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Over at, writer John Blake’s penned a piece entitled ‘White supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible. While Mr. Blake doesn’t mention firearms ownership per se, if you’re white and his assumptions are correct, you’re one step below a domestic terrorist (especially if you open carry). So are you a white supremacist? Here are Mr. Blake’s four categories of unintentional white supremacists . . .

No. 1: The ‘down-low’ segregationists

“Unconsciously or inadvertently, all of us white folks participate in forms of supremacist thought and activity.”

No. 2: Those who say ‘yes, but…’ – 

That “yes, but” approach is often used today to discredit the grievances of the Black Lives Matter movement, another professor says. Whenever an unarmed black or brown person is shot by police, some deflect the issue by saying, “Yes, but all lives matter.”

No. 3: Those who choose chaos – 

“As my buddy said, is that what you said to the followers of Louis Farrakhan? No, nobody says that to the followers of Louis Farrakhan. No, they blasted him as an anti-Semite, which he is, and say, ‘how can people follow this bigoted message?'”

No. 4: Those who look the other way – 

If you want to know why those white racists now feel so emboldened, it may help to look at all the ordinary people around you, your neighbors, your family members, your leaders. But first, start by looking at yourself.

Fess up: do you identify with any of that?

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    • These days, the left and their loyal media presume all white males to be white nationalists, Nazis or fascists unless they adhere to the leftist manifesto…in which case they’re allowed to exist as useful idiots.

      • The other day the antifa said you are either with us, or you’re a fascist.

        Can I be a fascist AND a white supremacist? I’m having trouble keeping up with my “other duties as assigned.”

      • Yeah, but you do have to worry about white balance. White balance in all digital image processing systems is inherently racist. I, personally, have been struggling with my white balance privilege because sometimes I use my camera’s auto white balance setting and, because of this, I don’t have to engage in the struggle inherent in getting my white to be white. I didn’t really realize that I had white balance privilege until I met a man who had no automatic white balance on his system and I learned that he had to adjust white balance manually. What a nightmare that must be to have to live without white balance privilege – I can only imagine. I’ve started to view my white balance differently since that experience. I now realize that, through no action of my own, I’ve been using my white balance privilege to make images that have color calibration well suited to most digital displays without actually doing the hard color correction work myself. This is, in essence, what white balance privilege is – me having the advantage of color calibration without having to think about post processing, or filters, or anything. I can, automatically, render digital images that are a close representation of the real world without struggle. I feel sooo guilty about that.

    • The REAL problem is the 6% of the population that’s responsible for 88% of violent crime. The fact that this is ignored by the media, yet it’s “Naz’s” non-stop on the news, confirms that the media has become nothing buy a LEft Wing propaganda machine.

  1. I am not a white supremacist. I believe that ALL men (people) are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…

  2. White, older, roundish belly, has guns, retired military, tour in the sandbox and other places…

    According to some, I’m a terrorist, extremist, supremacist, segregationist, non-glock owning wacko ready to do nefarious stuff at a moments notice by default.

    Oh! and I’m a Southerner.

  3. Does anyone read CNN anymore? I just ignore them, it is either some fake story, a greatly over exaggerated story, or some BS speculative story on how everyone is racist (because they say so, and so do unnamed psychologists). Does anyone else remember when tabloids were tabloids and news was news? Now they are all tabloids, and the original tabloids (SUN , Star News, etc) seem much more like real news sites. Sad to say the least that the only way to get REAL news is to read a non-American or non-European source.

    • Check out One America News (OAN). Right-leaning, but definitely the least biased news you’ll find this side of the border.

      • I also recently discovered OAN. They don’t have quite the level of polish of CNN or Fox, but it’s so refreshing to hear actual news reported objectively on a news channel. I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

  4. well of course, we all are. are you white? well then you are already pretty much at fault for MOST of what happens in the world today, especially to minors, gays, and…freaks. Racist ass hat.

    do you own a gun? then its your fault if ANYONE ANYWHERE for ANY REASON gets shot. you cold-hearted bastard

    are you both of the above? then why haven’t you killed yourself yet you incredible piece of shit???? once you do, the world will erupt in a rainbow and lollipop avalanche like the world has never known. Lions will lay down with the lamb and trans-freaks will finally be able to be what they were truly meant to be: a mental hospital patient. you racist gun toting, minority hating, murdering-in-the-name-of-Hitler BASTARD!!!!!

