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Available with either a Trijicon RMR or an adjustable rear sight, the limited edition Ed Brown LS10 is available now. The LS10 sports a 6-inch barrel and is chambered for the powerful 10mm Auto. Ed Brown’s press release and more photos follow:

Introducing the LS10, a long slide 1911 in 10mm. Ideal for long range target work and handgun hunting, the long slide has been a highly sought after pistol for 1911 aficionados, and is the perfect companion to the 10mm cartridge. The increased barrel and slide length take advantage of the higher velocity of the 10mm, while the longer sight radius allows for the tack driving accuracy, all making this exquisite pistol a joy to shoot. While no stranger to the range, this LS10 will be equally at home in the woods, hunting hogs for example. Available with a Trijicon RMR, or a more tradition adjustable sight, and includes a French border, flush barrel crown, and flattened and serrated top of slide.

This is a Limited Edition, so don’t miss out! Order yours today!

• Caliber: 10mm
• Barrel Length: 6″
• Weight: approximately 43 ounces with an unloaded magazine inserted
• 6″ long slide, single stack government model frame.
• 25 LPI checkering on forestrap and mainspring housing.
• Traditional “square cut” front and cocking serrations.
• Trijicon RMR sight 3.25 MOA with tall night sights. Adjustable windage/elevation that easily adjusts without tools. 1 MOA per click. Parallax-free.
• Custom options included: French border, flatten & serrated top of slide, flush barrel.
• $3,995 as shown. Also available with an adjustable rear sight and many other custom options to suit your tastes.

A must see short LS10 product video, highlighting its features.

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  1. I hope Ruger takes the hint and makes a long slide hunting legal 10mm 1911. I would spring for that. I can’t justify the 4k for this Ed Brown version. Looks nice though.

    • The news of a regular SR1911 in 10mm had me excited enough, anyone spotted one in the wild yet?

      • I bought one of the 10mm Ruger SR1911… kind of unexpectedly back in late June. I was in the middle of a 4473 of another item at my LGS and mentioned that I wanted to look at one of those 10mm SR1911’s whenever he got one in. A minute or so later, he placed one in front of me, he hadn’t even had a chance to put it on display yet. So I said I’d take that one too. He only got ONE!

        I’ve shot a handful of ammo brands/weights/types through it including full power Underwood FMJ and hollow points through it that said 774 ft-lbs from a 5 inch barrel(same length as the 10mm SR1911). Damn it felt great and the bullet went right where you wanted it to too. Basketball size muzzle blast… and the bullet blew out the back side of an 8″ maple tree trunk. Big smiles. 😀

        No problems encountered, it ate everything without complaint.

        A buddy of mine owns a laser engraving shop and he put a deep dimple at the top of the front sight that I filled with hi-viz paint. Ruger did a great job overall in my opinion.

    • Dan Wesson, via CZ, already did: Dan Wesson Bruin 6 inch 10mm designed for hunting. With a real world price of just above $1800, it is higher than a Ruger would probably be. But the quality is probably comparable to the Ed Brown, but at a much more reasonable price.
      Although not 1911s, I wish Grand Power would import their long versions. They sell them in Europe, but not here.

  2. Very cool idea, I’m just not so sure how many people want to 6 inch barrel 1911 in 10mm? Especially at that kind of price range.

    • For many urban/suburban people, hunting is about the most expensive way to get meat, so the price of the gun is proportionately less of the over all price. My step father pays out of state license fees, hotel, travel expenses, all of the most expensive gadgets, top end clothes, 4 wheeler, trailer, as well as pays a processor. A $4k gun would be a modest part of his hunting expenses. Still he tries to save money on the guns for some reason, even though he could buy one of these every quarter and not bust his budget.

  3. I built a 6 inch 70 series 1911 10mm in stainless with a bar-sto barrel for about half that price. I used Fusion stainless parts in addition to a The Buffalo checkered stainless frame. The recoil spring would kink during cycling, so I made a 1 piece full length guide rod out of 4140 steel with a stainless cap, which I think is pretty rare, I could not find one to buy anywhere. I could only find 2 piece full length guide rods, and no thanks to that. Mine doesn’t have a flared mag well, and I have bomar sights on mine. Its REALLY a lot of fun to shoot, tames the 10mm recoil nicely. I tend to shoot it a lot, since its such a fun rig to use.

  4. I own an ED Brown Kobra Carry 45acp. Bought it brand new 4 months ago. At 1100 rounds the spring inside the grip safety broker or shifted and caused the grip safety to rattle. They charged me $100 (they don’t pay freight regardless of fault) to ship it to them. They charged me a little under $300 to replace the grip safety, they said their new forged one was a lot better and if I didn’t change it the problem would keep repeating. They charged me 6 dollars more than brownells charges for their own grip safety. Just for the part, we can argue over labor costs but 6 dollars more than what brownells charges for the same part. They make beautiful stuff, the gun is an absolute laser, but they don’t respect their customer. Most businesses would be closed if they treated their customer base the way they do. Just my personal experience.

    • Buying a Nighthawk would have been a much better experience. It wouldnt have broken and ive heard nothing but good things about how they treat their customers and the customer service experience…..

      Oh and they pay shipping both ways – no questions asked

  5. If I had the four grand to just drop on something frivolous I would happily buy the Ed Brown. But the Ruger is more in my price range and I am not unhappy about that fact. I have a couple of their .45 SR1911’s and both have been reliable and accurate so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the 10mm version.

    I’m waiting to see if Ruger or TALO offer a long slide version (or if TALO offers a 5″ model with a pic rail) before I buy the standard model .

  6. i am sure it is a nice gun , but way too much for what I can see an m1911 going for. I would got to Colt before I went to them . there are other m1911s out there , very good quality but cheaper. and those companies will have better customer sevice , and will fix the part THEY made that BROKE for free.

  7. Since the SR1911 in 10MM is available for $750 (according to TFB), I can’t fathom how an extra $3,245 is worth that extra inch of barrel and a holosight. I’d think an aftermarket extended barrel will be available soon enough to make up for it, maybe even with a compensator or with cuts on the end. At any rate, this would be an excellent opportunity for Ruger to show off a target edition with a 6″ front-end.

  8. Hmm, can I get that in color case-hardened finish? Forgive me lord and feed all the starving pygmies in New Guinea, amen.

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