Black Friday Was the Second Biggest NICS Check Day in History

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(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Americans recognize a threat to their Second Amendment rights when they hear it. And they’ve been hearing it in ever more strident tones for months now. The result: the latest Democrat-fueled gun boom is well and truly on. And the buying frenzy led to the second-largest NICS check volume in FBI history on Friday.

The FBI fielded more than 200,000 background checks on Black Friday gun purchases, continuing a steady surge this year following a series of mass shootings that have renewed calls for more restrictive gun laws.

In all, the bureau posted 202,465 checks Friday, an 11% increase from last year and falling just short of the single-day record: 203,086 in 2017.

While background checks, required for purchases at federally licensed firearm dealers, are not a measure of actual gun sales, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System is a way to gauge market demand. The number of firearms sold Friday is likely higher because multiple firearms can be included in one transaction by a single buyer.

– Kevin Johnson in FBI posts big Black Friday gun check numbers; second-largest single day in program history


  1. avatar Sam I Am says:

    More Cars = More Cars

    More Guns = More Guns.

    That’s about all that can be said with certainty.

    1. avatar No one of consequence says:

      Democrat opens mouth about guns == more guns sold

      1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        Robert Francis O’Dourke should get the award for gun salesman of 2019,he just said what was already known,he just publicly stated it. The Commiecrat party can no longer say “We Don’t Want Your Guns.”

  2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘The number of firearms sold Friday is likely higher because multiple firearms can be included in one transaction by a single buyer.’

    Of course in a number of states (including mine) you don’t need a NICS check when you purchase a firearm if you have a permit to carry. I can buy as many as I want with one check every 5 years.

  3. avatar Pete says:

    The Honorable Gov. William J Le Petomane brings up a good point, how many states do not require a background check if you possess a CCW?
    I would imagine that somewhere between thousands to tens of thousands of sales are not captured by the NICS check system.

    1. avatar No_Ones_Home says:


    2. avatar Danny Griffin says:

      how many states do not require a background check if you possess a CCW?

      I believe it is twenty. Michigan is one as well.

      1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        2 this month for me, thanks deer season and good sales and rebates and…

    3. avatar Bayou Cane says:


    4. avatar Longhaired Redneck says:

      Arizona is one.

    5. avatar HEART OF TEXAS, says:


  4. avatar enuf says:

    My state accepts a concealed weapon permit as proof you already passed a background check. So no NICS if you present your current permit and sate issued photo ID.

    Didn’t spend a penny on Black Friday. No deals offered on anything I wanted.

    Personally, I blame Cabela’s/Bass Pro on that one, for failing to put a decent sale price on guns I want.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “My state accepts a concealed weapon permit as proof you already passed a background check. So no NICS if you present your current permit and sate issued photo ID.”

      This is puzzling….

      Are not all FFLs required to conduct NICS check, regardless of state law? Or is this a situation where state law normally requires a NICS check to meet state law, but NICS is not required if buyer has CCW? That is, with a CCW, the state check is waived, but not the federal NICS check?

      1. avatar Danny Griffin says:

        No, NICS waivers can be obtained if your CCW expires in five years or less. Thus if you have an Indiana lifetime license, that doesn’t qualify. The FBI/ATF has to approve them for your state.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          ATF approval of state background checks covers both. Got it. Thanx.

        2. avatar Karl says:

          You still do a 4473, they just don’t “make the call.” Iowa doesn’t have a separate background check per transaction. One of our local chains had a $350 Rock Island 1911, none of which was background checked via 4473.

      2. avatar Some guy says:

        In FL, you still have to do the check with a CCW but there is no waiting period.

        1. avatar Danny Griffin says:

          Some states still mandate a check by state law, even if they do have or are eligible for a federal waiver.

        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “In FL, you still have to do the check with a CCW but there is no waiting period.”

          Thanx for the info.

    2. avatar Alan says:

      The merchant sets the price, but you, the purchaser accepts it, or walks away. I suspect that given enough walk aways, prices will move down.