    Did i get it right Mr.Bloomberg/Mrs.Watson???

  5. If you’re white, you’re a white supremist.
    If you agree with anything a white person says, you’re a white supremist.
    If you’re a gun owner, you’re a white supremist.
    If you hold any conservative beliefs, you’re a white supremist.
    If you hold ANY beliefs that somebody disagrees with, you’re a white supremist.
    If you choose to stand for any of those beliefs, you’re a white supremist.
    And if you choose not to stand for any of those beliefs, you’re a white supremist.

    So I guess I’m a white supremist. I guess I’m a Nazi, a facist, a racist, sexist, homophobe. Not because I am any of those things, but because somebody wants to blame their shitty life on me. And you know what? I genuinely don’t care. I have more important things to worry about. Sticks and stones.

    • It is worse than that. Just being BORN white means that you have “white privilege” (no matter how poor you really are), and are therefore born a racist whose (later) success in life (if any) comes at the expense of the ancestors of the black slaves and the history of racism in the United States. It doesn’t matter that the rest of the world is just as racist/xenophobic. There is in fact a Harvard professor who advocates that all white men (but not women) should just kill themselves. (He is by the way, a white Jewish man who is still alive, last I heard.)

      • Wow — I thought the guy I ran into who merely wanted the law to require white men to marry non-white women was bad!

        • As a white man who respects myself, my family, and my culture, I’d rather die than mate with a non-white woman.
          I hope the entire Kardashian generation winds up like Nicole BROWN SImpson.

  6. “I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon, madam.”

    — Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

  7. This is what’s called “making shit up”. Otherwise know as fake news. The idiot author has no facts or evidence to back up his assumptions. He just feels like certain people are racist, therefore everyone in that group is a racist. Way to paint with a broad brush. That’s the problem with collectivists. They always lump human being into groups to more easily demonize or praise.

  8. If you didn’t/wouldn’t gleefully lick Barry/Hillary’s rear then for the mainstream media and the Soros Progs that are currently screaming you certainly ARE a “white supremacist”. So be pleased with the company who are at least 60% of the US pop.

  9. My superiority over some individuals is not attributable to my skin color, but to the inferiority of that individual, which is also not attributable to their skin color.

  10. I don’t care what skin color someone is. It is completely irrelevant.

    Palest blue-eyed blonde hair northern Scandinavian to deepest African black, if you support the right to armed self defense, you and I will get along just fine.

    If you’re one of those with a ‘Progressive’ political mindset that will actively, or passively allow them to be elected, I despise each and every one of you with a passion…

  11. Why is it every time a African American speaks up for his race he’s a freedom fighter, or a civil rights fighter. When it comes to a white man standing up and saying I’m proud to be white he is always labeled a racist. Why is this?? Maybe someone with a higher intellect can let me in on this.

    • In the 30’s Nazi Brown Shirts first attacked and demonized communists. Then, when they moved on to Jews, they hit paydirt. As similar tactic is now being directed against anyone who is conservative, white (especially male), a gun-owner, or a southerner. Hard Left dogmatism is not very inventive.

    • Because he has “white privilege,” it is a default. The whites have ruled the earth too long, apparently, and it is time for the other races to overwhelm them and take their place.

      • Think Zimbabwe. There’s a reason hordes of relatively well-off people from African countries are spending thousands of dollars each to reach Europe. There’s also a reason they’re not spending thousands of dollars each to reach Zimbabwe.

  12. Look at how HR departments operate: the best defense against racial discrimination lawsuits is discrimination against whites. If you don’t want to be called a white supremacist, you better accuse white people of being white supremacists. And remember, you can’t do it just once, you have to do it regularly, like washing your hands.

    • When I was hired to manage a location, I told the existing manager he had to terminate the front clerk, or relocate her, so she could not continue to verbally abuse our clients. I observed her literally threatening to stab to clients to their faces, after they had spent $20k+ that day alone. (It was assumed I was a client and not the new manager) I did NOT want to be the “bad guy” on my first day. The weasel warned her of my observations and intentions. Within hours of my my official start, she contacted HR and said I made racial comments and sexually harassed her. (African immigrant that is 20years older, and 100lbs fatter than me) I never spoke to her, and would rather shoot myself than touch her. The HR rep that had to fly in to deliver my “write up” informed me that I could never write her up, let alone relocate or tterminate her, for the duration of my employment.
      We all know who the REAL racists are, and they are playing us like fiddles while hoping for our destruction.
      She was eventually terminated for theft. (shocker)

  13. I suppose that I am a white supremacist since I refuse to flog myself every time something does not go well for some “other” group somewhere.

