Christmas to all you guys

    • I was waiting for the after Christmas sales (check), and gift cards from friends and family (check that one off too) now as soon as the doors open I’ll see that Santa is bringing a new SIG P365XL.
      BTW, my mother gave me the S & W Model 19-3 357 magnum that my father used to carry every day.

      • Sweet. I want a new shotgun. I keep going back and forth between a semi auto or a stack barrel.

        It’s tough having first world problems.

    • For anyone that reloads, RMR bullets has 10% off everything till Jan 2 2020

      The code is Christmas10

  13. A hundred dollar gift card at Academy Sports that I can turn into something I can’t live without. I’ve been looking at air rifles so tha card might get me started toward a nice one. Also a new range bag as the old one was disintegrating.

  14. The only presents I get are the ones I buy for myself. This year I got a shiny new … food processor! I didn’t have any new firearms on my mind. I passed on all the great ammo deals. I am thinking about a Glock G44 for my birthday though. My first Glock. We’ll see what the future holds!

  15. I didn’t necessarily “get” anything as much as I bought what I wanted. From Black Friday on I’ve bought most of the hardware for a .300 Blackout pistol build. This weekend I’m probably going to buy a Taurus TX22 from the LGS. Merry Christmas to me.

  16. Santa delivered a Mossberg SA-28 for one of my children; what are the odds he bought-uh, um BROUGHT it for me?

  17. Gotta Sheffield multi tool set. And a gift certificate from Cabelas. Honestly got the good stuff myself on Black Friday & cheap WallyWorld ammo😃Wonderful meal cooked by my wife-the best woman on earth!

  18. No. I got toy airplanes for the 54th year in a row. WHY ME???? And do these people even know that if they’re getting me this stuff they could at least go to one of those places that would build a model of something I flew for a measly few hundred dollars? NO. Adding this year’s stuff to the pile that even includes toy airplane shaped baby spoons…

  19. Got about 5,000 primers, 16 pounds of powder and a bunch of bullets to reload.
    Looks like I’ll in front of the Dillon 650 for a few hours. 😎

      • Geoff
        Depends what you are loading. 16 pounds is not much in big calibers.

        Back when 12 ga ammo was about 3 times the price of reloads I bought 8 pounds tins of Red Dot whenever there was a special. Of course shooting 200 to 400 clays per week did cause the “problem”

        No new firearms since November but I did buy out two local shops of all of my favourite pig and goats hunting projectiles for 30-06. 110 grain Game King. Just need to load and use

        • “16 pounds is not much in big calibers.”

          That’s true, and Thomas is an admitted ‘Recoil Junkie’… 😉

          (The one big lesson from my house fire, Tom, is keep the flammables *low* to the floor in the dwelling…)

  20. My 15yo granddaughter got a Ruger .22 pistol from her parents, and I gave my grandson a S&W M&P Shield in 9mm.

  21. No new guns for Christmas but I did get Howard leight hearing protection a Romeo 5 red dot a new range bag and some paper targets. Oh and an imvite to a friends outdoor range this weekend to try out all my new Christmas 🎁.

  22. I haven’t received a gun for Christmas since I was around 10 when my dad got my brother and I a 10/22 and a single shot 20 gauge. I did get a leather holster though for my Beretta/Wilson Combat brigadier tactical though, felt like a shame to not be able to carry it!

  23. I got a $1000 bonus from work. I spent it all on my wife. True!
    But I bought myself a Springfield EMP 9mm that I have wanted for years. Bought a package with range holster and dual mag holder, a range bag, and five mags. It was on sale as a special at Sportsman’s Warehouse. When I went back after the evil ten day waiting period, it was on an even bigger sale for $100 less than I had paid, and they refunded me the difference. Happy camper here.
    I also bought a Primary ARMS FFP 4-14×40 scope for my AR-10 that should be here in a few days. That will be nice; now I just have to wait until the new range opens in late summer to stretch it out.