  5. avatar former water walker says:

    Didn’t buy a gat but I got a 3X magnifier on sale at Cabelas. The last one on display. The counter guy had to search for the box. So far I’m quite happy with the Sightmark. It sux having fading eyesight. And folks were buying guns. I agree with enuf. Guns prices were still too high as well as ammo.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      Over the weekend I bought my first 6.5 CM rifle, a Ruger American Hunter. It was $700 which is a good deal in CA. But tax and DROS was an additional $84. Prices the past 3 days for guns and ammo have been good, but not great. There does seem to be a lot of smokin’ deals on optics.

  6. avatar moreadventuresonotherplanets says:

    With the Democratic landslide in Virginia and Virginia announcing the Second Amendment for the most part will soon cease to exist in the State this is not lost on all gun owners and even first time gun buyers. What they are not taking into consideration is the fact that what they buy today they may not be able to keep.

    Outright confiscation may not even be necessary because if one Democratic nefarious plan is put in place they would all have to be registered and a $200 or even more tax paid on each and every banned firearm along with a year wait to be approved. If this is not affordable the gun owner would then have only two choices,turn them in with no guarantee he would even get any compensation or sell them for pennies on the dollar to rich old white men looking to make a profit on a flipped resale. The worst news is the market would suddenly become so saturated and prices so low that even the rich old white men would not and could not buy all of them unless they were for permanent export but then again which country would even accept them

    Of course the new law may also limit the amount of banned guns in your possession as well which will really screw the gun owners big time that had big collections. The bulk of the millions of firearms in private possession is actually held by less than 3 per cent of the population and even rich old white men might not have the cash to “Legalize” their entire collection. Even if the fee is kept at the outdated and historic $200 mark, 10 guns would cost a gun owner $2,000 in fees not counting the added on paperwork fees. Forty guns would amount to a whopping $8,000 dollars and even 40 guns is often a small collection of the old grey beards that have been collecting for years.

    The clock is ticking as the count down to the 2020 elections of doom draw ever nearer.

    Yesterday on Global GPS one of the most watched political news programs in the entire Nation reported that a whopping 90 per cent of Republican voters want universal background checks. With those kind of polls the corrupt Republican Politicians may for the first time in history be able and be compelled to completely ignore the NRA influence and bribe money trying to influence their legislative decisions. In short the gun owners ass appears to be grassed in 2020. With both political parties out to cut the throats of gun owners they will last no longer than a snow ball in hell.

    And it must be remembered the corrupt Supreme Court does not operate in a vacuum they are well aware their jobs would be on the line if they went against public opinion and bi-partisan legislation. Its called political survival otherwise Supreme Court packing would then become a certainty if they went against the passed legislation and the will of the people.

    People thinking ahead of the game will be taking advantage of the present boom in gun sales and they will be dumping their collection of assault weapons on buyers that think they should buy now and get to keep what they buy. To take a chance and keep your collection of assault rifles is a financial gamble that at the moment does not look wise.

    And also remember that if by some miracle Trump is re-elected he will no longer need gun owner support and will be far more likely to reveal his true anti-gun nature. Again it looks like everything is being thrown at the gun owner but the kitchen sink.

    I might add that the Corrupt Supreme Court would revel in a plan to license assault weapons as they could then smile a crooked smile and lie between their teeth and claim they have supported the Second Amendment while still upholding all the gun bans through taxation as the power to tax is the power to destroy.

    In conclusion everyone but the gun owner wins, The NRA can claim they saved the day, the corrupt Supreme Court can claim they supported the Second Amendment, the anti-gunners will dance in the streets, the general public will believe their voices were heard and something was done about all the mass killings and the Federal Government will rake in millions in cash in licensing fees as well as get to destroy many turned in weapons that people could not afford to keep and the Feds now will have more power over the people.

    The Corrupt Founding Fathers will be smiling in their graves as the system worked as it was designed to work which was to enhance the absolute power of the ruling filthy rich Oligarchy and keep the worker troglodyte slaves in their economic slavery through a complete lack of real democracy.