  14. I actually am a white supremacist. It’s weird around my family, because we’re all black. They don’t get me. I was born in the wrong body. I’m black, but I identify as a white redneck clansman. Why won’t they just let me live my life MY way?!?!?

  15. TTAC. The truth about Charlottesville.
    Many groups descended upon this city. Many people were from out of town. Some (emphasis on “some”) people from both sides came to fight. They found each other and fought.

    Charlottesville was not the first white supremacist rally, the first call for firearms restrictions, the first call for speech restrictions, or the first time that two such groups tangled. However, bear in mind the climate. White supremacy is very distasteful. This rally occurred in a period of rising leftist militancy (Berkeley riots, Ferguson riots, Baltimore riots, etc). The climate is also one in which a pretty leftist president has left power and a reaction to him has come to power. So, the left has both a grudge and a hangover.

    But mostly, some people from both sides wanted a fight and got one. Oh, and local and state officials obliged by ordering their law enforcement units to wait for orders prior to arresting (hours of melees, thousands on duty, and only 8 arrests).

  16. They’re trying awful hard to convince the majority of bystanders who don’t want anything to do with either the Brown Shirts or the Red Brigade that they have to pick a side.

    The media sound chamber is amazing to watch. They operate as if 98% of the nation simply doesn’t exist. I guess, given their ratings, to them that 98% may as well not exist.

    Social eschatologists who cannot fathom why the rest of us aren’t carrying “end of days” sandwich boards and marching alongside their insanity.

  17. Funny how the “Yes, but…” defense is one of their own. “I support the Second Amendment, but…” Of course, it’s ok when they use that argument to their advantage, but anyone else? Nope.

  18. I’m not clear how one can be an “armed white supremacist”, “by default.”

    You have to do something to be armed. You have to believe something to be a “supremacist”, of whatever color.

    Neither seems very default-y.

  19. Yes, Louis Farrakhan is an anti-Semite and there are no “fine people” that follow him.

    What these idiots are doing is pushing more and more white people to be proud of who they are and to resent the “other.” White guilt is for pu.ssies. A proud Spaniard, Englishman, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, Greek, North African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Jew. As I like to call myself Roman.

  20. Well, I like guns, brutal metal, blondes, Odin, classical music, cowboy movies, history and mayonnaise. I also grew up Baptist, have an orange beard, runic and Celtic tattoos and am a Southerner.

    I definitely have the credentials according to some people.

  21. Maybe the reason white racists feel so emboldened is that black racists have been lauded as heroes by the president and media for the past four or five years. According to the article a “down-low” racist is a white person who doesn’t interact with people of color (the article admits people of color also don’t interact with white people, but doesn’t go into why that isn’t racist). This is apparently because white people quietly choose segregation by peaceful and legal actions (white flight). The article doesn’t mention that blacks of means also participate in “white flight.” BLM loudly and often violently demands segregation, so they’re not “down-low” racists; they’re just racists.

    I don’t “yes, but” BLM. I say BLM is a bunch of violent racists. As to police shootings, I try dispassionately analyze the legality of the situation before arguing about it. It usually results in a conclusion of “it was the victim’s own fault.” Sometimes everyone made bad choices. Rarely, it looks like the cop broke the law.

    “Chaos is a ladder.” I just wanted to say that. This section is all about how we approve of racism because Donald Trump is a racist, and we don’t treat him like Louis Farrakhan. Every single instance of the media claiming Donald Trump is a racist is based on lies. They either change the quote to something he didn’t say, or strip it of it’s actual context and supply a different context. Sometimes even when the statement could have fairly been characterized as racist (like a lot (all?) of Obama’s statements in situations involving racial tensions). The Charlottesville “very fine people on both sides” quote is an excellent example. About a week after the initial quote, I finally saw it in context. Trump makes clear that white nationalists are all deplorable and he isn’t talking about them. He said there were people on both sides who were peacefully, non violently protesting. He said all the Neo-Nazis and white supremacists were “rough, bad people.” Rough, bad people are the opposite of very fine people.

