[h/t Patrick B.]


  1. LOL. Funny video. Is it just me or do the rest of you get annoyed seeing/hearing the bad guy rack the slide, only to have the next frame show him holding a gun with a hammer in the “closed/fired” position?? With all the money they spend on professionals to make these shows, you’d think someone responsible for technical directing would make sure the hammer was back. These innacuracies add up in tv and movies, are distracting, and just bother me. Just sayin’.

    • Nice. Apparently, Sweden, in 1968, would be nice place to vacation… LOL.

      “In the tradition of the shocking, factually questionable Mondo Cane, Heaven and Hell was styled as a documentary about Scandinavian sexuality, which provided a thin veneer of respectability for its leering exploration of lesbian nightclubs and meter maids who moonlight as nude models. In the scene where “Viva la Sauna Svedese”—as the song was originally titled—makes its appearance, the camera follows a bevy of statuesque, fur-swaddled blondes as they make their way through the snow to a sauna, then cuts to the same women clad only in carelessly draped towels, giggling as they soak up the heat.”


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