  24. Yep,I got a Ruger super blackhawk 44 magnum with a 10 inch barrel.Amazingly accurate,but lots of kick

    • Got myself a Ruger Blackhawk 357/9mm convertible. Absolutely love this gun, fires 9mm as accurately (very) as the 38 & 357, butter like trigger. Also a friend called and wanted to come over shoot, along with one of his boys. Spent the afternoon in my backyard range. Was a great day.

  25. I got BCM gripmod3 vert and pistol grips, streamlight protac wml, a Thorntail light mount, a toolless trigger guard, my first Eotech, some rail ladders, aTroy aluminum vertical grip (i know… Baby killers), my first ever gshock watch (don’t judge me), a high powered laser to destroy the friggin rollpin trying to destroy my lower🤬(a trigger guard pin pushing device) and an iPhone 11 Pro Max with a Pelican Kevlar case I’d never heard of.
    Best gift – carton of cigs in my stocking lol
    Worst gift – horrible Chinese box of knock off survival tools my little ones picked for daddy. My kids have a psychic link to Chinese trash.

    So I’ll install the BCM grips and eotech optic on a new build and aim at the fkn iPhone that doesn’t have an off switch 🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬 wtf?
    Second best Christmas score ever. I give all the credit to Trump LMAO

      • Just kidding, at most I’d take a torch or heat gun to it. I like my peepers. Always wear eye pro. Don’t wanna go burning them out unless Rosie O’Donnell is featuring at the strip club. Very cool that you play or work with lasers.
        I’m sure some drunk boomer who welds in a tank top wearing bifocals will chime in that we’re punks.

        • got uv flashed from 6013 rod when i was a kid, just helping to hold a steel door and looking away. worst night of my life. felt like mr. sandman was pouring gravel in my eyes.

  26. Merry Christmas to me!
    Benelli M4 with 7+1, and a Mesa Tactical fixed. Nice mate to my M1 Practical!

  27. Picked up another PX4, and probably gonna be using part of my Christmas bonus to buy my first shotgun next week.

  28. An Erma Deutsche Sportmodell 98k trainer rifle in .22LR.
    Best Christmas gift I’ve ever received from the woman in 30 years.

  29. Got A S&W M&P 40 S&W SIG .357 convert-able. Just found out what the SIG ammo costs. No white box stuff in 357 SIG cal. Looks like another set of reloading dies.

  30. Some action steel targets, a trijicon SRO, and a savage 224 Valkyrie AR with a manfroto bipod set up with a hog saddle…….. now I have to buy ammo, practice and then shoot some yours when deer season goes out! Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

  31. I got another deployment extension. It’s cool, I’ve seen shore a whole 4 times since late April.

    • The navy always gets a lot of crap from the ground pounders but i bet it’s a very tough job. You live where you work 24/7. Wish you the best

    • If Santa was real he would have brought a replacement Sig for your rod, and mama Santa would have polished your rod while Santa would replace the Sig. That’s how they used to run business before they went all commie and cheap.

  32. I got a “psychology” type book I’ll probably not read, and the joy to observe and listen happy couples for hours. My step sister looked even hotter than usual, and maybe the alcohol contributed but I surely wanted to ram her something good. Maybe I really need the psychology book. It was awesome, everybody pretending to care, the “joy” of this, the fake humility, the “oh look at me, I give a s*** once a year I am a great human being!” People disgust me sometimes, particularly during this time of the year. I’ll probably spend Christmas in the woods next year, with my step sister.

  33. Not here yet, but .45 gunbelt on the way for my shiny new SAA + holster, waited on the belt until I found one with .45 belt loops, strong is the cowboy with this one.

  34. My wife is the best. She got me a Marlin 1895 Cowboy in .45-70, the one with the 26″ octagonal barrel. As if that weren’t enough, our friends showed up to Christmas Eve dinner with a brand new bottle of Ron Zacapa 23 for us. Best Christmas ever.

  35. Wife got me a Keltec CP33. Woot!! Also scored a Larue MBT, KNS anti-walk pins, and a Talon ambi safety from the In-laws!

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