    The “those who look the other way” section talks about how you’re as bad as someone who didn’t do anything during the holocaust if you don’t ostracize your racist uncle or something. He’s not very clear what alternative to passivity he is advocating because part of shunning someone is literally looking the other way. Also, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want me to stop being “passive” in my objections to behavior I find morally repugnant because that would mean violence, and if I was going to do violence in support of my political beliefs, I would do so effectively and drastically change this country by murdering 1 to 4 people who have little to no protection. Just to be clear, I have no plans on or intentions of murdering anyone because it seems like a lot of work, I don’t want to go to jail forever or be executed, and it’s wrong to murder people.

    • So if you interact with people of color in a positive way you’re not a white supremacist? If that’s the distinction I feel bad for people with no black neighbors. They’re screwed.

  22. Being white in America today is reminiscent of the accounts of those Jews who tried to be German under the early Nazi rule. It’s an inescapable case of endless culpability, redeemable only by cessation of cultural and , ultimately , physical presence.

  23. This whole thing reminds me of when I was married. I represented whatever She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted or didn’t want to believe about me. After the initial emotional fire had burned to embers and we had settled in, I was wrong no matter what I said or didn’t say, no matter what I did or didn’t do, and no matter what I thought or didn’t think. So I just said “Yes, dear, it’s all my fault” (for domestic tranquility) and got on with my life like nothing had happened. Of course, after a while the whole thing got tiresome, we agreed to disagree and are now no longer a thing. What the PC lefty-progressive race baiters are doing now reminds me of that. I am not simon-pure in the way I think or do things, I have prejudices (who doesn’t?) and am damn-sure not politically correct! But I have no problem with who or what I am, and it’s certainly not what they (the lefties) say or think I am. Yep, boys and girls, it’s all my fault! Now to get on with things…

    • My Ex was like that too. It got to the point that I’d come home, be accused of something, then get yelled at for hours. In the end I started to walk in and doing what she never could- getting to actually know her- I’d know what mood she was in. When I knew she was riding the crazy train I’d smile and say before she ever got a word out “Oh, thanks for letting me know ahead of time” and she’d say “What?”. I’d then say “That you want to fight”. I’d then walk into my game room, close the door, lock it, and wait for her to go to bed. Oh she’d scream for a little while but monster headphones and a full blast Ipod drown even the shrillest wackos out.

      I found out later that it was because she couldn’t yell at her employees so she’d yell at me. Her next husband didn’t have the mental fortitude that I did and put a .40 S&W into his temple at a park in the middle of the day. I guess he just couldn’t take going home one more time.

  24. I don’t think White Supremacy means what they think it means…

    But this is what happens when you emote rather than using truth, logic and deductive reasoning…

  25. Of course I’m a white supremacist – when the shit hits the fan my number one priority is to get my white ass out of it without any extra orifices. If I had a black ass I’d be a black supremacist.

  26. CNN = fake news

    BS ’embed’ MFs ‘covered’ the Iraq war from the green zone, while calling GWB a bad Commander in Chief.

    All the ‘news’ orgs, except “Stars and Stripes”. Ask anyone you know who was over there if they saw a news agency, other than Stars & Stripes.

    So, now you want to call me a white supremacist? FU fake news, I sh_t on you, your premise, and your slice of the First Amendment.

    Where’s Dana Loesch, so she could fisk you?

  27. Well I only have two arms (that are getting bigger, thanks IronMaster) but I am pro-White and unapologetic about it.

  28. Let me give a personal example of where we are at.
    I am a pastey White man if there ever was one. Before I married my wife I was in a relationship with a white woman with mullato children, their father was Nigerian and they definitely got their looks and complcetion from their father’s side. Dark handsom children they were!😀.
    I raised the boys with their mother for 7 years from toddlers to just under preteen, I loved them like my own.
    Unfortunately their mother and I had a falling out and years later I met my wife and here I am now.
    So now I have a Liberal nutty neighbor who doesn’t know my history who I was discussing current events call me a rasist and she said I surround myself with to many white people and I need to get to know the Black community.
    I was taken aback by her assumtions about my opinions on race. I asked her why she thought I was rasist and she replied it was because I was Christian and Conservative,….. That’s all she said.
    So just because I am not Liberal I must be racist..
    Nutty nutty liberals.

  29. I’man equal opportunity bigot: I’ll hate anyone regardless of race, color, Creed, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.