    How strange when the Far Right loves and brags about a lack of Democracy while worshiping a corrupt Representative Oligarchy of the Rich, and then the Far Right constantly rants against the power of the government. Really, do any of them have their empty skulls even screwed on straight, obviously not.

    1. avatar TommyGNR says:

      I guess somebody forgot to take their medication

      1. avatar Vlad's Mom says:

        Oh my Vladie boy, is that you?

      1. avatar Dani in WA says:

        Same here. That “person’s” nonsensical ramblings stopped being even mildly entertaining a long time ago.

    2. avatar Alan says:

      Never heard of this Global GPS, but I might have missed something interesting. As to the 90% of Republicans favoring Universal Background Checks, who is doing the counting strikes one as an interesting question. Also, exactly how was the question phrased?

    3. avatar Sam Hill says:

      Who’s side are you on. Nothing like outlining our weaknesses for the enemy. Are you sure you are not the real Jane Fonda?

    4. avatar jwm says:

      vlad. According to your polls we should be in a hillary administration now. We will soon be into the second Trump white house. You deserve a lot of the credit for that.

    5. avatar Longhaired Redneck says:

      moreadventuresonotherplanets- Why would a communist such as yourself bother to read this blog? It runs so far afoul of your twisted values it must drive you crazy…

    6. avatar Someone says:

      Landslide in Virginia? Dems got couple of seats and barely won the majority. Landslide? I don’t think the word means what you think it means.

      I remember prognoses of Hillary’s slam dunk presidency, blue wave that will smash the Republicans and no ice left on poles by yesterday. All with the same results.

      NRA could never afford to bribe politicians to do its bidding. The whole NRA-ILA budget pales in comparison to what other interest groups and even some individuals spend every year on lobbying. The whole power of the NRA was in its membership and sympathizers. Never the money. The story about greedy and cowardly congress critters in NRA’s pocket is another leftist’s lie. Politicians don’t vote for gun control because their constituents don’t want them to do so. Except for brainwashed leftists.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “Landslide in Virginia? Dems got couple of seats and barely won the majority.”

        In this case, the term may relate to the depth of victories across the state. Unless I disremember, the story was that Dims won the majority of all elections.

    7. avatar The Raisin says:

      If only you could reach up and lick the glass ceiling whenever you wanted. All these anxiety symptoms would go away. The belief in false polling, the anti-gun fervor, your mis-labeling of moderate Americans as “far right radicals”, and that maladjusted feeling you project would fade into nothing. You’d never be bothered by reality again.

  7. avatar NORDNEG says:

    Sounds like somebody didn’t get any sleep last night, wow…

  8. avatar kap says:

    TEOTWAWKI gun runners {CIA, DIA, ATF, FBI} cooking the books for scare mongering

  9. avatar Dude says:

    But I thought Trump ruined gun sales and everyone was going to have to declare bankruptcy?? What’s that? Remington’s bankruptcy was actually do to other circumstances? Just another narrative pushed by the lying left? Got it.

  10. Have often wondered how many democrats secretly own stock in firearm companies.

  11. avatar Chuck M says:

    Moved back to the Eastern High Sierras so wife could be nearer our grown children.
    I worked this area as a Federal Ranger for the USFS.
    Bishop,CA is a Conservative town of 4,OOO. Lots of firearms here, even if it is in the State of California. Nevada is where we go to shop. US 395 is our main highway North or South.

    1. avatar Guesty McGuesterson says:

      Any problems with the CA po-po checkpoints or questions about “importing”?

  12. avatar Fred says:

    Way to go Americans! I read today that Americans now own over 430 million guns and are buying over 89.1 billion rounds of ammunition annually! Fat chance our govt will ever be successful in trying to take them away. I also read that the female Prime Minister of New Zealand rammed a gun confiscation law down the throats of her citizens after last years Christchurch shooting. Citizens are not complying there en masse, and law enforcement has resorted to begging the criminals in their country to turn in their guns – which isn’t working at all either. What do you think will happen if they try this in the USA?

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