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“Reports of a Dollar Tree customer with a gun in his back pocket were reported to Brawley [CA] police officials Saturday,” reports (in a reportorial fashion). “After discovering the 30-year-old subject in the frozen food section of the store with a younger child, Brawley police were able to verify that the gun was in fact a toy gun. No one was arrested, according to Brawley police logs.” Time for a gun buyback, I mean, violent toy trade-in program?

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  1. LMAO only in CA!!! ssssiiiigghhh…
    It was probably the kids gun and he was holding it, but hey at least they didn’t shoot the kid by mistake! You know dogs and kids are first on the dangerous target list!
    Although I have to admit, CA has gotten smart, for their disarmament buy backs, I mean friendly get guns off the street make it safer for everyone programs, they have made stipulations that it has to be a working firearm. No cap guns allowed…
    That stinks because don’t you know cap guns are the root of all evil!
    Plus how will I fund my next AR build project!!!

    • Funding an AR build is probably the absolute best use of idiotic buy-backs. Phoenix doesn’t do silly stuff like that but I still managed to make it home tonight with two brandy new Arizona Armory lowers. Super, super quality.

  2. “See something, say something” — As the PSA ad compaign explains. I am willing to bet we will locate all the toy guns and miss the next car bomb from an actual terrorist group.

  3. What else do you expect from the land of people who pee their pants every time they hear someone cough?

  4. Now you know why we don’t have open carry anymore. It’s busybodies like this that give the state a bad name. We should send them back to New York. I don’t think there is any cure for this unnatural fear of firearms

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: arrest people that make these bogus calls. If nothing else, the person affected (also a CC/OCer in the case of a MWAG call in an actual American state) should be able to charge the person with harassment. That might make people think twice before sticking their noses where they don’t belong.

  6. Oh Gee
    The real problem is, why is this news?

    Not everybody is a member of the sophisticated Armed Intelligentsia.

  7. A toy gun buy back has already been done in Buffalo, NY about a year ago. You got a free slice a pizza for your childs toy gun. WTF is this nation coming to?

    • When we (as kids) ran around with guns and played games such as ‘cops and robbers’, ‘cowboys and Indians’, and ‘soldiers’ we were also exercising and losing fat. We were not sitting around watching TV or playing video games while eating potato chips. Nowadays, with lots of overweight unhealthy kids the anti-gun nuts reward the kids with a fat slice of pizza for turning in a toy that motivates them to play physically active games.

  8. My three year old son carries at toy cap revolver almost everywhere we go. I’m thankful folks in Mississippi are not at exciteable as those in CA.

    • Yep. In CA, people would be trying to charge you with child endangerment or child abuse, because you allow your child to own a toy gun.

      Totally ridiculous, but it has happened.

      • Wow. We left the PRK last year and now make our home in Franktown, CO (about halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs).

        My boys (10 and 8) routinely run around with the neighbor kids (5 boys, 6 to 12) shooting at each other with “Airsoft” guns. I cannot imagine allowing this at our home in CA – only because of the potential harrassment.

  9. Did they tackle him, taze, pepper spray and cuff him before frog marching to the police car and pouring him onto the hood and emptying the contents of his pockets on the car?

  10. Without toy guns, I wouldn’t have had a good childhood. How can a cowboy defend himself from the Indians without his brace of pot metal peacemakers.

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