  30. Of course I’m an armed white supremacist by default. That’s the way Po-Mo cultural Marxism works.

    The question is, do I have to believe or behave accordingly? (Short answer: no. No, I do not. Nor will I.)

  31. Racist! Racist! Racist! We’re ALL “racist” and when I say “we” I mean “White” people. Excuse me, I can’t stop laughing as Fake News CNN’s John Blake is “Colored”, I mean “Negro”, wait it’s “Black” or is it “Brown” so of course we “Whites” (and by default “Asians”) are ALL “racist” in his eyes.

    Check out John Blake, he’s awful “pale”, I think like Obama he hates part of HIS heritage:

  32. All based on the usual logical fallacy used by the left and the mainstream news media. No need for evidence…no need for logic…just repeat very stridently at high volume, again and again.
    A very interesting read along this line is Mike Rowe’s forceful answer to nonsense spewed by Chuck Atkins:

    I’m sure Rowe wouldn’t mind if gun owners reuse some of his arguments, both for race related and gun related issues.

  33. I’m not a white supremacist for one simple reason. I’ll shoot a dumb ass white fool just as fast as any other race. Race color creed gender or sexual orientation means nothing at the end of the day. Knowing right from wrong and not acting a fool is all that matters. Remember Stupid People Doing Stupid Things Win Stupid Prizes.

  34. Dear John Blake,
    I choose to abstain from burning my “white supremacist” family members and neighbors at the stake. Why not prove your good intentions to heal this country by throwing some of your Marxist brothers and sisters from a helicopter first.* Once you’ve demonstrated your good will, we can talk about moral superiority.
    Hugs and Kisses,


  35. I always tell people, yes I look like a old fat white guy, but my great great great grandfather married an Irapahoe princess, so I am really descended from native American royalty and I just want my land back. My mother really told us that. So I got my 23and Me DNA back. No NA heritage at all. 98% western European, mostly British and German. I better not tell anyone about the German!!

    • Don’t feel bad, I’m 1/8th Cherokee and by my last name and relatives I assumed the rest was German. We did the 23 and me too and I find out the Cherokee part was right but the majority of the rest of my back ground is a little further north. Norse to be exact.

  36. Nah I’m not a white supremicist. Not with my choclate bunny on my arm. “How’d you dare to tell me that I’m my father’s son when that was just an accident of birth” 🎶🎶

  37. A man should be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. In case people don’t realize, I’m not the first person to say this.

    Anyone that makes generalizations about people based on skin color is, by definition, a racist, and a horrible humanbeing. Anyone that accuses a person of bad intent for open carrying a firearm, without first talking to that person to discover what their intent is for OC’ing said firearm, is a closed minded and hateful bigot.

    So by any reasonable definition, this person is a racist and a closed minded hateful bigot, a horrible humanbeing, and deserves nothing but contempt and derision.

  38. As far as race is concerned, since we all came from Adam and Eve, there’s only one race, and we’re all cousins, or something.

  39. Sure, why not…

    I was just listening to a leftie professor on NPR claim that white nationalist groups were on the rise due to Trump’s election. This after spending 5 minutes explaining what racist scumbags white Americans are. I don’t think it’s ever occurred to these idiots that if you proclaim whiteness original sin and engage in identity politics for for a decade you will eventually engender a backlash.

  40. I would encourage everyone to take a look at the research that has been done by Harvard University on implicit association and bias. There’s lots of tests out there to measure people’s bias, often called implicit association.
    This isn’t all just feelingsy crap, but actual research on racism and bias amongst individuals.
    It turns out about 20% of respondents measure like I did, that is they are found to have no implicit bias, meaning no preference automatically over African Americans or European Americans.
    In fact, you will find the percentages of people with low to no bias as higher than the percentages of the people with an strong bias. There are a lot of people that want you to think that America is full of horrible racists. The real research and data would show otherwise.

    • The whole in group preference thing is real. Almost all the research agrees on one point. Women (on average) show stronger in group preference tendencies than men. They tend to prefer other women over men. They favor members of the same race more than men do.

    • Implicit bias is hot garbage. Like most social science jackassery it lies somewhere between numerology and reading chicken entrails. It’s become a foundational component of the SJW ethos and spawned a cottage industry of race grievance hustlers.

  41. Well geeee! Someone has to have the upper hand! As for blacks, they’ve been the slave race to go to since the Egyptians carved the first block of the pyramids! Then the muslims cashed in on them and their own tribal chiefs hauled in a share of the profits for selling them into slavery. So what do they call those blacks and muslims that sold them? What do they call their own kind that bought them for slaves here in this country? Black supremacists? If it wasn’t for the slave owners/buyers on both sides of the Atlantic, they would still be living in their mud huts like many are today! That has nothing to do with white supremacy. It’s all about a black race that refused to fight back against slavery for thousands of years! One that couldn’t establish a respectable civilization then, and still can’t now! One that still kills their own kind for sport and profit! Only they do it here. In Africa, they’re still fighting tribal wars with each other! Whites here set them free, educated them, provided jobs if they worked for them, housing and more. And they’re still as violent now as they were 200 yrs ago! And still blaming everyone else for their problems. Note, they somehow overlook muslims, blacks that bought and owned slaves, and the democratic party that still keeps them economically enslaved! And just to really throw a monkey into the works. What do the Irish consider us for their enslavement by the British before ANY BLACK ever set foot in the colonies? So I will remain an “armed” white racist as the democrats defined us long ago!

  42. I’m not white, but I am a trans-Epoch 13th century Trapper in the wilds of Alaska, but I actually live, sorry, survive in California presently, honestly, CNN is hemorrhaging viewers, ratings numbers, what remaining razor thin respectability, likability of on air muppets, and it is really just an unfunny joke. It’ll all be better if Bezos can get kicked to the curb, but he is one of the elite, and I’m just a non-White, white supremacist, because I believe and live the 2nd Amendment, and I’ll advocate for the rights of all to likewise live and support the 2nd.

  43. I have a question for some of the paranoid fellas on here: Do you have a hobby or a persecution complex?

  44. I’m already a “deplorable Communist lackey” (according to certain family members); what’s another adjective?

  45. The Morons in the White Supremacist/Neo Nazi movement only succeeded in panicking the public on a wide variety of fronts and not the least of which was running around in military uniforms with deadly looking assault rifles with high capacity magazines. This was a “gift from God” for the Gun Banners and as usual the Far Right proves to be their own worst enemy. Now the entire Nation, which by the way are a majority of “non gun owners” not only fear the Radical Far Right which is being cajoled by Herr Drumpf (his original family name) as his loyal Storm Troopers but the majority of people now are seeing “the assault rifle” as an evil tool of crazed Neo Nazi Maniacs hell bent on constructing gas chambers and promoting an “All White Christian Country” which they proclaim will be a Right Wing Conservative Nirvana which they proudly proclaim was previously achieved by Herr Hitler and the SS.

    Yes its all great PR for Bloomberg as he could not have wished for more bad publicity aimed at gun owners and this time they did it all to themselves. But that’s par for the course from the Far Right.

    • Glad someone added a comment like this. I’ll just add all that rag tag of camo and tactical looks Gay (or is this type of ‘gay’ un-capitalized), you know what I mean. Nice batch of comments on the subject though. TTAG readers seem a good varied group, no way to be narrowly categorized by a bunch of media whore gossip mongers.

      • You must be the “kid’s” twin brother! Should have known from your comments. Same thing applies! No one there was terrorized by armed militia carrying semiautomatic rifles! At least no reasoning ADULT! Liberals and children might be because they lack any knowledge of firearms. To them, they all look the same! Any gun is big and scary looking to them even if they don’t know what it is. The militia wasn’t armed with “assault weapons!” The term “assault” was coined by you ignorant children as a way to instill fear in the rest of the American public! The term didn’t even exist until you got scared shit less and decided you didn’t want to see that bad ol firearm any more! Grow up someday why don’t you? The only ones there causing trouble were your extremists and the ones they hated. Ones you tried to silence from exercising “Their 1A rights!” The one only you children think you have the right to! It was noted you kept your mouths shut when the militia came through. No fighting by either side until they left! The adult militia were obviously more disciplined and mature then to engage themselves in children’s squabbles! No shooting, no one killed, no one beat down, no police attacked. Only a peaceful march. As for the clothing. Well, there were probably more than a few “Veterans” in that group! They “earned” that right to wear their uniforms. Something you children have no concept of other than to play make believe or dress up! Like I told your brother! That’s what happens when you father bails on you and can’t teach you how to be a man!

      • Right on datahut, this community is pretty diverse actually. We got some crazies, some commies, some normies, a fashy or two, your 1998-ass calling something gay thing, an anime creep, we got the whole set here.

    • More moronic comments from a liberal. One that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. And effeminately one with no knowledge of firearms what so ever! There were absolutely no “assault weapons” there used by the militia. Of course you wouldn’t know that since you can’t tell the difference between an AR-15, M-16, or M-4! That’s what happens when your father checks out on you and leaves you with “mommy” issues! The only ones there “frightened” were the liberals because of ignorance. So you weren’t alone. They just haven’t “come out” yet after checking their balls in with Momma Hillary! The only ones creating any violence were the extremists. Funny how the militia managed to keep peace in any area they marched through isn’t it? No one shot! No one threatened. Yet when they left, the fighting ensued just as the mayor and governor wanted! The track record for violence is still held by left extremists. Murder, rioting, assault, and more are their hallmarks. No, the public isn’t fearing the Right side yet. But they sure do fear and worry about the left eliminating freedom of speech through violence! That’s you! And by the way, the number of armed conservatives and Republicans far outnumbers the left! We just don’t go around killing senators, threatening to kill the president, killing police, or demanding streets flow with the blood of Republicans! YOUR GROUP DOES! So “kid” get yourself educated and over your “mommy” issues!

    • @ cisco kid — The morons in the white nationalist movement are absolutely no different from the morons in the black supremacist movement, and both groups have spurred the far left into calling for more gun control (Reagan not withstanding). At least the militia bodies, which hailed from both sides of the political aisle mind you, at Charlottesville were more than disciplined enough not to even threaten to shoot anyone. Not that you took notice (while most of the rest of America did). You also took the exact same route as your leftist fellow-travelers in the whorestream media and focused on tools that hurt exactly no one. Nor did they even come close to chilling anyone’s speech, judging by the violence initiated exclusively by ANTIFA communists. So, no, the gun banners — like you — don’t need any “gifts” from on high. They’re always going to agitate for more gun control no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen). It also doesn’t matter if only one person in the entire country owned guns, because I’ll once and again remind you that it still is not now and will never be the right of the majority to take away their right to keep and bear arms (subject to due process for crimes committed). What’s funny is that you also didn’t notice, or far and away much more likely conveniently ignored, that the bulk of the violence is as a matter of fact being cajoled and initiated by the far left in Herr Shillary’s camp, excused by the far left talking head presstitutes in the whore stream media, and used as a platform by far left ignoramuses like you to accuse us of all manner of disgusting thought crimes that we have not committed and are not committing. Despite all of this, no, support for gun control is still not rising, either. You’d know if you had ever done any modicum of real, honest research in the entirety of your miserable little life, too. But, being that you’re categorically wrong about literally everything you’ve ever commented on here, it can only be assumed that you didn’t do any this time, either. You only want to wag your finger at us and make knowing false and demonstrably baseless accusations against us of things that you know we’ve never done, that you’ve never been able to back up with anything but hot air, and can never even point out a single instance of.

      But, that’s par for the course from the far left.

      • Yeah, cisco is a brainwashed lost soul, left wing IDIOT. Socialist troll thinking he’s gonna convert some of us gun loving conservative American Patriots into becoming diseased lefties. Aint gonna happen CISCO, Still can’t figure out why you even visit this site. You people are truly anti American, all of you brainwashed idiots need to move to Venezuela so you can enjoy the life style you’re trying to create here in the United States. I vehemently hate you lefties with every fiber of my being, you are destroying America. While I’m at it, you idiot’s call everybody Nazis and racist’s while you’re all trying to erase America’s history by removing statues and flags and are too STUPID to realize that that’s exactly what the Nazis did and what Isis is doing. Last but not least, if you don’t like it here in America, GET THE F–K OUT !!! You indoctrinated left wing fools are whats wrong with America, it’s a shame we can’t figure out a way to get rid of all of you !!!! As Iv’e told you before cisco, don’t like guns, don’t buy one. 22,000 state, federal gun laws on the books, what new law or laws do you think is going to make everything better and create the left wings idea of a euphoric society ?? Nothing, it’s all about control and making us adhere to your twisted, demented socialist agenda.

  46. As an OFWG, I have reached the point where my response to someone calling me a racist is “OK, so what?”

    Or else “FOAD”.

  47. First of all, who cares?
    Secondly, what is wrong with white people liking and supporting white people? No one has answered these questions with facts, so until then, GFY.


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